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Rumors - part 5

Here is the part 5, personally one of my favorites! :D


When I came there I saw Klaus and Kol at a bar. That girl Caroline was in front of me.

  - Is that her? “Kol asked Klaus”.

  - Klaus smiled and told Kol; Isn’t she stunning?

They didn’t see me and when Caroline came closer to them:     

  - Klaus said to her; Join us for a drink?

  - I came next to her and said; Oh yes I will; when Kol heard me he raised his hand with the glass.

  - I didn’t asked you; “Klaus said to me”.

  - And I didn’t think I want to drink with you nor did I came here for you; “I said to Klaus”.

  - Why did you come here then? “Klaus asked me”.

  - Before I could say something Caroline told Klaus; I would rather die of thirst, but thanks; and walked away.

  - Hahah damn, that’s the first girl that rejected you, isn’t she? “I asked Klaus while he was going after her and he didn’t answer me”.

  - So because of who did you come here, if I could know? “Kol asked me with a smirk on his face”.

  - Because of you; “I said to Kol without thinking and sat next to him”.

  - Oh really? I like the sound of that; “He said not taking his eyes off of me”.

  - And I like you accent; I said smiling and added; So are you going to buy me a drink or what?

He smiles at me and then he ordered a drink. We were silent for like a 2 minutes, I was drinking and we were just looking into each other and he couldn’t take smirk off of his face.

  - Lets go play some billiard, shall we? “Kol said to me smiling”.

  - Okay; “I said, took my drink and followed him”.

I was playing billiard for some time, but I didn’t show that I know to play it.

  - Darling, are you sure you don’t want me to teach you? “He asked me for second time, looking at me and smiling”.

  - Yes I’m sure, I know to play this, I’m just a little drunk; “I said to him, pissed because I can’t hit the ball right”.

  - I would not say a little; “Kol said”.

  - Shut up and let me concentrate; “I said to him while trying to push a ball into the hole”.

  - Damn it; “I said when I didn’t succeeded and take another sip of a whiskey”.

  - Maybe you could try to not drink that much, then you could play; “He said looking at me”.

  - No, no I need to drink; “I said to him”.

  - Do I make you nervous so you need to drink? “He asked me with smirk on his face”.

  - Pff, what? No; “I said shaking my head and trying to hide that I’m a little nervous”.

  - You don’t need to hide it, darling, I see your cheeks blushing; “He said smiling”.

  - They are blushing because of alcohol; “I said not looking at him”.

  - Then since you are that drunk I think you definitely need some help; Kol said while he was standing behind me and I felt his hand on my waist and the other one on my hand that was holding pool stick. When his hands touched my body I felt butterflies in my stomach and cheeks blushing more than before.

With his help I pushed the ball in the hole. He was still holding me and I turn my head to him smiling, he then says; I told you; with a wide smile.

We were looking deeply into each others eyes and we almost kiss each other but then someone stabbed him in the back with white oak dagger.

  - What the; before I could say; hell someone hit me in the head.

They pull us outside I already started waking up, then Klaus came, pull the dagger out of Kol and hit Alaric and Stefan. I was not unconscious anymore so I got up and asked;

  - What the hell happened? And looked around me so I know where I was and saw Alaric, Stefan and Kol on the ground so I came to Kol to see if he is alright.

  - Nothing you need to worry about love, I’ll handle it; “Klaus said to me while he was looking at Damon”.

  - You have terrible taste in men; “Damon said to me as I helped Kol”.

  - If I did then I would like you; “I said to him”.

  - I’m okay; Kol said to me while he was standing up and asked; Are you?

  - Yes, I’m; “I said”.

  - I should have kill you a months ago; “Klaus said to Damon”.

  - Do it, it’s not gonna stop Esther from killing you; “Damon said to him”.

  - What? “I said worried when I heard what Damon said”.

  - What did you say about my mother? “Klaus asked Damon”.

  - You didn’t know I was friend with your mommy, yeah we have a lot in common, she hates you as much as I do; “Damon said to Klaus”.

  - So you helped her? “I said standing up in front of Damon with Klaus”.

  - Leave him; Elijah said to stop us and added; We still need him; after that Elijah told Damon; You tell me where the witches are or I will have my sister kill Elena right now.

