not sure if white walkers or zombies

  • Game of Thrones: Hey, Walking Dead, we just wanna say that we like what you're doing over there and so to show our appreciation, we're gonna have an episode that features a zombie invasion.
  • Game of Thrones: *premieres Hardhome*
  • The Walking Dead: NICE. We're big fans of your show too! Tell you what, in honor of this newfound friendship, you mind if we take aspects from your show?
  • Game of Thrones: Sure, go ahead!
  • The Walking Dead: *introduces Negan aka Ramsay Bolton of the zombie apocalypse and Ezekiel, a theatrical king who actually has his own throne and his community has a medieval style to it. Also, as of S7E2, we now have four main "houses" and over a dozen main characters*