not sure if trans is legit or not

This is gonna be rambling and out of sorts but like. I want to put out my stance as a trans sga ace person and I’m sure there’s been plenty of people who have said this more eloquently than me but:

If you aren’t trans or sga you aren’t part of the LGBT community. Like, plain and simple as that.

I’m going to start by saying that when I was 14 I thought I was aroace and I came out to my mom and told her I probably wasnt ever going to want to have a relationship. She reacted bad. Like legit screaming fight and calling me a sinner bad. It was some of the most ridiculous bullshit I’d ever been exposed to. And it sucked and it hurt that she didn’t understand and even tho I’ve moved away from that identity, it still sucks to remember that moment. And this is serious shit that needs to be addressed, aroace people do have a lot of interpersonal stigma that needs to be talked about and remedied.

But see. That’s the key difference. Aroace issues are interpersonal, not societal. And the aroace community has very different goals from LGBT people as a result.

Aroace community initiatives are all about Visibility and Education. And those are noble goals, giving people access to this knowledge is great, but for LGBT people the kind of laser focus on Visibility isn’t great.

LGBT people are hypervisible. Trans women get mocked in media constantly, gay men and lesbians are stereotyped and demonized out the wazoo, everyone Knows we’re here. We don’t have a visibility issue.

We’re busy focusing on fighting the societal laws that literally restrict our freedoms. Because at the end of the day if you’re not an sga ace person, you’re not going to walk into an apartment complex with your spouse and be denied a home by a homophobic leasing agent. You’re not going to propose to the person you love and then have a baker refuse to make you a wedding cake because they believe you’re such an abomination that they think getting money from you is a sin. You’re not going to walk down the street holding your partner’s hand and have to fear for your life. You’re not going to tell your co-workers about your spouse and face social isolation, harassment, possibly being fired. You’re not going to be sent to conversion therapy specifically for your orientation and tortured until you’re too afraid to express your love anymore. You’re not going to be refused the right to donate blood.

If youre not a trans ace person, you’re not going to be stopped on your way to the bathroom and sexually harassed about your “real gender.” You’re not going to be denied work. You’re not going to be forced against your will to identify as a gender you are not.

There are no anti-ace laws. Theres no mandate to have sex or be in relationships. There are social pressures, YES, and I’m not denying that. And social pressures suck. But what you’re dealing with is fundamentally different from sga & trans experiences.

The thing about being ace is that it really is more of an interpersonal than professional disclosure. If someone irl asked me about my partners I’d have to talk about my boyfriends. I wouldn’t mention my level of sexual attraction or engagement because that’s not what was asked or what is socially appropriate to disclose. My boyfriends know I’m acespec because it’s relevant to our relationship, my boss would not.

Aromanticism is a mildly different story, because this is when you would reveal, “oh, I’m not in a relationship, I’m not really interested in them.” This could be met mostly with confusion, misunderstanding, disbelief, jokes, or “it’s a phase"s. Which all suck! They do and they’re issues that need to be addressed and dealt with, but once more they’re fundamentally different from the concerns sga people have to deal with when bringing their orientations into the professional realm.

Aro/ace people are perfectly valid, memeatic as that term has become. These are legitimate identities with definitely legitimate issues. But the facts are that the aroace community has vastly different priorities from the LGBT community and this is why they are fundamentally separate.

LGBT spaces and resources shouldn’t be expended in a direction that takes focus away from actual LGBT issues like the ones discussed above. Aroace people need to rally together and get their own resources in shape so they can create a more focused and targeted attempt to do what they want to accomplish. Because tugging at LGBT resources and insisting on including cishet aces, whose experiences are so fundamentally different from trans sga folks’, in LGBT spaces is detrimental to all of us in the long run.

And all the sitting around flinging insults at LGBT people and comparing them to bigots or their oppressors and being disgusted by LGBT people empowering themselves through displays of affection that they’re demonized for in every other circle just kinda proves the rift that exists between these communities and how much their priorities differ.

