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Please, Oikawa-san, take me away. I don’t care where, as long as it’s far away from here.

This is from the very beginning of the amazing road trip au created by the wonderful @mooksmookin!! (do ask them about it, it’s really great!!) I have a small comic for this that I’m working on, but since it will probably take a while, I’m just going to post these two pics.

#14 Nobody can trust me to do anything important!

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Warning: light swearing

Word Count: 1,050

Requested: Yes

A/N: Please don’t kill me! I know it’s been a while, but to be fair I couldn’t log onto tumblr for a while, still not sure why, but oh well. This is kinda shit but I like the idea here and it’s sorta heartwarming. Seriously though, can we just stop for a second to think about Calum as a dad. Anywho, I hope you all enjoy! :-)

Trembling hands reached for the small pink stick. Pink. The innocence of the pale color nearly mocked her. It was a color of love, this was not what this was. This was an accident. Of course she loved Calum and he loved her right back, at least for now.

Her knee bounced up and down in anticipation and nervousness. It had felt like an hour but it had only been two minutes and thirty-six seconds of waiting according to her phone’s timer. She ran her hand through her hair and rubbed her face harshly.

When she was younger, she couldn’t wait for this moment. As a little girl, Y/N would have loved to have a baby especially with a man like Calum. She dreamed of this day for so long and now that it was here, she felt nothing but regret.

How could she be so stupid? Whose idea was it anyway to have unprotected sex? She cursed herself for not thinking in the heat of the moment. It takes two to make a baby though, she couldn’t blame only herself. This was partly Calum’s fault and she had to remember that.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Y/N may have only been eighteen but she and Calum have been together for a good two years, so it was possible he wouldn’t be so angry. Then again, he is in the beginning of his career and could not afford to have a baby at this point in his life.

Her worrisome thoughts were interrupted by a ringing signaling that the timer on her phone was done. She did a quick prayer to whoever was listening, pushed off the wall she’d been leaning on and reached for the pregnancy test. Her heart stopped, it was positive.

“Y/N?” she heard her name being called.

“Shit” she mumbled to herself, Calum must be home.

Suddenly there was a knock at the bathroom door. “Babe, are you in there?” she heard him say from outside the door.

“Yea just, uh, give me a second!” she called back to him. She frantically wrapped the test in toilet paper and threw it into the small metal bin by the sink.

“Okay but hurry up, I’ve got some exciting news” Calum enthusiastically announced before leaving the girl alone in her fragile state.

Y/N fixed herself in the mirror before exiting the small room to face her boyfriend who was leisurely splayed  across their living room couch.

He turned his head when he heard her small footsteps come through the doorway. Calum saw a nervous looking Y/N standing there. “Hey baby” he patted the spot next to him on the couch “come over here, I’ve got a big announcement” he said, his face beaming with happiness.

Y/N hesitantly took a seat near Calum and he wrapped his around her shoulders and kissed the top of her head.

“What’s the news Cal?” she asked distantly as she had other things on her mind.

“So, the boys and I are starting up our next tour!” the excited boy exclaimed happily.

“Oh” Y/N looked down at her feet. What was she supposed to do now? If she told him then it could potentially ruin Calum’s whole future as well as his bands. If she didn’t then he would eventually find out and that could possibly make the situation worse than it is now. She had no choice but to tell him.

“Calum, I’m pregnant” She blurted

He was taken aback by the shocking news . The expressions on his face passed by quickly but Y/N was able to just catch them, surprise, worry, realization, anger. “What the hell?!” Calum said lashing out as he stood from his previously sitting position.

Y/N flinched at the volume of his voice and bit her lip to keep it from quivering. She blinked her tears away “Calum, It’s not only my fault” she replied shakily.

He turned his back to her as he began to pace while running a hand through his hair. “I know, I know” He mumbled “God how did this even happen? Aren’t you taking birth control?” He asked

“Well it isn’t always effective. Yes, most of the time it does prevent pregnancy but there still a slim chance” She informed Calum.

“So what are you going to do?” He said turning back to face her.

“I mean there’s a couple options here, I could keep it, put it up for adoption. I could have an abort-”

“No” Calum simply stated “Not that, anything but that”

“Calum, we might want to seriously consider this. I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of the pregnancy and birth which can cause a tremendous stress on the mother”

“Y/N, we’re not getting rid of this baby” Calum said.

“This isn’t just your decision!” Y/N’s voice grew louder as she became more frustrated by the second. Y/N stood up too so she could meet his eyes “I am the mother and I deserve to have a say in what happens to this baby!” tears began to form once again in her eyes but this time with frustration instead of fear.

“Y/N, darling, I know but I just don’t want to give up this baby. All my life I’ve been a fuck up and maybe for once I can prove that i’m more that that. Nobody can trust me to do anything important! I mean, no pays any mind to me! I’m just the bassist, i’m just backup vocals, i’m just a dropout, i’m just another kid with a big dream, i’m just Calum. Just please…let me have this” Calum practically begged. He grasped Y/N’s hand in his own and gently squeezed while maintaining eye contact.

