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I did a Thing today
There’s a free creative writing group at my local library and I actually… went to it… on my own… There were about 10 people with an average age of 65 (possibly 70), mostly women, and each week someone puts forward a theme and everyone has half an hour to write something related to the theme and then reads it out to everyone, and they comment on it. The theme was ‘going on a journey’, which I duly forgot about, and after about 10 minutes of staring at the paper thinking ‘oh god what am I doing here’ I finally thought of a starting sentence. I wrote about an eight y/o boy called Theo who is at the beach with his older brother and finds a stray kitten. I didn’t actually get to the kitten part. But I wrote about a page and shakily read it out (quite badly, because a great deal was messily crossed out) and they seemed quite impressed haha. Most of the other people wrote anecdotes about their train journeys… They were more fluent/confident writers than me but their writings were more like diary entries than fiction. But the people were all really nice, anyway. The organiser said I wrote well, and the lady next to me liked my descriptions. Others were very complimentary. An old seacaptain-like man with a soft Northern Irish accent sat opposite me, and told us about the time he was away in France and went to a patisserie and the lady behind the counter was so pretty he forgot all the French he had learned and stumbled back out of the shop without buying anything. There was a woman with Alice in Wonderland syndrome who has a fear of travelling on the tube on her own in case she has an episode. I remember these things because I relate to them, to some extent. In short: woo I left the house and did a really scary thing which doesn’t seem like a big deal really but reading out a story that I wrote in 20 minutes without editing it to a group of strangers is……. An Awful Lot for me

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Literally that anon can fuck off. I hope you feel better gun! I believe in you and so do many others. We're all here for you no matter what mk? Love you and make sure you take care of yourself.

Thank you I really appreciate it <3 

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Dating Antoine Griezmann would be like please?? X

- giving him cute nicknames! My little croissant, my prince, grizi. Laughing at how his mum calls him titi! “Y/N, stop being so rude! It doesn’t mean boob in french!”
- him waking you up with kisses “good morning my princess, I have training” “no, please stay 5 minuets longer” “ok 5minuets” he’d wrap his arms around you as you nuzzle your head into his neck
- going to his games! There is nothing he loves more than seeing you jumping around in the stands with his jersey on! He’d alway make sure to blow you a kiss before kickoff! Not matter how many times he did that, you’d still blush and get butterflies!
- making snapchat videos together! “Y/N have you seen this new filter, ohhh gurl you look good with it!” “Antoine don’t film me, I look awful” “shut up Y/N you are beautiful”
- him getting sad whenever you were feeling down “Antoine I can’t do this! I’m struggling with uni, it’s all too much” “you can do this I believe in you. Yes you’re struggling, but you’ll get through this, I know you can” he’d then spend hours testing you on your work and every time you got an answer right you got a kiss! He says this is good motivation and you couldn’t help but agree!
- he’d be super romantic in bed! 😉 but also super super passionate! He’d always check that he wasn’t hurting you and you were comfortable
- he would always make you laugh! He never failed at making you smile. Even when you were crying your eyes out he always managed to make you feel better about yourself!
- you’d both fangirl about Torres! I mean let’s be real here, grizi loves that man! “What he like!? Is he nice?!” “Why don’t I introduce you the next time you come to my game sweetie?” “No Antoine! I’d die!!!” The next time you go to his game you’re waiting for him and see him walking over with Nandi! Your heart starts beating super fast and your hands get all sweaty! “Fernando, this is my beautiful girlfriend, she’s a massive fan of yours!” “Hi” you say nervously as you stick out your hand “come here and give me a hug” Torres says as he pulls you in!

I could go on writing about my baby grizi!! He’s so precious!!!! Hope you like it anon! ❤

After the shit show that is Supergirl right now, like, I’m trying to not get my hopes up about Jane and Petra ever getting together because (I tried to not admit this because I don’t have a lot of experience with CW shows) the CW doesn’t have great experiences with wlw pairings. Sanvers is beautiful, I love it and them, but in an episode that was advertised as Sanvers centric when they got maybe 10 minutes in the whole episode and focused on that shitty relationship between Kara and what’s his face

Roisa was problematic but I still enjoyed it to an extent (mostly because Yara and Bridget are very attractive) and all of Luisa’s other relationships have been not good.

So the CW is going to insist both Jane and Petra are straight, Petra is with the gator guy and Jane, I don’t know. I’m so proud of her with her book, but I’m sure it’ll be a matter of time before they find a guy for her.