Anyways I’m done that was a lot of text


M: We were in kindergarten. I was reading a book, and Jer was sitting next to me.

M: …But how can you be sure that he wasn’t being serious? Plus, he’s like… super straight. He’s made it clear so many times. I don’t stand a chance.


((guess who’s back bitches

Callout for all graphic designerssssss

Hello my loves!

I’m looking to “rebrand” my channel (graphically? lol). I need new channel art basically. If you’re interested in helping me out with this, please message me your link of previous things you’ve done in the past to give me an idea of your style. I’m not 100% sure what I want but it would be an added bonus if you could draw as well (I like drawn pictures of me lol). Check out my channel art right now, I really like that style but I’ve legit had that since 2013.. its time for a change.

my channel is uppercasechase1

I WILL PAY YOU - lol don’t worry, you WILL get paid. I’m not an asshole looking for free shit here. This is your work, I respect that lol!

email me at with your previous work and your rate :)

*also I would love if you were trans/nb so I can make sure to support people within the community, but feel free to email me if you’re LGBT+ also!

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uh I'm assuming that anon isn't a ym shipper cause if they were they wouldn't say that which makes me wonder why would they follow you......

IMO namjoon having written (tho whether its as a lyricist or a composer I’m still not sure?? I’ve seen diff trans from what he wrote on fc so) serendipity just cements his position as president of the ym fanclub that anon is legit being bitter abt strangers having fun on the internet abt their ship lmao what’s the point (also,, if yg didn’t have a hand in creating the song then just think abt his rEACTION WHEN FIRST HEARING IT its rly just a win win situation here 

 Yeeeeees we need to chill because it’s not like any other shippers go wild when they see material of their shipp right?? 🙄 (also Namjoon wrote the song?? even more reasons to make it the ym anthem please)

Wow how do non ym shippers even find your page?!?…. like ummm wtf why do they even care about your posts. Obviously they care… it’s beyond me why???..I’m a YM shipper but yo I’m a realist and we jus have fun online with our theories ya know I’m not going to a ji/kook blog and sending judging annoyed messaged to them get yo life trolls! 😘LY

right,,,,,,,,,, why do people bother me when they can just block lmao i’m not doing anything wrong but if you don’t wanna see it then you don’t have to ?? i can let people have fun w w/e they want too this isn’t a hard concept to grasp

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Do you guys have headcanons for the kids in 1-As sexualities? If so, I'd love to hear them!

ooh, alright. sounds fun. I’ll go ahead and classify this by sexuality.

important note: these are personal headcanons and you don’t have to agree with them. please don’t come up to me later trying to prove me wrong or give me evidence pointing otherwise bc i will roll my eyes and delete your dumbass asks.

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Good vibes! I found out that tinder has new gender setting options and now use it to find other trans people and allies. Today I met with a guy I found on there and he consistently referred to me with male pronouns and didn't even ask about my birthname once, even though I had to use my real nickname at some point. It's so much easier that way to meet accepting people without having to explain much.

Ah thats so good!!!!! Have fun! Just remember to be careful with meeting people irl from online. Im sure lots of people are using those setting to be legit and they are really trans and allies but always be cautious because unfortunately there are some people who might abuse that. Stay safe everyone!


Alright so I’ve seen girl!Adrien and trans!Adrien AUs in the Miraculous tag and I’d like to share with y’all a story

So when this show first started I saw a lot of it on my dash, but the thing is I only saw several repeated posts, which would be a poster for the show and several gifs of Ladybug and Chat Noir falling into compromising positions like this:

Originally posted by ladynior

And I’m sure y’all see where this is going but in case I have to spell it out for you I never got a clear shot of Adrien’s face and so for the longest time I LEGIT THOUGHT THAT ADRIEN WAS ACTUALLY A GIRL



tl;dr I thought that Miraculous Ladybug was about lesbian teenage superheroes for at least two months before I actually started watching the friggin show and now I’m so mad at myself 

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Maybe the question is silly but how Grell feels about... His/Her penis? *I have a trans friend and she said that she hates it cuz whenever her partner touches her 'there' she get sad because of the fact that she hasn't got vagina.* So maybe Grell feels the same if Will touches her in her private parts? Just a silly and random question. I do apologize!

