not sure if he's turned on

ok but also like, a word on merle? dude i was so blown away by everything merle did this ep. for some reason in other episodes ive been finding myself not really paying much attention to merle but suddenly here he’s just fuckin killing it. building churches, coming up with the idea to record the stories of the people to make sure they aren’t forgotten. that part just before they leave the mushroom world where he’s in the church with all the people in the town & turning into light while they sing? like what the fuck?? absolutely iconic. i love merle and i was a Fool for not realizing this earlier

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Prompt where Lance gets ice powers from blue that he can't control and accidentally ends up hurting himself or an innocent/a team member


Everyone was shocked, nobody understood what they just saw. Lance was just as confused and scared as the rest of them. 

They all stared at the galra soldier who was frozen in solid ice by Lance. 

It all happened so fast. One moments the team was being attacked by a galra the next he was frozen. 

Lance stared at his hands, he didn’t feel cold but he knew he should. Solid ice just came out from his hand. 

Lance slowly turned towards his teammates who were staring at him wide eyed. Lance was trembling all over, he was scared. “Help me.” 


Allura and Coran were just as confused as the rest of the team. They had never heard about someone gaining power from there lions before. They were completely baffled at what had happened. 

Lance on the other hand was crush? devastated? scared? he wasn’t sure he just was uncomfortable. He hadn’t left his room since the mission and wouldn’t talk to anyone except Coran and Allura. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, or anything. 

Best course of action, don’t go near anyone. 


Nobody knew the extent of Lance’s ability but they knew something bad would happen if they touched him. It killed the team since they knew that Lance loved affection and touched of any kind. Pats on the back, handshakes, hugs. He craved attention but now he couldn’t get it. 


Even though Lance refused to train with his team in fear of hurting them he still found himself on a mission with them. The only thing Lance had to do was get people into the castle before the planet collapsed in on itself. 

Lance made it very clear that he would not touch any of them in fear of hurting them. 

Lance watched the prisoners enter Blue and exit Blue as he dropped them off. The other lions were fighting the galra and Lance was moving as fast as he dared. 

Get them on, get them off, repeat.  

Lance chanted the motto in his head as flew Blue back and forth. 

Everything was going smoothly until a little child fell. Lance without even thinking ran to the child and picked them up. Before he realized what he did the ice was already spreading on their back. “No, no, no, no, stop it.” Lance placed the child on the floor of Blue and took off towards the castle. “Allura we need a pod, I hurt someone.” He flew even faster. 


The child was fine, they just got mild freezer burns from the ice but they were fine overall. Nothing a pod couldn’t fix. 

Lance couldn’t believe how stupid he was, he ran back to his room. He shut the door and collapsed on his bed. The tears streamed down his face How am I so stupid. I can’t touch anyone without hurting them. 

Lance ignored the world. The knocks on his door, his teammates worry calls, even Blue. 

I can’t hurt anyone ever again. How can you hurt someone if you aren’t by anyone. 

Anyone else get Frozen vibes????? 

I low key am not happy with this but I had no ideas tbh. 

I hope you like it!

Thank you!

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Ayo Dark! Long time no see! Quite literally because my interest and passion has been more dedicated for kpop recently than you guys. Sorry for any ignorance didn't mean to... Anyway I came up with a question while jamming to my favorite tunes: do you like to dance? Whether it's alone or with someone. Because lately I've taken interest in dancing and wondered are you interested of it too. Also when I haven't paid attention to you the lights have been going off. Is that your doings?

“I’m not particularly gifted at dancing, and I never do so alone. I have only ever danced in pairs to classical music, usually in slow motioned tangos or waltzes that allow for meticulous, structured movement.”

He shrugged to the obvious judgmental eyes that were surely upon him.

“Say what you like. To me, dancing is not meant to be freedom. It is structured, elegant, planned and possessive of the partner. It is taking control of something beautiful, turning it into visual art. It is based on time, precision, accuracy, and that is how it remains for me.”

Short RoadRat HighSchool AU Prompt

Mako inhaled slowly trying – and failing – to calm his jittery nerves. He flexed his hands where they hug by his side before clenching them again hard enough that he was sure his knuckles were white. He sighed heavily, knowing that lurking behind the tall library bookshelf any longer wasn’t going to magically give him the courage he was so desperately searching for. He shoved his hands into the loose pockets of his charcoal hoodie, a small pig cartoon plastered on the front, before he forced himself to turn the corner of the dark wooden shelf and head towards his unsuspecting target. 

