not sure if he's making a pun.

[August 3rd, 2015]

Fans of the intellectual savior of the masses, let your voices be heard! August 3rd, 2015 is Damien Sandow’s 33rd birthday, so on that day, we, the fans of the Sandow, will honor the king with posts about his legacy. Post stories about his glory, your favorite matches, your encounters with Sandow, and your general opinion and admiration for the man himself.

I will see to it that everyone who uses the hashtag #SandowAppreciationDay will have their posts printed and delivered to Sandow himself. If you have pictures that you’re proud of, post them and post WHY you love Sandow. I’ll be working along with fellow fans on here, as well as personal friends of Sandow, to make sure that what Sandow sees is what we all want him to see and know: that he is adored, idolized (yes, pun intended), and appreciated.


All of this heat over Eminem’s joke about Caitlyn Jenner in that freestyle is a tad bit ridiculous to me. Eminem has been making outlandish and offensive jokes for the past 17 years. Honestly, people shouldn’t be that surprised he would make a joke like this.

 Even though I am an Eminem fan, I will state Eminem is an asshole when it comes to music. His lyrics are offensive and crude, but it makes me (and millions of other people) laugh because we understand dark comedy and know that he isn’t serious. What he joked about Caitlyn Jenner wasn’t even that bad compared to what I’ve seen Facebook users post. 

“ I invented prick and that’s a true statement. I see the bitch in you Caitlyn. I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s dick. No disrespect though,not at all, no pun intended, that took a lot of balls,” 

Sure he called Caitlyn a bitch, but did anyone notice he did not wrongly identify her? He didn’t say “I keep the pistol tucked like Caitlyn Jenner’s dick,” Sure it is unknown whether Caitlyn still has a penis, but we all  know Bruce Jenner definitely still had his male genitalia so I believe he correctly identified Caitlyn Jenner while poking fun at her. 

People must try to understand that everyone laughs at different things. A lot of people like dark humor while others find it disgusting and awful. Is it wrong to find humor in world issues and make jokes about it? Maybe, maybe not. At the end of the day, it comes down to a personal opinion. 

omg i can’t wait for 2020… im going to be like 25 years old with a stable income and i’m going to be sitting at a bar drinking a shirley temple looking hot like not hot hot but i’m expecting to be better looking so i’ll be a solid six and like maybe someone will hit on me and i get to do my whole funny bit where i start making puns about bars and he’ll laugh to be polite and make that face people make when they’re not sure what’s going on but they think whatever is going on is endearing

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I have to ask about St EXpedit, I don’t know him at all!

Sure !

Saint Expédit is supposed to be a roman centurion and christian martyr who was beheaded (yay)during the reign of Diocletian.

Fun fact N°1 : Catholic church doesn’t quite recognize him as a legit saint, even though he’s popular in certain regions - like La Réunion.

Fun fact N°2 : they couldn’t pass the opportunity of making a great pun with his name. Expeditus is the saint patron of urgent causes. *da bum tiss*

Fun fact N°3 : A legend has it that “the day he decided to become a Christian, the Devil took the form of a crow and told him to defer his conversion until the next day (a crow goes ” CRAS CRAS CRAS!“ which means "tomorrow” in latin apparently). Expeditus stamped on the bird and killed it, shouting “HODIE HODIE HODIE” (“Today”). And that’s why that funny mofo is also the Saint you pray to defeat PROCRASTINATION.

Fun fact n°4 : Upon reading an article on Saint Expédit so I could answer your question, I’ve made a hilarious discovery. My ACTUAL ANCESTOR is responsible for the introduction of Saint Expédit in La Réunion ! I didn’t know that lmfao. She was stuck in Marseilles, prayed Saint Expédit there, and since it worked she wanted to thank the saint by bringing a statue to La Réunion. There it began!
(I need to tell my dad asap)

Erm. Anyway :

In La Réunion, as I said, there’s an unusual syncretism around his cult: you know how mixed our population is, and there has been a clear influence of beliefs and rituals from Madagascar - the main reason the altars dedicated to him are red! - but also from Indian (he’s associated with the hindu hero Mardévirin (Madurai Veeran). It’s kind of hard to tell who goes there : the altars are out in the open, along the main roads, but I’ve never actually seen anyone stop by! though it is clear that they are well tended and adorned with flowers.


