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Respect The Artist

I just… I’ll be really… sad? Pissed? Angry? Devastated? Embarrassed? Disappointed… if anything from any of the lads solo albums gets leaked…
I mean…

Leaks destroy artists. It’s a serious thing. Sometimes leaks come from inside, which means stabs to the artist’s back and that’s just… despicable… rude… unacceptable… i don’t have any other words it’s just a big fat no. And those that are external are a total invasion of privacy and very very very nasty.

Harry (specifically harry in this case) has worked his arse off to keep things on the lowest of lows. Another man dropped on us like a bomb, he made sure to surround himself with a team that kept his artistic views a secret, just how he wanted it. And it was better that way, i can assure you. The fact that it dropped on us made it that much special. You can tell he’s fighting to keep things how he planned them, and it would break me in half if something got leaked, if he felt like someone broke his trust.

Fine, i am not harry styles, therefore i have no control over who he tells things to, or what he feels, but as a person that loves him and wants to support him and his art, i would hate it if things didnt go his way and just the thought, the imagination of him possibly feeling sad about a leak, is enough to make me so very disappointed. Sad. Angry. Etc.
Just imagining that he could be feeling like his work went to crap, makes me feel like crap.

It may not look it but i mean this for ALL of the 1D boys (and any artist out there) Let them surprise us, let them do the things how they planned, it’s not that hard to be respectful of their material, their feelings, their hard work. We’ve waited very long for something, let’s not ruin it by trying to make the process quicker. If it’s good today, it’ll be good tomorrow when it was supposed to be released. Tomorrow always comes. Treat this as it deserves. Something special. If the lads are that special to you and you go around screaming about how much they mean to you, so should their work. So treat this as the special thing you’re claiming it is.

This is NOT a jab at anyone. These are just words that have been spinning around in my head… For a long time. This has always been my stance when it came to leaks. These words might mean nothing to you but to me they do. It’s my silent prayer that we can have something special, something wonderful, and some patience. I want to get this wonderful material ASAP myself. But ASAP is and will always be ASATWT. - As soon as they want to. -

Anyways. You may not agree. You may think I’m talking nonsense. You may ignore this. I just… this is my blog, it sounds rude but, if I can’t speak my mind here, then were? We can make this extra special.

Respect the artist’s vision. Respect the exhausting hours of work. Respect their plans. Respect their material. Respect their decisions. Respect their privacy.

Respect the artist.

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Nickname: Ollie or feo

Sign: Sagittarius 

Height:  5′2??? Shorter than 5′3, that’s for sure.

Last Thing You Googled: “Hospital cubical curtains”

Favorite music artist: Mother Mother, Nothing but Thieves or H.E.R. 

Song stuck in my head: Neon Brother by nbt

Last movie you watched: Stephen Kings IT

What are you wearing right now: Big grey sweater and baggy blue pajama pants lol

What do you post: Mostly vld, shitposts, memes, fan art, all of that good stuff

Why did you choose your URL: Dunno, it was the first thing to come in mind,,

Do you have any other blogs: I have four other blogs ;;

What Did Your Past Relationship Teach You: Stop wearing pink tinted shades smh

Favorite Color: Navy blue or teal, ( or any soft pastel colors )

Average Hours Of Sleep: Usually between three to five hours. Lately its been seven to nine.

Lucky Number: 7??? 

Favorite characters: Thace, keith, kedamono, eridan, the list goes on and on.

How Many Blankets Do you Sleep With: one.

Dream Job: UHH??? Either a commission artist, author, biologist, or a nurse.

I dont really talk with a lot of people uhm going to tag,,, @zukoxcoffee, @thatuglydino, @niksaf-kun, @laysmi, and @fandomsdestroyme

Casually adding this to the list of things that I wish had happened

Fishing: digital painting walkthrough

So I got a question on anon asking me about my drawing coloring process, and unfortunately I accidentally deleted it, because I have clumsy fingers on mobile.

Thank you so much for your interest, I’m really honored! I will try and give a brief overview of my drawing process, and hope this is helpful or useful to you! I just started experimenting with Photoshop last summer around July, so I’m definitely not the most experienced, I’m still learning a lot!

I’m going to be using this drawing of Lapis, because it’s one of my favorite pieces and it is more detailed than my average drawing: 

This drawing was inspired by the episode “Alone At Sea”, where I wanted to illustrate this concept: 

This was my main reference, but I also throughout, used a lot of google images of water and colorful fish. 

Sketch: My canvas size was 3000 px wide and 2000 px high. I tend to sketch with the standard brushes and I actually have like 2 layers of sketches (one for basic shapes/sizes of things, then one for rough details and things). 

Lineart + base coloring: I add lineart, usually px size 6-8, with the pencil brush. I then add base colors, using the default solid brush. Usually they are the generic color I’m going for. I try not to get too stressed about the base colors because I usually cover most of them up.

Primary highlights/light sources: It gets more interesting once you establish primary light sources, so where the main light source is coming from, as well as reflections of things. I use a larger brush and add these on new layers, set to either overlay or screen or pin light. So I wanted light to be shining through the water, making the color reflect on Lapis, which is how it works with real light. 

Detail/color: I think this is the most fun part, where you choose colors to paint over. I think I painted this the way I normally use watercolor, which is combining a lot of complimentary and contrasting colors with varying amounts of saturation. It’s more complicated to explain that, but it’s a lot of eyeballing. For example, referring to the reddish colors, I tried spreading them around the drawing instead of having them just in one place. The reddish fish reflects around the water bubble, and the light is reflected on Lapis’s clothing as well. 

Highlights: This makes your drawing really stand out - often at this stage, many layers are on ‘luminosity’, ‘screen’ or ‘overlay’. I also do this with the lineart layer as well, so there are not just harsh black lines, which can be distracting. There are also secondary light sources, such as at the back of Lapis’s head, because I felt like there was still not enough red-orange in the drawing. 

Small white lines also make a big difference (such as those on the bubble, and on the edges of her jacket/in her hair). 

I later went and adjusted the color balance a bit, as well as increased the contrast so some more areas would appear darker and it was a bit less green in color. 

That is kind of the overview! I hope this was helpful at all, or at least interesting! If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer, I enjoy rambling. Sorry if this was a bit long!

Thank you so much for taking an interest!


Happy Late Valentines Day!!

Spock tries to be dismayed at the fact that the human symbol for hearts in no way resembles the anatomical human heart but fails in the face of his husbands overwhelming cuteness.


The topic of young Jedi knight Dooku training Qui-Gon Jinn is a favorite. My sister and I discuss it constantly.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 The Beard Flowers Qui-Gon’s Pet

okay but Giotto grew up on the street right? i can just imagine him meeting somebody when he first made his family and he hasnt learned Etiquette yet. the other boss is like “fine we’ll duel” after there was a disagreement for a ceasefire. giotto thought they were both just gonna throwdown and beat the other’s face in not have an old west gun show down. he’s so confused when he’s told to step ten paces away and draw like “whats this rich bullshit come over here and fight me”