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Maybe I’m just tougher than you.

Today will be quick sketches because I’m exhausted but I watched Tales of Asgard and wanted to draw the Odinsons ✨
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two years ago to the day, i realized that im gay and like. im so happy that i did. my life is not….yknow great at the moment and i still have tons to work through, but realizing im a lesbian and accepting it has been literally the best thing that ever happened to me. despite how hard it is being a lesbian (and even saying the word “lesbian” is difficult sometimes) i wouldnt change it for anything.

so like. if you’re reading this and you’re confused about who you are, if you’re questioning your sexuality or gender or you’ve recently come out to yourself (as anything— gay, bi, lesbian, trans, pan, anything i’ve not listed) i love you. take your time and be patient with yourself. there’s no rush. you’ll get there

Things Can Only Get Better Part 6 - Black

Slow Burn!Steve Harrington/Reader
Word Count:

A/N: Surprise! Happy Thanksgiving, to my American lovelies. Sorry I’ve been too busy to fulfill requests for the last couple of days. As both an apology and a fun holiday…thing…have an extra chapter of TCOGB. I should have Part 7 up by Sunday morning at absolute latest. As always, requests are OPEN both here and on AO3.


(PS, if you wish to be tagged, I’m far more likely to see your request if you send me an ask than if you just comment on the post. I *think* I  got everyone, but I’m not sure, tbh)

“What do you mean a connection, Dustin?” asks Steve before you have a chance to get over your shock.

“Look at this. So Hop told us about how El’s mom was a part of MKUltra and whatever, right? So, like, I was wondering why this woman looked so much like Eleven. And I think this person right here is El’s mom. Nobody’s named, or anything, but when we get a chance, we can ask El if this is her mom.”

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I broke 40,000 words on my novel today!!!

After struggling a lot for the past few days, I’ve managed to write over 3000 words today.

I feel like I deserve a reward for this tbh. I’m not sure what yet but it’s gonna be totally awesome

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"Those sure look like the scrawlings of a mad man." + sugamon

Sugamon, “Those sure look like the scrawlings of a mad man.”

(1.8k, high school au, fluffy fluff fluff) 

continuation of my non-linear high school au which you can read here

Requests are open until November 26th! Send them here!

Yoongi jolts when the hand slams down on the desk in front of him. It’s too early for loud noises, especially when he’s been up half the night stressed out of his damn mind. He looks up and can’t help but gawk at the sight of Kim Seokjin standing over his desk, hair mussed and glasses resting low on the bridge of his nose. There’s that black smudge of eye liner under his eyes, gives the appearance of someone who doesn’t get much sleep. Yoongi could have him up for a detention for that, figures he might look into that if there isn’t a decent reason for this intrusion. 

Class isn’t set to start for ten minutes, so they’re the only one’s in the classroom. Seokjin doesn’t make a habit of slamming his hand on Yoongi’s desk for no particular reason and conversation isn’t exactly a commodity either.

‘Got your note,’ Seokjin says. Yoongi opens his mouth to ask what the fuck he’s talking about when Seokjin lifts his hand up, exposing a crumpled piece of paper that Yoongi’s far too familiar with.

‘Mother fuck,’ Yoongi hisses. ‘How the fuck did you get that?’

Of course, he knows how Seokjin got it. Admittedly, Yoongi doesn’t know much about Kim Seokjin, he’s an anomaly and keeps to himself, contrasting with the typical image of a theatre student. He has the bearings of someone who should be popular; good-looking, talented and clever, but his choice of company left a lot to be desired. Rumours about his sexuality ran rampant around the school and there was his habit of hanging out in his locker during breaks. It seems that he’s moved past his own and has also taken to other people’s as well.

‘You sure swear a lot for a class president,’ Seokjin says. ‘You know that?’

‘What are you going to do, tell on me?’

Seokjin scoffs, cocks his head towards the note.

‘You were going to give this to Namjoon?’

Yoongi’s blood runs cold. Seokjin must’ve been in Namjoon’s locker when he garnered the courage to shove the damn thing in there, he must’ve. There’s no other way of explaining it. He swallows hard as he meets Seokjin’s gaze, no-one knows about this. About them and he wants to keep it that way so it’s safe.

‘Please don’t tell anyone,’ he says, not really caring in that moment just how small he sounds.

