not sure if i spelt his name right

Happier - Leon Draisaitl

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Note: so like im not sure if i spelt his name right but whatever. i cried writing this, which is extra but the song is sad. it’s based off of ‘happier’ by ed sheeran. and i would suggest listening to it while you read.

Warnings: angsty, not a happy ending

Request: Just wanted to say that I love that Connor one! I was wondering if we could get an angsty Leon one?

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Fate - Jackson imagine

This is what happens at 3 am when something won’t leave me the heck alone until i write it. It’s a little vague, I’m aware, but I was a bit sleep deprived writing this so please be gentle on me. Still not sure how his last name is spelt so, correct me if I’m wrong. Written from Jackson’s POV. first time writing him, let me know what you think. Enjoy!

“For future reference, I would like to point out that I was right. Next time, maybe we listen to the annoying human, huh?”Stilinski was getting on his last nerve, though this time Alpha Hale was quicker, shoving him up against a wall. 

“Shut up Stiles.” He growled. Everyone was kind of done after the battle. Finally it was over, the witch and her coven dead. He gritted his teeth as he popped his shoulder back in place, briefly thinking that he would have to burn these clothes when he got back home. He didn’t even want to think about what he was wearing, a strange conception that one of them had thrown, yelling something in a foreign language. 

He looked up, noticing you watching him. He cocked an eyebrow, watching you look away, a faint blush coloring your cheeks and ear as he caught you checking him out. He didn’t mind the attention, taking a little bit longer to stretch than necessary, sending a wink your way when your eyes locked.

“I’ll call my dad.” Argent offered, cleaning off the silver knife in her hand before tucking it back into her boot. He had to admit it was kind of hot. But he was done with crazy. Done period. This was not what he signed up for when he took the bite. 

“Good, we can finally get the hell out of here.” His place in the pack was still a bit of a work in progress, he didn’t like taking orders, not to mention being stuck with these losers he spent the past years tormenting because why not. That Stilinski kid and his wheezing friend still annoyed the hell out of them and they would never really be friends. But they were getting along, a new found respect for both of them. Still, his patience only lasted so long before he snapped. And Stiles particularly loved pushing his buttons, the bickering was as much enjoyment as it was a hassle. He had guts, he’ll give him that. Not that he would ever say it to his face probably. They needed someone to keep them on their toes, a reality check now and then. Someone had to keep a level head. 

He fell asleep as soon as his head it the pillow, having the best sleep he’d had in years. For the first time in a while his alarm woke him up. It took him a while to notice, it wasn’t really until lunch that he started to realize something was seriously wrong when his hand started shifting right there in the cafeteria. He ran off, ignoring Danny’s confused call, and headed for the bathroom. It was like his first full moon all over again, he could feel his control slipping. A loud bang echoed trough out the room as the sink fell to the ground, he’d been gripping it way to tightly. The sound drew people from outside and soon enough Greenberg came busting through the door, freezing in place when he took in the scene. Shit. His eyes were glowing. This was going to take some fixing.

“Get out.” He managed, watching as he sped out the door like he was running for his life. He was getting so much trouble for this one. Detention was nog biggie, he was more concerned what the pack would do when they found out. A familiar heartbeat reached his ears, and he managed to pull himself together, shifting back just in time as coach Linstock came in. He took a second to scan the room and read the situation before addressing him. 

“Whittemore, detention tomorrow. See you then.”

It was a tedious process of filling in the rest of them and figuring out what was wrong with him. Lydia was the one who found out what happened a couple of hours later. He wasn’t thrilled by the answer. 

“A curse.” He repeated, staring at a stain on the carpet. He didn’t want to look at anyone, it was bad enough that he could smell the emotions radiating of them all. “Okay, so, tell me how bad is it?”

“As far as I can tell, it becomes permanent at the next full moon. Which is tonight.” His former girlfriend’s voice was softer than he’d ever known it could be. A brief moment of regret flickered in his mind. He messed up a good thing, but he knew it wasn’t meant to be. 

“Right, so I have six hours before I become a wolf permanently. Awesome.” His only hope of breaking it was shattered when Lydia gave him a quick peck on the lips and he fell absolutely nothing. Who was he kidding, he was unlovable. He hated himself for entertaining that feeble thought of hope, it only left him disappointed and empty. Well, there was no use crying about it. And there was no time as Argent came bursting into the loft.

“We’ve got a pack of omegas, they’re at the school.” 

