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Essays in Existentialism: Undies

You’re an underwear model and there’s a giant billboard of your toned body just across from where I work so I have to look at you every day AU

The office on the twelfth floor was fairly empty. Despite three years in the position, the inhabitant did not add much in terms of personalizing it. There was a soft leather chair in the corner with a blanket from her alma mater draped over it. There were a few stacks of books around it, on her large desk, littering the floor neatly. It was fairly boring, until she opened the window.

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what we find in the water

[arthur curry x reader]

author’s note: was on the fence about writing for arthur cuz i wasn’t sure if i could do it justice (ha) but i dunno, i kinda like how this one came out, especially for how unsure i was when i started it. i think that’s the way it always tends to go. shaky starts, and then you settle into it

word count: 1,783

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P.S. I Love You (Pt. 1)

A/N: Hi! nice to meet you all, my name is Carolina and this is my first ever piece of writing on this blog. I always accept feedback or requests to write if you have any ideas :). This mini series is inspired by the movie P.S. I Love You (if you haven’t seen it, you definitely should), and I hope you like it! Enjoy!! 

Tuesday, December 21st

My dearest Y/N,

It is 10:01pm and I miss you more than I did at 10:00pm. I don’t know what to do; I’ve tried calling you, but it goes straight to voicemail. Whenever I text you, you tell me to leave you alone… I’m sorry, Petal. I can’t do that. I can’t leave you alone. I can’t even stop thinking about you.

Do you remember the day we met? You were so lost. You had no idea where to go and you had plenty of boxes in your hands; you looked adorable. And I never told you this, but I bumped into you on purpose, love.I remember your face perfectly when that happened. You looked flustered and mad- more like pissed- at me for dropping those boxes.

I remember I introduced myself and you said, “Harry? I’ve never met anyone called Harry… cool”. And as cliche as this sounds,that’s when I knew, Y/N, I knew there was no going back from falling in love with you.  

I miss you Y/N, I really, really do. And I want to go to your house, but I’m Y/B/F/N will beat the crap out of me for doing what I did to you. Because I am a hundred percent sure you already told him. How, you ask yourself? He may or may not have called me to curse at me a couple of times (7, but who’s counting?). But I’m not complaining, Love, I deserved it. And I swear to you, no one could’ve done it better than he did.

Y/N, it is now 11:30pm and I cannot stop the thoughts running through my mind. From our first “official” date, to the last time I saw your face. I can’t get over you, darling; I’m addicted to you. I want you, I need you, I… please, princess. Come back to me.

Y/N, do you remember our first kiss? It was awkward wasn’t it? I’m sorry about that.  I remember it vividly. We were in my car, and you said,

“When do you think our first kiss should be?”

And I tried to act cool, I swear, but what I said ended up making me sound like an arrogant jerk and I’m sorry for that. I

remember I said, “well, darling, I don’t know about you, but this is not my first kiss. In fact, I’ve had so many I don’t even know what number this one is.” You looked at me, and I could see it in your face, Y/N, I swear you thought I was the biggest asshole you’d ever met.

And I wouldn’t have disagreed if I’d known what I was bound to do to you, princess.

I hope your day is going well,

Your Harry. x

P.S. I love you

Don’t You (Forget About Me): Chapter Two

Summary: Seven kids are brought together by Saturday detention. Through a series of confessions, they become closer than ever.

Also known as, the Breakfast Club AU we’ve all been waiting for.

Warnings: Cussing, bad jokes, people being mean to Stan and Richie :(

Word Count: 1727

Ships: Reddie, Stenbrough (hinted at, more prominent later)

Author’s Note: Well… I have no self control. I meant to post a chapter every other day, but since tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I likely won’t be on very much, I thought I’d post now.

I can’t tell y’all how thankful I am for how much love this fic has received in only one day. I love you all, and I hope this chapter doesn’t disappoint. It’s a little shorter than usual, but a lot happens. A lot.

Let me know what you think!

Richie had been mistaken.

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Uhm excuse you guys? ANOTHER GIVEAWAY?!

Holy hamsters and cows you guuuuuuuuuuuys ;3; I hit another follower milestone and that means another giveaway! 


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Careful Angel, You Might Fall

Demon!Thomas x Angel!Reader
Note: I’m not really sure where this came from but I had the idea and I ran with it and it turned into this, the second part is a lot darker than this one but I hope this does a good job setting things up. I’m interested to know what you guys think of it so don’t be afraid to let me know!
Warnings: Manipulation, allusions to sex, swearing, death mention, alcohol consumption.
Word Count: 2,286
Tagged: @silveryink @brookethefryingpansexual146 @louisianaspell @bethbat @musicalmoriarty @serkewen12 @pocketofsunshineimagines @lady-songstress @snowstorm8162 @spilledkauffie

Part One | Part Two

For an angel on earth, most of your mornings are fairly quiet and relaxed. You usually take time getting yourself ready, despite being able to make yourself look however you want instantly, picking out the perfect outfit, doing your makeup and perfectly fixing your hair before heading out. The first stop is usually for coffee, there are a few coffee shops that you frequent and after getting your morning latte you check in with your superiors to see what you need to do for the day.

Today you have no such luxuries, because you were woken up early with a simple message of dead body, handle it from Jonathan your superior. So you get ready the cheating way and with a simple snap of your fingers you’re dressed and ready to head out the door.

Pinching your nose in an attempt to block anymore of the foul stench in the air from flowing through your nose, you look down at the body at your feet. Normally dead bodies aren’t what you have to deal with, it’s the jurisdiction of the human police to deal with dead humans but the body in front of you certainly isn’t human.

It’s a demon.

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guys      ——      can   i   ask   a   question   ?      a   serious   question .   and   i’d   really   value   proper   responses   from   anyone ,   including   people   who   blocked   me   over   precious   comments   on   the   whole   mybigfatcock   situation .      i’ve   seen   it   being   said   that   once   an   abuser ,   a   person   can   not   be   anything   else .   and   is   nothing   else .   i’ve   seen   it   said   that   there   is   no   redemption   for   mybigfatcock .      &   individually ,   that’s   up   to   each   person .   but   on   a   whole      ——      i’m  sorta’   wondering .      do   you   believe   that   ?      do   you   believe   that   what   this   person   has   done   is   so   horrific   it   takes   away   their   humanity   &   there   is   no   opportunity   for   change   and   /   or   genuine   apology   and   or   redemption   ?      

&   please   don’t   think   that   i   am   trying   to   guide   you .      i   want   genuine   feedback   &   i   shall   respect   each   &   every   person’s   thoughts .      &   if   you   don’t   feel   comfy   sharing   in   replies   feel   free   to   inbox   or   im   me .

i’m their healer (part three)

  part one / part two / part four
  word count: 1166
  warnings: cussing, cringy but cute fluff
  a/n: this is part three, again I don’t own any stranger things or anything related to it. but there will be one more part to this mini-series! make sure you read the previous parts (listed above) before reading part two, three and next, four!

