not sure if i like it but he's pretty so

this is literally the worst thing I’ve ever read; like, I don’t even have energy to talk about why this is so awful so I’m just leaving it here and hoping that it’s just basic common sense to recognize that owning slaves should be neither apples nor oranges. like, I’m pretty sure we should all agree that owning slaves is actually the pile of trash roasting in the sun whereas the apples and oranges are things like “on Daxam he didn’t have super strength” vs. “on Earth, wow, he’s pretty strong”

I mean how fucking dare you write “I’m not going to tell someone else how to live their lives” about slavery? how dare you

Chicago List:
  • UM
  • Met @suga-peaches
  • A lovely lady
  • a sweet bean
  • Stood in the longest line to get in
  • It was pouring rain
  • Still good tho
  • Finally got in
  • Found my seat
  • The people around me were friendly af
  • there was a short asian girl on my left and she swooned a lot and used me as a crutch
  • I love her
  • The girl on my right asked me who my bias was
  • Rapjoon obvi
  • She didnt make fun of me when I flubbed a word like 30 times
  • BTS makes ya stupid with love
  • OK SO
  • Park Jimin?????????
  • CUTEST MOCHI????????
  • I’m pretty sure when they were all doing their talking parts, at one point he said something in English and ARMY didn’t really react so he got all embarrassed anD STARTED TALKING IN KOREAN AND WAS JUST LIKE “SARANGHAE”
  • Kim Taehyung
  • AMAZING  VOICE???????????
  • Min Yoongi
  • A cutie
  • Slayed my ass
  • At some point he was greeting us and was getting us to scream and just started yelling IN THE LOUDEST, SCRATCHIEST VOICE
  • Jeon Jungkook
  • Wore a pair of bunny ears tossed onto the stage
  • Truely the golden Maknae
  • What a man
  • I still want to be his friend
  • Jungkook-ah! Let’s play overwatch!
  • Also Yoongi looked really short it was adorable
  • Uhhhh
  • Kim Seokjin
  • Literal angel
  • Slayed the vocals
  • Snatched my ass with his solo
  • Don’t sleep on him
  • give him love
  • There’s a reason I say I bias 94-line overall
  • WHAT
  • MAN
  • Literal ray of sunshine????
  • UMMMM???
  • He was on fire the whole fucking time
  • being extra as hell doing dances even where they weren’t doing choreo
  • The sweetest bean I’ve ever seen
  • Also A RAP DADDY
  • I said it and I apologize immediately
  • Rap line murdered my ass with cypher
  • Rip lauren dom-joonie is no more
  • He’s the cutest thing ever
  • AND HE DANCED LIKE A BOSS???????????????
  • His english is messy sometimes and it’s adorable
  • I still screamed “I LOVE YOU” at him like 30 times
  • Reflection got me clutching my titty-heart like no tomorrow
  • I love Kim Namjoon and respect him so much
  • Please love him
  • At the end when it was time to go they lingered on stage forever and it made me feel like they really didn’t want to go and ugh my heart
  • Jimin did another little star jump
  • I love him
  • Uhm
  • Jhope wore a hat a fan threw on stage and when Rapmon asked where he got it he said “I bought it!” in perfect english
  • P sure Jin took someones army bomb I wonder if they’re salty
  • On the way out I bought an ARMY BOMB FOR NO APPARENT REASON???
  • Whatever I had to buy something and everything else was sold out
  • I want a namjoon fan tho dammit
  • Also after I went outside I heard girls screaming and I guess BTS had gotten in their van and were leaving??
  • I was like omg let them be
  • And you know what?
  • As I was walking home they drove straight next to me
  • A red faced girl walking in the rain holding an army bomb
  • I didn’t chase after them
  • Some other car did tho–like sped after them–and I was like….bitch really
  • ANyway traffic was a bitch so you know what???
  • I caught up to them on foot bc they were at the light xD
  • I just kind of glanced over at the tinted glass and was like “They’re in there….huh”
  • Also when I came out of the concert hall I was literally deaf for about 10 minutes
  • I’m not kidding
  • Fuck
  • I’m sad it’s over
  • it was so much fun
  • I love bts
  • I’m so glad I did this
Jian Yi likes other guys? True/ False?

Yeah…no. I mean, hell no! FALSE. We could argue whether he’s gay, straight or bi or him blushing over the grey hair dude, but it should be pretty obvious by now that the only person he cares about is Zhan. Sure the guys be lining up for him, but he’s definitely not interested. Anyone remember this heartfelt moment? He was so sincere and sad that Zhan really thought he might be into men, when its only him he wants to be with.  

