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television meme [13/15] comedies
parks and recreation: what up, big t! stop. this must be the lovely donna. enchanté. listen beautiful, let’s cut the bull, alright? you want this. i definitely want this. t.h. wants this. let’s seal this devil’s threeway right here, right now. step one: we buy into this club. step two: we roll over to the club, either in your mercedes-benz or my pre-owned acura legend. step three: i dagger you on the dancefloor. just bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, now all the ladies sayin’, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. what do you say, sexy?


ASOIAF AU: Elia and Lyanna raise their children together (modern au)
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so I have this dumb fic idea where taako gets sick (bc I’m sick rn and if I have to suffer then so does he) and gets a fever and krav Freaks Out bc he hasn’t been mortal in centuries?? How does one take care of people?? plus who knows how elves are different

and uhh this is either before suffering game and taako refuses the help of the other thb for some reason or it’s post canon and lup and barry are unavailable (they’re on a high stakes mission and krav keeps getting their fantasy voicemail)

I can’t seem to make this work into a fic but I wanted to put the idea out there

btw, saw this today and thought i’d share to remind everyone that the AFD is utter trash

Image Description:
Political ad for the AFD (german right-wing nationalist party)
Translation main text: “Burqas?” We’re into bikinis.
Translation bottom text : Dare to, Germany! 

because nothing says ‘decent citizen’ like throwing a fit cause a burqa would rob you of your patriotic duty to sexualize and objectify women

can I just say can people stop getting mad at people for liking Saeran or “crying” over him? like seriously, god damn just because you don’t like him or are mad that people are sad over what happened doesn’t mean you have to shove it down their throat that they can’t like or feel bad for him. I have a friend who didn’t really like him romantically but felt so bad and cried and that’s alright. I mean, please, I understand it’s the “V route ” but you can’t stop people from liking Saeran and wanting him to be happy. It’s fine, it’s not affecting you. I’m so grateful and thankful to cheritz for the V route but you got to realize people like other characters aswell. Thank you.

Aries Sun / Virgo Moon / Cancer Rising / INTJ / Ravenclaw ( @wyndenkell )

Alright I’ve seen a ton of fics where like, Tom’s a demon and someone summons him to make a deal or whatever, and sure, Tom is canonically a demon

But consider, Tom who doesn’t know anything about his “demon” abilities besides shifting when he loses control, basically like canon eddsworld appears to be I guess

Essentially what I want is someone to write a fic, an au where he hasn’t met the gang, they summon him and he decides to play along as “ah yes I am a powerful being let’s make a deal”



TL;DR — I wasn’t planning on coming to this event, but I did and it was worth cutting two of my classes ; v ; All details under the cut!!

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Minor MvC details I really appreciated: the background Zero and X scenes! 

- When Thor and Spiderman were talking, Zero was helping X up in the background (most of it was covered up by Mjolnir though), and when X fell to his knees, Zero supported his weight so he could stand (which we saw more clearly later, but I still thought it was sweet that they showed Zero staying by X’s side throughout the whole thing). Side note: I really liked the parallel they did between Zero getting knocked down and X rushing to his side / helping him up in the middle of the game and X getting knocked down and Zero rushing to his side / helping him up at the end of the game. GOOD STUFF RIGHT THERE

- When Gamora and Rocket are talking before the teams split up, Zero and X look like they’re having an animated chit-chat right before they do their classic arm bump thing.

me: it’s my first day feeling alive & i’ve announced i’m back i should respond to ims & start working on drafts

dark me: or…. OR…… you could update ur theme : )

Rick and Morty is one of my top favorite shoes and I’ve been into it for a long time now and the LAST thing i want is for it to end up like the Undertale fandom did?? Glorifying Sans (it’s okay if you like Sans; this is in no way to bash anyone or what they like) to the point where he’s a fuckin edgelord™. 

