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i still have doubts about whether will is actually in love with hannibal ;(

Well nonny you have come to the right place. Because I have no such doubts. I am overwhelmed on a daily basis by just how much Will Graham loves Hannibal Lecter. It’s late and I’m exhausted and I really should be doing this during daylight hours, so please excuse the rambling and caps lock and incoherence. Also, I’m putting most of this below a cut because I have no chill and it’s way too long and gif-heavy for me to inflict upon unsuspecting dashes.

Anyway, come with me nonny on a magical journey back to mid-season 2. Will is all fresh outta prison with his sassy brows and slick new haircut and he is just dead set on Reckoning. He is going to catch that mother fucker and it is going to be GLORIOUS.

There’s only one problem

Will can’t actually bring himself to hate Hannibal. 

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Yes - Jaehyun

Requested: Jae and Y/n are best Friends since a few months now and he has a crush on her. Someday he wanted that she meet his band mates, Johnny flirted a lot with her even when she has feelings for Jae too. So Jae gets really mad and jealous but still walks her home. In her home then they are having a fight so he confess his feelings and it ends in the bedroom after that(if You do smut😏) Angst & happy ending

A/N: here ya goooo. Don’t know if this is what you’re looking for hehe. enjoy


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“You ready, Y/N!? We’re gonna be late”. You hear your best friend yell out from the kitchen. You were just checking yourself in the mirror, making sure you looked presentable before you left your house. You rolled your eyes at your impatient friend. “Can you be patient. Im almost done, Jaehyun”, you yelled back. After fixing your makeup, you head out your room and went downstairs. 

“Hey, you”, Jaehyun said, smiling at you. You stood in front of Jaehyun and exposed your outfit. “How do I look?”. Jaehyun looked up and down at you. “Hmm, not bad. Not ugly, but definitely not pretty”. He laughed at his comment. You playfully punched him in the chest. “Hey! I’m kidding. You know you’re always beautiful even when you don’t even try”, he says, making you blush. “Ey, why are you being cheesy?”. “I can’t be nice to my best friend?”. Jaehyun says, opening your front door for you. You stepped outside and gave Jaehyun a glare. 


Jaehyun led you to the front door of his dorm. Already you could hear boys laughing obnoxiously and talking loudly behind the door. You were slightly nervous about whats going to happen once you walk in those doors. “You ready to meet them?”, Jaehyun asked. “What if they don’t like me, Jae?”, you asked worriedly. You usually don’t care what people think about you, but Jaehyun’s friends were an exception because… well.. is it obvious? You’re madly in love with your best friend. As cliché as that sounds. You didn’t want to confess to him and you probably will never confess because you were afraid of being rejected. 

Jaehyun is one of those guys who could get any girl he wants. He’s extremely attractive and has a great personality. You on the other hand. You were just an average girl who Jaehyun only looked at as a friend. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’m pretty sure they’ll like you”, Jaehyun says putting his large hands onto your shoulders. He opened the door and there revealed a messy room filled with loud bass coming from the speakers. You looked at the boys staring at both you and Jaehyun. “Woojae is here!”. “YAY!” “Hyung finally brought a girl home”. You heard the guys yelling out those comments as you both walked inside the dorm. You looked at Jaehyun and could see his face then plush pink. “Guys, I’d like you to meet my friend Y/N. Y/N, the guys”. You bowed at them while giving them a genuine smile. “It’s nice to meet you all”, you said. “Y/N. This is Taeyong hyung and Taeil hyung. They’re the oldest members. This is Doyoung hyung, Yuta hyung, Johnny hyung and Winwin. And these are our two youngest members, Mark and Haechan”. They all greeted you one by one and they seemed to be fun to be around. The only person that caught your eyes was Johnny. There was something about his aura that made you want to get to know him more and befriend him. 

