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The Devilish Teddy Bear

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Title: The Devilish Teddy Bear

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 858

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was a request that was first requested by @piertotumlocomotor22, but then @mycuddlycorner added on to that request as well with a dream she told me about lol. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

On most nights, you fell asleep alone in your bed.  You lacked the fallen archangel’s presence and it left you feeling incomplete at night.  When you heard of your soulmate’s demise and him being locked in the cage, you grew restless.  One morning after only a few hours of sleep, you woke up with a devil-like teddy bear on your doorstep.  You didn’t know where it came from, but you never gave it another thought.  The day you found that teddy bear was the day you had the best sleep since Lucifer had been trapped in the cage.  From that day on, you slept with that teddy bear every night.

As you were getting ready for bed, you let out a long breath.  You missed your fallen archangel.  Nights weren’t the same without him.  He would tell you stories about how things were before humans existed.  When you got discouraged, he would assure you that you were the best thing his dad ever created, besides him anyway.

You slid into bed, grabbing your devil-like plushie.  It came with horns when you first discovered it, but Lucifer never really had horns.  He always made jokes about his lack of horns.  You would smile every time you came across the thought.

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Hey all! It’s that time of year! June 1st marks the anniversary of the Static #1 comic book release. It’s been a long time since the comic book and animated series ended along with Virgil’s short lived featuring in Young Justice (hopefully he’ll appear regularly in season 3), and a reboot comic that ended entirely too soon, but here’s where the second annual Static Shock Appreciation Week comes in! While were waiting for some new Static content for us fans to gobble up why not, in celebration of the 24th anniversary of Virgil Hawkins becoming the young, intelligent, electrified superhero we all know and love, spread our appreciation and love for this awesome super hero. This is to show everyone that the Static fandom is far from dead , and  we’re still here and waiting for Static and his crew to come back to us!

The event will start on May 29th and last through June 4th with a special prompt for each day. Anything goes as long as it pertains to the prompt no matter how accurate or how loose. Fanart, Fanfic, gifs, headcanons, anecdotes, etc are accepted for the comics and animated TV show, if Static was in it then it can be included. Just make sure to tag #StaticShockAppreciationWeek2017 in your posts so I can reblog it here and so others can see it in the tag.

Day 1 (May 29th) -Favorite Static Moment (What made you like Virgil Hawkins?)
Day 2 (May 30th) - Favorite Character in the Comic or TV Series
Day 3 (May 31st) - Favorite Static Shock Rogue (Ebon, Hotstreak, Puff, etc)
Day 4 (June 1st) - Happy Anniversary! What do you hope to see included in future Static incarnations?
Day 5 (June 2nd) - Favorite Episode or Comic Arc and Why.
Day 6 (June 3rd) - Favorite Character Relationships (Familial, Platonic, or Romantic)
Day 7 (June 4th) - Free Day (Anything goes, something you wanted to do didn’t fit in the other days? Today’s the day to let it all out with a bang!)

And that’s it! Take the rest of the time to think up and spread the news! Hope everyone that wants to participate can. Last year had a great turn out. I hope to see more of you post you thoughts and creations this year! Don’t forget to tag #StaticShockAppreciationWeek2017 in your posts!

           CLAIRSENTIENCE/EMPATHIC (Intuitive Feeling)

                      MASTERPOST & HELPFUL INFO HERE <–

Clairsentience is also known as ’Clear Feeling’ or ’Clear Sensing’ and is very closely linked with the gift of Empathy (they’re both basically the same thing, which is why I’ve decided to group them together.)  See, Empathy and Clairsentience are within the same spectrum of gifts that are based on feeling/sensing the emotions and energies of the world around us. But, Clairsentience is a more intense version of Empathy which takes on a wider range of sensitivities. 

Where an Empath has the ability to sense and feel emotions of people, animals or objects, a Clairsentient person is able to do all of that as well as physically feel energy fields around them, including a person’s aura and voice. So while the two are similar and it is very likely that an Empath can develop a greater Clairsentient gift, it strongly relies on the drive and trust in an individual’s own intuition to tap into fully. We have to trust that what we are feeling is true and act accordingly; it’s so important to remember that we cannot take on and help everyone either. Sometimes the best we can do is protect our own energy, it’s not being selfish, it’s called being SAFE.

In the beginning, you may find that it can be very challenging to understand, because sometimes you will feel things but, you don’t know where it’s coming from or why it’s coming to you. It can be strange at times because you may even feel physical sensations like tickling, goosebumps or weird pressure. Imagery and words DO have an effect on the body so, it may even help to cut back on some of the crazy shows and become more aware of how you speak. It’s important to understand that your words are spells and they should always be used wisely. You may even find now that you can’t watch gore-type movies for example, because they feel physical pain that you feel. Ugh, I know that now just thinking about the ORIGINAL Hostel movie (the LAST gore film I ever watched, legit) I can feel my stomach turn and I get a weird lumpy feeling in my throat. Never again, nope. 

Anyways, sometimes information or specific details will pop into your mind and they will have come out of the blue, literally from nowhere. You will generally feel the emotions and energy of people and the environment around you. The more you develop this gift, you will find that you will have a good sense of what someone is thinking. You might feel exactly what another person around you is feeling, their happiness, sadness and even aggression. You may feel just kind of heavy or off when you meet a new person who ends up being more narcissistic than anything. You may get anxious for no reason or feel random pent up emotions that suddenly burst out like a popped balloon without warning. But, most of all you will just be able to sense the presence of another being before you see them, you’ll just know when someone is having the best or the worst day of their life. Trusting your intuition will greatly help you to know whether you should put your energy and trust into a situation or a person. 

So, how do you know that it’s not ‘all in your head’? Well, we test it! Have you had experiences of overwhelming emotions or energy from people animals, or for just no freaking reason at all? Does it expand to objects and places too? Have you ever felt emotionally attached to someone, even at a distance and can easily call on them in dreams, random thoughts or flashes of insight? Maybe you have a pattern of people not understanding or saying that you are just being “too sensitive” or have a very “vivid imagination”. Are you able to understand energy by words and body language by easily picking up on small cues that others don’t? Perhaps you can sense the presence of spirits, or are aware of the strong energy that will suddenly surround you. Are you highly sensitive to your surroundings to the point where they can put a damper on your emotions or do large crowds make you physically feel ill and call for a serious recharge after? If any of these situations sound familiar, it’s very possible you are an Empath with the ability to tap into clairsentience on a deeper level.

A fun activity you could try is to ask a friend to show you a picture of somebody they know well (obviously make sure you don’t know the person too lol) and then look into the person’s eyes and focus on their energy. Ask yourself how they must have felt at the moment of the photo being taken? What this individual is like as a person? Would you trust the person? Is there anything else the person’s eyes are revealing or rather hiding? After a few minutes of gaining insight, check with your friend to see how accurate you were! Your first time you may only get basic feelings like a burst of positivity or negativity but, the more you practice, the more you will begin to feel, understand and see the opportunities that this beautiful gift has in store for you.

                               (video used in .Gif here)

*This concludes the ‘CLAIR’ posts. If you have missed any and want to read more, click the link at the top of this post. Have any areas you would like me to cover? Shoot me an ask for in-depth write-ups!

Rock God

“God, I’m so damn nervous,” Jensen confessed, picking up his whiskey and downing it with a wince. 

You placed your hands on his hips and pulled him closer to you. His feet shuffled toward you with ease as his gaze fell upon your face, a smile sneaking onto his face. 

“Jen, you’re going to be incredible out there. They adore you,” you told him, moving your hands so that your fingers slipped under his shirt, his skin hot on your fingers tips as you felt him shiver at your touch. 

He placed his hand on your jaw line, pulling your face closer to his as he whispered, “You think so?” 

You could see the genuine question in his emerald eyes. They danced back and forth between yours, searching for the truth. 

“I know so,” you responded confidently, reaching up on your toes and kissing him firmly, your hand gripping the back of his neck to hold him tightly to you.

His arms slid around your waist, hugging you closer to him. You let your hands wander to his chest, your fingers playing with the leather jacket as you held him close. 

