not sure if real of photoshopped

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are you sure that the jjp picture on your blog (jy's in white and jb's in blue) isn't photoshopped? it looks so DOMESTIC???? my parents who barely show their love but overdo it when they do???

I don’t even remember where I got the photo from but I always assumed it was real?? but because of you anon I did some digging and it turns out…IT IS PHOTOSHOPPED

Apparently they were taken and used as photo cards for Fly in Osaka

But that’s exactly why I love that photo they look so domestic and like a real couple and I’m weak for domestic jjp 😩

i was asked to do a tutorial on how i make my icons by anonymous, so here’s my super easy way of doing it. there’s no major editing or backgrounds simply because i’m super lazy and i prefer the look of clean, bright icons. i’ve only ever used this method on cartoons (voltron. i’ve only ever made voltron icons lol), so i can’t say for sure whether this method would work well with real people. just keep that in mind!

for some examples of what you can make, here’s my icons page.

please like/reblog if you try it out, and feel free to ask me any questions.

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Tutorial: Custom Skylines for Sims 2

This tutorial is for advanced Photoshop users that bring up quite a lot free time and have The Sims 3 installed on their computers. The skylines are being created by sticking screenshots from Sims 3 worlds together and warping that into a globe. Because of this, you could also use other games with cool landscapes or real life photos, but it probably won’t fit to the Sims 2 artstyle.

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So, I had a lovely walk, got eaten alive by mosquitos, trespassed a little (i’m not sure I should have been where I stuck that last rift? I had to hop a fallen tree to get there) and in general had a wonderful time, in which I nearly fell on my ass in freezing water.

But, here you are Dragon Age: Inquisition touches real life.

[You can now buy some of these on my Redbubble]

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what happened to mina?

There was a photo of her and Bambam that was causing dating rumors (here’s the article). Mina and even her family were getting senseless hate. Both Twice and Got7 fans were sure the photo was photoshopped though (see all the updated evidence here).

But then JYPE confirmed the photo was real and said they’re just friends, plus, they’ll take legal action against defamation of character. And people are generally iffy about it for various reasons. Some think it’s a publicity stunt for Got7′s comeback, but in general we’re upset that Mina is being affected by all of this silliness and want to support her no matter what.

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Re: Dinah cover photo. I am skeptical at first, but you can see on her updates that she switched back to her old cover photo just an hour ago, so it is a fact that it was changed. But can we verify fo sure that the Camila screenshot as her cover was not photoshopped? if it was real.. man D is pranking us rn. She couldn't have accidentally clicked on it because fb will ask for a confirmation save. 🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ or she was hacked..

Apparently she was hacked or so she says - or maybe she’s just having little accidents like Lauren…


Thank you, @violatheviolinist!  Here’s a super quick tutorial on how I make faces, ft. the AU boys! These tips go for making faces of all kinds, not just male ones.

Here’s some additional info.

1. This is embarrassing, but I was in the Queen fandom (Yes, the band. Also, it’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday tomorrow and I’m delighted and ANYWAYS) for five years. Trying to nail likeness for four different male band members was a big help when it comes to drawing different faces for my future stuff.

2. Building from interesting shapes also helps with general character design as well! You can easily build shapes and characters with the layer and opacity tools in Photoshop (not sure about other programs). If not, grab a Sharpie and block some shapes together and trace over them with a separate piece of printing paper or tracing paper and go from there.

3. Also, draw from real life helps a bunch or just general portrait drawing. Find a nice pic of your favorite actor or something, and make a graphite study of them. This kind of practice comes in handy when developing your own work. Even professionals have to remember to work from life to strengthen their techniques. (If you follow any Disney vis dev artists, they’re always posting various still life and landscape studies, not just drawing from their imagination all the time.)

I’m not a mega-professional when it comes to this, but I hope it helps you out! Happy drawing!

-Mod Junior

First Thing This Morning

Coworker: So emergency photoshoot today! We need you to photoshop leggings we have for some FHP ads. We need it ASAP.
Me: Oh! Okay! Who’s going to model?
Coworker: Uhhhhh…You??
Me: Ah. Yeah sure! Let’s do it!
Coworker: Happy Birthday! Can we get these by noon?
Me: hahahaha… (fuck.)

Me: It feels real weird to be photoshopping myself all day…  

Photos by Ricky Mizuno

I wanted to make sure that OUT Magazine is ready for Sherlock Series 4 in 2016.  

So I did this.