Exhibit A: When Zhan asked whether he liked men

And let’s talk about that blush in the latest update for a sec. Him blushing could mean a lot of things. He could just be uncomfortable, nervous, embarrassed, awkward. Who knows? I mean, this random strong-huge-ass-manly-looking dude who he met for a brief moment a while ago, suddenly showed up, wraps his arms around him and uses words like ‘’to save you’’ and ‘’idiot’’ in the same sentence (I laughed so hard at this). I’m sure people are just joking around thinking Jian Yi would actually be into someone else other than Zhan. 

Exhibit B: Blushing = Love?

Warning: Again, don’t take my opnion the wrong way please. 

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I love how Mark's Don't Laugh videos always devolve into just footage of him laughing. Also I'm pretty sure that Dark Souls one used the NSP cover of Take On Me???

He tries for like…maybe the first 5 minutes before saying “fuck it” and it’s honestly the best thing, especially when he laughs so hard he squeaks
and yes, yes it was!

Okaaay, I don’t get it. If the 7 daughters from SJ belong to Aku, why are they killed without the magic sword? Why can’t they shape-shift like Aku? 

I’m starting to think that the Mother was tricked into sleeping  with someone who pretended to be Aku and was like ‘Yeah, no, I’m totally Aku, let’s do it!’ but decided to take off when he found out she was having 7 kids. Made an excuse, something about Jack of course, and left and that was when she decided to use her kids to fight Jack.

And I’am pretty sure I know who the real dad would be if someone looked like Aku.

50 years later and he’s going around tricking people into believing he’s Aku so they would give him what he wants. 


“It’s never good to assume, and I should know this by now.” Edd smiled, he was panting a bit from running around, his face flushed a bright red. He turned to Tord and nodded his head a bit “Pleasure to see you so soon,would you like to talk over in the meeting room. I don’t believe my room is suitable for company heh.” Edd tried every tactic to make sure that Tord wouldn’t go into his room. He knew that Toms hiding spot was pretty bad, so if someone walked in it would be pretty obvious.

starlert replied to your photo: [9] KUROGANE’S DAD WAS A LORD? OR LIKE. THE FEUDAL…

“wait so this means he’s actually a lot more similar to fai that i had assumed” ….WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU KNOW ABOUT FAI!? D:< NICK HAVE YOU BEEN LOOKING AT SPOILERS!? also consider this me neither confirming nor denying your statement, he is very similar to fai in certain ways but different in others sshhh

I adore that you hide the spoilers even as you demand answers. I appreciate it!


He is so clearly a noble. 

They found her in the woods. Pt 2

Thank you for all the love for the first part. I hope you enjoy!
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It was times like these that Negan wondered why he bothered. 

He had gone to all the trouble of organising every last thing, delegating to Simon and Wade so that the bunch of babies that worked under him could get by without him having to hold their hand for one fucking day. And yet there he was, in the middle of a pretty fucking important job being interrupted by some asshole who thought he knew better. He wasn’t sure exactly when he became a babysitter but he sure wasn’t being paid enough for that shit.

Negan had been rather enjoying himself too, in the company of a woman who might just end up dead by the end of the day, watching everyone run around – there was nothing like the threat of death to set a fire up everyone’s ass. He thrived on the tension and fear in the air. Despite the setback with the kid with the man sized balls, and this ‘mix up’ with the guns, he could tell today was going to be another win. 


Stopping mid-monologue, he turned to Arat and frowned. “What is it Arat? Can’t you see I’m in the middle of a god damn conversation? It is rude to interrupt someone when they’re in the middle of a fucking conversation you know that.”

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2 + coldatom

“The way you flirt is just shameful,” Ray announced one day. It took Leonard by surprise, but sure, he’d bite. Maybe he’d get a little entertainment out of it. It wasn’t like he was wrong, suggesting he’d been flirting with him, but he had an appearance to keep. So, he raised an eyebrow, and hyped up his signature drawl.

“Flirting? I think you’re reading a little too much into it when I call you Pretty Boy.”

“Okay, really. You can drop the act. Mick told me you like me, or at least you’re attracted to me, or something. He said the pulling pigtails thing was just how you showed your affection. And the stealing wallets. You’ve been trying to impress me. Which, okay, I’ll admit, your skills are impressive, but in my opinion they could be put to better use than what you use them for, like maybe you-”



“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.”

Ray blinked.


