not sure if it was too long or too bright

incredibly specific things about Bakugou’s wardrobe that i have noticed:

  • he owns lots and lots of black/dark blue tank tops
  • loves wearing baggy pants and probably buys them all a size or two larger than necessary just so he can pull off his Look™
  • wears an incredibly bright orange belt to hold up his way too large pants so they don’t fall down around his ankles. however he still wears his pants way too low despite the belt. child is dedicated to his Look™
  • owns way too many skull/Punisher t-shirts. i’m 98% sure he still wears the same brand that he wore as a child. refuses to change looks. will buy any t-shirt as long as it’s black and has a skull on it 
  • only ever wears loafers. sometimes boots. but always loafers
  • never wears socks (b/c the only time he wore them he got kidnapped. both times.)

@leonygunawan said: HEY HEY ITS ME AGAIN SURPRISE SURPRISE!! ive come back with a genius idea of jeff x reader where jeff inflamed his rotating cuff (i googled this btw) and y/n is so excited to treat him bc y/n have always been the one that got sick or injured and jeff always treats her like y/n is a fucking queen. She would bring his books, drive him to school, feed him(?), dress him or shower him if you feel comfortable writing that part but if you don’t just leave that one thank you so much… again for writing!

Author’s Note: I incorporated only a few things because with an inflamed rotator cuff he’s not totally useless ;) And the gif really has nothing to do with the story. It’s just cute.

Originally posted by sensuous

Jeff X Reader

“So it’s just an inflamed rotator cuff? Nothing too serious.”

“Yep.” Jeff grimaces as he unbuttons an old button down shirt, trying very cautiously to shrug out of it. “I got some anti-inflammatory meds and I’m on six weeks of rest starting today.”

He easily shakes out of one sleeve, but barely doing so must cause him a wave of pain. His sudden sharp intake of breath startles you into motion and you hold your hands out to stop him. “Wait, wait, wait. Let me.”

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thehundredbellarke  asked:

hey!! congrats on 1.5k followers that's AWESOME and we loved caramelkru but mellamymake is so cute too! <3 can we request a fic? with the prompt "we drunk-kissed but you forgot about it and i don’t know how to act around you anymore wtf" or "okay i get that there are no seats left in this cafe but like i am trying to read here no you cannot have this chair my feet are using it thank you very much please get out of my face now” au please? Thanks for doing this :)

ahhh thanks you guys! ty for all the love <3 it’s def very much reciprocated!


[also on ao3]

“You’re late,” Raven announces when Bellamy walks in, barely looking up from where she’s shaking M&M’s into a bowl with a distinct air of mild vengeance. “The last time we did movie night, you gave me all kinds of shit for being, like, two minutes late. And now, you’re late. So, A+ for hypocrisy, I guess, assho—”

“Shut up,” Bellamy says automatically, ducking into the kitchen with a furtive glance down the hallway. A chorus of muffled laughter drifts in from the living room, a small whoop from Jasper ringing clear above the noise. “Is Clarke here?”

Raven tears her gaze away from her snacks to raise a brow at him. “Of course Clarke is here. Why the hell wouldn’t Clarke be here? Why would you come all the way in here just to—” Her eyes widen, and she drops the bag of M&M’s onto the counter, turning to face him. “What the hell did you do?”

“Nothing,” he says defensively, crossing his arms in front of him. “Nothing’s up. Why would you think something’s up?”

Raven’s sharp gaze narrows. “Because you walked in here to find out if Clarke was here instead of just going in there and, I don’t know, using your eyeballs?” She cocks her head, face scrunching in suspicion. “Also, I didn’t ask what was up. I asked what did you do.”

For a brief moment, Bellamy pauses to think about what it would be like to attempt lying to Raven, just to get out of this awkward situation.

It takes him approximately two point four seconds to arrive at the conclusion that it would most likely be far less awkward if he chose not to attempt it at all.

He takes a deep breath, glancing warily over his shoulder. “Okay, fine. If you must know — last night, Clarke and I were hanging out—”

Big shocker,” Raven deadpans, one brow arched. “Continue.”

“And we were— well, we had a few drinks—”

Raven snorts. “Even bigger shocker. And?”

“And then,” he says, his voice strained. “And then we… kissed.”


Raven frowns. “And … ?”

He reels back a step, unsure how to react to her total lack of surprise. “And… that’s it. We got a little too drunk, and we— we kissed. By accident.”

Raven rolls her eyes. “God. You two are literally the most boring couple that aren’t actually a couple to have ever existed in the history of forever.”

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Iideku one-shot for healing…

Rating: GA
Words: 3,100
Warnings: bullying


It was late by the time the internship meeting ended. The dorm’s common room had bled out of color and settled for ocre shadows and the stark light of the TV that only Kaminari was watching. Tenya had been stretching for a few minutes after his evening run, near the window that gave to the courtyard so that he’d have an excuse to look out as he bent over and pulled at his muscles gently. He heard the sound of Yaoyorozu’s voice behind him as if coming from a distance. He hadn’t even noticed her arrival.

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Pointing the Very Large Array (VLA) at a famous galaxy for the first time in two decades, a team of astronomers got a big surprise, finding that a bright new object had appeared near the galaxy’s core. The object, the scientists concluded, is either a very rare type of supernova explosion or, more likely, an outburst from a second supermassive black hole closely orbiting the galaxy’s primary, central supermassive black hole.

