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Vibrating Panties (Luke smut)

Summary: With this title do I even need a summary… Luke teases you with a pair of vibrating panties and then fucks you realllll good ;)

Warnings: This is ridiculously smutty + involves the use of vibrating panties

Word Count: 2.6k 

A/N: If you don’t know what vibrating panties are, they’re basically a pair of underwear with a vibrator over where your clit goes. The pair used in this uses a remote to control the speed of the vibe! 

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“L-Luke,” You stammer, tugging on the sleeve of your boyfriend’s shirt. 

When you receive no answer, you tilt your head and look back to see him talking to Michael, his face lined with concentration.

The conversation between the two friends seems calm, both of them chatting about guitars. You want to laugh. 

Michael wouldn’t have that smile stretched across his face if he knew what was going on between your legs. 

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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: HarelyQuinn!Au / Angst

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, brain-washing and mature themes

Word count: 4.4k

Synopsis: The government hired you to cure Kim Taehyung from his madness, yet, every time you see him in that damn white room you lose sanity and yourself a bit more.

Author’s note: I should really really thank my lil Rosie and the sweet Mari for supporting me so much! This is dedicated to both of them <3 and of course feedback is always appreciated!  

part 1 // part 2 // drabble

                                                                       “He whispers things into my brain,

                                                                               assuring me that I’m insane.”


First session

The room smells like disinfectant, medicines and something ferrous you can’t quite define. Everything is white – almost blinding, you think –  the walls, the floor, the table you are sitting behind, the chair in front of you and also the sole window on the left. A window equipped with bars, of course.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! I was wondering (since you seem well-versed in h/c sam fics) if you could recommend some good fics? Pretty much anything Sam-centric, lol. I trust your judgment.

This is the part where I wish I kept better records. I live and breathe hurt!Sam, but I don’t always save the fics I read. 

I absolutely stand behind all my fic recs, though, which you can find on my blog here! They’re pretty much always hurt!Sam (with some Sam appreciation mixed in there).

There are tons of places to find great hurt/comfort stuff, though, and it would be silly of me not to direct you to these places first, though you may already be following them.

Places to go:

Some author recs:

Choosing fics is hard, because a lot of authors have tons of great stuff and I can’t choose just one to rec. I can point you in the direction of talented authors, though! I can guarantee that their writing is going to be Sam appreciative and Sam centric. 

Note: Most of these authors post plenty of fics, ficlets, and episode tags to their Tumblrs that don’t get posted to AO3. Most of them post a mix of gen stuff and pairing stuff. I’m also definitely forgetting some great authors!

  • @themegalosaurus | (ao3) - Absolutely beautiful Sam-centric writing with a generous dose of brothers feels! (Make sure to check out her fantastic episode tags on Tumblr, too!) Be aware that some fic is Wincest or J2 RPF, with other pairings showing up occasionally.
  • @ameliacareful | (ao3) - Lovely hurt!Sam stuff and great portrayals of the characters.
  • @agelade | (ao3) - Stunning Sam-centric stuff. Generous hurt, beautiful writing, amazing focus on Sam.
  • @waterbird13 | (ao3) - Posts mostly on Tumblr and contributes so much lovely fic that is basically centered around Sam getting love and being happy.
  • @quickreaver | (ao3) - Lots of beautiful hurt!Sam fics, and quickreaver is also an insanely talented artist (if you’re looking for some visual hurt!Sam)! Can be slightly darker stuff. Some Winces and other pairings.
  • stillwaters01 on AO3 - Just in case you want very brothers-focused sweet agony and heartbreak with your H/C.
  • Let’s be real. Basically all the writers over at ohSam, too.

So much H/C you will die (in the best way).

No, really. I always indulge in thoughts of unrestrained H/C but I never seem to be able to write it. If relentless hurt (and delicious comfort) are your thing, these writers may make your day.

  • Marianna Morgan on FF.Net - Suuuuuper lovely and indulgent hurt!Sam and just really idealized happy brothers fic. If caring and protective!Dean is your thing, these are lovely!
  • skag trendy on FF.Net - I was trying to remember names from when I was prowling Fanfiction.Net, and I remember that this writer has just tons of hurt!Sam. You know those fics where the hurt doesn’t let up and it’s just this amazingly shameless pain-fest? Yes.
  • Alex L. Kerr on FF.Net - of the famed Trialculosis Sam fic, but there’s a lot to enjoy.

Mostly pairing stuff (I’ll list which ones!)

These writers are Sam fans who write some great stuff. Some of it is gen, some of it is explicit. If you prefer gen-fic, be aware. If you sometimes love your hurt with more intimate comfort, check these awesome people out!

  • @posingasme | (ao3)- Mostly Sastiel, mostly non-explicit. Beautiful and breathtaking and heartbreaking AUs that often have generous helpings of hurt!Sam and badass!Sam.
  • @rosworms | (ao3)- Sam/Benny and Sastiel and also Wincest + others. Sometimes explicit. Often heavy on the comfort. <3 Always lovely. Mostly posted on Tumblr but some can be found on the Archive, too!
  • @kansaskissedlips (no ao3) - Wincest and Sastiel and basically everything you could ever imagine + more. I’ll bet you didn’t know you needed hurt!Soulless!Sam. But you do. Often quite explicit fics and ficlets with some gen thrown in! 

And now onto the specific fics! My fic recs are below, as well as a list (with links) of fics people have recced to me! Cut for length, and also because I plan to add more as I think of them.

Feel free to submit me your recs (or self recs!), and I’ll credit you and add them to the list below!