She took a deep breath and softly closed them before announcing her decision “Okay”

Calum spontaneously grabbed her face and kissed her with all the passion he could possibly muster up. “I love you Y/N and I swear you will not regret this decision” he promised. “I’m gonna go tell my parents and the boys, i’m sure they’ll understand and maybe we can even schedule the tour around the baby. We’ll make this work Y/N” He claimed excitedly as he ran off the go share the news of the pregnancy.

“I better not regret this, Calum” Y/N mumbled to herself.

Jackal it is, then :p Sooo this is my lineart for the collab with @khaoticvex and I sure hope it’s alright, otherwise you’ll have to wait till Sunday for me to fix it .__. pshhht, it’s transparent

I didn’t expect my fire genasi sorcerer and this snowy gnome druid to be bros but hey DnD is weird 

I have no clue what happened, I’m pretty sure there are colors that shouldn’t go there but I’m not thinking very well because I’m super tired and about to pass out XD I’m pretty sure when i wake up I’m just gonna be seeing this as trash but for now i think its ok XD I’m so out of practice with drawing on my Nintendo so thats why this is pretty cruddy.
Have a swirl in his winter coat/jacket/hoodie? Im not sure what it is, with his um, tiny gaster blasters!XD

it is 2.30 am and this took way too long and i am done byeeeeee

@a-court-of-chronicles, @lunartics–13 and I didn’t forget. Hope you’ll like it!

This was the prompt:


“I understand, Elain, but I am more than sure that you and Feyre will do a beautiful job.” Nesta says for the third time in less than half an hour.

“You think? Feyre was so kind helping me with the colors with all the work she has to do, but what if I pick the wrong flowers? What will we do then?” Elain asks her and Nesta represses the urge to roll her eyes.

“Azriel and Mor are finally marrying, you could have all the flowers in the world and they won’t even notice, caught up in each other as they’ll be. Is all going to be fine, Elain. And, isn’t your man supposed to help you?” Nesta can hear the puff coming from her sister’s lips, “Lucien is helping, Nesta. But do you really think blue is a good color? It isn’t sad, is it? I was thinking about Forget Me Not because the flowers are so tiny and-”

Nesta prepares herself for a long and detailed speech about little blue flowers and their meaning and all the ways they can be used, but her attention is caught by the sound of the front door opening and then closing with a loud thud.

“I’m home!”, Cassian announces, and even if it’s been weeks since they started living together, she still feels a smile tugging at her lips when she hears him say it.

Their home.

It doesn’t take him long before he finds her, in the exact same spot in which he left her, sprawled on their bed, still on the phone with her sister. He places the bag containing his new and tailored tuxedo in their wardrobe.

Thinking of Cassian in a tuxedo makes Nesta laugh and squirm in equal misure.

“Is Elain still freaking out?”, he asks, his knee on the bed, watching her.

Nesta nods. When she said to him to go and take his tuxedo and that her call would be ended by the time he came back, she firmly believed Elain would chose some flowers and that they could end the call as fast as possible.

The evidence states otherwise, but she really can’t hang up on her, even if now Nesta’s concentration is elsewhere.

Namely, on Cassian and on the wicked grin forming on his face.

He prowls on her, and she’s mesmerized by the movement of the muscles of his shoulders while he kisses her knees and up her thighs. Nesta bites her lower lip, reigning in the sound that threatened to escape her mouth. She debates if she should stop him or not but he places a soft, gentle kiss on her collarbone and she thinks that maybe they can keep this up for a while, she can totally be on the phone with Elain, some kisses aren’t going to undermine her concentration and besides, it’s not her fault if her man decided to be a tease.

“Do you think roses would work, or are they too common?” Elain’s question makes Nesta come back to reality and she nearly gasps before answering as Cassian’s hand travels up and down on her inner thigh. “Good, Elain, roses are good. But remember that I’m keeping the numbers and we’re on a budget so you shouldn’t-” the words die in her throat and she has to cover her mouth with her hand as Cassian trails is tongue on her neck and his other hand goes to cup her jaw and she wants to kiss him so much it hurts.

“I’m starting to feel neglected, sweetheart.”, his voice is low and his stubble scrapes her skin and he’s speaking in her ear, Nesta can feel the rumble of every word and she can vaguely hear what Elain is saying, but the meaning of the words is completely lost to her.

“Maybe I should be jealous of those flowers, since their getting all of your attention and I’m not. ” he says with a low chuckle.

Idiot, she wants to say, tease.

Nesta’s only fault is that she always thinks she can maintain control when he is around her and is always reminded of the fact that she cannot.