No need to apologize! But…Wow, that is a really…unusual but interesting question and probably very hard for me to answer but I’ll try! I don’t know much about a trans-woman’s way of thinking, I can only try to understand. So, I apologize if I may sound rude or offensive, it is not my intention. It’s a very sensual topic, especially here on tumblr and honestly, I’m afraid I’m the wrong person for this ask.

But let’s see.

I think Grell is kinda sad that she was born with male genitalia, just like your friend. Because it’s a real challenge for her to be a woman if the body/physical appearence doesn’t match her effeminate imagination of a woman. However, my headcanon is that Grell starts to appreciate her male body more when William comes into her life. While she had issues with undressing before him in the beginning of their relationship, William’s gentle affection towards her loses her up step by step.

William manages it to make sure Grell is in peace with her genitals. Sure, she always wishes to have female genitalia and boobs, but a complete sex change is connected to a longtime hormonal therapy, super complicated surgery and very risky. And even then, there is no guarantee that Grell’s life would become better. It could also getting worse. I think Grell is afraid of losing her genitals, even if she doesn’t appreciate them.

No idea how it could work in the BB universe, but if Grell would live in a modern world, I can see her considering to go such a long, exhausting path of becoming a “woman” to achieve a matching female body.

But her male genitalia gives her intense pleasure and it’s still a part of her biologically male identity, the way she was born, the way William had started to love her: as the sweet, crazy girl trapped in that male body. Is this a bad thing if you still want to be seen as a woman by others? I don’t think so.

So my final thought on this is that Grell is indeed sad about the fact that her body will never be female, but on the other hand she has a very sweet and understanding husband who loves her the way she was born. 💖 And this is enough for her. William’s deep affection and love for her does make her feel good and right about herself.

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hey so ive only followed you for a bit, and im not real sure if im trans of some sorta genderqu**r, but either way your confidence has been really inspiring. It's legit helped with a lot of the dysphoria I feel towards my dick and sexuality. <3 i know youre just living your life but it means a lot to me to see someone so outspoken and confident that I can look towards when I'm feeling like an alien. im really glad I hit follow.

omg i ha ve no clue what to say haha im like

trust me, it makes me so happy that im an inspiration to anybody just by being myself because like… that can be any of you, too.

One thing I keep thinking about with Trans!Eliot is Hardison doing research and finding out Eliot’s birthname and never once bringing it up or revealing that he knows it. It isn’t an issue for him and he doesn’t feel the need to get confirmation from Eliot about it because Eliot is who he is and as far as Hardison’s concerned Eliot is the toughest men he’s ever met. 

Parker on the other hand would ask questions, but not super invasive ones about Eliot’s junk. Her questions would be like, “Did going under the knife hurt?” “How did you choose Eliot for your name?” “Did you make sure the doctors you went to were legit?” “How much can you bench press now?” 

All in all, Eliot would be so damn happy that Hardison and Parker (Nate and Sophie too) react to him being trans the way they do because they don’t look at him differently or treat him differently from when they didn’t know. He’s just Eliot to him and it’s one of the best things he’s ever experienced. 

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I think I might be genderfluid? I'm not sure if I am though because you know, society has engrained 'girl or boy' in our minds. And I have always identified as a cis female. But then I saw a post on a genderfluid character and I just identified? I know that no one can tell me for sure but me but I was hoping for your advice pls? (I don't think it make a difference but I'm bi) I'm legit questioning everything rn

Only you can determine how you feel and choose what label is most appropriate for you, anon.

I don’t have much other advice for you, but I will say that it’s okay to question. It’s okay to be confused. It’s okay if you question and later decide you are trans/nonbinary. It’s okay if you question and later decide you really are cis. It’s okay if you never really stop questioning. That’s all normal.