His lips were intoxicating. Every time you got a taste, you were lost. Hell everything about the man was intoxicating. You could never quite figure out what you had done to deserve a man like Jensen Ackles, but you had his last name, and he was yours. That’s what mattered. 

“I love you,” he whispered, hesitantly pulling away from your kiss swollen lips. 

“I know,” you smiled with a wink, your fingers brushing the soft hairs at the nape of his neck. “Now get out there and kick ass with that sexy as hell voice,” you smiled. His voice did things to you that you couldn’t accurately describe in words, but you were always sure to show him just how he made you feel. 

He tossed his head back in laughter and kissed your cheek before starting to turn away, heading for the black curtain that would lead him onstage to join Rob and the band. 

You grabbed his hand and pulled him hastily back to you, your lips crashing to his one last time. 

“I love you,” you mumbled against his lips, a smile spreading across his face. 

“I know,” he chuckled, pressing his lips to yours again. “What would I do without you?”  

“You’d survive. It’s me who needs you,” you assured him as he shook his head in disagreement. “You know I’m right, Ackles. Now go before they start a riot or something,” you laughed as you heard the crowd cheering for Jensen. 

He hugged you close and whispered against your ear, his breath fanning your neck. “I’d never be the same if I didn’t have you, sweetheart.” He pulled away before you could respond, and stepped through the curtain, embraced by the screaming crowd. 

That night Jensen sang Whipping Post. He blew it out of the park. He was the most relaxed you could remember him being while he was onstage singing. The way he moved around the stage as he sang, the smile that never left his gorgeous face, the crinkles in the corners of his eyes, all signs that he was having the time of his life. 

Jensen Ackles was a rock god, and he didn’t even know it. You couldn’t wait to treat him like one the second he stepped off the stage. 

Imagine Chris finding out you wrote his favorite love story.

A/N: Part 2 is here, yo! :) You can find the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1) I’m really liking where this is going, do you? ❤️

After Chris returned with your second vanilla latte, and his first green tea- he wasn’t a coffee person unless his schedule needed him to be- the both of you chatted at your corner table in Starbucks. The way you talked to each other, it was like two old friends rather than a fan with her celebrity crush. You’d started the conversation incredibly nervous; you’d had to hide your clammy palms under your butt in fear that he’d reach over and give your hand another pat or gentle squeeze. But the more you talked to Chris, the calmer you became about the whole situation. You didn’t know what it was about him that normalized him despite his celebrity status and deadly good looks, but for a second- you could almost forget that you were talking to Chris Evans.

Believe it or not, Chris was everything you’d imagined he’d be, and more- if that was even possible. The way you’d portrayed him in your stories was- as far as you could see- a hundred and ten percent accurate. The man was sweet, kind, funny, intelligent, and real. Chris was real, he was real with his questions, his comments, and his interest in what you had to say. You were so lost in the conversation- in his darling blue eyes- that you forgot to take some notes so you could write a piece based around this once in a lifetime meeting, though you doubt you needed anything to remind you of this interaction. You were pretty sure this was something you were going to remember on your deathbed, which was surely moments away if he continued to smile at you the way he was.

Now the realistic side of you reminded you not to fall too hard for, or get too attached to the man you clearly had no chance with; you had to know that Chris was just talking to you to pass time in a boring airport. But the hopelessly romantic and imaginative side of you said otherwise; Chris wasn’t the kind of guy who would approach a girl unless he was genuinely interested, be it romantically, or platonically. You may not have known him personally, but you knew he wasn’t the kind of guy who would lead people on, or use people. You’d watched enough interviews, read enough articles and fan encounters, and written enough fan fiction to know that he was a genuinely nice guy who was worth befriending and loving if you were ever lucky enough to acquire those chances. Perhaps you didn’t have a chance at being his girlfriend like you’d always dreamed of, but maybe- just maybe, you had a chance at being his friend.

“So tell me, Y/N.” He began and smiled when he saw how much more relaxed you were with him now than you were at the start of the conversation. Your hands had dried and returned to thrum the tabletop quietly as you waited for him to finish his sentence. “What made you want to pursue screen writing?”

“Would you believe me if I said you?” You quizzed with a small smile, which grew wider when you saw him smile. You started explaining when you saw his facials prompt a continuation, “I um- I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was kid. I liked making up stories, imagining all the different lives I could live and all the different jobs I could do. It was a good escape from my mundane life,” you admitted with pursed lips. “But uh- I never really thought about turning it into a career until I started writing fan fiction about you on Tumblr.”

“How do you mean?”

“I wrote as an escape,” you said and he nodded, acknowledging what you’d told him earlier “I took myself into a different world where I could have the perfect life with the perfect guy so I could feel better. Writing was like a safe haven, a place where nothing bad could get to me. It made me happy and I realized…” You trailed off, licking your dry lips. “There must be a lot of people like me out there who needed someone else to be, someone wonderful to be with. I just- there had to be someone out there who needed a safe haven too.”

“So you started posting on Tumblr,” he finished for you and you nodded.

“I started out pretty slow, I had a few likes here and there. Um- It took a while for me to build a fan base, but eventually- I had a reasonable number of readers who supported all my pieces. A lot of them thanked me for writing something that took their mind off a bad day. Some thanked me for making them smile and-” You felt your eyes welled with tears of joy; you were still touched every time you talked about your interactions with your readers. “And some would tell me that my stories gave them a reason to hold out for a love as strong as the ones I wrote about.”

Chris smiled as he listened to you answer his question in great detail with an indescribable amount of pride and passion. He felt his heart flutter as he unknowingly starting falling for you. You were a lot like the protagonist in one of his favorite love stories, which was surprisingly a Chris Evans mini series written by a fan on Tumblr. He’d found the link lodged away in his Twitter mentions, a simple sentence “you deserve a love as strong as this” caught his attention and invited him into the world of fan fiction. He spent a whole day reading the entire series and wishing he’d the life that Chris Evans had, wishing he had the girl that Chris Evans had. He was still yet to ask if you’d heard about the series, perhaps you could help him find out who wrote it because he’d love to meet and talk to the talented and obviously lovely author who surely based the second person protagonist around herself. Maybe she was the one, maybe they could get together and try to work towards the life she wrote about.

“What I thought was a hobby changed people’s lives for the better,” you continued and he nodded, smiling. “So how can I not make that into a career? How can I waste my ability to inspire and touch people through my words? To make them realize that they deserve something great? I don’t know, I’m rambling a little.” You chuckled nervously and he shook his head. “I just feel like if I can change one life, my time on this earth has been worthwhile.”

“That’s sweet,” he smiled. “Like- that’s just-” He found himself at a lost for words as he watched you intently. He chuckled softly with a shake of his head, “you’re- you’re kind of amazing, Y/N.” You felt your cheeks flush as you bit back your growing smile. “That is- that’s an amazing answer to such a simple question. But before I say anything else, I don’t think I have anything to do with your decision. I’m just one of the pieces, y'know? I mean- it sounds to me like you would’ve done something amazing with your talent even if you weren’t a fan of mine. I was just lucky enough to be the one you wrote about, I had nothing to do with any of it.”

“Well that’s not entirely true,” you chuckled. “I wouldn’t have pursued anything if I weren’t a fan of yours.” You told him and he narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Yes, I would’ve wrote about someone else but- your success story is kind of what made me push myself into studying screenwriting. In all your interviews, you talked about pushing yourself into what scares you. Like working with Marvel and going to New York to pursue your acting career- those stories are what inspired me to pursue my own, I would’ve never if it weren’t for you.”

He smiled, unsure of what to say except, “I’m glad I could help. You’re very talented from what I could see over your shoulder,” he said then chuckled when you did. “Would you mind letting me read something else of yours? I promise I won’t judge,” he told you when you looked hesitant. “Unless you’re one of those kinky smut writers,” he teased. “‘Cause then maybe there’ll be a little judgement.”

“Hey, some of my best friends are kinky smut writers.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Well, I don’t mean any disrespect to them. I’m just- stunned they can come up with what they come up with. Perhaps I should take a few tips, turn my vanilla based life into something more swirly.” He joked and you laughed, covering your mouth when you realized you were attracting attention.

