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I'm not trying to be rude but I'm not sure why you're upset about rick not making Reyna a lesbian. She is his character first and foremost, not ours. And unfortunately not everyone has the same idea of what a character should be. To him, she's straight. And I don't agree with that, but that's how he sees her. So yeah he might have been able to explain his reasoning better, but I don't understand why people are upset that he's hot making her gay? He should write what he feels she is shouldn't he?

Because we’re not just upset that he’s not making her gay? We’re upset about his reasoning behind why, which invalidates actual real life lesbian experiences, ignores the existence of bi girls, and was not thought out well at all.

But even if we were just upset that he’s not making her a lesbian, that would be totally valid too???

She’s not just his character. He himself acknowledged that once characters are published they’re open to interpretation - and he even acknowledged that he knows that Reyna can be interpreted, based on the actual things he’s written in canon, as being Not Straight. He directly acknowledged that in his tweets, and he indirectly acknowledged it by saying he’d spoken to lesbians and bi women he knew about it, which he wouldn’t have done if he didn’t have any awareness of the way her arc seemed to be heading towards her identifying as a not straight. 

It’s not like Reyna is a character who has had long term relationships with men and never shown any evidence of flirtation or attraction to women, or questioning of the legitimacy of her feelings for men. Arguably, her ‘crushes’ on Jason and Percy can be interpreted entirely as the result of textbook compulsory heterosexuality. 

But, to make it even worse, by saying ‘Yeah she thought that Percy and Jason were hot that one time for like five seconds, she can’t be interested in girls’ Rick has said that not a single one of his female main characters can be a lesbian. It makes no sense, it’s not well thought out, and frankly it’s completely out of touch with his intended demographic.

If he’s going to say he didn’t want to play into ‘harmful stereotypes’ then he needs to break up Hazel and Frank and acknowledge how fucking messed up their age gap is, he needs to have Leo realise he doesn’t need another person to make him whole or worthy, he needs to give Calypso the chance to explore the world, he needs to give Annabeth and Percy the space to actually talk about all the shit they’ve been through, he needs to give Drew Tanaka an actual personality, he needs to have Piper and Jason acknowledge they don’t actually know each other at all and should start as friends before dating, he needs to have Piper explore and respect her heritage more, he needs to have Frank do the same, he needs to have Frank go back to being chubby, he needs to fix a lot of shit that is present in his books. 

But all of that aside, giving Reyna a girlfriend isn’t even a harmful stereotype; it’s just reflective of the real life experiences of lesbians and bi women.

He’s a professional writer. He should have the time and the ability to write his characters with the care and skill required to make them more than harmful stereotypes - which Reyna is going to become if she ends up in a forced, heterosexual relationship like every single other main character in the books, or alone forever, because you know a girl can’t be strong if she shows genuine romantic affection for anyone else ever.

Hey y'all! so as you can see as of today (8/18) I literally have $2 in my bank account & my most pressing concern for right now is making sure I get a weekly metrocard ($32) so that I can get to work next week, my shit expires TOMORROW. If anybody wants to kick a few dollars my way so that I can get to work, therapy and be able to eat this week that would be GREATLY appreciated. Square cash is preferred b/c it’s immediate and the sooner I can get this metrocard the better off i’ll be. Please help and boost this into the stratusphere if you can! God bless💖💖💖

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I'm moving cross country and my dog and I are in for an extremely long car ride. She's never been great in the car, very excited/anxious and moving around a lot even when strapped in, and I'm really nervous about how she'll react to a change in her routine since we're likely going to be driving through the night and staying in a hotel. Any tips on how to make the journey more bearable for the both of us?


First off, you should ask your vet for sedatives to keep your dog calm during the trip. They might prescribe Benadryl, or Gravol, or something else to make your dog sleepy, or they might prescribe an anti-anxiety or something similar. Either way, it would help a lot!

The day before you leave, or the morning of, take your dog for a run. The longer the better; you want to tire your dog out and make sure they do all their business before you start driving.

If your dog has a crate and is crate trained, I would recommend driving at least some of the time in that. Not only does it keep your dog contained, but it helps them feel secure because it’s familiar and cozy. 

Keep the noise levels (wind from the windows, music) and temperature mild and boring. If your dog is easily stressed, keeping things calm is the easiest way to go. My dog gets freaked out by the sunroof, so consider keeping that closed too. 

Bring lots of water and stop often for water breaks and to stretch the leggies and pee. When I roadtrip with Marlo, we stop every two hours or so. It’s more often than I would stop if I was alone, but it keeps her happy and prevents her from getting stiff. 

