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once you make one mistake on tumblr its either forgotten forever or will stain your name eternally. like you gotta make sure you never fucked up ever or your mutuals and they kids and they kids’ kids will be passing down the story for generations. thats why we got so many komaeda kins. if you think being ultimate lucky student will get you out of this think again bitch your call out is already drafted and ready to be published by some kid with the username aspdlapislazuli

What we know so far about bts’ new song/comeback: 

 - its “crazy” and “so good”

 - when we hear it we will say “Jin?? Jin!!" 

 - the best comeback/song yet according to people who worked on it 

 - will catch the attention of not only the fans but the general public as well 

- namjoon himself just said “there are so many people who will listen to our album after it comes out”

- its called either “Spring days” or “Not today” its both probably

 there might be more but just this info is making me hyperventilate already idk how we will even survive

Hey, Anon!
Well, actually I have quite a few thoughts ahaha
But please do keep this one very important thing in mind: *I have not read the series yet*
That being said, my thoughts are of course rather vague, and have more to do with my views surrounding discourse and what I already know about the series from everyone else.

I am… not particularly shocked at the amount of discourse on Tumblr surrounding this series and its content. That being said, I do personally think it’s positively ridiculous that people go into a series called “Killing Stalking” and then… get surprised when there’s like. Actual Killing and Stalking and disturbing subject matter. For real. I’m not sure what you expect from a series with that title other than content that has to do with said title?

I personally think that the psychological horror genre is a very important one. By nature, it deals with disturbing themes. You are *supposed* to be disturbed by it. It is not *supposed* to be a depiction of healthy, happy, good things. It is not a new genre, and there are psychological horror stories dating back pretty much to the origin of creative written works. The genre allows people to explore disturbing and horrific topics in a fictional setting without inflicting purposeful harm on a real life target. Inherently, it is generally harmless.

If the history surrounding humanity suggests anything, it’s that a good deal of people are by default, fascinated by fucked up shit. There’s really no other way to put it honestly. It doesn’t mean that the people who want to read such things are horrible people or that they want to carry out reinactments of the fiction they read. It’s simply a common part of human curiosity to want to look in at a disturbing tale from the outside, where you aren’t actively participating in any of the events.

The overwhelming majority of people would never even dream of committing crimes like the ones they read in disturbing stories. The matters that are written about hardly EVER reflect things that even the author actually wants to do in real life. It’s simply a work of fiction from the author’s immagination. On top of this, it’s common for the author to use the genre’s characteristics to send an overall meaningful message to the audience. This message could have to do with the author’s past experiences, a political statement, a moral,ì or something similar that they have decided to incorperate into a work of fiction.

Saying that psychological horror drives or forces the people exposed to the content in the stories they read to commit acts like the ones they see in said material is absolutely false. Yes, there have been instances where crimes have been inspired by fictional stories. That is not up for debate. However, the portion of people that go on to commit these crime is minuscule. This does not excuse what they’ve done, but it needs to be brought to attention the sheer magnitude of things (hint: you’d be close to pretty much everything in existence, as everyone finds something “problematic”) that you would have to ban if you are saying that all problematic material goes on to force people to carry out problematic acts, and therefore should not exist.

When it comes to the fact that the two main characters in KS happen to be gay men, honestly, and I cannot stress this enough, this does not make it homophobic. Having a depiction of extremely unhealthy circumstances between two characters that happen to be gay is not homophobia. Despite what seems to be a widespread misconception, there are in fact abusive LGBT+ relationships in real life, just as there are abusive straight ones. This is an unfortunate fact, and not bringing attention to this usually causes more harm than not. I honestly can’t even count the number of times I have heard of people in LGBT+ relationships that are abusive and not know how to get out or can’t even recognise that they are a victim of abuse due to the extreme lack of depiction of unhealthy LGBT+ relationships in media. When it comes to personal experience in this area, I am a gay man and have unfortunately experienced the first circumstance I mentioned, not knowing how to get out of an abusive relationship, so please keep that in mind before you tell me that I have no place saying these words.

Having an abusive relationship in fiction is not the same as romanticising it. From what I can tell, KS doesn’t romanticise anything. Nothing is presented as ideal, nor is anything sugarcoated. It seems to be the parts of the fandom that are too young to even be reading the series doing the romaticisation all by themselves. Unfortunately, there is no definite way to stop this. It has been going on in fandoms for as long as I can remember, but if you want to do your part, I would suggest perhaps just avoiding underage readers so you don’t encourage them more.

Simply put:
If you have difficulties distinguishing fiction from reality and you are afraid you may do something as a result of what you read, it’s not for you. Don’t read it.
If you don’t think that you can handle the subject matter touched on in a series, it’s not for you. Don’t read it.
If the subject content does not agree with you, it’s not for you. Don’t read it.
If you find certain material to be personally offensive, it’s not for you. Don’t read it.
If you are too young to be reading explicit material, it’s not for you. Don’t read it.
If you are triggered by the content, it’s not for you. Please don’t read it.
It is your responsibilty to insure that you protect yourself from content you don’t like for whatever reason. There are many tools and methods you can implement to do this such as using a blacklisting system, unfollowing people, and even just simply avoiding the content. There is no need to make callout post after callout post, calling something problematic when pretty much everyone that is reading it already acknowledges that and does not try to dismiss that. When something is not actually hurting anyone in real life, you don’t have a place in saying what people can or cannot read. If you think that someone is legitimately in danger or may put others in danger due to fictional influence, please contact someone who can actually help. (FYI, callout posts on Tumblr is *not* the way to do this.)