The astronomers observed Cygnus A, a well-known and often-studied galaxy discovered by radio-astronomy pioneer Grote Reber in 1939. The radio discovery was matched to a visible-light image in 1951, and the galaxy, some 800 million light-years from Earth, was an early target of the VLA after its completion in the early 1980s. Detailed images from the VLA published in 1984 produced major advances in scientists’ understanding of the superfast “jets” of subatomic particles propelled into intergalactic space by the gravitational energy of supermassive black holes at the cores of galaxies.

“This new object may have much to tell us about the history of this galaxy,” said Daniel Perley, of the Astrophysics Research Institute of Liverpool John Moores University in the U.K., lead author of a paper to appear in the Astrophysical Journal [, preprint will appear on by tomorrow morning] announcing the discovery.

“The VLA images of Cygnus A from the 1980s marked the state of the observational capability at that time,” said Rick Perley, of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). “Because of that, we didn’t look at Cygnus A again until 1996, when new VLA electronics had provided a new range of radio frequencies for our observations.” The new object does not appear in the images made then.

“However, the VLA’s upgrade that was completed in 2012 made it a much more powerful telescope, so we wanted to have a look at Cygnus A using the VLA’s new capabilities,” Perley said.

Daniel and Rick Perley, along with Vivek Dhawan, and Chris Carilli, both of NRAO, began the new observations in 2015, and continued them in 2016.

“To our surprise, we found a prominent new feature near the galaxy’s nucleus that did not appear in any previous published images. This new feature is bright enough that we definitely would have seen it in the earlier images if nothing had changed,” said Rick Perley. “That means it must have turned on sometime between 1996 and now,” he added.

The scientists then observed Cygnus A with the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA) in November of 2016, clearly detecting the new object. A faint infrared object also is seen at the same location in Hubble Space Telescope and Keck observations, originally made between 1994 and 2002. The infrared astronomers, from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, had attributed the object to a dense group of stars, but the dramatic radio brightening is forcing a new analysis.

What is the new object? Based on its characteristics, the astronomers concluded it must be either a supernova explosion or an outburst from a second supermassive black hole near the galaxy’s center. While they want to watch the object’s future behavior to make sure, they pointed out that the object has remained too bright for too long to be consistent with any known type of supernova.

“Because of this extraordinary brightness, we consider the supernova explanation unlikely,” Dhawan said.

While the new object definitely is separate from Cygnus A’s central supermassive black hole, by about 1,500 light-years, it has many of the characteristics of a supermassive black hole that is rapidly feeding on surrounding material.

“We think we’ve found a second supermassive black hole in this galaxy, indicating that it has merged with another galaxy in the astronomically-recent past,” Carilli said. “These two would be one of the closest pairs of supermassive black holes ever discovered, likely themselves to merge in the future.”

The astronomers suggested that the second black hole has become visible to the VLA in recent years because it has encountered a new source of material to devour. That material, they said, could either be gas disrupted by the galaxies’ merger or a star that passed close enough to the secondary black hole to be shredded by its powerful gravity.

“Further observations will help us resolve some of these questions. In addition, if this is a secondary black hole, we may be able to find others in similar galaxies,” Daniel Perley said.

Rick Perley was one of the astronomers who made the original Cygnus A observations with the VLA in the 1980s. Daniel Perley is his son, now also a research astronomer.

“Daniel was only two years old when I first observed Cygnus A with the VLA,” Rick said. As a high school student in Socorro, New Mexico, Daniel used VLA data for an award-winning science fair project that took him to the international level of competition, then went on to earn a doctoral degree in astronomy.

Also at the time of those first VLA observations of Cygnus A, Carilli and Dhawan were office mates as graduate students at MIT.

Carilli, now NRAO’s Chief Scientist, was Rick’s graduate student while working as a predoctoral fellow at NRAO. His doctoral dissertation was on detailed analysis of 1980s VLA images of Cygnus A.

TOP IMAGE….Artist’s conception of newly-discovered secondary supermassive black hole orbiting the main, central supermassive black hole of galaxy Cygnus A. Credit: Bill Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF

UPPER IMAGE….VLA radio images (orange) of central region of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image, from 1989 and 2015. Animated GIF. Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

CENTRE IMAGE….VLA radio image (orange) of central region of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image, from 1989. edit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

LOWER IMAGE….2015 VLA radio image (orange) of Cygnus A, overlaid on Hubble Space Telescope image. Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF, NASA

BOTTOM IMAGE….1989 VLA radio image of the central region of Cygnus A.
Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO/AUI/NSF

LAST IMAGE….2015 VLA radio image of the central region of Cygnus A.
Credit: Perley, et al., NRAO

I love Hot Air Balloons!

Dean x Reader

Brief mentions of Sam, Cas, Jody, Donna, Claire, Garth and Crowley (seriously the whole Scooby Gang). Lots of fluff to balance the smut.

Warnings: Smut, Oral (female receiving), slight Doctor Kink, language, period talk.

A/N: This is was written for Beca’s Big Celebration Challenge. @jensen-jarpad

You woke up in the middle of the night with some awful cramps on your left side. You left your sleeping boyfriend and walked to the bathroom. You tried but you couldn’t go so you thought it may just be indigestion or an old injury flaring up. You took some Tums and a couple of Tylenol and returned to your snuggly boyfriend.
“You ok, sweetheart?” Dean asked in a sleepy but concerned voice. He wrapped his warm arm around you.
“Yeah, my tummy hurts.” You pouted in a baby voice.
“Period?” He questioned.
“No, that was last week remember.”
“I do, now that you mention it. You want me to rub your belly, Baby?”
You curled closer into him, “Yeah, that would be nice.” His rough hands felt nice on your soft skin, you let his expert touch guide your relief.

