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Paper Mates

Fandom: IT (2017)

Pairing: Reddie ( Richie Tozier / Eddie Kaspbrak )

Word Count: One chapter, 1.4k

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The quiet nights are the worst, when Richie has no one but himself, caffeine, and tv show characters. It’s endless isolation and practicing, as if that will somehow prove himself. The good days, though? The days where he gets to meet up with Stan for weekly brunch? The days where he and Mike and the rest of their band get to perform for the grimiest people in Philadelphia? Those days are worth living for. The music, the smoke, the bullshit. It’s almost perfect, and definitely worth being alive for.

Then Stan’s boyfriend is transferring, and bringing with him the cutest human being Tozier has ever seen, and oh god is he fucked.

(But then, maybe that’s just him preparing for a whole lot more of the good days.)

Chapter One : Dim Lights

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I'm not sure if this would count as a spoiler for CMM or not, but it was something I was curious to know. The reader decides not to tell Jimin when she's harassed by that drunk man, I was curious to know what Jimin might've done if/when he found out? -nameless anon

You know, I don’t think anyone caught on to that when Ramen, pt. 1 came out. 😂 In the chapter, she tells Jooheon she’ll tell Jimin, but not that night. There are a lot of business reasons for doing that. Jimin’s a long-term client who has basically asked for a favor by inviting her to work that night (as it’s not work she does on the regular anymore). She doesn’t want to spoil the atmosphere (i.e., her tips) by launching an accusation because she understands (and Jooheon knows too) that it can affect business. Plus, she already threatened the guy and asked Jooheon to cut him off, so we can infer that she meant to address the issue without involving her client away. 

Overall, her options for addressing it are limited. She’s definitely not going to involve the police, which would be required if she were to file any kind of formal complaint. We now know how she feels about law enforcement from pt. 2 of Ramen, plus she’s working illegally. There are few protections for people working illegally. Making any kind of report would only backfire for her, and she knows that.

She hasn’t had a well-timed opportunity to speak to Jimin since the party, but in his upcoming chapter the incident of the drunk guy will come up again in conversation. 👀 You’ll get a chance to see how he handles it at that time.

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Imma ask ya all of this cos I'm a lil shit: 5, 8, 28, 31, 32, 40, 41, 56, 59, 68, 74, 91 and 94

you little shi-

(5) What Is Your Favourite Colour?

green, blue and red. fuck you i ain’t limiting myself to one.

(8) Did You Wake Up Cranky?

bitch i’m always cranky.

(28) What Makes You Happy?

undeserved attention and praise

(31) Dogs Or Cats?

imma just put in this pic of my dog and let you guess what im gonna answer

(32) If You Were A Crayon What Colour Would You Be?

Bitter Sand - a salty beige colour

(40) Do You Have Any Obsessions Right Now?

not sure if i’d count them as obsessions, but i’ve discovered how fun rp’ing is lately and i lowkey wanna do it 24/7 right now

(41) Have You Ever Caught A Butterfly?

yas. i accidentally killed it because i kept my hand closed for too long, though.

(56)What Are You Craving Right Now?

THAT DICK some motherfucking sleep

(59) Coffee Or Tea?

milky coffee

(68) What Shampoo And Conditioner Are You Using Right Now?

this one.

(74) What Eye Colour Do You Find Sexiest?

if it’s attached to the right person any colour can get my engine going. but i’ve always liked the look of either really light or really dark eyes.

(91) What Sounds Are Your Favourite?

popping gum/popcorn, the sound of a fireplace, the sound your joints make when you pop them, “your pizza is ready”/”i’ll make you dinner”

(94) Name Something That Relaxes You.

a long shower, a mid - day nap, having my hair played with, having sleepy conversations in the middle of the night, not getting 236817938 numbers in one ask bc i keep gotta scroll up to see the numbers and that stresses me out karen

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First Line Meme Pt. 2

Well hey! I was tagged by @laelior in this post and by @ellebeedarling in this one! Thanks y’all!

Rules:  Post the first line from a WIP and tag as many people as words.

Scott had thrown himself into the work that was presented to him, delving into the technical problems that plagued the Quarian ark as if it had been deliberately sabotaged, or programmed by idiots. 

That is a really long sentence, and I won’t even count the words because I sure as heck am not gonna tag that many people, haha. But I’ll tag a few this time. As always, participation is appreciated but not required. Do as you please :-] @blueteaparty, @willowdeville, @bagog, @maxrev, @missannaraven, @autodiscothings and finally @shotce for that fallout fic you keep teasing about.

First Line Meme

Part 1 Here, Part 2 Here

I often think about the first out of two times my gay ass got “rejected”. it was back in high school, she was a straight girl, a friend, who heard from someone else that I “liked” her (which I did, she was very pretty and interesting) and she came to me telling me very gently “um so I heard you liked me and well i’m not gay so, i’m sorry but no” and I was standing there chuckling like.. “I literally didn’t ask and I knew all that but okay whatever imma go get a smoothie” and left her there; and then she spent the whole day coming back to me asking why I “wasn’t bothered” or “wasn’t even upset” smdkgsfkhfd straight girls are wild


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I would actually love to know how these 3 look together in one scene. I am expecting a rivalry

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