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If Voltron Were a Romance Movie || VLD Recut Trailer Preview 

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this is still a rough WIP btw 

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I love reading what you have to say about anything in general (dan and phil, politics, your work day [even in passing]) and idk I just wanted to say hi + ask what you have to say about their new gaming video? I loved it, they were so (insert a multitude of different positive adjectives) and Phil is such a broad thinker it's amazing. I think (im pretty sure) you loved it as well and I just wanna read your thoughts, hahaha thanks!

can you hear that? it’s the sound of me screaming because i have to rewrite the entirety of this ramble after tumblr DELETED IT THE FIRST TIME ifjaoiwejraoiejroaeir. but YES oh my god. i did love this video. a lot. there’s so, so much to talk about. grab a fkn snack mate, bc this is super long. 

1. there’s been a lot of discourse about dan and phil’s interaction in this video. i received a handful of messages regarding dan’s apparently aggressive treatment of phil and one regarding the way people were apparently abusing phil in the comments under the video and calling him “stupid and untalented.” um. okay so i’ll work backwards. i have watched the video three times now. all three times i scrolled really deep into the comments. NONE of those times did i see a single comment that was insulting or demeaning to phil. where are people seeing this? i feel like this is a classic case of one or two people saying something happened and then everyone repeating it without actually checking the source. if anything, the yt comments are full of people saying firstly that phil is “too creative” for this game and has a fascinating mind, and, secondly, that he’s a full-grown man who doesn’t need the protection of his fans from dan of all people, the so-called aggressive bully in this scenario, who just so happens to also be his best friend and life partner. i definitely agree with that latter point.

something else that’s been lost in this discussion and that seems extremely relevant is that a lot of this video’s central dynamic, with dan being shocked and appalled at phil’s seemingly abysmal drawing skills and phil doing the absolute most in every drawing, felt really, really put on or exaggerated for dramatic/comedic effect. i think the very first instance of it, when phil draws his fucked up umbrella, and dan just sort of jokes about it looking like a palm tree for a while and then at the end just says like a few words about how extreme phil’s interpretation was—i think this was a super authentic interaction. but i also think they quickly gathered with the drawings that followed that it would be really funny to ham it up for the sake of comedy and that’s why phil’s drawings seemed to get intentionally more and more “creative,” so to speak, while dan’s responses got correspondingly more and more extreme and high-pitched and shriek-y until basically everyone’s eardrums were bleeding. i get why the video was grating to some people bc like,,, this shit can get tiring to watch when it seems so extra. but personally i found it very funny… especially bc of my next point.

this narrative around phil being some sort of unappreciated creative genius who was constantly being berated in this video by his callous friend and just sadly tolerated all of this abuse is not only annoying bc it infantilizes phil but also because it’s just … wrong? and overlooks two of my fav things about the video which were how supportive and ENCOURAGING dan was, even while he was trying to exaggerate his “holy shit phil how are you so bad” thing, and simultaneously, how assertive and opinionated and sassy (i hate that word but literally don’t know a better one to describe him in this vid) phil was the whole time. to the first point, i don’t think there was a single one of phil’s turns in which dan wasn’t passionately yelling saying something like ‘come on phil. you can do this’ and also giving him recommendations on how best he should draw the object to get the point. even when he was in the middle of screaming about how bad phil was, he seemed to occasionally rein it in with a compliment to balance it out. for instance, during phil’s lobster drawing, he did the whole ‘what the fuck even is that’ for a while and then immediately had to dilute it by saying something like, “okay but by the end i could totally tell they were claws.” or when phil very reasonably points out that he’s using his wrong hand which is why he’s struggling, dan immediately agrees and repeats it as if for emphasis: “they’re not using their wrong hand to be fair.” and he even calls himself out about this, with the usual “WHY AM I HELPING YOU???” i honestly read dan as wanting to go to his default mode of supporting phil and celebrating his lateral/creative thinking (reminiscent of when he did this in the impossible quiz) the whole time, but then also needing to keep the comedy going by acting so confounded by phil’s inability to draw simple objects. as mentioned however, phil does not respond in the typical amazingphil™ way to all of the taunting. whereas in 2014-15 era dapg bants, he tended to just remain docile while dan would make his ‘what the fuck are you on about’ comments regarding phil’s weird sexual innuendoes or whatever else, in this video phil was anything but docile. he was in fact quite consistent in giving his own opinionated statements/retorts. just an abbreviated list:

  • the bit where he names the robot bianca and dan immediately objects and phil basically goes, yes. i named it. deal with it. hoe.
  • when they’re looking at other people’s umbrella drawings and he goes “oh shut up. look at you with your perfect umbrellas” in the sneeriest voice known to humankind
  • when dan is making fun of him pretty intensely and phil actually adamantly defends himself and says, “put me under pressure, and i can’t do things.” doesn’t seem like someone who’s just submissively accepting dan’s mockery. he’s explaining why it was hard for him.
  • “look at arty jim down here” damn. arty jim got fuckin rekt  
  • “how is ‘lobster’ easy ???? ?  i mean what the hell,” again in the sneeriest voice i’ve heard
  • his absolute disgust that dan got elbow so easily, and the way he proceeds to shove dan and threatens to “elbow [him] in the face.” like damn. he fightin back
  • when he’s like ‘i don’t  even do anything with this hand’ and flops his left hand around i s2g he is trying to sneak in a cheeky sexual innuendo and slyly allude to wanking in the way that he does best and DAN DOESNT HEAR HIM THE FIRST TIME bc he’s talking and phil just stares at him while he flops his hand around and repeats “i don’t even use this hand it’s a dead weight” and dan absolutely doesn’t take the bait. oh my god. phil intentionally trying to annoy dan with innuendoes, and checking to see if he gets it,,,, that is the shit i live for
  • ‘all or nothing on the zebra’ cheeky laugh. damn.
  • the way he’s like ‘just shut up then’ to dan as he begins drawing the zebra. because he’s not taking dan’s shit
  • etc etc etc

and i firmly believe phil was HOLDING BACK in this!!!! !! ! and was still at least partially constrained by/aware of the camera and his usual role as the quieter, gentler foil to dan’s hysteria and melodramatics. so like. just imagine how much more assertive he is when the camera isn’t on. i don’t think any of y’all need to be worried in any way about phil’s ability to handle everything dan dishes out bc i think he’s happily returning it in full measure.

2. on a similar but somewhat unrelated note, phil spent a lot of time in this video sitting patiently while dan went on some truly remarkable monologues and i thought it was noteworthy, mostly in that phil just couldn’t stop looking at dan in apparent adoration even while he was being a dramatic child. i felt like the staring was much less guarded than phil tends to be—he’s usually so aware of the camera and consciously tries to maintain eye contact with the audience as much as possible, but there were just a few moments in this where i was surprised by how long he let himself just watch dan. 

during dan’s first ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

during dan’s random ass screaming about a raccoon idek:

during dan’s second ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

phil was p captivated. and these def are moments where he’s looking at dan for longer than usual, not just one-off instances of the most fleeting glances that i screenshotted for effect. i promise. 

3. there were some like,,, incredible exchanges during this vid that i specifically want to analyze.

first, the ‘dabble with a robot’ bit at the beginning when dan tries to get phil to admit that he’s making an innuendo and phil won’t do it. i loved this so much. i don’t even have anything much to say other than dan is trying to kill the innocent!phil trope so hard and it’s so funny to me. also. phil was def talking about robot sex. and right after he says dabble the first time, there’s this really obvious jump cut and the immediate frame following it is THIS:


second: ‘i think bianca has a crush on you and she’s mistreating me.’ let’s unpack this. because at first i was just like oh so some inanimate object with a vaguely female voice is showing a potential preference or softness for dan, and phil immediately thinks that she’s crushing on him. and that’s interesting in itself because it’s a surprising leap to make, tbh, and i would never expect phil to say it. but then the second bit, ‘and she’s mistreating me,’ stated as a completely natural follow-up thought. i initially didn’t even pay any mind to this bc like ok whatever he’s whining about not getting his point. but like. think about it for a second. in what context would someone who has a crush on dan mistreat phil other than jealousy or irritation due to the fact that phil is the reason dan is romantically unavailable? like honestly??? ? a platonic interpretation of that comment doesn’t even exist. ‘x has a crush on you and they’re mistreating me’ is literally only a thing someone would say to their significant other. tbh.

third, and my personal fav: the convo after phil ‘cheats’ or pushes dan’s arm while he’s drawing the spoon. just every bit of it. the way that dan leans in on his second repeat of ‘how would you do it then.’ the way that phil completely drops his on-camera voice when he says, ‘no we’re not doing best of three, we’re doing three rounds. it’s 4-2 right now.’ it’s the most natural voice ever, as though he immediately assumes this convo won’t be left in the video. and i imagine a lot of their behind the scenes negotiation as they film for dapg, regarding how things will be scored/structured, happens like this. as in, without some sort of CUT CUT PAUSE interjection to break the filming, but rather just a noticeable shift in tone to demonstrate to each other that they’re saying something that should be cut out in editing. to me, this is just completely reaffirmed by the amount of eye contact that immediately follows phil talking about the score. here’s an amazing gifset of it, which i need all of yall to click and look at, to really get what i’m saying here. and here’s my own screenshot bc y not:

it feels like phil definitely is trying to just have a conversation with dan to figure how they should proceed but dan is still performing a bit, and hamming up his exasperation for the camera when he says, ‘best of three, that would mean i win.’ phil then catches on, drops some of his softness and his natural voice, and immediately looks back to the camera. just. such a good, revealing little exchange. and as soon as the little natural moment is broken, phil immediately defaults back into the sassiness that he’s been demonstrating the whole video by saying, ‘i’m not! i’m just having so much fun,” in like. the world’s most sarcastic voice. then dan chiming in with the requisite fond “this guy” followed by “he’s so sneaky, can you imagine playing monopoly with him?” and that’s interesting too bc it’s dan ~breaking the fourth wall~ more explicitly and talking directly to us, and specifically to this section of his audience that has been voraciously demanding they play board games. he knows he’s being cute and domestic or whatever but at the same time it seems like he’s been genuinely a bit insecure about so overtly denying the audience something they’ve been asking for for so long, which is why he keeps bringing it up and trying to justify it in various ways–by explaining that it would be boring (as he said in his live show) or that it’d end badly (as he said on twitter and now in this video).

wow. just such a good and unexpectedly thought-provoking video. i loved it and genuinely laughed a lot even though the bants were so dramatic and overdone. they were having so much fun the whole time, in my opinion, and that, coupled with their continued lower boundaries regarding on-camera mannerisms, eye contact, touching, etc. seem to be the running themes of post-baking universe dapg. excited to see how these things develop over the course of the year! and also just so excited to see that they are actually carrying forward and sticking to their perceived re-commitment to the gaming channel that happened with gamingmas. they’re really making an effort to film in advance and post way more regularly than we’ve been used to, despite “life things” that are happening. they’re working hard to show us that they care deeply about this channel still and it’s just so uplifting to see that, and to be reminded with each video that they also have so much fun together, always :’)

(dan vs. phil: quick draw)

Deaf Lance (Klangst?)

