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A/N: ahahahahaha so this is a continuation from @hvmiltoon‘s jamilton fic (which is here i would certainly recommend reading it bc it’s s o good) bc i couldn’t help myself and i needed a distraction from the maths exam i have tomorrow please enjoy

Alexander had apparently taken to ignoring Thomas for the rest of his life.

In fact, Thomas barely saw him at all any more. During their classes, Alexander would take a seat at the other end of the room, as far away from Thomas as physically possible. He didn’t debate as much as he used to, and although Thomas was sure that their classmates were infinitely thankful for that, the silence left a gaping, vacuum-like hole in the class that couldn’t even be filled by Professor Adams’ ridiculous opinions. And Alexander was missing from their dorm as well. He would leave very early in the morning and return very late at night – if he returned at all.

Despite Alexander’s absence, Thomas seemed to be thinking about him more and more. He couldn’t get what he had said that night out of his head.

“The guy I’m hopelessly in love with.”

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Make sure you support Japanese artists (or any artists for that matter) on the platform they use. I see stuff reposted here all the time and even though credit’s given, it sucks to see their accounts under appreciated on twitter/pixiv. And make sure you ask for permission to do repost. Just because they don’t speak the same language as you does not mean you have automatic permission to repost. 

As an artist, I’m not a huge fan of my work being reposted and appreciate being asked first. Like a lot of people end up seeing the art and it will do really well in a repost but it’s rare that people will actually go to the source and support the actual artist’s account.

If you MUST repost, emphasize where it’s from and who the artist is and always provide links. And if you’re someone who sees reposted art with a link, go to the source before liking and reblogging the piece on here. Views and likes and retweeting/reblogging from the source is crucial for the artist’s online presence and it really does help.

Thanks for hearing me out!

Boyf Riends CisSwap; Bloody Hell

After finishing breakfast Michael had gone back up to his room just to make sure that this was actually real. No matter how many times he pinched himself his body still didn’t change back. His phone rang and picking it up he was excited to see Jeremy’s number pop up on screen.
“Jer-You’re not going to believe this! I-!” Michael stopped, hearing muffled crying from the other end. “Jeremy? What’s going on?”
“M…Michael, please…please come over…”
“Jer what’s wrong?”
“Please, just come over…”
“Hold on, I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Hanging up, Michael rushed out to his car driving straight to Jeremy’s house. Knocking on the door Jeremy’s dad answered with concerned look on his face.
“Jeremy called you?”
“Yeah but he won’t tell me what’s wrong.”
“He won’t even let me in his room, let alone tell me what’s going on. Maybe you can talk to him.” Michael stopped just before Jeremy’s room.
“Jer? It’s me, can I come in?” There was no response prompting Michael to slowly open the door. “Jer?” He was curled up in the corner holding his chest. “Jeremy? Are you alright what happened?”
“J…just look…” Moving his arms Michael saw two things that were definitely not there before.
“Oh my god, you too?”
“W…what?” Jeremy looked at his boyfriend confused as Michael lifted up his tank making his eyes widen. “Jesus Christ, Michael. That’s amazing! I can’t-mnhhhgh…” Jeremy stopped mid sentence to hold his sides again. “Fuck.” That’s when Michael noticed the red stains on Jeremy’s boxers letting him know what was happening.
“Shit, Jeremy…okay uh, here.” Michael grabbed the bottle of ibuprofen from his pocket and giving Jeremy one. “This’ll take care of some of the pain…hopefully.”
“Just take it.” Jeremy swallowed as Michael got up. “And of course I’m out of I’m out of pads, we’re going to have to go shopping.”
“We? I think you mean you.”
“Jer after years of periods of I’ve finally figured out that it’s probably better to get out. It distracts you.”
“That sounds like a load bullshit.”
“Maybe, but I’m not leaving you alone. Where are your tissues?”
“Do you want to bleed through your pants?”
“Oh right…about that, I think we’re going to have a bigger problem.”
“I, uh, I need to use the bathroom.”
Oh…now that Michael thought about it, he did too.

Hey guys. If you could submit stuff that make you happy, whether it be a photograph of your pet, a mantra that you like, or anything else, that would be awesome. I want to make sure we all remember that there will always be light, no matter how dark the world may seem.

Wayward have I often let myself go
Wandering in life as mistakes grow.
Finding him again after I’ve lost my way
Thinking, I’ll tend to the weeds as I pray.