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Chris Evans Fic: Unexpectant (2/2)

Warnings: some angst, topics of infertility and adoption.

@j-jewel-l tagged as per request :)


After settling Dodger in his bed for the night, Chris wearily ascended the stairs to your bedroom. Gently opening the door, he saw your sleeping form on the bed, fitful and uneasy. Quietly and slowly, he padded over to the bed and perched lightly next to you, watching your eyes flicker under your eyelids and your chest rise and fall with hitched breathing. He softly traced the tear tracks on your cheeks, wishing beyond anything that he could magic this all away.

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vanzell-nw  asked:

How do all the functions work as inferior functions?

Ni: Why do I always go back to that idea for the future? Why am I pulled toward an ideal, or a feeling of certainty toward the future? Whenever I feel like my life is out of control, I like to fixate on that one vision of what I want. I am optimistic about the future. I feel it is going to turn out all right. Sometimes, I figure out something out of nowhere… but it’s not often. I kind of hate introspecting, though … it seems a dangerous enterprise. I like things that are symbolic or archetypal… and I come up with some crackpot theories at times. I tend to be a little superstitious.

Ne: I don’t like discussing things that have nothing to do with reality. I want to know that the conversation is going to accomplish something before I engage in it or I become frustrated. Sometimes, I get a sense of what is going on between other people and am later proven right, but I’m not always sure at the time that what I am picking up on is the truth. It can be difficult for me to make decisions that will impact my future, because I’m not sure what that future looks like … any of sixteen things might happen. I shy away from long-term commitments unless I feel absolutely safe; otherwise, I’m inclined to worry about what might happen. I can be impulsive once in awhile and others at times comment on how naive some of my belief systems are.

Si: I can never find anything, and constantly forget the details of whatever I am working on, so my tax information is always late and in a muddle. I want to be well prepared at work but get bored with doing the research involved. I both hate the idea of traditions and family gatherings and feel like I should value them and participate in them. I’m a bit romantic and nostalgic about the past, and have a sneaking suspicion that I’d like a normal life at some point. I’m good at remembering details, but often it happens long after the incident. I don’t always remember things the way they were. My worry about forgetting things can make me anal about gathering information. I tend to over-prepare.

Se: I want to anchor my ideas in reality but … reality is overwhelming. I get sensory overload. Life is too loud, bright, and moves too fast. It feels like I am either totally detached from them or over-indulging in them. I really want to see my visions become real, but I’m not sure how to make that happen. I want to look my best. Exercising is a nice way to get rid of my stress, but sometimes I feel like I place too much emphasis on my appearance. I wish I wasn’t so impulsive… I blew my entire paycheck on a whim last week.

Ti: I really do want to objectively understand other people, but discussing them as if I do not care about them makes me feel uneasy and cold. I hate using impersonal logic or leverage against others. I want to ensure that I do things “right,” so I can be picky and fret if I make a mistake. I am learning to step back from other people and situations and analyze them freely, without that making me feel like a traitor. I am fairly good at seeing multiple perspectives on the issue at hand. I don’t like being challenged because I can’t always explain my reasoning; so I get defensive. I fear that I will never get it right, or be accurate.

Te: I want to be organized and efficient, but I’m totally disorganized. I hate schedules and trying to keep to them wears me out. I know that things are not working in my life, but I don’t know how to fix it and am angry at myself for being so disorganized. I’m learning to be more time-efficient, though, and I do like it when my DVD collection is alphabetical. I used to think less about the realistic consequences of my actions than I do now. I like to stick to the facts and can prove most of my arguments with evidence, but when others challenge my position I become defensive and irritated. Sometimes, I become abrasive and insensitive toward others in pushing my agenda.

Fi: I don’t think about my emotions much; mostly, I ignore them. My beliefs are somewhat simplistic and I’m not inclined to deviate from them. It’s hard for me not to think that others should share and live by my values. I want to do something worthwhile with my life, so I work hard to accomplish things in the real world. I am very loyal to the causes I believe in, but I struggle to be loyal and have no respect for lazy or inefficient people. I’m learning to be more tolerant, though, and not be uncomfortable with other people’s emotional decisions. Sometimes, I’m okay with admitting to my faults… but other times, I’m more inclined to cry or have a tantrum… I just hope no one is there to see it.

Fe: I’d like to be able to comfort people, but I’m terrible at it. I wish I didn’t feel so responsible for other people’s feelings and needs. I long for others’ approval and to be accepted, but I can’t quite manage the social niceties, so often I just shut it off and can be insensitive. I get annoyed if people hit me with their feelings or act irrationally, and sometimes I get angry at them for it. I usually try to blend in socially, but I soon tire of it. I don’t always know how to talk about my feelings and am uncomfortable offering too much praise to others. Sometimes, I feel like no one likes me.

Beautiful Disaster (Part 1)

Story Summary: Your best friend asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family gathering and you reluctantly accept his request [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,534

A/N: Because I’m in a writer’s block with my ongoing fics, I decided to take the logical approach and started a brand new series! Genius, right? Haha. This particular one will have a set schedule though. One chapter will be posted every Tuesday at 4pm (EST). Hope you guys like the first part :)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“Honey, I’m home,” Steve called out as you rolled your eyes, continuing to flip through the channels on the television screen. You heard his footsteps trailing towards the living room as a chuckle escaped his lips. “You don’t like my greeting?” he teased, taking a seat beside you.