  - She will kill Elena, well I would love to help her with that; “I said smiling”.

  - You told me we have until after nine; “Damon said to Elijah”.

  - Oh I’m sure Rebekah will be more than happy to start a work early; “Elijah told Damon”.

When Damon told us where their mother is, I said;

  - I’m going with you guys.

  - Oh no you’re not; “Klaus said to me”.

  - I didn’t ask and I don’t need to listen to you; “I said to Klaus”.

  - You’re so stubborn, just do it as I said, I don’t want you to get hurt; “He said to me”.

  - Nik is right, for all I know they could have killed you and not just hit you in the head; “Kol said looking at me”.

I looked at Elijah hopping he would agree with me but instead he said;

  - I agree with Niklaus and Kol.

  - Oh of course you do; “I said a little angry”.

  - Wait for us in house, will you? “Elijah asked me nicely”.

  - Okay, whatever; “I said rolling my eyes and walked away”.

Before I came to their house I stopped by my apartment so I could take my stuff, because they asked me to live with them.

I was at theirs home waiting. When I heard they come back I get to the door right away.

  - Omg, you are all good; “I said while I was hugging Kol”.

  - Yes we’re but I see you are most happy about Kol; “Klaus said to me”.

  - I smiled and said; So what happen?

  - Our mother lose, she and Finn are gone; “Klaus said”.

  - Oh good, now we can be all together without trouble even for a while; “I told them”.

  - You all can be together, but without me, I’m leaving; “Elijah said”.

  - What? No you can’t; “I said to him shaking my head”.

  - I think I’ll leave too; “Kol said looking at me”.

  - Are you kidding me? “I said to him”.

  - You can come with me; “He said smiling softly”.

  - No I can’t I’m tired of living in some other place every other day; I said and added; and I want to spend more time with Rebekah I didn’t see her for 90 years.

  - Well then darling we’ll see each other it the future; “He said to me and kissed my forehead”.

  - I guess; “I said sadly”.

  - No guesses, we will; “He said smiling”.

After Kol was gone I get upstairs to Rebekah room.

  - So Kol is gone; “I said to her sad”.

  - Oh don’t be sad, he always comes back and he would be crazy if he let you get away; “Rebekah said to me trying to cheer me up”.

  - You really think that? “I asked her with a soft smile”.

  - Of course I do, Mikaelsons have a weak heart for you; She said smiling and added; Now get some sleep and don’t worry about him.

Rebekah and I were talking more after that and when I got tired I fall asleep in no time on her bed, I couldn’t bring myself to go to my room.


I’m posting part 6 tomorrow and I would like to know if you guys like this part and tell me if you want the next part, I would really appreciate that. :) <3


Title: Whatsapp

Author: Naty (Pichitinha)

Category: Percabeth, Post war, Post HoO, Fluffy, Pointless, 1580 words, all text messages.

Warning: It’s ridiculous???

Rating: PG.

Chapters: One-shot.

Complete: Yes.

Summary: Annabeth is out with some friends to try to find a good dress for a party, and Percy is left alone for the day in their little appartment. These are the whatsapps exchanged during that day.

Note: Ok, so this is just a ridiculous piece of nothing that popped into my head just yesterday and I HAD to write. So basically I’ve been meaning to write a Percabeth message conversation only for a week, and then yesterday I was reading Hannah’s fics with the prompt meme, and I thought, why don’t I write a fanfic using all the prompts? And so I did. It’s ridiculous, pontless, some parts may even be senseless, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Oh, PS, let’s pretend that cellphones are ok or that someone developed one that demigods can use or something like that. OH! PS number two: it doesn’t look like they’re texts because nothing is abreviated, but I’m brazilian, so I decided to go for the whole word instead of using things I’m not used to. Forgive me. Bold is PercyItalic is Annabeth.

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iwaoi @ the beach

(i added some side daisuga i hope u don’t mind)

“Hey Iwa-chan.” Oikawa turns, this way and that, gazing in the mirror, “Which shorts make my ass look better? These? Or the purple ones I had on?”  

“The purple ones.” Iwaizumi says without even looking, “But if you’re trying to outdo Daichi, you’re still going to lose.”

Oikawa sputters, faking innocence, “Pff! What does that mean?”