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anonymous asked:

Is non-theistic animism incompatible with Judaism? I've pretty much seen spirits my entire life and can't turn it off, but I'm exploring conversion to Reform Judaism and it feels right.

Hi Anon,

I’m not sure if you’re the agnostic anon or not, but either way – this is a fantastic question and something I can hopefully at least begin to address.

As someone who was a practicing pagan for several years after I left xianity, this actually gets at something I’ve wrestled with in my own path. I want to preface my comments with a few things – I have no authoritative answer for you. Everything I’m sharing below is part of whatever answer I, myself, am working on. Your experiences may vary quite greatly and are equally valid to mine. I also have not actually discussed this particular issue with my rabbi, for reasons I will explain later. So this really, truly is not an authoritative answer. It’s just my answer, for now, based on my own deeply personal experiences. Okay? Okay.

Prior to deciding to convert to Judaism, as I said, I was a practicing pagan. Part of that path involved spirit work, and at the time, I felt it was real and valid. How, then, do I make sense of these experiences in light of my new path? Were they just delusions? Wishful thinking? Mental illness? Or were they real, and if so, how do I explain them through the lens of Judaism? How could I possibly give up energy work when it felt as real in my hands as air – unseen, yet tangible?

And that question actually prevented me from seriously considering conversion for at least a year, even after the seed of it had been planted in the back of my mind.

For most people who decide to go down the road to conversion, there’s a turning point – a moment of clarity that sets them down this path and not that path. Of course, this is just one moment in a series of moments that happens to stand out, but most people do not get a dramatic revelation. There’s just this quiet realization that this is the path they want and need to be on. Yet, at the same time, at some point the light has to go on. For me, that directly dealt with my energy and spirit work.

I had noticed, over the years of doing energy and spirit work, that Jewish energy (which, yes, has its own energy signature) seriously interfered with my practice. I had a much harder time sensing things and at the same time, it created a bit of a protective barrier. It’s worth noting that my practice was mostly an atheistic practice that eventually morphed into a practice where I recognized all gods as valid, but in the sense that they were the synergistic collective energy of all of their followers’ prayers and hopes and dreams. (There’s probably a name for that but I’m unaware of it, so I thought I’d just describe it.) In any event, this was sort of my polytheistic way of explaining all gods as being glorified energy work.

Eventually, after months of trying to convince myself not to convert, I had a moment of clarity wherein, for the first time in my whole life, I was truly made aware of the Divine Presence.

It was a stark difference.

Prior to this point, having never directly experienced G-d, it was easy for me to conclude that all gods were basically the same, and that their reality was relative. As soon as I was actually made aware of G-d’s presence in the world, however, it was impossible for me to deny the difference.

But I wasn’t so easily satisfied. What about my other experiences, my energy work, my spirit work? Those certainly felt real! So I decided to go over to the place where I had done the most intense spirit work to see if I could still sense things, and if not, it would confirm the identity of this Presence. This place was filled with spirits and teeming with energy, and every time I had gone there it had felt very… alive. If that was all shut down, I would have my answer.

I think you can guess what happened. :)

As soon as I arrived, the only things I could sense were the natural aspects of the night around me – the light summer breeze, the smell of cut grass, the stars. And from that moment forward, I haven’t engaged in any further energy or spirit work because I have not needed to (and I doubt I even would have been able to, had I have tried.)

Now, I’m guessing you already know that disturbing the spirits of the dead is forbidden in Judaism. It is seen as quite cruel, and you may find that if you stop engaging them that they will be less apparent to you. As I do not know you and I do not know the source of your sense, it is difficult to predict exactly what will happen, but that is my suspicion.

Personally, I have not shared the more mystical side of this story with my rabbi; I have personally been able to reconcile the existence of spirits as being ubiquitous while still understanding at a very deep level that G-d is the One, the only G-d that is, indeed, G-d.

Because it has not interfered with the requisite monotheism of Judaism and because it (quite frankly) could easily be misinterpreted as mental illness, I have omitted it for now. So while I will still advise you to speak to your rabbi about this if/when you start exploring conversion formally if you are comfortable doing so, I also understand why you might not want to. If you find you can’t, you at least need to be able to find a way to reconcile your experiences.

Judaism does have a lot of folklore, and acknowledged spirits or entities other than G-d. Angels, for example, are G-d’s messengers. However, none of these other things are actually gods or even remotely on the same level as G-d. Judaism (especially the more mystical strands of it) have pretty developed ideas about souls and what happens to those souls during life and after death. So that’s another thing to think about.

The primary concerns are that you are not engaging in avodah zarah and that you are not worshipping any other entities. Closely behind that are concerns about practice – I would cease any practice that is exclusively pagan if you decide to pursue this, even if it might not technically be forbidden, and I would definitely do your best to figure out what practices are forbidden. If you can manage to understand your experiences in a way that does not lead you away from G-d, then I think it’s probably alright; I would just be very strict with yourself in deciding these issues.

All the best to you on your journey!

Handsome, Dangerous, Addictive


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: A deal was made that satisfied you both months ago, but now you want out.

Side Note: I literally got this idea the minute I woke up ahaha…oh god I’m such Theo trash. There’s a little swearing in this, but nothing major x

“We still on for tonight?”
it read.

If anyone scrolled through your phone and read the on going messages shared with Theo, that’s about all they would see. All of this, the sneaking, the games, the constant desire to be with him in ways no one else could provide was the basis of this entire situation. No matter what anyone said about him or the whispers making their way around town, none of that made you rethink getting close to him.

