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Christmas Without You

Okay so this is the longest fic ever and I didn’t actually realise how long it was before I put it into this post and got ready to edit. Might wanna get comfortable before starting to read xD I want to write a whole load of Christmas fics, because it’s my favourite time of the year, so if I have any ideas they’re gonna be written, but also feel free to send me prompts cause they’re always awesome :D I’ll link all the fics together when there gets to be more than one xD This one is from a prompt I got a while ago that read: ‘Amelia’s first Christmas without Derek. Her family comes to visit her but she doesn’t want to be around them. Amelia wents to Owen’s trailer (They’re friends, nothing more. That’s what they tell themselves.) and asks if she can be with him turning the Christmas Eve and Day. Owen invites her to his mom’s house and Amelia is happy to join. They sing together while Owen is playing the guitar and they know. It’s not over, it’s not a mistake, it’s not a plane crash.’ Thankyou so much to the anon who sent me this, I have been eagerly waiting for December so writing this wouldn’t be weird ever since I first read this in my ask box :D It was an awesome prompt :) 

The house was big and empty, so much so that staying in it made Amelia feel even more alone than she already felt.

It was Christmas Eve, but you wouldn’t know from how the house looked. There wasn’t even the smallest decoration, no tree, nothing. Amelia had never spent Christmas alone, but this year she was gearing up to do just that.

She kept telling herself she was fine, she was managing, she was doing okay, but the holiday’s had always been Derek’s favourite and she couldn’t help but think of him as she sat alone in his house. She had been emercing herself in work, diving in so deep that all her time was taken up and there was no time to spare for feelings. It had been working pretty great, until Owen insisted she took a break, especially because it was Christmas.

She didn’t want a break, she wanted to be busy, she wanted to keep busy, she wanted to work. Since that was no longer an option, she wasn’t sure where to go next. She didn’t feel like she had any one in Seattle, Meredith was who-knows-where with her niece and nephew, and her and Owen had only been speaking to each other on a professional basis since he had told her all they were was a plane crash. It felt like she didn’t even recognise her life anymore. Nothing was the same. Nothing made sense.

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