 “Well Daichi already has the best ass out of the four of us.”

“True that!” Suga shouts from the adjourning hotel room.

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Hello Gorgeous- Pietro Maximoff x Reader PT 3


I give you… part three! Thank you beautiful babes for reading, I posted part one last night and I already have 52 followers! I’m so happy you guys are enjoying it so far! Hopefully I can update regularly for you guys, after all, I didn’t really plan on doing anything this summer, so it shouldn’t be too hard to stay on track.

Description: Reader is hurt in a fight, and she is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D for her injuries, and ends up being there longer than expected, gaining new friends and falling for a certain speedster.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

“This way,” Wanda led you down a few hallways and into an elevator, leading you into a hallway with a generous skylight, doors covering the walls, and to the right, a little bit into the hallway, was room 17, which had a post-it note that read, “Blue Jay.” Pietro twisted the knob, revealing a surprisingly broad room with two tall windows next to the night tables on either side of the bed, which you could already tell was the most comfortable bed you would ever sleep in. To the left, on the wall was a fairly large closet, opened and filled with clothing. On the right, another door, leading to a decent sized bathroom stocked with toiletries. “Pietro, will you stay with her? I have to train for that mission Barton insists I attend.” Wanda rolled her eyes.

“Oh, that’s okay. I don’t need anyone to look after me.” You assure her.

“Nonsense, let Pietro take care of you. If he messes with you, make sure to tell me so I can kick his butt.” She sends a teasing smile to her brother and ruffles his hair. He shoots her a glare, and she giggles as she exits the room.

“Okay, well I’m just gonna take a shower. Do you happen to know where I can find a plastic bag for my cast?” You ask him, his blue eyes bleeding directly into your own eyes.

“I’ll get you one.” He tells you, and you turn to the closet, leafing through clothes, when a gust of air shoots out of the room. With Pietro gone, you scratched your head in confusion, and within seconds he appears in front of you again. “Here.” He places the bag in your good hand.

“So that’s why they call you Quicksilver?” You smirked.

“What else could it mean?” He snickered.

“I dunno, maybe because your silver hair is fading quickly.” You turned back to the closet, picking out a baggy grey sweatshirt and some black pajama shorts.

“Hey! I dyed it like eight months ago, okay?” The boy put his hands on his head in defense. You smiled sweetly at him, walking past him into the bathroom. “I will be right outside the door.” He sat against the wall near the door. 

“Stalker much?” You poked at him, closing the door and preparing to shower.


You turn off the water, step out of the shower, and put on your fresh set of clothes, putting the others in a large hamper beside the door. Hearing a clunk, curiosity sparks in you. You reach back into the hamper, fishing for your sweatshirt. you shove your good hand in one of the pockets, to find your phone. ‘Oh yeah. That thing.” You think, tucking it under your bad arm to grab the door knob with your uninjured arm. Pietro lay next to the door, playing games on his own device. You place your phone on the night stand, and pull back the comforter on the bed, climbing in and placing it back onto of yourself. 

You stare blankly up at the ceiling for many minutes before muttering, “This is impossible.”

“Hmm?” Pietro sits up from his spot on the carpeted floor.

“This is utterly impossible.” You reiterate.

“What is?” He asks you.

“I can’t sleep. I can sleep anywhere, at any time, and this is the most comfy bed I’ve ever touched. Why am I not sleeping?” You stare at the ceiling still. Pietro gets up and plops down onto the foot of the bed. 

“Are you worried?” He questions.

“No.” You shift, sitting up.



“Is it because I’m here?” You look up at him, smiling.

“No, I don’t believe so.”

“Well, then don’t go to sleep then.” Pietro shrugs, crossing his legs.

“Okay, I won’t.” You keep his gaze. “I’ll talk to you.” You tell him, crossing your legs as well. “So did they kidnap you, too?” You began, making yourself giggle.

“No, actually, my sister and I came here willingly.” He said, running a hand through his brownish-grey locks.

“Surprising.” You joked. “So what does your sister do?”

“She has telekinesis as well. And she can read your mind, see your worst fear. Or, make you see it for yourself.” He answers.

“Spooky.” You respond. “How’d you get like that?”

“Our parents were killed in an accident, and we-um, volunteered ourselves for an experiment. A lot of people volunteered, and only we survived.” Pietro stared at his hands in his lap. 