Do I want to be positive and retain the hope that Jane and Petra will find their ways to each other? That Petra is another part of Jane’s new chapter?

Absolutely but this is the CW so I honestly don’t know what will happen. I’ll probably continue to be blindly optimistic and just ignore parts of canon (which I also plan to do in supergirl)
All Good Things, A Colepaldi Fic, Ch 9
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Chapter 9: Jenna is drunk and makes a call she is sure to regret later and Peter is determined to help her out, no matter if it makes him look ridiculous.

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17

“How MC finds out that Zen and Jumin are dating.”
They have questions.

For Mystic Messenger Valentines week hosted by mysticmessimagines

Day 4: Zen Day

This might be the last day i participate in, but I still have plans for the other characters. I might post them later but I don’t think I’ll finish it in time.

Shout out to everyone who is trans/nonbinary/questioning their gender and identifies as ace and/or aro - spec but aren’t sure if they are actually ace and/or aro or if it just dysphoria acting up.

You are valid in using the ace or aro labels. If you find out later it was dysphoria or something else that made you identify as ace or aro and you want to change labels, then that’s completely ok and great!! And if you always identify as ace or aro, that is also completely ok and great!! I love you all and I wish you all the best!~

There are only two people in the whole who would really care about me”

- Meowth



Meowth Rules

A Poached Ego

Litwick Mansion

Meowth, Corless (I forgot the rest, it in the best wishes series)

Pokemon XY Japanese Opening


Pokemon XY episode 63 

Secrets of the signs

Aries: can’t handle fighting and losing people. They act like they’re happy to let people go, but in reality they regret fighting and want those people back, they hate loosing people that mean something to them.

Taurus: is afraid that no one actually wants them around, and they’re easily forgotten about to the people who mean the most to them, is constantly wondering if they mean anything to anyone.

Gemini: They try so hard to fit in and be friends with everyone they change who they are themselves , but would rather change than be alone, because being alone is extremely scary to them.

Cancer: tries to act happy all the time. They feel like if they let others see them upset, they’re disappointing them. Needs to make sure everyone around them doesn’t worry about them, no matter what the cost.

Leo: Believes they are unlovable and that everything that goes wrong is their fault. They try to act tough and like they don’t care, but deep inside, they are probably the most sensitive person you will ever meet.

Virgo: has trouble handling life. They may seen like they have everything under control and in order, but in reality they have trouble making it every hour of the day. It’s hard for them to stay positive.

Libra: Can’t be without a lover because they need to invest time in others so they don’t have to focus on themselves. Hates having to deal with their own problems so they hide them and pretend everything is fine.

Scorpio: is scared of getting close to people. They love being trusted by others but have a hard time trusting others. Are afraid one day this will push everyone away but they don’t know how to fix it.

Sagittarius: Wants only love and to be loved. When they aren’t with someone, they start to feel hopeless and like they aren’t good enough for anyone.

Capricorn: Invests themselves in trying to get to the top, so they tend to not have deep connections with anyone. They’re afraid because of this that they’ll be alone forever.

Aquarius: Doesn’t feel emotions like they think they should. They get into relationships and don’t feel anything for a while, and because of this they believe there’s something wrong with them and hate themselves or it.

Pisces: Actually has no idea what they’re doing in life and day dreams to make themselves feel better. Is lost and confused but acts like they have everything under control and hates asking for help.


黒子のバスケ J-WORLD Collection Ver. Special ‘16-'17

These are the menus for the latest KnB event in J-WORLD featuring the boys in their special attire. Certain dishes are only available for a given time frame.

Sales Period: February 1 (Wednesday) to February 23 (Thursday)

  • Kuroko’s Lunchtime Special Basket
  • Akashi’s Tomato Pasta & Gratin-Stuffed Tomato Special Combo

Sales Period: February 24 (Friday) to March 17 (Friday)

  • Kagami’s Special Ginger Pork & Roast Beef Bowl (with American Hotdog)
  • 「It’s Horikita Mai-chan, not Horuichi Mako-chan!」 Katsu Sandwich & Grilled Hotdog Combo Plate
  • Murasakibara’s Purple Cabbage and Chicken, Maiubo Sandwich Wrap Special Plate

Sales Period: March 18 (Saturday) to April 9 (Sunday)

  • Kise’s Seafood Special Paella (with Onion Gratin Soup)
  • Midorima’s Crab Meat Over Tomato Cream Pasta

Lightwoodsdaily’s Appreciation Weeks ♡ Day 11
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