“I can’t understand him. What’s the point in trying to communicate?- He’s just going to get frustrated and then walk off!” Keith hissed. He was in the living room talking with Shiro.
Shiro exhaled sharply, “Keith- at least try to learn sign. You don’t know- you might find out that’s he’s quite interesting to talk to. I’m learning- we’re all learning. You can’t always just look to Hunk every time Lance signs something.”
  Keith crossed his arms over his chest, “Its hard to learn what he wants when he purposely covers his hands!”
  Shiro rubbed the back of his neck, “Just try understanding one another- ok?”

Keith sighed and he walked down the hall but surprised to see Lance standing there. The tan male had a face of annoyance, and a slight pout in the corner of his lips.
Keith started to walk past him but Lance put a hand on his shoulder. Lance opened his mouth and grunted softly. He then formed a fist and rubbed his chest, his expression softened.
Keith only stared, “Does that mean please or.. Sorry..?” He asked, those two signs always confused him. Lance sighed and he began to finger spell “S o r r y”.
  Keith exhaled sharply, “Sorry? For what? You did nothing. Nothing’s wrong.”
  Lance frowned and he shook his head, he knew he was lying. He knew something was up.

He pointed to himself and then formed a fist with his thumb out. He placed his fist under his chin, letting the thumb touch and then he pulled his fist forward. While doing this he shook his head. Lance then made a “V” and placed it on his forehead. His palm faced away from him.
  Keith rose a brow, “Not.. Idiot. Oh- no one said you were! W-wait maybe you can just write down your thoughts. That would help a lot with this conversation.”
Keith took out a small memo book from his back pocket and he took out a pen from the other. He handed both to Lance.

   Lance scoffed but began to write with haste, he handed it to Keith.
/ I know you were talking about me with Shiro. Hunk wouldn’t tell me exactly what you guys were talking about- but I’m pretty sure its about how I’m stupid right? Just because I’m deaf right? I’m not stupid. /

Keith wrote down his thoughts quickly and handed it back to Lance.
/We don’t think you’re stupid! Its just difficult to talk you. I’m not very good with sign and.. Yeah. But you are not stupid./

Lance wrote with lightening speed- obviously very upset. He jabbed the memo book at Keith to read.
/Then don’t treat me like I’m stupid! I know that I might not be able to hear or listen to music or conversations- but I still have feelings. /

Keith scribbled back and handed Lance the memo book back.
/Lance, please calm down. That’s not the problem. Its just you keep a lot of things to yourself. A lot. You don’t even bother trying to teach me sign or anything! /

The passing of the notes continued.

/Its because I think you hate me. And that you think I’m incapable of doing things by myself. Just like everyone else. I’m not a baby. I’m perfectly capable of living life. So what if I can’t hear the rain? That’s not effecting me or the way I live. I’m perfectly happy. /

Was Lance really happy?

/Are you? Hunk told me that you wanted a cochlear implant. He told me that you wanted to hear the birds twittering in the early morning. Or hear the sound of someone cooking bacon on a pan. /

Lance was now even more upset.

/Hunk?! Hunk told you this?! I told him to keep it a secret! No no no I don’t want a cochclear implant. No. I’m happy. Yes its frustrating when people don’t understand what I want but I’m not going to change myself just because someone won’t take the time to at least try to understand me. /

And that was final. Because Lance had stomped away. Frustrated. Just like Keith had said.

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hey idk if you were aware of this but you have a post talking about a-specs tagged as asexual and i wanted to let you know that its actually a short term for autism spectrum, not acearo spectrum! its okay to make mistakes yknow but i hope you understand better

hey anon, thanks for sending an ask and raising your concerns with me but i’m pretty sure i’m not the one whose mistaken. i’m fully aware of the argument surrounding the term ‘a-spec’ and i’ve read multiple posts about the issue that were written by autistic people (those who are aro/ace and those who aren’t) who have said that what you’re claiming isn’t true.

here are just two posts that i just pulled off of google: - a post where autistic people deny that a-spec was ever an autistic term - and another post where an autistic person discusses the subject

and those are only two. there are many more that you can find by searching (or by checking the notes of these posts) where multiple autistic people are saying that a-spec has never been an autistm-specific term, so given these posts and the probably hundreds of posts on the same issue i’ve seen come across my dash on the subject (because it’s one that, again, i’ve seen discussed rather frequently) i’m inclined to believe that a-spec is an aro/ace term and not an autistic one. this is a conclusion i’ve reached based on not only what autistic people have said but also on the pattern of behavior that aphobes (who are primarily the ones making the claim about the term a-spec) have displayed in the past (and the present) where they’ve made countless other false claims/accusations in an effort to discredit aro/ace people and anyone who supports them.

for these reasons i will not delete the post and i will continue using a-spec to refer to people on the aromantic/asexual spectrum. if this is something you disagree with then you can feel free to unfollow me but that is where i stand.

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @sylwrites work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them?

They’re posted exclusively on AO3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m in my mid-twenties and I live in Canada. I have a giant dog that’s a lumbering buffoon of an animal and less free time than I’d like.

3. What do you never leave home without?

As a true millennial, my cell phone.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Early bird.

5. If you could live in any fictional world, which one would you choose and why?

Probably something totally unachievable like Harry Potter, just to be escapist.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

Literally no one. I saw Billy Bush from afar once (pre-Trump tape days), but that’s it.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

I’m a big fan of mafia movies from the 70s through the 90s, like Casino and Goodfellas. Shows like Riverdale are a guilty pleasure, but I also love Game of Thrones and Westworld.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

I mostly listen to alternative rock/pop and indie, but honestly lately I mostly listen to podcasts.

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Manga Character! Jihoon [2]

if you haven’t read part one please take a moment to go to that post to read it! (for a backstory sort of? HKLDHF) 

Manga Jihoon Pt 1

listen these are about to be super long so if you guys don’t like long bullet fics then I understand! 

  • so the next morning you wake up with your loud alarm (yknow like the song seungkwan sang as a morning alarm? that one)
  • you get up dead on the inside half asleep walking towards the kitchen
  • you smell food and you just sit down at the table bc your brain right now is thinking 
  • “wow my parents must be back already”
  • you have completely forgotten that jihoon is a living thing for a second because as soon as he steps out of the kitchen with food you make a huge gasp 
  • “what’s wrong?!” 
  • he kind of like hurries towards you and suddenly memories of last night are rushing back and now you’re at the point of just trying to grasp it all yourself since you were busy making him comfortable last night. 
  • “o-oh nothing, I just was half asleep so seeing you made me think I was in a dream for a second” 
  • he just laughs (which you find adorable but right now your starving stomach is demanding food) and places a plate of eggs and toast in front of you 
  • “really this is all you could cook for me?” 
  • “don’t complain you just cooked me ramen last night as dinner” 
  • “touche”
  • you dig into your breakfast and just appreciate that it’s the first time you’ve had a decent breakfast other then a piece of toast and it tastes pretty good 
  • “hey I’m gonna wash the dishes so you can get ready first.” 
  • you picked up both of our plates and walked over to the sink 
  • “thanks i’ll get ready quick”
  • so I guess he did end up going with you anyways because before you know it you both are standing outside your cafe job at 6 in the morning, an hour before opening time. 
  • “i forgot to ask why were you up so early?”
  • jihoon takes a side glance at you while keeping some of his attention to the cafe sign 
  • “i couldn’t sleep last night.”
  • you shrug and start walking in 
  • “sorry I know I’m a loud snorer” 
  • “you didn’t snore though, you were sleep talking.”
  • you immediately stop and turn towards him 
  • “what did I say?!”
  • he just starts giving a mischievous grin and shrugs again and walks ahead of you 
  • “you tell me.” 
  • he fully walks into the cafe and you’re just shocked 
  • “okay one, why are you walking in when you don’t even work there? and two, if I knew why would I be asking you?!” 
  • you two enter the cafe and everyone is hanging in the employee room so you bring Jihoon to one of the tables close to the room.
  • “you can hang in the employee room if you want, lemme explain to my boss and she should understand.” 
  • jihoon gives you a look that says “are you rlly gonna tell them I’m a manga character, will they really believe that?”
  • so ofc you correct yourself because apparently jihoon does not understand what you mean by making her boss understand 
  • “and by understand i mean make a tragic backstory for you, hey maybe you’ll have to work today too”
  • and with that jihoon does end up becoming a new worker at your cafe which you don’t mind because you liked looking at his cute face while working the whole day. (and imagining barista jihoon AHEM when Wanna One did that one day cafe omg im dying)
  • and the only reason your boss was okay with hiring him on the spot was because 
  • “you guys are on summer and about to start school in a week so he will probably need a job to make some money for himself!” 
  • you were pretty sure it was because of his looks though, your cafe had a bunch of good looking people (not counting you because there were people who you were working with that looked like literal models.) 
  • you were also pretty sure you were hired because during your interview you started going on about how you like talking to people and while you were leaving you tripped on the chair you were sitting on and just laughed it off while the manager looked at you in clear concern.
  • so while working you manage to sneak glances at Jihoon who looks like he’s doing the job perfectly (awkwardly but perfectly) and you’re just in awe because wow he’s so handsome 
  • and it looks like its attracting more customers! 
  • okay so after both of your shift’s are over (3pm) you both start walking home. 
  • “so when we get back to my place we can work on filling out your application for school!”
  • you whip out the application for new students out of your bag and hand it to him. 
  • “how am i gonna fill it out if I don’t have half of this?” 
  • well somehow you both figure it out (i didn’t want to write it would make this so much longer) 
  • You did change his last name though because you knew people at your school that were avid fans of the manga and DIE HARD fans of Jihoon as a manga character. 
  • so now you both are just lounging around and you suddenly are hungry but you don’t want ramen again so you stand up from the couch and jihoon just gives you another weird look. 
  • “Look jihoon i am starving and i don’t want eggs, toast, or ramen tonight. i don’t know how we’re gonna survive without my parents but for tonight lets go out to eat.” 
  • jihoon instantly agrees and you both get ready to go out and leave at 5pm
  • you also take this as a chance to buy him (and yourself) new clothes bc your getting your paycheck in two days why not splurge a little. 
  • so before you guys eat you buy clothes at the mall together. 
  • jihoon insists for you to buy clothes for yourself first so you do. but while you’re looking at clothes jihoon comes up to you with a couple of outfits that he thinks would look good on you.
  • “um no jihoon thats super girly.”
  • “come on you gotta expand out of your comfort zone, just try it.”
  • so you do and the first one you try on is a combination of a shirt and top that you and jihoon picked out. it was a white tennis skirt with a off the shoulder top and when you walk out jihoon just kind of stares for a while. 
  • “jihoon why are you staring, i know you’ve only seen me in sweats but you shouldn’t be this surprised. plus we’ve only known each other for one day.”
  • jihoon suddenly snaps out of whatever he was thinking of and he just kind of laughs it off again. 
  • “you look cute.” 
  • so now you’re a blushing mess and you literally sprint back into the dressing room (i mean it’s literally two feet behind you but still you aren’t thinking because your heart is doing backflips in your chest) 
  • you just kind of sink down after getting into the safety of the room processing what just happened. 
  • you were sure he was just being nice but it made your heart race and your stomach feel weird 
  • “calm down y/n, you’ve only really known him for two days you must be acting like this because he’s your favorite manga character.”
  • you quickly finish changing and trying out the other clothes without showing jihoon and you come out. 
  • “what about the other clothes?” 
  • “I tried it on really quick my stomach is starting to growl a little.”
  • he smiles and just gets up, heading towards the cashier, 
  • “h-hold up,”
  • you grab his wrist and you can feel him stiffen a little, which you get confused about but like he turns back too fast for you to think about it. 
  • “what?”
  • “you need to try on your clothes bro” 
  • you start kind of dragging him to the dressing room and push him in there with his large stack of clothes. 
  • “don’t worry about the pri- wait actually make sure it isn’t over $15 because i don’t wanna run out of money for food!”
  • he chuckles and closes the door. 
  • he comes out relatively quickly picking some clothes to buy and you both go eat at a nearby burger place. 
  • arriving home you both slowly trudge your way to your room, your room was close and as you were about to enter jihono stops you 
  • “y/n thanks for the clothes and trying to make me feel comfortable, i’ve even forgotten that im actually in a different universe right now.” 
  • “no problem, i would feel bad if you were in a state of like not knowing what do to, I’ve been through that before.”
  • “really?”
  • “yeah my friends had a fight before and I was kind of forced to choose a side, it wasn’t fun.” 
  • “oh yeah.”
  • (imagine this as like a oh yeah when someone remembers something)
  • “oh yeah?”
  • you kind of give him a “you weren’t in this universe when it happened” look and he instantly retracts and takes a few steps away. 
  • “I-I meant oh yeah as in I kind of relate.” 
  • “alright, I probably misheard it, anyways night, we got work tmrw as well!” 
  • he smiles and gives you a small wave before you go inside your room throwing your bag of new clothes who knows where. 
  • you jump on your bed and place your phone on nightstand taking in the comfort of your bed. 
  • you mind suddenly goes back over the day and you start blushing remembering jihoon only calling you cute. 
  • but 
  • you suddenly think about the conversation that just happened outside your room with him. 
  • you weren’t sure if you misheard but you were pretty sure that you heard him say “oh yeah” in a way as if he was actually there when it happened. 
  • you turned so that you were facing the ceiling, almost glaring at it trying to wrap your head around the situation. 
  • meanwhile 
  • jihoon was pacing around his room but eventually lies down on his bed and picks up the manga again, reading through it for what seemed like the millionth time (you would’ve thought he would’ve been sick of reading about it own life but ig not) 
  • he sighs while reading the manga and ends up mumbling to himself 
  • “i hope she doesn’t figure it out…”

