not sure if that counts


Bonus (just sketchy, because I am a lazy human being) :

Alright! A lot of you asked for more Kuro’s small adventures - so I happily complied.

And since to me the Galra look like huge, ugly, purple space cats (and Kuro is at last half Galra) I made him a little more cat-like in his behaviour. At least that’d explain why he’s such a little shit sometimes.

So here and there he acts like a huge cat would - and did you ever see a cat that loves vacuum cleaners? No. (That one strange cat licking the vacuum doesn’t count. I’m sure that’s not a cat but an alien or something. seriously.) Space robot vacuums are no exeption!

Gonna add some more of these, soon. :D Oh and… Uh… I’ll add more Sheith to it, I guess? :3


This fanvid is utterly PERFECT.

I love it when they’re storydriven, like also this other one:

Be sure to say thanks to the authors.

Also, i made a collection of all the jarchie fanvids i could find on youtube. it counts 165 vids at the moment. Be sure to check it out for hours of jarchie

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hey im planning on opening commissions soon, and i was wondering if u had any tips for using paypal? i know if you're not careful your shit can get messed up pretty easy and thats making me worried to open commissions at all.

i used to have people just send me money by giving them my paypal but that causes 2 main problems -

1. paypal takes a 2.9% out of every transaction. sure, it doesn’t seem like much, but every $ counts, especially if you’re working on small commissions

2. people sometimes send you the $ in their currency, instead of using paypal’s currency conversion. It’s fine bc paypal will switch it to your currency, but you can get underpaid a lot this way (i.e. $15 CAD vs $15 USD)

so now i send out invoices. Invoicing is super easy and really helpful in knowing who’s paid and who hasn’t. You can save items (i.e “Full Body Commission” ) to make it even easier. I add on the paypal tax (2.9%) to make sure that i’m getting the full price as well. You can have a “partial payment” option as well, which is helpful on bigger commissions and if you want someone to pay half before and half after.  Downside to invoicing is that people can’t send a tip 

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Can I just get some headcanons for charming things Teba and Revali would do for their s/o's? I'm a sucker for charmers.. ewe

Charming things they do for s/o (Teba/Revali)


  • Takes them to his favorite point on the mountain and just… talks with them for hours, if they want
  • Occasionally when flying, Teba will spot something really cool that reminds him of s/o and presents it to them 
    • And yes, he is all blushy when presenting it to them
  • At night, when he’s at his little spot in the village, he has a blanket on him in case his s/o stops by so they can snuggle into him and be warm.


  • Not sure if this counts as charming, but when Revali spots his s.o from above, he’ll sneaking swoop down and give them a fright, as a way to greet them
    • “Flustered? i don’t blame ya, you are talking to me after all.”

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What are some of your favorite South Park Headcanons?

Hmm I’m not sure… if it counts as headcanon, I have certain ways I see the characters, and sometimes that creeps into the way I animate them. 

For instance, I think I tend to see Kyle as a bit of a drama queen. He’s quick to anger and easily provoked. He can be a little prissy and self-absorbed. So he might be unusually concerned about his superhero outfit, and he’s more likely to react with outrage to things. Also he can be kind of a sadistic asshole.

I still headcanon Stan as having to drink all the time, haha. We’ve seen him struggle with addiction on the show and I imagine he’s always caught in this weird cycle where he’s trying desperately not to be like his father, but is not sure how else to cope with things. I think I see him as being more serious or subdued than he is on the show… but I also think that he’s clinging to being a kid and playing around. So he might try TOO hard to fit in with everyone and it comes off a bit forced. I think like a lot of anxious or depressed people he probably focuses a lot on what he imagines people think of him. Also I think he can definitely be kind of a douchebag.

I have a ton of headcanons for Tweek and Craig that I’m hoping to fit into a fanfiction eventually. :S I essentially see them as almost exact opposites, but their opposite natures balance each other out. I could do a whole separate post on just the two of them, haha. 