“Like you need any tips on how to get things done in the bedroom,” you said then blushed when he smiled. “Fine,” you opened your laptop screen and turned it towards him after opening your most successful piece; your mini-series. “It’s um- It’s a mini-series, so it’s fairly long.” You explained and Chris’ heart skipped a beat; his eyes quickly scanned what was in front of him so he could determine if you were the girl he was looking for. “You don’t have to read it all, you can just-”

“Holy crap,” his eyes stopped at one of the many sentences he’d read a thousand times. “Drunk minds speak for a sober heart,” he mumbled to himself then looked up at you. Your eyes narrowed in confusion when you saw the way he was looking at you. Was that- adoration? You were about to question him when he smiled and breathed, “it’s you.”

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Part 3A

During questioning about the murder of 23 year old registered nurse Caryn Campbell, Ted Bundy was very evasive and nervous. He also stumbled on his words, backtracked on his story, his voice shook as he spoke, and he nervously giggled in his answers. To Mike Fisher, the detective questioning him, these were all tell tale signs of someone who was lying. The following exchange is taken directly from the transcript of a March 11th interrogation.

MF: All right. Ted, do you recall, uh, January of 1975?

TB: Not with any specificity.

MF: Do you recall… where you were on or about January tenth, 1975? That would have been a Friday? 

TB: No, i do not. I mean I’ve been so, I really can’t remember I think I would be a more accurate statement. I have no records, I have no records before me, no diary, no other means of getting hold of that date or that period.

MF: Ok, during January 1975, Ted, were you ever in the state of Colorado? 

TB: Possible. Um- it’s, it’s possible. Uh, I can’t say for sure, ok?

MF: If you were in the state of Colorado, do you know where you would have been?

TB: Uh, in the general Rocky Mountain area, you know, like I don’t know, recall names of the routes or the cities, uh, I don’t know the area that well to say for sure.

MF: Ok. Prior to January of 1975-

TB: I dont think, if you tell him, as I understand it, uh, you got, uh, you got a gas record of some place during that period there, and maybe if you would give it to us that would help.

MF: Well, I’m gonna tell, I’m gonna show you a gas record here of, uh, it’s dated January 12, 1975, and, uh, have you look at that. That’s from a gas station in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

MF: Do you recall making that purchase, Ted?

TB: Well, not specifically. It appears to be my signature and, uh, and I certainly wouldn’t deny it’s my signature if you asked me, but I don't remember making that purchase.

MF: Now you say the signature on the gas credit card looks like yours?

TB: That looks like mine.

MF: It could be your signature.

TB: It probably is. I mean, I, my card was not stolen or missing during that period, and I did use my credit card during that period on a trip through that I may have taken to Colorado. 

(At this point Ted became uncomfortable and kept saying that he could not remember where he was or even what he did while on his ‘trip.’ When asked why he was in Colorado at all, he told Mike Fisher it was due to the stress of law exams, as well as just the desire to be out driving.)

MF: Uh, when you take a trip like this, you know, tension from the exams, right?

TB: Well, yeah, I guess, did sort of need to get away from Salt Lake City, and, uh, any kind of drive, and think, I wasn’t really concerned with where I was going, as place or paying a lot of attention to just where I was going or what cities I passed, or, I had no objective in mind.

MF: On January the 12th, 1975, did you kill that young lady up there near Snow-mass-at-Aspen, Colorado?

TB: I certainly didn’t kill anyone anywhere, and I, wherever it was, I didn’t kill anyone.

MF: But you don’t recall any of the occurrences that happened on that trip, I mean-

TB: Well, yeah, of course, I wasn't paying a great deal; of attention to specific places or signposts or mileage traveling, uh, but one thing you would, remember, I mean [laughs], it’s certainly almost, I won’t say that it’s, it’s, unfortunately it concerns you very much, but if you meet someone, you’d remember, especially if you start up a relationship with them, that was not my intention, nor did I do that. Uh, and as far as the question, did I kill anyone, I certainly didn’t. It sounds absurd to say so, but you’ll remember if you’ve done something like that, I certainly didn’t. 

Source- The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History by Kevin M. Sullivan 

This was harder to write than I anticipated but after I contemplated having a baking session to ‘cook up’ some ideas (I’m full of puns today - apparently including the title), I actually got the idea for where this story should go. Also, Steve x Wanda - I ship it. ;) This story is for awardlosinglosers, I hope it’s alright. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: y/n is new to the avengers (joined around the same time as the twins). y/n is very shy, only talking to clint and nat at first. y/n got to know everyone slowly, leaving bruce to last due to his scarly violent abilities. eventually, y/n and bruce became friends, but the fear was always still sitting at the back of y/n’s mind. the rest of the avengers began noticing his particular interest in y/n, not atraction, something else.

“Cookie Monster”

Bruce was used to it by now – the distance people kept, the fear they had of his every move, the way their eyes pored over him like a bomb ready to explode. He was used to it. Yet, for some reason, when she did it he felt horrific.

You had joined the Avengers not long after the twins, having been in the same Sokovian base. Whereas the twins had volunteered for experimentation, you’d been taken at the much younger age of 9 and tested on ever since. As a result, you’d become a hollow shell who was dependant on orders. It was only after the battle with Ultron that the twins recalled having seen you a few times and asked to search the base for you. Sure enough, you were found hiding in the shadows, waiting for instruction and help. Tony had described your powers blandly as invisibility but it was more accurately camouflage. You could take the appearance of whatever environment you were in or even just become a shadow, a wisp of dark fog.

However, after joining the Avengers, you rediscovered your humanity. Though you were still shy, you were slowly beginning to have your own thoughts and feelings again. You talked mainly to the twins, Clint and Nat, frightened of Tony’s boisterous personality, Steve and Thor’s huge figures and Bruce’s… Well, Bruce. You didn’t mean to be so terrified of him, particularly when you knew he couldn’t control it, but something about the idea of a man so volatile was not appealing after the way HYDRA had treated you. These thoughts raced through your mind as he sat across the table from you, sipping a glass of water peacefully. Wanda was sat next to you and sensed your discomfort. Relax. Her voice urged you. 

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AHS Imagine - Hotel Cortez


“7…8…9 and…10!”

Your feet naturally padded down the familiar halls you’ve grown to love. Your mother—an angel in your innocent eyes, was in fact a drug addict, resulting in your current temporary living standards. She would brush you and your younger brother from the room so she could ‘Rest’, and during that time you would play hide-and-go-seek.

You pushed your dainty body between the ice machine and the open hallway. Your brother’s heavy footsteps passed the vacant hall you hid in. Hiding places were a challenge, the halls had no corners or little spaces you could crouch in, and the hall you chose was completely out of use…so you couldn’t sneak into a room even if you wanted to. But thankfully for your slim shape you slipped into the small space, hoping your brother wouldn’t catch you. It came as a surprise to you that the hotel even had an ice machine, but you questioned no further as it was a perfect hiding spot.

Hide-and-go-seek was always more fun in your old home, stairs and little rooms were throughout the house—but what really made the game fun was when your father joined. That was until your final game in that house. Your father decided to hide outside, you spent hours of your time searching under every branch and every little hole you could find.

you never found him.

Sometimes you prayed that he was still hiding, but the reality of it all…he left. You were 12; you weren’t oblivious…you knew your mother was unstable, and you knew he wasn’t going to come back… all you wanted to do was convince your mother that the worst was over. 

Your brother’s shadow fell on top of your crouched figure, to contain your giggles, you covered your mouth.

“Found you!” He squealed, and in one swift movement you were out of the small space and running into the delta of the halls.

Everything suddenly became a blur, your vision a congregation of shapes, finally became stable as the blood rushed from your head. Although you were slim, your underweighted body was the reason for your lack of stamina. Your eyes trailed beside the oddly designed walls, all-changing as you turned corners. Your brother—fit for his age, was right on your tail.  A quick turn down another hall sent your brother to an alarming halt. While your brother backtracked into the hall, you took the opportunity to push your feet to their maximum. Your feet begged for a small rest, as they stung every time you stepped. Looking back, you noticed your brother picking up the pace, with a smirk mischievously forming on his lips. Midway during your attempt to turn your head back, your face collided with a hard surface.