You settled on watching an episode of Say Yes to the Dress as your gaze drifted over to him. “You know you can’t barge into my apartment, right?” you reminded, a smirk playing on your best friend’s lips. “You can’t just come in here whenever you want,” you paused, furrowing your eyebrows. “Wait…how did you even get inside? I locked the door.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi so I just went through your like analytical posts on trc and I noticed you seem to really like blue. The series for me started to get kids lackluster after tdt and one of the things that I think contributed to that was actually blue, not just plot-wise but character(isation)-wise too. I really absolutely adored her in trb - she stood up for herself, she was conscientious, and she was just really honest in fair way, if that makes any sense. Anyways I felt like she slowly became something (1/2)

Of a joke almost. It’s hard to describe but sometimes she came across as being like super offended over everything and reading too much into things. Sort of like how people go “oh sjws on tumblr.” I felt like she lost her depth and a lot of the time malggie only remembered this aspect of her and the fact that she was sensible. I’m sorry if this doesn’t make any sense it’s really hard for me to put into words. I’m just wondering I you noticed any specific differences in early and late blu e (2/2)

sorry for my delay in answering this, I saw it a couple days ago on mobile and haven’t been on the computer much. this response would be more informed if i’d actually get around to my reread haha, so just now that i haven’t reread in a while and as such my memory isn’t the freshest. also i’m incapable of answering asks succinctly so BUCKLE UP

i def think that blue was sidelined a lot. she was introduced as the main character, our entry point into the series, but in the end didn’t really get to do much, and it ended up not being her story as much as the others’. that said, i guess the main thing I disagree with in your message is that it was only in trb that blue was at her best. we often consider bllb to be adam’s book but imo blue was great in bllb, and i think that book probably has the most in-depth exploration of blue. in bllb we see blue without her mother, with things in her life changing rapidly (her relationship with gansey; her position in the gangsey; noah’s state of being; her family unit, with maura’s disappearance and persephone’s death and the gray man) and kind of struggling to deal with all that, and i personally found it effective.

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I commissioned the wonderful shootbadcabbies to draw me some teenlock star!John kisses, and it turned out more perfect than I could have imagined. Thank you so much! I am absolutely in love with it. I had to write a fic for it too. SBC is partially responsible for putting the AU in my head. Thanks again, dear! Hugs xx

Sherlock wasn’t sure when it had started. It had been going on for so long now it was as if it had always been a part of his life. Well, his dreams. The golden boy who shined as bright as a star visited him every night. Sherlock didn’t know where he’d come from or why he visited, but he knew the boy’s visits were too regular to be a recurring dream.

Once you’ve eliminated the possible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

He’d learned that while watching an episode of Star Trek with his brother one night. So, even if it seemed impossible, the star boy was real and, evidently, there to stay. Sherlock soon began to grow attached to the star boy and rather looked forward to his dreams. He and the boy had become good friends over the nights Sherlock dreamt of him. They would talk for hours about any subject. The star boy was remarkably bright (no pun intended) and was very eager to listen to Sherlock. He even educated him on a few subjects, and Sherlock remembered every last detail the boy said to him.

One night, Sherlock gave the boy a name: John. The two of them had a grand celebration that night, dancing and singing and Sherlock watched in awe as John made the stars dance and shine. Sherlock had woken feeling energized and happier than he had in quite some time. But lately he woke up empty and alone after his time with his John star.

‘You’re drifting,’ John said. Sherlock blinked and looked over at the golden boy, a soft smile on his face.

'Sorry,’ he apologised. 'My mind’s a bit restless tonight.’

'Your mind is always restless,’ John said with a laugh. 'What’s on your mind tonight?’

'You,’ Sherlock admitted, a soft blush dusting his cheeks. John laughed softly.

'You’re always thinking about me.’

'This time is different.’

'Oh?’ John smiled at Sherlock, his curiosity peaked. 'How so?’

'I…’ Sherlock bit his lip, his blush deepening. 'I’ve been thinking about how much I like to spend time with you. How I sleep more than I ever used to. It’s because I want to see you. All the time. I… We’ve grown close over the time we’ve spent together. I was thinking… I… It’s stupid.’ Sherlock turned away, hiding behind his curls.

'Hey.’ John touched Sherlock’s cheek, a touch of stardust left behind. 'Nothing you say could ever be stupid. You’re brilliant.’ Sherlock’s blush reddened from John’s praise. 'Tell me.’

'I can’t,’ Sherlock whispered.

'Why not?’

'It’s embarrassing.’

John chuckled. ‘You humans and your embarrassment. It’s quite endearing.’

'Don’t laugh at me,’ Sherlock huffed. 'What I’ve got to say is personal.’

'OK.’ John sat down and motioned for Sherlock to do the same. 'Go ahead and speak. I’m listening.’

Sherlock plopped down in front of John and stared down at his lap. He glanced up at John from beneath his lashes. He took a deep breath and began talking.

'I’ve been thinking about this for a while now,’ he said softly. 'I… I’ve grown to appreciate your friendship and I enjoy all the time we’ve spent together, but…’ He swallowed thickly before saying all at once, 'Ithinkweshouldtakeourrelatioshiptothenextlevel.’

John blinked. ‘What?’

'I think… I think we…’ Sherlock huffed and scowled at John. 'I think we should take our relationship to the next level.’

'I don’t understand.’

'What?’ Sherlock blinked, confused. 'What don’t you understand?’

'What’s the next level of our relationship? Aren’t we already best friends? Isn’t that the highest we can go?’