‘Relax. If I was going to I would’ve done it by now. And yeah, I already knew, I’m not oblivious like Hobi,’ Seokjin says. Yoongi can’t help but frown at that, despite the relief. Hoseok’s a lot of things, but oblivious probably isn’t one of them. ‘But seriously. This is what you were going to give to Namjoon? Dropping the ‘L-word’ for the first time in something like this?’

Jesus Christ. Yoongi looks towards the door, they’re still thankfully alone.

‘Why? What’s wrong with it?’

Seokjin raises an eyebrow and delicately unfolds the note with a lot more care than the creased atrocity probably deserves. He taps his finger on the smudged writing and meets Yoongi’s glare without blanching.

‘Those sure look like the scrawlings of a mad man.’

‘Alright, I see your point,’ Yoongi huffs. He yanks the note back towards him, shoves it into his pocket, out of Seokjin’s line of sight. ‘I’ll rewrite it neater.’

‘It’s not just that,’ Seokjin says. He takes it upon himself to tug a chair out from under one of the numerous vacant desks. Once seated, too close for Yoongi’s comfort, he folds his hands in his lap. ‘Has anyone ever told you that you’re emotionally stunted?’

Yoongi feels his eyes twitch. ‘What the fuck?’

‘I’m not trying to start anything,’ Seokjin says, waving his hands about in a placating manner. ‘I’m just saying there’s probably a better way of saying what you’re trying to say.’

‘Like how?’ Yoongi says, narrowing his eyes.

‘Like…’ Seokjin trails off, looking off into the distance and waving his hands yet again when words fail him. He beckons and when Yoongi hesitates, wondering what the fuck Seokjin is doing, Seokjin grabs the notebook on Yoongi’s desk and a pen and begins scribbling things down. 

‘I’ll just write it for you. Gimme a minute.’

Yoongi startles, scrambling to reclaim his stolen notebook but Seokjin switches to another desk, moving out of his reach.

‘Wait,’ Yoongi says, making another grab for the book. Seokjin is quicker than expected, he hisses out a curse. ‘Hold on—’

‘Trust me,’ Seokjin says easily. ‘Romance is my area of expertise.’

Yoongi huffs out a sigh, sinking back into his chair, defeated. ‘I find that hard to believe.’

‘Want me to make you fall in love with me and prove it?’

Yoongi opens his mouth, closes it. ‘No thank you.’

Seokjin’s eyes dance with mirth. ‘Because you know I can do it.’

‘You’re unbearable.’

‘Excuse you, I’m delightful. You just aren’t equipped to deal with me.’

Yoongi can’t argue that. Instead he folds his lips, eyeing the notebook, warily.

‘How do I know you’re not gonna sabotage me?’

Seokjin scoffs. ‘Why would I do that?’

‘Why would you not?’

Yoongi’s not an idiot. He knows Seokjin gets a rough time, and he knows a lot of that stems from people Yoongi would call friends. They never do it in front of him, Yoongi’s made it clear from the get go that it’s not something he condones, but he can’t stop it altogether. Seokjin could hate him for the shit his friends pull, and Yoongi wouldn’t blame him even a little bit.

Seokjin blinks at him a few times, then resumes his writing. ‘Namjoon likes you. Obviously, or he wouldn’t tell Hoseok to shut up when he disses you, or be heart eyes every time you stroll past in the halls.’ He taps his pen into Yoongi’s chest without looking up. ‘You obviously like him too, or you wouldn’t be jeopardising your reputation to see him.’

Yoongi stares at him, Seokjin continues to scribble down on the notebook.

‘Namjoon deserves the best, you’re better than a lot of the people he’s dated in the past, no ill intent. If that changes than I might look at that whole sabotaging thing, but until then…’ Another shrug, Yoongi lets the words wash over him.

‘There,’ Seokjin says, flashing him a beaming smile as he rips the page from his book and folds it neatly. ‘Share that with him, when you meet up with him after school. He’ll be yours forever.’

He slides it across to Yoongi with a wink and gets up from his seat, moving to his spot at the back of the room just as students begin to filter in.

Yoongi takes a deep breath in and slips the note into his jacket pocket, other hand reaching into bag for his phone to text Namjoon to meet him behind the bleachers in their usual spot.

