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You know I just love this woman.

She hasn’t even met the man for more than a couple hours but she has already given him a loving nickname, like he’s part of the family.

She cooks for him.

Also she made it EXTRA-LARGE, I’m sure not everybody gets that special treatment.

“An extra-large for the handsome russian boy.”

And just look how delighted she gets when Victor praises her food. She’s just the perfect mother in law.

And never forget this.

She looks so proud, so pleased, and you know most parents want their kids to find someone who’ll take care of them the same way they did, because their kids are their treasures, they are what they consider most precious in their lifes. And she knows her son has finally found the one, he has finally got to meet the man who’ll treasure him above everything, and I think she knew it since Victor walk through their door… You know, how moms have this sixth sense about people, and more when it involves friends or lovers.

That smile, she’s a proud mom, and she knows his son now has someone who will be sure to hold him up even in the hardest of times.

Now imagine them both coming back to Hasetsu after the grand prix… and having to explain the rings, their engagement, and the future date for their wedding. Imagine her joy. Imagine her with her future grandchildren, I don’t know I just love her too dam much.


“An ecstatic smol mom, skipping after listening to his future son in law praise her cooking skills.”

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 13) Senior Year: Ransom

This is the last installment! Thanks for reading.

“I think you two should make out,” says March.

This is clearly an intervention. April is here, and Bitty perched in a corner of the locker room clutching a tray of mini-pies and looking embarrassed for everybody. Lardo brought her fucking gavel. There is a laptop in the corner, and Holster’s pretty sure someone is going to suggest Skyping Shitty any minute. Chowder’s supportive smile is already looking strained.

The only people in the room that Holster isn’t mad at right now are Nursey and Dex who are ignoring the stupidest ever session of Samwell Men’s Hockey Court to grope each other behind the We Support You Both banner.

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some solid ‘gabriel is not hawkmoth’ theorizing that isn’t just ‘it’s too obvious’.

so, canonically, we see lila buying that volpina necklace. and i’m certain that it was confirmed on twitter as well.

it’s also canon that gabriel has the book that describes the miraculouses, and heavily likely that mama agreste had the peacock one, or that it is at least currently in gabes possession. 

I honestly can’t remember whether or not it was confirmed that gabriel’s company made that necklace but it is surely likely as he is the only one that knows what the original looks like.

so then why is gabriel making duplicate miraculous items

in jackady, gabriel clearly recognizes adrien’s ring.

if gabriel’s line has miraculous items, they would have been made shortly after jackady, in order to appear in the volpina episode.

gabriel is making duplicates because it is the only way he can keep his loved ones safe from someone searching for the miraculouses.

maybe he’s already learnt that he can’t take away someones miraculous in order to keep them safe. maybe that is why mama agreste left.

hawkmoth has nothing to gain by making duplicate miraculouses, in fact it would make his job harder.

now with fanfic

“Gifted” Academy Hamilton AU Headcanons P.1

I got really bored and came up with this trash. I might start writing a fic for this, maybe not. I’ve seen some super hero power au things for hamilton, but I made sure my headcanons and plot were different. If it is like someone elses, then I’ll change it up if it bothers the other creator. This the first part, the Rev Set. The other two will be the Schuyler Sisters and the Southern Motherfucking Dem-Replubicans. If yall have headcanons you want me to consider, hmu in the ask box (id prefer if anon was off so i can give creds!).

edit: the Schuyler sisters are already out, check it out!

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Alexander Hamilton;


  • has the ability to control the weather, usually the weather aligns with his mood


  • The loudest in the room™
  • Really protective of close buddies, a super mega bitch to everyone else, even strangers
  • Doesn’t give a flying fuck
  • Flirts without noticing


  • His father left after finding out about Hamilton’s abilities
  • his mother is dead, we don’t talk about that
  • Washington and Lafayette are his adoptive family
  • Used to date Eliza Schuyler but they broke up because of a Miss Maria Reynolds (no, not because he cheated with her)
  • “LAuReNS I lIKe yUO AlOt”
  • Him and Laurens are totally in love it’s borderline gross but they say they’re only “friends”


  • Was cast out of his island because they thought he was the cause of the hurricane that destroyed most if their town
  • Got into Washington’s academy because, well, he’s his adoptive father and Alex’s need to learn how to control his ability
  • Dorms with Laurens, Herc, and Lafayette

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I’m sure someone’s already gone off on how this is an important indication to how trials will work and how people will take sides on arguments and stuff like that, but excuse me while I zero in on one aspect of this image because I’ve made the entirely unwise decision of becoming shipper trash before the game has even released:

Amami’s supporting his bf on Ouma’s side. 

Along with Shinguuji and Iruma. Wonder if this will have any impact outside of trials or if this will change up even within trials?