Sherlock breathed out in relief, a small chuckle escaping him. ‘No, silly. Friendship is only the beginning. It can go a lot further than friendship.’

'Oh? How so?’ John smirked softly, knowing exactly where Sherlock was going with his little speech.

Sherlock grinned. That was exactly the opening he’d been hoping for. ‘Like this.’ He crawled over to John until he was nearly sat in his lap. John stared at Sherlock, his eyes wide and his chest heaving. Sherlock pressed their lips together in a chaste kiss before he had time to over-think it. John gasped, his hands reaching out to grasp at the first thing he could find. It happened to be Sherlock’s thighs, his fingers leaving a trail of stardust on Sherlock’s pyjama bottoms. Sherlock hummed softly into the kiss before pulling away. Both boys’ chests were heaving, their lips slightly swollen from the kiss, and their eyes half-lidded.

'Wow,’ John breathed out. 'That was… wow.’

'My sentiments exactly,’ Sherlock whispered. 'Want to do it again?’

'Yes,’ John breathed out, his chest still heaving. Sherlock chuckled and pressed their lips together again. John’s hands tangled in Sherlock’s curls, gold stardust sprinkling into his hair. Sherlock moaned softly, his arms draping over John’s shoulders, and dared to lick across John’s bottom lip. John giggled and pulled away.

'Sorry. That tickled.’ They giggled over that for a bit before calming down, John’s hands now resting back on Sherlock’s legs.

'I want to show you something,’ John said after a few minutes. 'Something special.’

'Okay.’ Sherlock grinned at his John star. 'What is it?’

'Hold on tight, and close your eyes,’ John instructed. 'It’s a surprise.’ Sherlock did as John said and felt a whoosh of air pass over them.

'What happened?’ Sherlock asked.

'No peeking,’ John said. 'We’re almost there.’ Sherlock nodded and squeezed his eyes shut tighter. He felt something soft touch his feet. He wriggled his toes and giggled when the soft fluff tickled him.

'Okay,’ John said. 'Open your eyes.’

Sherlock opened his eyes to see the night sky, stars twinkling every which way. He gasped and stared at how beautiful it all looked. He looked down and saw what had been tickling his feet. A cloud. They were sitting on a cloud.

'Oh my god,’ Sherlock whispered. 'This is amazing.’

'Thank you.’ John flushed with pride. 'This is where I live when I’m not visiting you.’

'You live here?’ Sherlock looked around the sky, a goofy smile on his face.

'Yes. I’m a star, as you know. This is where I stay when you’re awake. I sit up here and watch over you as you go about your day.’

'So, you’re like a guardian angel?’

'In a way. I guess I’m more of a star guardian. Only special people get one.’

'So, I’m special?’ Sherlock’s eyes lit up. 'The universe thinks I’m special?’

'Yes,’ John said softly. 'Very special indeed. And only the people who come to be loved by stars are allowed to see their homes.’

Sherlock froze. ‘You love me?’ he asked, his voice a quiet whisper.

'Yes. I’ve loved you for a long time. I’ve loved you as a friend, and now I guess I get to love you as a romantic partner. Is that alright?’

'Yes!’ Sherlock cried. 'Yes! It’s perfectly alright!’ He flung his arms over his John’s shoulders and pulled him in for another kiss. John hummed and wrapped his arms around Sherlock’s waist. Sherlock draped his legs over John’s lap and pulled himself as close as he could. They had to break apart so Sherlock could breathe.

'I love you,’ Sherlock said when he’d gotten his breath back. 'I love you so much.’

'And I love you, Sherlock,’ John whispered. 'My special human boy.’

'My star,’ Sherlock breathed out. 'My shining star.’

They sat there, kissing on the cloud until Sherlock had to wake up.

'Come with me,’ he asked John. 'Please. I hate waking up without you there. Please come with me.’

'To Earth?’ John asked. 'Are you sure? I won’t be hated there?’

'No. My mum will be happy to see I’ve finally made a friend. She won’t care where you came from or how you got in my room. Just please come with me.’

John mulled it over for a bit before nodding. ‘Okay,’ he whispered. ‘I’ll come with you.’ Sherlock pulled him in for a tight hug, a lovestruck smile on his face.

'Thank you,’ he whispered. 'You have made me the happiest boy on Earth.’

'I’m glad I have. Now go. I’ll follow you.’

Sherlock nodded and found himself slowly waking up. He quickly sat up when he remembered what John had said and frantically looked around for him. He wasn’t in his room. But John had said he’d come with him. Where had he gone?

A soft glow lit up the room, streaming in through Sherlock’s window. He shot out of bed and raced over to look outside. John was sat on the back lawn, rubbing a hand through his hair. Sherlock danced in place before rushing out to greet his star. He ran right over to him and they fell onto the grass, wet with fresh morning dew. They kissed passionately, John hugging Sherlock to him as they kissed.

'Good morning,’ Sherlock said breathlessly when they pulled apart.

'Good morning,’ John replied. He smiled at his silly human boy and ran a hand through his hair, sprinkles of stardust settling in it. Sherlock smiled down at his star, his heart beating wildly in his chest. John was on Earth, John was real, Sherlock was awake and John was real and John was with him. He kissed his star again, running his hands through his fluffy golden hair. They broke apart to breathe, their chests heaving.

'I love you,’ Sherlock whispered.

'I love you, too,’ John replied. The slowly got to their feet, a small pile of stardust left in the grass where John had been lying.

'You might want to be careful with that,’ Sherlock said, pointing to the dust. 'Humans don’t leave dust behind, and I don’t want anyone to know about your true self. Just me.’