thank you for reading! I’m currently working on pt 3! I hope to get it out as soon as I can but school is currently finding millions of way to keep me doing homework ugh anyways I hope you all have a great day/night! <3 

“You’re exactly my type.”

Pairing / Ryan Haywood x Reader

Word Count / 1,081

Warnings / none

Prompt / “Fuck me up with some fluffy Ryan where there stuck at work together so they play around like nerds and fall asleep together”

A/N: Suh dudes its my monthly fic upload bc i am the slowest writer in the world, i realise this is quite an unrealistic scenario but i also dont care so i hope you enjoy and hopefully one day i learn how to write love u 

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anonymous asked:

May I request: headcannons with the RFA members and pillow talk? Are they really sweet, do they fall asleep? (Rhyme whoops lol) thanks!

I love thinking about things like this – how some of the RFA members are in bed, when just laying there, outside of sexual acts. It’s just a cute thing to think about, really. Thank you for the request, and I hope it’s to your liking! It kind of turned into more of their bed habits as opposed to just pillow talk.



✷ makes sure you has plenty of pillows, blankets, etc
✷  “you’re comfortable, right? are you sure? i can scoot over some.”
✷  loves to cuddle. 
✷  will give you a backrub after a long day/night
✷  probably brings his laptop into the bed for an hour or two
✷  talks about new games coming out, how pretty you were today, and the future a lot 
✷  hot chocolate in bed?? yes.
✷  snores a lil’ bit.


✷ bed is always made by nighttime. after a few weeks, you makes a point to meet the maid and befriend her. Jumin says it’s silly of her, but inwardly thinks its sweet.
✷ 100% definitely has cat PJs. but, Elizabeth doesn’t sleep with you most of the time. she has her own bed, even if she prefers to use the couch in the bedroom.
✷ will offer you a glass of wine every night before bed. talks about the company, sales, and Elizabeth most nights. but, each conversation usually branches off to “you looked very beautiful tonight. I will adjust the lighting in the meeting room to better highlight your beauty.”
✷ Jumin tries to take cute pictures of you sleeping. always blurry.
✷ the most silent sleeper you’ve ever seen. doesn’t even move once he’s asleep.
✷  you never have to worry about him stealing the pillows, because there is always 10+ pillows in the bed.
✷ he always wakes up at the same time every morning, without an alarm, without fail. but he always makes sure to never wake you up when he gets up. and, despite waking up before you, makes sure to try to always be there to greet you when you wake up. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you write a story about Tony and Craig been in a relationship at middle school, but they broke up at the beginning of high school (for whatever reason you want) ,Tony gets jealous about Jeff and Hanna, Clay gets jealous of Ryan and Brad,and then all the situation with tapes happens and in the end they get back together. Sorry for my english

(Okay, first of all I’d like to apologise for how long this took me to write and post: I am really, really sorry! And secondly I’d just like to thank-you for the awesome request- I had so much fun writing this and oh wow, definitely got a little carried away with writing it. I hope it was worth the wait!! 

Also, can I just say that when writing fic requests, they won’t all be this long- usually I only write about 2,000 ish words, but I felt this needed to be longer or else it would just end up extremely crappy. Warning: slight use of swear words.)

“You and Padilla used to date, right?”

Clay’s hand stopped in its movement of tapping the uncapped pen almost instantly, his whole body going rigid as he allowed his brain to work over the question; once upon a time, he and Tony had been a couple, the fact being pretty common knowledge around the whole of Liberty high. They were the only thing people had talked about for weeks upon making their relationship status public knowledge a few months into their dating life. Jeff knew this, Clay was sure of it, so why was he asking?

“Uh, yeah, why?” He managed to get out, forcing his head to look up from where he was reading through the older boy’s work. He searched his friends face warily, allowing their eyes to meet as he looked for any indication that the other boy might be asking out of anything other than curiosity. He found none.

Jeff nodded his head, his own eyes roaming over the younger boy in return, concern flickering over his features. He had known the two boys past relationship would be a touchy subject, putting his own friendship with the pale boy at risk for even daring to bring it up, but he also saw the longing looks that Clay sent Tony’s way and if the burning spot at the back of his head was anything to go by, Tony felt the same way. He just wanted to help.

“I think he still likes you- he keeps glaring daggers at me.” Jeff informed his friend, sending an almost subconscious look over his shoulder, causing Clay to follow his gaze; Tony sat not a few tables over, his focus settled on whatever he had placed in front of him. For a moment, Clay had the fleeting thought that Tony had sat there on purpose, the younger boy being directly in his line of sight anytime he chose to look up, but Clay quickly pushed the idea away. Tony didn’t like him like that, not anymore.

“What? Jeff, no.” He argued vehemently, his gaze shifting back to look at the Jock. “He made his feelings pretty f*cking clear when we broke up, okay?” The words came out a little harsher than intended and Clay instantly felt guilty when his friend flinched at them. He just couldn’t allow himself the hope of Tony having left over feelings with the possibility of ever rekindling their relationship, the heartache of their breakup still presently there in his chest despite the amount of time that had passed.

He would never forget the words spoken between them that night on their cliff- Tony taking a step back every time Clay had taken one forward. His whole frame had shook that night, tears streaking his face as he tried to understand just where they had gone wrong. In a last ditch attempt, Clay had poured out his whole heart in one single sentence: “I love you, Tony.” Only to have it crippled seconds later as the shorter boy didn’t respond in kind, muttering instead: “I’m sorry, Clay.” Tony didn’t love him and Clay thought, in that moment, he would’ve rather actually had his heart ripped out and torn to shreds. He had walked away after that, not wanting his boy- ex-boyfriend to see him truly, completely and utterly shattered as he broke down.

“Tell that to the burning hole in the back of my head.” Jeff’s voice pulled him from his thoughts, the Jocks hand moving to rub at the back of his hair as if he could actually feel the sensation of burning there. “I kinda get why people don’t like to mess with him now.” He added nonchalantly, almost as an afterthought as he placed his arm back down by his side, his eyes once again taking in his friend’s appearance. Maybe he’d save the matchmaking for another day.

“Can we just focus?” Clay huffed out, averting his gaze back to the work out in front of them, signalling the end to their conversation. Tony didn’t love him, or like him for that matter; it just wasn’t possible.

“Keep staring at him like that and he might just combust into a burst of flames.” Tony startled at the voice, too dedicated to his glaring match with the back of Jeff’s head to notice the new presence beside him. Composing himself, Tony swivelled his head to his right, scouting out the source of his disturbance; Skye stood not too far away from him, one of her eyebrows raised as a smirk settled onto her lips at her friends reaction.

“Good.” Tony snapped out, trying to force his pounding heart to slow down; usually, he wasn’t someone you could scare so easily. “Sorry.” He almost immediately added, the apology clear in his eyes though his friend stood seemingly unphased by his outburst. It wasn’t Skye he was p*ssed at, not even Jeff really, but himself.

If he was honest, he couldn’t pinpoint an exact moment in time where he knew he was in love with Clay Jensen; there was no sudden light-bulb moment for him or any gradual figuring things out, it always just was- like he’s always needed air to breathe, he’s always loved Clay. Though, he’d resigned himself pretty early on in their friendship to the fact that it would stay just that: a friendship, and however much the thought hurt at times, Tony was okay with it, because the thought of no relationship at all with Clay hurt more.