  Coming up on the junkyard, Steve stopped at the hill to inspect the place. “Oh, yeah, this’ll do. This will do just fine.” He muttered to himself before walking away. You walked up to Dustin, taking Steve’s place. “I’m sorry about Steve.” Dustin said quietly.
  “Why are you sorry?” You asked, sounding sort of bitter.
 “I thought you…”
  “Thought I what? That I have feelings for Steve? Don’t be an idiot, let’s get to work. You picked a good place, Dustin.” You said the last sentence lighthearted so he wouldn’t get too hurt from your tone.

“I said medium well!” Lucas shouted from a distance.

You, Steve and Dustin all looked up to see Lucas and… Some red-headed chick? Oh, wait… That’s Maxine Hargrove. Damn I hate her brother, maybe she’s not half as bad as he is. You thought to yourself as your two groups began walking towards each other.  “Who’s that?” Steve asked.

“Dustin’s little crush.” You muttered with a smirk, walking past them.

You were helping Max out carry things to the bus while the boys were elsewhere. “So, is all this stuff real?” She grunted, lifting something off the ground. “Yep.” You replied, helping her out. “And is that your boyfriend?” She gestured to Steve who was working on carrying back a chair.

You looked at him a moment, hair still in place even after all this wind. Face contorted in a focused grimace. Your heart beat faster.

  “No, he’s uh, he’s just a friend.”

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Writing Problem #999

Ok, I’m sure plenty of people have this problem, but honestly, I just need to say that I am TERRIBLE at maintaining a reasonable word count. Like. Really bad.

I’ll fastidiously plan out what I want to occur in each chapter, and suddenly—bam, I’ve written over 3000 words and I haven’t even gotten through 10% of what I want to say. Even in the editing process I struggle to cut down (if anything, I just add even more stuff on).

I suppose having a longer word count isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes I worry that I’ve left in too many unnecessary details or descriptions, and that people will get bored reading it.

So…. yep. Basically, this post was inspired by the very likely possibility that the next chapter of Sixteen Rules is going to surpass the 7k word milestone (which isn’t even a record for me). Uh. Yeah. That’s pretty much it. Thank you for listening to my rambling.

((This kind of reminds me of a post @itsladykit​ made a while ago when she did her Drabble Night Short Story Weekend. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who suffers (sorry Kit).))

A Pair of Blood Red Wings

Originally posted by lucifersagents

Lucifer x Reader-Supernatural

Word Count: 1854

Warnings: I’m not sure this counts as a warning, but there’s Destiel and Sabriel. Also there is a couple curse words because it’s, you know, Supernatural.

Disclaimer: I do not own you or any elements of Supernatural other than the plot specific to this imagine.

A/N: So this is my first time posting a soulmate au on here but I do really enjoy writing these. This is the one where an angel’s soulmate can see their wings.

Summary: So as it turns out, if you can see an angel’s wings, you’re their soulmate. But as far as you know, you didn’t have a soulmate. Or do you?

It was nice having a day off for once. Amara was in the wind ever since she killed all those priests, and you had no cases which meant a lazy day with your brothers, Cas, and Gabriel. You had tried to get rid of the archangel but as he put it, you guys were his favorite pets and he wasn’t going anywhere. You had all gathered around the map table, and the ways you were sitting kind of described your guys’ personalities. You were simply leaned back in a chair at one end of the table with a book in front of you. Sam was seated to your left with his laptop open on the table, doing who knows what. Dean was using two chairs, so half of him was at the other end of the table and he had his feet propped up on the chair next to him, his computer resting on his stomach. Gabriel was being, well Gabriel. He had conjured up a squishy recliner chair which he had laid back all the way. The almighty archangel was leaned back with his legs crossed at the ankles and arms behind his head, eyes closed and lollipop in his mouth.

Cas entered the room, earning him a smile and nod from you and he sat on your right next to Dean’s feet. While some of you merely gave him a glance, you noticed the eldest Winchester kept looking at the angel. Finally Dean gave an irritated sigh and rolled his eyes.

“Cas why do you sit like that,” Dean spoke up, causing everyone else to give him their attention. “Seriously if it makes you uncomfortable you don’t have to sit like us.”

“I’m sorry,” Cas narrowed his eyes and gave his signature confused head tilt. “I don’t understand your meaning?”

“Yeah Dean,” You marked your book and set it on the table before glancing at Cas. He was sitting the same as he usually does, which is to say, like a normal person. His elbows were on the armrests and his hands clasped in front of him. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Are you kidding me?” Dean looked at both of you before looking to Sam for support, only to see him just as confused as you and Cas. Gabriel opened his eyes and sat up, even removing his lollipop and making it disappear. “He’s pretty much sitting on his wings, and they’re all scrunched up against the back of the chair.”

Cas’s eyes went wide and Gabriel even stood up.

“Dean,” Castiel asked incredulously. “You can see my wings?”

“How could I not?” Dean looked at him like he had just dropped to Earth from a UFO. “They’re pitch black and almost as long as you are.”

“Dean,” Sam closed his eyes and leaned forward. “We can’t see Cas’s wings. Just the shadow, and only when he shows them to us.”

“Well sasquatch,”Gabriel finally chimed in, Sam cracking his neck at the nickname. “That’s because the only people who can see an angel’s wings, are other angels.” He gave a quick bow. “Oh and of course, that angel’s soulmate.”

“Soulmate?” You exclaimed. “Are you telling me that Dean and Castiel are soulmates?”

“Yes,” Cas replied. “That is the only explanation.”

“Whoa whoa whoa, hold up.” Dean placed his laptop on the table and sat up. “That doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have a soulmate.” He rolled up his sleeves to show off the absence of a soulmark.

“Would you have a soulmark if your soulmate was an angel?” Sam wondered.

“No you wouldn’t,” Gabriel answered.

Meanwhile Dean was just sitting there, trying to comprehend that he not only had a soulmate, but his soulmate was an angel, and his best friend.

“Cas I think we need to talk,” Dean stood and walked to the back of the library, with Cas at his heels. They were still in sight, but just out of earshot.

“So uh,” Sam shifted in his seat awkwardly. “I guess this would be a bad time to mention I can see Gabriel’s wings?”

“Seriously,” You threw your hands in the air in annoyance. “And neither of you thought to mention you could see the wings of only one angel before now?”

“I thought it was different because he’s an archangel,” Sam retorted defensively.

“Well Sammy,” Gabriel rested his elbow on Sam’s head, which was shoulder height for him, even if Sam was sitting down and he was standing. “I guess that means I’m your one true love.”

Sam put his head in his hands and you threw your head back laughing like a little kid. But inside, you were jealous. You weren’t jealous of who their soulmates were, but rather that they even had soulmates. All three of you had been born without soulmarks, and considering that their soulmates were angels, that made sense for them. In fact, now that you knew angels could have soul mates and were now checking, Cas and Gabriel had soulmarks. Gabriel’s was an open book on a black background, probably referring to Sam’s supposed destiny of evil. They were kind of far away and it was partly hidden by the collar of his trenchcoat, but you thought you saw something that resembled a crossed gun and knife. Yeah none of you had soulmarks and they both had soulmates that were angels, but there was no way all three Winchesters had angels as soulmates. Was there?
Well, it was time. Sam had the stupid idea of visiting Lucifer and you were supposed to call Dean when Rowena found the spell, but he wasn’t answering his cell, so Sam had the even more brilliant idea of going anyway. So here you were, a witch, the king of Hell, and two Winchesters, as deep into Hell as you puny mortals could go. You supervised Rowena as she drew the warding, having studied under a friendly witch after Sam left for Stanford, and not returning until Sam and Dean called you to tell you that your father had died.