So I was bored, and hungry, which is an awful combination. :c

While browsing YouTube, I came across one of FrankJavCee’s videos because they are awesome and quite frankly (AHAHAHAHA FUNNI PUN) he is a great YouTuber and in a moment of madness I decided to follow one of his clearly unserious cooking videos and make myself a DEEP HOUSE DEEP DISH PIZZA♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I also hoped that the musical connotations with making such a dish would help me with my music production in some way no one could ever predict, although I’m fairly sure the first slice of this delicious yet heart attack inducing pizza hasn’t done much more than tickle my glutinous tastebuds and increase my overall blood pressure.

I took pictures and a few videos along the way to document such a creative spurr, even though I was just following a tutorial, and to show my partiularly bad rolling pin skillz when I dont add enough water to the pastry thing that goes on the bottom.

Also that pastry thing kept sticking to my fingers. When I managed to slop it into the baking thing I tried to smear it and flatten it with the palms of my hands, but ono! It just stuck to me and came out of the pan :c Eventually I used my fingertips to spread it around the pan cause you know they have a lower surface area and science and stuff.

Sadly it was literally impossible to pull a slice out of my pizza, as the only way to get it out of the pan was by just slopping it onto a plate with a knife. However the end result tasted AMAZINGGGGG

You can go here:

If you want to make it yourself ;D Although for medical reasons, I may have to counsil against; sorry frank :c

Also, I made this short (terrible, cough!!) loop to test whether this pizza does actually increase your knowledge or ability to create DEEP HOUSE tracks… And well, you can decide for yourself *cough*

Btw you’re all invited to my funeral ♥♥♥

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I know it may not be a popular opinion, but I happen to like Mobile Orchestra!! Yeah yeah! It's no ocean eyes but like Adam has said before, he's trying out new things. I guess what I'm trying to say is, as long as he is happy and proud of his work, we should be too! He still puts his heart and soul into everything he does! He may be older than he was when ocean eyes came out but, I'm sure he would still be down to making dentist puns!! .. Am I right??? Cmon you Know the drill!!!! :P


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Edgeworth's extremely desperate in court, making him lose against Phoenix. He finally escapes, only to find a concerned Phoenix standing right in front of him as he lets it all go.

Ohh my god, desperate Edgeworth is my weakness. And I’m sure situations like this happen to a lot of the lawyers, considering how long those trials can get, ohoho. >u<

Anywayyyyy, I couldn’t resist writing a fic for this situation, ye. Though this was my first attempt at ever writing something for Ace Attorney, so I hope I did it justice!

Fic contains omorashi and wetting. (Oh, and the timeline, since it might be confusing otherwise…This takes place after the events of Dual Destines. ^^ )

AO3 Link

“Objection!” Phoenix’s voice rang loud and clear across the courtroom for about the eighth time that afternoon, and Edgeworth forced himself to hold back a groan of despair. He should’ve expected this. This was no one’s fault but his own. Everyone was fully aware that prosecuting a trial against Phoenix Wright was almost guaranteed to last for the full three days it was allowed, and every one of those three days would be long and arduous. Edgeworth had never before had a problem with long trials, and he was currently on the third day, fighting as well as he could to work with Phoenix to reveal the truth.

But now, on this third and final day, he had made the mistake of drinking a few too many cups of tea before the trial, and this mistake was being thoroughly regretted as Edgeworth had to work to keep his impeccable posture straight enough so no one else in the courtroom would suspect that he was being constantly distracted by his own bladder.