So you could say he was a little more than pleasantly surprised when Clay had leaned over and kissed him that very first time, his lips soft and sweet. Tony could remember pulling away, his breath heavy as he leaned his forehead against Clay’s, questioning: “I thought you were straight?” The younger boy’s cheeks had blushed a deep red, his lips pulling into an adorable half-smile as he responded: “You’re only half right.” Tony’s heart had fluttered, the puzzle pieces fitting together in his head as he tilted his head back slightly to re-capture the boy’s lips in his own, sealing his own half of the promise made between them that night.

“Why don’t you just go over there and talk to him?” Skye questioned him, dropping her bag to the floor rather unceremoniously as she pulled out the chair next to him, taking a seat and seemingly joining him in his task of staring out the back of Jeff’s head (like any good friend would) though her own gaze was rather less intense.

Tony sighed, raking his hand through his hair frustratedly. “It’s not that easy.” He answered, shaking his head as he shifted his line of sight to quickly glance at his friend before allowing it to fall on his work laid out in front of him, no longer in the mood to try and set Jeff’s head aflame.

When Tony had played the scenario in his head, working himself up to the moment he’d have to force himself to utter the words: “We can’t be together anymore, Clay.” He’d never imagined how much he’d truly destroy Clay; he’d been expecting tears and confusion, shouting and anger, but not a shattered boy, shaking with heartbreak as tears steadily flowed down his face. It had taken all his strength to not tell Clay that he loved him too, more than he could ever know and that it was why they couldn’t be together anymore, having to forcefully dig his feet into the ground so he wouldn’t go after the younger boy as he stumbled away, devastated.

He doesn’t think that he’s ever hated anybody- not even himself -as much as he hated his brothers that night on their cliff, their implications being the sole reason for his and Clay’s breakup. It wasn’t safe with the mess his brothers had caused lingering over their heads and Tony wouldn’t, not for anything, put Clay at risk of coming to harm because of them- instead doing the harming himself. If he had to though, he’d do it all over again, because an emotionally hurt Clay would always be a thousand times better than a physically dead one.

“It never is.”

Clay didn’t do it intentionally, but he couldn’t help letting the Green-eyed Monster within him rear it’s ugly head as he watched Ryan flirt with Tony at the Winter Formal, his eyes narrowing dangerously as the poet put his hands all over the shorter boy’s chest. Was that really necessary? Tony was trying to do his job-

“You still like him.” Hannah’s voice cut through his inner musings, her hands gripping lightly at his shoulders as they swayed slowly together in time with the flow of the music. Clay had to force his body to relax at her statement, trying futilely to keep up with Hannah’s movements as he hesitantly flickered his gaze back over to her, ashamed at having been caught; here he was dancing with a beautiful girl and all he could do was stare jealously at his ex-boyfriend. What was wrong with him?

“What? Clay blurted out, unable to get his brain-to-mouth filter working properly as he stammered over his words, shaking his head insistently. “No, I just-” He tried to reason, but found himself stopping short- he was just what? Ensuring that the two boys at the DJ station kept it PG for everyone around them? Yeah right. Hannah’s eyes bore into him knowingly.

Clay hated the way Tony could still make him feel. He hated the way his chest clenched and his heart fluttered at the sight of the older boy, the way that his stomach felt like a million butterflies whenever he heard the shorter boys voice, if even just for a moment and god, he hated the way that just the slightest touch from the other boy could still make him melt. But as much as Clay hated these things, he just couldn’t bring himself to hate Tony.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Helmet.” Hannah chided him playfully, pulling away from him as the first and hopefully last slow song of the night came to an end. As everyone around them started to dance more enthusiastically to the now upbeat music- distantly, in the back of his mind, Clay registered it be a song he knew, something Tony had on one of his more well played mixtapes- the both of them came to a stand-still, looking intently at the other; one set of eyes apologetic while the other held understanding.

“Hannah, I-” He began, wanting to explain himself and apologise, but was cut off by obnoxiously loud laughter coming from the right of them, leading them to turn their head simultaneously to find the cause of the interruption. Jess was leaning heavily against Justin, the Jock struggling to keep her up as they both laughed and stumbled, clearly wasted. They took a few seconds to right themselves before they were stumbling off again.

Hannah’s hand coming to rest upon his upper arm brought his attention back to the stunning girl. Her eyes shone with nothing but warmth and reassurance as she looked at him. “It’s okay, Clay.” She told him softly, leaning in to leave a kiss on his cheek. “I should probably go and take care of Jess, though.” She pointed over her shoulder and without waiting for a response, took her leave, searching for her wasted friend in the crowd of blurring dresses and tuxes.

Clay sighed, running a hand across his face. This was not how he had planned for his night to go. Sighing again, he forced himself to move back over in the direction of the bleachers instead of heading home himself, purposefully avoiding looking over at the DJ station, where he was sure he would find Ryan draping himself unnecessarily over Tony. Not that he cared, because he didn’t.

 Tony wasn’t sure why he’d come to the party, not exactly being on friendly enough terms with anyone attending to properly mingle. Walking over to the drinks table, he absentmindedly poured himself another drink, allowing his eyes to wander over the occupants of the room; most people were already wasted, slurring their words together and stumbling as they tried to keep up with each other to dance. A few couples were pressed up against various objects, sloppily kissing their partners as they let their hands roam, while other small groups of people sat slightly separated from each other, immersed in their own drunken conversations and games.

Tony sighed, unable to spot what- who -he was really looking for and brought his attention back to the red plastic cup in his hand as the liquid reached the top and spilt over the side slightly, trickling across his fingers. Ignoring the sticky feeling it left across his hand- he’d decided before arriving that he would only drink pop, having parked his Mustang a few blocks away to keep it out of sight of any stupid drunken teens -he brought the cup to his mouth and sipped at it slightly until it was safe to walk with, the possibility of it spilling again no longer a hazard.

Coming to a halt at his previous location, he tilted himself back until he was leaning comfortably against the wall behind him, once again taking in the people filling out the same space as him. His eyes shifted across to the stairs just in time to catch a glimpse of the only reason he’d shown up: Clay Jensen. A smile caught his lips at the sight of the other boy, taking in the way his shirt fitted to his body nicely, though as his eyes trailed up the younger boy’s arm, the smile quickly dropped. Hannah Baker was attached to the other end of Clay’s limb, clutching tightly to the pale boy’s hand as she dragged him up the stairs. Realisation dawned on him as to why Clay was even heading up the stairs in the first place, causing his hand to impulsively tighten around his cup, the plastic crunching slightly in his palm.

“I’m sure they’d be up for a threesome if you asked.” A voice suddenly slurred next to him, the stench of alcohol filling his nostrils as he turned to face the new presence beside him. The obviously overly intoxicated male next to him had a Liberty High basketball jacket on, indicating to Tony that he was most likely a Jock.

“What?” Tony spat out incredulously, eyebrows arching up on his forehead at the statement, though he was more shocked at actually having been caught staring so desirably after Clay than he was by the Jock’s- whose name escaped him -actual words.

“I’m just sayin’ man, you’re looking a little left out.” The Jock laughed, clearly finding himself hilarious as he stumbled dangerously, holding his hands out in what Tony could only assume to be a gesture of surrender before he moved on his way, staggering into people and tripping over his own feet as he did so. Tony shook his head at the guy, unsure what to make of the encounter before he returned his gaze back towards the stairs. No sign of either Clay or Hannah. He tried pushing the thought away but couldn’t help the familiar feeling growing in the pit of his stomach- the same one he’d had with Jeff. Dropping his beverage in the nearest bin, Tony walked out of the party.

“Hannah.” Clay mumbled flustered against Hannah’s sloppy lips, trying to pull his head back from his friends grasp. “Hannah, stop.” He added more forcefully, pushing his hands between them to coerce Hannah into letting go of him, breathing heavily in succession as he got their lips to detach while her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She lifted one of her arms, moving it to caress Clay’s chest, quite clearly extremely drunk.

“You don’t like me?” She questioned, hurt lacing her voice as her words slurred together, a pout forming on her lips. Clay grasped at her arm touching him, pulling it away from his chest so he could hold her hand instead, rubbing his thumb soothingly against her skin; the gesture was meant purely platonically, his only intention to reassure her as tears gathered in her eyes. The last thing he’d ever wanted to do was upset her- she was amazing and if circumstances could have been different, he was sure that he’d have found himself kissing her back instead of pushing her off.

“No, Hannah, I do, just-”

“Not like that.” Hannah finished his sentence for him, realisation dawning across her features as she looked at him. “Because you love Tony.” She finalised, her tears spilling down her cheeks. She pulled her hand from him to cover her face and though it took Clay a minute to realise it, he found that it was in embarrassment rather than hurt.

“Please just go, Clay.” She muttered out from behind the cover of her hands, refusing to look at him; her only hope was that she was drunk enough that she wouldn’t have to remember this in the morning, knowing that Clay was too much of a sweetheart to bring it up himself if she didn’t.

“What? Hannah, no-” Clay began to protest, moving to rest a hand against her shoulder in a comforting manner. He couldn’t just leave her in the state that she was in- completely wasted and upset, especially in a house full of just as drunk asshat teenagers. He wanted her to know that he didn’t care, the whole thing having been a mistake based upon a drunken misunderstanding and that it didn’t change anything between them; he didn’t think of her any differently and he still loved her all the same, as a friend.

“GO CLAY!” She screamed at him, pushing his hand away before throwing her arm out in the general direction of the door harshly, her face streaked with black tinted tears. Clay startled at the outburst momentarily, unsure of himself as he stood there awkwardly; did he actually leave? Or did he stay? He was bound to just make things worse if he did though, having never been good with this kind of thing, or any kind of social interaction or communication full stop.

So he left.

The sudden hand waving in front of his face pulled him from his absent minded action of staring at the two boys sitting not too far from the counter, a different version of coffee in front of each of them as they appeared to be in deep conversation with the other. “Huh? Sorry, what?” He questioned Skye, turning his attention back towards his friend as she stood before him in her Monet’s uniform.

“I was just asking if you wanted it to sit in or take out?” She queried, gesturing to where she could either fill out a ceramic or paper cup with his order, an amused smirk settling carelessly on her lips as an all knowing glint took place in her eyes. She waited patiently for him to take in her enquiry as his eyes flickered over both the cups slowly in his post-spaced-out brain.

“Oh, uh, take out please.” He finally answered, sending a look back over at the table where Tony and Brad sat. There was no way he’d be able to get his heart to stop clenching painfully while his stomach did somersaults if he found somewhere to sit in the coffee shop, Tony only a few tables away from him.