He trails kisses from her hear to her jaw and then up again at the corner of her lips and she wants to yank his hair and kiss him breathless and he knows it, he revels in it as he grazes his nose on hers, his lips not even an inch away from Nesta’s and she finds herself arching her back, trying to get closer.

He smirks and moves away and Nesta nearly whines at the loss of contact but bites the sound back and she can see from how his eyes are nearly all black that this little game he’s playing is affecting him as much as her.

But he’s going down, down peppering kisses across her navel and Nesta doesn’t even notice when her hand stops holding the phone and starts grasping the sheets.

The glint in Cassian’s eyes when she arches her back again is nothing short of feral.

“Nesta, are you there? Nesta!”

She scrambles for the phone at her sister’s shout but waits a few seconds before answering, her voice breathy.

“Yes?”, she can’t believe such a short word could require so much effort.

“Cassian came back, didn’t he?” it seems like Elain is smiling through every word.

“We’re going to do all sorts of coming soon enough.”, his voice is low and Elain, thank goodness, doesn’t hear him, doesn’t hear his chuckle before he bites and licks above her hipbone and then breathes hot hair on the spot where his tongue was, raising goose bumps all over her skin.

“Oh yes, yes, he did. You were talking about roses, blue roses.” she hopes her guess is right but Cassian’s fingers are playing with the hem of her pants and Elain could be speaking about men with bat wings and Nesta wouldn’t even notice.

“I was talking about Lilies, but I appreciate the effort. Say hi to Cassian from us and enjoy your evening, you two.”

Nesta hangs up as quickly as she can and throws her phone on the night stand and feels Cassian’s smile on her skin.

They surely will.

Just got around to watching the Re-Find the Tower Minecraft let’s plays and Gavin stealing Ryan’s porkchops behind his back is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Thus, art.

Coloring Tattoos, DiabloxReader

You stand looking at the two most important people in your life. Your husband, the love of your life and your beautiful daughter, the most precious gift you’ve been blessed with.

She sits in his lap, markers littered in hers. Pinks and purples and blues, some glitter and some plain. She looked up at him smiling as she continues to color in his tattoos.

“See daddy? Now you get to be colorful like mommy!!” She squeals with excitement as you look down at your own colored in tattoos.

“Well make sure you make mine even better than Mommy’s, because you love daddy more right?” He grins at her.

She shakes her head vigorously, “No daddy, I love you both the same amounts.”

You snicker as he mock pouts. “What about if I let you have ice cream whenever you want it for a week?”

It’s her turn to laugh, “Oh daddy! Mommy would never let you do that!” She switches arms and starts to color it in.

“How about if I give yoooouuuu,” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a $20 bill, “some money!!”

She grabs the money and says “I love you more daddy!!” Then turning to face you as if he can no longer see her, she whispers “I love you just as much mommy.”

“Hey! I heard that! I want my money back.” He pouts again.

She hops off his lap and runs to you. “Mommy said when you do that, to say that all transitions are final.”

You laugh, correcting her “transactions, baby”.

“All transactions are final daddy!!” You scoop her up and plant a kiss on her cheek as Chato wraps the both of you in a hug, placing a kiss on your lips and the cheek of his daughter. “The life I live” he says under smiling lips.

Titled: This Suits Me Just Fine.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve put something up, haven’t exactly had much drive to draw, but I’m trying to get into the swing of things.
Thought I’d have a bit of fun with a pic of Goku Black, though with having tried to use colored pencils and digital coloring, I’m not so sure if I like the combo.
It’s a test image, so I’m trying not to put myself down too hard with it.
Though I think I’m far more frustrated that my Paint.Net has been messing up a lot lately, an error occurring and causing the program to close with out warning, so I actually lost a lot of work that I did to this picture prior and was far too mad/lazy to attempt coloring it the way I did before.
Oh well, at least it’s done.

Please do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

hhhhhoooOOOOOLLY crap this took days. This started as a sketchdump and then I was like “nah better color it and spend too much time on it till it’s dead o'clock.” I kinda enjoy the final product at least, so there’s that.
Our two lovely heroines from the ATLA!au unleashing two cans of whoop ass on somebody. @mirsan’s interpretation was that Kagome was like the new avatar (so she’s in her avatar state) and Sango is an earth bender who mastered metal bending (hence the chain whip thing). Overall I’m super happy I got some Sango art colored since the last piece of her and a certain monk has yet to be inked (blame college, not me). Before I ramble anymore, I seriously need to sleep. Night all🤘


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ReaperSans by @renrink  

This certain design of Comic Papyrus comes by @moofrog


Papyrus to the rescue! 

And Comic Papyrus still looks like an older, very tired twin brother of Papyrus. X,-D (I had to draw him from memory, btw. That’s why his design/ colors may be a little bit wrong. Oh well, I’ll stick with it.)

Flowey’s tears aren’t tears of joy btw. .___.


How about a bunch of…Elder Scrolls…busts? 

I drew these some time ago but I still like them a lot so I might as well post them…