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Could I ask for a ship for EXO M+K and BTS? I’m either 5'7 or 5'8, (so like around Jimin’s height). I really like being the center of attention and talking and telling stories and such. I tell a lot of jokes, I’m pretty witty and intelligent, though I make a lot of bad puns. I like cuddling. I’ve been dancing almost all my life and I can sing. I’m very easily startled and very ticklish. I’m a bit childish and/or sarcastic at times, but it’s endearing. I have an about me if you want more information. Thank you!

Sure, hun. I got chuuu!~ You look so cute!

In EXO-K I ship you with…..Suho!

I think that the fact that you tell stories, he would love to listen to them! He makes bad puns don’t worry xD Mama Suho can try to be cool all he wants, he’s just a cool mom isn’t he? But really! I think that you guys have the same traits, and the fact that you’re intelligent, that’s really attractive to him! I can imagine you two going on a lake date, where you guys talk about the members and how stupid they are xD

In EXO-M I ship you with….Chen!

You got me at cuddle. Just kidding…sort of. I just think you two have sort of the same mindset, and CUDDLING. xD He would be really happy that you could dance, and he would sing with you to every hit song. I can imagine you in the car and your favorite song starts up, and you two are nearly twerking in the car xD He would love your jokes, who doesn’t someone with humor?

In BTS I ship you with…..Jimin! (not just cuz you said your height xD)

He’s an expressive boy, so your jokes would only bring out his laughing side more! He would love your jokes and stories, and tell the stories to everyone just to make you annoyed, but kiss you and tell you that you always say it better. He would love your voice too, because it would soothe him somehow I think.

Hope you enjoyed it!~

Send me ships guys!~


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(5w answer) If Xiumin lost control of his powers, I'd try to keep myself from panicking first, and then I'd start trying to get him to talk to me. Whenever I panic from being overwhelmed my mom always tells me to take it piece by piece, so if being overwhelmed was the case that's how I'd do it with him once I got him to start talking. We'd just take it piece by piece until whatever it was was manageable, and he was calm. (And once everything was okay I'd make him laugh by making an ice pun)

Honestly, if Xiumin lost his cool, I’d be scared. Out of all the members, for some reason I feel like if he lost his cool, it’ll be like next level. Cause he seems to put with a lot already so something must’ve really gone wrong for him to loose his cool (excuse the pun haha).

I’d imagine your opening sentences to be something like this. 

“Wow it sure is chilly in here.” Xiumin laughs coldly.

“Never heard that one before.” He replies sarcastically. “You’re going to need better puns if you want to talk to me.” 

Originally posted by purpleuhan

Click here for the 5W scenario!

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Hello, sorry to bother you, I have a strange question. Well, it's a stupid one. But I just... well... okay, puns. Are they something that work well in Elvhen? It seems... sorta literal and I'm not sure how well I could tell terrible puns in it.

Would puns make sense in Elvhen? possibly. Would they make sense when translated into English? no.

You have to remember that puns and jokes based upon language and idioms are very much central to a language. Oftentimes, they make little or no sense when translated out of that language. 

For example, if you were to state the following joke:

Why did the banana wear a tuxedo?

Because he found it apeeling.

It makes perfect sense in English, because the very peel is very close to the adjective appealing. 

Now let’s translate that sentence to Elvhen:

Ahnsul smeradahl jul tar’julathe?

Ahnsul is unven enastem.

The humor is nowhere in this. In fact it would just seem weird and confusing because the word for peel in Elvhen is seia, which has no relation to the adjective/past participle enastem.

So for the real answer, yes they could work, but I probably won’t do much work on them because the puns have to be native to the language and usually don’t make sense outside of the language. That is to say, every single pun would be to be explained and a joke is ruined when you have to explain it.

Hope that helps.

