not sure if this is nice

i started bloofyboy as a joke because @braincoins encouraged me and now it has nearly 900 followers

literally the only original plan for the blog was the collect dorky pics of shiro in one place so i could look at them whenever i wanted and now look at it

my stretch goal is the hear Josh Keaton refer to Shiro as a bloofy boy. that’s my new dream. my legacy to the fandom.


Sean Pertwee gives advice on how to treat people at Toronto Comicon ‘17 (x)

As requested by @yayume-ladypenguin

favourite underappreciated characters andromeda tonks

Mick has a pet now \O/

we used to tie a balloon to the kittens when they were tiny to keep an eye on them, why not a rat when Mick’s letting it get some exploring done on board