not sure if this will make it better

I was feeling sad then I ate a ham sandwich and some cookies and I feel better. The moral of this story is, when you feel a breakdown coming, check to make sure you’re not just hungry.


the bright sessions: rose atkinson 

“I like her so much and I’d like to actually make her my girlfriend but I just- even if I’m getting better control and can avoid going into her dreams, I’m still keeping this huge thing from her.”

i feel kinda bad for like having a misunderstanding/fallout over kyle ran but at te same time im not,,,,,, gonna just change my opinion???? like hes an evil dude whose background doesnt excuse his actions

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This isn't about Ted Cruz. This is to the admin. I actually hope you kill yourself. I hope you decide that your life is so shitty that its time to end it. You dont deserve anything in this world. And I'm sure your mother could agree

You sound sad. Here have a loaf to make you feel better 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞

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I'm not sure if your requests are still open but is it okay if I could ask for a one shot of a mage reader that heals ignis's blind eyes? ;-;

Sorry for the delay- hopefully this makes up for the wait! <3 It got a little longer than I had initially intended but hey, you wanted really long for this so the longer the better! Beware the angst fest before the fluff riiiiight at the end LOL!

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A Priceless Gift (Ignis x Mage!Reader SFW)

Your intensive studies in the art of magic had not prepared you for the task at hand. Your rival, Ignis Scientia, was lying motionless on a hospital gurney with angry, fresh pink scarring splayed across his face. His usually sharp features were swollen to the point that Ignis was almost unrecognizable at first. The only thing that gave him away was his bloodied Crownsguard attire and his matted and bloodied tawny hair. You had never even imagined to see Ignis in such a state- he was the strategist. The one who was supposed to have had a plan for preventing things like this from happening. If anything, you were expecting to be dealing with massive injuries from Prompto- not Ignis.

Gladio cleared his throat at gestured at Ignis, who was still laying there unmoving, before turning to you with pained yet inquisitive amber eyes.

“Can you fix him?”

It was a simple question. Unfortunately, you didn’t have an answer for your friend and travel companion. You sighed and shook your head, feeling frustrated at your lack of experience. You were only twenty-one years old. Just a single year younger than Ignis. You couldn’t possibly have had enough knowledge and experience to heal such grievous wounds. Especially wounds inflicted to the delicate tissue of the face and eyes.

Gladio groaned lightly and ran a large hand down his face in exasperation. You felt absolutely horrible, even though you knew that his reaction wasn’t directed at you, but at the situation.

“If it was anyone but Ignis, you probably would have tried something by now…”

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How to cheer up and be a better friend to an INTJ?

INTJ’s are weird. I know that because I am one. :p

I guess my first bit of advice is make doubly sure they need cheering. For me ,when I’m down or whatever I just need some time to myself. I go into what I call “radio silence” I don’t go out, take calls, or respond to messages. Even though I’m sure it’s meant kindly, it usually makes me more anxious when people try to fix the problem. If you’re concerned your INTJ friend is down. I would send one message just to say “hey, I’m here if you need to chat. Hope things are going well…” or whatever. That way they know they have someone to go to if they need but they don’t feel pressured.

If after a bit they still seem out of sorts I suggest an at home film night. ;) Mainly because when I’m down I don’t really appreciate having to discuss things. Often times I’d just love some company. If it works to ask if something is wrong, great!

I know it seems kind of like avoidance and not dealing with the situation at all, but I spoke to a few other INTJ’s and they agree that they’d rather have some time to deal with things privately. They also said that the thing they’d appreciate the most is someone who pays attention to when they offer bits of themselves. It’s not really done often and we tend to be very subtle when talking about things close to us, especially if we think it shows weakness.

As for how to be a better friend? The fact that you’re asking this makes you a better friend then most! Your friend is lucky to have you. :) Just continue to be you. Don’t be fake and accept your INTJ as they are. Be willing to listen to hour long rants about… stuff. Take care of them with out being suffocating. (Don’t constantly nag them to drink. Just hand them a water bottle and say “drink”) Truly enjoy their company and they’ll know it.

I wish you luck!