As the party was going on, you sat on the couch while on your phone. Jaehyun and his members were busy playing a game and it ended up in a heated argument so you decided it’s best not to get involved. As you were scrolling through your social media, you felt someone sit beside you peeking their head at your phone. You looked to see who it was and it was no one other than Johnny. “Can I help you?” you asked trying to sound playful. His lips turned into a perfect smile. “Nope. Just wanted to see what you were doing”. 

“Wait wait wait… you’ve been training for how long and you still lip sync at your performances?!” you yelled in disbelief. “That.. that doesn’t even make sense”, you said while laughing. Johnny had showed you NCT 127’s latest performance on one of the music shows. For the past hour, you and Johnny have been getting to know each other and talked about anything and everything. “Jaehyun, can you believe Johnny has been training for nine years and he still lip syncs. That’s just… disappointing”, you said chuckling. “Yeah. Whatever”. Was all Jaehyun said. Jaehyun had been giving you the cold shoulder ever since you and Johnny were talking. You gave Jaehyun a confused look on why he was acting strange but you ignored his behavior. 


“Bye guys!! It was nice meeting you all!! Bye Johnny I’ll text you the books I told you about earlier!” you yelled while waving at the guys. Jaehyun kept pulling your arm and rushed you out of the door. You almost tripped because of it but you didn’t acknowledge it much since meeting Jaehyun’s members was one of the best nights you ever had. 

As you and Jaehyun were walking to your house, you couldn’t shake off that smile on your face. If Jaehyun’s members like you then that meant they’ll approve of you dating him. You kept looking at Jaehyun who was really quiet during the walk. “Jaehyun I think your members really like me!” you said giving a wide grin. “Great”, Jaehyun said sarcastically. You looked at Jaehyun, wondering what was going on with him but shook it off. Nothing could ruin this night. 

You both arrived at your house and went inside. Jaehyun sat in your living room as you were grabbing something for both of you to drink. You went back to your living room and tried making conversations with Jaehyun, but failed since he only gave you one word answers. “Hey, Jae. What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”, you asked worriedly. “I don’t know why don’t you ask your new buddy Johnny”, Jaehyun said coldly. You laughed at his reply. “Well well, is Jaehyun jealous?” you asked playfully hoping to brighten up the mood. He didn’t say anything which meant he was indeed jealous. “Aww~ Jaehyun is jealous of Johnny”, you said as you gently nudged him with your elbow. Jaehyun quickly stood for the couch away from you, giving you the most serious look he’d ever given you. “Don’t. Touch me”. You stared at the new person you’ve never seen before. Your smile slowly turning into a frown. You had enough of his attitude. “What the hell is wrong Jaehyun? I’m just trying to have a good time. But you’re dumbass is ruining it for me. Stop being such an ass”, you yelled. “Oh. I’m being an ass? What about you? Ditching your best friend for another dude?”. You glared at Jaehyun. “That dude who is also a member of your group. You know? That group you wanted me to meet and be friends with? What’s the whole point of bringing me to your dorm tonight if you were just gonna get jealous of me befriending someone?!”. He didn’t say anything back to you which meant you had won. “Whatever, Jaehyun. Just go home. I’m sick of your shit”, you said as you start to get up from your couch. “Wait..”, Jaehyun suddenly grabbed your arm. You turned to your best friend, his eyes looked soft. You hated fighting with Jaehyun, especially when it’s about dumb stuff like this. “Y/N, I love you”. You looked at him in shock. “What?” . “I’ve been wanting to tell you for years but.. I’ve always been so self conscious about it”. Jaehyun closed his eyes and took a breather. “Y/N, I love you. You’ve been there for me for years and I love you for that. You’ve helped me through rough times. I don’t want you to just be my best friend but also my girlfriend”, Jaehyun confessed. With his hand still holding onto you, you looked deeply into his dark brown eyes. You were trying to find the right words to say, but instead, instinctively, you brought your face closer to Jaehyun and pressed a gentle but sweet kiss on his lips. Jaehyun responded by kissing you back. His hands gently caressing your cheek. As things were going soft and gentle, you and Jaehyun were getting into the heat of the moment. You gently tugged on his bottom lips with your teeth. You could feel Jaehyun smirking against your lips. Still roughly kissing him, you wrapped your arms around Jaehyun’s neck while Jaehyun lifted up your legs and carried you to your bedroom. 

