not sure if it'll stay


it me, colours sort of intentional

I made a speedpaint video to go with this one because it’s been a while since I tortured my laptop with video-editing :D

I just realised that I tend to draw myself in this pose for some reason (definitely not because it’s easy to draw for me, no, that’s got NOTHING to do with this of course XD)

aaanyways june is a month to draw specific colours so I did too because after a year of contemplating I settled on these :D

Fic summary: This is a Mabifica fic-

Me: *jumps out of the void with stars in my eyes, my heart is sparkling and my blood runs in rainbow colors*

Fic summary: With side bill//dip-

Me: *falls backwards into the void with a dead expression, my heart has turned to stone and my blood runs cold*