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Pt1) You're awoken by the light shaking of your shoulder. "Psst, bug, wake up fo me." You rub your eyes with a groan to read 2:36am in green on the digital clock. "H, what's wrong?" You roll over to see him propped on his elbow, barely making out his worried features. "You luv me, yea?" He whispered. "You're making it very hard to at the moment, but yes." You grumbled as you match his position to get a better look at his face in the darkened room.

Pt2)“Is there a particular reason you’re asking me this at this particular time?” You were more awake to see that his face was in full contemplation. “I jus.. I need ta make sure. I’ve been so busy an I wan ta make sure tha you are still happy… With us.” Your eyes have now adjusted to the light and you could read the fear and pain that were in his eyes. “I don’t wan you ta set your life aside fo me. I know you wan ta move ta our own place, get married, have kids…”
Pt3) He would have kept rambling if you hadn’t stopped him with a slow, soft kiss. “But I wouldn’t want any of those things with anybody else.” You whispered against his lips. You reach to smooth out the knot that had stitched his eyebrows together. “We made a deal. If we ever felt as though either our needs weren’t met, we’d let the other know. I’ve wait what, 2 years for you to ask me out? I think I can wait a bit for the marriage question.” You sighed running your fingers through his hair.
Pt4) “Don’t lose sleep over me, please. You’re gonna need all you can get.” Without another word but with a soft nod and a weak grin, he takes the hand that skimming the base of his skull and wrapped it over his shoulder as he turned away from you. “You’re the best big spoon a man could ask fo.” He mumbles into the palm of your hand before giving it a kiss.

This is so sweet oh my god I CRY

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To the Anon that happened to stumble upon that strange room; make sure The Director doesn't find out you were in there. No one was meant to know about it and you're only supposed to be allowed in with clearance. It's normally hidden much better than this but we're trying to work out different ways to improve the locking mechanism so we can stop Busto from escaping. -Jowynn the alchemist


Struck (Part Thirteen)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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You gulped as you looked at Kyungsoo stood in front of you.

‘Are you sure this is okay?’ you said, feeling nerves blossom up inside of you.

A flicker of a smile flashed across his face, before he replied calmly.

‘I am an Elf,’ Kyungsoo said simply.

Okay… and how does that make the fact I am about to practice my powers on you any better? you thought.

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Best Friend confesses Series: Jun

This is part ten of a series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next! Requests get done fast ;)

Jun is the most bright and positive influence in your life, and you feel so blessed to have him as a best friend. You’ve also just had a really awful week, possibly one of the most stressful in your life, and so you’re really glad when Jun notices in the middle of your video call one night. 

“Y/N,” he says very gently. “You look as gorgeous as ever, of course, but you also look exhausted. Are you sure you don’t want to go to sleep? I don’t mind ending the call early.”

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sorry if you've gotten this question before but do you think davepeta and dave would get along, and how would davepeta really feel about dirk?

Davepeta would fucking adore Dave and try their best to help him grow and be chill and relax. I feel like Dave would be really weirded out by Davepeta though and maybe a little tiny bit jealous because Jade is with them at first and Dave doesn’t know how to let go of crushes but he’d get over it pretty fast and even if he didn’t Jade would make sure he did because. Davepeta is her datefriend and Dave isn’t allowed to be a jerk about it.

I don’t really think he would be though? It would be mostly just residual weirdness about Davesprite mingled with feeling slightly insecure that there’s now an even CHILLER MORE lax about masculinity version of him running around and what if Karkat likes them better they’re so chill and they just tell Jade about their feelings and flirt with John and oh god. Dave, Rose and Dirk might briefly bond over feeling uncomfortable with their sprite selves. 

But Dave would get over it and eventually become pretty good bros with Davepeta I think and they’re probably have really good jams about Time travel and the nature of identity since they both get what it’s like and why it sucks but Davepeta would have a lot to offer there. Eventually I think Dave and Davepeta are literally just bros and Dave thinks of Davepeta less as a splinter and more as a bizzare sort of twin. Not even his weirdest twin sibling because Dirk exists.

Speaking of Dirk Davepeta adores him too??? Davepeta is over the Bro stuff, and they already hugged and made up with AR, who…actually did any of the kind of stuff that is similar to what Bro did, which Dirk did not do. So if that’s what you meant, I don’t see why Davepeta would have any reservations about Dirk. If anything they’re probably the best positioned character other than Dave and Jake to help Dirk like, work out his relationship to himself vs. his splinters and help him be happier with himself, and that’s likely what they’d try to do.

