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Secret (Alex Høgh Andersen x Reader)

Warnings : Alcohol, jealousy, feels.  
Word count: 2080. 

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A/N: I am so going to regret this. My first Alex imagine ever. I don’t really know how I feel about it so please let me know if you liked it (or not)! I’m not sure who I should tag so I’m just gonna go with @rachiieee and @ivartrash. I don’t know if I’ll write more Alex/Ivar imagines… But I hope you enjoy this one.  

I’d also like to thank @bananashemmo for the translations, you’re the best!

To those who followed me for my 13rw imagines, do not fear! I’m working on a Zach one at the moment, then I’ll start a Jeff one. 

Growing up you believed in love; you believed you’d meet your prince charming – a man who would sweep you off your feet; who would love and cherish you. Someone who would make you feel safe and complete; who would move mountains just to see you smile. A man who would show you off to his friends, his family, to the whole world.

You met Alex at a coffee shop in Dublin when you almost spilled your caramel latte on him, and somehow you ended up talking to him for an hour. By the end of the conversation he had asked you out and took your phone number. Only a few days later you had your first date.

Alex was a perfect gentleman that night – he picked you up at your place and brought you a bouquet of your favourite flowers. He invited you to a restaurant, and of course did not let you pay by the end of the night. He was really easy to talk to, kind and funny. And unlike all the guys you’ve dated, he did not once glance at your cleavage. You grew fond of him really quickly and after the fourth date you thought that he might be it, he might be your prince charming. You fell in love with his big blue eyes and goofy smile; with his cheerful attitude and loving personality.

But being in a relationship is hard, especially when it’s a secret.

Saying that you were unhappy would be a lie. Alex made you feel things no other man had; he loved you and he showed it… but only behind closed doors. When it was only the two of you, he’d shower you with kisses, hold your hand at any given occasion, just purely adore you with all his heart. His friends and family were aware of your relationship, but not his fans. To the public, you were only one of his good friends. I’m doing it to protect you, smukke (sweetheart). He’d say. And even though it was hard at times, you knew it was the best thing to do – you have seen what some fans are capable of when their idols get into relationships.

But after a year of being together the situation started to irritate you.

You were sitting at the bar surrounded by some of Alex’s friends, sipping on your rum and coke, when you first heard it – his laugh. It was contagious, really. It was like music to your ears. The way it sounded never failed to make you feel better, even on the worst days.  

A smile crept on your face as you slowly turned around, expecting to find your boyfriend talking to his friends, moving his arms around animatedly as he always did. But the soft smile that decorated your face was soon replaced by a frown as your eyes found him. He was standing only a few feet away from you, clearly drunk. His bloodshot blue eyes and his dishevelled hair, that you had personally braided earlier, gave it all away. He was moving lazily to the beat, his head moving up and down, a wide smile plastered to his gorgeous face.  

But what made your blood boil was not the state he was in, no. You’re quite used to Alex getting shit-faced with his friends. He was a party person and you accepted it, you were quite outgoing yourself. What annoyed you was the brunette standing right next to him, a bit too close to your liking.  

You clenched your wrists hard to release some frustration, your knuckles turning white. Heat rose to your cheeks as your breaths became fast and shallow. You couldn’t believe him. The girl was clinging onto him, practically throwing herself at him. And he did absolutely nothing to stop her.

Your eyes were focused on the brunette as you watched her run her manicured nails up and down Alex’s arm, her lipstick covered lips only inches away from his ear. Without breaking your gaze you downed the rest of your drink, wincing at the strong taste.

The girl didn’t seem to notice you sending draggers at her or if she did, she decided to ignore it. Your heart ached as you saw her smile wickedly at your boyfriend. Her intentions were clear to you, but not so much to him.

“Hvordan går det, flotte?” (How’re you doing, handsome?) She screamed over the music even you could hear, her flirty tone made you sick to the stomach. Now, you were not fluent in Danish, but ever since your relationship with Alex became serious you decided to learn some words in his language, it came in handy. Your eyes moved to your boyfriend expectantly, waiting to see how he’ll reply. Your boyfriend turned to face her, giving her one of his famous toothy smiles. A lump formed in your throat and your brows furrowed even more as breathing became harder.

“Jeg har det godt, hvad med dig?” (Great, yourself?) The fact that he did not reject her yet and instead kept the conversation going hurt you more than you thought it would. Tears welled up in your eyes as the girl looked him up and down biting on her lower lip flirtatiously, but you swiftly brushed them away, refusing to cry right there were your friends could see.