“That’s pretty lucky. Sorry about your parents, though.” 

“Thank you.” He lifted his head until your eyes met.

“Maybe, we should consider a less depressing topic, huh? Here. I got a question,” You settled into the blanket slightly. “Which of the Avengers could we take in a fight?”

“Iron Man.” Pietro let out immediately. 

You scoffed at him. “Pff. You wish. That’s an eight feet tall metal man. what are you gonna do, run around him really fast?” You criticized him.

“Well who could you beat? You don’t have proper training!” He accused you.

“Excuse me, I was in gymnastics for most of my childhood.” You said cockily.

“That is not training!” He laughed loudly. 

“What are you talking about? Because of that I can do all sorts of flips and shit in all of my fight moves.” You assured Pietro.

“You can’t fight an Avenger with a backbend.” He teased.

“Please, I could beat you with a broken wrist!”

“I’d like to see you try!” 

“Fine!” You gave him a mischievous grin.

“Let’s go, training room #3, now!” Pietro stood up, scooping you into his arms, bolting down the hallways and into the elevator. In which you awkwardly sat in his arms, bridal style, and 2 agents eyed you weirdly. Pietro shyly whistled to the cheesy elevator music, making you snicker. When the doors opened, he continued down hallways, and even past Steve. You let out a gleeful yell as Pietro whisked you past a corner and finally to the glass doors of the third training room. He put you down, then informing you that the other two were in use, which he could tell because the glass walls were shaded, a setting used for privacy when training. He put in some sort of security code, and the doors swung open. You both entered taking your places at opposite ends of the large room. It is filled with light and a table full of weaponry sits at the front. You notice bars strung haphazardly throughout the space above you, and you figured they were for strategy. A couple of dummies were on the floor, as if they had already been beaten. You got into an appropriate stance, and prepared to fight. 

“Ready, Set, Go!” You cried out. Pietro took the first swing. He ran around you, attempting to pull your feet out from under you. You rose above him before he could touch you, flicking your good wrist to make one of the dummies soar towards Pietro. He dodged your hit, and you descended, wanting to at least give him a small chance. You lifted him, but his constant speed sent him back to the ground and he took of in your direction, so you threw up a force field bubble around yourself. Pietro’s face smashed against the bubble, and he slid down it dramatically. You cackled at him as he stood, before realizing he was wiping blood from his nose. “You okay, Speedy?” You asked, breaking the bubble.

“Yes, I am fine, I just-” Pietro swung around towards you, grabbing your torso and shoving you to the ground. He stood over you to declare his victory, and you sent a jolt of energy at his chest. He tumbled backwards, and the situation had become vise versa. 

You sat on his abdomen, pinning him to the floor, smiling at yourself. “Well, Speedy, looks like I was right. Now what do you say we go get some ice for that nose of y-”  

“THERE YOU ARE!” Steve exclaimed from the doorway. “What the hell are you doing?”

“We were just messing around!” Pietro turned his head towards his fellow Avenger.

“You’re nose is bleeding!” Steve rushed over. “What are you two fighting for? You have a broken wrist for crying out loud! You shouldn’t be fighting people!” He redirected the conversation to you. 

“Well what did you expect me to do at training tomorrow then?” You asked.

“I don’t know, levitating apples, putting force fields around people, throwing knives with your mind, not fighting somebody!” Steve pulled you up forcefully. “And Pietro, why would you fight somebody with a broken wrist? Better yet, you were beat by someone with a broken wrist!” He yelled, pulling Pietro up as well. You let out a giggle at his comment. “No laughing! I want both of you up stairs in separate rooms in the next ten minutes.”

“Alright Cap, sorry for our crude behavior.” You saluted him with a smirk. Pietro let out a large laugh, before scooping you up again and running back to your room.

“What are we doing here, you need ice!” You told him as he put you down at the door. 

Pietro let out a sigh, lifting you up again. “If you insist.” He said, speeding off to the kitchen. You directed him to sit on the island while you got an ice pack from the freezer. He laid back on the island, one foot on the surface of it, the other dangling below. He tilted his head back to stood the bleeding, and you pressed the ice pack to his nose.

“Is’ cold.” He told you in his accent.