Dirk wouldn’t know how to handle Davepeta especially when Dave doesn’t like them but they’d work things out and also be chill bros I think. 

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Concept: Maui being cutely embarrassed about his tooth gap.

I love this concept so much, I’m not gonna lie? Like, maybe one day Moana points it out super jokingly and he just turns bright red

And of course, Moana being the little sister imp that she is, continues to harp on it. Brings it up every opportunity she gets. “The great demigod Maui,” she probably crows all the time, “embarrassed about a tooth gap!”

She also probably loves it. It makes him seem more human, which is good for both of them - for Moana because it gives her something to poke fun at and helps him fit in better on Motunui, and Maui because it makes him seem more human. And that is what he wants, in the end, to find his place among humans. 

But yeah, I can definitely see Moana harassing him about it all the time, absolutely mercilessly. It’s unbecoming demeanor of a Chief for sure, but does not care at all - she has a demigod to poke fun at!

Hi! I don’t really know what to tell you except that I’m on the intensive care unit, I have a single room and they take bloods every few hours to make sure my liver isn’t slowly failing, like most of you know, paracetamol is a time bomb and it slowly kills you. I feel lots of better after I vomited the coal though, which they tube fed me because I refused to drink it lol.
So my hopes aren’t really high that this will kill me. I’m getting antidotes too and I need to stay for a while because the dose was “so dangerous” and “could kill me” like, bitches, don’t you think that’s what I wanted?

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I think I might be over Bellarke? Like...Roan literally kidnapped Bellamy a few days ago, would've had him killed, DID order his sister to be killed. And Clarke's all "he's my friend". And this isn't the first time she's been utterly unaffected by people trying to kill him. Can someone give him a love interest whose loyalty can't be bought with a few days worth of asskissing?

I waited until after the episode aired to answer this to make sure I had all the facts:

I still ship Blarke, but only because the show wants me to (which has always been my primary motivation for shipping it anyway). It doesn’t hurt that I like Clarke much better when she’s with Bellamy and Bellamy seems to be happy around Clarke. 

But if they ever give me 2 seconds of build up for Bellamy and another ship, I’ll jump over there in a heartbeat. 

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I find this whole argument kind of silly. Of course white people are going to make stories about white characters, they write what they know best. I see this as much more preferable to them writing a white character and just making them black in skin tone alone, which is pretty gross. Sure a white author could spend time actually learning how to write these characters, but ultimately black authors are going to portray black characters better in most cases. 1/2

Anyway, the people getting mad about you drawing this character black are stupid. But I don’t think calling people’s art boring is called for (that’s not to say you can’t think it’s boring, I ain’t no thought police). If they want to stick to what they view as the features of the character, its their choice. Draw what you’re comfortable with I say. If you don’t have any constructive criticism to help them improve their art, then just don’t say anything. Calling art boring doesn’t help. 2/2

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how do all your characters meet if theyre all from different provinces / countries. Also where are they currently located

Okay sooooo….. This does get explained in a few posts BUT I will explain it clearer in case people don’t get it or smth!! 

Answer to Q 1&2)

fun fact, i learned most of what i know about virus from Plague inc

Okee dokee! So, there was this virus that I totally made up called I-24 bc it’s an infection with 24 levels of severity and most ppl die at level 24. It v, v ouchy. 

ANNNYYYYWHO, peeps started getting infected in (well this is embarrassing bc i have not yet invented the origin of the virus, i better get on that) …… somewhere. The virus started to spread all over the world and it was declared an international health crisis, borders were shut down and all that snazzy jazz. After it got to Canada, the gov was like “mkay, gotta make sure this virus don’t spread” and they quarantined people in their homes, which sucked bc a lot of dudes were living  with infected or dead family members and that’s kind of a drag. This all happens over the course of a few years btw and theres no cure 2 the virus and it spreads super fast so peeps be dyin’. ALSO, you have a lesser chance of infection between ages 15-30 bc idk, ur immune system is at it’s prime then i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The government finally took their head out of their ass and was like “o shit more ppl are dying” but it was kinda too late bc there was only like 100 healthy ppl left in the country after they quarantines people in their houses for months (they obvs got food delivered by people is hazmat suits). 