It started 2 months ago, you were sick of being treated like you were some fragile thing that would break anytime, anywhere. Theo noticed and every encounter he would always make sure to leave you wanting more. Eventually all the things he said made sense, they painted a clear picture of your entire life. Theo knew exactly the words to say, and he wasn’t shy about saying them either.

So fast forward to a month later and there was no turning back, it started with a simple kiss in his truck, then it progressed to ripping each others clothes off and indulging in the pleasure that was felt throughout the entire night. After the line had been crossed there was no staying away, so whether it was in his car, a hotel outside town or somewhere more risky like at your house that rush was all you wanted to feel, and that was something only he could give you.

“Can’t…busy” was all you wrote back. However almost immediately your phone buzzed again, clearly Theo didn’t like that answer.

“With what?”

You thought it was pretty obvious, the mountain of work that was not only sitting in front of you, but in your locker as well took priority over Theo’s urge to be satisfied.

“I’m fucking another guy, what do you think Theo? I have work to do”. He was sitting a few tables in front on the other side of the room. So it gave you a clear view of him and even though you were being sarcastic during the first half of the message, it seemed that Theo was either not liking the fact you even made a joke like that to start with, or he believed that it was true.

His jaw was tightly clenched, and his hand that wasn’t holding the phone gripped the chair that it turned his knuckles white.“You better not be fucking another guy babygirl, my hands only”.

Setting down the phone, possessive Theo had struck again. Usually this would be a major turn on however not today, you weren’t in the mood to carter as Theo’s personal booty call. When this all started it was bliss, a feeling that was very well addicting but sitting here you were starting to wonder if that feeling was slowly losing it’s appeal.

Not bothering to answer back yet, you signaled the teacher who came over and asked to get some fresh air due to not feeling all that great. She reluctantly nodded but gave you the okay, and told you to be back in 5 minutes. Walking out of the classroom the air that hit you was a cooling relief.

"Are you really busy or is that just an excuse to not see me tonight?”.

How did he even get out of class you thought, he was everywhere you didn’t want him to be and how he managed to do that baffled you. “I’m not talking about this with you here, just go back inside Theo”.

“We made a deal Y/N, one that you were more than happy to agree too. You wanted someone to be bad with and I needed to relieve my stress, it’s win-win situation. Why the sudden change of mind?”

“What part of I don’t want to talk about this, don’t you get!?”. You tired to move away from him, but since he was much faster and stronger you couldn’t.

“Why the sudden change Y/N?” His voice changed, it was almost in-audible but it still held a rough tone to it.

“I can’t do it anymore!” raising your voice, but instantly regretting it due to where the two of you were standing.

“Is it because your getting feelings for me babygirl, cause if so…” that annoying ass smirk he plastered on his face was the last straw.

Shoving him in the chest as hard as you could due to his build you frustratedly stated,“Get off your fucking high horse Theo! I’m breaking the deal, relieve your stress another way”

Theo was not letting this go and pushed you against the brick wall,“You fuck me for a solid month and now you want for it too all stop? Remember it was you who came to me”. You thanked that no one else was in the area who could witness this very private conversation.

“Actually it was you who kissed me in your truck 2 months ago Theo, and yes I kissed back but I needed to feel that rush..something only you had. But I’m done being your personal fuck buddy, find someone else”.

You were about to leave when Theo blocked that chance with his arm on the wall, he inched his face closer to yours, voice low and husky before speaking.

“You crave me baby, you need me and that heart beat of yours proves that every time I’m near. Deny it all you want, but I know this last month has been the best of your entire god damn life.”.

Hitting his arm away, it slipped from the wall and scarped his hand which he wasn’t happy with one bit.“Take that ego down a notch Theo, you’re not as good as you think you are”.

Sideways smirk and that intense stare, oh how he was teasing you.“Babygirl I am that good, otherwise you wouldn’t have come back for more. Trust me no-one would be able to fuck you like me”.

He didn’t even bother to wait for a response, instead he left knowing exactly the effect his words had. You breathed heavily and leaned against the wall, wanting to scream. This is what you get for wanting to get a taste of what it would be like, to not be the goody-two shoes for once. Well you were far from good, far from innocent and now you were too far into this with Theo. No way out, no turning where did that leave you?


Cyber Love | Swanchester AU: Emma and Henry have been living their new cursed lives in New York for six months. Henry grows worried about his mom’s love life. Without her knowing, he creates a dating profile for her. When she gets matched with Dean Winchester, Henry sets up a face-to-face date for the pair.

“Macaroni and cheese tonight, or pizza?” Emma asked, making sure the crosswalk was clear before they crossed the street. “I figured I could whip up a big pan of those big twisty noodles you like and bake it with some crumbs on top.”

She waited for a response, but none came.

“Or… we could pick up a pie from Royal Pizza and pig out in front of a movie.”

Silence. She could almost hear the imaginary crickets chirping.

“Or I can make some chimera for dinner. That’s one part lion, one part serpent, and one part goat,” she said facetiously, finally looking over her shoulder to face her son and see what had captivated his attention so fully.

Henry shook his head, his eyes still glued to the screen on his phone as he followed her. “I’m listening to you. Mac and cheese.”

Emma slowed down her pace, wrapping her arm around Henry as they continued down the sidewalk. She sighed. “Ya’know kid, we had an agreement when I got you that phone. That you wouldn’t spend all your free time on it and when someone’s speaking to you, you look up.”

“I know, mom,” he replied, finally looking up to meet her gaze. “But it’s a, uh… a project.”

“For school?” Henry hesitated; Emma knew what that meant. “What kind of project?”