It’s good to have your marketing materials and stories prepared well in advance.  Yup. That’s what I always say…

More in this series: TIME Magazine - Entertainment Weekly

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ{ ᴀʀᴛ ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛ ɢᴏᴇs ᴛᴏ ɪɴᴅɪɢᴏɴɪᴛᴇ, ᴄʜᴇᴄᴋ ᴛʜᴇᴍ ᴏᴜᴛ! }

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ‣ Is doing this tacky yet?

Well, I don’t mind either way because! Yes! This blog’s reached its 1000+ followers and I’m honestly so stoked. I can’t tell you all how much joking around with this account, as well as developing minor and major plots, has helped me. Amidst the stress of real life that I’m sure we all have to some degree, RPing has brought me so much joy and I only have my RP partners and those who for some reason stayed with Wrath and his antics to thank for. You made RPing special for me and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Wrath was made on a whim and I would never have imagined he’d get this far, the most I’ve accomplished and why I decided to make this post. Despite his character adopting mannerisms and concepts different from those I’d initially planned for him, he still managed to turn into a muse I have the pleasure to spend my free time on. That and, through him, I’ve met incredibly creative and talented people that I might not mantain constant contact out of character, but whom I respect and admire a whole awful lot.

I adore each of you who still put up with all the unrelenting shitposting and immature jokes, but I gotta thank some particular people for directly dealing with me and/or my muse. Please don’t feel left out if you’re not mentioned! You’re just as special to the development of this blog. 

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I noticed in the tags of one of your recent posts, you mentioned it was your first real drawing done in Photoshop, which kind of surprised me. What program do you usually use, if you don't mind my asking? I've always use Photoshop, I didn't really realize there was an alternative.

There are plenty of cheap alternatives to photoshop, from GIMP to paint tool SAI,, and I’m sure many others. I used to work in SAI before upgrading to CLIP studio paint pro. It’s pretty much a hybrid bundle of photoshop and paint tool SAI in the sense that it has a lot more features that photoshop has and SAI does not? But it’s also… simple and functions similarly to SAI.
Painting feels more “traditional” without you having to go and screw around with a bundle of settings, if that makes sense. And the default shortcut and keybinding settings are more to my liking, they feel faster and easier… But that’s probably just because I’m still learning about all of photoshop’s features and how to navigate it haha! I’m certain photoshop is better, I mean, it’s photoshop… but sometimes photoshop’s outta’ our budgets. I’ve been trying to avoid it up until now, but with only two years left of college and internships next year… I figured it was time to buckle down and learn-

But again, ya can do a ton of the same stuff ya can do in photoshop in CLIP studio.

Also it’s 30% off right now for those who are interested,

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Oh hell no!!!!!! Diana is making a YouTube account. Callie, this is scaring me. What if she really knows 5sos and it all isn't fake. She scares me especially with Ashton. She keeps hinting he has a real secret girlfriend and honestly I am scared. Ashton has got me through some tough times I don't wanna get into. She has said so many things and my brain is boggled. What if she does know them, could she possibly Photoshop some pics to make it look like she does. Is she Ashton's girlfriend? 😔😔😔❤

She doesn’t know 5sos and she isn’t Ashton’s girlfriend, okay? I promise you. I’m 100% sure. Don’t worry about it because she’s just lying. It’s all fake. Everything’s fine. ❤️️

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Re: Dinah cover photo. I am skeptical at first, but you can see on her updates that she switched back to her old cover photo just an hour ago, so it is a fact that it was changed. But can we verify fo sure that the Camila screenshot as her cover was not photoshopped? if it was real.. man D is pranking us rn. She couldn't have accidentally clicked on it because fb will ask for a confirmation save. 🤷‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ or she was hacked..

i didnt even know abt this 😱

S I M P L E   S H O U T O U T   B A N N E R   T U T O R I A L

So basically - I was asked to do a tutorial on how I did the above image. I thought, sure, why not? It’s probably not as hard as you think, because honestly, I’m really, really crap at photoshop. I just go with the flow and if I end up liking it, that’s what happens. I just want anyone reading this to be pre-warned, it’s about to get real informal up in here. 

Without further adieu stalling, here is a tutorial on how to make a simple, but pretty shoutout/navi/personal graphic for yourself. (No one who is actually good at photoshop judge me too harshly please)

If this helped you out in anyway, give it a like/reblog. Please keep in mind that I suck at photoshop and this is a really basic graphic tutorial 

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guys I’m preeeetty sure that post circulating about crow being a dad is not real. the image looks pretty photoshopped, and there’s no legit news yet. Let’s all wait to get excited til we hear from a credible source <3