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Aaaaye the hate anons are back. Just give it up already. Im pretty sure I know who one of you is and belive me dude, I couldnt give two craps about your opinions on the PyroMedic ship so run, be free! Go get a life! *gently ushers the young immature hate anons out into the big, wide world*

Plus it has come to my attention that someone made a tf2 oc that is a carbon copy of my pyro headcanon minus the scars. Please dont do that. (I rebloged it then deleted the reblog but it makes me sad)


hello, I am BTS’ Suga
haha how is it already my 25th birthday? it feels weird
I mean it seems like I was 20 a few days ago
It has been my fourth spring and my fourth birthday since debut
me, who was always impatient and has many worries about the future. me, who always seems to be 21 years old
performing in front of countless ARMY
and telling someone that your senior sunbae is doing concerts on the other side of the globe
and I live a busy life daily and I’m so happy meeting you guys it all seems like a dream
after debut many ARMYs made sure to celebrate my birthday like this every year is exciting. actually, I didn’t hold any significance on birthdays like that.
but I think about ARMY who are happy while taking care of this and that for my birthday, also makes me think my birthday is something special
ARMY thank you for making me a special person!
I may look like a person who lives just because they were born
but I’m trying really hard and trying to become a better person
please watch for a long long time in the future
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes
as much as I’ve grown a year older, I will repay you with better music and better stages

p.s. I don’t want to grow older anymore

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Lysandra and Falkan

We aren’t talking enough about these two. And we need to because I don’t know about you but this part:

This part absolutely destroyed me. I was crying for at least ten minutes and had to reread it several times and then had to message someone who had already read the book to make sure he wasn’t going to die or I wouldn’t be able to keep reading. More than anything else in this entire book, I could not handle this moment, for many reasons. 

First of all, I knew from the moment Falkan entered that he was important and would probably be related to Lysandra in some way because she is the only other shapeshifter we know of and thats how books work. Him confirming it though just made me so excited.

Second of all, because of all of this confession, we know that Lysandra has a family. After being abandoned by her father (who we know now definitely knew that she was born) and disowned by her mother and being forced into a brothel, this is so meaningful. And not only does she have a family, but he loves her and wants her and has been searching for her for years.

And Falkan’s line, which he was planning to be the last thing he ever said – and you know he must have been thinking this for years now – “I may have failed her in this life. But not in my death.” That is so freaking powerful and amazing and sacrificial and it truly shatters my heart that he was going to give up the years he’s been searching but he needed to make sure someone found her and gave her what he’s been saving up all these years for them – for them to use together to have a life. And as these words are spoken, as this task is handed off, Falkan knows that he will never meet her, never know her name, never be with his niece who is all he has left.

And then he survives, and Nesryn tells him about Lysandra and:

This part also definitely ended me because he is so happy and relieved and overjoyed to hear that yes, his niece is alive. And he decides to join their cause and come back to the Northern Continent and I cannot wait for their reunion in TOG7, I really don’t think I’ll survive it. 

Side note: Falkan’s last name is Ennar so that means it’s Lysandra Ennar (as long as Lys decides to take her father’s last name which I bet she will) and that makes me really happy because we finally have a last name, yay. 

TL;DR We need to talk about Falkan and Lysandra Ennar more because they are precious and their relationship is going to kill me.

“We both tried to grab at the last copy of that desired book at the same time and had a tug of war.” (from this post)

Sterek ficlet, T, ~1.6k words. Basically, I was going to just do a tiny little drabble as a warm-up for working on one of my WIPs, and then I was having too much fun with it to stop.

(Btw, if you couldn’t tell, I totally made up the book series in question. Any resemblance to any actual book is completely coincidental.) 

It’s definitely some kind of torture that on the day the seventh and final Path of Wolves novel comes out, Stiles still has to go to school like it’s not the most important day of the year or anything.

And okay, so it’s not like anyone else in Beacon Hills has even heard of these books except Scott, and then only because Stiles can’t shut up about them, but still. Stiles spends the entire day practically vibrating out of his skin with the anticipation. He’s pretty sure he hasn’t taken in a word any of his teachers has said today. The only reason he doesn’t try to make a break for it during lunch is that he can’t afford another detention on his record, and even so, he’s still sorely, sorely tempted to risk it. In the end, he has to get Lydia to hide his car keys from him.