Jaehyun broke the kiss and gently put you on your bed. He took off his shirt and brought his lips to your neck. Making sure to leave marks that will be visibly seen the next day. You whimpered at his touch. You wanted more of him. You pushed him off of you and moved on top of him bringing your lips back to his. You could very well feel his member through his jeans, aching to be touched. 

You got off of Jaehyun and started stripping off your clothes. You were now left in your bra and panties. Mentally thanking yourself for to wearing your favorite Victoria secret set, as Jaehyun was staring at your almost naked figure in awe. You climbed back on top of him and touched his bulge. “I think this needs to be taken off”, you whispered referring to his jeans. “Not if you take everything off first, princess”, Jaehyun says seductively. “Why don’t you do it for me”, you said winking at him. Jaehyun then professionally unclasped your bra and brought his hands to your ass. Gently rubbing it while slowly removing the last piece of clothing on you. 

After you were now free from all of your clothing, you laid on your bed feeling exposed to Jaehyun as he removes his jeans and underwear. Jaehyun climbed on top of you and looked into your eyes. His eyes didn’t just show lust, but it also showed love. He brought his lips to yours, passionately kissing you. You could feel his tip hitting against your core. You brought your hands to his harden member and brought it to your entrance. “Ready?”, Jaehyun asked. Without hesitating, you nodded. Jaehyun gently entered in you. You felt every inch of his member. Slowly, adjusting to his size. You rubbed his back softly, indicating him that it’s okay to move. As he started slowing thrusting into you, the pain that was down at your entrance was now replaced with pleasure. “Jaehyun.. f-faster”. Jaehyun responded by thrusting into you with even more speed. You swore you could see stars as his thrust became rough. Rougher by each second. You couldn’t take the pleasure anymore. With a few more thrusts and you were about to reach your high. “Jaehyun… I’m gonn-”, you couldn’t finish your sentence. “Cum for me baby”, Jaehyun said panting. The room was filled with moans, pants and sounds of skin slapping as you both reached your high together. 

You could feel Jaehyun’s seeds spilling out of you as he gently slid out. He laid next to you. Both of you trying to catch your breath. You turned your head to look at Jaehyun’s sweaty yet handsome face. He turned to look at you and smiled. “So.. was that a yes?”. You giggled at his cuteness. “What do you think Jaehyun?”. You wrapped your arm around Jaehyun’s naked torso, bringing your head closer to his. “Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend”.

Exo reaction - When you are really flexible

I’m so sorry for taking so long with this request, but i have been having some personal problems the last week. I hope that you will like it anyway <3 Thank you for the sweet comment and the request <3 @mysimplelifejustme


“I know a room that  you can show me more moves at, and it’s a lot cheaper than going to the gym. It’s called my bedroom”

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“Eh..hehe.. I’m not sure if your leg belongs behind your neck.. Hehe..” 

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“Teach me! Show me your ways! I want to do that too!”

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“I don’t know if i should be mad or impressed.. She has never done these moves alone with me, but she looks great doing it..”

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“So you are telling me that you have been doing yoga for years and never, NEVER have told me? I know a girl in trouble when we get home..”

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“Don’t do that, please..You’re gonna break your legs..”

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Kris/ Yifan

“I’m insulted that your friends got to see your moves before me, and all the gross guys at the gym..”

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“It’s getting hot in here… Tao think about where you are. You are at the gym, wait until later..”

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“I’m impressed, but punishment is still coming when we get home..”

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“I told the boys before we started dating, this girl would never fail to surprise me..”