Ok Barely Lethal was such a nice light movie with so many badass ladies in leading character and it would’ve been perfect if they didn’t PULL THE “GOOD GUY” FRIEND CARD!!! Like Hailee Steinfeld’s character literally meets the cutest guy ever but her other “friend” who really just wants to date her suddenly feels like he’s being “friendzoned” so he’s super rude and fucking gross towards her like, after she gets into an accident he goes to check if she’s ok but leaves mid-visit saying [angry voice] “ok well i’m sure your bf is gonna come and check on you bye” [storms off] 

AND THEN THEY MAKE HER END UP WITH HIM JUST BECAUSE THEY BOTH LIKED PUNS AND HER CUTE BF DIDN’T!!!! Like fuck you that was such a dick move because there the dude she was dating was super cool and nice to her and then they just made him a “”“"dick”“”“” for like 5 secs so that the friendzoned dude suddenly looks good because he needs to be the fucking hero I AM SO ANGRY FUCK THESE KIND OF DUDES

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I thought Mairon designed it like that so he could fuck Melkor whilst he was in full armour. Or did I get that wrong?

That’s definitely a plus of the design as well. Mairon would never admit how much of a weakness he has for Melkor in armor (especially battle-fresh armor, still smeared with gore, his Master looking like a blood-drunk warlord), but he certainly wouldn’t waste the opportunity to make armor sex easier. If you leave the most important bit exposed in the initial design, you don’t have to worry too much about removing any of the lovely metal later; having to take off some pieces and rearrange others really messes with the overall aesthetic.

So, as impressive and– forgive the pun– ballsy a figure as Melkor would cut in that set of armor on the battlefield, I’m sure Mairon wouldn’t mind if it became a purely filthy, single purpose suit.

Last night around 2 a.m., my brother-in-law and I were really tired and he was like, “Wake up! Or else I’ll have to wake you up the only way I know how to… Throw Coffee [the dog] on you!” And I flatly replied, “Oh. Well make sure it [the beverage] is lukewarm.” He chuckled at my pun then went, “Coffee only comes in one temperature: Loud.” We both started laughing a bit too much, and then Coffee started barking at us.


[12:45:48 AM] Yuu: also I just
[12:45:52 AM] Yuu: realized something hilarious
[12:46:02 AM] Yuu: lacus in latin means ‘opening’ or 'hole’ right
[12:46:35 AM] Yuu: SERAPH YOU SO PUNNY
[12:46:37 AM] Mika: LOL AND
[12:46:48 AM] Mika: A HOLE
[12:46:52 AM] Mika: = ANUS
[12:46:54 AM] Mika: “YOU’RE SO ANAL”
[12:46:59 AM] Yuu: YES

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Legion, Barenziah, Gordon Freeman, Pepe, Spider-Man, Ronald McDonald

Holy fuck. There’s no way I can win with this lot, but here goes:

  • Push off a cliff: Ronald McDonald, because he McFreaking loses.
  • Kiss: Spider-Man, but only if it’s Andrew Garfield under the mask and he’s hanging upside down in an alleyway in the rain.
  • Marry: Barenziah. There’s no way I could hope to top barbed Khajiit dick, but I can damn sure try.
  • Wrap a Blanket around: Gordon Ramsey, just so I could make a pig-in-a-blanket pun.
  • Be Roommates with: Legion. He has literally no needs whatsoever, so I wouldn’t have to share anything. He’d basically be just a big metal cat.

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Well. I sent this one to Mina, since she translates Korean but she didn't reply. So, since you are such an expert too, idk if u'd answer me this about gd mentioning kiko in one of his songs. I think is knockout. Not sure. But it's the one he talks about him being big and his gf tall and tip of icebergs and dragon balls. Sorry to bother, it's just that I have looked up for translations and don't find that part and saw a fan video about jiko that says he mentions her there. Thank you very much.

Hi, I’m not an expert at all! Just wanna make that clear. 

It’s in the Intro for GD&TOP vol 1. He says, “My height is small, but my girl is tall. (source) and he pronounces tall as ‘kiko’. It’s a clever pun. 