Jolting back from the impact, a hand helped you regain balance. Your brother’s shoes behind you slowly skidded on the carpet floor to a stop. You looked forward but had to tilt your head up because the man in front of you was much taller than you were.

“Y/N, running in my halls again I see?” He questioned, making his raised eyebrow show slight irritation.

“Right…sorry Mr. March, I promise it won’t happen again” You flashed him the same smile you gave him the last time you were in this position,

“That smile seems alarmingly familiar, I’m assuming this will be a daily routine?” Mr. March tried to hold his firm stare, but let a small smile crack… feeling bad for being so harsh on you.

“Sorry Sir,” You mumbled, looking down at your shoes,

“Sir? You make me feel old,” His chuckle made the atmosphere more complacent,

“Look up child, a lady keeps her head high…and her hands out of her pockets” Your gaze fell on your hands that were stuffed into your jean pockets, you quickly removed them and placed them on your sides.

“Ah, that’s better” He smiled, placing his hand on your shoulder,

“Promise me you won’t break anything?” He smirked,

“Especially that vase, oh…it must be as old as me,” He eyed the vase that was placed accurately in the corner of the hall.

“I’ll make sure to break that first” You replied, giving him another smile.

“Well, it didn’t mean that much to me anyway”

Your brother walked up to you and Mr. March, rather impatiently.

“Right…well I’ll leave you two to continue to cause ruckus in my halls,” Mr. March leaned on his cane, placing all his weight on it… your eccentric mind thought of it breaking and Mr. March falling on his face…hearing him uncomfortably mumble;

“…Oh my!”

A giggle left your lips and Mr. March studied your sudden outburst.

“What is it child? Is it something on my face?” He wiggled his moustache resulting in another giggle,

“Nothing Sir…I mean Mr. March, we’ll see you later!” You said before running down the hall, followed by your brother.  


          The stay at the Hotel Cortez was temporary; your mom finally admitted her problem and found treatment shortly after. You were 22, in your third year of university and living under your own roof…

“It’s a long drive boo,” Your mother said over the phone,

“Stop at motel or something, a day late won’t kill anyone”

You placed your phone between your shoulder and ear as you made a turn,

“Are you sure? If I drove all night I would probably make it by 7” You asked,

“Are you crazy!? Stay at a Hotel Y/N, I don’t want you driving this late” a groan left your lips,

“But mommm” You whined,

“What did I say about whining? Stay at a hotel and we’ll meet Sunday, night!” And with that, the line went dead.

Arguing with your mother was pointless, when she had her mindset; there was no trick around it, your arguments usually ended with;

“Y/N, I brought you into this damn world and I can take you out!”

You found an empty hotel parking lot and decided to stay there for the night. Locking your car, you dragged your suitcase to the entrance of the Hotel.

Once you entered, the familiar scent filled your nose…it was the Hotel Cortez. The sign was faintly flashing its name, and the outside was slightly renovated. You were surprised you didn’t realize it was the Hotel from the beginning, which embarrassed you.

“Y/N” The sweet voice of Liz Taylor filled your ears, her smile welcomed you.

“Liz” You greeted, as you were pulled into a comforting hug,

“It’s been 10 years, where on earth did you disappear to?” Liz poured a drink but stopped before the liquid left the mouth of the bottle,

“You’re over 20 right?” She eyed you, impatiently shaking the bottle,

“Yes Liz, I’m 22” You replied,

“Then how the hell old does that make me?” Liz questioned, before pouring the liquid into the glass,

In one swift gulp, the glass was empty,

“Thanks for the drink Liz, but I better get going” You jumped off the stool and headed to the receptions desk.

A familiar greeting came from Iris—minus the booze, but she happily gave you the room you shared with your mother and brother, 10 years ago.

Making your way out of the elevator and into the native hallway, you hear heels lightly scrape the floors,

“The linins! I can get these stains out! Don’t worry sir, you wont even know they were there!” Ms. Evers trotted from the corner and scurried past you,

“Y/N, good to see you again” she said, almost completely out of breathe, and in seconds her small frame was around another corner, and out of your sight.

Ms. Evers was always in a hurry, and frankly very fidgety, but one thing you knew was whenever you saw Ms. Evers, Mr. March followed right after.

“Ms. Evers! Don’t forget to bring extra sheets! This ones going to be one hell of a me-“

Mr. March stopped in his tracks as his eyes fell on you, his face stayed baffled as you slowed to a stop.

“What was that, Sir?” Ms. Evers returned, popping her head from out of the corner,

“Nothing” Mr. March said quietly. Ms. Evers sighed and headed back towards the direction she came from.

“Young Y/N,” He greeted with a sloppy smile,

“I’m surprised you actually came back…I mean this hotel is marvellous but…” He trailed off,

“You’re back” the sloppy smile stayed,

“How did you know it was me?” You giggled, stepping forward,

“Even a blind man could remember you, and he would say how gorgeous you’ve become”

Biting his lip, he skipped forward; his hot breath touched your skin, sending shiver’s to dance down your spine. His secretive aura was always something that intrigued you, even when you were small.

Mr. March reached for your hand, and placed a gentle kiss on it. His gesture wasn’t the reason for the butterflies in your stomach, it was his eyes that discreetly watched you as he did, and you couldn’t help but feel your heart pound.

“Care for a drink?” His hand stayed locked with yours, lightly caressing the back of your hand.

“I would Mr. March but—“

“James” He corrected,

“James,” you amended,

“But, I have to leave early tomorrow to visit my mom, I’m sorry” You said, removing your hand from his grasp,

“Very well,” he inhaled sharply, and exhaled.

“Y/N” he said, regaining hold on your hand,

“You know you’re always welcomed into my hotel? This can be a place of comfort if you’d like…free of charge” He emphasized the last part, by giving you a warm smile.

“I normally don’t do this but, there’s something about you,” his voice softened, as his hand found your hips,

“You’ve become such a beautiful young lady, Y/N,” With his free hand, he placed loose strands of hair behind your ear, and gently cupped your cheek,

“You’re simply exhilarating, my darling” James held his bottom lip between his teeth, and his eyes bounced from yours to your lips.

“Such a gentle soul” 

The sudden urge to kiss him, or even watch as he felt the same surprised you. The moment you saw him, as unquestionably yet questionably youthful he looked, you felt your heart race, it was something unexplainable, and simply something you couldn’t understand. Soul mates were something you never believed in, but what you felt made you question the whole myth of it all. 

How was he still young? His looks remained unchanged since the last time you saw him…10 years ago.

“How are you still young?” the question left your lips without notice, that was until his expression changed to astonishment.

He looked down,


“You’ve seen enough evidence to know what’s impossible becomes very possible here” He said, lifting his head,

“I’m not what you think I am, but I was once,” He continued. You tried to remove yourself from his grasp, but he held tighter,

“I died, in 1925” The sentence rendered you speechless, as if you felt his hands turn ice cold as he said that.

“But, my feelings for you would not have changed, dead or alive,” He added, releasing his grip, but kept it firm…in a reassuring way.

“You made me feel loved, when you were just a girl, you weren’t scared of me, you treated me like no one ever treated me before,” He swallowed hard, you saw the hope in his eyes that you would listen to him,

“And now, a grown woman, seeing you tonight made me realize what those feelings really were” His voice was low, but quiet. 

You’ve never seen him like this, he was always the energetic, yet odd owner of the hotel, who you considered a friend when you were younger, but now…you considered being more.

“Y/N,” He said, with his hand still on your cheek, and his breath still hitting your skin.


“Sir!” He was cut off; his jaw clenched as he hesitantly removed his hands from your skin,

“What is it Ms. Evers” He answered, irritably.

“The sheets” she said, uneasily.

“Right” He whispered.

“I must head off,” He continued, caressing your cheek quickly with his thumb,

“It was nice seeing you again,” You smiled, breaking the silence,

“It’s always a pleasure” His eyes fixated on you, he leaned on his cane and gave you a wink before walking past you, whistling almost inaudibly.

