not sure if it was too long or too bright

Dex/Nursey | 1k | T+ 

Nursey had never found Dex attractive.

Sure he was an okay looking dude, but he really wasn’t what Nursey went for.

Dex was all gangly muscles, freckle covered skin and too big ears. A scowl that could freeze over hell and an air about him that was too rough and aggressive.

Nursey went for soft smiles, lean lines and eyes that you could melt into. Nursey had never seen Dex’s eyes when they weren’t clouded over.

And then one day after practise Dex grins, bright and happy in Nursey’s direction and it’s all over for Nursey.

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kpop groups as food
  • exo: mcdonalds... very unhealthy but you will never be able to say no. you feel guilty but you know you love and hate it like no other food in the world.
  • bts: granola bar that looks very hard but crumbles on your first bite
  • got7: that international buffet your parents take you if your mom is too lazy to cook. you’re not sure where these food come from but you pile them up anw
  • winner: $70 dry-aged steak you eat for new year’s that you have to wait for another year before you can get another bite
  • ikon: thanksgiving turkey... takes way too long to prepare. you just hope your mom won’t forget and be too lazy to cook it.
  • bap: the very first meal you cooked. burnt. salty. too sweet. perfect in ways only you understand. it reminds you of home and what love is.
  • shinee: macarons. very colourful and bright and flavourful and you’re always afraid to try a new one but you know they won’t disappoint you.
  • block b: that booger you ate when you were younger
  • bigbang: some rare, seasonal, expensive fruit that only comes around once in a lifetime...
  • btob: a tub of ice cream after a bad break up... you can always count on them to cheer you up no matter how tough life gets.
  • vixx: 7/11 slurpee. the colours and taste freeze and blind you but there's no escaping once you've had one
  • b1a4: valentine’s chocolate you make for your first crush... overly sweet but you’ll always remember it bc that’s how much he means to you.
Adrien needs some sleep

I opened my drabble doc to write some shameless kissing and I found this fic that I forgot I wrote.

It’s like a page long.


“Adrien, you’re falling asleep again man.” Nino muttered to his friend who had just knocked into his shoulder again from walking too close.

“Uhhnnnngh…. Sorry Nino…” Adrien mumbled quietly, following his friend into the classroom. The lights were too bright and his feet felt so numb he wasn’t even sure he was walking, maybe he was just floating.

He’d stayed up late talking - flirting actually- with Marinette as Chat, having found her walking home after that late night akuma attack. He’d walked her home and then hung out on the balcony for awhile. It had been really fun. But then he’d gone home and remembered that he had a report due in the morning that he’d completely spaced.

So he was running on two hours of sleep? Maybe three? He wasn’t sure. But he did know for sure that reality had never seemed this blurry and half real in his entire life. He walked to his desk and saw a quietly writing Marinette, who looked up at him once or twice.

Adrien smirked.

He’d googled some more pick up lines to practice on Marinette with last night, so he could know if they were cringeworthy enough to use on Ladybug. Adrien walked up to her and immediately crossed his arms on her desk and said,

“Good morning Purrrincess! By the way, it’s obvious you eat healthy, but I think you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin: Me.”

A single cough was heard in the back of the room as everyone else in the class went silent. Marinette stared at him and slowly her face turned redder and redder until her eyes widened fully and then her face back pedaled into an ashy grey.


“You know I barely slept last night and I think I’m just gonna go hide in the janitor’s closet for the rest of the day, goodbye everyone.” Adrien said, turning away from Marinette, grabbing his bag, and then walking swiftly from the classroom.

the entire place burns bright. you aren't sure if you turned blind or you’re in heaven already
you see a figure shielding your vision from light like an eclipse and you instantly her, she turns around and you cant read the expression oh her face because its too damn bright.
she says something to you but the words come out garbled and distorted and that's when you realized that its too bright again and she sacrificed her life (300 years of it) for you.

(We won….and Carmilla’s dead.)

the sound of people talking startles you a bit. you walk the too-long hallway, each step echoing against the hollow wooden wonder how you manage to live a life with barely a scratch on your body (in the back of your mind, you know the scratch is inside you, where no one bothers to notice)
you barely make it to the room before you suddenly black out.
you feel as if something…no, someone, is clawing at your body. you want to fight it, goddamn you want to fight it because this isn’t normal. the proverbial scratch keeps getting bigger and bigger until it becomes a rip.
you feel your vision start to fade and the last thing you hear is a crow cawing.