You made sure she wasn’t doing anything stupid, but honestly you were a little bit distracted by the worry of what was about to happen. Now somehow, call it fate, luck, destiny whatever, you had never come face to face with the devil. However you had heard the stories about your brothers’ encounters with Lucifer, and as a result you were almost nervous as Sam.

“Let’s just hope she knows what she’s doing,” You heard Sam say. “The cell isn’t going to hold crap if the wardings not right.”

“Don’t you worry about me Samuel,” Rowena finished her last sigil before walking back to the altar. “I’m a professional.”

“You’re sure you can do this without actually opening the cage?” Crowley asked suspiciously.

“She should be able to,” You worried. “But I don’t for sure. Somehow I never studied summoning and containing Satan.”

“Well we’re about to find out aren’t we,” Rowena replied, excitement evident in her tone. Somehow this did not reassure any of you. You prayed that her excitement was from the prospect of a challenge, not excitement for summoning Lucifer, before joining her at the altar to assist her in the spell.

“Foro dega, la moray,” You both chanted together, despite having never casted a spell together before. You heard a shimmering sound as the sigils lit up one by one, but you didn’t dare look up from the spell.

“Mah ho tah!” Fire erupted in front of Sam and Crowley, spreading outward around the perimeter of the cage.

“Now,” Rowena smiled triumphantly and looked to you. “Let’s have a go at that cage.”

You nodded and swallowed before raising your hands, your motions mimicking her’s.

“Foh reh Say-lah!” You shouted together. You walked forward to stand with Sam and Crowley as thunder and lightning suddenly began to boom and crackle around you, causing Crowley to look up at the ‘sky’.

“It begins,” He stated ominously.

The flames suddenly erupted higher, causing you to cover your face with your forearms, but not before who saw Sam walk away for a moment. When you lowered them, you could just make out the silhouette of a humanoid figure through the flames, but something about his shape was…off. You dismissed it as simply viewing him through the flames as the fire lowered and the man, who you had figured out was Lucifer, came forward, his glowing red eyes becoming more evident as he approached. He came entered the light and leaned against the bars of the cell casually, allowing you to see what was wrong with his shape. His wings.

“Oh shit,” You cursed under your breath.

Before you could say anything else however, Lucifer spoke: “My old friend Crowley.”

“Merely an acolyte,” Crowley the suck-up responded almost immediately, as if he had been preparing that response which, knowing him, he probably was. “Humbly carrying on your torch.”

“You’re too kind,” Lucifer turned away for a moment. “To yourself.” He turned back to you and his tone switched from joking to serious. “What do you want of me?”

Sam chose this moment to return, as if on cue. He stood next to you, the motion drawing both him and you to the devil’s attention.

“Sam Winchester,” Lucifer whispered almost affectionately. “My old roomie.” Lucifer spread his arms. “Hug it out?”

“Seriously?” Sam gave him a bitch face which he had perfected over the years.

“Alright fine,” Lucifer raised his hands in surrender before focusing on you. “And who is this beauty?”

“Y/N Winchester.” You crossed your arms and kept your chin up defiantly. However you couldn’t help but stare at his wings. They were folded against his back like you’d expect, but they were huge, the tips brushing the floor. The wings were blood red, and would be almost beautiful, except the looked they’d been run over by a semi. Twice. They were ragged, with cluster of feathers missing, some even falling as he moved, and most others were charred.

“Y/N Winchester,” He tried out the name before looking at where your gaze was directed and an amused smile formed on his face. “You don’t happen to use a celestial silver m/w?”

Your hand automatically came down to rest on the m/c at your belt. Your fingers twitched, itching to pull it out. The correct answer was yes. Unlike Sam and Dean, who were good with almost every weapon, you were best with a m/c. So the three of you had melted down and angel blade and a silver knife to make your m/c.

“What’s it to you?” You challenged.

“Well,” Lucifer chuckled. “That’s just rich. That’s perfect.”

“Just spit it out,” Crowley rolled his eyes.

“I just so happened to catch you checking out my wings.” Lucifer spread his wings with a smirk. “And of course, there’s also this.”

The archangel rolled up his sleeve to show a silver m/c identical to your own, down to the veins of ordinary silver that ran through the lighter color of the celestial silver.

Well this was going to end well.

anonymous asked:

"Those sure look like the scrawlings of a mad man." + sugamon

Sugamon, “Those sure look like the scrawlings of a mad man.”

(1.8k, high school au, fluffy fluff fluff) 

continuation of my non-linear high school au which you can read here

Requests are open until November 26th! Send them here!

Yoongi jolts when the hand slams down on the desk in front of him. It’s too early for loud noises, especially when he’s been up half the night stressed out of his damn mind. He looks up and can’t help but gawk at the sight of Kim Seokjin standing over his desk, hair mussed and glasses resting low on the bridge of his nose. There’s that black smudge of eye liner under his eyes, gives the appearance of someone who doesn’t get much sleep. Yoongi could have him up for a detention for that, figures he might look into that if there isn’t a decent reason for this intrusion. 

Class isn’t set to start for ten minutes, so they’re the only one’s in the classroom. Seokjin doesn’t make a habit of slamming his hand on Yoongi’s desk for no particular reason and conversation isn’t exactly a commodity either.

‘Got your note,’ Seokjin says. Yoongi opens his mouth to ask what the fuck he’s talking about when Seokjin lifts his hand up, exposing a crumpled piece of paper that Yoongi’s far too familiar with.

‘Mother fuck,’ Yoongi hisses. ‘How the fuck did you get that?’

Of course, he knows how Seokjin got it. Admittedly, Yoongi doesn’t know much about Kim Seokjin, he’s an anomaly and keeps to himself, contrasting with the typical image of a theatre student. He has the bearings of someone who should be popular; good-looking, talented and clever, but his choice of company left a lot to be desired. Rumours about his sexuality ran rampant around the school and there was his habit of hanging out in his locker during breaks. It seems that he’s moved past his own and has also taken to other people’s as well.

‘You sure swear a lot for a class president,’ Seokjin says. ‘You know that?’

‘What are you going to do, tell on me?’

Seokjin scoffs, cocks his head towards the note.

‘You were going to give this to Namjoon?’

Yoongi’s blood runs cold. Seokjin must’ve been in Namjoon’s locker when he garnered the courage to shove the damn thing in there, he must’ve. There’s no other way of explaining it. He swallows hard as he meets Seokjin’s gaze, no-one knows about this. About them and he wants to keep it that way so it’s safe.

‘Please don’t tell anyone,’ he says, not really caring in that moment just how small he sounds.

‘Relax. If I was going to I would’ve done it by now. And yeah, I already knew, I’m not oblivious like Hobi,’ Seokjin says. Yoongi can’t help but frown at that, despite the relief. Hoseok’s a lot of things, but oblivious probably isn’t one of them. ‘But seriously. This is what you were going to give to Namjoon? Dropping the ‘L-word’ for the first time in something like this?’

Jesus Christ. Yoongi looks towards the door, they’re still thankfully alone.

‘Why? What’s wrong with it?’