“Would you prefer if I flirted with you like that instead?” Len asked. Ray furrowed his eyebrows together.

“Well, I mean… Wait. Wait a second, you actually have been flirting with me? … Hey! Don’t walk away from me! Leonard! Get back here!”

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Pretty pleasee Drarry 2, 5, 6, 11, 15, 24, 31, 39, 41, 45....I'm sorry!!!! At least some of them? Please? 😇 💛

I have this condition where I can’t say no to people. o_0 

So, sure, here you go: 

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?
Harry is most often the big spoon. Mostly ‘cause he’s really warm like all the time and Draco is nearly always cold (he wears socks to bed even in the summer, it’s weird, honestly).

5. Who usually has nightmares?
Although Harry did have his share of bad dreams, he actually just suffered from insomnia for nearly two years after the War. 

It’s Draco who continues to wake up from terribly vivid nightmares, although they’re relatively rare now ever since Harry moved in with him.

6. Who would have really deep emotional thoughts at the middle of the night/ Who would have them in the middle of the day?
Draco started keeping a journal after the War just so he could pen his thoughts down - he had a lot of them. He still writes in it, sometimes several times a day.

Harry sometimes comes home in a troubled/pensive frame of mind after a particularly disturbing case at work, although if Draco were to be honest, he secretly yearns for those evenings because then they just spend the whole time talking; about all the stuff that really matters to them and it somehow always seems to bring them closer.

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies?
You’d think The Boy Who Lived would have the stomach for some good old demon exorcism and vengeful spirits. But Harry can’t stand them; he spends most of the movie with his eyes shut while Draco sits beside him, leaning forward in place, wide-eyed with excitement. He never misses an opportunity to tell their friends about how Harry’s such a wuss.

And they’re both (although Draco would rather eat a Screwt than admit it) big suckers for romance movies. They both (inconspicuously) cried watching The Notebook.

15. Who is scared of the dark? 
Draco. He wasn’t a big fan even as a child, and the War - the nearly pitch dark Room of Hidden Things and being holed up in the dimly-lit Manor with Voldemort, exacerbated the phobia further.

Harry sort of got over his fear of the dark very early on - being shut up in cramped, enclosed spaces for long periods does that to a person, I suppose.

24. Who is the talker/ Who is the listener? 
They both talk, and they’re both great listeners. Harry’s learnt to watch out for the signs of when Draco’s had a stressful day - he opens a bottle of wine and lets Draco rant and he actually listens to all of it. Draco loves when Harry gets excited about something and starts prattling on and on about it - it’s quite endearing, really.

31. Who is more affectionate? 
You mean openly? Harry. He has no qualms about showing Draco/anybody else how much he loves the blond. He always kisses Draco when he meets him somewhere, regardless of where and who else is in attendance. He always holds Draco’s hand while out with him (the number of pictures in the press of them holding hands while out together is not even funny). He’s not opposed to PDA either (much to Draco’s frequent mortification).

Draco, ever the dignified Pureblood is less enthusiastic about his feelings in public. While they’re at home is a whole other story altogether - he will quite literally sit in Harry’s lap (rather than anywhere else in the whole damn house) and he will insist on being cute and snuggly while Harry’s in the middle of something (cooking, very often), demanding kisses. So yeah, they’re both rather affectionate in their own ways.

39. Who buys cereal for the prize inside? 
Harry. He never got to keep them as a kid (thanks ever so much to Dudley). Draco doesn’t really get it, but he will always stock up on Harry’s favourites.

41. Who cries during sad movies?
Harry sniffles during the movie. He’ll subsequently find Draco crying to himself in the bathroom sometime later.

It’s adorable.

45. Who is more likely to get drunk?
Harry gets drunk the minute he touches anything but beer. 

Draco gets drunk the minute he picks up his second glassful of anything.

I had way too much fun with these. Thank you! :D  ❤️

@queenyavengers Cause I am pretty sure I have seen a short post somewhere in the sea of Tony and Peter GIFs and Tumblr meltdown someone saying how great it would be if this happened. So I did this sucky little thing. 

“I was just trying to be like you.”

If he didn’t know any better, Tony would swear to God that the kid was his biologically. Right down to that look in his eyes. That look that pleaded with the adult in the room to be taken seriously, that hopeful tint that would make one understand that despite the totally crappy turn of events, the intent of one’s actions was placed in the right corner. 

He’s known this hopeful feeling, it still bounces in him frail as it is but he has also seen the entirety of the ugly side that came to being a superhero. He has also seen what his failures for being too sure in himself and dismissive of other people’s concerns has wrecked on this world. 