Feed a small meal at least an hour or two before you leave, and then offer another small meal later in the day if your dog doesn’t look too stressed or nauseous. Don’t worry if your dog refuses to eat - one or two skipped meals won’t kill her. Lots of dogs won’t eat when they are anxious.

For staying in a hotel, I don’t find anything terribly different than staying at a friend’s house. Try to get a corner room if possible - that minimizes the people walking outside your door. Don’t leave your dog in the room alone, because that’s scary for your dog. Take her out often to pee, and offer her lots of water (I find anxiety tends to make dogs thirstier). It’s very likely that she won’t settle the first night in a hotel - it’s to be expected. Just comfort and reassure her the best you can. It’s all very scary to a dog, she doesn’t understand what’s going on. If you have more nights in hotels, those will probably be a bit easier.

Keep an updated copy of your vet records (you probably got one with your receipt at your last appointment), a recent photo and description of your dog, information like her license number or distinguishing characteristics, and the names and contact info of emergency contacts (you and someone else, preferably someone not on the trip). If the worst happens and either a) you lose her or b) she has to go to the vet, you’ll have all that information handy. I keep mine in an envelope in the glove box marked “MARLO VET RECORDS I.C.E.” so they are easy to find.

Here are some links for roadtripping with dogs. X, X, X, and X. The above points are from my own experiences, with my own (admittedly awesome in the car) dog. I hope this helps a bit, and feel free to ask more questions! -C

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Do you have any tips for writing a rivalry between characters?

Writing a Rivalry

1) Keep a consistent reason. There will be a reason why they’re constantly pitting themselves against each other, and you want to make sure that’s addressed and that you keep the story straight. Whether they have the same goal, one wronged the other, or just enjoy competition, readers need to know what that reason is.

2) Have it be an actual competition. Some rivalries consist of one character constantly looking to surpass the other, but can never get anywhere close. That’s not very exciting, in my opinion. If you have the characters becoming better than one another and then having to grow again in order to beat the other, you’re not only going to have room for character growth but a less predictable story.

3) Don’t feel the need to make them hate each other. There’s always this stereotype of rivals hating each other and never stopping. You don’t have to do this. You can have them do their best to destroy each other in whatever they wish to compete over, but they can be good friends or indifferent when not doing the thing. They can hate each other if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary just because they’re rivals.

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Before Markiplier TV, quite a few of the egos were probably very close to fading, weren't they? I'm curious what it felt like to suddenly be reguvinated, to have the life shoot back into their veins. Did they wonder why it happened? Why now of all times? Were they grateful? Were they scared?

I like to think that Mark made Markiplier TV with the Egos’ help, that it was really them around that table talking. Because when you think about it, if Dark really helped to film A Date with Markiplier, then it’s entirely possible that the others would’ve wanted a chance to make an appearance, especially since it did Dark so much “good.”

So I think that it was rather expected. The sensation however would probably be like sleeping for twelve hours after being sick for a week and waking up feeling totally better and energized. It would fill them up whereas before they’d been empty and wasting away, like paper shells. I’m sure they were more than grateful, if a bit stunned at the results.

As of tonight, the Matsu Games hub discord has officially been archived, and with that comes the full conclusion of the games. What we mean by archived is, the server is up and will remain up, but nobody is allowed to talk. Your memories are preserved! 

Thank you again to everyone who participated! It was a trial for all of us, but in the end I’m really happy with the community that came together, and I’m really hoping to see a lot of you next games! 

Keep following this blog for more info on that when it happens, though it’ll definitely be a bit. Game Masters have lots of planning to do to make sure next time is even better! (And smoother)

Please enjoy a collab piece made from a bunch of the team leaders, vices, and game masters!

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you can make your own Ego for either Mark or Jack. who are they and what do they do? (If you want, i dunno, might be fun, haha)

UUUU that sounds fun! 

Okay, let’s think. Maybe an ego for Sean…. 

Naturesepticeye? Gonna maybe need a better name though.

  • He basically loves everything nature related. He’s a very spiritual guy as well
  • He can control the four elements like in Avatar. 
  • He was actually the one recording pokemon go videos 
  • He always looks like he has flowers in his hair
  • His hair is also always super green, like fuckin grass
  • He’d be the one making sure everyone gets enough fresh air every day
  • Animals LOVE him just like Snow White xD
  • When no one’s looking he’s helping Greyson grow his grass hair
  • When he goes visit Chase and his kids, he makes them beautiful flower crowns 
  • From time to time he’ll sneak Signe a new cacti or make the one she already has grow pretty flowers
  • Whenever Marvin disappears his flowers in a trick and can’t get them back, Naturesepticeye (seriously, I’m awful with names) will make him new ones

Hmm that’s all I can think of, for now. This was really fun! Thanks for the idea! :D Edit: @ekhoecho came up with the name Faesepticeye and I’ll stick with that one xD

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yandere! Max hcs ?