Seokjin raises an eyebrow and delicately unfolds the note with a lot more care than the creased atrocity probably deserves. He taps his finger on the smudged writing and meets Yoongi’s glare without blanching.

‘Those sure look like the scrawlings of a mad man.’

‘Alright, I see your point,’ Yoongi huffs. He yanks the note back towards him, shoves it into his pocket, out of Seokjin’s line of sight. ‘I’ll rewrite it neater.’

‘It’s not just that,’ Seokjin says. He takes it upon himself to tug a chair out from under one of the numerous vacant desks. Once seated, too close for Yoongi’s comfort, he folds his hands in his lap. ‘Has anyone ever told you that you’re emotionally stunted?’

Yoongi feels his eyes twitch. ‘What the fuck?’

‘I’m not trying to start anything,’ Seokjin says, waving his hands about in a placating manner. ‘I’m just saying there’s probably a better way of saying what you’re trying to say.’

‘Like how?’ Yoongi says, narrowing his eyes.

‘Like…’ Seokjin trails off, looking off into the distance and waving his hands yet again when words fail him. He beckons and when Yoongi hesitates, wondering what the fuck Seokjin is doing, Seokjin grabs the notebook on Yoongi’s desk and a pen and begins scribbling things down. 

‘I’ll just write it for you. Gimme a minute.’

Yoongi startles, scrambling to reclaim his stolen notebook but Seokjin switches to another desk, moving out of his reach.

‘Wait,’ Yoongi says, making another grab for the book. Seokjin is quicker than expected, he hisses out a curse. ‘Hold on—’

‘Trust me,’ Seokjin says easily. ‘Romance is my area of expertise.’

Yoongi huffs out a sigh, sinking back into his chair, defeated. ‘I find that hard to believe.’

‘Want me to make you fall in love with me and prove it?’

Yoongi opens his mouth, closes it. ‘No thank you.’

Seokjin’s eyes dance with mirth. ‘Because you know I can do it.’

‘You’re unbearable.’

‘Excuse you, I’m delightful. You just aren’t equipped to deal with me.’

Yoongi can’t argue that. Instead he folds his lips, eyeing the notebook, warily.

‘How do I know you’re not gonna sabotage me?’

Seokjin scoffs. ‘Why would I do that?’

‘Why would you not?’

Yoongi’s not an idiot. He knows Seokjin gets a rough time, and he knows a lot of that stems from people Yoongi would call friends. They never do it in front of him, Yoongi’s made it clear from the get go that it’s not something he condones, but he can’t stop it altogether. Seokjin could hate him for the shit his friends pull, and Yoongi wouldn’t blame him even a little bit.

Seokjin blinks at him a few times, then resumes his writing. ‘Namjoon likes you. Obviously, or he wouldn’t tell Hoseok to shut up when he disses you, or be heart eyes every time you stroll past in the halls.’ He taps his pen into Yoongi’s chest without looking up. ‘You obviously like him too, or you wouldn’t be jeopardising your reputation to see him.’

Yoongi stares at him, Seokjin continues to scribble down on the notebook.

‘Namjoon deserves the best, you’re better than a lot of the people he’s dated in the past, no ill intent. If that changes than I might look at that whole sabotaging thing, but until then…’ Another shrug, Yoongi lets the words wash over him.

‘There,’ Seokjin says, flashing him a beaming smile as he rips the page from his book and folds it neatly. ‘Share that with him, when you meet up with him after school. He’ll be yours forever.’

He slides it across to Yoongi with a wink and gets up from his seat, moving to his spot at the back of the room just as students begin to filter in.

Yoongi takes a deep breath in and slips the note into his jacket pocket, other hand reaching into bag for his phone to text Namjoon to meet him behind the bleachers in their usual spot.

Yoongi has dozens of friends, dozens of people who like him and who he likes in return. But he doesn’t think he has anything close to what Namjoon has in Seokjin and Hoseok.

Yoongi can’t help the nervous fluttering of his hands as Namjoon leans against the bleachers,  squinting down at the note Yoongi had all but shoved into his chest when he arrived. It’s nerve-wracking watching him, his expression gives nothing away as his eyebrows knit together.

When he’s finished, he gently folds the note and places it on the desk. Yoongi looks at him up through his lashes, shuffles a little from foot to foot.

‘Well?’ Yoongi says. He hasn’t actually read the note over, presumes it’s just a prettier version of what he’d written down before. ‘Are you going to say anything or just stare at me like that?’

Namjoon’s frowning at him, and that’s really not a good sign. Yoongi swallows the lump in his throat. 

‘Seokjin wrote this,’ Namjoon says. ‘Didn’t he?’

‘What? No.’ Pink creeps it’s way up Yoongi’s neck. How the fuck could Namjoon possibly know about this? ‘I don’t even talk to the guy.’

Namjoon raises an eyebrow and Yoongi caves.

‘Alright, fine, he wrote it,’ Yoongi crosses his arms and resists the urge to pout. ‘Fucker was in your locker and stole the original note I’d written. Which reminds me, what the fuck is his obsession with hanging out in lockers?’

Namjoon shrugs. ‘I don’t know, it’s just his thing.’

‘Well, it’s weird,’ Yoongi says. Namjoon just grins at him. ‘He said the note I wrote was shit.’

‘Seokjin wouldn’t say that.’

‘He said it in a roundabout way,’ Yoongi says. ‘I just. He seemed to know what he was doing. And you deserve the best, so I just let him write it.’

‘Yoongi, you’re a great writer,’ Namjoon says. ‘Maybe not the sort of writer Seokjin is, but his is all influenced by playwrights and Shakespearian love declarations. He probably wanted you to say all this out loud. There’s cues written in the margins.’

‘There’s what?’ Yoongi rips the note out of Namjoon’s hands and scrutinises it. Sure enough, Seokjin has written out little flourishes on how the note should be read, he expected Yoongi to cry on demand on the second to last line.

This is what he gets for giving Seokjin any power in this situation, he barely even knows the fucking guy. Theatre-loving dork. 

‘You have the weirdest fucking friends,’ Yoongi mutters under his breath.

‘Maybe so,’ Namjoon says, grinning. He leans in, reaches up to rub his thumb across the apple of Yoongi’s cheek. It’s like magic how the skin burns red under the touch. 



‘What did you really want to say to me?’

Yoongi turns the question over in his mind, trying to find the best turn of phrase, the words that will really sell it all to Namjoon, but they’re not forthcoming, he’s not a romantic, and he can’t think of the things that Namjoon deserves to hear.

‘I really like you,’ Yoongi says. ‘Like a lot, more than I’ve ever liked anyone before and you’re really amazing and just perfect Namjoon, I don’t think you know just how incredible you are.’

It’s the first time Namjoon hasn’t been able to meet Yoongi’s eyes. Normally he’s the one too shy to function and Namjoon’s the one trying not to coo too much over how sweet he is.

‘I want to be your boyfriend, and you be my boyfriend,’ Yoongi says. ‘Exclusively, you know?’

Namjoon looks up slowly, dimples slowing coming to light as a grin stretches his face.

‘You’re asking me out, properly?’

And just like that Yoongi’s back to floundering.

