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The Stray

Summary: You come home with a little extra something and Bucky helps you take care of it. 

Word Count: 1,094

Warnings: none, unless you hate puppies

A/N: Mostly I just wanted Bucky to play with a puppy. Sue me. 

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“Shh…” you hissed, clutching at the struggling little body in your jacket. The puppy wiggled and made a small squeaking noise as you hurried to your room, praying that no one would see you. Tony had never explicitly told you that you couldn’t have pets, but you were pretty sure the Avengers tower was a dog-free zone. But what were you supposed to have done? Left the poor little guy, shivering in that alley?

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Vows- Lafayette X Reader

[“The first time we met you were drunk and petting my dog at three am.”]

I stared at the man who was passed out on my couch, my phone in one hand.

I was considering calling the police although he didn’t technically do anything illegal. I mean I was the one who invited him in but he was petting my dog at three am, obviously intoxicated.

My dog did seem to like him though so I suppose he could stay the night. I set my phone down and I went into my kitchen to get me some coffee so I could stay up and make sure that he doesn’t throw up or anything.

I drank the coffee hastily and I went back into my living room to see that the man was now snoring and my dog had jumped on the couch and curled up to the man. I shook my head and rolled my eyes before I took a seat in my recliner and I slowly started falling asleep, the coffee barely doing anything for me.

I woke up, light coming in through the windows and I realized that I was in my bed, not in the recliner that I had fallen asleep in. I stood up and went into my kitchen, surprised to find the man cooking.

“Do you do this often?” I asked him and he turned around.

“Petting dogs late at night before passing out at a strangers house? No, this is my first time.” He joked and I smiled a bit.

“Do you need anything for your hangover?”

“I already took some pain medicine. Sorry I didn’t want to wake you up for a stupid question like that.”

“It’s alright. Did you carry me into my bed?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry if-”

“No it’s okay! We don’t know each other at all though?”

“Right. I’m Lafayette.”

“I’m Y/N. Now may I ask why you were petting my dog at three am?”

“My friends are assholes. Thank you by the way for being so cool about this. I mean I spent the night at your place and now I’m making breakfast while we barely know each other.”

“I know that you like dogs.” I smirked and he laughed loudly. I was amazed at how empty my house was without his laughter in it.

“True, true. But if we’re being fair, my friends are thee reason that this is all happening. They thought that it would be a good idea to stop the car, pet your dog and leave me behind.”

“So that’s why my dog smells like he was at a bar.”

“Your dog is very cute though.” He smiled and I nodded.

“He is.”

“Would it be okay if I used your shower to freshen up?”

“Yeah. Do you want me to put your clothes in the washing machine while you are in there?”

“If it isn’t a bother?”

“It isn’t.”

[“The first time I said I love you, I was drunk.”]

I knocked on the door and I heard footsteps and I almost cried in relief that I wasn’t waking him up. He opened the door cautiously and he looked at me, confused.

“Is everything okay, Y/N?” He asked and I gulped.

“Mm I’ve had a couple drinks.” I told him, a bit wobbly.

“You can take the bed.” He told me and I shook my head. He grabbed my hand and helped me inside.

“The bed is probably big enough for both of us.”

“Uh huh. I’m probably going to be taking care of you all night.”

“Thanks Laf. I love you.” I said and he hugged me.

“You’re drunk.”

“I mean it.”

“No you don’t. I wish you did but you don’t. Do you want to wear one of my shirts to sleep since your current outfit doesn’t seem like the most comfortable thing in the world?”

“Sure. Try and get some sleep. Okay?”

“There are more important things to do than sleep.”

“Goodnight.” I said and I went into his room and I changed into one of his shirts before falling asleep in his bed.

[“The first time you said I love you, we were already dating.”]

“I don’t know if you remember this or not but you came to my apartment this one time and you were really drunk.”

“You’d have to be more specific than that.”

“The first time.”


“You told me that you loved me.”

“I do not remember that because if I had, I would’ve been really awkward in the morning.”

“Oh trust me, you were. You were wearing one of my shirts and you were just completely disoriented to where you were. But I wanted to know if you meant it. Even though we are dating now I never really thought that you meant-”

“I love you. And I know that we are both sober and that we will both remember it. I did mean it, by the way. There was a reason I couldn’t remember my address but I knew yours.”

“I hope that it helps that we both share the same address now.”

“Oh trust me, it does.”

