not sure if that tag's necessary but just in case

PLEASE DON’T SEND ME “PASS IT ON” MESSAGES !! they stress me out quite a bit. avoid PMing me as i rarely check those! if you really need to talk to me in private shoot me an ask for me to check my PMs and if you want me to reply to messages privately please add a note to the end saying so!

apparently necessary reminder: google exists! i’m not a know-it-all source, honestly i shouldn’t even be your second plan after google unless it’s a question specifically based on me or something relating to me

i try to keep my blog as a safe/positive space so i’d like to avoid negative topics as much as i can! this meaning discourse in fandoms or in general and i keep the politics to a minimum unless it’s lighthearted jokes or absolutely necessary to share.

if you want to commission me please send an email to

-what do you use to record and edit your speedpaints?

i use OBS to record, and i do my editing in after effects!

-what do you use to draw?

i use a wacom intuos tablet and i do my art in paint tool sai

-what are your pen settings?

i just use the default stuff! minor changes may be made like adjusting sliders if i need it for a certain thing, but for the most part everything is just default

-a blog called papersans is claiming to be you! are they a thief?

that’s literally me, i use it to archive my art so i can find stuff easier without having to hunt through my tag. also available in case people like my art but hate my personality aha

-when is your birthday?

february 6th!

-what is your sexuality?

don’t know, don’t care, don’t intend to do either of those any time soon either.

-how long does it take you to draw?

quick things can be as short as 30 to 45 minutes. sketches often 5-15. big full colour things ranging from flat colour to fully painted can end up in the shorter range but it’s not uncommon to hit the 2-4 hour stretch.

-can i draw you/your ocs?

of course! ahh gosh i would love to see as well!

-favourite band/singer/musician?

USS, marina and the diamonds, the hoosiers, big data, MSI, mother mother, caravan palace, vinter in hollywood/savant, MIKA, ken ashcorp, two door cinema club, the living tombstone, porter robinson, tegan and sara, anamanaguchi, passion pit, studio killers, and also does my friend matt count?

as u can see i’m not good at narrowing lists down

-will you do art for cheap/free?

nah. art is currently the only job/income i have, if ur interested in commissioning me my prices are here. feel free to email me if you want something “off menu” and we can discuss prices about that. sometimes i might do doodle suggestions but it’s rare ur thing’ll actually happen. i collect a sort of suggestion bank on @papersans 

-(venting or something involving abuse, suicidal thoughts, self harm, bullying, eating disorders, or other similar things in real life situations. even in fictiong i’m iffy.)

i hate to sound rude or not be of help, but please don’t send these messages to me. they send me into horrible anxiety attacks for several personal reasons. if you’re having such negative thoughts i implore you to speak to someone you trust without an anonymous mask, or do your best to seek help from a professional. i have my own things to worry about and as much as i’d like to help, i simply can’t.

-why didn’t you answer my ask?

i get a ton of asks a day, not like millions or hundreds or whatever. but enough it gets hard to handle. in terms of social ability i’m actually the worst and i have tons of friends who can vouch for this, so it’s hard for me to keep up. not to mention that now with how my class schedule is i go long periods of time without checking my phone so i can’t reply to things as they come in, and i often have a limited amount of energy after the end of the day (or in the morning when i wake up, it’s also a time factor in this case) and can only get to a few asks at a time. if i’ve missed your ask or i just don’t seem to every reply to you, it’s not because you’re a nuisance or i hate you or anything. i just honestly can’t socialize well and get overwhelmed super easily. often times if i can’t think of a reply to a question or it’s a super repetitive one (or one featured in here) i’ll usually pass them by because i hate forcing reactions or saying the same thing over and over, so it’s not anything that’s your fault.

-how do you draw lineless/do you have a link to your lineless tutorial?

right here!

-how do you do your checker patterns so easily?

tutorial to come… at some point…..

-how do you draw [blank]?

honestly my art style is such a fucked up thing that’s so personalized to my own use i can’t do or make tutorials. the best i can do is direct you to my youtube to study my real time videos. they might even be more beneficial than a tutorial, you learn better from studying and figuring stuff out yourself in art than you do from someone telling you what to do.