‘I mean, yeah,’ Yoongi says. ‘Like I know we’re kinda dating already and stuff, and you don’t like labels really, so you can totally say no, I get it. But I just. I like you a lot. A stupid amount okay? And I’ve never wanted to be anyone else’s boyfriend and can you please just say something so I’ll stop talking now, Joon-ah, this is really embarrassing.’

‘Yes,’ Namjoon says and Yoongi just stares at him, lost. ‘Yes, hyung, I’ll be your boyfriend.’

It takes a moment for Yoongi to process the words and when he does he breaks into a grin. Namjoon pulls him in, kissing all over his face until Yoongi laughs for him to stop.

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Imagine going for a doctor appointment and while your signing in a chaotic Dr.iplier sees you. The next time you come in, your doctor is 'sick' so Dr.iplier says he'll check you. When you walk into the room you don't hear Dr.iplier lock the door. Suddenly your pushed against the wall and Dr.iplier has you pinned between the wall and his body. He has you now and he'll make sure no one steals you away from him. He always gets what he wants one way or another.

Scattered, and eager as regular Dr. Iplier is to give out “You’re dying’ diagnosis, he was certainly considered a neutral/good boy. His twist in personality would definitely raise the body counts.
Or in this scenario, he wouldn’t hesitate to get what he wants. No playing around with the other egos, no convenient run in when you’re in for a checkup. He gets what he wants, as soon as he wants it

The Call

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Pairing: husband!Dean x wife!Reader, Sam, OC Kids (DJ, Levi, Nicolette)
Word count: 2,197
Warnings: Character death, talk of cannibalism, swearing, angst
Challenge: Chelsea’s 200 Follower Challenge, Chelsea’s Very Supernatural Halloween
Prompt: “If you shoved any more of that into your mouth, I’m pretty sure you’ll choke.” and Hannibal
: Thank you to @izawrites for your help!!

Humming to yourself, you kicked your feet up on the arm of the couch and looked through the pages of an old copy of Rolling Stone. “Hey, sweetheart.” Dean smiled, walking into the living room. You’d bought the house together right after the birth of your oldest son, DJ, and had been living there for nearly 5 years. It had seen your marriage to Dean in the backyard, and then the birth of your twins- a boy, Levi, and a girl, Nicolette, who were three.

“Hey, handsome.” You looked over at him. Seeing the state of him, you groaned and got up, tossing your magazine on the coffee table. Dean still hunted on occasion, much to your dismay, but you gave up fighting that battle years ago. “You’re so lucky the kids aren’t home!” You hissed at him, earning a sheepish look.

“Well, I know DJ’s at school, where are the twins?” He asked, pulling off his jacket.

“Daycare.” You reminded him. “Remember, I signed them up for part time to get used to playing with kids other than each other? They go three days a week. Today is their first day.”

He thought for a moment and nodded. “Shit, that’s right.” He chuckled. “I’ll go get cleaned up before they’re home.” He told you, leaning over and kissing your cheek. “You know you love me. Covered in blood and all.”

You rolled your eyes at him. “Yeah, yeah. I married you, didn’t I?” You teased. “I go pick them up in about an hour, by the way. If you want to go.”

“Of course I want to go!” He told you excitedly. “I’ve been away from home for three days, and I miss my kids.” Dean was an excellent father, and very hands on. “Oh, Sam says hi, by the way.” He told you.

“I’ll text him later.” You told him. “Now, go shower before I drag you outback and hose you down!” You half threatened.

At dinner that night, you raised an eyebrow at your husband. “If you shove any more of that in your mouth, I’m pretty sure you’ll choke.” You teased him, with a chuckle.

“Daddyyyyy.” Nicholette giggled at her father’s face. You’d made home made mashed potatoes, baked chicken, and green beans. He had shoved some chicken and potatoes in his mouth and currently reminded you of a chipmunk. “You so silly!” She grinned.

He slowed his chewing, blushing slightly. Licking his lips, he swallowed before sipping his beer. “Sorry.” He gave you a bashful smile. “This is just so much better than eating on the road.”

You chuckled, shaking your head. “I take it as a compliment, but remember, we have three small Winchesters who look up to their Daddy…” You motioned to the three kids who were a bit messy.

“Good point.” He motioned at you with a fork. Hearing his hunting phone ring, you both furrowed your brows. “What the he– heck?” Dean corrected himself when you shot him a look. “Let me go get that.”

It worried you, as he never got called in that close together. Most of the time, it was weeks, or months, between hunts. Never, ever this soon! “I’m sure it’s nothing.” You told the three kids who looked at you with curious green eyes. They had very little knowledge of hunting, and you wanted to keep it that way as long as you could.

“I gotta go, sweetheart. I’m sorry.” He rushed in, a panicked look on his face as he kissed your cheek. You looked at him, scared. “I know, I know. I never take hunts this soon after I get home.” Dean sighed, resting his forehead against yours. “I’ll call you tonight and fill you in. I promise.”

You nodded, knowing that was his way of saying he didn’t want to say anything in front of the kids. “Alright. Kids, say bye to daddy.” You gave them a small smile.

“Bye, Daddy!” They yelled in unison, tugging at his heartstrings. “Love you!”

Moving to them, one by one, he kissed the top of their head. “Be good for mommy, guys.” He told them firmly. “Or I’m not gonna be happy when I get home.”

They looked at each other, wide eyed. “Uh oh.” Levi breathed. “We be good, Daddy!” He looked over at Dean, who was trying so hard not to laugh at their expressions.

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@wildfire-whizbangs For sentence starters: “stop with the tongue thing, it’s strangely attractive.” With Fred, what else 😉 

genre: romance

warnings: tease fic y’all. making out and suggestive talk. also not proofread lol 

pairings: fred weasley x reader

word count: 1.2K

description: when fred realizes that something he does unconsciously, makes his friend, Y/N attracted to him he plans to tease her about it. however she turns the tables, and winds up with the upper hand.


Sometimes you weren’t sure what Fred was doing. Was he flirting? Was he just being absentminded? Was he trying to torture you because he knew that you liked him? Were you attracted to a sadist?

All of these things seemed quite likely with Fred Weasley. 

Right now, what was he doing?

He was doing that thing where he flicked his tongue over his lips while he thought. 

You let out a heavy breath when he did that and tried to think of other things. 

Like how good he looked in his vest, button up shirt and slacks. 

Especially with the top two buttons of his shirt undone.

You forced yourself to look away–

Dammit Fred. 

What an asshole.

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I’m not sure if you get a lot of shopping questions or if you’re tired of them, but which RWBY ships do you think have the most realistic chances of being canon?

Right now I think it’s Bumblebee because I feel like they have the most developement and a romantic arc would fit their story right now. Also they have a song. But that’s just my opinion. 

(I didn’t count Renora, because… they’re basically canon at this point.)

Independent {f} - Chapter 6

Originally posted by piedpiper405


Summary: Your mom calls you stubborn, your friends call you wild, and the boys you’ve left in your wake call you a frigid bitch.  You’ve built a life of independence and you like it that way. Kim Taehyung, however; seems to be able to change your mind.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Light fluff

Word Count: 4873

You sat quietly at the breakfast table, spacing out on the carvings of the wood as you slowly ate your cereal. Last night had been more intense than you were used to and now you weren’t sure how to proceed. You’d bared a part of your soul to Taehyung, something you’d never done with a man before, and now you felt like you were on unstable footing.

