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kara x alex fic rec masterpost

so for week 3 of the Supergirl Appreciation Project we should do something for our favorite ship! So I thought, why not do a fic rec list! I do my rec lists the same way @mlamachine does his: i read every single fic in the tag. Not all the fics are kara/alex romantic, but most of them are.

multi-chapter, longer stories

People Gonna Talk - Alex the Hero, Cat the reporter and Kara the anxious baby; its the holy trinity of Supergirl Fics, and it’s all in here. If you only read one fic from this list, friends, read this fic.

Heartbeats - i love fics that really explore Alex’s feelings in insane detail, and this fic delivers and it’s so good

The collide series - emotionally gut wrenching, hurts your soul, amazing.


made memories we knew would never fade  - kara learns english, tries out some slang, loves emojis more than she should, and i screamed for a million years because this is so cute. no romo.

Sensory Overload - fics in which Alex takes care of Kara are the Most Important

your heart is glowing (and i’m crashing into you) - small baby children Kara and Alex dancing on the rooftop. and its literally too cute.

learning the language - BABY KARA IS DETERMINED TO WEAR CARDIGANS and other important things happen in this fic

if i fall and hurt myself would you know how to fix me - this was so hard to categorize? bc it’s not REALLY fluff, and yet it is? and i love it? Also, it has the line “ If Kryptonite is deadly to her health, then Alex is dangerous for her heart.” which is the best line of all fic ever.


Superinfection - what did i say about kara and Alex taking care of each other fics?!?!?!? and this one has the ADDED BENEFIT OF GRUMPY SICK!ALEX


A Fighting Chance - alex likes fighting dirty in the depower room

your imprints on my skin - a truly amazing piece of pwp which is ten thousand words long so enjoy this a+++ fic ladies

grounding grind - my first ever supergirl kara/alex fic and it was perfect and everything i needed

The First Time, All Over Again - it’s more fluff than smut, but it is mature, so it’s here now

alternate universes

A Lie Less Ordinary - a fake dating au, because who doesn’t adore that

we were both young when i first saw you - an au where kara, alex and lucy meet when they’re all in high school. no romo, but adorable.

Broken Dreams - im really worried this fic will never update, so im including this in this fic rec as a gentle reminder

none of my own stories are on the list, but if you wanna check them out…..[winks at you 29 times]