Good luck!

~ Mod Sock

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i checked politicalstash blog and it's really hard to understand them I'm not sure if it's a language barrier on my part but they think the trans ban in the military is stupid because why would anyone be scared of trans ppl but its such a strange opinion to read on an alt right blog lmao

Yeah, it’s….really bizarre.

Like, I legit saw them call the lgbt community a hate group lmao

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Remus LGBT activist Lupin! He spent a couple of years of his life stealth but he realized he doesn't actually feel like he needs to and so he becomes quite loud in the T activism in his area, going to support meetings, speaking in universities. He wants people to know more about trans and nb issues. That's how he and genderfluid Sirius met!

!!! it probs started off in high school or sixth form, he was the go to guy if u were struggling w/ anything bc he always had time for ppl, + he wasn’t condescending if u didn’t know things right away, so so gentle + approachable
but also!!! he’s correct ppl if they made a transphobic comment, or something sexist, legit No Nonsense Lupin
maybe he holds weekly meetings for trans ppl to go to to talk about their experiences or listen to other ppl if they aren’t sure what else to do
+ sirius goes + he’s so confused bc this isn’t something he’s been dealing w/ his whole life, but as he got older, esp when he was a late teenager, being referred to as ‘one of the guys’ or ‘a ladies man’ just made his skin crawl
+ he did his research but all of these new terms are so scary and what if he labels himself something wrong and offends ppl??? what if there isn’t a label for him??? he hasn’t always felt like this forever so what if he’s just a big faker Faking it for attention??? what if he’s not like everyone here + he really is just messed up Its All In My Head nonsense
(it’s not, he’s valid)
remus + sirius meet for tea sometimes away from the group to talk about other things
they spend time making badges and designing new leaflets to give out at schools when they give talks
+ sirius starts to talk more in the group when he starts to feel more comfortable with who he is
their relationship develops slowly, esp when sirius is still trying out pronouns + labels bc it’s important for him to do it for himself
but u can always see remus there supporting him, probs holding hands

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what are each of the mods opinions on. i guess. what makes a trans person "legitimately" trans? i know some(/all?) of you are truscum, but what are your specifics? for example- if a person was very sure they were trans, but were legit afraid to alter their body with hormones/surgery and instead preferred to use nonpermanent methods to pass. what would each of your opinions be on that




I was taking a survey this one time with my friend to determine whether people would still think trans people were pretty after they found out that they were trans.
  • <p> <b>Friend and I:</b> *walk up to this table of boys and sit down*<p/><b>Boys:</b> *laugh and shrug at each other, wondering what two nerds in skirts are doing at their table*<p/><b>Me:</b> Can we ask you some questions for our survey.<p/><b>Boys:</b> Oh, yeah sure (and other comments like this).<p/><b>Me:</b> Okay. *shows them a picture of a trans male model* How attractive would you rate this man on a scale of 1 to 10.<p/><b>Boys:</b> *all but one say 10*<p/><b>Me:</b> *says same thing but for a trans female model*<p/><b>Boys:</b> WOOAHH *all say 10*<p/><b>One of them:</b> SHE'S BANGING!<p/><b>Me:</b> Now, if I told you that both of these people are transgendered, would you keep your rating the same?<p/><b>One of them:</b> Legit?<p/><b>Me:</b> Yes.<p/><b>Boys:</b> *say they'd keep their answer the same and that it didn't matter; the people were attractive whether they were trans or not*<p/><b>Friend and I:</b> *thank them and leave, walking away and smiling knowing that a bunch of guys who we always assumed to be fuckboys are actually pretty decent*<p/></p>

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HOLY FUCK I will never get over how upset people are that Samus is trans, legit people are REALLY worked up about this 😂 i mean, if ur not transphobic, which I'm SO sure these people aren't pfft, why they mad??

They do seem awfully mad about trans women existing and being badass bounty hunters