“Come on!” He shouted, pounding at the door like it maybe would actually work the nth time around. The roof had caved in, he’d managed to pull the two of you  into the janitors closet just in time, but now you were pinned in, no idea where the rest of the pack had disappeared to. It had been at least an hour now, and he was starting to loose it, frustration humming through his veins. He wanted to scream, a loud howl escaped his lips, panting he sank down on the ground beside you. You were watching him intently, a mixture of something he couldn’t quite comprehend. He noticed the pain emitting from you straight away, his shirt wrapped around your torso in a make shift bandage to stop the blood but he knew he needed to get you out of there. You wouldn’t make it for another hour, maybe not for much longer. He noticed your heartbeat was slowing down. He took your hand in-between his, leeching of some of your pain. Your eyes slid shut and you sighed. 

“Thank you.”

“We’re getting out of here. You just stay awake alright?”

“Mm kay.” Your eyes stayed shut, a brief moment of panic overcame him and he shook you awake, the sight of your beautiful eyes coaxing a relieved breath. 

“You really do like me.” You grinned, looking beautiful despite the fresh cuts and bruises, half dead.

“Not really, I tolerate your presence. Without you there I would have to actually talk to Stilinski.”

“Oh, that would be terrible indeed.” You startled, as if realizing something.

“Jackson, the curse.” 

“Don’t worry about it, you just focus on staying awake alright. They will find you. Everything will be okay.” You ignored him, gripping his shirt with as much force as you could and he leaned closer, not wanting you to strain yourself. 

“Kiss me. If I’m gonna die, I wanna at least have tried helping you.” He started to argue, the words dying in his throat as he took in your expression, the want coming from you. He would be an idiot if he didn’t admit he’d thought about it, more times than he could count. His eyes drifted to your mouth, licking his lips on instinct. What the hell. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on your lips, mindful of your injuries. He didn’t have words to describe it. It was fireworks, rainbows all that corny shit that people have been talking about in those chick-flick movies Lydia always made him watch. It was everything. And it wasn’t enough. He was craving more. It was like he’d been starving without even realizing it. He found you, you’d been there all along. His other half. His mate.

“It’s you.”

“Great. Naturally, I’m fated to be with an asshole.” You joked, easing the heavy tension. Even now. 

“Hey-” He swallowed the rest of the sentence, smelling the happiness mixing with your usual scent of cinnamon and something flowery. Like home. He placed a gentle kiss on your lips, the warm tingling sensation spreading through out his entire body at the touch, lasting long after you pulled apart. 

“How about we go on a date first? I’ll pick you up Saturday.”

“That sounds perfect.” 

It wouldn’t be easy, you would argue a lot and fight, but you’d always find your way back to each other. It wasn’t perfect, it was real. And that was way better. You would never ask him to change, but for the first time he found himself wanting to be better. 

He never wanted to see you stop smiling like that. It took his breath away every time, coaxing a smile in return. He was done for. 

“Hey, Jackson, you guys in there?” He’d never been so happy to hear McCall’s voice in his life.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could make a sigil for Nox, if you haven't yet. And I totally don't need it immediately, just like if you have time. Thank you ❤ sorry if I didn't ask right.

Sure thing! You didn’t ask wrong, don’t even worry about it.
Also I made a sigil for both of the ways I’ve seen this goddess’ name spelt. In case somebody else has a different preference


I’m so proud of our congregation tonight!

Br. Yoshi (first name) (Top left) gave his first Bible reading in English tonight

Br. Hiro (first name) (Top Right) gave his first prayer in English

Ethan Glass (bottom left) gave his first talk with his brother Andres

Sister Marre (First name I’m sure spelt wrong and also Hiro’s wife) was an assistant for the first time in English with Lacey (bottom right)

Hello My Name is Phol Rester

Title: Hello My Name is Phol Rester

Genre: CoffeeShop!AU / Fluff

Summary: Based off this prompt! (x)

 Dan, the new worker at Phil’s favorite coffee shop makes a habit of misspelling his name on his cup everyday however, his persistence is rather amusing and impressive to him. Will Phil start to fall for the classics loving, name misspelling, brown-haired boy?

Author: weasley-is-our-king-

Word Count: 2662 

A/N: Okay don’t judge me to harshly for this! Please! I don’t even know if it is good or not tbh, however I did have a lot of fun writing it! If you can’t tell already I love vintage coffee shops.

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