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“No. I never knew that she could do that. Now stop staring at her before i poke your eyes out myself” *angry/Jealous boyfriend*

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“Wooh.. I’m happy if i can stretch my legs after workout.. You really gave the word stretch a whole new meaning..”

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How would Genji, McCree, Mei, and Tracer react to their crush nap on them post mission on the ride home; teammate comments that they haven't done that before, when asked later the crush admits that they trust/felt comfortable around them to sleep?

Hehe, here you are~ 💘

> Genji, although flattered that his crush had chosen him specifically, would hesitate to insist that they lay their head somewhere comfortable, for seeing their peaceful self is enough to quiet his concern. Upon learning of their great trust for him, a small surge of pride would go through him, and he would calmly tell them that he’ll make sure to watch out for them anytime.

> McCree gives them a curious side-eyed glance when they rest their head onto his shoulder, and smiles crookedly as he tilts his hat over his face and slumps down, already falling into a slumber right alongside them. Learning how comfortable they felt with him, he would be pleased at such news, and cheekily promises to keep a close® eye on them from then on.

> Mei resists the urge to shyly scoot away when she feels her crush leaning on her, and instead lets them rest for as long as they want, not moving one inch in fear of accidentally waking them. Knowing that they trusted her enough to be so vulnerable, she’ll blush rosily as she gently assures them that she will take good care of them no matter what situation.

> Tracer can hardly keep still from their close contact, but tries her best not to blink around in case she knocked them over and ruined their well-deserved nap. When they explained that they were simply comfortable in her presence, she would beam happily and give them an adoring hug, giggling and playfully telling them how she’ll make sure not to have them regret their decision about trusting in her so much.

Nothing More, Nothing Less pt.1

Nothing More, Nothing Less pt.1 
Member: Jeon Jungkook
Warnings: None
Genre: College!Jungkook, BestFriend!Jungkook, fluff, angst
Plot: You claim that Jungkook is your best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. But when feelings develop, your college roommate comes into the picture.
Word Count: 2,323
Author’s Note: I wrote this fanfic inspired by Kayla Hang’s original on YouTube, “A Boy & A Girl”. I don’t know, just imagining Jungkook being the best friend gives me butterflies. Listening to this song and just picturing Jungkook.. ah, I don’t know. And I’m sorry, Jungkook isn’t in this part. But he’s for sure to show up in the next one, if I even write another part, depends on if this catches people’s attention, hehe. Thank you for reading! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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“So tell me about him. About this guy.. what’s his name?”

“Jungkook,” you confirmed, an involuntary smile climbing onto your lips, eyes crinkling just by the slip of his name.

Your new college roommate stared at you, deadpan and eyebrows rose as she mused at you.

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Yagami Riku (CV: Kimura Ryouhei)/Fujiwara Takeru (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko)

Radio of Stride Step 27 ~Mini Drama~

This is the mini drama from Step 27 of Rajisuto!

Takeru sees Riku playing HunMon3 Portable, and tries playing the game himself.


Riku: …Nnn…hmmm–kuh, oops…uhh-!
Takeru: Huh…? What are you doing, Yagami?
Riku: Ah–? Hm, I’m playing a game. It’s ‘Hunter the Monster 3’! One of the guys from the class next to us lent it to–ah! Ohnonono–aah! I got a game over again…
Takeru: Heh, seems like you’re not good at it.
Riku: Huh, what? Then you try playing it!
Takeru: …Give it to me.
Riku: Eh? You’ve played video games before?
Takeru: Yeah, I’ve played some.
Riku: Heh, hehe, I see! I thought you’d say, “I’ve never played video games. What’s fun about them?” because that’s just so you!
       Sure, try it! Okay, this button is for the normal weapon, this one is for evasion, and once this gauge is full……