“I do hope we can continue this…if you ever consider returning”

“My offer still stands,” He said,

“Goodnight, young Y/N” he chimed to you. You turned to return the dismissal but his figure was nowhere in sight, but somehow, if you listened carefully…his soft whistles permeated your ears.


I thought of doing a part 2 but idk idk idk. 


                        - PART I

(requested by multiple anons
                - keep reading the next parts too ;) )

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 482
summary : Reader is a Trybrid (witch , werewolf and vampire) and very close with Klaus (like a daughter to him). She ends up in the Prison World where Kai is accidentally , trying to help a friend.
NOTE : This is the story with Kai / Kol / Reader , apologies for Kol missing in this chapter , but he will be in the next ones. Gotta start somewhere before we get to the fun part… ;)
*gif by vampirediaries

“What the hell ?”  she said getting up from the cold floor and looking around.
Y/N had been out in the woods helping a friend with a spell and suddenly she found herself in one of the hallways in her old high school. It was the middle of September , Tuesday … yet the hallways were deserted , no sounds came from the classrooms or anywhere from that matter. Well , almost… There was something but Y/N wasn’t sure if she was imagining it or not. She walked the empty hallways and got out of the school looking around , trying to find someone but there was absolutely no one. For a moment she thought maybe she had passed out and it was all some weird dream or something. Using her vampire hearing she headed for the only sound she could hear , leading her into an empty looking house.
The place seemed familiar , like a memory of a memory or a dream of a dream … then she realised why the house looked familiar - she had walked past it while going to school when she had been a kid. Y/N walked up the porch and knocked on the door. A few moments passed and no one opened so she decided to see for herself , but just as she was about to put her hand on the door knob , the door opened and in front of her stood a young man. He looked surprised to see someone standing on his doorstep , his facial expression went from shock to surprise to suspicion in seconds.
“Um … Hi.” she said smiling nervously. “I’m Y/N. Sorry to bother you , I … I kind of just found myself here , could you tell me where everybody is ?”
The young man stood frozen at the door for a few seconds before stepping away , letting her walk inside. Y/N took a few steps looking around the place.
“Thanks. Nice house..” she said , a moment before she dropped on her knees her hands reaching for her head trying to fight off the spell causing her the worst witchy migraine ever , then the world went dark.When Y/N woke up , she was tied to a chair with vervain ropes around her wrists and ankles. The mysterious young man was standing a few feet away from her , his eyes locked on her.
“Well that’s new…” she muttered trying not to move much before she has figured out the situation. Clearly there had to be some kind of misunderstanding.
“It’s not the only thing that’s new.” the young man said taking a step towards her. He was very handsome with blue eyes perfect chizzled jaw and judging by the purple - black veins showing under his eyes , he was also a vampire.
“Ooh-kay. Look , I don’t know who you are but there has to be some misunderstanding here. I was trying to help a friend and the spell must’ve gone wrong because I ended up here … except I have no idea where ‘here’ is or who you are.” she said.
“Oh right , sorry manners. I forgot to introduce myself earlier.” he said smiling. “I’m Kai. This is my home … not referring to the house , tho it is my home. The world outside is my home or … prison to be more accurate.”

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                  ~*~ENGINEERING VS. BIOCHEM~*~

Welcome, welcome to the official opening of the hiatus event of the ages! 

We are excited to be hosting, and we hope you have a lot of fun during this super long hiatus. Before you get started, please read the following post carefully as there are things you need to know:

|| General:

  • We’ve prepared team blogs for each team: @teamengineering and @teambiochem. If you’re not following your team blog yet, make sure to be doing so. These blogs will provide many updates, motivational and organizational posts, chats and other fun team activities. You wouldn’t want to miss out!
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    • The tag for this event is #engineering vs biochem! (Note the lack of a period in the [vs] in the tag!) Please use this tags to post your works, talk about the event, etc.
    • We also recommend you tag #thefitzsimmonsnetwork when posting works that you’d like reblogged by the network.
    • The team tags are #team engineering and #team biochem, but those tags aren’t required in the first 5 tags! If you don’t fit it in the top 5, please do include it as the 6th so that your leaders can reblog your works correctly. 

|| Points:

    • It has all the point breakdowns with FAQ and examples
    • It’s linked on your spreadsheets and team blogs
    • All the point information is in there :)
    • But, if something still isn’t clear or you have questions, please always feel free to message the network
  • The spreadsheet covers how points are earned for fanworks you create during the course of this event.
  • While it doesn’t touch on it as much, there will be plenty of opportunities to earn points by voting, and participating in hosted activities that will not be fanwork based. (And some are listed there!)
  • There will be plenty of activities and challenges during the hiatus to keep you busy and inspired to create things. Some challenges won’t be EvB exclusive, but you will earn bonus points for just participating in those, on top of the points you’d earn for the fanworks created.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the event will be the winner!
  • It is possible to individually win as well —there will be categories for top point earners (overall and from each team).

|| Spreadsheets:

  • You should have all received an invitation to your team spreadsheet. This is extremely important and will be used to track your points during the entire event, so please make sure you have checked out everything on it and understand how to input the information.
  • Here are the Team Biochem and Team Engineering spreadsheets
  • Sheet 1: This is where YOU keep track of your points. Each number corresponds to a different week, and each letter corresponds to a different challenge (check out Sheet 3 on a breakdown of the weeks). 
    • Every time you create a fanwork, please record the points into the sheet immediately. It will be easiest to keep up that way. 
    • In certain situations, like challenges, you will not be able to record your points. Never fear—we will record them for you once the challenge is over and your points have been determined
    • Everything is set to a formula, so all you have to do is enter your total, and the numbers will update themselves :) 
    • The horizontal sums will indicate YOUR personal score total, and the vertical sums let you know how your team is doing each week. 
  • Sheet 2: This is where you will put you fanwork links for verification. 
    • Each cell is clipped, so just put in your links (to each fanwork or supporting post) separated by commas. 
    • This is so that we can check to make sure points are being calculated accurately and also clear up any issues, if you’re unsure of how many points you’ve earned!
  • Sheet 3: This page just is a organization page to help you! It contains reminders of what column corresponds to what! This page will be updated by the mods and team leaders consistently to add organizational information to help you navigate everything that is going on.

Thanks for making it through to the end of the post :) Feel free to send any comments, questions or concerns you may have. There’s a lot to take in, but we’re here to answer your questions. We hope you guys have a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing what wonderful things you will create!

So, with that in mind…

                     Team Engineering vs. Team Biochem 
                      who will reign victorious at the end?

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Word count: 1707

Warning: smut

Your first time with Kai

You were dating Kai for a long time before you even thought about your first time with him. More accurate, your first time in general. It didn’t took you long enough to realize that you’re in love with Kai, which also made you think about him being your first. When he found out that you were still a virgin, he was really supportive of you. Everytime you tried to do it, you got scared and weren’t sure if it was the right time to do so Kai promised he would wait for you to be ready and that’s how it’s been since that day. You wanted it to be special but you also wanted it to be spontaneous.

You were on the couch in Kai’s apartment watching TV, your head resting on his shoulder and your fingers intertwined with his. You lifted your head up and started staring at him, watching his every move. The way his eyes were strongly focused on the TV but his hand still firmly holding yours, helping in reminding him you were still by his side, the way his lips curled up into a smile, showing his pearly white teeth, how his jaw clenched a couple of times. Those were all the things you found extremely fascinating and mesmerizing about him. You loved every singl things about him. Even his flaws made him perfect.

‘Staring much? It’s kinda creepy.’ He muttered making you hit him playfully on the arm, making him laugh.

‘Shut up, Kai.’ You trailed off through your laugh, Kai’s eyes still focused on the TV. You pulled yourself a little closer to him, planting a soft kiss on his neck, making him snap out of his litrle world. Your kissing turned into sucking, making an obvious hickey on his neck. He smiled as you cupped his face and turned his head, making him face you, your lips crashing with his. You lifted yourself up and sat on his lap, your legs on the each side of his body. His hands were loosely resting on your waist, your hands gently pulling on his hair.