Jamieson Fawkes, was sat at one of the large, round tables that were spread out among the library.  The blonde was alone, though the library was usually abandoned this late after school had already ended; most people were eager to get home and tried not to linger any longer than necessary. Not Jamie, whose eyes were glued to his phone, fingers flying across the screen and leg jiggling. Though Mako knew that if it wasn’t his leg it would be something else, Jamie was never still, he was always moving. He reminded Mako of a excited little flame, flickering too and fro and seemingly never static for more than a few moments before beginning it’s dance again. 

Mako’s steps faltered before he growled lowly to himself and forced himself to keep walking, heading straight towards the younger, unaware boy. Mako halted awkwardly in front of the table, but Jamie didn’t even seem to notice the hulking figure of the larger teen at first. Mako shifted uneasily before clearing his throat, Jamie still didn’t respond fingers never pausing for a moment. Mako was at a loss for a moment, his already faltering confidence chipping away with each moment and before he could stop himself he sighed heavily enough that the air forced from his lungs washed over Jamie, whose head shot up in surprise. Amber eyes wide with shock and something akin to wonder as he took in the figure in front of him, but only for a moment before they crinkled happily and a large, toothy grin spread across the blondes face. 

“Mako! I did’n even notice ya there!” Jamie crowed gleefully, his phone screen going dark as he laid it down on the table. His fingers moved from the phone screen to the table and began to unconsciously tap a senseless pattern. His good leg jiggling a tad higher than before. “What’cha need hoggy?” Jamie questioned with a curious tilt of his head. 

“Umm, well I needed to talk to you about…something.” Mako mumbled, chewing on his lip with every pause and unable to stop himself from turning his head away from Jamie. “I just wanted to ask you, I know we haven’t like….known each other that long and maybe that’s weird, maybe this is weird for me to suddenly ask but I guess…did you….no, do you….”He was fairly sure he was going to start hyperventilating at any moment, which meant he’d have to pull out his inhaler which he wasn’t sure he was ready to show Jamie it wasn’t good for the image he’d built up. The tough, unfriendly and unapproachable image that Jamie had completely and blindly stumbled right through only a few weeks back. Which is what had brought them to this situation in this first place. 

The situation being Mako trying – and spectacularly failing – at asking Jamie out. Mako roughly rubbed his hand over his slightly stubble chin as he finally choked out what he’d meant from the very beginning. 

“Do you wanna go out?” He grumbled, voice muffled by his hand. “… with me?” Silence reined supreme for long, tortuously long, moments. Mako could already feel the familiar tightening sensation of his stomach that would quickly devolve into panic. Mako couldn’t help but turn back to face Jamie who was staring up at Mako with a blank expression, Mako felt his heart plummet. He was such a fucking idiot, why had he thought this was a good idea and now he’d ruined one of the few friendship’s he actually cared about. 

His expression must have given away his complete and utter heartbreak because the blonde teens bushy eyebrows instantly furrowed in worry and his whole face scrunched up in concern and he flailed wildly as he tried to stand up. 

“Oh god! Oh god please don’t be upset!” Jamie cried, standing up so quickly that he sent his chair tumbling backwards and he nearly stumbled face first into Mako. Mako felt his sadness begin to shift into anger, he could do anger, anger was familiar territory. He growled low in his throat his mouth curling into a snarl. Of course he was gonna be fucking upset! What did Jamie expect? That Mako would just brush it off without a problem? What a load of shit. Mako spun on his heel ready to storm off, possibly to find something – maybe even someone – to punch.  

“WAIT!” Jamie’s shout was so unexpected and so were the slender fingers clutching his bicep that Mako found himself stopping. Jamie was instantly in front of him, hands still gripping Mako’s arms as if he’d run off if Jamie wasn’t keeping him there. Jamie’s whole face was screwed up in a desperate expression that Mako thought didn’t really suit the younger boy. “Please, just hang on a tic.” Jamie pleaded. Mako huffed grumpily before nodding, crossing his thick arms across his even thicker chest. Jamie chewed his bottom lip, watching Mako with distrust as if thinking the moment he turned his back the larger boy would make a break for it. Mako simply raised an unimpressed eyebrow and jerked his head in a motion that clearly read, “Get the fuck on with it.” 

Jamie scuttled over to where he’d been sitting, he dropped to a crouch and pulled out his ratty little bag that had been tucked underneath the table. The blonde teen dug around inside his bag, face a mask of concentration and Mako could even see a hint of Jamie’s pink tongue sticking out in a comical expression of indentured focus. 