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If you search up "Take this City Miraculous Ladybug", one of the results is yours, and then another one. It's kinda like yours but I'm not sure if it counts as a direct repost, but it seems awfully similar to yours. If this is a false alarm, so sorry for bothering you! Love you Moon ~

Hi ^-^

There are other versions of that comic done by other people…some without permission I’m sure. Mine is completely unique and there will not be another identical to it (or very nearly so) that is not a repost. I’m not sure if I’m the only one @australet789 gave panels w/o dialogue to (am I??) but if the video contains panels w/ dialogue on them then it’s most definitely not mine. My name is also in the corner of the entire video, there are a few original animated segments done by me in After Effects, as well as additional panels that Australet made specifically for this video that will not be in the others.

Anyway, I went to look, and no, the video below mine is not a repost. That’s someone else who made it - whether or not they have permission is between then them and Australet.

But thanks for looking out for me ^-^

I kinda agree with everything others feel about the hug, there was so many other places that a hug would have felt natural and this hug did seem really forced. Not sure if you could count jealousy as a strong feeling there, probably more shock, a few episodes ago Regina was telling Emma she was too good for Hook, we haven’t really seen any development since then so it does seem really bizarre. 

The whole thing plays like a really awkward, kinda happy, but also kinda like “wtf” and with the juxaposition between the happiness Emma is supposed to be feeling compared with the dissapointment Regina must be feeling in her own failed attempt at hope and happiness… it just leaves a knot in my gut, it doesn’t make me feel happy, it makes me feel queasy. 

All in all it makes me feel like the world has spun, and I’m wondering what happened to this show I once loved called Once Upon a Time. 

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What is your favorite Sonic cartoon? Mine is Sonic Boom, and also Adventures of Sonic in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way.

I am not sure if this counts since they are both anime, but my favorites are the Sonic OVA and Sonic X. If neither of them count then I would have to go with Sonic Boom and Sonic SatAM (which I really need to continue watching so I can cry over Uncle Chuck)

~Mod Nerd


i love the despair designs !

i kept seeing this idea in several fanfics and it just stuck with me: that Bucky has always been a big nerd for anything sci-fi. there are stacks of books on his nightstand and more crammed in the shelves of their apartment, asimov, frank herbert, douglas adams and so on and he always carries a beaten up paperback with him to read in between briefings


panic! at the disco lyrics + dance

Neil Josten Vs. The Imperial System

  • Once came back from a run on a hot day and called it 40 degrees
    • The foxes were horrified?? Has Neil never been warm before??
  • Constantly switches between using meters and feet, sometimes within the same sentence
    • Later goes travelling and is so pissed when he finds out that US courts are slightly off from every other court in the world
  • Had to help Nicky decipher the recipes he got from Erik’s parents
  • Bombed multiple physics tests because he kept messing up the constants
    • The math was right
  • Likes to talk in centimeters because it sounds like more when he’s saying that he’s 7.6 cm taller than Andrew
  • Can convert from miles/hour to km/hour in his head
    • But still sometimes forgets what units the traffic signs are in and gets honked at to hell and back
  • Also: has gotten into a huge pissing match with someone over whether or not to add the “u” because if there was one thing his mom was adamant about, it was the “u”
signs as 2jae things that happened within the FIRST week of never ever promotions

aries: it’s just a microphone guys pls 

taurus: i’d rather stare at you than this cake we’re supposed to be making

gemini: wHOOP wHOOP

cancer: he snatched my mic but instead of being anger let me just give him heart eyes and finger hearts

leo: wow that’s not part of the dance jaebum but okay ig


libra: jaebum clinging onto youngjae as per- oh wait no now its youngjae clinging onto him hnNNGG OKAY


sagittarius: youngjae’s aegyo attack which has jaebum a smiling mess (we’re all yugy in this situation)

capricorn:lets take pictures together for the first time in 2000 years to remind everyone we’re still the cutest

aquarius: lets take a photoshoot together for the first time in 200 years to remind everyone we’re still the hottest

pisces: “not to be repetitive but we really are the hottest boyfriends…we’re also vocal kings so there’s that

Ignis: Noct, how much do you love me?

Noctis: I would die for you

Noctis: I would never let you go

Noctis: I would do anything for you

Ignis: Can you eat your vegetables for me?

Noctis: Let’s not exaggerate