Yoongi has dozens of friends, dozens of people who like him and who he likes in return. But he doesn’t think he has anything close to what Namjoon has in Seokjin and Hoseok.

Yoongi can’t help the nervous fluttering of his hands as Namjoon leans against the bleachers,  squinting down at the note Yoongi had all but shoved into his chest when he arrived. It’s nerve-wracking watching him, his expression gives nothing away as his eyebrows knit together.

When he’s finished, he gently folds the note and places it on the desk. Yoongi looks at him up through his lashes, shuffles a little from foot to foot.

‘Well?’ Yoongi says. He hasn’t actually read the note over, presumes it’s just a prettier version of what he’d written down before. ‘Are you going to say anything or just stare at me like that?’

Namjoon’s frowning at him, and that’s really not a good sign. Yoongi swallows the lump in his throat. 

‘Seokjin wrote this,’ Namjoon says. ‘Didn’t he?’

‘What? No.’ Pink creeps it’s way up Yoongi’s neck. How the fuck could Namjoon possibly know about this? ‘I don’t even talk to the guy.’

Namjoon raises an eyebrow and Yoongi caves.

‘Alright, fine, he wrote it,’ Yoongi crosses his arms and resists the urge to pout. ‘Fucker was in your locker and stole the original note I’d written. Which reminds me, what the fuck is his obsession with hanging out in lockers?’

Namjoon shrugs. ‘I don’t know, it’s just his thing.’

‘Well, it’s weird,’ Yoongi says. Namjoon just grins at him. ‘He said the note I wrote was shit.’

‘Seokjin wouldn’t say that.’

‘He said it in a roundabout way,’ Yoongi says. ‘I just. He seemed to know what he was doing. And you deserve the best, so I just let him write it.’

‘Yoongi, you’re a great writer,’ Namjoon says. ‘Maybe not the sort of writer Seokjin is, but his is all influenced by playwrights and Shakespearian love declarations. He probably wanted you to say all this out loud. There’s cues written in the margins.’

‘There’s what?’ Yoongi rips the note out of Namjoon’s hands and scrutinises it. Sure enough, Seokjin has written out little flourishes on how the note should be read, he expected Yoongi to cry on demand on the second to last line.

This is what he gets for giving Seokjin any power in this situation, he barely even knows the fucking guy. Theatre-loving dork. 

‘You have the weirdest fucking friends,’ Yoongi mutters under his breath.

‘Maybe so,’ Namjoon says, grinning. He leans in, reaches up to rub his thumb across the apple of Yoongi’s cheek. It’s like magic how the skin burns red under the touch. 



‘What did you really want to say to me?’

Yoongi turns the question over in his mind, trying to find the best turn of phrase, the words that will really sell it all to Namjoon, but they’re not forthcoming, he’s not a romantic, and he can’t think of the things that Namjoon deserves to hear.

‘I really like you,’ Yoongi says. ‘Like a lot, more than I’ve ever liked anyone before and you’re really amazing and just perfect Namjoon, I don’t think you know just how incredible you are.’

It’s the first time Namjoon hasn’t been able to meet Yoongi’s eyes. Normally he’s the one too shy to function and Namjoon’s the one trying not to coo too much over how sweet he is.

‘I want to be your boyfriend, and you be my boyfriend,’ Yoongi says. ‘Exclusively, you know?’

Namjoon looks up slowly, dimples slowing coming to light as a grin stretches his face.

‘You’re asking me out, properly?’

And just like that Yoongi’s back to floundering.

‘I mean, yeah,’ Yoongi says. ‘Like I know we’re kinda dating already and stuff, and you don’t like labels really, so you can totally say no, I get it. But I just. I like you a lot. A stupid amount okay? And I’ve never wanted to be anyone else’s boyfriend and can you please just say something so I’ll stop talking now, Joon-ah, this is really embarrassing.’

‘Yes,’ Namjoon says and Yoongi just stares at him, lost. ‘Yes, hyung, I’ll be your boyfriend.’

It takes a moment for Yoongi to process the words and when he does he breaks into a grin. Namjoon pulls him in, kissing all over his face until Yoongi laughs for him to stop.

