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Without Dany, Jon has no claim to the Throne

After answering too many asks ( x x x x ) on this subject, I decided to consolidate it all in a meta. Let’s get one thing out of the way, Jon has no ambition for the throne, as a character he will have a lot of trouble accepting his Targaryen heritage and Dany will be in it with him, as home, family & love have been her deepest desire her entire life. But without being legitimised by Queen Daenerys & marrying her, Jon has absolutely no claim to the throne! 

Paper trail : 

  • If we talk about the records that Sam found at the Citadel, they only state that Rhaegar’s first marriage was annulled and he officially married Lyanna but there is no record of her ever being pregnant or having a child. 
  • Plus Cersei’s treatment of the paper trail Ned presented to disprove Jeoffery’s heritage and claim, was a good example of how easily these records can be challenged despite Bran’s Ned Stark like confidence. So without Dany’s support and firepower, it can be dumped in the trash.  

Jon’s Identity : Jon has been known as Ned Stark’s bastard, fathered by a nameless woman for years, he even looks exactly like Ned as stated in the books. To prove that Rhaegar Targaryen had a child with Lyanna and that child is Jon is absolutely impossible. As not everyone in Westeros saw this cross cut!

Let’s breakdown the actual “evidence”

Now a lot of us expect everyone in Westeros to know and believe in things simply because we have seen them onscreen, which is why it’s frustrating when someone doesn’t believe in White Walkers even though it’s crazy to ask someone to believe in zombies without proof. The same way, we are dealing with a huge assumption that everyone will just believe the “visions” of a goth teenage boy who calls himself the three eyed raven.  I’m sure not everyone in Westeros, outside the North, cares much for Bran and even if he starts disclosing creepy details of their sex lives, it will only prove that he has visions, it still doesn’t prove that he’s telling the truth about having visions of Jon’s parentage.  Any sane person’s reaction to the claim that Jon is a Targaryen would be “Northen Propaganda” 

Everyone who bared witness to Lyanna’s childbirth or pregnancy is dead, except for one person, Howland Reed, Meera & Jojen’s father, the kids who took Bran to Three Eyed Raven. He was the one who fought beside Ned outside the Tower of Joy before Ned found Lyanna.  He was not present for the pregnancy or birth, though he must have witnessed Ned carrying out baby Jon & Lyanna’s bloody corpse being brought out soon after. I doubt Ned gave him any context other than asking him to keep it a secret. Again as Ned’s best friend, he alone is not reliable enough to prove anything with the circumstantial evidence he could claim to have witnessed.

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Someone asked me, that if Jon mounts a dragon, it should surely prove that he is a Targaryen. But Jon’s own brother, Bran is a Warg and is very out & proud about it. So if Jon mounts Rhaegal there will always be doubt about him being able to do it because of Dragon blood or warging. This could be chalked down as theatrics as well. 

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I was asked if Jon could walk through fire to prove that he’s a Targaryen.  In the show canon, Dany is fireproof but she is ‘The Last Dragon’, like Rhaegar before her. It’s a special mystical power not every Targaryen has. Just as Viserys died from burns, Jon too has been burnt by fire before. In season 1, Jon brought back a missing Night’s Watch member’s dead body from beyond the wall, when he takes his oath at the Weirwood tree beyond the wall & Ghost sniffs out the body. Lord Commander Jeor Mormomt wanted to examine it after Sam points out that there is no decay. That night Ghost gets anxious and leads Jon to Mormont’s chambers where the dead body wakes up and they see a wight for the first time. When Jon holds a lamp to fling it at the wight, he burns his hand, which is wounded & bandaged for the next few episodes. 

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This has been done before by someone in the books:

Which brings us to Young Griff in the books who was created for the purpose of displaying how hard it would actually be for someone to claim they are a Targaryen and how important Dany is, as the unchallenged head of her house. 

  • He claims to be Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegar’s eldest son. He was a good fake, aesthetically he looked like a Targaryen, which already puts him in a better position than Jon who looks like Ned, as described in books.
  • He had the support of Dornish, who claimed to have rescued the prince in time, who is in fact Ellia Martell & Rhaegar Targaryen’s son. He also has Varys & Aerys’ former Hand of the King and Rhaegar’s best friend supporting his claim. These are people much more reliable and highly placed compared to Howland Reed & Bran for a Targaryen claimant. 
  • He has the Golden Company backing him, which is a force much stronger than the one Jon controls if we don’t count Dany’s forces, which he can absolutely never command without her support. 

Despite all of this he was advised to pursue Dany for marriage because without Daenerys, the head of House Targaryen, validating him as a Targaryen, his claim to the throne will not be legitimate. 