“I just wanted to say that… I love you too. And I wanted to say it then but you were still drunk so…”

“If you did I probably would’ve started making out with you.”

“We can make out now.” He smiled, wiggling his eyebrows and I laughed.

“You’re a dork.”

“But I’m your dork.”

[“And now we’re getting married. I’ll always be there for you, Laf and I am eternally grateful that you thought my dog was cute at three am.”]

Diamond Dogs (Part 8) [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: look this au gives me so many feels

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 |

Have you ever seen a mob boss stress out? It’s kind of really weird. You aren’t sure what you’re supposed to be doing but you think you’re doing it wrong. Barry dragged you home and now he’s pacing back and forth, bow tie undone, resting on his white dress shirt, with the top buttons popped. When you came home, his jacket was disregarded somewhere.

You toy with the ring on your finger, stretching your neck up. “Um, Barry?” you squeak, stepping forward. He runs his hands through his hair, smoothing it down and resting his palms on his neck. “…Barry?” you say timidly.

“What?!” he yells, spinning on his dress shoe. You jump back a little, holding your hands in front of your chest. His face softens, seeing you startle. “Sorry, sorry, babydoll, I didn’t mean to scare ya.” he admits, frowning while he pawls at your waist, peering at you, “What? What is it?” he asks in a gentle tone, hands on the small of your back.

Biting your lip, you slowly undo the buttons of his dress shirt. His eyelids flutter, blinking at you. “I’m sorry…”. you hum, “I didn’t know…” you nibble at his smooth jawline, trying to be sweet.

He swats your hands away, sighing. A frustrated sigh hangs from his lips and you frown. Is he mad at you? “Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow, babygirl.” he huffs, slowly turning away from you. You roll your eyes, sneaking your arms around his shoulders, hand crawling under his shirt. “I said, not toni-”

“I know what you said.” you confirm, fingers working on the last button on his shirt. He scoffs, pale chest now exposed, white silk hanging around his torso. “I’m offering something else. Something to calm you down. You seem…” you rub your hands on his shoulders, “Tense.”

Barry arches an eyebrow, turning his head at an angle, eyes squinted, “What do have in mind?”  he ponders, clearly interested. His hand lays on yours, rings pressing to your skin.

You smirk, brushing your nose to the base of his neck; his jaw sets. “A bath. You know, I could clean you up…daddy.” you whisper in the shell of his ear. He doesn’t reply, so, you sashay around him, blood red dress falling from your shoulders, coming to a pool on the carpet.

Sighing, he removes his rings, following after you. “No funny business, hear me?” he asks, shrugging off his dress shirt as he struts. It lands a foot away from your dress. The water starts before he kicks off his shoes, eyes raking up your naked form. “Such a beauty.” he praises, watching you bend over the giant marble bathtub.

Blushing, you see his slacks and boxers fall. When the water’s ready, he steps in first, then you. You rest your back on his muscular chest, eyeing how he stretches his lanky arms, fingers curling around the shiny edge. Sinking down, you watch the foam create little bubbles, covering your lower half of your body. “I love you…” you mumble, closing your eyelids.

Barry’s eyes widen and he kisses your temple, “I love you too, doll.” Yeah, Hunter ain’t taking you from him anytime soon.

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Once at McUgh I was presenting, just handing out food. On the screen it said a hamburger, nothing special about it. I hand it to the customer who drives off but comes back later, and this bitty old woman is shaking and furious at me. Turns out whoever took her order was supposed to ring it up no onions. Here's the kicker, it was for her fucking dog. Who gets their panties in a twist over fast food for their dog? I got the wrath and anger when I had literally done no wrong.

I think certain foods like onion are poisonous for dogs. Onion is probably one of them. She should have checked first. Never. Feed. An. Animal. Anything. You. Haven’t. Looked. At. Or. Prepared. YOURSELF! Mistakes happen ffs. Make sure you’re a responsible pet owner by double checking! -Abby

*EDIT* Yeah I agree with comments being made. fast food is bad enough for people, dogs just as much. -Abby

These Wonderful Things Are The Things We Remember All Our Lives

CAUTION: Christmas!
Word Count: 517

-December 20th-

“But you’ll be home for Christmas?” You beg your boyfriend. “Promise me you’ll be home for Christmas. Come on, Spencer.”
Spencer looks down at you with his noncommittal puppy dog eyes. “Y/n, you know I can’t promise you that. We’ll do everything we can.” Spencer shrugs, kisses you on the cheek, and grabs his go bag just by the front door. “I’m sorry.”