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It's Lysbaby's birthday! So how about some wild NSFW headcanons for kinky Lysander? Pretty please? ///

Mmm, sure! How about I add some…spice™ to it with something a litttle more than his wild side? I’ve been doing so many sets of the all guys lately, I forgot how it was to do just one of them. In any case, happy late-ish birthday to Lysander!! I hope you enjoy! You s i n n e r s… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

NSFW, under the cut!

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Corrupted Hope

Pairing: Vampire!Hoseok x Female!Reader

Vampire!BTS Au

Genre: Not even completely sure tbh

Word Count: 447

1, 2

As Hoseok lead you out of the alleyway, you tried to comprehend what had just happened. Your co-worker had just tried to kill you, and had the crap beaten out of her by a stranger.

Caught up in your thoughts as you were taken blindly through the dark streets, you couldn’t help but notice the way Hoseok would glance at you out of the corner of his eye every so often. You swear you saw a hint of concern in his eyes, even if was only for a moment.

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tysm for adding to the sheitor content !! i honestly live for that ot3 but no one really knows of it so im blessing you with 400 genies to make your wishes come true bc you just made mine come true tyyyyyy ♡♡♡♡

omg this is one of the most beautiful and kindest anon asks I’ve ever received~!! 

I’m so so happy to know my sheitor content is appreciated!! At first I wasn’t sure to post it tbh but I did it at the end and.. I’ve never been happier, you guys reblogged and liked it! Aww

Just, thank you sweet anon, from the bottom of my heart, you made my day with this ask asdfdjhkjjk i’m so blessed ♡♡♡                                                            And to show my gratitude, I drew a little extra for you and for all the people who like sheitor:

I hope you like it /w\

First of all, I’d like to thank @immortalxdreamers for inspiring me to do this, also for tagging me in their post !!

Although I do celebrate Thanksgiving, I rarely get super into it. But I’d like to make sure that the people who have inspired me know it. I only made this blog about a month or so ago, and yet I’ve already met so many wonderful people who I’m proud to call my friends. Just know that I love and appreciate everything you do.

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FINALLY saw Thor tonight. Not sure what my expectations were tbh but it smashed them!! Hilarious!! and it was clear the actors were having a good time which just made the whole thing so much more enjoyable. Lots of fun. Some feels. More fun. Loki keeping everyone on our toes. Heimdahll bein a boss. So many good things but mostly just… lots of fun, which I liked a lot more than I thought I would.

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Do you think you'll ever host another meetup?? If you can you totally should Bc I'd be able to meet my bf for the first time if we both had an excuse to go to boston

oh shit i mean,,, i like meetups a lot and the last bmc one (im assuming thats what ur talkin about?) was a lot of fun! im not sure there would be enough interest tbh in a boston bmc meetup?? i could try but im unsure many people would come hmm hmm

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All the merch is listed in US dollars, right?

I’m p sure, but tbh I don’t look at it often enough to know simply bec it makes me salty and makes me feel like a bad fan for not being able to afford some of it so like everything I just ignore it :)

@verdigrisss replied to your post: Tbh i dropped reading yoi fic because everyone is…

…pot-head… Yuuri….???? i wish I never knew ._. weird headcanons are so wide-spread tbh i just read stuff my mutuals write �� it’s safer

it’s Cursed Content shoved down your throat by some big fandom names fjkldskfjskldf (while i haven’t read anything like it i’ve seen posts around)

SAME!! i mostly read things my mutuals write and recomment, that way i’m sure it’s going to be safe & good content <3

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So what will Rize do or contribute to the story when Furuta lets her eat him, I've been wondering about it for awhile. Will she possibly join Kaneki's organization, or will she roam free to regain her mind? I doubt she'd be allowed to roam around though with V still in the air, plus I doubt she cares much for coexistence. Maybe she'll simply join to get back at V? Pretty sure there was an illustration with her ages ago titled "Revenge" or something.. Ah well, have a great day Hamliet!

That’s a good question! I don’t know tbh. It’s hard to speculate when all she’s done in :re is be farmed in a tube. 