(He was going to ask Scott to do it, but Scott would have caved as soon as Stiles started begging, and Stiles is definitely not above begging, so Lydia it is.)

The instant the final bell rings, though, Stiles is out of there, flying across the parking lot and gunning the Jeep. The bookstore probably only ordered a few copies, and if Stiles isn’t holding one of them by the time he leaves, somebody’s about to get murdered.

Not that he actually expects any competition, but it’s better not to let these things go to chance. He already messed up once by procrastinating on pre-ordering until they were sold out; he didn’t think it was possible for a Path of Wolves novel to be sold out. He was wrong, and now he’s paying for it by having to physically go to the bookstore to get it.

Either Stiles vastly overestimated how many copies the store was going to order, or else he vastly underestimated how many people in Beacon Hills read these books, because when he skids to a stop in front of the New Releases shelf, there’s only one copy left. One beautiful, perfect hardcover copy.

Lucky for him, one copy is enough.

Except that when he grabs ahold of it, someone else does, too.

For a long second, Stiles can’t even believe what he’s seeing. Another hand, on his book. Another hand that’s not letting go, even though Stiles has already clearly and unambiguously grabbed it by the spine and isn’t letting go, either.

Stiles turns his head incredulously to get a look at this usurper, and it’s Derek Hale. As in, made-of-muscles, leather-wearing lacrosse captain Derek Hale.

Until this moment, Stiles wasn’t even sure Derek could read, and now he’s trying to steal Stiles’ obscure eight-hundred-page fantasy novel. What.

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Open to Interpretation

This was probably not anything like you anticipated but I fell in love! Okay! I can’t apologize for this sap!


             Draco paced the hallway angrily and a little worriedly. It was just like Potter to make him wait. The bloody git couldn’t have the decency to show up on time. Normally, he wouldn’t worry about the Gryffindor, but the Daily Prophet had reported six sightings of wanted Death Eaters that hadn’t been round up yet. Sure, they weren’t comparable to the Dark Lord, and the savior had gotten rid of him, but still.

               He checked the time once more before sighing heavily. Draco was already late for Charms, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. Not when Harry had been so determined to leave over the weekend for some mysterious reason.

               They didn’t usually have secrets from each other, but the brunette had begged and pleaded that whatever was going on needed to be kept hidden for now. Unfortunately for Draco, those blasted green eyes would always shatter his resolve. What made it worse was that Harry knew this too. It was almost as if the Gryffindor was a Slytherin in disguise.

               Another look around the area had him sighing heavily. He ignored the curious gaze from the portrait of the Fat Lady. This was the best spot to wait for the Gryffindor.

               The sound of thundering feet had Draco snapping his head up. Harry’s smiling face coming up the stairs had him relaxing, until he caught sight of the man’s hands. They were badly burned, so much so that he knew they would scar. Cuts adorned his arms and dried blood could be seen as well.

               “What happened?” Draco nearly screeched, causing the Fat Lady to look at him in admiration as her glass cup shattered. His mind was cycling through hundreds of theories but each one was deadlier than the last.

               Before Harry could speak, Draco marched to him angrily, hands clenching at his sides. “It was a Death Eater, wasn’t it? Which one was it? I’ll kill them.”

               “Draco—” Harry seemed to be amused but Draco was inclined to think that his boyfriend was going into shock.

               “No, really. Which one did this? The Ministry won’t know if I use someone else’s wand.” That much he was certain of. He wasn’t the son of Lucius Malfoy for no reason. 

               “No, Draco—”

               “Are you okay? Have you taken any healing potions?” He rummaged through his bags, pulling out spare vials that he had made last week. Severus had instilled the belief that it was wise to always be prepared.

               Harry sighed before taking the few potions that were handed to him. Draco watched with narrowed eyes, making sure the other man swallowed every drop.

               “Here, this is a healing salve too. I wouldn’t add any dittany to this because my salve already has some in it, and we wouldn’t want a double dose.” Instead of allowing the Gryffindor to apply it himself, Draco decided to be a nice boyfriend and do it for him. He really should be credited more often. 

               When he looked up to interrogate Harry, he faltered at the adoration in green eyes. Draco wasn’t good at saying what he was feeling, and his heart was silently voicing a lot of things right now. He was just happy they were silent at the moment. “Are you going to tell me who hurt you?”

               “No one hurt me.” Harry whispered, still staring at him softly. “I sort of did this to myself.”