“I want you to be better.” Inevitably the disappointment of adult’s failure to understand brought out the tilt of the head sidewise down and lips set to show subtle aggravation. God but he could relate. He did not expect the trademark fed up teen look to shift into soft expression of genuine confusion. 

“Why would I want to be better?” There were not many moments in life when Tony was caught by surprise by such simply put question. Clearly he failed to hide it because Peter quickly continued to speak. “I mean, yes, I clearly underestimated my opponent and I need to work on my entire approach to this superhero business but why would I want to be better than you?”

“Did you sleepwalk through last nine years of your life kid?”

“No. I’ve seen the good and the bad. Some of your decisions have admitedly come with high price but you didn’t run away from them. The fact that after everything you still get up in the morning and do not hesitate to put on this suit to help people is amazing. That’s what I want. I want to be able to help people. And I still want to be like you.”

“Kid…” His eyes were not watering damn it. How the hell is this kid so astute? He’s sixteen, he shouldn’t be able to see have scuh perception on anyone, especially a human train wreck like him. “Superhero stuff is not all rainbow and sunshine.”

“Yeah, I beggining to get that.”

“You can’t just jump in head first to confront a guy who clearly had everything planned out well in advance. Following instructions sometimes is a good thing. When I said don’t do anything stupid this is exactly what I had in mind.”

“Then don’t just tell me, teach me!” Teach? Tony Stark teaching someone? That is ridiculously proposterous and a disaster in the making. “That’s not how this works kid.”

Peter actually gave him ‘Are you kidding me right now?’ face. “Then how does this work? Is this five percent advice from others and ninety five percent self discovery thing? You want me to not do stupid things and not take uneccessary risks. Clearly you don’t want me to repeat your mistakes. It’s not like this stuff is taught in highschool. So please teach me how to avoid them. Teach me how to be better. You are my superhero and I want to be like you.”

Tony bit the inside of his cheek and cursed himself. Damn it. 

@queenyavengers I totally blame you for feeding my plot bunnies. 

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I'm curious , since you have a naughty little voyeur / tease side, How often you do things in public that aren't obvious. Like, no panties or randomly rub in traffic or flash in traffic. Maybe visit a restroom while shopping to have you time. Not Necessarily things people see or notice but turn you on because you know.

When I’m not at work and out in about in yoga pants I often don’t have panties on.

I always wear panties to the gym. And I have flashed and takin boob selfies in the car. I’m pretty sure I’ve been caught. I’ve also takin boob selfies in the business lane at the bank and I’m almost sure that the banker saw me cause he always smiles at me like he’s seen my boobs. One day I had been on here and I was ungodly horny so I stopped on my way home and parked in a Target parking lot and got off in broad daylight. Fantasy #5 was based on true events. Except I was 17 and not 33. The guy was my boyfriend and we fucked in a picnic bench in a state park/lake as the sun was setting with ppl milling about. Also at this little water park here I fucked in the lazy river. Baseball & A Football field. Lots of car sex. Ohhhh camping!! I love to camp always have and well when you camp in HS without parents lots of sex in and out of the tent… I really don’t know how I have never been arrested. I don’t know if I can do car sex anymore I’m not as flexible as I once was LOL. I still get a thrill out of being caught. I would love to do Fantasy #2!!! But idk… getting caught and then GETTING CAUGHT are WAY different lol

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dude why do matt always put foggy in the last place. it's like if not elektra, it's karen. not as in a mattfoggy relationship just as friends. why is he like that with foggy? it's that one comment that elektra said sorta stuck w me "the last thing you want is to be with your shaggy haired friend" and matt's like yuppp. and how freaking odd foggy knows about her but elektra? it's like matt never even mentions him. im not sure if that's protecting foggy or if that friendship is quite one-sided

I mean, in terms of that scene at the party, it’s because he’s an 18-year-old kid fixated on wealth and danger who desperately wants to get laid, so yeah, he’d rather be with Elektra than Foggy. (He could get laid with Foggy but I don’t think he knows that, and also Foggy doesn’t smell like money.) And it’s pretty clear that he never told Foggy the details of his relationship with Elektra any more than he talked to Elektra about Foggy, so I think that’s fairly well balanced.