As a dire effort to save the healthy, they rounded em up and took them to an island off of Vancouver (which is where the gang’s at). Animals also got infected and some bad apple in the survivors camp had to go and eat one!!! So gosh diddly darn the campers were now dying. At the same time as this big ol’ commotion, four lil dudes were dying of starvation. so the people running the camp waited for them to die but they out lived the people running the camp and fell into a mysterious 20 year coma which we will learn about eventually!

TLDR: They’re at an old survivors camp and met there because the government rounded up all the healthy people and stuck ‘em there.


Work in progress.

A sketched underpainting that got me thinking about the crossroads between painting something and painting the appearance of something. It was a narrowing gyre that bothered me for some time, and even now there’s only a sort of truce between conflicting ways of seeing. If realism and representationalism can be considered the same thing, that suggests answers to other questions. However, if the essence of a place, a thing, or a person is better conveyed by making the invisible manifest, then…. you have other tools at your disposal as an artist you run the danger of creating a hall of mirrors. Symbols don’t line up in the same way for everybody, but perhaps this is a pseudorandom element that makes things more interesting.

I’m not drunk, but finding out how mad The Structure of Scientific Revolutions made Karl Popper is something I’ve been thinking about for a few days. It gave me pause. I… I’m not sure how to put this without rummaging through the broom closet of Western esotericism. 

It’s like a portrait I’ve been struggling with- as the likeness improves, some essence flees from it. I have a suspicion that a half a dozen strokes of blue (with a hint of gold) would do better than all my efforts so far.

Sometimes I think only William Blake understands me, then I remember that security guard at the mall.

White people need to quit. Y’all for real saying stuff like:

“What Roan calls her out on is White Man’s Burden-which is legit” as if the White Man’s Burden is somehow different than being a White Savior?

Literally the entire basic purpose of “The White Man’s Burden” is meant to positively represent colonialism as the moral burden of the white race, which is divinely destined to civilize the brutish and barbarous parts of the world. 

Basically….what a White Savior is. Look at this political cartoons of the White Man’s Burden:

And this is what y’all think is better than just calling Clarke a White Savior and being done with it?

Also, explain to me where Arkadian society is so much better than the Grounders. Explain to me where the Arkadians aren’t just as “savage” as the Grounders?

Sure the Grounders make their kids compete in the Mini Hunger Games, but the Arkadians lock up their kids for offenses that they didn’t even commit (see Octavia) to float them once they reach the age of 18-because how likely is it that they’d really be reintegrated. 

Sure the Grounders are having a Fight to the Death when the Death Wave is approaching, but their’s is a culture that also believes in reincarnation. Which means they believe in the cyclic destruction of the world so that it can be reborn anew. Also-at least they asked everyone’s permission before they started killing them. The Arkadians just stuffed 100 kids on a Dropship and wished them the best (something Bellamy actually points out in 409).

Sure the Grounders tie people to poles and issue death by 1000 cuts, but the Arkadians tie people to poles and shocklash them. 

The Arkadian society isn’t somehow better than Grounder society because they’re meant to be our heroes. ALSO, funny how the Grounders managed to get along just fine for at least 5/6 decades (probably longer) before the Arkadians landed and started trying to change everything. 

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There is a difference between being proud of your work and being full of yourself. Gillian strikes me as someone who is proud of her work and what she has done. Someone that is excited when her good work is recognized. That's not being stuck up or full of herself that's simply recognizing she is good at something. Being full of herself would be acting as if she is God's greatest gift to the world and like she is better than anyone else. She doesn't act that way at all.

I agree anon. I don’t understand it.

Ugh, her charity posts. So full of herself.

Ugh. Quasi-excitement over another season of TXF. So full of herself.

Proclaim excitement over a random award win. How dare she!

Promote the work of others. Yeah. What a bitch.

I don’t understand how and why people can think this woman is self-centered. This is the same woman who stayed back for a couple of hours to make sure that every person in line got an autograph at WOW. This is the same person who autographed after performing her heart out at Streetcar. This is the same woman who spoke to the United Nations about sex-trafficking knowing that her name and star-power would help raise awareness (which it did).

I guess some people will always hate, but I am the wrong blog to come to telling me that you think Gillian Anderson is full of herself. I have to vehemently disagree.