He’d already missed Thanksgiving, when you were supposed to be hosting. You’d both agreed to cook half each, and you were even stocked up on everything early just to make sure you were ready. A few days prior, he had to go away, and your mom ended up coming over the night before to help you cook dinner for everyone.

You don’t blame Spencer, but in the heat of the moment, it’s hard not to. Just when you’re getting settled in to bed. Just when you’re making him breakfast. Going to a movie. Tickets booked to Las Vegas to meet his mom and his aunt. You don’t try too hard to plan anything now, because there’s no real point. Or, at least, plans have to be fluid. You can’t book a restaurant, you can’t go to a concert together.

Getting ready for bed, you look at your phone. You wonder if you should call Spencer, and apologize for being annoyed at him rather than the situation. Just when you go to pick it up, it starts beeping and flashing. ‘Spencer is calling’

“Hey…” You sit on the side of the bed.
“Hi, y/n.” Spencer sounds exhausted. “We were all just headed back to the hotel and I thought I should call to say I love you, we’ve landed, we’re okay.” In the background you hear who you think is JJ say 'aww’.
“I’m sorry I got angry earlier.”
“No.” You can almost hear the sorry side-smile you know he’s doing right now. “Hey, it’s okay. I know you didn’t mean to, and when I get home I promise we’ll have the best potentially late Christmas ever?”
“All right. I love you, Spence.”

-Christmas Day-

You haven’t heard much from Spencer, the occasional text message updating you on how he is, and non-verbally telling you he is okay.
'Happy christmas! Still stuck here’
That was sent at 4am today. The two of you didn’t have any plans, anyway, really. Your parents were travelling to see your sister, which you couldn’t commit to because of Spencer, so the plan was bad TV and cuddles. Now the plan is just bad TV.

It’s noon and you’re relaxing on the couch, almost asleep, when you hear a noise from the hall. You sit up, confused, and look towards the living room door.

“Hey!” Spencer’s head pokes through, the man under the hair smiling from ear to ear, walks over to you and hugs you tightly, kissing the top of your head. “Merry Christmas!”
“You asshole!” You laugh into his body. “You should have called.”
He pulls away from you, taking off his coat. “Ah, but then it wouldn’t be your Christmas surprise, would it?”

some interaction headcanons about the 3rd yrs  w/ the rest of Aqours
  • Riko keeps acrobating the fuck out whenever there’s a dog and the first time she does it in front of the 3rd years Mari excitedly claps and cheers while Kanan and Dia almost get a heartattack.
  • Kanan goes to make sure that Riko’s okay while Dia gets upset at the rest of Aqours for not getting worried that their friend just jumped out of the window. 
  • “She just jumped out of the window why are you all so calm???” “Ehh. She’s fine” “This is the third floor.” “Yeaaah.. she does this a lot.” “What” “Mmm. One time she kindof did an aerial flip out of Chika’s room and into her balcony because Shiitake chased her.” “WHAT.”
  • You had to be the one to properly explain about Riko’s fear of dogs bc the rest (and Mari) are busy playing with the dog that interrupted their practice
  •  The second time it happens, Kanan takes Riko aside to teach her how to land properly bc she’s worried and “Riko no ur going to break something if u keep landing on your ass pls stop that”
  • It’s how Kanan and Riko started bonding really
  • Hanamaru calls Kanan “Dad” unironically
  • Yoshiko used to sarcastically call Kanan as “Mom” at first but then she realized that Dia’s the real Momfriend of the group so she switches to “Dad” accordingly.
  • The younger Aqours didn’t really knew how to interact with Mari at first but then they saw her interacting with Ruby so warmly (they know each other way back okay) so they get a lot less nervous about it
  • Basically Kanan’s the group Dad, Dia’s the Mom, and Mari’s like the eccentric rich aunt who’s actually surprisingly reliable.
  • Chika and Kanan are the sass masters of the group, Chika’s also a pun master and you can always see Kanan making a grin whenever she makes one. Dia always rolls her eyes at it but she actually also enjoys it. Mari doesn’t always get the pun bc she’s not extremely fluent in japanese but when she does, she loves it.
  • One time Hanamaru found the Cinnamon Roll meme. She printed it out and taped it to Ruby. Dia’s conflicted about scolding Hanamaru for it. She wants to be angry for the principle of it (because MEMES) but on the other hand, it’s not like Hanamaru got it wrong
  • Hanamaru also printed out the Sinammon Roll one and taped that one to Mari. Mari’s really proud of it and actually had it framed.