'Okay.’ John waved his hand and the dust flew away on a gust of wind. His skin also had less of a glow to it afterward, though his hair was still a lovely golden blonde.

'Come on.’ Sherlock took John’s hand and squeezed. 'I want you to meet my mum.’

'Okay.’ John grinned at Sherlock and gently ruffled his hair so the stardust fell out. 'Let’s go.’

Home for the Holidays.

Originally posted by hotdamnitslisa

Dean Ambrose x Reader.

Warnings: None. Maybe some fluff.
Summary: Dean has been touring with the WWE overseas for a couple of months now and you are worried that with Christmas being around the corner that you are going to spend it without him.

Author’s Note: I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I really wanted to get this out there in hopes of somewhat getting everyone in the Christmas spirit. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, but you are reading this because you are a fan of Dean, that’s perfectly fine. Hopefully this was still a good read. Enjoy!

It’s been almost a month since Dean has been home and truth be told, you missed him more than you’ve ever missed anyone in your entire life. Dating a professional wrestler was no easy task, especially one that’s as popular as Dean. And while the luxuries that came with dating a WWE Superstar were nice, there was nothing you wanted more than for Dean to be home for the holidays. Due to work, he’s already missed Thanksgiving with you and your family, but you still made the effort to travel from Nevada to Cincinnati to spend a couple of days with his family after flying from your hometown to spend the week with your family. You would travel to spend the holidays with Dean at work, but since he was overseas you weren’t always sure as to where he was going to be, and you didn’t want to travel to the other side of the world alone so you just decided to go back to your shared home in Nevada.

Christmas is just a few days away and you were already starting to decorate the house. Usually Dean would help you and do all the difficult stuff like setting up the tree and putting the lights on the roof, but it looked like you had to do it all by yourself this year.

Just as you were gathering the smaller decorations from the garage, your phone started to ring from the kitchen, so you rushed over to answer it. Almost tripping over a few boxes in the process.

“Hello?” You breathed out.

“Hey baby. What are you doing?”

You smiled wide at the sound of his voice. “Hey Dean! Nothing I’m just trying to decorate the house with Christmas stuff.”

“Already? But Thanksgiving just ended.” Dean chuckled.

You rolled your eyes. “Dean, Thanksgiving was over weeks ago.”

“Oh yeah.”

Dean stayed quiet after letting out a huff. He may be on the other side of the world right now, but you could still feel his emotions just as strong as if he was there with you.

“You okay?” You asked to break the silence.

“I miss you.”

“Oh baby I miss you too. When are you coming home?”

“Hopefully soon. We just have to finish the rest of the UK tour and we can all go home for a few days.”

You sighed. “Dean, there’s no telling how long that’s going to take. You might not even come home until next year! Am I ever going to see you again?”

“Of course you are baby but you know I have a hectic schedule. I can’t always guarantee you specific days of when I’m coming home and for how long. I thought you understood that?”

“I do. I do understand Dean, I’m just a little frustrated.” You bit your lips and tried to hold back the tears. “I just want you to come home.” You whimpered.

“Baby…” Dean choked. “P-please don’t cry.” He whispered.

You covered your face with your free hand as the tears started to fall down your cheeks. You took a couple of deep breaths and sniffled. You heard Dean sniffle as well and you knew this was hurting him just as much as it was hurting you.

“I don’t know what else to do Y/N. I want you to be happy, but I can’t miss work. I won’t miss work, and you know that.”

You shook your head. “No, I’m not telling you to ditch work for me Dean. I know you love your job and I want you to continue doing it. I’m just still trying to get used to you being gone for so long. I just miss you, that’s all.”

“I miss you too, more than I should. But I promise I will be home soon. I can’t guarantee when, but I’m sure it will be before the year is over.”

Even though it wasn’t what you wanted to hear, you were hoping he would say before Christmas, but before New Years was probably as good as it was going to get.

“Okay. I love you.” You smiled to yourself.

“I love you too. I gotta go baby. We have a big day tomorrow and I have to be up bright and early.”

You looked at the clock at it was currently 3:00 pm, and if he was still on UK time then it would be 11:00 pm over there. Usually Dean goes to bed pretty early if he knows he has to be up early the next morning, so he must really be missing you to stay up late and make time to call you. The thought made you smile.

“Okay baby. Get some rest and hopefully I’ll see or talk to you soon.”

“You will. G’Night baby.”

“Night baby.”


“Merry Christmas Dean.” You said to yourself as you laid in bed and stared up at the ceiling.

It’s Christmas morning and Dean still wasn’t home from work. At this point, you decided to just give up on any amount of hope you had left on Dean being home for Christmas because clearly that wasn’t happening this year. And to make things worse, both yours and Dean’s families called to let you know that they won’t be able to make it to Nevada this year. Dean’s family in Ohio are snowed in and so are yours. So it looks like you will be celebrating Christmas all alone. So instead of getting up and getting festive and baking like crazy like you normally did, you just slipped on your robe and house shoes, took care of your morning routine in the bathroom and went downstairs to make you a cup of hot tea before going back upstairs to settle down in bed to watch movies.

Very rarely does it ever snow in Las Vegas, but this year it decided to snow. It would’ve been just perfect to cuddle with Dean right about now, but maybe he was out there in the UK still, feeling the cold and thinking the same thoughts.

You flickered through the channels until you came upon A Christmas Story, one of your all time favorite Christmas movies. About fifteen minutes into the movie, you had to mute the TV because you swore you heard something downstairs.