What They Like About You
  • This is "What They Like About You" (No 5Sauce Pun Intended XD)
  • One Direction-
  • Harry:Caring. You love to make sure Harry stops to get pictures with his fans. Even when your on a date you still always step aside and encourage him to sign autographs and take pictures.
  • Niall:Your Love For Food. He likes that when you go out you go out you always bring different types of food back whether it's Chipotle, Benihana, Olive Garden, or just McDonald's.
  • Liam:Your Dimples. He loves how when you talk or smile two indents appear on both your cheeks. So he trys to talk to you and make you laugh as much as possible.
  • Zayn:Your Innocence. He loves how innocent you are. He also loves that he's the only one who brings the not so innocent side out of you out.
  • Louis:Your Smile. Louis loves coming home from tour to see your smile in person after waiting for months on end.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer-
  • Luke H.:Daring. Once you fail you always try again. It's simply how you live life. If once you don't succeed try again bish! (XD I'm sorry I had to add that)
  • Michael:Your Cooking. Mikey loves your cooking especially on special occasions. But he really just likes seeing you in your cute little apron, that says, "Kiss The Cook" in fancy lettering.
  • Calum:Your Taste in Music. He loves the fact you listen to everything and anything. Not just his band but, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Black Veiled Brides, Sleeping With The Sirens, Green Day, and so much more!
  • Ashton:Your Laugh. He loves how you don't giggle and you just cackle instead. Of course you hate it but he simply adores it.
  • Creepypasta-
  • BEN:Your Laziness. He loves how you just like to sit back and eat all day and watch him play video games with you occasionally joining.
  • Jeff:Your Eyes. He loves how the ends of your eyes crinkle when you laugh too hard or when they twinkle in the night from stars and streetlights.
  • Slenderman:Your Humblism. He loves how humble you are. He simply adores the way you help out around the Slender mansion cleaning and cooking for the others.
  • Sonic.Exe:Brave. He enjoys your brave persona. You never back down. Never. So it's just you and Sonic against the world.
  • Masky:Your Hugs. After a long day of doing all of his jobs for Slenderman, he enjoys getting a tight embrace from you when he gets home.
  • Hoodie:Affectionate. Your just so touchy feely. And there's nothing more that Hoodie loves move than cuddling up with you on a couch while you watch a good romantic comedy.
  • Ticci Toby:Strange. He loves how your just as strange and awkward as he is. You might not tick like him but you do have an extra toe. (Running out of ideas, sorry if that's offensive)
  • Jane The Killer:You Hate Jeff Too. She loves how you both share the hate for Jeff the Killer. You two simply plot ways to kill him when you're not being a sickly sweet couple.
  • Homicidal Liu/ Sully:Cooperative/Aggressive. Liu loves how your so cooperative and calm. Sully on the other hand thinks it's so damn sexy when you get pisses off and aggressive when girls flirt with them.
  • Eyeless Jack:Your Vegetarian. Even though you're vegetarian you still love each other very much. Besides you know what they say opposites attract.
  • Laughing Jack:Self-Assuring. He likes the fact you don't listen to people telling you what you can and can't do. You simply do what you feel like doing.
  • Janoskians-
  • Luke B.:Adventurous. After all you were the one to convince him to get a tattoo sleeve. So you and him continue to get piercings and tattoos the fans don't know about.
  • Jai:Energetic. Jai loves how everywhere you go there's a party. You basically just have enough energy to probably swim across all the oceans and hike Mount Everest!
  • Beau:Flirty. Your just really flirtatious when it comes to Beau. He just has that sexual effect on you and anyone who's in the same room as him. But, what you don't know is you do the same to him.
  • Daniel (Skip):Virtuous. He's very fond of your musical ability, outstandingly when you cover one of their songs. You sometimes crush his ego by how much better you sound yourself.
  • James:Playful. James enjoys your playful and childish side. Especially when he comes home to you dresses in footie pajamas watching Disney movie classics.