You felt confused, hurt, betrayed. You wanted to walk up to him, drag him away from her and claim him as yours. Show her, and all the other girls that have been eyeing him since you’ve walked in, that he was yours and yours only.

You wanted to kiss him hard, leaving his lips swollen and red. You wanted to mess his hair up even more by tugging on it while you sucked hickies into his neck, marking him as yours. But you couldn’t. You agreed to keep your relationship a secret, and you knew it was better this way.

But you never expected the love of your life to act like this. You never expected Alex to hurt and to humiliate you like this.  Maybe he wasn’t it, after all. Maybe he wasn’t your one and only.

So instead of running up to your lover and pulling him away from the girl, you stood up from your stool and slowly made your way towards the exit. It took you a few minutes to reach it, zigzagging between sweaty and intoxicated bodies, but you managed.

Taking one last look behind, you saw Alex still with the same girl, her small arm wrapped around his waist now. His focus seemed to be on something else, though. His eyes were wide, his brows furrowed but you didn’t think much of it as you pushed the doors open and walked out into the cold night.

Shivering at the chilly air, you wrapped your arms around yourself, rubbing them up and down to create some heat. You cursed yourself for not taking a jacket like your friend told you. Taking your cell phone from your back pocket, you immediately opened the Uber app. You sighed, the closest driver was 10 minutes away from you. You picked him anyway, as you had no other choice and wanted to get back to your hotel as soon as possible.

You walked towards the corner of the club, resting your back against the cold brick wall. Surprisingly, the streets were almost empty – except for the people waiting at the entrance of the club. Only a few couples holding hands walked past you while you waited and you couldn’t help but groan and stare at one in particular, they were being extremely touchy. Deep down you knew you reacted like this because you were a bit jealous; you’ve always wanted to be able to hold and kiss Alex wherever and whenever you wanted.

Soft footsteps and a voice you’d recognise anywhere interrupted your train of thought, your head shooting up and your eyes meeting his blue ones.

“Babe?” He asked, his hand cupping your cheek cautiously, as if he wasn’t sure if you’d let him or push him away. “What are you doing here? It’s freezing.” Concern was written all over his gorgeous face and you felt guilty for worrying him, that is until you remembered what you saw in there and you took a step back, leaving the boy confused.

“Like you care.” You spat. It came out harsher than what you intended and your heart pinched at his hurt expression, but you were determined to let him know how you feel; how hurt you were. “You looked like you were having fun in there, with that girl.”

“Babe, it wasn’t-” He started explaining but you cut him right off, your voice firm.

“She was all over you!” You almost screamed, gaining the attention of the young adults waiting in line at the entrance nearby. “And you let her!”

“She was so drunk, she would have given up sooner or later. You know I’d never-” He whispered-yelled, his hands resting on your shoulders trying to calm you down. But you scoffed, cutting him off once again.

“No, I don’t.” You stated. You could see his eyes lost their sparkle and instantly filled with doubt and fear. “I don’t know, and that’s the problem.” You paused, taking a shaky breath. You kind of hoped he’d say something, but as seconds passed and he hasn’t even moved, you continued on with your little rant. “Every time we go out it’s the same – you barely talk to me, because you’re scared someone will notice, or get it on Instagram and all your fans will go nuts. Girls fawn over you and you don’t even see it, but I do. And every single time I have to watch them trying to get in your pants.”

“Y/N…” His hands cupping your face as he rested his forehead against yours. You shook your head slightly as tears welled up in your eyes. You shut them tightly before wrapping your arms around his neck loosely.

“I can’t do this anymore…” You mumbled, your throat hurting from the little crying you’ve done. “I don’t want us to be a secret anymore.”

Alex’s breath caught in his throat as the words left your mouth. Were you going to break up with him? His arms fell down to your waist, pulling you close to him. He couldn’t lose you, not you. You were his everything. His moon and his sun, his safe place. He knew you’ve only dated for a bit over a year but he saw himself growing old with you. He only wanted you, and no one else. His grip on you tightened as he embraced you, his head now resting in the crook of your neck.

“Then we won’t be a secret anymore.” He mumbled into the sensible skin of your neck leaving a few kisses there, a shiver running down your spine. You pulled away from him, cocking an eyebrow at him. Was he serious? Were you finally going to be officially together? Will you really be able to walk hand in hand with him now? Kiss him whenever you please?

Alex smiled at your confused expression, his thumbs wiping the last few tears away from your reddened and puffy cheeks. Instead of responding with words, he answered your unspoken questions by pressing his lips to yours.