You’d been emotional last night, your wounds ripped open wide, but how would he behave in the morning now that you could mask the pain a little better? You were afraid to feel rejected, what if he felt he couldn’t handle your baggage? Sighing, you pushed your cereal around the edges of the bowl as Anna walked into the room, pulling a mug from the cupboard and going to make a coffee.

“You ok?” She asked, looking over at you as she poured the grounds into the filter and closed the lid, hitting the start button and leaning her hip against the counter.

You looked up at her and smiled tightly. “I’m fine, just have some things on my mind.”

“Anything I can help with?” She asked, coming to sit beside you at the table. You smiled again, shaking your head and looking down into your bowl.

“It’s ok, it’s nothing big.”

“Is it about that guy?” She asked gently and you chuckled lightly at the look on her face.

“These days it seems like it usually is.” You admitted.

“What’s going on?” She asked.

You sighed, leaving your spoon in your bowl and leaning back in your chair, looking up at the ceiling, “honestly, I like this guy and I’m scared. You know how I am, commitment issues or whatever it is that holds me back. We’ve been hanging out a lot recently and he makes me feel really happy and terrified all at the same time. I want to give him a chance but I don’t know how.”

Anna rubbed her lips together in thought. “I wish I had better answers for you, I know it’s hard for you to open up to people. I think the only piece of advice I can give you is to keep trying. Sometimes things take practice. We’re not always good at something the first time around but the more we practice the better we get. Liking someone isn’t supposed to be easy or pain free, you have to be willing to take risks.”

You sighed again, nodding and rubbing your eyes. “That’s difficult for me. I don’t want to get hurt.”

“Nobody does, but we can’t ever really be happy unless we know what it’s like to hurt first. You’ve been hurting for a long time now, maybe it’s time you give happiness a chance.” Anna smiled, patting the table before standing up, filling a coffee mug with the scalding hot liquid, and walking back into her room.

You sat quietly for a while thinking over your friends advice. It’s true, ever since your dad had died you allowed yourself to wallow in it. It had been 8 years since your dad had died and everyone had moved on but you. Your mom and your brother of course still missed your dad every day, talked about him often, and kept old traditions they’d had with him, but they now focused on the beautiful memories while you still clung to the pain of his leaving you.

It was time; it was finally time to allow yourself to heal and feel something more than pain. Somehow, you would learn to let Taehyung in, to let him help you find happiness again, even if it was just as friends.

You weren’t really in the mood for the rest of your cereal but you did want a coffee and not one you had to make for yourself. Grabbing your coat and hat, you threw on your boots and walked out into the blistering cold. The café that Taehyung had showed you to was only a few blocks away, and though you hadn’t wanted to admit to him at the time, it really was the best coffee you’d had in a while.

You shivered as a particularly strong gust of wind whipped past your hair, tangling it around your neck and you picked up your pace, walking briskly against the frigid blast and in the direction of downtown. You could see the roof of the coffee shop coming into view and it took everything in you not to sprint the rest of the way. You hated winter, but you also hated running and really, you couldn’t figure out which one you hated more.

As you stepped through the door into the shop you shivered at the change in temperature and sunk deeper into your coat, feeling the heat of the nearby fire seeping into your bones. You decided to find a spot as close to the fire as possible before seeking out your beloved vanilla cappuccino. You found a large dark, leather armchair to the right of the fire and placed your coat and gloves there to reserve your space before heading back to the front to place your order.

After ordering you turned around and stood off to the side while you waited for your drink, choosing to survey your surroundings while you waited. It was fairly empty for such a cold day, but you supposed that was due to most others being in class. At 9 am, people were either still in bed awaiting a late class or already in some type of a lecture eagerly awaiting their chance to get back in their beds.

During your first year of college you’d had the unfortunate luck of getting only 9 am lectures for each class. Being on the bottom of the totem pole had sucked. Sophomore year was much easier to come to terms with when your classes were all at a much more reasonable hour.

Once your drink was up, you grabbed the steaming mug and headed back to your seat, curling your legs up underneath you and leaning on the arm of the chair as you basked in the warmth of the fire on your side. It was supposed to snow this afternoon and you were dreading it. The cold was awful but snow was even worse; it got all over everything and was cold and wet and when it somehow got into your clothes it made you want to cry a little. You shivered at the idea and scrunched up further in your seat.

“Shivering by the fire, huh?”

You looked up to find a guy you’d never met before smiling down at you, coffee cup in hand. “Just thinking of something unpleasant.” You said, watching as he took the seat opposite yours and leaned forward on his knees. He was an attractive guy, dark hair pushed up and under a beanie, leather jacket pulled tight around his lightly muscled body, pointed nose, and rounded lips. He looked as though he knew he was attractive, though, and that was off putting.

“And what was that?” He asked. You were sure you knew his reasons for approaching you, all the men before had tried to weasel their way in with simple conversation but you’d grown tired of the same methods. Despite your reserve, you decided to humor him.

“Snow,” you said simply.

“Snows unpleasant?” The guy asked, smiling again, “and why is that?”

“It’s cold and wet.” You say. You’re unsure of what angle the guy is coming from, but talking about the weather seems too simple. “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you told me your name.”

The guy smiled, taking a sip of his drink and extending his hand. “My name is Jack. How about yours?”

“Y/N.” You said, shaking his hand before returning to your drink.

“That’s a beautiful name, is it French?” He asked, a small smirk on his lips and you had to resist the urge to smirk right back. This guy honestly seemed so sure of his success that it was a little bit shocking.

“It’s Latin.” You deadpanned. If he was at all deterred by your tone he didn’t show it, sliding his cup onto the table resting between your two chairs and leaning once more onto his knees.

“Either way, it’s a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” His reply was too smooth and it nearly made you gag. How many women had he tried to get with such a cheesy line? You sighed, setting you own drink down and releasing your legs down to the ground, crossing one over the other as you surveyed him. He seemed like the type of guy that wasn’t used to rejection, too sure of himself. Basically, he seemed like the type of guy that usually approached you.

“Tell me, how often does that line actually see success? I’m very curious.”

The guys smirk twitched at the corners, a sure sign that this was not usually how his conversations went, but he pushed forward.

“Who says it’s a line?” He asked, eyebrows rising into the edges of his beanie.

You laughed, “come on, I know a line when I see one. I get them so often it would make you dizzy trying to keep up.”

The guy was silent for a moment, tips of his fingers pushed together and resting against his bottom lip. “I think you should let me take you to a party this weekend.”

“No thank you.” You said, reaching for your cup again and taking a big gulp. It had cooled enough that it wasn’t scalding anymore but still warmed its way down your throat and into your belly.

“Why? You got a boyfriend?”

“I don’t need a boyfriend to say no. I’m just not interested, but thank you anyway.”

“Come on, it’s just one party, don’t be frigid.” He smirked.

You rolled your eyes, clicking your tongue and setting your cup back down, “why is it that when a man gets rejected he automatically assumes the woman is frigid or a bitch? I’m going to assume it’s just a fragile self-esteem. News flash, Jack, not every woman wants to sit on your dick.” You gabbed your drink and pushed yourself from your seat just as you noticed Taehyung walking towards you from the front counter, coffee cup in hand.