When I love a trashy character I recognize their flaws bc it’s what makes them THEM. It’s a big reason WHY I admire them but I know the difference between bad and good in what they do, not just their character. People make them seem so OP it’s ridiculous and it’s honestly what drives me away from that character or their fandom in general and I REALLY HOPE none of that ever happens with Rick. One thing I can appreciate that creators do with their characters in knock them back into their place when they think they’re too good for smthn esp if it’s BAD

Like, Bender for instance. Thinkin he’s hot shit all the time. NGL sometimes it annoys me to write him like that?? EVEN IF IT’S HIS CHARACTER. Like, I guess it’s just if it’s too much idk but he’s always somehow pushed back to where he belongs BECAUSE he either brings it on himself or has vulnerabilities that allow it. I’ve seen so many people on the internet GLORIFY the fuck out of Bender and it’s just PLS NO?? Like the appeal is definitely there but putting him on a pedestal makes me wanna take 5383806 steps back.

Yes, they’re lovable in their own trashy ways. Yes they can be cool. Yes they’re funny or smart or whatever. But they’re still living beings w/ flaws and if you don’t recognize them then you’re not even taking enough time out to appreciate their full character and that makes me sad.

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That yuri anime you reblogged honestly looks like hentai :/ i dont see how thats for lgbt people, honestly it looks like fanservice for dudes

you’re talking about dragon maid im guessing?? this is an interesting conversation because what does ‘fanservice for dudes’ even mean at this point??? like- if im attracted to it and its lesbians doesn’t that make it for me as well?? at the very least? sure theres some blushies and shiny cheeks and lips but does that really make it hentai?????

when things start to get a little more than innocent people are always like UGH FANSERVICE FOR DUDES but to me it doesn’t always feel like that. lesbians are allowed to have steamy romances just like any other gender pairing and it can still be for lesbians. the scene feels real to me so i really like it. the points of view are actually pretty unique for a scene like this written by a guy. tohru is infatuated with sleepy kobayashi in a wrinkly old BUTTON UP on a warm morning, theres no tiddy bounces, no panty shots, just kobayashi’s cute little leggies <3 

most of the scene is concentrating on their expressions, and alot of it is tohrus eyes and on kobayashi’s blank face because with their story we aren’t supposed to know what she’s thinking- as far as steamy scenes go its honestly pretty innocent and actually fits with the plot. the dumb tiddy bounces lucoa does- yes feels like more fanservice for dudes but kobayashi and tohru have always felt more good and organic to me so im a fan 

also i make dumb dragon maid amvs and shit on youtube and my viewers on those particular videos are 90% girls- so ALOT of girls are watching these scenes… and if girls are watching it its for girls?? i dont know how to say this more clearly haha- i don’t like it when as soon as things get a tinY bit sexual people say its for guys. no, i want this to be for me. i like it. its not validating for lesbians to have to make all their content innocent and UWU because its not realistic- we have more feelings than that 

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Your gifs are making me gay for Anneliese....

HONESTLY THO like i’m Suffering something fierce here, i’m glad you’re right here with me ❤ she’s just so pretty??? and she’s got that hot/lonely/suburban single mom look every single episode and i am so predictable

Jas Watches Boruto (Episode 25)

* Current Boruto generations perception of Kiri history seems to be either complete ignorance or still seeing it as the Bloody Mist. Iwabe may have a history with it? The Academy’s history and geography classes continue their high standards
* Kiri looks like something out of Meet the Robinsons, Mei and Chojurou have worked so hard

* I really hope some of the ninja trading cards they bought have different Kiri characters on them

* Palms trees feel so weird in Kiri but palm trees that don’t look like they belong is my weirdly specific pet hate
* Everyone including Boruto totally has a crush on Yagura Junior
* Boruto insisting he and Kagura put aside their fathers’ legacies and be themselves has the potential to be even more heartwarming if Kagura is Yagura’s child
* Glamour Shark appears gill-less and in a different outfit to his character sheet, so his Hoshigaki heritage looks like it’ll be a big reveal
* I was totally going to do this anyway, but they just made Shisuma (Shizuma?) as a AU/headcanon KisaIta child so easy. Introduces himself by lurking in the shadows, having zero concept of personal space and having a weird mix of compliments, apologies and threats as greeting. The family tradition continues.
* But with his eye makeup/markings/tattoos and super pale skin……he looks almost more like an Orochimaru x Kisame cross? Like he looks more like Orochimaru than Mitsuki. Is he an artificial human/clone of Kisame?