'Wait, stop.’ He said as he broke the kiss and looked at you in the eyes, his hand placing a small strand of hair behind you ear.

'Kai, I want this.’ You whispered, his thumb gently caressing your cheek.

'Are you sure? You know I don’t mind waiting. We don’t have to do this.’ Kai trailed off, waiting for your response. You just nodded and bit your lip as his arms picked you up swiftly, caring you to his room. He placed you gently on the bed as if you were made of glass, watching carefully not to make any mistakes. He got on top of you and kissed your forehead gently as he went lower, his nose resting against your nose as your lips were only an inch apart. You both let out a deep breath, Kai closing his eyes for a second.

'If we’re gonna do this, I wanna make it special. I want you to feel special.’ Kai said and it only made you smile because you knew this would indeed be very special. Probably the most special moment you had in your life and you knew you would never regret it.

'I trust you. More than anything.’ You whispered, your hand resting softly against his cheek. 'I love you Kai.’

Kai smiled and kissed you softly at first, deeping the kiss by every second. Moments later he broke the kiss and got up, kneeling in front of the bed. He untied one of your shoes as he slowly placed it on the floor and then did he same with the other one. He took your socks off and placed them in your shoes, your bare feet exposed to the warm air traveling through Kai’s room. He placed his hands on your still covered legs and trailed them up your body until he reached your face again. He kissed you again and then caught both of your hands and lifted you up, making you stand in front of the bed, stand in front of him. He kneeled and kissed your exposed skin just above your jeans. His fingers reached up and found a button on your jeans, unbotting it slowly as he pulled them down at an agonizingly slow pace, sending shivers down your spine. You placed your hands on Kai’s shoulders while his fingers found the edge of your panties. He pulled them down your legs as you stepped out of them, you bottom half completely exposed to him. He looked up at you, your gaze locked with his as he smiled and did what made your breath hitch and heart skip a beat. He burried his tongue between your folds, finding its way to your clit, circling around making your hands go to his hair, gripping on it a bit tighter. He hummed when he felt your grip, making you squirm, the feeling of the vibrations that came from his mouth making you let out a quiet moan.


'Kai’ you whispered and closed your eyes, throwing your head back in pleasure. You felt yourself getting closer and only a dew more moves were needed for you to come to your release. He moved his tongue around for a few more times and your body started shaking, an orgasm tearing through your body. He wrapped his arms around you as he stood up, holding you close. He smiled at you and lifted you up again as he placed you gently down on the bed, his hands tugging on your shirt.

'We’ll leave this on for now.’ He muttered as he took his shirt off, allowing you to get a good look on his perfectly toned body, the right amount of chest hair visible on his body. You bit your lip at the sight of Kai shirtless. You saw him shirtless multiple times, but this time it was different. He placed his hands just under your breasts, trailing them down your body, resting them on your thighs. He spread your legs a little bit and then placed a kiss on your thigh. With every kiss he kept coming closer to where you needed him. He stopped at one spot and gave you a hickey on your thigh, making you moan out. You didn’t even completely recovered from your first orgasm, Kai’s mouth was resting against you once again, his tongue burried inside you. His fingers found their way to your entrance as he pushed only one finger in, making you moan out. He curled it around, your walls clenching with every move he made.

'Kai’ you moaned out and came once again around Kai’s fingers, a smirk on his face when he saw you falling apart like that and it was only because of him.

He got up and took his jeans off along with his boxers, his lenght jumping up, making your eyes go wider. You swallowed hard, remembering why you were so nervous every time you wanted to do it, but there was no turning back. You wanted to do this and this was the right time. He came closer and lifted you up as he took your shirt off slowly and unhooked your bra, placing it down on the floor next to his bed. You were completely exposed to him. You tried to cover yourself up, feeling a little self - concious, but Kai stopped you from doing so.

'You look beautiful.’ He muttered and leaned in as he kissed you deeply, his hand finding its way to your breast, squeezing it gently.

'You ready?’ He whispered and it took you a few moments to nod. Kai saw how nervous and kinda scared you were and he wanted to make sure that this was what you wanted.

'It will hurt a bit, but I promise you it will get better.’ You only smiled at him because you didn’t kno what to say. He caught his lenght with his hand and guided himself to your entrance, pushing only his tip inside you. You closed your eyes as he pushed himself in, making you cry out in pain, a tear rolling down your cheek.

'Hey, hey, look at me.’ He whispered, his hand placing on your cheek as he wiped your tear away with his thumb. You opened your eyes, still not used to the uncomfortable feeling.

'I’m sorry. It will get better, please don’t cry.’ He muttered and planted a bunch of soft kissed all over your face, making you laugh. After a few minutes, you felt the pain going away. You bucked your hips up a little bit, letting Kai know he could move. He pulled out and then went back in very slowly, his eyes never leaving yours, making sure he wasn’t hurting you. The pain was almost gone and it was replaced with pleasure only, making you moan out his name.

'I’m gonna go a little faster, ok?’ He trailed off as you nodded, Kai picking up his pace. You wrapped your legs around his waist and lifted yourself up a little bit. You clenched around him, making him moan out your name and close his eyes at the feeling. You dug your fingers into his back and threw your head back, you felt yourself coming closer to yet another orgasm.

'Kai, I, I don’t think I can do it.’

'Just let yourself go, baby.’ He whispered and picked up his pace a bit more, your clencing around him becoming more obvious with the each thrust he made.

'Fuck!’ Only a few more thrusts were needed and you came around him, sceaming out his name, you nails digging into his biceps and piercing through his skin. Not long after you, Kai reached his orgasm, his eyes closing.

He carefully pulled out, but you still winced in pain a little bit.

'You ok?’ He asked as he covered your naked body with a duvet, your eyes instantly closing.

'Yeah… just tired.’ You muttered, making him smiled. He kissed your forehead and laid down beside you, pulling you into his arms.

'I love you.’ He whispered and closed his eyes, drifting off to sleep with you in his arms.

[ vampire jun, pt. 2 ]

hey everyone, take a look at the previous scenarios!

↬ pt.1, pt. 3, pt. 4, pt.5, pt.6, pt.7↫ 

Your fingertips scraped against the cotton fabric of the pillow you were holding tightly to your chest as a scary clip appeared on your television screen. At the same time your other hand was shoved into a bowl of popcorn grabbing a handful of the snack to shove in your mouth. It was a late Friday night with the gentle patter of rain bouncing against your apartment window which meant it was time for a horror movie marathon. Dressing in your comfiest sweatpants and hoodie you bundled yourself in a fluffy blanket and popped in a dvd.

Watching horror movies alone was an experience you wouldn’t recommend, however you weren’t particularly close enough with anyone to invite over. There was Joshua but he was more of a friend you partnered with at work other than someone you would spend your weekend with. So you settled for your pillow as a friend and cuddle buddy which you were currently squeezing the life out of. This week had been nothing but a spiral of unpleasant events with Alberts death and the bodies being snatched away from Churchill Cemetery.

But something that was taking over your mind more than anything was the young man you and Joshua encountered at the cemetery the day of Alberts death. Jun.

He seemed to have disappeared from sight just after sharing a short conversation with you, one that left an anxious feeling to bubble away in your stomach. You hadn’t seen a trace of the mysterious boy since leaving you to wonder if meeting him even happened. Another thing was the police men sharing a hushed conversation over the bite marks on Alberts neck.

Was it really an animal or could it have been something else? The sudden thrill of the movies horror music snapped you out of your thoughts your eyes intently watching the television screen with fingers digging into your pillow. That is until the screen suddenly blinked off to a flat shade of black, the apartment lights flickering for a few seconds before staying lit. Now you were really quite scared as your eyes darted around the apartment space. Maybe the weather was just getting worse so the power was turning iffy.

Instead you decided to get ready for bed by giving a quick brush of your teeth and splashing some refreshing water over your face. You sat on the edge of the bed elbows resting on your knees while you took in the blinking lights of the city down below. Though the day was always glum and dull the night was always sparkling with bright city lights and the patter of cold raindrops to lull you to sleep. As you climbed under the covers and flicked off the light you felt a sharp tingle down the back of your neck making you tug the blankets up to your chin.