“Aha! Found ya, ya little fucks!” Jamie barked happily pulling out a pair of weird curbed little gadgets that were badly painted a truly obnoxious shade of yellow. Mako’s head twisted in confusion and he found himself fully turning to face the blonde, anger momentarily forgotten as Jamie began to shove the small contraptions into his ears. He fiddled with them for a few moments before turning to face Mako with a huge grin nearly splitting his face. “Okay,” Jamie grinned, “now I can actually hear ya!” 

Mako’s jaw dropped. It felt as though his brain were buffering or possibly that he was on one of those hidden camera shows and he was just waiting for someone to jump out and yell, “SURPRISE BITCH!” except it didn’t, instead he just stared down at Jamie was rising from his crouched position still fucking grinning. 

“Jamie are you deaf?” Mako asked incredulously. Jamie’s lips puckered in thought. 

“Yes! Wait, no sorta. Mostly?” Jamie babbled and Mako laughed breathlessly at the absurdity of the situation. 

“Jamie.” He said, his voice firm and slightly louder than Jamie’s own soft ramblings, which instantly quieted the blonde who looked up at him expectantly. 

“Do’you like ice cream?” Mako asked with a small smirk playing on his full lips. Jamie’s eyes practically sparkled and he smiled fully enough to show off his sharp canine teeth. 

“Who the fuck doesn’t like ice cream?” He squealed happily, moving to clutch Mako’s large arm against his slender chest. Mako grunted in agreement pulling Jamie closer to plant a wet kiss against the crown of his head. 

He didn’t even know what he’d been worried about. 

Requests are open. 

that took a weird turn

I had a random text this afternoon from a high school friend. We haven’t talked in 3 or 4 years, but he was camping this past weekend with someone else we knew in high school and my name came up. I’m surprised he still had my number.

The conversation started as a casual catch up and wound up with low key plans for me to drive up some weekend this summer to stay with him (and his wife and kids). His wife is totally on board, even though we’ve never met.

So do you think their plan is to murder me or orchestrate a threesome?

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For some reason i kinda imagined Jungkook loving his corgi puppy because hes so little and cute so he calls him Minnie but one night something happens and Minnie turns into human & JK is like WTF because his lil puppy was such a smol potato but now hes a smol hot potato with an amazing ass xD & Minnie sees that JK is distress so he nips at his face and JK is like Nooooo humans dont do that and Minnie just stares at him with his big eyes and tilts his head and JK just might die from the cuteness

That’s hilarious ha ha. And like Jungkook being like “I’m sure this is some twisted form of bestiality.”

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What do you think Lance's reaction would be if he found out that Keith was hiding something important from the group? Like he had an alien disease or he was turning galra or something?

its can be one of two things:

1. he finds out and is outraged and immediately marches keith to the nearest healing pod and gets his ass taken care of. like helloo they are in the middle of a war here, there is no time to be sick dude. 

ofc keith would prolly fight him about it, but mom!lance is pretty convincing and eventually, keith begrudgingly goes to the pod. Lance continues to lord over him for awhile to make sure the idiot is actually ok. (its no fun when keith is miserable, like who can he compete with then?? xD)

2. knows keith is sick and mother hens him, but doesnt tell the team. so like covers for keith when hes all ‘i gotta go somewhere’ or he just doesnt show up to stuff. Id like to think that if they were on missions and keith was having trouble controlling red, lance would do other crazy maneuvers to cover keiths struggling so no one would notice

as far as the galra thing, i 100% hc that lance could give two about keith being galra. i really love the fact that lance can be pretty accepting (see nyma, plaxxum) like i really dont see him being one to judge, and if he does seem judgey its mostly sarcastic and hes making jokes. So galra keith would just be oh hey you have purple ears now cool - WAIT WAHT YOU HAVE GALRA EARS THEYRE SO CUTE. cuz honestly, lance is kind of a saz and i love him that way


Isaiah:  *matter of fact tone* Listen…I’ve got a whole lot of money and I can always use someone to help me spend it.

Teresa:  Sorry, but that doesn’t impress me.  Anyway, I’m sure you won’t have much trouble finding someone to hang out with…

Imani walks by once again.  Teresa glances over at her and sees her silently mouthing the words ‘he’s got a girlfriend’.This confirms Teresa’s suspicions. 

Teresa: *turns her attention back to Iz and continues her statement*  It won’t be me though.  