“Hello?” You called out, but nobody answered you.

Out of instinct, you went to the closet and grabbed the wooden baseball bat before sneaking to the doorway. Nothing. You tip toed to the hallway with the bat firmly grasped in your hands. You heard more shuffling and it made your heart race in fear. But you tip toed downstairs and began looking around, but you didn’t see anyone. The front door was closed so no forced entry was made.

You started to hear footsteps coming from the hallway behind you, so you quickly spun around and began to frantically swing the bat.

“Woah woah! It’s just me!” Dean exclaimed as he dodged your swings and raised one hand up in surrender as his other hand removed his earphones.

The sight of Dean made your heart jump out of your chest. You immediately dropped the bat and leaped into his arms. “Dean! What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming home until New Years?!”

Dean chuckled and wrapped his muscular arms around your frame, squeezing you tightly but carefully. “When we talked on the phone a few days ago, we were already ending the tour, so I wanted to surprise you. I would’ve been home yesterday but our flight was delayed.”

After he explained himself, you immediately began kissing him. You missed his kisses so much and they felt exactly like how you remembered them, so soft and sweet. After sharing a few passionate kisses, you pulled back enough to see his face. “Well, you’re here now.” You smiled.

He smiled back. “Yeah. I missed you so much.” He kissed your forehead and began looking around to see that the decorated house was not full of arguing family members. “Where is everyone?”

You shook your head. “Nobody could make it in this year. Everyone was too snowed in to fly or drive here.”

“Oh. Well then I guess it’s just you and me this year.” Dean smiled at you.

You smiled back at him widely before giving him another passionate kiss. “It’s just what I wanted.“

Stupidly Hopeful - Changkyun [Happy Ending!!!]

A/N: Just a short lil happy ending for people like me whose hearts can’t take sad endings :”)

Things were not quite the same since then. All physical contact was gone and you didn’t know how long it was since Changkyun last gave you a hug or even a small pat on the back. It was almost as if he was slightly wary around you, afraid that anything he did would give you the wrong idea. In short, the entire relationship you built over years was falling apart.

Awkwardness was something you never thought you’d ever feel around him but the more you tried to set things right, the more uneasiness it brought. He was starting to tell you less and less of his problems and you found your voice getting smaller and smaller as the days went past. You didn’t want to say things that might cause a misunderstanding or make it seem as if you were still hoping for a chance of some sort. You had already given up the idea of being more than a friend, but now, even staying as friends seemed hard.

“So…how was dance yesterday?” your voice was soft and shaky, as if you had no confidence in your ability to start a conversation going (which was not exactly wrong).

“Oh, uh yeah, we finished up a dance so it was good. How was the movie?”

“M-movie?” You tried to recall when was the last movie you watched and it definitely was not recent. “What movie?”

Changkyun frowned and placed his utensils down. “Wonho told me that he was going to the movies with you.”  

“Oh, that. I was sick and couldn’t make it.”

“Sick? With what? Why?”

“What do you mean by why Changkyun,” you laughed. “People just fall sick because they do!”

The boy’s cheeks flushed and you smiled. “It’s been awhile since we had a proper conversation without stopping awkwardly halfway. Ah, wrong thing to say. I just ruined it again,” you said out-loud, mentally slapping yourself right after.

“I’m sorry…I mean, you’ve clearly moved on but I’m still stuck with all kinds of thoughts clouding my mind,” Changkyun said and you listened. This was the first time he was sharing with you what was on his mind. “You know, that day. I dismissed what you said in an instant before even thinking about it. I left it hanging with no explanation, I killed the entire idea that could have made us into something. You said that we were bestfriends and you meant it. But..but-”

“I know Changkyun I got it that day. We can’t take such a big step just because of an insignificant feeling that I have. Don’t worry about it okay? You see, I’m completely fine now. It’s you that’s acting all weird,” you chuckled lightly.

“No, you’re getting me wrong.”

“I’m getting you wrong? Just what are you even talking about now?”

“I’m saying that maybe…I don’t know, maybe we can give it a try?” He blurted out and you were stunned.

It seemed like a dream, just that you didn’t know whether it was a good or bad one. You knew the risks involved. What if things didn’t work out? Then everything would get so much worse. But what if it worked out? You understood how he felt that day when you threw out such a question. Then again, you were the one who wanted this in the first place. You knew the risks and you chose love over comfort.

“You’re not doing this out of pity are you? I mean, I’m not going to force you into anything. Honestly, I think things have gotten worse enough…I’m not going to risk anything more-”

“Do you love me?”

You looked at him, eyes wide and mouth ajar. Did he really just ask you that?

Did you? Did you love him more than a friend?

You had gone over this thousands of times. You did.

“I do.”

“I’ll tell you something..I love you too. I was just scared you know? Scared that it would go wrong.”

“Me too. But you know something? You just told me that you love me and I’m not scared anymore. I mean what I said, and if you do to, we have nothing to be afraid about.” You were so sure, you trusted him like how you always have and you knew that he trusted you.

He then smiled and it had been so long since you last saw such a bright smile. And at that moment, the both of you knew that your lives would only get brighter because you were living life together.  

Says Here You're Dead ch 2

Based on this hysterical headcanon. Ch 1

At 3:15 Danny, Sam, and Tucker walked quietly through the Fentons’ front door. At least Sam and Danny did. Tucker slipped on the icy front step, lunged forward, and slammed his knee hard against the rail before catching himself luckily on the doorknob. Had Danny and Sam not been so worn and so anxious, they might have felt sorry for him.