You rarely ever treated yourself seeing as most of your money went towards keeping your apartment and buying essentials to just get by. So when you were munching on a piece of slightly burnt toast this morning and your eyes wandered to the pile of cash from your boss sitting on the counter you couldn’t resist.

Quickly chugging down your orange juice you tossed the plastic cup into the sink and swiped the money off the counter. Then you shuffled off to get properly dressed. Jumping up and down you shimmied into a pair of tight jeans and threw on your favourite top. Giving your hair a quick check in the hall mirror you grabbed a light jacket and made your way to the elevator.

As you shuffled inside you met with the cleaning lady who vacuumed the carpets every two weeks or so. She nodded her head in your direction as your fingers played with the cash shoved in your pocket. “Heading out?” She asked with a tiny smile while you bobbed your head in reply. “I earned some decent money so I’ve decided to spend it on myself today.” Your eyes turned into two crescent moons as you returned her friendly smile.

“It’s nice to see you treating yourself.” She replied as the elevator came to a stop on the cleaning ladies floor. When she rolled the cart off the elevator is when you noticed a black jacket draped over her arm, one that looked very similar to something you’d seen before. Without thinking a question popped out of your mouth. “Where did you get that jacket?” “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Your features scrunched up in surprise at her sudden change in tone. From something so sweet to something filled with mockery.

Squeezing your fingers against the money in your pocket you gave a shrug, brushing off her sudden change in attitude. Then you stepped into the lobby and hailed a cab to the mall. The mall was very big with it being one of the cities main attractions. Cars jammed up the parking lots especially on weekends when people would be free to shop for hours.

You thanked the cab driver and offered him a tip before pushing through the rotating doors of the entrance your eyes widening at the long bright hall that seemed the stretch out forever. The marble floors were shiny and pristine with perfectly chopped hedges as decor lining the halls. The sweet smell of food wafted from the food courts leaving your mouth already watering. A smile propped it’s way onto your lips as you began browsing the stores, keeping an eye out for anything that snagged your attention.

After shopping for about an hour a growl erupted in your stomach so you took a quick stop at the food court section for a sandwich. After settling down in your seat you unwrapped your meal and took a large bite savoring the tasty flavors that tapped against your tongue. It didn’t take long for you to finish, so quickly you were tossing the sandwich wrapper into the garbage can and preparing to go browse some more.

That is until your eyes caught sight of a little old lady hobbling around with a coffee in her wrinkled hand. She accurately resembled the old woman you spotted sobbing on the bench at the cemetery which is when it clicked inside your brain. You weren’t sure if you should ask her how she’s been doing seeing as it might dig up unwanted emotions. But at the same time you were thinking this you were also making your way over to her.

“Hello, sorry to bother you,” She turned to you with squinted eyes before dismissing you as a sales person trying to sell their overpriced merchandise. “No I’m not a sales person but I was at the cemetery on the day of your husbands death. I was just wondering if the police had told you anything or how you’re doing?” Her expression was sour for a few seconds as if pondering if you were worth her time but her bony fingers reached for your sleeve and tugged you aside.

“The police haven’t told me nothin’ but lies. They keep mutterin’ bout all these over the top situations that make less sense than a fish outta water.” You could hardly tell what she was saying her voice was so strained and dry but you could get the just of it. “What do you think happened to him?” You were interested in what she had to say for she spoke like she already knew the truth and she was waiting for the police to slap a bow on it.

Tugging you closer by the fabric on your shoulder the old woman whispered directly in your ear. “Urbem Lamia.” Taking a step back you looked at her with a slacked jaw and squinted eyes. “You think a vampire killed your husband?” You didn’t bother to keep your voice down as a few people gave you questioning glances. The old women snapped her fingers to silence you as she squeezed her coffee cup tightly.

“I ain’t blind. They think I don’t see those bite marks on his neck well I did so. Vampires been livin’ in this city for ages and it’s only a matter of time before I’m next.” You adjusted the strap of your bag on your shoulder while staring blankly at the shiny floor tiles. Ever since Joshua mentioned that the city had been named after their existence things seemed a little stranger than usual. Alberts wife was busy hobbling away while you probed your thoughts for something to say.

“Wait!” You called out as you leaped forwards setting your fingers over her shoulder. She hissed under her breath. “What do ya want now?” “Did Albert ever have anyone who helped him bury bodies? Like an assistant or something?”

Your fingers fidgeted with the hem of your shirt as you waited for her reply, hoping she would say the answer you were looking for. “As assistant? My husband looked after that cemetery all on his own, buried all those sorry excuses for bodies and shoveled all the dirt over em too.”

“It doesn’t make any sense Joshua, it just doesn’t.” The poor boy leaned back in his chair his head lolling in a tired circle as you babbled on about everything you'ed recently discovered. His fingers carved over the chairs arms as he smacked his lips. “Just leave it. The police act like they’ll solve the mystery then once everything quiets down they toss all the files out the window. Vampires don’t even exist, it’s just based on a stereotype that this city attracts them.”

However now you weren’t so sure. There was obviously something going around killing all these innocent people and Albert surely wasn’t the end of it. Clicking the end of your pen repeatedly you released a deep sigh and slumped off the office break room counter. “I need to find him.”

“Find who?” Joshua cocked his head up at you while dumping his cold coffee down the sink not having a chance to drink it from all the questions you’d asked him. “Jun.” Joshua released a scoff while his fingers raked through his messy brown hair. Leaning against the counter he crossed his arms over his chest and gave you the look. “I’m serious Joshua. I need to put a stop to these out of hand murders if no one else is going to do anything. Why would he say he knows Albert if he really doesn’t?”

“You know Alberts wife has always been a bit on the delusional side. Maybe he stopped by a few times to help him out.” Though you just weren’t buying it. It wasn’t convincing enough for you. However, how on earth would you run into him again in such a large city. Your chances were slim and it seemed like you were walking into this blindly. Pouring yourself a glass of tap water you returned to your desk with a mind as blank as a fresh sheet of paper.

The city of rain was known for its constant gloomy weather and depressing mood that hung over its citizens. It was known for showers of rain that either poured or sprinkled over the streets and for its crime rate. Murders here, robberies there, an illegal trade of drugs being negotiated off in some dark alley. But though the city was big a lot of it was deserted. Certain parts lacked any source of life and hardly anyone wandered them for any reason.

The buildings were tall and empty, everything left exactly how it was. If you walked into a cafe the chairs would be neatly tucked into the tables, old food stored away underneath the glass of the display case. The open sign hanging on by only a thread about to snap. Houses still had dishes in the sink and clothes in the laundry basket. Homework left on kitchen tables along with toys that were never put away.

Nobody really knew why certain parts were so empty. It just seemed as though everyone left without packing up or taking anything with them. But there was always one mischievous group of children who wanted to break the norm of no one ever visiting those empty parts. They hoped over gates with untied shoelaces and ripped jeans late at night. Flashlights bright and lighting up the sidewalks. You use to be apart of those children.

You had a hunger to explore where you could not go and solve things nobody wanted to solve. It was a part of you that still followed you everyday to now when you were rushing to work under a sheet of drizzling rain. But there was a reason you stopped visiting those empty city parts, a reason you stayed away because sometimes curiosity killed the cat

It was the night you were blindly stumbling around in the dark with your friends. The house was tiny and had a very distinct smell of fungus that made you think twice about entering. However once you were inside it was fun to shine your flashlight over the empty fish tank and box TV sitting in the living room. It was fun to explore the house and try to discover its story. But all that fun disappeared when a shriek of horror escaped your dry lips.

Tangled up in the floral shower curtain was a body. A lifeless body lying still and stiff. After that day you never returned to empty parts of the city because you didn’t want to be filled with that sickly horrid feeling, but now you were use to it.

“But satisfaction brought it back.” “Hmm?” You mumble while typing up another report for your boss. Joshua was clicking away on his keyboard beside you however he was online shopping. “You said curiosity killed the cat. Not a lot of people know that it doesn’t end there. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.” Your fingers paused over the keyboard as you tugged your lower lip between your teeth.