I don’t think he necessarily puts Foggy behind Karen in the first season - he barely interacts with Karen at all, in fact. In Season 2, though, I think part of him has already pulled up all of his defenses where Foggy is concerned. Foggy left once, he’ll probably leave again, Matt is hardening his heart against the inevitability of it. (Witness the way he breathes through it like he’s shaking off a punch after he and Foggy break up N&M versus the way he completely shatters after their fight in Season 1. He knew this was coming. It hurts, but he prepared for it.) Meanwhile he’s really invested in building this house of cards relationship with Karen - more invested in the idea of the relationship than in her as a person - so he puts more effort into that.

There’s also the fact that Matt is incapable of remembering anything in his life that’s not happening in front of him right at that very minute, which Season 2 amply demonstrates. Punisher who? Elektra what? I’m a lawyer? Matt does not multitask well.

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Melly - what are your thoughts about a potential Zustin collab? It would be a very smart business hoe move, and I don't understand why Justin would post the SGT cover art if a project wasn't coming? Also, news sites won't stop talking about it. I'd just like to hear your thoughts. :3


 It would depend on the track for sure (I’m guessing it would sound like Still Got Time, if anything), but I mean, numbers-wise it would be a smart Business Hoe move for sure. It looks like the Biebs is getting back to making music for a new album, too. 

The Biebs doesn’t really promote other artists’ music very often - I went and looked on his Instagram (my #sacrifice) and the last time he did that was with Chance the Rapper several months back, and the Biebs has worked with him twice.  Its been been picked up pretty much everywhere, too:

And Zayn liked the Biebs’ post, so that’s pretty much like they’re practically dating, in social media world. I would give it like a 65/40 in Melly Maths™ that it would happen. 

We’ll see though? I side eye anything that comes from The Sun, but 

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Can you draw some of crymini i love her so much shes my favorite💜 pweaaseee!!

lol sure ^w^

I imagine Charlie has to move Cyrmini to a new job at the hotel roughly once a month due to her general recklessness and combative behavior. I think Angel would work the same but I feel like most of his money probably comes from his crime jobs and he probably just lives at the hotel (I don’t have any canon on this!)  so not as much a headache for her. …poor Charlie, she tries so hard. XD

Crymini and Baxter belong to @vivziepop! Go check out her work it’s super colorful and pretty and her characters are so much fun ^w^

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AGFKKSJ PINING IIDA iida watching todoroki and deku just having a conversation in class and his heart going crazyy Iida drawing hearts in his notebook, Iida chastizing himself for daydreaming of kissing them both, Iida dying when theyre changing in the locker rooms, Iida running into a wall cuz hes just staring, Iida writing love letters to them and throwing them out because 'theyre way out of his league what the hell is he thinking' (srry im just such an Iida stan hes so sweet)

jokes on all three of them because THEY’RE ALL PINING LIKE FOOLS like ok sure iida is looking at them in the changing rooms but have you seen yourself boy i’m pretty sure they’re looking at you too lmao nothing better than mutual pining between three people ghfkdjgdfsgf

but man if he ran into a wall while using his quirk that’d be dangerous

( @i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing )
Alright! So this is what A looks like!
So we all know Tyler is a really kind, caring and positive person.. So
Anti!Tyler is exactly NOT that! He’s extremely violent and very short-tempered. If he gets attached to someone he gets very protective and will make sure that everyone knows that what’s his, is his.

Has a lot on their account about A. Go check them out! I’m really crap at writing descriptions so & they’re pretty hecking good at that stuff! :)

( @justwritingscibbles also helped hannah a lot too, I mostly just did the art for her :) )

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Lawyerharrie if you still remember a Louis Tomlinson can you kindly explain what the actual fuck does "no decision yet" mean????? Like even tmz said he'd probably just get away with a don't do it again blah blah... and "a new court date will be set if charges are filed"?????? So were they dropped are they settling out of court or what????

So, I’m pretty fucking sure you’re insulting me here and then demanding information from me? Is that what’s going on? 

Supercalifragilisticexpialifuck you. Where in the hell do you think that insulting me and furthering this ridiculous competition entitles you to anyone’s help or knowledge? Holy shit, who taught you that that’s how you can get by in the world without being utterly destroyed by those whom you offend? 

And you don’t need a legal degree to understand that “no decision yet” means they haven’t decided yet.

Fell’s the favorite!

This sorta cheered up Fell a bit. Mostly because it was a chance to spite Dr. Gaster. 

I was kinda surprised that Fell won! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love him to death, it’s just that I thought Swap would win. I knew Dr. Gaster would be left in the dust. Like, geez, I’m impressed that he even got 1 vote. He’s hated by all the Gasters and he’s really not a very likable person. I still like him though.