After everything with the tapes, Tony had become his rock once again, despite Clay’s resistance at first; he hadn’t wanted to set himself up only to get hurt again, but Tony had come through for him every time he had needed the older boy, proving himself time and time again with a comforting embrace or a guiding hand. They were closer than ever, having managed to work through the kinks in their relationship enough to trust the other to drag them through the sh*t they were dealing with and get them through to the other side, not unscathed but in one piece. Unfortunately(?) along with every other feeling and thought he’d ever associated with Tony Padilla, the love and lust of it all came back too.

“You boys are gunna be the death of me.” Skye sighed, rolling her eyes dramatically as she pushed a lid securely onto the top of his cup, swapping the finished product in her hand for the money in Clay’s- there was only so many free drinks she could hand out to her friends without being fired. “I don’t know why you don’t just talk to him about how you feel.” She added upon handing him his change, the coins cold in his hand.

“He’s with Brad now.” Clay shrugged, pocketing his change before taking a sip of the scalding drink, allowing it to burn the back of his throat as a distraction as he walked past Tony and Brad on his way out of the Cafe.

Tony cupped his hand around his beverage, watching as the steam slowly lifted from the depths of the dark liquid. It wasn’t a particularly cold day, but for some reason he couldn’t get his hands to stop shaking. “I’m sorry, Brad.” He looked up from his mug, searching his (ex) partner’s face carefully. There was no anger or betrayal on his features, only a slight sadness with a complete understanding. He didn’t get it; if positions were reversed, he would’ve been p*ssed, angry and everything in between, but Brad was the epitome of calm.

“It’s okay, Tony. I get it. We were only a filler for a few chapters of a whole book.” The other boy responded, fiddling with his own mug of coffee as a distraction before lifting it to his lips to take a tentative sip. It didn’t taste nearly as good as it usually did, but Brad put it down to the circumstances surrounding this particular visit and not the drink itself.

“I need you to know that you were never a rebound, or a way for me to forget about him, I really do like you.” Tony replied softly, sincerity clear in his tone as he reached his hand across the table to take a hold of Brad’s, his thumb moving gently to create soothing patterns against the other boy’s skin. He couldn’t help the feeling of guilt clawing at his stomach; he’d never set out to hurt the other boy, but it would seem that was all he had done. He really liked Brad and he was certain that if things could have been any different, he could’ve loved him too.

“I know, Tony.” Brad nodded, squeezing his hand reassuringly. “It’s really okay.” He smiled, though it didn’t quite reach his eyes and Tony could see the sadness lingering in it. The taller boy stood after a moment, feeling that there wasn’t anything more to be said and reached into his back pocket to retrieve his wallet, pulling out enough money to pay for both of their barely touched drinks despite Tony’s protests.

“Don’t miss your chance, tell him how you feel before it’s too late.”

“Thank-you.” Clay suddenly spoke up, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen between them while they watched the classic playing before them. “For everything. I know things were… not great between us for a while, but you were there for me when I really needed you and I honestly don’t think I would’ve made it without you, and I also get that you have no obligation to me anymore-” Tony lent forward without a seconds thought, cutting off the younger boy’s babbling instantly as their lips connected. Clay’s brain takes a minute to catch up with the new development, his heart hammering in his chest before he manages to get his mouth to move, reciprocating the kiss.

Clay’s lips were soft against his, his mouth tasting faintly of the popcorn they’d recently consumed while watching the movie distantly playing in the background. Their mouths moved in sync, slotting together perfectly as Tony slid his tongue across the bottom of Clay’s lips, the other boy immediately granting him passage. The kiss was long and hard, passion and lust flying between the two.

“I should’ve done that ages ago.” Tony murmured softly once they’d pulled apart, breathless. “I love you Clay Jensen.” He allowed his forehead to rest against the younger boy’s, unwilling to move away from him completely lest he wake up and the other boy not actually be there.

Clay smiled, his lips upturning adorably at the corners as he allowed Tony’s words to wash over him. “I love you too, Tony Padilla.” He declared after a moment, tilting his head back so their mouths could rejoin again, savouring the missed feeling.

Things were good. Things were perfect.

i already knew the gang tries desperately to get an award was total meta-commentary about the show never winning an award and that terrible shows often get the accolades, but i didn’t realize the extent as to how much that commentary bled into other snubbed shows until my husband asks “is that cutty from the wire?” and sure enough, the actor who walked by indeed played cutty wise in the wire 

pretty sure that was intentional because that is the same time mac and dennis were talking about how “black bars don’t win awards, i don’t know why but they don’t" 

the show they’re referencing is the wire. it never won an award despite its actual content, which portrayed a lot of black talent that should have outrun the competition in that time frame because they all totally outclassed everyone else (seriously fucking watch the wire) it was sincere, it was well-written — 

basically, sincerity and talent will never win you an award because it’s different than what snooty, out-of-touch awards committees consider golden

how these two shows have never won awards never ceases to baffle me because both the wire and it’s always sunny in philadelphia are in my top five best shows and they are the rightful royalty of their respective genres

The Bucket List

Pairing: Steve x Reader 

Warnings: none? 

Prompt: you talk in your sleep

word count: 3390

A/N: this strayed so far from the prompt but I liked it too much to stop writing it. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. It could be really shit!!!! I wrote it running on four hours of sleep, so please don’t judge me if it’s bad, I just wanted to write something nice for you guys. 

“You talk in your sleep—“ Steve spoke as he entered the kitchen, pulling the bag of oatmeal from the top shelf.

I looked up from my bowl, a small stream of almond milk dribbled down the side of my mouth. “Huh?” I questioned as I wiped it away with my sleeve.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at me in confusion and a little bit of disgust, “uh—“ he shook his head, “you talk in your sleep. I heard you last night.”

I furrowed my brow as I shovelled down another mouthful of cereal. “What was I saying?” It interested me to know what I spoke about in my slumber. My college roommate had always told me that I did it, but my punishment for chatting away to myself was never knowing what I’d said—she was tough on me.

“You were talking about a handsome man in blue, I can only assume that was about me.” A small smirk played on his lips as he placed his bowl in the microwave.

“Okay Rogers,” I warned, “don’t reach. Now what was I really saying?” I asked again—a slight blush creeping onto my cheeks. The truth was I had the biggest crush on my training partner. It was just like high school, when you’d get a crush on one of the senior boys. Steve was the senior boy everyone had a crush on and I was lucky enough to train with him. It pleased me to walk into the gym every day and watch as he went one on one with the punching bag—his training shirts were always tight, accentuating his ungodly muscles and he was always so damn nice—but what I liked most was that he never played down my ability to fight. He fought me like he would fight any enemy and that in itself was the most attractive thing about him.

“Are you blushing (Y/N)?” He continued to smirk at me, knowing he was getting a reaction.

“Oh jog on.” I waved him away, “I see you shirtless every day, pretty sure if I wanted to—okay you know what nevermind, I can’t talk about you like that.” I began to toy with my cereal instead of eating it.

“Jog on—“ he repeated me, “is that a British thing?”

I rolled my eyes and poked him in the chest, “tell me what I was saying.”

“Fine, fine!” he put his hands up in defeat. “You were talking about the ocean—saying you were scared of it. You said something about a giant squid taking you away and pecking you with its beak.”

“Mmmmm,” I leaned back in my chair, “now that sounds more like me.” I really did have an irrational fear of giant squid.

“You’re really scared of the ocean?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Yep,” I got up from my seat and meandered to the sink.

Steve turned to face me, “but you can control it?”

I scoffed at his comment—I always seemed to get the same reaction when I told people. “Just because you can control something, doesn’t mean you can’t be afraid of it.”

“Wow,” he nodded his head in agreement. “That’s so deep.” He took a sip of his orange juice just as I went to lightly slap him on the head. The juice went sputtering out of his mouth and I let out a loud gasp.

“Oh wow—“ I couldn’t help but laugh, “I’m so sorry.” I grabbed some paper towel from beside the sink. “Oh my gosh.” I dabbed at his mouth before I could wipe the table. “You should’ve seen your face.” He rolled his eyes and grabbed the paper towel from me.

“Very funny.” He sighed as I sat back down—still chuckling at the mess I’d caused.

“Hey,” I tilted my head, sending him a tight-lipped smile “you shouldn’t make fun of my quotes.”

He shook his head, in disbelief “I never disagreed with you, but whatever you’re right.”

“I know I am Rogers, when am I not right?”

“When you’re left.” He looked up at me, the biggest smile plastered on his stupid face.

“Ohhhhh my god.” I didn’t want to laugh—I really didn’t. In fact I was certain that I was laughing at him and not with him. “You—no” I slapped my hands over my mouth in shock. He’d just told what was possibly one of—if not the worst joke of all time. “You really need to never tell that joke again, please I beg you.”

“Oh,” he frowned, “I got it from Scott—I thought he was the funny guy.”

“Scott is the funny guy, let it stay that way.” I leaned over the dining table to pat him on the shoulder.

“I’m scared of the ocean too by the way.” He quickly changed the subject—I slumped back into my chair when I noticed the blue of his eyes deepen.

“Well that’s because—well, yes—well, okay, yep.” I awkwardly got up from my seat. I hated that sometimes I was so calm and collected around him and then two seconds later I was the definition of ‘awkward mess’. “You know what, I’ll just see you at training.”

“Uh—okay,” I could tell he was confused by my suddenly erratic behaviour, but he went with it nevertheless. “I’ll see you then.”

I awkwardly waved before scrambling out of the kitchen.

“He said he was afraid of the ocean too and I freaked out, cause you know he’s been through so much with the damn sea—“

Wanda couldn’t wait for me to finish my sentence—she instantly burst out laughing. “Wow,” she calmed herself down. “I can always count on you to make my bad days better.”

“Don’t laugh at me,” I whined, “this is really bad.” I knew I couldn’t blame her for laughing because I really was a joke.

“Okay no, no” she stopped herself from laughing again. “I’m telling you now,” she placed a comforting hand on my shoulder. “If there’s anyone he likes in this whole facility it’s you!” I didn’t know where she’d pulled the idea from, but I liked it. “You haven’t embarrassed yourself—I can bet that he’s forgotten about it already.”

“Yes, but I keep making myself look stupid—eventually he’ll remember.” It was only a matter of time before Steve realised; I wasn’t funny, I was just a mess.

“You’re his training partner, he knows how fierce you are! So for you to be awkward outside of that dojo means nothing! He’s seen you in your rawest form, he knows the real you.”

“It’s just the fact that I try my best to flirt or create some banter and then I ruin it.” I shoved my head into her pillow and let out a loud groan.

“You really don’t see how great you are. All those awkward encounters? They add to your character and show that you feel something.”

“Jeeze,” I whistled under my breath as I lifted my head. “You really know how to be the supportive friend.”

“I know,” she smiled sincerely. “I didn’t have anyone when I thought I was making stupid mistakes, so the least I can do is be a good friend now that I have one.”