- Extreme stalker in the way that he always has someone watching your every move, when he isn’t the one doing it, and knows your schedule by heart before he kidnaps you. 

- Max is all about keeping tons of pictures of you around him at all times and shows them off to other people at the casino, telling them you’d be his lady luck if he was allowed to play. 

- When he does have you in his hands he’s incredibly meticulous about your care. He has a nutritionist that makes sure you stay healthy and when you start behaving he hires a personal trainer to make sure you staying cooped up at home doesn’t have you lose the lovely shape he fell for. 

- Max wants to show you off like a prized jewel, which is impossible when he first makes you his. It angers him to no end which makes him more aggressive with you until you learn that being his pet is better than being locked up in the house with him. 

Finally spilling the tea about my AMBW relationship

Hi everyone,

My name is Sapphire, I’m an 18-year-old college student with an amazing Boyfriend. So a little back story here, I’ve always loved the idea of being married someday and I have a personal goal of being married by at least 21 years old. I know how that sounds to some people, but it just a me thing and I’m sure other people have that goal too. So this is where the story begins.

 After another failed relationship with a decent guy, I was venting my frustration to my good friend Jessica. She was trying to make me feel better when she offhandedly said I should try online dating as a joke. At the time I laugh, but then two days later I was looking at dating sites searching for my future husband. The first few weeks were tough, I was putting in preferences, Ideal types and trying to make myself look good on the internet. And since my preferences where so strict the sites I were using were having a tough time looking for my ideal guy.

 "Well, Sapphire, what were your preferences?“ I hear you asking, well here’s the sparks-notes version.

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Strong, Chapter 4; Acting Up

Before you all read a word, please go and check out this amazing aesthetic that @bugheadotp made for this lil old fic of mine, I’m in awe :) It’s amazing, thank you so so much babe.

Without further ado..

Read on AO3 :) 


Even though Jellybean was old enough to look after herself, Jughead would still wake earlier than his sister. After Gladys left for work, he would walk down the hall to knock on JBs bedroom door and make sure she was awake with enough time to get ready for school.

Except this morning, it was her banging on his door.

“Jug!” Jellybean yelled, her little fist pounding at the wooden door. “Mum wants you on the phone.” He groaned. Usually he managed to avoid his Mum in the mornings, it made a better start to his day. But alas, the universe conspires against him as often as possible. Why was he surprised. He threw his legs over the side of his bed and rubbed his hands down his face.

“Yeah, coming!” He threw back at his sisters persistent knocking. Pulling on a pair of grey sweat pants, he stood from his bed and walked to yank his bedroom door open. He narrowed his eyes as she handed him the phone, poking her tongue at him before skipping back down the stairs. He raised the phone to his ear.

“What did I do wrong now?” It was never anything positive his Mum had to say to him.

“Good morning to you too, Jughead.” He rolled his eyes, and she probably knew it without looking at him. “I’ve left my phone at home, and I completely forgot to message Betty and tell her that JB has hockey try outs after school today.”

“Jellybean Jones, circus act extrodanaire.” He rertorted. Jellybean was going to be worn out by the time she finished the school year. But it wasn’t in Gladys’ nature to ease up. When she didn’t bite back he added. “Okay, so do what do you need me for?”

“I left my phone on the coffee table in the lounge. Can you please just text Betty and let her know not to come today? I don’t have her number on my work phone, otherwise I wouldn’t ask such a thing of you.” She was being snide on purpose, probably pissed about his comment.

“Sure, Mother Dearest. Have a lovely day.” And then he hung up. Great start to his day.  He grabbed his own phone from where it was charging, put it in his pocket, and then head down the stairs.  As he walked through the kitchen, he noticed Jellybean sat at the island, playing with her toast more than eating it. He went through to the lounge and grabbed Gladys’ phone before coming back to sit next to his sister.

“You’re up early, JB.” He commented, flicking through the phone for Bettys number. He looked towards JB, there was a look on her face he couldn’t quite decipher. That never happened. He nudged her with his shoulder. “Hey, whats wrong?” His voice laced with concern. JB shrugged before answering.