I don’t expect a happy ending for Rize, I’ll say that. But what I would like from her is for her to shatter the image of herself as a plot device, as an object. I would love to see her express that what everyone’s thought of her isn’t actually correct after all–maybe she did love Furuta once, maybe something else. 

scattered observations for 13x07:

  • ahh it wouldn’t be a bucklemming ep without the torture
  • cas is predictably bailing but at least he and dean get to play old married couple for a bit first 
  • kevin!!!
  • he’s such a nerd never change kevin
  • also in shallow news michael is really hot
  • dean is also really hot which you all already knew but it never hurts to mention it
  • i was so hoping for rowena when the witch murders were brought up so ketch being the one responsible was a real fucking disappointment
  • (tbh i didn’t watch a lot of season 12 so all i know about ketch is that he’s the new popular douchebag character in fanfic. so i’m guessing we don’t like him)
  • “so i can meet hot women” it wouldn’t be a bucklemming ep without the casual misogyny either
  • or the easy solutions for previously insurmountable challenges like gateways between worlds (coughtaxidrivercough)
  • this ketch dude looks so bland i keep forgetting what he looks like. even if i had seen all his eps i’m not sure i would recognize him
  • ok the angels going extinct is actually a really intriguing reveal 
  • but cas you can’t seriously be surprised at being betrayed by yet another angel
  • i do like that all three of them are women though like it’s completely incidental and none of them die or anything!
  • i don’t like cas having to make nice with lucifer :(((
  • or him not contacting sam and dean about it just because lucifer says not to!!!
  • ok at least cas isn’t actively lying to them so much as not having the chance to tell them the whole truth yet
  • sam telling dean not to worry about cas was cute 
  • asmodeus’ accent is so distracting but him calling lucifer ‘lu’ and doing the devil horns while throwing him across the room did tickle me
  • honestly though the ‘twin’ thing was fucking ridiculous so i’m glad it didn’t come to anything but ketch still being alive is bullshit. bucklemming take delight in killing off every woman they can but the boring white dude no one liked they’ll give a second chance
  • the overwhelming feeling when watching any bucklemming episode is ‘when will bucklemming stop’ so sorry if this was kinda negative
  • but at least the door has been left open for rowena to return!
  • in other news the trailer hinting at a heist episode has me intrigued but ‘ocean’s morons’ is a completely witless insult (and i might be remembering the wording wrong bc it was so stupid it slipped out of my mind before the promo was even over)
Tag 9 people to get to know them better:

Tagged by @noirgladia awwww thank you so much :D so nice always tagging me in these things ❤

  • Relationship status: SINGLE PRINGLE ;)
  • Favourite colour: Red preferably garnet like my birthstone 
  • Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick definitely, I don’t wear makeup
  • Last song listened to: Within Temptation - A demon’s fate
  • Last movie: A silent voice :)
  • Top 3 shows: oooo that’s hard lol erm hunter x hunter, 07 ghost and bleach (just 3 I like a lot not sure if top but oh well)
  • Top 3 ships: Hitsuhina, HakYona and Ichihime (first ones that came into my head tbh)

Ooooo and I shall tag: @pandorahatsu @hannamarya @ttachibana @littlewarbler @kanero16 @nordicsymphony @alwaysdrowninginfeels @thesilversky99 @sumeragimikoto if you would like to do this :)

tbh, the way certain people worship Pegg for that quote, and turn a blind eye on how actually insulting, silly and ignorant his joke was when you think about it, just confirms how little people in this fandom (like others) care about actual representation versus just finding pretexts to validate their shipper agenda.
In fact, I see that quote being taken out of context and used more in support of the usual suspect not-canon slash ships (and, of course, a pretext to once again shit on S/U), than Sulu and his subplot.

wearehappiness replied to your post “samascara replied to your post “I cried so hard during that entire…”

finn is maybe 17? he might be considered a child and they agreed on no children or civilians being part of their feud

but they agreed on that after the line up? seems like luca had already decided who he was going after

also he said his mum had told him the thing that would hurt tommy most is watching his family wiped out and finn is his little brother, that would gut punch him. finn might be a ‘child’ (i see him as that, not sure where their line is tbh, they seem to have a lot of boys milling around and running at least errands for the family) but he’s definitely part of the business and has been since at least the railway bombing so??? i’m still confused???

i think going after someone like charlie or billy is different to going after one of the junior peakys like isaiah or finn and i just assumed he’d be with them so idk 

i mean i’m glad! i’m glad he seems to be safe! but still, confused.