“Wow—“ I placed a hand over my heart, “I’m pretty sure that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

“Stop it,” she laughed, “I’ve been nice before.”

“Hmmm,” I pretended to think about it. “I guess you have.”

“Hey—“ Steve said as he waltzed into the gym “what are you doing in here before me?” He knew the drill, he’d box and I’d walk in and pretend to be unfazed by his perfect form.

“Well,” I struggled to speak as I did my push ups, “I don’t like to admire hot and sweaty Captain America every day.”

“I always knew you were admiring me,” he dropped his bag and then lowered himself onto the mat next to me. “You having a bit of trouble there?”

My arms felt like jelly and there was sweat dripping from every crevice, I was on my 65th push up and I only needed one more to beat my personal best. I managed to squeeze in another three before collapsing into a heap. “I never have trouble.” I joked as I struggled for breath.

Steve chuckled as he got back up. He walked over to my gym bag and foraged for my water bottle. “Here,” he said placing it down next to me.

“Thank you,” I breathed—sitting up, before I gulped down almost the entire contents.

“So you never denied that you were admiring me.” The stupid smirk that I was far too accustomed to graced his face.

“Shut up,” I mustered enough strength to elbow him in the ribs.

He grabbed my elbow and pulled me closer. “That’s still not denying it.” It was the first time he’d ever been so cheeky around me and I had to say; I loved every single moment of it.

“You know what.” I wriggled myself free from his grip and grabbed my water bottle—without warning I squirted it in his face. “Is that enough denying for you captain?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Shit—“ he lifted his shirt to wipe his face and the bottom of his torso peaked out from underneath. I had to stop myself; I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he caught me. “I’ll get you back for that (Y/N)” he warned.

“I’m sure you will,” I said casually—as if my heart wasn’t about to explode.

“Enough of that. Down to the serious stuff.” He wriggled himself around so that he was sitting in front of me.

“What,” I fake gasped. “You mean we weren’t being serious just then?”

He laughed lightly before shaking his head. “I was thinking that we could find the spare pair of gloves in the storage room and spar today.”

My arms felt like they were going to snap off, but I couldn’t resist sparring with Steve. He was just so precise and agile—all his movements were so natural, yet so unpredictable. “Sounds good to me.” I huffed before gulping down the last bit of my water.

“Great!” he sprung up, “I’ll go find the gloves.”

“Wait!” I shot up as well, “I’ll help you look.”

The two of us stood at the door of the storage closet, not sure where to look first.

“Christ, this is a tiny room.” I coughed as dust particles bombarded my throat.

“You’re not wrong.” Steve agreed as he crouched down.

“I regret not bringing my gloves today.” I said as I mirrored his actions, our shoulders pressing against each other as we both rummaged through random crates.

“Well—“ whatever he was about to say was cut off by the sound of a siren blaring.

“Shit!” we both stood up at the same time. The door to the storage room slammed shut within seconds, ultimately sealing us inside. The shock of it all caused me to stumble back into his arms.

He caught me gently, as if I were as light as a feather. “I forgot there was a lockdown drill today,” he let me go and I awkwardly shook myself upright.

“Well that’s just dandy isn’t it?” I flopped down onto one of the crates. Hiding my face so he wouldn’t see the blush that had crept onto my cheeks.

“Sorry,” He sighed as he pulled up a crate next to me.

I took a second to calm myself before looking at him, “it’s not your fault.”

We both sat in silence—instructions blared from the speaker in the dojo, but they were muffled by the titanium door that had sealed us in. I fumbled with my fingers for a while, before turning to look at Steve.

“What?” I questioned—my voice catching in my throat when I realised he’d been staring at me.

“Your eyes—“ he gulped, “they changed colour.”

“Oh yeah,” I averted my gaze to the floor—I was embarrassed by the whole situation.

He placed his knuckle under my chin and gently turned my head, so that I was looking at him again. “They’re—“ he hesitated for a second, “they’re beautiful.”

His comment struck me—I honestly felt like my heart was going to exit my body through my throat.

He didn’t move his knuckle from under my chin; instead he moved his face closer to mine. In fact, he was so close that I could smell his aftershave, which by that point should have faded—so close that I could feel the heat radiating off his skin.

“This is a really small room.” I repeated, as a lump began to rise in my throat. Was he going to kiss me? Or was he just moving irrationally close to me for no reason? I had no idea.

He smiled, “you say the dar—“ the clanking of the titanium door struggling to opening broke us apart. I’d never moved faster in my life—I felt like Pietro as I stumbled to my feet at the speed of light.

“Um, you know what? I’m not feeling so great. I think I’m gonna cut this short, if you need me I’ll be in my room.” I didn’t wait for a response—I rushed out of the dojo and toward my room, leaving him as confused as ever.

I was half way through a pint of ice cream before there was a knock at my front door. “Bloody hell,” I muttered under my breath as I set down the dessert and slinked towards the door.

“Hi—“ Steve said as I flung the door open. “Can I—uh—I just came to check if you were okay.” He ran his hand through his hair nervously.

“Uh hi.” I narrowed my eyes— still not quite sure why he was standing there, considering I was perfectly fine. “I’m okay, is there a reason I wouldn’t be?” I moved aside and gestured for him to come in.

“It’s just that you left in such a hurry before—“ He held on to the back of his neck as he spoke, “I thought maybe I did something wrong.”

“Oh—“ I bit my lip, remembering just how close we’d gotten in that moment. “No, you—you were fine.” I resumed my seat on the couch. He stood beside the armrest, awkwardly staring down at the TV.

“You can sit down you know.” I chuckled as I patted the spot next to me.

“You know I—nevermind.” He sat down without any complaints to which I replied with a smile.

“Your hair is still wet,” I reached out to feel it. When I realised how weird I was being I pulled away, but was caught off guard when he entwined his hand with mine.

“I uh—“ he quickly shook his hand away and the two of us averted our eyes to the TV—unsure about what had just happened. “What are you watching?” he croaked.

“American Gangster—hey do you still have that list of movies you need to watch? Surely this is on there?” I distinctly remembered him telling me about his lists and how he’d aimed to finish everything on them.

He let out a small laugh, “you still remember that?”

My mouth formed an ‘O’, “I am shocked that you have such little belief in me and my listening capabilities.”

He laughed louder this time,“you’ll be happy to know that it is on my list and that I have in fact seen it.”

“I’m so proud,” I beamed as I clapped my hands together. “Look at you, de-fossilizing yourself one step at a time.”

His face fell in an instant, and I felt like I’d been stabbed. I’d upset him and I hadn’t meant to. “Look I better go.” He got up from his seat, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“Hey wait!” I grabbed his hand and pulled him back down. “I didn’t mean it like that.” I hadn’t meant for my comment to hurt him, but I realised that it’d been a dumb move on my part. “I’m proud of you, you’re not a fossil and even if you were, you’d be my favourite.” A cheesy grin spread across my face as a small smile fleeted on his.

“Favourite fossil huh?” he raised an eyebrow in question.

“Favourite.” I leaned forward and in the spur of the moment I kissed his cheek.

We were both taken back for a second—each of us knowing it was out of character for me.

“(Y/N)” Steve said quietly, “there’s something on my list that I need your help to finish.”

“You need my help?” I wasn’t quite sure what he would need me for. There was nothing I could do that the others couldn’t—apart from controlling the sea, that there was exclusive.

He nodded, his eyes turning the dark shade of blue that I’d only seen once before.

“You’re not going to kiss me are you?” I snorted, trying to play it off as if it weren’t a legitimate question.

“Uh—dammit.” He slapped his hands against his knees and got up. “I’m such an idiot.”

“No, nO, nOo, NO!” I scrambled to my knees and waved my hands in the air like a mad woman.“I mean, no don’t go anywhere not no don’t kiss me.” My voice was frantic.

He sat back down, his head in his hands as he let out a frustrated groan. “So you want me to kiss you?” Now it was his turn to be confused.

“Yes!” I almost shouted, “I would like nothing—“

He didn’t wait for me to finish, before I knew it our lips were pressed against each other. His hand roamed to the small of my back, pulling me closer so that I was able to straddle him as our lips moved in sync. I couldn’t believe what was happening—after all those days of admiring him, Steve Rogers was kissing me and he wasn’t holding back either.

I found myself lost for breath as he deepened the kiss. His hands balled into fists as he grabbed ahold of my t-shirt—he was trying to pull me closer, but I was already as close to him as I could be with my clothes on.

“Fuck,” he moaned as I fumbled to pull his black v-neck off.

“Wait,” I breathed as I pulled away.

“What?” He asked, staring at me cautiously.

“That was the first time I’ve ever heard you swear.”

“Dear God,” he said as his lips caught mine once more. “You are really something else.”

I pulled away again and surveyed his face, “like a good something else or?”

He laughed out loud and I couldn’t help but laugh either, he was just so infectious. “Good I promise.”

“Okay cool” I grinned before wrapping my hands around his neck. “Cause I’ve had a crush on you for a while now.” I whispered my confession against the skin just below his ear. A massive smile spread across my face when I heard him mutter something inaudible under his breath.

“Oh really?” He smirked, as one of his hands slinked under my T-shirt so that he could trace shapes against my skin.

I frowned as I led my index finger around the outline of his abdominal muscles. “I hope you’re not laughing at me internally.”

He leaned forward and placed a small kiss to the corner of my mouth. “I swear I’m not. I think you’re the funniest woman alive and honestly I want to spend all of my time with you.”

“Is that why you set up so many training sessions Rogers?” I tapped my finger against his nose and he kissed my chin.

“Maybe,” he grinned as he gently pulled me back down. “Is that why you attended all of them (Y/N)?”

“Mhm,” I sucked in my bottom lip as I stared down at the man in front of me. “That’s not even a question.” I answered—our foreheads pressed together.

“Then let’s not waste time dwelling on it.”

“Hey Rogers?”

“Mmmm?” He mumbled in response.

“Why am I the only one with a shirt on?”

Party like Porn Stars [Josh Washington x Reader] *SMUT*

Word Count: 3405 

Warning: Alcohol and very descriptive sex

Author Note: This story has sex in it and alcohol, if you are not comfortable with that kind of stuff then DO NOT READ THIS. 

This story also has a song in it – Here’s the link to it [x] Sorry if you don’t listen to The Weeknd

Also here’s the outfit you’re wearing. [x]

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A new start, part 7

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2288

Warning: Fluff and mentions of sex

Part 1  part 2  part 3 part 4  part 5  part 6

The following two weeks flew by.  With the last of the scenes completed and retakes done for a few of the scenes, it surprised you when the director called, “It’s a wrap.”  Everyone clapped and cheered, hugging everyone on set.  During the four months of filming, it had become a close-knit group and you were going to miss them all.  Tomorrow night would be wrap party that you were looking forward to attending.  It gave everyone a chance to say goodbye before they were off to another project.

