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Any thoughts on the significance of the bright yellow bathroom in 13x2 (especially since there's been so much color meta going around re: Cas and yellow and the curtains from 13x1)?

HECK I HATE TUMBLR. I had a really long reply written out for this, and freaking tumblr ATE IT. oh my god. Stop being such a jerk tumblr… Okay, gonna try and recreate it >.> Okay… what had I been saying now…

That entire motel room (oh, excuse me, HOTEL, according to their sign >.>) was decked out in some really bold jewel tones, despite having gone a bit shabby with age and use. Some of the paint was chipping off, the whole place was dingier than a lot of the motels they visit, and whoa nelly that was a really sickening sulfurous shade of yellow.

Let’s start with the other parts of the motel, though. (partly because this is what I remember from the version of this post that tumblr nommed). Their room itself was a dark sapphire blue, highlighted by this deep red, diamond and flower pattered sofa:

These have long been our conflict colors, blue and red. And the diamond pattern itself reminded me of Lizbob’s meta about the diamond-pattern (sulfur yellow) bedspreads from s1 that made a reappearance in 12.19 in the motel room where Cas was hiding out with Kelly…

go read that real quick… I’ll wait.

Dean had already been the subject of prison imagery (when he first entered the motel room and the louvers of the blinds cast him in reddish light that resembled bars), and now the diamonds cast him against even MORE cage/prison imagery, this time embedded with FLOWERS (which have long been a symbol associated with Castiel… I mean even the wallpaper in 12.19 was a flower motif…)

That brings us to the hallway outside their room, painted the same deep red (and peeling away in places) as their sofa. Everyone knows about Dean’s shirt that color we all refer to as the Murder Shirt or the Shirt of Bad Decisions… But blue and red in contrast to one another like this have been used as a warning of conflict, and breaking the codependency… 

But that red is also the Winchester Family color, and so many “adopted Winchesters” have worn it, from Kevin to Mary to Charlie to Claire…

(I won’t even go into the symbolism of the light giving Dean a halo in the red hallway as he throws an angel blade to kill a demon, because I talked about that yesterday… :P)

Which brings us to yellow (and also yellow and blue together, which have always been a warning sign on Supernatural… she says as she’s watching 9.01 and looking at Hael wearing a sulfur-yellow sweater over a dark blue dress. Those are the colors of Heaven and irresistible duty). First, the bathroom itself:

Dean opens the door, reaches in and turns on the light, then leaves the door open. He doesn’t even go in, just gives it that look… Later when he’s fighting the demon, we get this shot, with the brightly-lit duty color set against the deep blue humanity color…

It seems that so much of the imagery around Jack (and the Winchesters) is about this duality– humanity versus (in this case) non-humanity. Jack is about as clear a dual-natured being as it’s possible to be, and in turn it’s divided Sam and Dean against one another. Sam sees Jack’s humanity, but Dean can only see the potential for his power to “take over” and for human Jack to be lost to that power.

To copy/paste what I said to @shixpe when I was busy crying about how tumblr ate this original post, right now “Jack” and “Jack’s Power” are two entirely separate entities. Nougat vs “unimaginable cosmic power,” and he hasn’t even BEGUN to reconcile those two halves within himself. Right now, he doesn’t even identify with his powers at all…

We’ve seen a lot of the s9 and s10 imagery of duality coming back into play again with things like the return of the Panheads sign which we also know will be in 13.03, along with Patience wearing these same bright primary colors in various promo pics. I eagerly await how they continue to use these colors as the season continues to unfold.


A bunches of small sketches for Inktober. Liners and markers.
1) Nameless King with baby dragons, idea I have seen in @fulgurantfirstborn blog and just… How can I miss such an opportunity?
2) Witch of Izalith. Once more. I have just learned that apparently Daughters of Chaos (and Witch herself logically?) aren’t hoomans, but some different species as wiki for Quelana tells. It is probably should be obvious, but my head went “BANG”. I can make even MORE shitty headcanons. Now I can headcanon them having pointy teeth, because pointy teeth make everything better.
3) Nito being a good boss. Just Nito being a good boss.
4) Nox in her typical state of being deathly scared by everything. If she tells you, that she was brave - she lies. If she tells you that she was brave, when others were scared - she blatantly lies. She is just scared and wants to go home. Sad thing is, she has nowhere to go.

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Do we have confirmation of where Louis is?? I'm really glad he gets to be so much time MIA these days. He was the only one who never really got that since the band went on hiatus. I hope he's having a lovely time ❤ working on his music, and spending time with his loved ones

He was last seen on Monday in London but he’s been MIA ever since!


back at it again with those nge aus

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