               Draco blinked rapidly, not liking the sound of this at all. “Pardon me?” It seemed nice enough, but his tone was demanding an explanation.

               “Um.” Harry flushed before looking to the ground. “I wanted to get you a gift, but you could buy anything you want. So, I thought that I would make you something instead.”

               Draco refused to be incredibly touched by this. It did however take him a few times to get his mouth working.


               “No.” Harry shook his head rapidly. “You’re always getting me little things and I love them all. I just wanted to return the favor. So, I looked around for a muggle course I could take over the weekend.”

               Draco wanted to wince at the fact that these injuries happened at some kind of muggle event, but he was still caught up with his boyfriend being utterly sappy.

               “It was a glass blowing course. It’s definitely not something I will be doing again. I’m too clumsy for it all. Not to mention, it’s kind of dangerous if not done correctly.”

               He wanted to point out that it was obvious that Harry hadn’t done it correctly if his hands were this injured but now was not the right time to tease.

               Harry scratched his head nervously before reaching into his bag and pulling out something. It was clearly glass but the shape itself was making it hard to decipher what it was supposed to resemble. There was a mixture of colors spread all throughout and it fascinated Draco.  

               “It looks like shite.” Harry continued shaking his head sadly. “But it took so long. You have no idea.”

               It didn’t matter that he couldn’t tell if it was a flobberworm or a disfigured Hippogriff, Harry had made it with his own hands and Draco loved it.

               “You made this?” He whispered reverently, gently cradling the glass thing to his chest. No one had ever given so much thought for a gift to him before. 

               “Yeah.” Harry wouldn’t quite meet his eyes. “I just wanted to show you how much you—”

               “I love you.” Draco whispered, wishing that he had been able to get the courage to say this sooner.

               Harry’s eyes snapped to his, they were wide but awed. As if he hadn’t thought that Draco could love him. Foolish Gryffindor.

               “You—I—oh.” Harry stepped closer until they were almost chest to chest, glass object being the only thing separating them.

               “I love you too, Draco.” Harry choked out, eyes roaming Draco’s face, as if he was mesmerized by what he saw there.

               Before Draco could say anything, his lips were captured in a soft but passionate kiss. He tilted his head to the side to deepen the kiss. In the background, he could hear the Fat Lady sniffling and whispering about ‘young love’ but he was far more interested in Harry. Especially when a tongue tangled with his own.


               “What the hell is that?” Theodore asked, brows arching as he looked to the thing on Draco’s nightstand.

               “It looks like a Centaur.” Blaise pointed out, squinting his eyes to see if that changed what it looked like.

               “Centaurs don’t have five legs.” Greggory grunted, scrunching up his face in thought.

               “Those are legs?” Theo countered disbelievingly. “I kind of thought it was supposed to be a ball of rubbish.”

               “Excuse you.” Draco’s cold tone had them all straightening. “Harry gave me that as a present.”

               “He wouldn’t have happened to have mentioned what it is supposed to be, did he?” Wondered Blaise as he shot a dubious look at the glass object.

               “It’s an insightful expression of art. Which as you all know is open to interpretation.”

                There was a brief silence before, “You have no idea what it is, do you?” Asked Theo, folding his arms across his chest.

               Draco opened his mouth to lie, but their unimpressed stares had him choosing to be truthful. “No, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be.”

               He ignored the way Blaise snorted in delight. “But it’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Draco smiled softly at his present. The fact that Harry made it himself still had him feeling like an utter sap.

               Theo and Blaise shared an incredulous look. It wasn’t until Greg cracked his knuckles threateningly that they quickly nodded.

               “Yeah. It sure is beautiful.” Theo hurried to say, keeping a wary eye on Greg.

               “Mhm.” Blaise added. “Everyone will be jealous.” He winced a little at the worry that he was laying it on too thick.

               “They should be.” Draco declared haughtily, running a finger along the glass once before turning around and heading out of the room.

               If only everyone was as lucky as he was to have his own Harry.

So I decided to try to learn how to use blender so I separated the sweater outfit from the bowling pack into a top.  I’m pretty sure someone has already separated it, but it was good practice for me and I wanted to recolor it anyways.  So I have EA’s original colors, plus WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s neutrals and unnaturals with white trim or black trim.  It works with most pants and shorts, and some skirts.  Download info below the cut.

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