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About what that /co/ anon said about your taste for fictional women. Why do you often look upon anime girls and Nekojin/Catgirls with heavy disdain? Curious how your disdain towards anime/Chinese cartoons ever blossomed. Also me thinks you would waifu those alien dog people-girls.

It was a combination of realizing they all more or less looked and acted the same, regardless of their show, and how that basically meant they were there just to be sexual objects for the viewer, rather than actual characters we’re supposed to root for. Sure there are many exceptions, but after encountering this so many times I grew weary and tired of it all. 

The new Evangelion movies are very, very guilty of this, completely contradicting the original intend of it’s characters, which was a critique on precisely those archetypes. 

As for the doggos, stop projecting, I’m into Samurai Jack for the amazing story, visuals, fight scenes, music, and so on, but again, the way the communicate is cute as fuck, and god knows I’m a sucker for cuteness

(Hopefully this one works) 

@axoioti tHANKS PAL ILY 2

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Birthday: Dec 6

Gender: Girl

Relationship Status: Single and I’d prefer not to mingle thanks

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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Favorite Color(s): The red-purple gradient, really (but blues are starting to wriggle in)

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Wake-up times: I’m supposed to wake up around 6 on weekdays but I usually wake up around 7… and the weekends are like, anywhere between 9AM and 1PM really

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Met a Celebrity: I almost met Michael Bolton

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Shorter or Taller: I’. 5′4″ so… average…?

Chapsticks or Lipsticks: Chapstick, but lipstick is really stylish

City or Country: Depends on my mood

Last song you listened to: Caffeine by Jeff Williams

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cerebum  asked:

for the subject asks: astronomy, psychology, health!!

astronomy: the biggest dream/aspiration you have

I want to make a difference. I don’t know how, nor I suppose does it really matter, but I want to be remembered - not by all, just by some - for changing their lives for the better. 

Also I’d like 15 dogs and a library pls

psychology: your biggest flaw and how it makes you better

Now, the wording ‘flaw’ has really negative connotations, and I by no means see it as a negative thing, but my physical impairments. Sure, I struggle to walk and climb stairs and shower and do normal human things, but that makes me tenacious and empathetic and I have the willpower of a stubborn mule. They make me me

health: how is your mental health right now? physical? emotional?

Eh. My mental health’s been simultaneously better and worse. Physically, everything sucks and I hate my body. I’m seeing my specialist in a couple of weeks to talk about how little progress I’ve made over the past few months. Emotionally, I’m frustrated and very tired, but I’m pushing through with the blind optimism that there will be light at the end of the tunnel. 


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Favorite color: Blue

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Wake up: 6:40 on school days around 9 on wekends

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Text or call: Text please jesus calling makes me Anxious AF

Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick :)

City or Country: City for the sounds country for the everything else

Last book i read: I don’t know the last time I read an actual book

Last song I listened to: Some classical shit the bus driver had on

Five facts about me:
1. My birthday is July 22 :P
2. I am the only senior in my spanish class…. whoops
3. I have V few irl friend
4. I want to train service dogs for veterans with PTSD, Amputations, etc.
5. I have a deep nestled fear of needles. How I got it you may ask? I don’t fuckin’ know 

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but like imagine phoenix sending edgeworth pictures of cute animals he happens to meet bc edgeworth has a dog so surely he’ll appreciate them but edgeworth doesn’t really seem to share his enthusiasm - <edgeworth look at this dog i just met!! his owner let me pet him!!!!!!> <wright you are supposed to be at work right now> <but look how cute he is!!!!! how could I not stop and pet him???> <yes wright the dog is very cute but please go to work> - but phoenix keeps sending them anyway bc he’s sure edgeworth is secretly loving them and honestly if phoenix doesn’t show someone how cute these animals are he is going to explode and die

and then edgeworth starts sending pics back

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in a way I expected this to happen, the arz mistreating petunia thing, arz is 22 and she can't even take care of herself, I mean she relies on a boy 2 years younger than her to take care of her, how was she supposed to take care of a dog, It still makes me so sad

I honestly expected her to give Petunia away pretty quickly, but that was before I knew she and Luke shared her. I’m sure Luke’s responsible and takes good care of her so at least she has one good parent….but the way Arzaylea treats her still makes me sad, too. :(

Imagine Sam locking you and Dean in a room to make you confess your feelings for each other.