He reluctantly handed his phone to his mother. “Before you get mad and yell at me, just hear me out. I’m worried about you, mom.”

“Worried about me?” Emma’s brow creased at her son’s words as they stopped in front of their apartment building’s gate. Finally, she looked down at the screen.

A picture of her.

A few months prior, the mother of one of Henry’s school friends was taking a photography class and asked the pair to volunteer as models. One of the pictures of just Emma was on her son’s phone screen. She scrolled down and began to read the description under the photo.

“Emma Swan. Age: 30 years old. Location: Manhattan, New York, United States. Seeking: Men – wait a minute. Is this a dating site?” Emma asked, shooting her head up toward her son. “Henry, why would you – do you know how dangerous it is to put private information out on the web? We went over this when you got your computer.”

“I know, mom! But you need a boyfriend. You haven’t dated anyone in years.

Emma sighed, shaking her head as she unlocked the gate and continued toward the building. “First of all, I don’t need a boyfriend. Second, it is neither your job nor your responsibility to worry about my love life. It is not another one of your clever operations that you –“ Henry cringed slightly; Emma groaned. “Oh, you’ve already given it a name, haven’t you?”

“Operation Swan Match,” he said proudly, following his mother as they walked up the stairs. “Come on, mom. You don’t even go out on dates any more. I thought something was going to happen with that Walsh guy when we first moved here, but you pushed him away. You didn’t even give him a chance.”

Emma swallowed. Truth was, she had given him a chance. They’d gone out to lunch, but that’d been as far as it went. Something just didn’t feel right, and Emma had learned a long time ago to trust her gut. She cleared her throat. “I have certain standards, kid. And there’s no shame in that.”

Henry shook his head. “Just give this a shot. Look,” he took the phone from her and scrolled through the site, “I already found this guy who scored a 95% on the personality match. He’s from Kansas, but he travels a lot.”

He handed the phone back to Emma and she gave it a look. “Impala67? What a cheesy username,” she said with a scoff, unlocking their apartment door.

Henry chuckled. “Yours is YellowBug83.”

“Oh,” Emma said, embarrassed. She continued to scroll down his profile. “Dean Winchester. Thirty-five years old.”

“What do you think of his picture?”

Emma scrolled back up and looked at it closer. She shrugged. “He’s handsome, I’ll give him that. A little too blue steel for my taste, but still.”

“What’s blue steel?”

Emma chuckled. “It’s from a movie you’re too young to see yet.”

Henry grinned. “So you like him? Good! Because I already contacted him and he’ll be in town tomorrow with his brother to work on a job.”

“Henry! That’s incredibly dangerous and not to mention a mild form of identity theft. What if this guy is married or stores bodies in his freezer? I’m just not comfortable with the whole online thing.”

“That’s why you’re meeting him this weekend,” Henry said with a satisfied smile. “It’s dinner at that Ostria restaurant tomorrow. I’ve already made plans to spend the night at Tim’s, but I require updates to make sure that you’re safe.”

Emma exhaled deeply as she looked down at the phone screen, and then up at her son. “Fine. But if he turns out to be crazy, you’re grounded. Now, can we get started on dinner already? I’m starving.”


“So, this woman thinks her cat is possessed by a demon,” Sam started, reading through the paper in his hands as he took a sip of his coffee, “because she’s avoiding her, giving her mean glares, and making demonic hissing noises in the middle of the night. That’s the case? That’s why we’re in Manhattan?” he asked his brother, sitting in the seat across from him.

“Mm-hmm,” Dean replied, holding his burger in one hand and his phone in the other.

Sam shook his head, taking another bite of his salad. “Sounds like a regular cat to me. Besides, since when did we start exorcising pets?”

Dean didn’t reply. His phone beeped; the third time in five minutes.

“Dude, you are blowing up. Who is that?”

Dean shrugged. “Just, uh, ya’know, those alert thingys.”

“For what?” Sam asked, creasing his brow.

Throwing his phone on the table, Dean sighed. “Uh, ya’know. Monster stuff.” Sam nodded unconvinced, then reached across the table and snatched his phone. “Woah, hey, come on! No, give it back!”

“Wa-what?” Sam asked, acting innocent. “Why?”

“Because privacy… and stuff.”

“Oh, privacy,” Sam said with a chuckle. He looked down at the screen, his mouth falling. It was the last thing he ever imagined. “You’re on a dating site?”

Dean stayed quiet for a moment, his lips narrowed in a line. Finally, he rose his hands in surrender. “You know what, yeah. Don’t knock it till you try it.”

Sam scrolled through his profile, then laughed. “Nice screen name Dean. Impala67,” he said in a deep voice, mimicking his brother.

“Alright, give it back. Come on.”

Sam continued to look through the site. He clicked on the conversation he was in, “Emma, huh? There are quite a few messages here. They sound pretty serious.”

A defeated sigh left Dean’s lungs as he finally dropped trying to hide it from Sam. He smiled, “Yeah, check out her page.”

Sam opened up her profile. “Wow. She’s actually really pretty. And, well… normal.”

“What does that mean?” Dean asked, his brow furrowing.

“I guess I was just expecting, um… less clothes.”

Dean chuckled, which surprised Sam. Dean didn’t always take dating seriously; his outings with women usually ended when he either ran out of ones or drove off after a night in the sack. The older brother took another sip of his beer before he continued, “Well, that’s how it started. But then I got paired with yellowbug83 and we scored a 95% on the personality match.”

Sam scoffed. “Yeah but that doesn’t exactly count if you use fake information –“ Dean’s brow creased. “Wait, you actually used real answers for this thing? And not just answers that would pair you with as many loose and freaky women as possible?”