You gasped before kissing him back, your fingers playing with the hair at the back of his head. The kiss was gentle and sweet, one of the best you’ve ever shared.

Cheers erupted from behind you and only then you remembered you were in a public place. Your cheeks turned crimson red as you broke the kiss, but did not pull away from your boyfriend. You giggled as you heard a few of your friends shouting and congratulating you. Alex pressed his lips to your forehead before looking down at you.

“I’m sorry.” He breathed out, his eyes never leaving yours. “Jeg elsker dig, smukke.” (I love you, sweetheart).

“I love you too.” You said, getting lost in his deep blue eyes. They were shining again and it made a warm feeling spread in your chest. You blocked away all the noise and focused on him; forgetting about your friends, and even the Uber driver who you could see getting impatient from the corner of your eye. You’ve never been happier. You had the perfect boyfriend, and you could finally show him off. He’s the one, after all.

ultranos  asked:

So, you mentioned a Wayne Tech science fair. So, of course, this means Bruce would have to meet smol Alex. Can you tell us about the scenario were Bruce's is like "this kid's good" and Kara is all "YOU CAN'T HAVE HER, BATS"? (Meanwhile, Diana has wandered over and is now instructing a tiny, gleeful Danvers on the finer points of swordplay)

Of all the things Kara expects to see at the WayneTech Young Innovators Expo…

Bruce Wayne is not one of them.

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Almost 3 am once again…
Damn I should s top doin this lol

Five Nights at Penny’s

Extra :

URL kpop song tag

@macfullyloaded-ah tagged me in this forever ago… so let’s do this. I’m pretty sure I haven’t done this tag since I was @ju1yj so this should be fun!!

j: Just One Day - BTS

e: Exodus - Exo

o: OMG - Seventeen

n: Not Today - BTS

g: Gogo - BTS

g: Gashina - Sunmi

u: U & I - Ailee

k: Knock Knock - Twice

t: TT - Twice

m: My I - Seventeen

I tag @squishteen @lililiyabbayy @wangilator @lottoverse @verhoons@dontbeupsettihavesomespaghetti (LOL I’m kidding Alex, but god if you could do it though….Legend)

expanding on silver-me-timbers‘ ideas…

Anyone who doesn’t like Alex because she was a prostitute

  • which, if I may add, she was manipulated into under the guise of helping her little brother
  • TO THE POINT WHERE SHE NOW HAS FUCKING NIGHTMARES/HORRIFYING EPISODES ABOUT BARRY AND ALMOST USES SEX AS A MEANS OF SURVIVAL (see: Alex jumping Worick during one of her “episodes” and Worick having to fucking headbutt her to get her out of it)
  • the reason why she did it shouldn’t even matter tbh, she fucking did it and got past it who the fuck cares. Even if she still was a prostitute, who the fuck cares.

…should therefore dislike Worick as well

  • he still is a prostitute
  • and has been for about 22 years
  • and probably will be for a long time
  • There’s much more development to Worick’s involvement in prostitution than Alex; there have been at least two scenes, and it’s been mentioned a great number of times by numerous characters. It even has a short flashback (hinting towards, nothing graphic) of him leaving one of his clients at fucking 13 YEARS OLD


Where is all the Worick hate for this, guys???


Just one person?

*fucking crickets i shit you not wtf guys, wtaf*

and if i see anyone making posts about how Worick being a prostitute bothers them after this post….i wont believe you for a second tbh.

Wanna join the Clique Clique?!?! Yes you do…

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What happens when I join the Clique Clique???

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  • We talk about sexual things.. like a lot.
  • Tinychats literally every night.
  • You will be in our imessage group chat heehe.
  • You may become overwhelmed with Alex selfies and occasional nudes.
  • Boy talk. A lot of that.
  • We like to talk about Niall Horan because well its Niall Horan. 

What you get when you join!

  • A spot on our network page!!
  • Tinychats
  • Added to our imessage group! (This is where we talk most)
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Why would I want to join?

  • Like I said before we are so close. 
  • I consider these 4 amazing people as my best friends.
  • We are awesome and hilarious.
  • We are there for each other.

How do I join this amazing group?!?!

  • Make a post in the tag #the clique clique (Make sure u make spaces between the words when u tag it) telling us why we should pick u!
  • Talk to us! We don’t bite.
  • Be awesome.


Olicity: Presentation Nerves

“So, what do you think?”


“That’s not really the reaction I’m going for.”

“Still, my opinion stands.”

“Oliver, this meeting could decide the future of the entire company-”

“-and you are going to be amazing.”

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