To be honest that was not the only reason why the time had flown, it was also because of Chris. When you were not working you were spending time together.  Every other night you switch between houses to have dinner or watch TV.  However, you had not slept together yet.  That thought, while you certainly wanted to, scared the crap out of you.  Not that Chris would ever push when you were not ready.  He was not joking when he said he wanted to take things slow with you. Yes, there had been more kissing, which the both of you enjoyed, a lot.  But nothing further than that.  It was nice to not have the pressure of it looming over your head.  You knew that, unlike other relationships in the past, he was not going to leave if you did not have sex with him right away.  

It was hard to keep your relationship quiet on set, as everyone with eyes could see the attraction. Now that you were together all the time, everyone knew.  It did not bother you in the least.  You were happy and you did not care if the world knew.  The only thing that ate at your gut was when the press would get wind of it and would most likely haunt you both all the time.  It made things difficult in the past and you did not want anything happening to what you had now.  Of course, when you mentioned it to Chris he smiled and told you not to worry about it.  Things would work out and don’t let those things get to you.  Even after a short time together, he knew how to calm you.

One thing though you had not done in the couple weeks together was tell your family about Chris. While they knew of the man that had you distracted at your last visit you had not elaborated any further with them. You knew Chris had told his mother. He told her everything about you and she was so excited to meet you sometime.  Not that you had made plans for that yet.  Both of you were scared the other would think it was too soon. So the two of you were cuddled up on your couch watching a movie at the end of your long final day of the project. Your phone started to ring with a FaceTime call coming in.  When you fished it out of your pocket, you saw it was from your mom.  You were not really in the mood to talk to her at the moment.  As you tried to refuse the call you accidentally hit the accept button.

“Oh shit…”  Chris laughed as your mom’s face popped up.

“[Y/F/N]  [Y/M/N], what have I said about using that language? And who is laughing in the background?” He laughed harder trying to cover his mouth.

“Oh she pulled out the middle name.  You are in trouble.”  You smacked his shoulder as you looked at your mom through the phone.

“Hey mama.  I know, I know ladies don’t use language like that. But I am an adult.”  She rolled her eyes at you.

“Well you know I don’t wanna hear that kinda talk.  Now who is that boy with you?  I can hear him.  It is that one that you were texting when you were home?  Is he good looking?”  Your cheeks flamed red as you covered your face with your free hand.

“Mom, he can hear you, you know.”  Chris was doing everything he could to hold in the hysterical laughter.  He was doing a really shitty job of it.  Your mother beamed.

“Oh you are blushing, [Y/N/N].  That means you like him then.  Good, about time.  He had better be a nice boy.  You don’t need another one of them like that last one.  If he ever showed up again he would be getting the business end of my shotgun.  Never mind your daddy’s.”  

“Oh my God mom could you be any more embarrassing?”  Your mother grinned wider.

“Probably, but I will behave now.  But you do have to tell me who he is.  I like seeing him make you so happy.”  With a sigh, you looked over at Chris and moved your head close to his so he would be in the frame with you.

“Mom this is Chris. Chris this is my mom, Gini.”  He waved and showed that bright beautiful smile of his.  No way would your mom be immune to it.

“It’s nice to meet you, Mrs. [Y/L/N].”  

“Call me Gini.  Mrs. [Y/L/N] was my mother-in-law and …”

“Mom…”  Your mom had that smirk on her face.

“And bless her heart wherever she may be.”

“Mom, that is awful.”

“What?  It’s not like I said I hope her hind end is getting toasty down there.”  Chris laughed that goofy laugh of his making you laugh at him.  “You two are the cutest thing.  I bet you will make me beautiful grandbabies, one day.”  You stopped laughing immediately while Chris laughed harder at your reaction.

“Okay mom I will talk to you later.  I will be home at some point… maybe… eventually.”  Your embarrassment had just hit its peak and you were about to break blood vessels in your face with the violent blush you had going on.

“Night baby girl. Behave and you had better bring that boy around soon.  We all need to meet him.”  Disconnecting the phone, you threw it across the room where it landed on the love seat. You buried your face into Chris’s shirt, praying that maybe someday your mom would not try to send you to an early grave with comments like that.

“I think I love your mom already.”


The next morning Chris showed up early with breakfast wanting to get in as much time with you before you both went home.  He was going to home to Boston for the next two weeks before he had to go to Ohio for filming Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  However, just before he leaves he will be escorting you to the awards as he promised.  You had a month off before heading to Canada for three months to film a television show.  

As you ate you joked about how your entire family would torture you when you got home, since you were sure you mom had told everyone about Chris.  He thought it was hilarious.  “Oh it can’t be that bad.”

“You ever met a southern family?  Everyone knows now and eventually they are going to demand they meet you.  So expect many threats of violence and guns.”

“Well why don’t I just meet them now and get it out of the way?  That way everyone is happy and I get to spend more time with you.”  You froze mid-chew.  

“You want to come home with me?  Now? What about your family?  I thought you wanted to spend some time with them.”  Listening to yourself, you sounded like you did not want him to come home with you. From the look on his face, he took it the same way.  “I mean yes I want you to come with me.  But I don’t want to mess up your plans, Chris.”  He leaned over to kiss the end of your nose.

“You aren’t messing up any plans.  I was hoping that I get to spend as much time with you as possible.  I go to Tennessee with you and meet your family.  Then maybe you will come to Boston and meet my crazy family.  We could fly from there to L.A. for the awards before I have to head to Ohio.  It’s just a thought though.  If you aren’t comfortable with it, I understand.  I just want more time with you.”  There was no way to keep the excitement from showing on your face as you jumped into his arms.

“Guess you are coming home with me.  I apologize now for what may happen.  But I am so excited!  I can’t wait to show you around.”  Chris laughed burying his face into your neck and just inhaling.  He could not get enough of you and everything about you.  “Oh my God.  That means I am meeting your family soon too.  Wow, I hope they like me.”

“You worry way too much. They are going to love you.  My mom has asked a million times already when she is going to get to meet you.”  Even with the reassurance, there was still a flutter of nerves in your stomach.  Nevertheless, you decided he was right and that you worry too much.  Now you had to finish packing then get ready for the party tonight.

It took you the rest of the morning and early into the afternoon to get everything finished. You left just a few things out for the party tonight and something to change into in the morning when you left for home.  It was decided that Chris would just sleep at your place for the night so you could drop off his rental car in the morning then get on the road.  He had gone back to finish packing as well and make sure everything was clean before he left.  By the time he had returned you were in the shower.  When he heard the shower stop and the door open so he warned you as you walked into the bedroom.  “Just so you don’t want out here naked or anything I’m here.  Unless you want to walk out here naked… I would be totally fine with that.”  You heard him laugh as you grinned.

“Thanks for the warning.” You got ready as quickly as you could. When you were not on set, you tried to keep your beauty routine as simple as possible.  Just enough makeup to accentuate your eyes, which you considered your best feature and to cover up anything that needed covering.  Drying your hair, then brushing it out you left it to its natural style.  Paired all that with a pretty green sundress and flats, you were done.

No one seemed surprised when you walked into together holding hands.  You were greeted warmly with hugs all around.  There were so many people from the crew you were going to miss. The director gave a wonderful speech about how everyone had grown into a family and how proud he was to work with everyone.  Then he talked about the possible release date in eight months and to make sure you were all ready for the press tour.  Just as he finished the speech, he motioned for the music to start, and the live band started to play.  It was a slow romantic song that you had heard many times on the radio.  However, the director did not seem to be finished.

“This filming would not have gone so smoothly if it weren’t for our stars.  [Y/N] and Chris, you two have been some of my favorites to work with. Thank you for making everyone’s lives easier on this shoot.  I hope it has been as amazing for you both.  Show everyone one last time why you were truly made to play Tommy and Connie.” He meant for you to dance first. Chris stood up with his beautiful smile, leading you towards the dance floor.  As you started to move to the music, everyone applauded.  Soon many others followed and so the night went on.  There was laughing and dancing, food and fun.  Even in the flats, by the end of the night, your feet were killing you.  It was almost midnight when you walked into the beach house.  Both you and Chris were exhausted.

“What time did we say we were going to leaving in the morning?”  He asked as he plopped down on the couch.  His head feel back against one of the pillows.  

“Umm early but at this rate I will be happy if we wake up before noon.”   He grabbed your hand as you leaned down to steal a kiss.

“How about we leave when we are ready.  No rushing.”

“That sounds like a good plan to me.”  Kissing him again you moved to pull off your shoes and walk back towards your bedroom.

“You just going to leave me here?”  You could see the pouty lip he was trying to throw in your direction.  

“Yes and I will tell you why.  One, I am completely exhausted.  I need my bed.  Two, you are a big boy, handsome.  You know exactly where the spare room is.  And three, if I come back over there and kiss you again I will end up with no clothes on.  Normally that would not bother me at all.  But right now, I would not want the possibility of falling asleep mid-coitus. So goodnight, baby.  I will see you in the morning.”  As you walked into the bedroom, you blew him a kiss.  He was grinning and blew one back.  Closing the door, you had to take a breath.  A very long breath.  It may not be much longer you could keep from stripping that man down and doing the dirty all night.

It was going to be an interesting two weeks.

Part 8

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Someone Please Explain...

How the hell Littlefinger knows Jon was born in the South?



Originally posted by gifsforthemasses

The reason he hasn’t said anything probably has a lot to do with Jon being the rightful heir of the Iron Throne. 

A goal that Littlefinger wants to obtain with Sansa by his side.

Originally posted by nina-insomnia


Judging by how smart he is im pretty sure that LF put two and two together seeing as how when he and Sansa were talking about Lyanna x Rhaegar in the crypts of Winterfell. 

After Sansa says that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped her aunt, LF looks like he’s saying, judging from the expression on his face after she says so, “I mean if you believe that version of the story" 

Also… Jon was with the Nights Watch at that point so its not like he could claim his royal title, so I’m guessing LF didn’t see Jon as a threat… 

Until he came back from the dead and of course became the leader of the North when it should have been Sansa. Ooooo can’t wait till season 7

anonymous asked:

(Sorry! I'm gonna go on a Tobirama rant and I really hope you don't mind! It's not directed at you!!) How come no one talks about or addresses the fact that (it is at least HEVILY IMPLIED) that Tobirama took beatings for his siblings from his father?? Like?? Don't overlook this?? I'm pretty sure this happened at least once in canon actually. Like seriously, was this a frequent thing? What were his siblings' reactions to this? (What would happen if Madara found out??)