“No – but that’s not a bad idea. I should have thought about that.”

Sam shook his head, going back to the phone in his hand to scroll through the woman’s profile. “She actually seems really awesome. Maybe… too awesome?”

“Is that bad?”

“No, it’s not bad. It’s too good to be true for a woman like this to be available.”

Dean scoffed. “I’m sorry, is it so hard to believe that an attractive, red-blooded American female could be interested in someone like me?”

“You realize there’s no guarantee that Emma,” he used air quotes, “is even Emma. I mean, for all we know it could be some Canadian trucker or 70 year old witch disguised as a model look alike. She probably doesn’t even live –“ he looked back down at her profile, rereading where she was located. “Wait a minute, she lives in Manhattan. Emma is the demon cat, isn’t she? We detoured four hours so you could get laid?”

Dean cleared his throat, fidgeting in his seat a little. “I don’t know, uh - hopefully. I mean, we’re gonna go out to dinner tomorrow night at some fancy restaurant. Which reminds me, I need to get the fed suit out of the back and hang it up.”

“Woah, fancy restaurant? Suit? This sounds like a real date.”

“Yeah,” Dean replied, wondering where the confusion was. “You know, I do know how to go on a date, Sammy.” His brother only stared at him, a look of both shock and confusion rest on his face. Dean sighed. “Look, just give me the weekend. I want to at least meet her, okay? The world isn’t gonna end because the Winchesters took a night off.”

drift + drown - (saeran x reader)

summary: you can drift in the water or you can drown in his eyes.

rating: 13+ (uh, usual spoilers, I suppose, and SMOOCHING)

notes: the ‘character’ you assume is not the mystic messenger mc- if anything she’s probably the same character from this supposedly long saeran fic i’m currently working on, so in a sense it’s au i guess (at least from my other fics). i really wanted to write a make-out scene in the pool, but the setting of that fic does not allow for it. 

execution on said scene and saeran’s character itself is questionable- especially since this is a different approach than my previous takes of saeran (where is isn’t hung up on the mc). either way, i hope you guys like it. cries. 

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Secret Santa!AU

Pairing: MinKey (but really… my OT5 feels were out of control)
Length: 1k~
Rating: PG
Warning: This will make more sense if you’ve watched One Fine Day. Its set in the December following their OFD recordings (which happened in November for MinKey). I guess this is canon? Also… this is probably part one of three? But I don’t know yet lol

Summary: Minho’s gonna get Key the perfect present this year. 

“Nooooooo!” Taemin whined loudly as he unfolded the small slip of paper in his hands. Instantly, the rest of the band knew who he’d gotten for Secret Santa. Jonghyun and Jinki chuckled at Taemin’s misfortune and Key rolled his eyes. At the very least, this was the first time that it happened to Taemin.

They’d started doing a gift exchange during their trainee days because they were all short on money, but they’d kept up the tradition even after they’d received their first paycheck from SM. The five of them were all oddly sentimental about all the struggles they had been through as a group, each tradition they upheld and even the new ones they started were pleasant reminders of where they started and how they hope to grow together.

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A Little Faith, Trust, and Exceed Dust

a/n: this one is a little shorter than the rest, because the next part is gonna be a doozy guys. (yes i am a seventeen year old who just said doozy. fight me. not really i’d probably cry

Chapter 4

They landed shortly after, on a small cliff that overlooked the smoking ship below.

As soon as his feet touched the soft patch of grass, the young girl pushed away from his chest.

“Explain,” she demanded of the surprised boy, tears in her eyes now that they were away from any danger. “Where are the Lost Kids?” She jabbed a finger in his chest before pointing down towards the water. “Tell me how they weren’t caught in that awful, unnecessary explosion!” 

That’s when she heard giggling coming from behind her, and she whirled on her heel to see the faint outline of four or five children farther down the hill, a ball of light fluttering above their heads. 

Happy, he must have saved them in time.



Lucy, distracted by the boy in the treetops, accidentally grabbed hold of a branch slick with moss. It caught her off-guard and she lost her footing, crying out as she dangled by one hand several feet off the ground.


Then, it snapped under her weight.


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apanoplyofsong  asked:

Bellarke and "I'm lost" :)


A/N: i’m doing a thing and you should check it out! requests close january 4

Bellamy weaves his way through the crowd. Two more hours of 2016, two more hours of being sociable and trying not to stress about how much anyone is drinking, and then he can start gently herding his friends toward the door.

He dodges flailing limbs as he passes Raven and Miller’s animated arguing and Jasper’s dubious dancing, edges around the crowd that gathered to watch Anya challenge Indra in an arm wrestling contest, studiously avoids looking in the direction where he knows his sister is sitting in her girlfriend’s lap. By the time he slips between Lincoln and Wells, laughing over cat videos on Luna’s phone, he’s never been more glad to see his kitchen empty.

Well, empty except for one person. But that one person’s presence is large enough to fill the whole apartment. He’s not sure how he only just now became aware of her.

“Clarke?” He says, dumbfounded. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m lost,” she deadpans. “Must have showed up at the wrong door. But you have champagne, so–” She lifts a solo cup to him and smirks. “Might as well stick around.”

“I meant– I didn’t know you were coming,” he says, scratching the back of his head. She raises one eyebrow, expression perfectly sardonic.

“Aren’t you the host?”

“O is hosting. I just live here.”

“Ahh.” She nods, leaning next to him against the counter. “I didn’t think you were the type to make champagne jello shots.”