(The newspaper kids…they’re all dead.)

you manage to pass through the bloodshed and chaos surrounding you. you feel sick to you stomach. god, there’s so much blood.
you fight back the tears and the sudden fear creeping up on you as you fight through the war (‘this isn’t a war,’ you think, 'its doing whatever you can to stay alive.’)
you want to be brave. you want to feel brave. you wan’t to be fearless and daring for her, for everyone, for all the people who’re scared to believe that the world isn’t fair.
you manage to come back safe. you look at her and you’re not sure if she’s the right reason to keep fighting. you’re definitely sure she’s the right person, though.

 you suddenly feel pain at your lower back, you drop to ground so fast is takes a minute or two for everyone to realize what just happened. you suddenly see stars and you realize

you're home.

(I’m not scared, I’m not scared, I’m not…)

you feel so fucking stupid and useless, because they’re gone, the both of them, he sacrificed himself to get her safe and they’re probably dead and it’s your fucking fault.
you realize then and there that she’s been hiding her pain all along. you were too preoccupied with whatever’s going on that you didn’t know that her pain was deeper than yours and she was keeping it to herself this whole time.
you never realized the light in her eyes was fading until it was too late.

(Perry should be here…and JP, they were right there…and i just…)

—  the lives of many (death can damn it all to hell) // m.s.

Shades Of Earl Grey is a gentle fragrance which combines floral orange blossom, sweet orange rind, soft-but-zesty lemon & lime, and an almost soapy-smell (not bad, just shower-fresh and clean). Despite all the citrus elements, it’s quite mature and sexy rather than bright and loud.

All massage bars will feel oily with application since essentially what they are is a solid oil. I found Shades Of Earl Grey to have a lovely balance, it’s not too oily and not too buttery, the best word I can use to describe how it feels is “silky.” I found myself indulging in the bar a bit too much, so it didn’t last as long as most my massage bars do, however I’m not sure that’s a con.

@ everyone suffering from heat

it’s hot so I guess it’s time for me to add my two cents lmao. 

  • DRINK WATER. Seriously, drink a lot of water! It’s important to stay hydrated when it’s this hot. Btw many people tend to drink really cold water when it’s hot outside but I’d rather recommend to don’t cool your water too much or else you’ll end up feeling even hotter than before!
  • If you don’t have to go outside then don’t! Stay at home. However, if you absolutely need to, then please consider wearing long and airy clothes in bright colors that will cover your arms and legs! I promise you you’ll be less warm because the fabric will prevent the sunbeams from warming up your body too fast. Wearing short clothes makes more sense if you’re staying indoors.
  • Also make sure the clothes you wear are either made of cotton, linen or silk! 

Yup, stay safe friends~! :<


‘Mark me, my future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades’

Presenting B(loody) P(unchable) C(huck), the Tartan Prince of Bling!

Stare too long at him, and you may go blind! 😂😂😂

Ermmm, I’m not too sure about how to put this, but he comes with a rap too….he’s kinda rocking that vibe

‘I am the Tartan Prince of Bling,
I can and do wear anything

I may look like a
Complete buffoon
But mark me, James
I can sing in tune

I am the Tartan Prince of Bling
Mark me, James
You have such pretty skin

My Daddy don’t think that
Much of me
But mark me James
I can count….to three

I am the Tartan Prince of Crap
Mark me, James

(sorry, not sorry…….)

EDITED TO ADD : everyone should thank @gotham-ruaidh for giving me the idea in the first place….she rocks!

May 26th garden update:

Got a ton done today, and really it only took me about three hours.  With almost everything in the ground now, less time is needed all at once.  Spent a while weeding and pulling maple seeds out of every inch of the beds.  Currently waiting on my cucurbits to develop some true leaves and those suckers are going in.  And then, my friends, I think the garden is complete!  

The strawberries are delicious this year!  My broccoli, broccolini and brussels are finally doing their thang too, just as I was about to give up.  Still not sure where three of my four new tomato plants are going yet, but they may wind up living in pots on the deck.

We need rain badly.  We never got much of anything this Spring, and everything is all wilty.  The grass is gone.  My poor lilacs, long established, are hurting too, and they’re usually fine even in the worst conditions.  On the bright side, I discovered at least four little teeny peaches on my tree.  Not bad for the first real year here in the yard.  

Overall, I’m happy.  I can’t stop looking at it.