not sure if warshipping but maybe it is

adan-gupta  asked:

Do you think that Thace (3G) maybe helped Shiro escape before the events of the show? And that's why he just decided to help Shiro and the rest of the crew escape? I want not sure about this one and I would like your opinion, I'm kinda leaning between the Alien Keith and this one.




Of course 3G helped him. I don’t. That makes so much sense? How could I have been so blind.

There are only three ways (that I can think of) that explain how Shiro escaped:

  1. Shiro is just that awesome and managed to break out of a high-security warship while exhausted and traumatized from his experiences as a prisoner.
  2. Zarkon released Shiro on purpose because he thought Shiro could lead him to Voltron or maybe because Zarkon has some plan that we don’t know of yet.
  3. Someone on Zarkon’s ship (3G???) has a goddamn conscience and gave Shiro an opening to escape.


anonymous asked:

The latest promo scene of episode 13 is the Clarke apparently frightened by something. You have no idea what this may be startled face? Maybe a tomb of Luna?

After watching the trailer and seeing the promo photos this is the theory I have come up with for what happens in 3x13 in regards to the ‘Operation Find Luna’ storyline. In Lincoln’s book their is a peninsula that has a circle of ‘crosses’ – this is where the delinquents are seen surrounding a campfire in the trailer. So, maybe in the book this is a place where they are supposed to build a fire to signal to the Boat Clan to pick them up. 

The boat comes to pick them up and they are either forcefully put in the freight boat (put into some sort of shipping container). I think it might rain at night and maybe the fire goes out and they aren’t sure if someone saw their signal. But, when they wake up in the morning there is a boat on the horizon. This might be what Clarke is looking at with a ‘surprised’ look. They might see a boat on the horizon OR possibly the Boat Clan. It’s possible the Boat Clan lives on massive ship (a freighter, cruise ship, warship, etc.), hence the name ‘Boat Clan’…they are a ‘mobile clan’. This might be why Titus didn’t know how to find Luna; they aren’t a stationary Clan. 

So, I think they are taken on a ‘smaller boat’ to the larger boat or other location (possibly to the oil rig we see in the opening credits) to where the Boat Clan is located. I think that the ending of the episode might be them stepping out of the shipping container and onto a platform and we might see groups of people. It does look like there is a people standing in front of Bellamy and Octavia when the door most likely open on the boat: 

The other part of the trailer when Clarke and Bellamy are talking at night. I think that Bellamy and Clarke are finally talking about everything that went down and Bellamy apologizes for everything and starts to cry. It is possible that Bellamy says that no one needs him and everyone is better off without him. He and Octavia might have gotten into a screaming match and that is when Octavia goes off and screams in the promo. Clarke then goes up to Bellamy and that is when they talk about everything. This is when you see in the promo Clarke saying, “We need each other Bellamy.” This is a parallel to Day Trip when Clarke convinces Bellamy to not run and stay – ‘we need you’. The ‘we’ is the delinquents not ‘we’ as in Be|larke. “We need each other” ties back to the “we survive together” moment. Clarke is letting Bellamy know that he is still needed and that they are all better off as a group. They have all done horrible things. They hug and then rejoin the group.