It was getting late and you could feel the start of a headache throbbing in your skull. Whenever you were getting tired often you spoke your thoughts out loud without realizing it. “I guess that’s true.” Standing up from your computer you reached into the shelf above you for an aspirin but a sigh of disappointment left your lips when you realized the bottle was empty. So you settled for some water as you continued to type up your report.

A few minutes later Joshua was grabbing his coat off the hook along with his navy blue umbrella. He asked if you wanted him to wait but you just dismissed him saying you were fine to work alone. A pair of keys slid across your desk as Joshua rounded the corner. “Remember to lock up then.” Giving him a nod you returned to writing until your headache wouldn’t allow you to type another word.

Deciding it was better to head home than to try and finish the report in one night you fastened up your jacket and took hold of your umbrella. The fresh night air was crisp and cool leaving you to sigh in relief as you locked up the front entrance. A slight breeze ruffled the run away strands of hair and nipped at your heated skin. It felt nice to be outside and not cooped away in a tiny office cubicle. Your headache slowly disappeared as you shuffled down the damp sidewalk which you were very thankful for.

Just as you rounded the street corner you caught sight of your apartment building. Finally you could relax and get a good nights sleep. “We better hurry up, my parents will kill me if they see I’m not in bed.” “Stop being a baby Evan! There’s not even anything there, why do you think they call it deserted?” “I don’t know, what if we get kidnapped?” A group of 4 children strolled around the corner with their jackets pulled tightly up to their chins. One of them gripped a flashlight tightly in his palm as his brows knitted together in anger.

The one on the far side had a look of worry plastered across his face as he fiddled with his sleeves. “I can’t do this, I’m going home.” “Fine be a baby. Leave, we don’t care.” You paused to watch as the younger looking boy stepped away and began jogging down the street while the rest of the group mocked him for not being tough enough.

Giving your head a shake you press the stop light on the street pole and wait for the right moment to cross. Those kids better be careful if they know what’s good for them. Realizing you sounded like an old person you raise an eyebrow and got ready to cross the street.

There it is. That stupid chill that runs down the back of your neck.

Spinning around your jaw almost hits the cement when you see the young man you were talking about searching for. His outfit consists of nothing but black. A black jacket that spreads across his broad shoulders and black sweatpants that are tucked into black sneakers. What catches you the most is seeing those glossy brown eyes bore into yours from his place at the pole across from you. How long had he been standing there watching you?

Suddenly the loud blare of a car horn has you yelping in surprise. You turn your attention away from Jun to see an annoyed man glaring at you from his noisy pickup truck. “Are you going or not?” He calls to you angrily. Your mind freezes and suddenly you don’t know what to say. Gaping for words the man just shakes his head and speeds off followed by the stream of cars turning up mist behind him.

“Everyone in this city is so impatient.” Your face hollows as you slowly turn around, gazing worriedly at how Jun in now directly in front of you. His skin glows under the street lamp as two tiny balls of light reflect in his glassy orbs. Your body begins to heat up under his intimidating stare as you search for something to say. Thinking quickly you snag something off the top of your head. “It’s late people just want to get home.”

He tilts his head innocently to the side as a pout grows on his soft pink lips. “But the city is so much more thrilling at night, don’t you agree?” Blinking up at him you give your head a slow nod. You needed to ask him some questions but for some reason your mind wasn’t processing them. He digs his hands into the pockets of his sweatpants while his gaze flutters back to you. “Those kids certainly know what they’re up to tonight.”

His voice is so smooth and calming to hear that it’s like being in a trance. “It’s also dangerous. A lot of things can happen in one night.” You eye him carefully, not willing to peel your gaze away for a second. The young man just chuckles mostly to himself before he takes a step towards you, lips moving to your ear. By now you were completely gone, you could feel a sort of warmth radiate from his body as you took in his scent. It was slightly musky but you could also detect a hint of cologne.

“You want to ask me something don’t you? Go ahead, I don’t bite.” Then Jun pulls away, a cocky smirk painted on his lips like he knows how he affects you. Coughing into your elbow a few times you try to stand up a little straighter to appear more confident but that really wasn’t the case. Quickly you wet your dry lips before staring at him boldly. “I spoke with Albert’s wife a few days ago at the mall. She told me that nobody helped him bury the bodies.”

Jun’s features pulled a puzzled expression like he has no idea what you’re talking about. “She must be mistaken. I helped him many times.” His tone was confident and he sounded very sure of himself. It was hard to dismiss what he said as a lie. That is until a playful smile plays on his lips and he’s pushing his fingers through thick strands of black hair. “You think I killed Albert?”

“I think you’re a suspect.” His response is a couple of solid blinks as he reaches out his hand. Delicate fingers twine through yours as he gives you a gentle tug towards him, his gaze softening while his thumb strokes your skin. You want to pull away, to break free but you can’t. “Let’s go to your apartment hmm?”

You let yourself follow him across the street not breaking his soft hold on your fingers until you reach the front of the apartment building. “Your heart is always beating so fast.” His voice has a concerned edge to it but the way his eyes flicker mischievously tells you he enjoys knowing his power over you. Being so wrapped up in his aura you hardly realize that his skin is still cold as ice.

Licking your lips you bat your eyelashes up at him innocently. “Your skin is always so cold.” He releases a scoff while breaking his hand away making sure to give you one last solid stare before backing away from you slowly. 

“Goodnight.” He calls out with a smirk. “Also remember to give those keys back to your boss tomorrow morning.”

Hey all! June 1st marks the anniversary of the Static #1 comic book release. It’s been a long time since the comic book and TV Show ended along with Virgil’s short lived featuring in Young Justice and a reboot comic that ended entirely too soon, but the 800 people following this blog just proves that the fandom is still alive and kicking and waiting for the next Static related thing to gobble up. Meanwhile, in celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Virgil Hawkins becoming the young, intelligent, electrified superhero we all know and love. I thought why not join in on some new fandom fads which led me to planning a ‘Static Shock Appreciation Week! It’s been a long time coming and is most certainly well deserved. This is our chance to show everyone that we’re still here and waiting for Static and his crew to come back to us! 

The event will start on May 30th and last through June 5th with a special prompt for each day. Anything goes as long as it pertains to the prompt no matter how accurate or how loose. Art, Fanfic, gifs, etc are accepted for the comics and TV show, if Static was in it then it can be included. Just make sure to tag #Static Shock Appreciation Week in your posts so I can reblog it here and so others can see it in the tag.

Day 1 (May 30th) -Favorite Character in the Series
Day 2 (May 31st) - Favorite Character Relationships (Familial or Romantic)
Day 3 (June 1st) - Favorite Static Shock Rogue (Ebon, Hotstreak, Puff, etc)
Day 4 (June 2nd) - Happy Anniversary! What Made You Like Series and Why? 
Day 5 (June 3rd) - Favorite Moment in the Series (Comic book or TV episode)
Day 6 (June 4th) - Favorite Guest Star (Shaq, Lil Romeo, Justice League,)
Day 7 (June 5th) - Free Day (Anything goes, something you wanted to do didn’t fit in the other days? Today’s the day to let it all out with a bang!) 

And that’s it! Take the rest of the time to think up and spread the news! Hope everyone that wants to participate can. Don’t forget to tag #Static Shock Appreciation Week in your posts!

It all looks kind of rough, to be honest. The special effects in particular all look a little ropey. The blaster fire looks like gunshots – less like a galaxy far, far away and more like, well, anywhere in the U.S., unfortunately.

And the lightsabers weren’t colored in yet, making these wizened Jedi look like they were dueling with fluorescent light bulbs.

There’s a voiceover as well, but it’s flat, uninterested, and incredibly vague. “The story of a boy, a girl, and a universe” is an accurate description of about 100 percent of all movies ever made. The whole thing meanders along until the end, when the title randomly explodes – presumably because the rebels found out that Helvetica Bold has a vulnerable thermal exhaust port.

So that’s kind of lame. Surely, they got their act together by the time The Empire Strikes Back came out, right? Nope.

7 Trailers For Famous Movies That Were Absurdly Full Of S**t