He smiled brightly at you, coming to stop beside you. He frowned at your expression, looking down at the guy still sitting in the chair looking as though he’d been slapped.

“You OK?” Taehyung asked, looking back to you. You smiled and nodded.

“Fine. You coming?” You asked. Taehyung nodded, following after you as you slid back out the front doors and headed in the direction of the school.

The both of you walked in silence for a few minutes as you sipped at your coffee, letting it warm you as the wind whipped through you. Taehyung glanced at you but didn’t say anything, taking a sip of his own drink and staring ahead of him.

“So I was thinking about stopping by Art History again, refreshing my memory of the content so that I can be more useful to everyone taking the class. Can’t really help with presentations if I don’t remember the details.” He said, smiling good naturedly down at you.

“That’s a good idea.” You said, watching as he nodded, and continued sipping at his drink and looking back ahead of him. “Why aren’t you asking about that guy?” You hadn’t meant to blurt that question, but now that it was out there was nothing you could do and you were genuinely curious. He’d walked into a semi weird situation and didn’t even seem curious.

Taehyung shrugged, keeping his gaze focused ahead of him. “I figured it’s none of my business and that if you wanted to talk about it you would. You said you were fine so I didn’t want to pry.”

Nodding your head you settled back into a comfortable silence. You’d never met a guy like Taehyung, everything he did and said attracted you to him more and left you feeling completely intimidated. Even your very best friends would pry their way into your business, but he didn’t and that left you feeling a strange sense of security that you hadn’t before.

“So what do you think you’ll do for your project?” Taehyung asked, looking down at you as you made your way onto campus and towards your class.

“I was thinking of studying William Adolphe Bouguereau, he drew beautiful pictures of women and young girls and was known for his exquisite work in hands and feet. He drew a lot of things, but he was particularly talented at drawing girls and I think the way he drew them was very vivid and beautiful.”

“Yes, I know him. I really like his work, my favorite painting of his is called A la fontaine. It reminds me a lot of my childhood, playing out in the fields with my brother and sister. We would run by the river near my grandparents’ house and get so dirty that my grandma would make us march back down to the river and bathe before we could come into the house.” He laughed at the memory, finishing the last of his coffee and throwing it in a nearby trash can.

“My favorite is called The hard lesson and to be honest I think part of the reason I like it so much is because it’s hanging in my house and my dad loved it. Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time looking at it and thinking about why my dad liked it so much and I’ve just grown really fond of it. Her eyes are so dark and serious but her face is so innocent that it makes me think she has a lot to say.”

“What do you think she would tell you if she could?” Taehyung asked, and his eyes were so wide and genuine that you found yourself really pondering his question.

“I don’t know, perhaps she would tell me about her life. There’s a sadness there, the kind that comes from hardship. I would like to ask her why she’s sad. Maybe she would tell me it’s because she hates to read,” you laughed at the thought as you walked up the stairs outside of the humanities building. “I think she would tell me about her life, though. She looks like her family can only afford a simple life and maybe it’s difficult to live at all. I don’t know, I just think she has a lot to say.”

Taehyung smiled, his eyebrow crinkling in surprise. “I’ve never met anyone with such a well thought out answer. You constantly surprise me, Y/N.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” You laughed.

“Definitely a good thing.” He smiled. You tried not to blush under the intensity of his stare, brushing your hair over your shoulder.

“Well what about you? What did you do your project on when you took the class?”

Taehyung smiled brightly and looked off into the distance, as though he were remembering the details so vividly he could paint them for you. “I chose Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Did you know that Van Gogh actually thought of that piece as a failure? It’s amazing how critical we can be of ourselves but everyone else around us can see the beauty. That picture makes me feel peaceful.”

The both of you enter your class and sit at the front as the rest of the class fills in slowly. “Well then it sounds like I’m in good hands with this project.” You smiled.

The rest of the period was spent listening to the professor as he gave more details on your presentation and then delved further into art during the renaissance. This was honestly your favorite time period for art, though your favorite artist was actually Monet because you loved the impressionistic style, something about the realism of renaissance art spoke to you. There was a simple and yet twisted beauty that you found incredibly intriguing.

By the time the lesson was over you’d almost completely forgotten Taehyung was with you. “It nearly slipped my mind how nice it is to just be able to sit and learn about art.”

“It is nice, renaissance is my favorite period. Are you still willing to help me go through some ideas for my project?”

“Of course.” Taehyung nodded, following you out of the classroom.

“Do you have any time now? I was heading to the library and figured you could come along.”

Taehyung glanced down at his watch and smiled, “yeah, I’ve got about an hour. I’m supposed to be meeting up with a couple other people from the class to help clear some things up but that’s not for an hour and a half.”

The two of you spent most of the hour giggling at the back of the library while talking about your favorite anime’s and people watching. The last ten minutes were occupied with scrambling together thoughts and notes before he had to leave to go help someone else with their project.

He’d given you some really good ideas for the project and helped you to solidify your own thoughts on what you wanted to do. You still had a few more hours before the final rehearsal and so you curled up into your seat and began your research. Bouguereau painted with a lot of muted earth tones, colors that were almost melancholy but not quite. They left you with a sense of hope and happiness. The children looked as though they’d been captured in photographs by their parents on foggy spring days when the weather was still just a little too crisp but they were too busy filling their memories with happy times to notice.

Sometimes the children seemed bored or even burdened by the drawings and that made you chuckle to imagine. The impatient quips to please hurry so they could run and play. You were unsure if Bouguereau used any real subjects or if the artist chose to use the same image in his head multiple times. Many of the girls had the same face, or at least similar and you began to wonder if that was because he used the same model or he was trying to say something deeper.

Perhaps he was trying to make a remark on the sameness of human kind or of children. The idea sparked even more similar trains of thought and you began typing notes and finding any resource you could to gather clues and by the time you had to go to rehearsal you’d already written 5 pages to accompany your presentation.

The walk to the fine arts building was quiet as you mulled over the new ideas in your mind and you barely registered walking into the concert hall and dropping your bag into one of the front seats. Professor Brinkerhoff nodded at you as you pulled your camera from your bag and you sat down, adjusting the settings and waiting for the rehearsals to begin. Today you were sure you’d at least get some nice pictures because it was a dress rehearsal and you’d missed the only other one yesterday. It wouldn’t feel so monotonous with this little bit of a change, but of course you still looked forward to being done with these rehearsals so that you could do something else that felt more rewarding.

The rehearsal began and you weaved through the sets, actors, dancers and singers as they began their performances getting the best pictures you could. As Taehyung came out to dance with his group you watched through the lens of the camera as though it were your first time again. His feet moved so fluidly, his body rolling as though he were a wave in the ocean, as though he was made to move in that exact way and it took everything in you not to shiver. He had a presence on the stage, he commanded eyes, even when he wasn’t in the center and it made you sad to realize that tomorrow night when they performed for all those people; all those talent scouts, that his life could completely change.

You felt selfish for thinking that and looked down at the pictures you’d just taken to distract yourself. You wouldn’t want anyone to hold you back from your dreams, who were you to even dream of being sad about him achieving his? He’d become such a big part of your life these last two weeks and it made your heart clench painfully at the thought of that changing. You sighed, shaking the hair from your face and lifting your camera back to your eye.