-can we do an art trade?

sorry, i’ll have to say no. i’m not necessarily busy but i get stressed very easily, so i try to keep my art to either personal stuff or work ! if you would like art from me, please considering commissioning me! my prices are listed in the link on my sidebar/description.

-can you tag [blank]?

sure thing! i usually don’t reply to these asks and i just backtrack to tag recent posts that are necessary, but i’m usually down to tagging things when needed! just know due to issues with memory and just that i tend to blog fast i might miss some things or forget- feel free to remind me! some things i won’t tag for personal reasons without explanation, though, but those cases are rare.

-how tall are you?

i’m 5'10"- before we get into the height discussion that always happens: 1) yes i know that’s apparently really tall. 2) if ur below 5'8" ur itty bitty to me 3) above 6'0"? i’ll give you an acorn to stand next to me at all times to make me look smaller and i can’t guarantee i won’t fall in love with u on the spot. 3) 5'9"-5'11"? we’re now allies in the war i’ll guard ur ankles u guard mine

-what happened to TF?

i kindly ask ya to fuck off

-what is TF?

the less you know the better

-what does “beware the askbox ghost”/“yo spencer wright here and billy queue cobra mean”?

1. the askbox ghost tag is my tag set up in xkit for answered asks to be automatically tagged as when i’m on desktop

2. another xkit tag, it’s for my queue! it’s a pun based on the show “Dude, that’s my ghost!” from the opening sequence

-not a question but important to say STOP CALLING ME DAD OR ANY PARENTAL TITLE i thought we dealt with this months ago but apparently it’s still a goddamn issue. if you do you will be blocked.

-are you still into eddsworld?

literally every time i get this question it further convinces me to not get back into the show no matter what new content comes out. i’m sick of the fandom, and slowly just getting more reasons to not like it. it was fun at first but now it’s just tiring and not within my interest. i moved on to other things. let’s face it: eddsworld is old and dead and tired and i’ve used up every single idea i have there’s no point for me to continue trying to conjure up new content for something i’m bored of. stop asking about it. stop asking me to draw it and honestly avoid even suggesting ideas for it, they don’t help. if i want to draw for it i will but it’ll be once in a blue moon and likely not without me getting the essence of a bad taste in my mouth. please let me move on before i pull every individual hair out of my head over this. maybe in the future at some point things’ll ease over and i’ll stop feeling sick every time i hear about the EW fandom but for the time being, no. i’d rather pull out each hair from my arms and legs individually and then try and glue them back in place in perfect position. i’m reaching the point where if you even mention eddsworld to me, whether you want me to draw it or not yes this includes casually trying to start a conversation about it with me, i’m going to completely ignore or even more likely block you.

-(any sort of “are you still into ______” question)

please just. don’t ask this. in any case. why is it necessary to comment on the fact i have changing interests and focuses. just assume most things i still have a fondness for but if i move onto something else chances are i just won’t draw it as much bc it isn’t in my focus.

-do you still draw eddsworld?

not unless ya fuckin pay me i don’t. literally. i’m not drawing eddsworld on my own will anymore because i’m sick of the fandom and sick of hearing about it. want to see new eddsworld art from me??? stop being cheap and expecting free shit from artists that don’t owe you anything. you wanna see EW stuff from me so badly pay me. my commissions are here and almost always open unless i say otherwise. don’t have money or a way to send it to me? not my problem and too bad on your end. 

-you reblogged something from someone extremely problematic/unsafe

thank you for letting me know! tell me what it is they did, even better offer proof on it. i’ll likely delete the post and blacklist their url to hopefully prevent their name popping up on my blog in the future. i won’t publish these asks mostly to avoid discourse or in the event false information is provided. sorta just safety precaution i guess

-you’ve done something bad

again, thank you for letting me know! if i post or say something questionable please feel free to message me and i’ll try my best to address the issue and adjust accordingly. i’m aiming to grow as a person so critique is welcome, both on me and my artwork. don’t just come up and call me an asshole or a prick or something, actually point out the errors and explain why they’re wrong so i can better understand and it doesn’t just turn into a defensive round of who’s worse, because i tend to be a very defensive person.