“I think, I think I’m just nervous. For hockey try outs.” She said it so quietly, it broke Jugheads heart. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her in closer.

“Hey, you’re gonna kill it, kid.” He kissed the top of her head. “And if not, who cares, hockey sucks anyway.” He felt her laugh lightly under him.

“I’m too old for cuddles, Jughead, get off.” Her voice sounded brighter, so he took that as a sign that she was feeling a little better.

“Excuse me! Just because you think you’re some big shot 14 year old now” He tightened his grip, reaching his free hand up to give her a noogie on top of her head. She laughed and squirmed under him until he let her go. The look she gave him was on of annoyance, but her eyes looked less sad and the corners of her mouth tilted upwards, that was enough for him.

“Now I have to check my hair, jerk.” She jumped down from her stool and headed for the bathroom.

“Hey, Jelly..” He called after her, she turned to him from where she stood in the doorway. “Love you, kid.” And there it was, that smile he was hoping to get from her. The only smile he ever really wanted to see.

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Max, I need some advice right now, I'm gay and my brother is a trump, and white supremacist sportier, and I can't leave my home. He is the reason I can't come out, I've literally heard one time him talk to his friends about beating up a gay boy at his high school. Not him, his friends. And I'm scared, my extended family is either like him, or are in even worse problems, I have no where to go and I'm scared of what's gonna happen when I get older, so if you come of give some advice, plz, thanks

Well, first of all:


But second of all:

I’m not sure how good of advice this is gonna be, so take it with a grain of salt and look through the replies/reblogs for better advice.

Alright I’m going to make a few assumptions here. You’re likely male given your specifying the fear of his friend beating up gay boys, though I could be wrong on that. But it’s also likely you are in middle school (6th-8th grade in America, which I’m assuming you are given the Trumpisms) So you’re 14 at most I’d say? So you’ve got some years ahead of you before you’re outta there.

Now, here’s my advice but it may be poor advice, it’s just how I’ve handled it and it’s worked so far. First: stay mostly hidden. Your situation is dangerous it seems, and there’s no need to take risks. I know, it’s such a pain when you want to just be who you truly are, but in cases like ours, it’s best not to say anything until absolutely necessary.

Second: look for local resources. There’s gotta be some sort of group near you that helps LGBT kids like yourself. Even if you’re in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, there’s bound to be some organization to help you. IF ANYONE IS AWARE OF ANY SUCH ORGANIZATION PLEASE REBLOG OR REPLY TO THIS. Make sure when you look for these resources you use the private browsing option.
For Google Chrome, simply press ctrl+shift+n at the same time
For Firefox:
For Safari:
If you don’t use any of these just google “how to open private window in ___ browser”

Third: Normally, I would say “confide in a trusted friend about this” but at your age that’s risky. If you have a friend you trust with your life that you’ve known for years and you know they’d be cool with your faggotry, then confide in them. BUT you seem to be at an age where tensions are high among everyone due to puberty and hormonal changes. If no one else, you have us here on tumblr to confide in. This blog is a safe haven for you and any other LGBT members (provided y’all can take a fuckin joke jesus christ some of you got sticks up your asses my friends and I call each other faggots get used to it).

If you need to, send me another ask off-anon and I won’t answer it but I’ll message you


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HT/UF/UT Sans being randomly booped while doing something like cuddling?

HT! Sans: …. what. That… why did you do that? *boop*… stop. He’s gonna boop you back. He’s not exactly sure why, but he will. Prepare for a boop war. You won’t win, he will aggressively boop you into submission. YOu bEtTer sToP.

UF! Sans: Yes. Yes he’s been waiting for this day. He’s always wanted a boop war, but never wanted to initiate one! He takes booping to a whole new level. You will NEVER win. He boops you randomly, like all the time now. Stop him.

UT! Sans: just raises a brow bone and lets you do it. Whatever makes you happy, doll. He’ll lay there with his eye sockets closed just letting you have at it, because why not? It’s not hurting anybody, and the small little “boooop” sound you make is adorable.