“You don’t know my life,” he says reflexively. To his gratification, she snorts. “She hosts all her parties at my place because she thinks it’s the only way to get me to come. And because my apartment is nicer than hers. I don’t get veto power over the music, or the food, or–”

“The guest list?” She asks, lips twisting in a wry smile.

“I wouldn’t have vetoed you,” he insists, though he doesn’t add that he’s just as glad Octavia didn’t mention Clarke was coming.

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Do we have two grooms?

Reaction fic to 6x08. Missing scene after the “but what“ (that damn commercial break), drunk parents and married fluff. PG-rated.

Go be lucky. Don’t waste time double-guessing. Don’t waste time behaving yourself. Don’t let go.

“I mean… come on, there is no possible way that, that – I mean… right…?” Kurt stutters and turns to Blaine, sure to find a mutual understanding in his eyes but instead spotting something very unexpected there. “Blaine?”

Kurt’s not sure what that face Blaine is making is supposed to tell him but he detects a defensive attitude in the way he is holding himself with his arms crossed. His mouth opens a little hesitantly.

“I- I don’t know,” Blaine says, his eyes looking anywhere but Kurt’s and his face full of vulnerability that Kurt really should have expected. After all, Kurt had been the “voice of reason” to call the whole thing off. What if Blaine had never given up on the idea of marrying him?

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anonymous asked:

hi!! i'm absolutely in love with your writing- it's always a treat when i see one of your fics on my dash uwu if it isn't any trouble, i was wondering if i could request a teenage iwaoi fic where oikawa takes care of iwaizumi??

Oikawa prods his leg none too gently, ignoring the pained hissing he causes in favor of satisfying his own curiosity, before cheerfully plopping down in a chair next to the hospital bed and leaning in close.

“So?” he inquires, grinning at Iwaizumi’s disheveled appearance. “How’s the broken leg treating you?”

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anonymous asked:

yay for bikini wax klaine au! XD

Rofl omg

Available on AO3

Usually Kurt is not the swearing type.

But fuck Santana Danaya Lopez to the seven rings of Hell and back.

Tricking him into a bet while he’s drunk out of his mind, really, low blow Lopez.

But Kurt Hummel is a man of his word, and he can admit that he did lose the bet.

Even if she cheated.

So here he is, entering Serinus Salon, perfectly ready to get his pubic hair removed, yeesh.

“Hello, welcome to Serinus, how can I help you?”

Kurt tries not to look at the energetic, young man behind the counter, but that would be rude.

Oh no.

The man looks like Gene Kelly came back to life, gelled his hair and decided that instead of acting, all he wanted to do was to wax people and massage them.

Bad idea, thinking about massages, especially when he’s about to be waxed around his penis.

“Hello,” he finally replies after perhaps a bit too many, “I’m Kurt Hummel, I have an appointment at 2.45?”

The man checks down the agenda, and really, how are those eyelashes even fair? Or real?

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anonymous asked:

I have a prompt for you. If you're still taking them. Uhm... Beca and Chloe are having a huge fight. Like, break up levels fight. The Bellas are worried and asked Aubrey to help fix them. Please and thanks! :)

They bicker. This is something that the Bellas grew accustomed to, because it was just part of the dynamic. Part of the ebb and flow that was Beca and Chloe. As much as they cuddled, throwing side-eyes to each other in the middle of rehearsals and growing incapable of separating their arms from one another, they’d shoot back and forth quick and hot bursts of arguments - over pizza toppings and musical choices and not having the laundry done. It was the soundtrack to their lives, the coo of their lovebird phases blended almost perfectly with the hissed bickering. And Stacie would look on with a smirk on her face, because “it, like, JUST became legal, but you two are legitimately an old married couple”. And Amy would plug her ears or cover Emily’s eyes while shouting something about “Mom and Dad always fighting”. So, they bicker, and it’s nothing unusual to the Bella household. But, packed together at the foot of the steps nervously and listening to the sounds of crashing and clashing coming from Beca and Amy’s room, they began to think this was more than a bicker. 

This was a fight. 

And Beca and Chloe, despite all their bickering - despite their harsh words and thrown out insults - never fought. 

If they did, by anyone’s definition, then they never fought quite like this. Because Chloe is throwing things, and Beca and crying, and the shouts are louder than the walls can handle. 

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title: milky ways
characters: Jean/Eren
summary: Things never go as planned for Jean, especially when it comes to Eren.
note: inspired from this cute little comic.

Jean was going to do it. He was seriously going to tell Eren Jaeger exactly how he (Jean Kirschtein, just to clarify) felt about him (Eren Jaeger, if you already forgot) in perfect detail. 

He’d thought about it for a long time, recited it to himself before he went to bed, muttered through a mouthful of toothbrush and paste. He knew what he was going to say word for word, with what tone of voice, what pitch to use and when, what word to emphasize for dramatic effect. He was going to stand tall because Jean was already taller than Eren and if there was one thing he liked to lord over the other guy was how tall he was. He’d look down at Eren from over his nose just so he could see how superior Jean truly was.

Oh yes. Jean was so ready for this.

“Eren Jaeger,” Jean muttered as he stormed through the cabin, looking for the owner of uttered namesake, “from the moment I met you, I thought you were nothing more than a little piece of shit.” He was probably in the stables, now that Jean thought about it. He recalled Captain Levi telling him to groom the horses. Jean changed course, nearly colliding into Sasha in the process. “And now that we’ve gotten to know each other better after all these years–”

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herodaisy  asked:

but jim wanting to be held because he loves being affectionate and bones doing all he can to be as affectionate as possible with jim and giving him random hugs (see, i told you i had fluffy prompts uwu)




Leonard noticed it within a week of getting to the Academy.