-i think someone is stealing/reposting your art!

thank you very much for telling me! don’t message them right off the bat, come to me first and i will deal with it. i’ve dealt with this shit tons of times and it’s tiring as fuck but i’d rather repeat the same stupid civil message over and over again than start a giant calamity over something and end up with someone getting hurt. if you do get involved please stay polite about it don’t throw insults just a simple “hey this art was done by princeofmints/tv-headache/zachary jack/dirtypip/(etc my other account names) and he doesn’t want his art reposted, please take this down or add proper credit.”

-can i use your art as an icon?

sure man. only on places like instagram, tumblr, or twitter though, and proper credit in an easy to see place must be given. if a piece of art is of my ocs or especially vent art though never use it for icons. thank you.

-can i repost your art?

man oh man i really wish you wouldn’t but if you have to whatever. just make sure to credit me in the description easy to see, preferably at the top instead of a mile at the bottom under a read more. instagram is really the only place i’ll tolerate reposting WITH CREDIT, everywhere else do not repost my shit. do not trace my shit. do not recolour or edit my shit. want to use it in a video? ask me first please and then add proper credit that’s easy to see.

-can i colour/finish one of your sketches?

please don’t. please, please, do not. even if you don’t intend on posting it i would prefer you don’t do this.

-what is…

       -the adventure zone?

a podcast done by the mcelroy family. justin, travis, and clint play dungeons and dragons with griffin taking on the role of dungeon master. you can listen to it on maximum fun or search it up on itunes

       -don’t starve?

an indie survival game, mostly unique for it’s art style and creative choices. that’s why i’m fond of it, at least. i find it really pleasant to look at and listen to and watch and i love the characters and stories behind it! the game does cost money but just reading through the wiki about the characters and watching the trailers on youtube can give you a pretty good idea on what it’s about, so playing the game isn’t really necessary to be in the fandom i think.


sort of a fantasy, sci-fi horror game. some teenagers go to an island for a party but end up contacting ghosts and get into a whole slew of shenanigans. this one i do recommend playing mostly just for the vast amounts of dialogue and choices to be made. there are a few parts that are a little jumpscare-y but if you keep the lights on and play where you feel safe i don’t think they’d be too bad! might trigger really bad paranoia though so be safe. they mostly consist of figures fizzing in or sudden static. if you play through it a second time on the same timeline they do get a little worse and even doing my best to comfort myself one of the pictures does nasty stuff to me just because of the way it looks. it’s not gorey or horrible or anything it’s just unnerving as fuck.

      - camp camp?

a 2D animated cartoon by rooster teeth. it’s about a kid named max who’s attending a summer camp, Camp Campbell, against his will and frequently tries to escape or at least cause as much havoc and chaos for the counselors as possible. he often gets help in this from his friends Neil and Nikki, the other campers sometimes aid in this as well. either intentionally or without knowing. would i recommend watching it? well. uh. i don’t know. saying it’s by rooster teeth might be enough of a warning to some people that it contains some not entirely safe content, but in case you need depth: it features A LOT of swearing, plenty of injury and some blood, and the unfortunate references to hitler. aside from that it’s got a cute style to it and it can be pretty entertaining to watch, david is fucking adorable. if those previously mentioned downsides are things you can’t handle, then i definitely recommend avoiding the show.

    -(something that isn’t listed here)

you can always google stuff

-how do you feel about people mimicking your art style?

for me personally, i won’t gripe about it too much just because i learned art from trying to mimic others and my own style is just an amalgamation of art styles i really like that sort of transpired into it’s own unique(?) thing. when it comes to people trying to draw in my style it personally doesn’t bother me too much, most of my concern actually goes out to the other artist. if ur gonna mimic a style please know the concepts and basics of it. don’t just draw in it because it looks cool, learn the aspects of it and why things look the way they do. i mostly say this because i see a lot of artists copying me and i can tell they don’t really know what they’re doing and it’s seriously hindering them. if you want to learn from my style, please, go ahead, just make sure to study up and learn your own path to avoid hurting your own progress. saying this, there is a point where i very much do not like this stuff and it makes me uncomfortable. but that’s more along the lines of people tracing, just straight up redrawing my stuff, or trying to mimic so closely you could be mistaken for me or ur aiming to have a style indistinguishable from mine. those i’m not okay with. but like, learning from and using me as a study point is okay just make sure u have a breaking off point where ur own individual style comes out for ur own sake.