“Hey, are you busy? Can you give me a hand?” Sam asked, stepping inside the kitchen, and looking at you with subtle, yet-not-subtle-enough, puppy dog eyes.

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Exo Reaction to Finding Out They’re going to Have Triplets

Some of this is kind of crackish. 


Wait…did she just say three? As in they were going to have three children? All Baekhyun could do was look around with shock, wondering exactly how it had happened despite knowing very well how kids were made. 


At first he was really shocked because three was a lot, but then he thought about having three mini versions of himself he could get up to mischief with and he nodded his head in approval as he looked at his wife with a goofy grin. 


He immediately grew nervous as soon as she let the word triplets pass her lips. That was three kids. He was a giant child. How was he supposed to take care of three others? 


Kai grew excited he immediately. He had multiple dogs he called his children, what were three actual kids to add to the list? It was surely the same thing. 


“Excuse me, I need a moment.” 


This was punishment for trying to kill Baekhyun and Chanyeol all those times. How was he supposed to raise three kids at once? The universe was really trying to test his patience. 


It took him a moment to process she said triplets. At first all he heard was that they were going to have more than one kid and he got immediately excited about that because he assumed twins. When it clicked in that she said they were going to have triplets, he lost all ability to speak words and just looked around confused but with a faint smile. 


He tried to keep calm as she spoke, but he was seriously losing the ability to function properly. 


He spit out the coffee he was drinking and looked at her with wide eyes, hardly believing what he had heard. How the hell was he supposed to be responsible for three kids? She was always telling him that he was a kid. He ended up just staring off into space as he thought about it repeatedly. 


“I already have too many kids to count on my fingers, bring it on.” 


He was taking a swing of his water bottle when she told him and then swiftly turned in the other direction so she couldn’t see his face when he began to choke. 


At first he got really flustered and a bit overwhelmed by the news; three kids was a lot for them to handle by himself. Once he thought about it again, he knew they could handle it sent a smile to his wife, reassuring her it would be fine. 

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i see this all the time, therefore i think this needs to be clear:


  • humans never existed, so there has never been a chance for evolution to create domesticated cat & dog breeds.
  • you never see anthropomorphic birds, lizards, etc. in the movie because the rule is MAMMALS ONLY. what else are meat-eaters supposed to eat. (we are not sure what they actually eat for a living besides veggies and donuts as far as i know.)

forgive me if any of this information is wrong, or if there is a screencap of a bird person somewhere, but im pretty sure this is what they stated up front. in the beginning sequence, in the trailers, etc.

you can create all the cat & dog Zootopia OC’s you want, but i want to make it clear that its not entirely accurate in the world of Zootopia.


Spotted these poor things the other day and laughed so hard. Look at those kinked, wonky legs, and bitter muzzles, wondering what wrong choices they made in life that made them end up in a display window of some shitty clothing store in a town nobody heard of

I’m not sure if they’re supposed to represent wolves, but you can’t blame me for posting non wolf-related stuff because honestly who knows what the hell these are supposed to be lol

Not sure what’s worse, waiting forever for food only to get overly cheery when you see someone coming your way, but having it end up not actually being your food at all. Or, having that food finally arrive only for me to leave with it, trip & have it fall everywhere? At least Bella thought it was a feast day when she dived right for it. Needless to say i had one person come over to ask if i had a nice trip……yet i stood there for a good 5 minutes as my dog finished up what was suppose to be my breakfast in hopes the guy who asked if i had a nice trip would come back with food. Note to self stop looking at romantic movies in hopes your loss of food will be a gain for some action.

Teenagers have invaded

My 16 year old cousin and two of her friends wanted to come to DC for the weekend so they’re staying with me (as if I’m an adult enough for house guests). I feel extremely uncool and feel like maybe buying a crop top will make me fit in with them?

I’m also not sure if I’m supposed to entertain them. I showed them how the TV works, gave them some smartrip cards and directions to the Lost Dog Cafe. Is that enough? Do they need me to take them on a tour? Or make reservations at the White House? Should I call Sasha and Malia to hang out? I AM NOT ADULT ENOUGH FOR TEENAGERS.

(For the record, they are lovely and very friendly so far. I am just super awkward).