The very first day they had arrived, in fact, it had begun, with Jim hurrying up beside him, fresh and shiny in his new cadet reds, and clasping Leonard on the shoulder.

He had jumped, of course, and then glared over at the face that took him a few moments to place through the nasty hangover.

“You.  Kirk, right?”  It took a few more moments for him to recall the shuttle ride, drunk as he had been, and then flushed.

“Yeah, Jim.”  The kid was grinning; luckily, he didn’t seem to be angry about yesterday.  “Got myself some new shoes and I’m doing great.  How about you, Bones?”

“Hungover.  The hell does Bones mean?”

Jim just grinned and patted the middle of his back.  “Drink some water.  I’m late, I think.”

“Already?” Leonard called after him, but Jim was already hurrying away.  Leonard rolled his eyes, walking off and not expecting to see Jim again.

It turned out, however, that they had three classes together that first semester.

Leonard knew, from the moment Jim Kirk plopped down in the seat next to him, patted his bicep, and practically crooned, “All I got left is my bones,” that he was stuck with the kid, so he might as well, y’know, pay attention.

And after several days of observation, of deft fingers resting lightly on Leonard’s waist to move him, of affectionate grasps of his arms, of a slightly increased pressure on his shoulder, he was certain: Jim Kirk lived for physical affection.

And it was surprisingly easy to give.  He had never been an especially touchy person, but that seemed to evaporate around Jim.  And the way Jim would lean into his touches, the hand on his wrist, the arm around his shoulders, made Leonard wonder exactly what it was that caused it, the near-desperation with which he would gravitate towards Leonard’s touch.  There was so much about Jim Kirk that was a puzzle—a carefree demeanor and a blatant disregard for seriousness juxtaposed with the flat, closed-off expression that was nearly as solid as a glass wall that could snap up at a moment’s notice, at the oddest provocation, ranging from an irritated remark that Jim hadn’t finished his vegetables to the story he told about his mother trying once to fuse Southern and Tamil cuisine and their Thanksgiving ending up involving Chinese takeout.  The fact that while he was perfectly happy to insert himself in Leonard’s life, waiting in his dorm when he got back from classes and leaving more clothes in the closet than Leonard himself had in there, he deflected with a joke, a sharp remark, or by simply ignoring him.

Leonard found out, on a drunken night that Jim later revealed was his birthday, along with far more details than he had likely meant to spill.  After Jim finished, Leonard wordlessly slipped an arm around his waist to tug him close.

When Jim rested his chin on Leonard’s shoulder and looked over at him with his brilliant blue eyes, cheeks just barely touching, and Leonard had to fight off the urge to lean in and kiss away the haunted expression as he ran his fingers through Jim’s hair, he was certain of another thing: he was very much in trouble.

And, six months later, when Jim grabbed his shirt and yanked him forward into a kiss, Leonard buried his fingers in Jim’s hair and decided on another thing: he didn’t care.

Leonard thought that the news would be all over the Academy within two days—the infamous, promiscuous son of George Kirk, in a relationship with a hick doctor who was quickly approaching thirty (though Leonard tried to ignore that part with a vengeance).

He had underestimated exactly how much their prior interactions had resembled dating behavior.

When Jim put an arm around his shoulders as they walked across campus, no one batted an eyelash, not even when Leonard leaned into it far more than was strictly platonic.  When Leonard embraced Jim after stumbling out of his medical practical final and mumbled into his shoulder that he wanted to go home now and spend the rest of the day wrapped around him, not a single person raised an eyebrow.  The hand-holding raised a few eyebrows, but it was such a gradual transition that the first time Leonard took Jim’s face in his hands and kissed him full on the mouth in the middle of campus there was much less gossip than he had expected.

And so Leonard gave Jim what he needed.  He got a few good-natured jibes from coworkers who pretended to be surprised that he and Jim could actually manage to appear in places separately, given that they were pretty sure they had to constantly be in contact.  It was worth it, worth the steady, burning warmth of Jim underneath his fingers on a wrist, his hand on a side.  Worth the way Jim invariably leaned into the contact, the craving that had been satisfied practically vibrating around them, providing a semisheer wall between them and the rest of the world

They spent Leonard’s thirtieth birthday in bed.  It started with Jim arching underneath him, a gasping masterpiece on which Leonard performed his greatest work, and ended with Leonard’s face pressed into the pillow below him, adoration in Jim’s crooning tone as he whispered precious declarations into Leonard’s ear.

And always, throughout, there was reverence in Jim’s touch as he handled the gift Leonard strove to give him, the intimacy that simply came from the solid press of their skin together.

And as he saw Jim accept it, take it and hold it close, Leonard realized that he needed it too.

anonymous asked:

I always thought that Carol's behavior towards Daryl bringing Merle back to the prison was great. (Telling him that she gets that he's family but that he shouldn't forget how far he has come etc) But I just saw a post that pointed out how Beth's reaction to him opening up on his relationship with Merle (in Still) is supposed to be healthier for him?? I'm not sure how to feel about this and I'm curious what you think about it. Sorry if i'm bothering you.

You’re not bothering me, but I am definitely answering this ask with a great deal of trepidation, because it skirts the edge of the type of ask I don’t publish. Typically, I put up a post of my own that’s a sort of elliptical response.

Consequently, my response may not seem at all satisfying to you, because I simply do not engage in discussions of who is “better” for Daryl. There are a lot of reasons for my stance on this and I won’t bore you with them. Suffice it to say it’s not even a question that exists in my mind, and therefore I have no reason to discuss it.

