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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>The Boy Squad:</b> lmao guys, have you ever heard about this concept called 'personal space'?<p/><b>Isak:</b> [sitting on Even's lap, arms around his neck, Even is kissing his cheek] what's that?<p/></p><p/></p>

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Link and Fish Bro-25

Send me 2+ characters and a number, and I’ll draw them…

#25: Celebrating

Sometimes you gotta celebrate how amazing and perfect your friends are :’)


Has anyone done this yet?

Pokemon Gothic

- You want a Meloetta. Everyone wants a Meloetta. You realize that no one actually has their own Meloetta. You begin to wonder if Meloetta really exists.

- The Pokemon Day Care has an egg for you. They do not know where the egg came from. You also do not know where the egg came from. You have not left any Pokemon at this Daycare in years.

- They say that Arceus created the universe. Arceus is the first pokemon. Everyone has an Arceus. You ponder the validity of string theory.

- You need to visit the Pokemon Center. You always need to visit the Pokemon Center.

- You want to be the very best, like no one ever was. So does everyone you speak to. You realize your dream is unattainable.

- The Poke Doll you discarded is still in your backpack. You begin to wonder if there is truth to the origin story of Banette.

- You have beaten the Champion. Nothing changes. No one acknowledges your accomplishment on the street. Victory is meaningless in this jaded world.

- Your Dodrio can learn Fly. This makes no sense to you. You stare at the bedroom wall all night long.

- You are Surfing on the back of a Magikarp. Realization of your own mortality settles upon you, along with your inability to swim.

- You have trained your Tyrunt every night. He is almost level 60. You do not understand why he will not evolve. You discover he can only evolve during the day. You cry over the wasted years.

- The Pokemon is fainted. You cannot catch it. You wonder how a Pokemon incapable of moving can avoid your Pokeball. You ponder dark possibilities.

- Espurr is watching. Espurr is always watching. You do not even own an Espurr.

- You have almost completed your Pokedex. You are one Pokemon away from fulfilling your childhood dream. New Pokemon appear out of the aether. 17 of them are attainable only by organ donation.

- You desire a Caterpie. You visit the Global Trading System. You are asked for a Genesect in exchange. You question your assumptions of Caterpie’s true worth.

- You have caught your dream Pokemon. Your team is full. You must choose one to disown. They all stare at you with soulful eyes.

Monsta X As Family Members
  • Shownu: Your father who is trying his best but has no clue what's going on anymore. As long as no one is crying he's gonna assume everything is fine.
  • Wonho: Your older brother that all your friends had a crush on when you were younger but now they've realized he's just kinda weird.
  • Minhyuk: Your younger cousin who has way too much energy at all times of the day and doesn't understand the concept of an inside voice. Wants you to play with them always.
  • Kihyun: Your mom who refuses to accept that you can take care of yourself and hovers around you and just wants to be involved in your life.
  • Hyungwon: The favorite child who is in the middle of a quarter-life crisis and spends his time sleeping to avoid thinking about his future.
  • Jooheon: Your young uncle that thinks hes really cool and "hip" and is always at your home for some reason???
  • I.M: Mom keeps saying he's just in a phase but it's been five years now and they're not sure anymore. Makes weird faces when no one's looking.