3:15. The three had been careful to return home normal time, bus stops factored in. They hadn’t been in class since 11:20 that morning, so they hedged their bets and hoped none of their afternoon teachers had bothered to take attendance–a safe assumption from past experience.

In the four hours of time since they left Casper High, the three of them had accomplished exactly nothing. The first hour–until about 12:10–had been spent at the Nasty Burger, tucked in their usual back booth, trying to come up with a plan of action for dealing with ghost killers. With the hazy outlines of a plan, they’d returned to school, scoped out the rooms, and couldn’t find a single trace of the Winchesters. Somehow, that was worse than running into them headfirst.

The brothers’ absence sat uncomfortably in Danny’s chest; it felt like losing sight of a spider in the dead of night. Some part of him hoped that meant the brothers were gone, out of his hair, a false alarm. But another part looked over his shoulder every second, double-checking street corners, imagining the cold tingle of ghost fingers around his neck when he let his guard slip.

He was hunting killers, and if they were savvy to him, he’d be the first one picked off. His weariness leeched into the air, infected Sam and Tucker all the same. In the Nasty Burger they’d had a set of eyes trained on both doors at all times and, in Sam and Tucker’s case, spector deflectors enabled for good measure. They had no way to keep that kind of 360 degrees guard up once they returned to scope out the school; instead they just flitted from room to room, searching, scanning, letting the paranoia fester in their stomachs.

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nighthvwk  asked:

Can we get some Millicent Bulstrode headcanons? She needs more love.

  • so.
  • millicent doesn’t expect to be sorted into slytherin, right?
  • like, her family’s as old as the malfoys, her blood just as pure, but she’s never quite felt like one of them–she’s not dainty, or willowy, or pretty, not fine-boned and fragile like her mother’s favorite china; she’s not clever, either, doesn’t smile unless she means it, couldn’t pass herself off as sly, or snide, or sharp, not even if she was holding a whole butcher’s block full of carving knives. 
  • and she has her father’s heavy brow, and some long forgotten ancestor’s roman nose, and her lips are too thin and her jaw is too square and her cheeks are too pudgy and she’s tall. taller than the gardener’s son and almost as broad, and by the time she’s eleven and she’s realized that the world isn’t particularly kind to girls who look like her, she’s hugging her nanny goodbye on the train platform and steeling herself for…something. she’s not entirely sure what. 
  • still.
  • hufflepuff, she thinks, picking apart the remnants of a pumpkin pasty. not gryffindor–too bold, too bright–and not ravenclaw–too curious, too condescending–and not slytherin, certainly–too elegant, too cold, too dark.
  • all millicent knows, really, is that she won’t be winding up in the dungeons. 
  • but then her name is being called by professor mcgonagall and the tattered old sorting hat is being placed on her head and there’s barely a second of soft, expectant silence before it’s shouting, “Slytherin!” and she feels–
  • disappointed. 
  • confused. 
  • frightened. 
  • like a target’s been plastered squarely across her back, or maybe one of those “kick me” signs, because she isn’t one of them. she listens to their applause, polite and restrained and delicate, imbued with centuries of good breeding and aristocratic manners, and she knows, in an instant, that the hat had been wrong. 
  • except.
  • the hat had not been wrong.
  • oh, first year is a nightmare, echoes of pansy parkinson and daphne greengrass and their insipid giggling piercing millicent’s ears like shrapnel every night–because their friendship is rooted in nail polish and gossip and witch weekly quizzes, a bizarrely complex sisterhood that she rationally knows she wants no part of, has no interest in, and yet…it stings, to not be invited. to not be one of them. 
  • second year is marginally better–her mother allows her to bring her cat, at least–and third year, then fourth year, are perfectly alright, if not a bit lonely, and fifth year–fifth year is almost fun. she lets pansy pluck her eyebrows, and daphne curl her hair, and the war that’s been looming in the shadows like a monster waiting to strike–it becomes increasingly more difficult to ignore. 
  • because millicent is a slytherin. 
  • millicent is a slytherin, and that means something. 
  • and she watches draco malfoy lose himself to a mad sort of desperation, and blaise zabini fade into a very deliberate sort of obscurity, and harry potter–well, his eyes grow greener and fiercer with every passing day, and those absent, fleeting, instinctive touches to the scar on his forehead grow more frequent, more violent, and she wonders when, exactly, she’d learned how to notice that.
  • she’s simple. a fringe dweller. a sturdy, reliable chess piece that can only move in a straight line, one direction at a time. her mind doesn’t work like pansy’s–quickly, eagerly, always planning ahead, always aware of who she is and what she is and how she can use those things to her best advantage. 
  • millicent does not care to ascend. just to survive. 
  • and the reality of that distinction alarms her, even though her tie pin is in the shape of a serpent, and her father’s dark mark is bold and black again on his forearm, and no one hesitates to send her back to hogwarts for her final year of school. 
  • she doesn’t get to pick a side. 
  • like so much else, her side’s already been chosen for her. 
s y n d r o m e s - last part

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words : 1,286

Description : “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : it’s finally there! the last part! syndromes is over! lets move on everyone! But first, let me apologize for the crappy last chapter. I know you have expected more but I thought this might be the best way to write about the ending. 

Syndromes had been a great journey, where I gained a lot of recognition from people I look up to, many new readers who are utterly supportive and have followed the series from the beginning till the end. There were disappointments, critics, but all together I’m ending “syndromes” on good terms. Thank everyone for reading. I love you much <3 

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