I should also point out that my entire fandom life is devoted to what’s healthy for Carol. I love Daryl. I do. But he certainly doesn’t need my defense in this fandom, given that he has more acolytes than the universe has stars.

Carol, however, is another subject. (Or at least she used to be. Pardon me while I burst into tears for the 54726543765925th time over the fandom/critical/media love MMB and Carol are awash in at this moment.) So I need to be very clear about the fact that what interests me, when I watch TWD, is what is good for Carol. If what is good for Carol also happens to also be good for Daryl, that’s great and beautiful, because they are one of my top OTPs of all time (actually this season they’ve edged into the top two), and the mere act of the two of them walking into frame together has the power to make me stop breathing, because that’s exactly how mature I am. I’m a born shipper, and when I fall, I fall so damn hard.

So, a few things about why there is no doubt in my mind that Carol has done more for Daryl than any other person in Team Family, by a factor of something like nine billion.

1. She took care of him from the very beginning. (Seriously, watch how often she brings him food, how often she checks in on him to make sure that he isn’t pulling away — emotionally or physically.)

2. She instantly saw past his tough guy bullshit.

3. She’s never once been afraid of him. Even Rick can’t stay that.

4. Every time she speaks to him, it’s to build him up, tell him that he matters, why he matters, how he matters. The examples of this are legion. “I can’t lose you, too.” “You’re every bit as good as them.” “I want a man of honor.” (Oh Daryl, you never got that one, you adorable cupcake.) The entire scene where she talks to him about Merle. The deleted, “I will slit your throat while you sleep” scene. “Just so you know, I liked you first.” “You’re gonna have to learn to live with the love.” I know I’m missing some, but honestly there are so many.

5. As a fellow abuse survivor, she understands him in a way that only someone with similar experiences can. She knows it’s not something you ever entirely overcome. And she knows that the best they can both hope for is to turn themselves not into people who haven’t been abused, but into people who understand that abuse for what it was and are stronger for having come out on the other side.

6. She never stops reminding him that she’s there for him, checking on him, making sure he constantly knows exactly how valuable he is to her. For someone who grew up the way Daryl did, everything about her has to be an absolute revelation to him. Here is this woman who asks for nothing, yet treats his redneck ass like royalty. There’s a line from an Alison Krauss song that breaks my heart every time I hear it: “Always giving, never asking back.” That’s what Carol has always done for Daryl. For a person who has never in his life experienced unconditional love, this has to be mind-blowing on a pretty much daily basis.

Consequently, it’s no wonder that he basically body tackled her when she appeared out of nowhere in the woods at the end of “No Sanctuary.” Daryl does everything he can to accept the world as it is, to deal with the constant trauma doled out to him, but Carol is his joy, his person. Of course he can live without her, but goddammit, he certainly doesn’t want to. All that was on display in spades when he tossed every last one of his usual rules about human contact out the window and touched her more or less every single place he could get his hands, with a bonus nuzzle after they were supposedly done. No flinching at all when she put her hands all over him. He wants her hands all over him now, because she’s the reason he feels like a worthwhile human. At the end of “No Sanctuary,” he at least thought she was gone forever, and at worst he thought she was dead. So it’s no wonder at all that he absolutely lost his shit and in that moment, quite literally could not get enough of her.

7. They don’t even need words to talk. And for Daryl, that’s so freakin’ important. He’s using his words like crazy now, but that’s for her. It’s not because it’s his default state. Whether or not he realizes it, he adores the fact that he doesn’t constantly have to explain himself to her. They can share a glance, and the conversation’s finished, because that’s how in tune with each other they are.

Um. It’s clear that I have a great many feelings about this, and this response wound up longer than I intended it to. But anybody who feels that Carol isn’t “good” for Daryl isn’t watching this show, full stop. Because she has never once done a single thing that hasn’t built him up and given him every reason to believe in himself, because she has never once not believed in him. The end. Well, almost the end. Have a beautiful .gif.

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yaushie  asked:

Quidnunc + NaLu

Quidnunc - One who always has to know what is going on

Here you go yaushie!:) 

Two weeks had passed since the announcement that had made the whole guild go wild. Two weeks filled with endless murmurs, rumours and questions.

Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia were a couple.

And now a group of 4 conspirators could no longer stand the uncertainty. They needed to know everything.

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for @alreadymissings and @5sospank’s roommate!5sos blurb night :-)

having luke as a roommate would be, overall, pretty pleasant. he wasn’t too messy, but he wasn’t too neat either. what you really liked about living with him, though, was all the singing. you thought he had a beautiful voice, and whenever he would practise you couldn’t help but turn off the music you were listening to, just to hear him play. sometimes he would come into your room and ask what you thought about certain lyrics or chord progressions. you had a good relationship with your roommate- luke would also let you know when he was going to be out late. you knew that other roommates didn’t necessarily do this, but you and luke liked to let each other know if either one of you were going to be out late so as the other wouldn’t worry. one certain night he had a gig in the city with his band, and he was later than he said he would be. you weren’t really too worried, but you wanted to wait for him to come home. after watching two movies in a row, you started to drift off, and soon fell asleep. around fifteen minutes later, luke came home. he wasn’t sure if you were up or not, because he got held up with a few fans who he ended up chatting with excitedly about good charlotte and green day. luke saw you asleep on the couch, and his heart melted. you looked so beautiful, so peaceful, he couldn’t help but put a blanket over your sleeping body, kiss your forehead, and whisper, “good night princess.”