Writing something problematic doesn’t make you problematic.
Reading something problematic doesn’t make you problematic.
Writing something that depicts abuse doesn’t make you problematic.
Reading something that depicts abuse doesn’t make you problematic.
Distancing yourself from things that you do not like for whatever reason is encouraged.
You are not necessarily condoning problematic acts by reading or writing about them.
It’s called “Killing Stalking” not “Pride and Prejudice”.
Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 7 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 12768 -> Chapter 7 word count: 3867

Chapters: 7

Chapter 7 summary:

Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan)- a wordless, yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something, but both are too scared to initiate themselves

Only five more chapters to go after this one! Can you believe we’re this far into the story already?

I wrote this whole chapter in one night so I’m sorry if its not cohesive ^^; Also, there might not be a chapter next week? Maybe? I’m not a hundred percent sure yet, it depends on what happens with my tests. If I have to push it back a week I’ll make sure to leave a note somewhere on my tumblr. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this chapter! This is the last semi-fluffy chapter for the rest of the story, by the way.

Thank you in advance for reading!

“How’s that list going?”

Gon glanced over his shoulder, brow puckering. “Huh?”

“Your list,” Killua repeated. He dug the heel of his sneaker into the dirt and pushed himself forward. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember. I know you’re forgetful, Gon, but c’mon. I’m hurt.”

Gon stuck out his tongue. “I didn’t forget! I just…”

“You just-” Killua grunted as he threw his leg over a fallen tree trunk, “- what, exactly?”

“I ran out of people to add to the list,” Gon admitted.

Killua took a second to catch his breath, looking over at his best friend. Gon’s face was a blotchy mess and shone with a layer of sweat. But the way his hair flopped over, falling into bright gold-brown eyes, was enough to make Killua’s heart lurch.

He abruptly turned away, ears burning. It should be illegal for Gon to look so damn good like that- all disheveled and hot and-

“Killua? Are you oka-”

“Fine!” Killua straightened up and started the long and laborious trek the hill again. He could feel Gon’s worried stare digging into the back of his head but he ignored it. They’d been over this on the drive here; Killua could spend one day out in the wilderness with his best friend. The marigolds inside his chest wouldn’t stop him from enjoying the first warm day of spring.

Or he hoped so, at least.

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I can’t believe I really hit 1k followers recently. GASP! Just looking at that number feels so surreal. Especially since this blog is only like 7 months old and I actually only created it once as a place to upload my graphics. Nothing more. (Until I somehow became addicted and tumblr took over my life. lol)

Anyway, this is incredible and I am so grateful for every single one of you who decided to follow me. Who bared with me through weird ramblings, endless posts of Malec (I am even more trash now since I started, duh!) and most recently my obsession with Eyewitness and Skam. Thank you to everyone who is still here. I love you all! And if you ever wanna talk, don’t hesitate to send me an ask. Or a message. I am here and I will listen!

To celebrate reaching 1k I decided to do my first follow forever. Because let’s be real: The reason why I am still on this site (that pretty much bugs me at least once per day) are these blogs—apart from all the followers. I would have quit already if it weren’t for these lovely people:

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Anyone else find it kinda funny that anti S//eiths claim to be shielding kids from harmful crap they shouldn’t be seeing but
1. NSFW content for other ships is fine apparently
2. Censoring the ship name to make it a swear word? Shit isn’t a very kid friendly word dudes
3. Kids shouldn’t be on Tumblr in the first place, pretty sure the under 13 rule is there for a reason cause yknow, this website has some pretty adult stuff on here already :/

Day 9: SET C - “Lyrics (Together)”

[ I know to be there
When and where, I’ll be there
You know what’s to be said
We said out loud, we never said

My premonition of the world
comes to me
A sun in your eyes
Says I’m alright
] [ Together - The xx ]

“Isa! Is that you?! Did it get you too?! Where the hell are - Woah, I-Isa, what - what happened to your face?!”

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Did i mention that Sans is easily my favourite character in Undertale? (i mean if it wasn’t already obvious lmao) I already did? Well, that’s fine, here’s a reminder.

And yes, i ship Sans & Toriel FIGHT ME (ง •̀_•́)ง

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I hope my you guys are alright? I've reported that creepy fella on Instagram and since then, his account has been taken down!!! I hope your Instagram account gets restored soon?! :'( much love, your vegan kid.