You were being ridiculous, you had no claim over him, nor did you want any. He was a free man, he could do whatever he wanted and you tried your best to convince yourself that you didn’t care if it had had nothing to do with you. They took a brief 10 minute break to get some water and have a snack and you walked to the end of the stage, slinging your legs over the edge and flipping through your pictures, deleting the one’s that didn’t live up to your standard.

You were in the process of deleting a particularly crappy one that made you grimace when someone sat beside you, nudging you with their shoulder. You looked up to find Taehyung smiling at you and you smiled back.

“Getting any good pictures?” He asked pleasantly.

“Of course,” you smirked, “I’m an excellent photographer.” Taehyung laughed and you found your smile deepening. “I also happen to have some pretty talented subjects.” You nudged him with your elbow, smiling back down at your camera and deleting a few more pictures.

Taehyung’s roommate came to sit beside him and you looked up, smiling. “Hey.” He greeted.


“You excited? Rehearsals are almost done and then you’re free.” He said. You laughed, nodding.

“I won’t deny that I’m pretty excited. I will miss seeing you guys perform, though. You’re honestly all so talented.”

“Even this guy?” Jin smiled, wrapping Taehyung in a head locked. You laughed rolling your eyes.

“Yeah, even him.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Taehyung scoffed, pulling his head out of Jin’s arms and you smirked.

“Just take the compliment.” You said. Taehyung smiled, sticking his tongue out before the director called everyone back to their places and rehearsals resumed.

Soon enough everyone was packing up, wishing each other a good night with promises to celebrate when the show was over. You were surprised to find yourself waiting for Taehyung and this time Jin joined as well.

“I’m surprised you don’t have any plans, from what Taehyung says you sound like Mr. Popular.”

Jin grinned and shook his head, he’s grossly exaggerating my popularity.”

“I’m really not,” Taehyung insisted, “Jin is very handsome and nice, a lot of people really like him.”

“Speak for yourself!” Jin scoffed, “you’re always surrounded by people, even when you’re alone people naturally gravitate to you. It’s like moths to a flame.”

You laughed, “Wow, I’ve never seen a dick measuring contest in reverse before.”

Taehyung blushed, his smile curling as he looked down at the ground, shoving his hands deeper into his coat pockets.

“Ah, Taehyung always overly compliments the people he likes. You should hear what he says about you!” Jin insisted. Taehyung’s blush deepened and you found your own cheeks dusted in pink, though you hoped you could play it off as the cold.

“Well speak for yourself, Jin.” You insisted, steering the conversation away from you and Taehyung out of sheer embarrassment and you could see Taehyung visibly relax. “You were raving about him as well.”

“It’s true, I like to make sure my friends know they’re appreciated.” Jin shivered suddenly, rubbing his hands together and blowing warm air into them, “man what I wouldn’t give for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate right now.”

The three of you paused outside your house and you chewed the inside of your cheek in thought, “well,” you started, “I do happen to have both of those things inside, if you wanted to come in for a little bit.”

Jin’s eyes lit up and he grinned, “I would honestly love that, if you’re up for it Tae.”

Taehyung nodded, shoving his chin deep into his woolen scarf. “That sounds great, actually.”

The three of you made your way into your living room, kicking off shoes and outerwear to make your way to the kitchen where you could practically hear hot chocolate calling your name. Sarah was standing by the kitchen sink filling a glass with water when you entered and she smiled at you before noticing the two guys behind you. You saw her eyes shift immediately to Jin and you had to stifle a laugh. You should have known this would happen, Jin was exactly her type.

“Hey,” she smiled casually, but you could see right through her. The vague eye shifting announcing her need for introductions.

“Hey Sarah, I invited some friends over for hot chocolate, hope you don’t mind.” You said.

“Of course not!” She smiled, and you could see her internal eye roll at the fact that you weren’t going to introduce her. “Hello again Taehyung, nice to see you. And you are?”

You turned to watch Jin as you dug through the fridge for the milk and were pleased to find he looked equally as affected by Sarah as she was of him.

“I’m Jin.” He replied, reaching his hand forward.

“Sarah.” She smiled, shaking his hand for what felt like way too long before clearing her throat and sitting at the table. “So how do you know Y/N?”

“The recital, actually. I’m in the drama department and I’m also Taehyung’s roommate.”

“Oh wow, so you must be a pretty good actor.” Sarah surmised. The blush on Jin’s cheeks made you want to laugh, but you bit down onto your bottom lip to stifle your giggles as you set to work warming the milk.

“I don’t know about that, but I do try very hard.” Jin murmured.

Taehyung scoffed, patting his friend on the back, “Jin is so modest he’d never tell you but he was the recital committee’s top choice this year!”

You turned to look at Jin in surprise, “I didn’t know that!” You said and you smiled at Jin’s sheepish look.

“It’s really not a big deal. Of course I’m incredibly honored, I was just surprised they didn’t give it to someone more talented.”

“If they chose you then that means you’re the most talented. Have you thought about what might happen tomorrow when the recruiters come?” Sarah asked, leaning her elbows onto the table.

Jin shrugged, “I’ve thought about it a little bit, but to be honest I’m afraid if I think about it too much I’ll jinx it. I just want to enjoy the experience.”

“Don’t worry, man, we’ll have fun and whatever happens, happens. You know?” Taehyung smiled.

They stayed for the next hour chatting and drinking hot chocolate together before Taehyung insisted they go back home because he still had a math assignment to finish. You stood, walking them to the door and continuing to chat while they put on their shoes and coats and you walked with them just outside the front door.

“Thanks for inviting us in,” Jin said, reaching to give you a quick hug.

“Yes, thank you so much.” Taehyung smiled as you pulled away from Jin and smiled at the both of them.

“Of course, it was really nice to just talk. Good luck tomorrow guys, you’ll be amazing!”

Taehyung frowned, stepping slightly closer and grabbing onto the end of your sleeve. “You’re coming tomorrow, right?”

Jin walked to the end of the drive way to wait and you looked up at Taehyung. “Oh, well, I hadn’t really thought about it. Did you want me to come?”

“Yes,” he nodded quickly, “it would help me feel less nervous.”

You had originally planned on spending more time in the library working on your upcoming assignments but he looked so sad at the idea of you not being there that you couldn’t help nodding. “OK, I’ll be there, but only if you promise to have a good seat saved for me.”

Taehyung smiled again, wrapping you in a giant hug and lifting your feet from the ground, squeezing you tight. You squeaked at the suddenness of his actions, your heart racing in your chest as you clung to his neck for dear life. He set you down, smiling sheepishly at you.

“Sorry about that,” he murmured, “got a little too excited there. I’ll make sure you have a good seat so you can see my beautiful face.” He grinned and you laughed softly, smoothing your hair behind your ears.

“OK.” You said. Suddenly Taehyung was bending forward, kissing your cheek softly, lingering only a second longer than necessary before pulling back and smiling.

“Thanks for saying you’ll come.” He whispered. “See you tomorrow!” He waved, jogging quickly to Jin’s side and they headed back home leaving you standing at the door staring at their retreating backs like a fool.

How in the world would you survive him?

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Chapter 5

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