This is honestly one of the most heartbreaking things about Tobirama’s childhood for me. Just. Ouch. God. That on top of being a child soldier and dealing with losing two of his brothers so early? Yikes.

drunkenomnist  asked:

Hey! I have a request! RFA+Saeran Wrap run into MCs first... love :) I don't care if you make ot angsty or fluffy or whatever!

* you two were going grocery shopping when you ran into your ex
* much to his dismay, you two ended on good terms
* this lil boy is so sweaty
* over analyzing everything and panicking
* should he work out more??? What if you leave him????
* he also gets EXTREMELY clingy
* once you and your ex part ways you make some comment on how he’s become a prick and he just deflates
* probably will want extra kisses and love tho
* just to be sure

* so I have a hc that zen wears a white tank top under every outfit okay
* so you two are at a couples dance class and Mr. Ex happens to be the teacher
* you lean over and whisper about him to zen and this boy gets the look of satan
* You can smell the jealously
* His shirts and suddenly gone and bam, the tank is here
* And it is now time for the muscle show
* he starts doing all these crazy lifts and suddenly it’s dancing with the stars
* This boy is so extra
* He ends it with that move from dirty dancing
* Physically growls at your ex when leaving the class
* So extra
* But you love it
* It is one of your favorite dates by far

*The two of you were working at the café
*It was almost the end of the day
*You were in the back cleaning up some stuff and Jaehee was working the front
*Up to that point, everything had gone pretty well
*But then someone walks in
*And Jaehee KNOWS its your ex
*and just
*Its not enough for her to lose her composure or anything
*But there were too many emotions going through her head
*She quickly gives your ex her coffee
*And this was all before you even came back
*At first Jaehee wasnt sure if she should talk to you about it
*Its not like a huge fight went down or anything
*But its bugging her so the two of you sit down and talk it out
*It ends with some sweet words and soft kisses


* okay???
* but does anything phase him???
* you run into your crappy ex at one of the RFA parties
* he’s heard the story of this lameo and he ain’t having it
* like wow, your an accountant? Well I’m wealthy AF and also stole ur girl soooo
* he literally starts talking about how he wants to buy you some new pearls and spoil you
* And then this ex, is stupid enough, to try and interrupt him, and Jumin is just ????
* Let’s him get about a sentence in before he just makes out with you
* Right then and there
* You’re are beet red this entire conversation
* Doesn’t say goodbye
* Just drags you
* What a man


* this boy never leaves the house, but you finally pull him out for a picnic date at a park near by
* Mister ex comes along and starts up conversation
* 1) he knows who this is (bc god seven knows all)
* 2) this dude was a total jerk and treated you awful
* 3) he knows you’re uncomfortable
* So nothing is stopping him
* Introduces himself, makes buddy buddy for a while
* Ends the conversation with a bro hug thing and the ex leaves while your just?????
* until this boi pulls out your exs wallet and phone
* “I’m going to ruin his life”
* saeyOUNG NO

* y'all out for ice cream because that’s the only way to get him out of the house
* when your ex walks in with some girl
* You don’t notice him
* But Saeran does, and he knows this boy is a piece of crap
* He stares him down
* That stare that could make someone weep out of fear, that stare
* Your ex notices and is freaked out
* The saeran casually opens his jacket to reveal some weapons bc emo boi is dangerous
* your ex is out of there
* And you never have to see mr crapos face again

anonymous asked:

hi! I'm looking for a fic where Rick almost sleeps with Jessie because he thinks it's Michonne! Pretty sure it's a multi-chapter fic and it takes place either right after or a little bit after team family movies into the ASZ! thank you! loveeeee this resource, btw!!


I think the moment you’re talking about happens in chapter 8 of this story: 

Richonne: Always meant to be! by ashencharlie

A Richonne fic, set after the events of Season 5. The story will involve a re-telling of past events, along with the present timeline. The focus will be on how Rick and Michonne were always meant to be together, and how fate (or circumstances) has kept them apart. A lot of romance, some heartbreak and love. This is Richonne, always meant to be! 
Rated M

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Lady Red I didn't know you were a master of Bloodborne omg, I haven't played it myself but many of my friends have and I have a question, sometimes they mention playing Bloodborne is like roleplaying and I'm confused because it's a game about killing monsters, yes? maybe you know what this is about? also can I join your school of riposte even if I'm a noob please? ily

Hi anon. While they could just be talking about regular RP I’m pretty sure they were just referring to some “characterization” or “rules” that are often applied while playing this game. This became a thing mostly because the lore in the game is vast, and because PVP is very prominent, so different “social rules” were sort of established.

(I’ll put the rest of my explanation under a cut for all of those who Don’t Give A Damn About This Topic)

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Why Spider-Man Homecoming was my favorite thing ever

In the last two versions of Spider Man we’ve seen on screen, we’ve gotten this dark, broody kid-played-by-a-thirty-year-old who is completely obsessed with a girl.  This?  This was a kid who 1. LOOKED like a kid 2. ACTED like the kid he was!  Spider Man wasn’t in the Avengers right away bc he was a KID, an amateur, literally freaked out and in awe of his own powers.  Peter was portrayed as this little sophomore kid who had a real crush on a girl that didn’t work out, juggling school and trying to be a super hero at the same time, spending time with his friends. He wasn’t nonchalant about the super hero thing at all; he loved every second of it and geeked out like any kid in high school  would if they got to fight with/against the avengers. The scene(spoilers mind you) where he was being crushed by the rubble was fucking REAL.  It was so heart breaking because it reminded you that he was fifteen, and all you wanted was for Stark to swoop in and save him again.  But Peter learned to stand up for himself(literally and figuratively) and become the Spidey we all know and have been waiting for for 10 freaking years on screen.  


Alll that aside I FUCKING LOVED ALL OF IT HE WAS SO QUIPPY AND CUTE AND IN LOVE WITH THE FACT HE WAS A SUPER HERO HE WANTED TO MAKE HIS FRIENDS AND AUNT HAPPY HE COULDNT LET THEM DOWN also i love the fact that he was in marching band for like three weeks that was adorable ANYWAY YEA I LOVED IT also Zendaya was amazing and i loved her this version of MJ is going to forever be my favorite because she was so uncaring but she totally cared a lot and I’m 80% sure that the toast she was eating at the party was avocado toast because she obviously loves throwing fuck yous wherever she goes and I really hope she gets more screen time soon because i could talk about her for hours ALSO THE ENTIRE SUPPORTING CAST WERE POC i didn’t even think about that until just now and I think that’s a good thing bc that means its becoming normal also if they get Venom mixed up in there some how he will be a POC because if memory serves me correctly FLASH BECOMES VENOM IN ONE OF THE SERIES pretty sure that’s Ultimate Spider-Man and maybe Spectacular Spider-Man as well (which is my favorite version of Spidey I’ll have you know) ALSO that REFERENCE TO MILES IM SCREAMING BRING MY BABE INTO THE CINEMA PLEASE AND THANK YOU guys I’m white as hell but i care a lot about minority representation anywho i loved the movie and everyone in it CAN WE TALK ABOUT KAREN THO THAT WAS GREAT SHE WAS GREAT GOD BLESS TONY’S AI SKILLS god damn i wanna see this movie like 500 more times i loved it so much it had such a great Marvel feel to it I loved it so much that’s all for now I’ll probably be back with head canons later(also im in love with the trans!Peter hc ive been seeing thrown around like it will never be cannon but i love it so sos sosososo much)

Written on This Skin pt 2 - Luke Soulmate Au

Part 1

Part 3



“5sos Thurs. 5pm” was written on Luke’s arm. He couldn’t be happier. He was going to meet his soulmate in two days. His heart hasn’t stopped beating wildly for the past hour when the note showed up. Maybe this is her way of communicating? Maybe she wanted him to come… well jokes on her he’s performing.

“How am i going to find her though?” Luke asks the group… again. When the news spread among the band that she was going to be at the concert everyone was excited and jumping around. Now, an hour later, everyone has dulled a little, well except for Luke.

This will complete everything that Luke has ever wanted. Luke wanted to be in a good band with his best mates, check. Luke wants a soulmate to share his success with. He wants someone who he can bring along on tour with him and will enjoy it. Luke wants to give someone the world.

“Should I write back?” Luke asks his friends. They all perk up at the new proposition.

“Um Fuck yeah!” Yells Emily, Ashton’s soulmate.

“Don’t fucking swear” Ashton scolds, just as he did to the band in the early days.

“I don’t care… Im punk rock!” Emily yells, stealing Michaels infamous line.  She throws her hands into the air. Ashton takes the chance to squeeze her sides making her giggle like a little girl. Luke watches this all go down, excited that one day soon he will have that. He will have a girl that he can tease, and love. And she will love him back too.

“Hey thats my line!” Michael yells playfully.

Luke turns to the rest of the group, “What do you think?” Everyone nods in agreement with Emily. Luke is practically jumping in his seat now. “what should i write?”

“Something mysterious,” Says Jackie, Michael’s soulmate. She pops a can of soda open and take a huge gulp. Michael reaches to the bottom of the can and pretends to lift up. The rest of the group laughs at what could’ve happened if Michael decided to shove the can.

“How about something simple, like hey ima be there too,” Calum proposes, being sensible for once. Luke nods along to the idea.

“How about a little of both? Mysterious yet simple?” Emily proposes. She grabs Jackie’s can of soda and takes a big swig out of it, causing Jackie to yell, “hey!”  

Luke leans over and places his arm on the Desk in the Hotel room. Everybody crowds around awaiting what he is about to write.

He places the pen down on his arm and begins to write.

She places the pen down on the paper and begins to write.

Essays for this and Essays for that. There is always so much work to be done. It’s while Y/N is doing her work her arm begins to tickle. She looks down to see words appearing onto her arm after so long.

“I’ll be looking out into the crowed for you” What the hell does that mean? He’ll be looking out into the crowed? You look at the other things you’ve written on your arm as if it’ll give you an explanation. You finally spot something that may be of help. “5sos Thurs. 5pm” Was he talking about that concert?

You faintly remember that all the boys had their soulmates, but to check you look it up. Luke Hemmings. He was the only one who didn’t have a soulmate. Then you think its ridiculous and look up the opening act, Hey Violet. The two boys in the band had already found their soulmates, and you were pretty sure you weren’t into girls.

So you were left with Luke Hemmings. Lead singer. Loved by many. It was a split second decision. You know it was going against your promise, but you had to write back.

“‘Lead Singer?’ guys! she wrote back!” Luke yelled, even though his friends were only a few feet away. Everybody quickly starts to ask him what it says.

“She asked if i was the lead singer!” Luke yells, he grabs a marker and writes back.

“Yes” Was the immediate response Y/N got. Her breath hitches.

“Two days” Is what Luke got in return. He would see his soulmate in two days.