Yes, we take it in stride.  We were thinking to make a video on how low of a world we live in where people commit hate crimes on a 10 week old, but one nut can’t get in the way of the 10ks of 1000s of outstanding people social media connects us with.  Even have some tumblr trolls already attacking Tate.  I think its because I posted two IGs and they want to “punish me” & try to prevent spreading the message about a healthy vegan baby who is already TALL!!!  The Dr said he will be a basketball player for sure with his huge hands & lankiness.  I can’t wait until Tate can say “boy you just got dunked on by a vegan”  

very strange people: this fandom hates keith and shiro!!!!!



toy aisles: 


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Horned Forest Furwyrm :: Chloë Ella Urbanczyk 

I made an embroidered Horned Forest Furwyrm plushie! Here’s a picture of its work in progress state, but I’ll be sure to post the finished product soon. (Admittedly, it’s a bit janky as my trial run, haha. My second one is already in the works with a number of improvements being made to it). Regardless, I’m so excited to see the first of many to come - completed! I’ll be selling these hand-made, handsome little guys on my Etsy in the coming days /weeks. Granted, they may be slow coming, as everything, from the embroidery and beading to the side stitching is done by hand. Which I’ve got to say, is pretty satisfying. 

These guys have been my imagined little loves for years. Drawing and painting them has always given me a way of bringing them to life, but creating a dimensional Horned Forest Furwyrm makes me a bit giddy :). They’re just so damn cute! (And wouldn’t they preen to hear it).

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Hi, i'm not sure if you entertain asks/requests like these but i think you mentioned before that tsukishima and yamaguchi wont be making much of an appearance at the youkai au but can you share anything about them? Or if you already have them in your extras collection can you please link me? Im sorry, i just love your au so much .

I don’t have much material when it come to them so I only found 2 links xD

I’ll try to draw some extra for them when I have some time left ^^

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I want to start a writing blog but I'm not sure how to gain a presence, not that its the most important thing to have but I'm sure its good motivation. I was wondering, if you felt comfortable, could you talk about what it was like writing on tumblr and the very beginning. Were you writing into the abyss of the internet and then people starting responding to it? did you start off with a following already there? What was the beginning like?

oh goodness I started writing on tumblr four years ago, and a few months before that I was on AFF. I remember my first comment on those damn exo wolf chronicle smuts too. “seems interesting.” lmao and let me tell you, I was sooo excited. I literally didn’t care about views or followers or whatever the equivalent is for AFF, because I was just like, “yeah, imma write this for that one person because they think it’s interesting!” And it’s a good thing too, because I didn’t really get any views or followers or anything at the beginning. I started off with nothing. no followers, or readers, or views, or comments, or likes, or even friends. I just wrote what I wanted, tagged it how I saw other writers I was following at the time do, and kinda waited. I got a few notes and followers, but it just takes time. I think a lot of people see feedback or notes some blogs get and they expect that to happen right off the bat, but it doesn’t work that way. You’re going to gain a presence by just writing and enjoying yourself. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get attention or feedback right away. Most blogs didn’t when they first started. I know I didn’t and sometimes I still don’t get as much attention for things I work just as hard on that get a lot more… it comes with the territory. (shout out to the ppl that read my girl group writings… all ten of you! lmao) Just write what makes you happy, post things you’re proud of (and if you’re like me, things you’re not proud of and need jesus for), and be patient. Everything else will fall into place. Good luck on your blog! ^^

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someone needs to find themselves something better to do rather than spout disgusting BS on the internet, calling strangers slags and drug addicts. you and your followers and mutuals think youre in the know?? really? have you even spoken to BC and asked him about all this? or will you just read his mind from stupid blurry photos and blame 'lady voldemort' for your made up fairytale of blackmail? grow up darling, nothings going to change, its fucking moronic so just stop blogging.

How thoughtful of you to reach out to skeptics via Tumblr instead of using proxy numbers to call us. Send my regards to your numerous “boyfriends” btw! Such an ill-worded Ask surely demands to be answered so I shall oblige you:

“…calling strangers slags and drug addicts…”

Well, you are strange and not in a good way. But more importantly? You’re not exactly discreet which is a must in certain…professions. Some of your former co-workers outed you and you were already doing lines when you first met your current mark…

“You and your followers and mutuals think you’re in the know?? Really?” 

We are. That’s all I’m telling you. Stop fishing for information ;).

“…will you just read his mind from stupid blurry photos”

WTF is that even supposed to mean? Those photos were clear enough and if anyone was stupid it was you for taking your “date” on a romantic tour of the National Theater. This:

Is you with someone who is not BC. The horrid taste in clothing, bag, comped shoes, weak-chinned profile and trademark tooth-sucking…is all there. Next

“…fairytale of blackmail? Grow up darling, nothing’s going to change, it’s fucking moronic so just stop blogging.” 

Fairytale? More like British Horror Story and hush money = blackmail. As I said before, no one gets between the likes of Disney etc. and their bottom line. Remember that next time you try to pull another one of your idiotic stunts. That includes the P2P tab hackpieces and FB/IG/Twitter BS you are so fond of. An adult is entirely self-sufficient, which I am. By that same definition you aren’t one, seeing as how you sponge off of others. I’ll tell you what’s moronic, trying to bully and censor skeptics…haven’t you learned anything?