Hi guys💞 how are you? I hope y'all are doing fine! ^^ i came to say that i’m going to be inactive for a while, i’m not sure how long it will be but for now i’ll be leaving this blog on queue ^^ i’ve been feeling really depressed lately and have no will to make or post anything, or to interact with anyone, i’m constantly sad and tired, so i thought it would be the best if i don’t come here at all ^^ i don’t want to post anything negative or depressing ^^ i hope i’ll get better and come back soon with a LOT of namjoon gifsets 😄 but if i don’t you can always find me on ig or twitter in case you miss me or want to talk to me! 😂💞 Bye bye guys! I love y'all 💞💞💞 Hope you have a great day! 💞


I just don’t know what to say. The fact that they have come from nothing, to having everything. It’s just absolutely amazing and these boys have been such a big inspiration in my life. The five of them are always in my head, motivating me to work as hard as I can so I can become successful in my life. These boys are and have changed my life for the better. The fact that BIGBANG have stayed together for 11 years now, it’s absolutely mind blowing. They’ve got such an amazing friendship, or should I say brothership? Is that even a word? Who knows. Anyways, their ‘brothership’ is really what they’re made of. Always supporting each others back, make sure to protect each other whenever bad times come, they’re always together no matter what. I really don’t know what else to say, I’m just really proud of them and really happy that they’ve come so far. Thank you BIGBANG for the good 11 years, and let there be more years to come!

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Can I get some random headcanon for Chisaki, Bakugo and Todoroki with a (female) sick!s/o that has a heat quirk, her quirk can make her entirely warm but when she is sick she is extremely burning or totally cold and pale and it makes the boys hella worried

Todoroki Shouto

  • Todoroki could also use his ice quirk to decrease her body from being overheated, he placed his hands onto her forehead and stay that way for awhile until she feels better. The same way goes for her being too cold, Todoroki can use his fire side to heat her body up a little as well whenever she’s looking frail.
  • A worried expression etched onto his face whenever she’s making groaning and various anguish sounds, her fatigue body rolling around in the sheets as she whines. He’s not sure how to lessen the sickness right now.
  • Todoroki frequently asks if she’s okay or what kinda of supplies should he bring for her? He always makes sure that she’s comfortable in bed. He is very patience and will be there whenever he’s needed

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bakugou actually has some medical knowledges since he’s search and studied himself online, as well as taking care of himself. He is surprisingly concentrated and calm when it comes to taking care of his love, sometimes he gets irritable inside, but he’s too caring to let it frustrate him.
  • “You need to have some soup, idiot or you don’t become better soon.” He tries to feed his sick love whenever she’s really cold in bed. Bakugou is trying every basic remedies for which her body temperatures drops or rises.
  • He stays up with his love for quite awhile and seeing her really pale causes him to panic internally, yet he doesn’t show it. Bakugou stays in bed with her and cuddles her body into his arms if she ever feels cold again.


  • Chisaki occasionally checks up on his love whenever he’s not too busy on schedule and uses his subordinates to babysit when necessary. He does make up for afterwards. His mind is puzzling at this point, there’s work to be done, and yet the sight of her drained figure increases complications.
  • Chisaki is professional when it comes to the medical department. He is strict and keeps his daily routine to treat her fatigue body every day. To do this, he places an icily towel on her forehead. Or he feeds her certain vitamins or nutrients, maybe that could lessen the cold. Anything to keep her body in tact.
  • Chisaki will not risk his own health just to embrace her completely into his arms. He already noted that he’s cold-blooded, but he’s not taking any risk. Instead, he sometimes lightly fiddle her fingers with his, transmitting some of his warmth to her fingers. Calculating, he silently wonder how days will this last?
God Died with You

Characters: Eto and Noro

Summary: Sometimes Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, but the person they care most about.


   Eto didn’t need her father nor her mother as long as she had Noroi, she often wondered why the gods in his stories didn’t let him be her true father. No matter how many times she wanted to call him her father she was always met with the same answer.

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Hey Crutchie. If you was scared to go back to school because there was someone not so nice there, what would you do?

Make sure you stick with your friends. Don’t let them bullies get to you. It’s hard sometimes, but you gotta remember you’re better than them!

so i’m editing the audio for our dnd campaign that still needs a name thats not “luigi’s dirty house of ghouls” and i’m debating on making the episodes either 15, 30, or 45 minutes long?? i’m not sure which would be more listenable/better for people who get distracted easier…… lemme know if any of y’all have any opinions!! 

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One thing that makes that whole "Ivar ending up with just daughters" thing even better is i remember reading that typically in some civilizations during times of having barely any food boys were more commonly conceived, but during times of great harvesting and stuff girls were conceived. And i could totally see it as Ivar always making sure his wife has decent amounts of food, especially when pregnant and they just keep getting girls as a result.

Anon that is the best!! Ivar would totally be a stressed mother hen when his wife is with child, always fussing and bringing lots of food. Also, it insinuates that Ivar’s reign as king is fruitful and prosperous, that there is many years of fruitful bounty while he reigns.

Everyone seems to like the idea of him with only girls haha!