not sure if this is actually in... character.... in terms of hannibal!verse

beta time.

@scienceandmysticism and I spent a long time this afternoon rueing the fact that there is very little constructive criticism provided to fic writers on here, compared to say the Livejournal days, and wanted to find a way to change that culture.

Actual feedback on fics, beyond “this is amazing,” is hugely important to writers who want to make sure their next stories are better and better. In turn, readers benefit from the higher quality work. Common sense, right? 

So I want to put together a list of people willing to beta, but only under the condition that they will, nicely, be 100 percent honest, whether that comes down to, “you have some grammatical errors” or “this entire fic feels out of character” or “I’m really just not feeling this entire story because X.” A list of people who will say, “let’s work on this part” or “talk me through why you think they would do this.” Writers coming to this list know they can expect their work to turn out far better than if they did it alone.

Editing stories like this will take much more time for writers and betas, but if you can be patient it will really benefit everyone. Also, it’s a great way to learn how to treat criticism as something other than a personal attack. 

I’m looking for volunteers. Let me know if you’d like to be added to this list so that writers know who may be best for them.

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