Takeru: (yells)
Riku: Uuooohhh!! Fujiwara, you’re awesome!!
Takeru: (yells)
Riku: Wuahaha!! I can’t believe it, you’re close to dealing the finishing blow!!
Takeru: Hah! I got this!
Riku: Huh, ooh, woaah!! Haha, you did it! Totally crushed the Area 4 boss!
Takeru: Heh. (sighs) I’m done, you can have this back.
Riku: Uh, eh? You don’t want to continue? I still haven’t tried Area 5, too. Let’s play a little more! The mooks are stronger, and there are gonna be more challenges—
Takeru: A game’s just a game. Even if I get stronger in it, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten stronger in real life.
Riku: Uhhh…
Takeru: Well then, I’m going for a run. Hmm, that was a good breather. (starts running)
Riku: …What was that just now? That was…kind of cool. “Even if I get stronger in it, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten stronger in real life…”
       Uhh, hey, wait for me, Fujiwara! I’m–I’m going for a run, too!
       But it’s thanks to the game that I’ve seen that side of him. Hehe…! I’ll invite him to play another game next time!


Kind of took the pose ref from the little cutie Natto when she did my commission hehe <3  But as always, it’s never always on point LOL.

This year, I reaaally want us to do the ‘Boruto the Movie’ outfits, so I’m gonna make sure we get that done before summer hopefully! ( ノ^ω^)ノ  For now, enjoy some more fluffy poop thelast!NaruHina (。♥‿♥。)

Nohrian Samurai by Minabutt ♡ | Hoshidan Ninja by Kushibutt

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I think Caitriona's "now do what he says" really kills me. .... it's like, that's an order from hubby. Now best you listen and do what hubby says.... that's so married 😬😜 No doubt they do what each other says...hehe

Yep! They sure do interact on SM like a married couple would. They interwove those tweets today to make it quite clear that this message was from BOTH of them together.-they have done this sort of thing before too. And the tweets they sent about the Glasgow theatre were basically one completing the other one’s sentence- the way close couples often do.

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hi baby! Can you do sehun's booty appreciation?? hehe! Sorry if you have done this before

Hiya! (: Um sure… I don’t actually reblog anything relating to Sehun’s butt, but I’ll do this for you LOL. Maybe you asked the wrong blog??

It’s been soo long since I’ve done these. Can you guys please request something? :)) No more butts though, sowwy.

You do know there’s a tag… and google images are a thing right? xD I feel weird finding all of these e.e. Oh gosh. Am I the only one in this fandom not fascinated by Sehun’s butt??? Another reason for the fandom to dislike me. 

Credit to the owners of these pictures/gifs I found.

WELP, that’s all~ I hope you enjoyed Sebooty.


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I don't know if it's just me but I think that Jungkook looks a bit different since 'I need u' era and I don't know if it just a puberty or he did something to his face. Do you think he did plastic surgery?

I think it’s just puberty since he is still a growing boy, he’s only turning 18 so… I think he still is growing into his face. And he possibly lost some of his baby fats. Hehe~ Ok I don’t know why I always get the plastic surgery question or if you’re just one anon. Hehe~ But I get plastic surgery question every week I think and my thoughts on this in general are as follows:

1. I’ve always felt like BigHit doesn’t put too much value on how they look. Like when they chose the final lineup it was more on the potential and their talents as opposed to trying to form a group that has perfect visuals.
2. I don’t think any of the boys would want to get plastic surgery.
3. But then again I’m not an expert so what do I really know~
4. Even if anyone of them did have plastic surgery it wouldn’t matter to me as long as they do not overdo it. I’d honestly get my nose done if given a chance.
5. If you mean from I NEED U era then when did he get to do it? We saw them everyday during promo, they only had 2~3 day break before we saw them again. And I’m pretty sure those days were spent changing hair color and filming and photoshoot for jjeoro. Can someone heal from plastic surgery in 2~3 days?! Is it possible?
6. Would it really matter if they’ve had plastic surgery? Also, I don’t know everything so~ Hehe~

Personally, I don’t think anything has changed for our Jungkookie~ He’s just… /sobs… growing up.