–a sort of secondary explanation to this as well


(apologize in advance if I get any info wrong) I’ve been in a group chat for awhile and ya know they like to draw art and they are into the whole ew fandom (TBH happy you left it before things Got out of hand) but someone in the chat always seems to say that they drew in your style a lot. Personally I don’t think that any art style looks alike but I wanted to know your thoughts about people having similar art styles with you? I’m sorry if you already answered this question I just haven’t seen it


Also I wanted to ask you on this blog and not your main because if you’re not ok with it I really don’t want people calling out artist that have your style

my thoughts are like. if someone wants to draw in my style on occasion (like for fun like a study or a meme thing) then it’s cool. if they want to study my style to incorporate pieces into it that i’m also okay with (i could honestly probably look at parts of my style and name what each part is from and who inspired it. like a franken-style) if they have a style that’s obviously inspired but still personal and unique yeah i’m absolutely cool with it that’s really cool to see the impact i have on people

what i’m not okay with is obvious tracing, redrawing, colouring my shit, and the like. i’m not okay with someone trying to perfectly imitate my style for their regular work for a lot of reasons.

one is paranoia about identity. i want to keep my stuff unique and recognizable and if everyone mimics my shit perfectly that sorta ruins years of work and strife and striving for me and i fear possible work. plus i already have to deal with people making accounts and posting my stuff pretending to be me i don’t need someone doing that but also producing their own content that passes and using my name for attention

two is paranoia for them. if you mimic an art style you’re setting yourself up for failure. do not even try to mimic parts of an art style unless you know exactly what they’re for and figure it out on your own to make sure you really get it. don’t get an explanation for each detail from the artist. figure it out on your own to really understand how to make it your own (specific example of this: the lines i draw on cheeks and noses for face colouration/characterization i have seen maybe one-in-a-million people know how to properly do this when they draw in my style. if you try to mimic or incorporate style pieces that you don’t understand you’re setting yourself up for failure and an art style that’ll just never look right because it’s not you, it’s someone else but like the photocopier mucked up a bit. like when you compare an on-brand pokemon doll to a knock-off from amazon with a spelling error in the title. or like Bart vs Just Like Bart.

and tbh i do appreciate the ask being sent here because i see so much harassment going on from assholes to people who are probably young and just learning. like. yeah i’d prefer people not mimic me perfectly but honestly don’t fucking attack people for it. don’t even make commentary on it. as long as they follow any of my blogs or have read my FAQ they’ll know my stance and instead of asshole messages they just need time to sort out their own work or find a few different inspirations to pick pieces from. the only time you should point anything out that someone is doing is if they’re tracing, reposting, colouring my sketches, or just redrawing my stuff (ie they draw their own version of a drawing of mine either of the same character or a different one) and even then i prefer people not comment, i prefer they come to me and let me deal with it to avoid havoc. bc a lot of the time there’s wrong accusations. if you see me messaging someone like on instagram or youtube that confirms “yep this is zac’s drawing stolen” then feel free to comment but don’t you dare be an ass about it. take the “this artwork is stolen/trace/etc please take it down for the sake of the artist.” y’know?

-why do you have an entirely separate blog for your FAQ? you know you can make blog pages, right?

i’m well aware of that and originally my faq WAS set up on a blog page, but unfortunately many folks proved to be either lazy or just couldn’t figure out how to get to a blog page on mobile so i had to set it up this way for accessibility purposes.

even easier than making your own weighted stuffed animal

i see plenty of tutorials for weighting a stuffed animal & while thats p easy, i lack the skills & supplies to do it well, so heres my even easier version

its a little coin purse thing. i got it at a yard sale so it was p cheap & ik theres purses/bags out there that r basically little bags sewn into the bodies of stuffed animals

theres no sewing required in this, theres just the zipper, so u can easily add/remove weight as necessary. i keep coins in mine, but u could add rocks, beads, etc, whatever really as long as the zipper holds it in

mine is p heavy w change in it & it fits nicely in the palm of my hand which i personally like lmao anyway im sure plenty of people know this is a thing but i just wanted to post about it in case anybody on here hadnt thought of it