The good thing for Jon is that Jon & Dany are already in love and she would marry him in a heartbeat but unless she takes the throne after the Great War and legitimises Jon, he has no claim to the throne. As a Queen she can just declare that her totally Stark looking husband is actually a Targaryen in the light of all the circumstantial evidence present, but there will be many who’ll be sceptical and view it as a man taking his wife’s family name in a medieval way. Ruling is not even a part of his character goals, but not wanting the legitimacy of his unborn child challenged could be the only reason to sway him to take the Targaryen family name and his place as King beside Daenerys. 

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That is, if he survives the war, as his character goals end after the Walkers are defeated while Dany’s character goals are long term, to break the wheel and change the political structure. Lets hope the pregnancy gives him long term character goals, he survives & we get a Jonerys wedding, Targaryen restoration & them ruling together. But let’s get one thing straight, he definitely neither wants nor would be able to stake a claim to the throne without her, just like he can’t win against the Walkers without her! I’ll just go back to sipping my truth tea brewed in hater tears now!

  • Game of Thrones: Hey, Walking Dead, we just wanna say that we like what you're doing over there and so to show our appreciation, we're gonna have an episode that features a zombie invasion.
  • Game of Thrones: *premieres Hardhome*
  • The Walking Dead: NICE. We're big fans of your show too! Tell you what, in honor of this newfound friendship, you mind if we take aspects from your show?
  • Game of Thrones: Sure, go ahead!
  • The Walking Dead: *introduces Negan aka Ramsay Bolton of the zombie apocalypse and Ezekiel, a theatrical king who actually has his own throne and his community has a medieval style to it. Also, as of S7E2, we now have four main "houses" and over a dozen main characters*

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what are your thoughts about last night's episode fight sequence?

I thought it was actually kind of great??? I am so surprised to be saying this, because a lot of the fight scenes from this season have been subpar or just total bullshit (I’m looking at you Dorne), but this was really well done - I think better done, even, than the Attack on Castle Black. For the first time all season, the camera actually stayed with Jon for more than 5 minutes (actual POV star of ADWD!! Imagine!!!), so I was incredibly relieved to have some full, almost well thought out Jon scenes. 

Sure, the battle scene was longer than it needed to be and sure, it really took advantage of the grotesque nature of zombies (if you love zombies so much, D&D, WHY NOT INCLUDE STONEHEART!!!?!??). However, I still thought that it was so interesting and I really enjoyed watching it! The scene with the wildling elders actually went on long enough for it to be believable, and I loved PitchPerfect2-lady-turned-wildling (until she died via maternity but w/e). And we actually got some Jon and Tormund friendship, which we desperately needed! The fight scenes were pretty good and I especially was into Jon vs. Big Scary White Walker Dude; I knew that Jon was going to be fine of course but I was still ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT and then the Valyrian steel that Jeor Mormont gave him saving the day, BE STILL MY HEART. And they played that mashup of the theme song during it oh my god I was almost crying, Jon snow = game of thrones, don’t even talk to me about this

 And that last image, with the Night’s King and Jon and the dead rising and the motherfucking SILENCE as the boat slowly floats away I got CHILLS that was incredible, I was so into it. I’m worried about what that emphasis is going to mean via Jon Snow in season 6 but let’s just pretend that’s not a possibility because I don’t want to have to set myself on fire

I think that, most importantly, it brought a lot of perspective to the casual watcher, who may have been too caught up in the politics of Westeros to care about the white walkers or what the Night’s Watch is doing (especially because we haven’t really seen white walkers as a threat since season 2). It showed what “winter is coming” really means and what we’re going to need to worry about in the coming seasons/books - the more surreal parts of this world taking over, aka dragons, white walkers, whatever tree!Bran is doing, etc - and how the politics that have mattered so much to us in the past are going to really have to take a backseat. AND it highlighted how important Jon is, not just for the narrative, but for the battle of survival in Westeros!! I was talking to my mom after she watched the episode (she’s a casual GOT watcher) and that was the main take away that she got - that Jon Snow is a vital part of the coming storyline. This was essential to highlight this season, especially considering what’s going to happen in the next two episodes, so thank god we finally got some of that

what the hell is going on with jon snow’s eyes?

Yo. Fair warning: I am sleep-deprived. GOT spoilers, obvi.

So this is Jon Snow, right after his Big Caesar moment in one of the show’s most dramatic close-ups. 

This is also Jon Snow, dying soulfully on the freezing ground. Notice how his eyes go all glassy in the throes of death.

Look at his eyes, people. They’re grey. (*)

The thing is. Jon Snow, in the book, does have grey (*) eyes. Kit Harington does not. His eyes are brown, and so we’ve had a Jon Snow with brown eyes for five seasons now - and I’m not talking hazel eyes, or some other color that might look lighter depending on the circumstances. His eyes are just plain brown.

(*)(Or so I’m assuming. To some people they might look green-ish; the main issue is that they are lighter. Also this is a good moment to say that no color layers whatsoever weere used in the making of these gifs.)


You’re welcome. Still, dark brown eyes.

Now take a look at this.

There it is.

So. Not the same color. There’s something going on.

What does this mean?

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