Teresa awkwardly waves goodbye before she turns and walks away. leaving Iz behind staring at her. 

Keep feelings apart

Hey there!

Now that I’m thinking about it, I think the producers made Hiccstrid a couple before the final battle against Viggo and Ryker on purpose!

I mean, if they didn’t, we would surely not be able to see Hiccup’s mature speech about keeping their feelings apart to protect he and Astrid.

Think about it.

That’s why I want to thank the producers (again) to give us the chance to see that! Thank you so much! Cause it was truly beautiful!

Also, I think someone must turn this scene to a gifset! Cause I find this scene nowhere!

I still can’t believe that all my dreams came true in RTTE Season 4… I didn’t expect this much for this season and I’m so happy TwT

Prompt #158

“Peristeronic: of or relating to pigeons - Anon”

The lady stood before them resembled something close to a duck and Xavi was finding it increasingly difficult to keep his laughter to himself. Finally tuning back into her speech he caught the tail-end, “… home to many birds. We mainly deal with the protection and surveillance of peristeronic species…” Xavi frowned and turned to his friend, “What on earth is a peris-” He began, only o be cut off by, who seemed to be, the male incarnation of Hermione Granger.

// Oh, anon, you do not make my life easy! I spent so long trying to find out how I might use this, I’m still not 100% sure I’ve used it correctly! That was a hard one, but thanks for teaching me things! xox //

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Can I request a story in which reader tells Levi she's pregnant and what good thoughts are when he first sees his kid? If you feel like writing about this, I don't want to force you..

Since this is basically hearing his thoughts, I’m just going to do a short scenerio.

Levi’s eyes watered a little as he heard the words he had been anticipating for a while now. The two of them had been trying for a kid about a month or two now.

Levi falls to his knees, placing his hands on his s/o’s stomach and pressing his head against her. 

Soon.. Soon enough, he’ll have a little kid.

A little boy or girl.. to run around with.. to take care of and teach.

He will definitely make sure they live in a more peaceful world then this. He will protect his child and his s/o. 

Soothingly, he rubs small circles onto the stomach of his s/o. Turning to face them, he put a soft kiss just above the belly button. 

“I will make sure we live in a better environment.. I promise you. We will live in a happy village with open fields and horizon as far as the eye can see. Our child.. they shall grow to be a beautiful one.” Levi proclaimed and promised you on that day, a happy glint in his eyes as he interlocked his hands with yours.


hey guys ! i’m al and i’m SORRY I’M LATE TO THE PARTY. also i have never played a harry fc before in my life. so while i gather up some resources and what not, have a little look at wren and like this or hmu to plot !

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@philkas-forever not sure if this is what you wanted, but this is what happened! Hope you like it!

They feel the electricity like the ground is made of it, like every turn
Lukas makes is a bolt of lightning, every photo Philip takes
is wired, making his hair stand on end.

They both want the same thing.

Have been wanting it for weeks, since the first moment,
since wanna take some shots for me?
since yeah, I’m into motocross

and Lukas doesn’t understand
can wring his hands until he doesn’t have hands anymore
but every time he looks at Philip he’s looking at his mouth,
looking at his neck,
and maybe Lukas is buried alive under all this, raging against
a ragged coffin mangled from all the things he can’t say
but Philip Shea—
maybe he can tear him from the ground—

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Awww I'm squealing haha that was adorable ❤ I'm sure that's pretty much all the fluff he can manage, the bastard. Sequel: he tilts reader over his shoulder and carries her to the bedroom lol

You have no idea how hard it was not to turn that Balem story into a smut lmao

I was like

“I love you.”

Balem took her lips into a heated kiss, pushing her into the wall and-

Stop, Sin…that’ll do.

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i am working on a fic where they are able to receive an earth radio station that turns out to be a spanish (not specified from where exactly, but the host is speaking spanish). my plan is to have lance be emotional about it because he hasn't heard anyone speaking spanish in ages. i'm bilingual myself and if i were in his place i would be thrilled to hear any kind of german, regardless of accent, but i'm not sure if it's applicable to lance and spanish so i wanted to check in with you guys

I think that’s a great idea! I know if I were to be in his place I’d near just about start bawling if I heard a Cuban accent on the radio or tv.

As it is, i already am like that when I watch mainstream American TV and movies (I just about cried through the entirety of Rogue One because there was a character who actually had a Mexican accent and he was a protagonist in a sci-fi movie where everyone usually has an American or British accent. Diego Luna singlehandedly saved SW tbh)