Quiet and lonely, no other travelers in sight.
A tear I push back with all of my might.
Washing my hands I gape in the mirror Asking, “Why can’t you just make my path clear?!”

His response,
I’ve given you the tools you’ll need
Take one step at a time, allow me to lead.
Free will was my gift wrapped in a test,
Your choices matter, just make sure your love for me is professed.

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I'm sure Jimin doesn't hate white people or any other race for that matter. However, the man is not white and that's a ridiculous thing to claim. He's very much Asian and I'm really tired of white people trying to claim ownership over things that don't belong to them. Please continue to enjoy kpop and stuff guys, you have that right, but please for the love of god stop calling Asian people "white". That's so unnecessary!

read this guys! :))

WoOOOoOw guys. One of my bffs is v busy, all the time. He can usually give me one hour per week of his time, and we try to make sure we get that in no matter what. But he asked if he could take me to dinner for my birthday so I obviously said yes. He is not only doing that, but also coming to my cousin’s baseball game with me. He is giving me the gift of time (and food) and I am just so in love with my life. Ps he is the most handsome boy I’ve ever met and a youth pastor so all you single ladies out there should hit him up.


I remember. You do. For that, I bring you to the scales. Come. ||  In life you believed in nothing, you will go to nothing. You will be done, there will be darkness. And peace? There will be darkness.

American Gods

“How MC finds out that Zen and Jumin are dating.”
They have questions.

For Mystic Messenger Valentines week hosted by mysticmessimagines

Day 4: Zen Day

This might be the last day i participate in, but I still have plans for the other characters. I might post them later but I don’t think I’ll finish it in time.

Ok so Colbert is trending on twitter because of this string of insults against Trump one of them being “You’re a cockholster for Putin!”
So now the Trumpys are asking him to be fired because its homophobic and????
Is it? Because I’m pretty sure the insult is supposed to be that he’s Putin’s. Not that it’s gay?
Like don’t get me wrong the homosexual act is clearly part of the joke but I felt like this was a play on Putin’s own bigotry?
And finally even if this is just inexcusably out of taste, does anyone who supported Trump actually have a right to cry bigot anymore? I mean, Mike Pence exists. In real life.


黒子のバスケ J-WORLD Collection Ver. Special ‘16-'17

These are the menus for the latest KnB event in J-WORLD featuring the boys in their special attire. Certain dishes are only available for a given time frame.

Sales Period: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 23 (Thursday)

  • Kuroko’s Lunchtime Special Basket
  • Akashi’s Tomato Pasta & Gratin-Stuffed Tomato Special Combo

Sales Period: February 24 (Friday) to March 17 (Friday)

  • Kagami’s Special Ginger Pork & Roast Beef Bowl (with American Hotdog)
  • 「It’s Horikita Mai-chan, not Horuichi Mako-chan!」 Katsu Sandwich & Grilled Hotdog Combo Plate
  • Murasakibara’s Purple Cabbage and Chicken, Maiubo Sandwich Wrap Special Plate

Sales Period: March 18 (Saturday) to April 9 (Sunday)

  • Kise’s Seafood Special Paella (with Onion Gratin Soup)
  • Midorima’s Crab Meat Over Tomato Cream Pasta

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excuse me could you direct me to the gayest productions of hamlet? please & thank you

I am delighted by this message, bless you.

Hands down, it’s Hamlet at Elsinore (starring Christopher Plummer & Michael Caine as wee 20-somethings). You wouldn’t expect a 1964 production to be the gayest one ever, but it goes beyond plausible deniability to a true, actor-confirmed queer interpretation of Hamlet and Horatio. And just to sweeten the deal, it’s an amazing production that flows super well, has a GREAT Ophelia and Laertes, and has no gross Oedipus interpretations. By far my favorite filmed version of Hamlet.

[It’s *cough* totally not right here on Youtube]

Second place for level of gay is even older (1921) and German: the first filmed production of Hamlet, with Asta Nielsen playing the leading role. As it takes the premise that Hamlet’s birth sex was female but he was raised as male so the kingdom would have a prince, his clear attraction to and flirtation with his male companions was acceptable to its contemporary audience. But like. It’s a dude. Who’s clearly not into Ophelia and way into his guy friends. It’s pretty gay.

It’s really really great too, with gorgeous cinematography but is a German silent film so fair warning.

[It’s also totally not right here.]

(There are other very gay Hamlets I could have included. Maxine Peake’s is fab, and the RSC’s has some vibes. But these are the two that are also actual amazing performances, so they are always my #1 recs for queer Hamlet.)