“No shit.” You laughed.

After a few minutes, the two of you booked back to the housing areas again. Pietro leaned against your door as he spoke to you. “Y’know, we never finished our conversation about what Avengers we could fight.”

“Yeah, and I don’t feel very tired, do you?” You asked.

“Mmm, nope.”

“Tell you what, why don’t we continue that conversation over text, because Steve will probably be up here to yell at us in like, 30 seconds.” You offered to Pietro.

“But, I don’t have your number.” 

“Check again.” Pietro took his phone out of his pocket and tapped on to contacts to find your name. “You’re not the only one who’s fast, Pietro.” You winked, slipping into your newly assigned room and closing the door gently.


There you go! Thank you all so much for reading so far, I know not much has been done in their relationship yet, but they’ll get there. Feedback is totally appreciated! <3


Wrong Coordinates

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Work hadn’t quite been completed on re-assembling all of Lucidia’s notes on the Void, but Gaster was so eager to get started on his pet project that he could hardly wait. On the side of course, he still worked on deciphering the notes, but work on his machinery was moving at a much more consistent pace. It was one that was very working in tandem with the project that he and Sans were working on together, but a lot of the work on this one was done primarily on his own, with some help from Sans and Alphys here and there. 

Gaster’s goal at present was to, at the very least, build a prototype machine that could break into the Void. Even if the portal couldn’t stay up very long, he would have at least reached a milestone goal for the project. The Void may have been a purgatory-like expanse that had no definite position within the timelines… But it still existed. At least, as far as he was concerned. He communicated with Lucidia, someone who was trapped there, and she seemed to be as real as anyone else the skeleton could have interacted with in his years…

Of course, it took a lot of work, and a lot of failed tests. More than Gaster could keep count of-his hash marks had melded together and had gotten lost on multiple notebook pages. Power had been lost to the house enough times that Sans wound up making an emergency generator as a backup while his father worked to re-route energy back to their home. There had even been a few times where the machine had worked itself so hard that it nearly exploded! Tenacious as ever however, Gaster wasn’t one to give up.

It had been a few months of work, but Gaster had finally made a prototype machine that was powerful enough to not destroy itself in the process of working. At least, that’s what he had hoped. In theory, it should work. But he had been wrong about a lot of things.

Gaster worked in silence and well into the night. He didn’t have his hearing aids in; he always seemed to work best in absolute silence. It was likely that both Sans and Papyrus had gone off to bed by now, but in the off chance that they were still awake, he still wanted to give them a warning that he was going to test the portal machine.

There were a series of switches and little lights along the wall near the stairs, each light and switch labeled with something that would help the family communicate with one another. If Gaster didn’t have his hearing aids in, his sons could tell him that dinner was ready without having to come into the lab to inform him. And if Gaster needed assistance in the lab, he didn’t have to go into the house to do the same. He flicked the switch for “testing,” and quickly retreated back to his work station.

Taking in a deep breath, Gaster took the time to double-check that everything was ready. Once satisfied, he punched in the coordinates that he had calculated, and turned on the machine. It roared into action-and actually started working!

Gaster’s eyes widened as he beamed, his breath caught in his throat. A portal slowly wavered in front of him, opening its maw like the yawn of a giant. If he had his hearing aids in, he would have heard the roar-like sound the followed suit, which made the entire lab tremble… That, he could feel. But if Papyrus and Sans were asleep, they certainly wouldn’t be now! Gaster’s chest shuddered as he managed to take in air.

However, as the portal opened, it didn’t reveal an endless black Void as he had hoped-there was color. Disappointing for sure, but… It was something! It was certainly something! More calculations had to be made-but this was a breakthrough! He didn’t even think to signal Sans to come down to join him, his mind was so abuzz with excitement. Gaster fumbled around with his papers and notebooks for a few moments, scrambling to get something that he could effectively write everything down on. 

He left the portal open, waiting for it to close on its own-seeing that it did. Or until the machine was over-worked enough to justify turning it off. Gaster had to see just how sturdy this portal was-and if he could, he would even try to throw something insubstantial through it. Maybe a note for whomever was on the other side… His pen was flying across paper faster than ever as he greedily wrote his information down, being keen to describe how the portal opened, and what he saw through it.