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Dating Sherlock Holmes would involve...

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anonymous asked:

If it's okay Reaper, Genji and Junkrat with a small s/o that like to snuggle? They're just so tall and here I am barely 5'1 uwu thank you!

// Omg, YES!!! I feel your pain being only an inch taller :,) //

request // completed

Reaper, Genji, and Junkrat with a Short S/O that likes to snuggle headcanons:


  • Often smirks when you need to go on your tip-toes but you can’t tell from behind his mask
  • Though if he sees you struggling sometimes you can hear him chuckle…
  • Need help reaching for something? Haha fuck outta here he’s gonna tease you like hell before helping 
  • Sometime’s you’ll get sick of his teasing and legitimately frustrated so you’re like “Nevermind, I’ll do it myself!I don’t need your help,” and he finds that amusing at first but then gets kinda guilty
  • He secretly enjoys being needed but won’t always act on it
  • As you finally go to reach for whatever you’d been trying to grab, you might see his taloned gloves pass you and grab it first
  • He goes to pass you the item then
  • …retracts his hand so that forces you to get closer to him if you want any hopes of retrieving the item
  • “You would have a lot less difficulty taking this if we were laying down,” he says
  • and so the two of you cuddle and hold eachother closely :,)


  • will openly laugh, but you’re not sure what he’s laughing about
  • if you’re having a hard time reaching something he’ll be like “Why can’t you just climb :^)” as if it’s a skill that everyone and their mother has
  • might taunt you by climbing up high places claiming it’s easy and to just follow him
  • if you actually attempt to climb on the walls and fail, he’ll have a super hard time trying not to laugh
  • kick the wall and try to make him fall. not working? more laughter
  • eventually he climbs down and gives you a kiss
  • You grab him and pull him off and y’all kinda fall back to the ground laughing
  • He apologizes and begins to stand and help you up, but you stop him and suggest snuggling so you wouldn’t have to struggle with your height
  • Cuddling in the middle of the floor is both uncomfortable and fucking weird, but you’re together and in love, you’ll probably do tons of other weird shit together


  • This 6′6″ tall fucking monster
  • you were so used to him being slouched over that you forgot how tall he actually was
  • You get on his case about his bad posture sometimes and how he should take better care of himself, for the sake of his back
  • So he works harder on standing straight around you but it can be uncomfortable for him
  • Sometimes he can’t take a hint; he can’t tell when you want a kiss, or a hug
  • And you don’t think it’s romantic so you’ll be like “Jamieeee come down here!”
  • At first he’s like “Oh, sure!” but then he starts getting all sassy
  • “Hm? Ain’t’cha tell me to stand up all straight’n’proper-like, hun?” 
  • literally using his height over you
  • You catch him while he’s working on blueprints for a new gun he’s working on
  • He’s sitting down and you just run over and wrap your arms around his neck (now that you can actually reach it) 
  • You ask him to take a nap with you so he can take a break
  • Junkrat doesn’t care for naps and will probably stay awake 
  • But that’s fine because you get to cuddle
  • He thinks it’s a great idea!
Living With The Outlaws Would Include...

A/N ~ I really liked this… maybe I should do a part two?

  • Okay bro
  • You do realize who these guys are???
  • You should already know the disasters that are about to go downnn
  • You guys have fire extinguishers everywhere in the apartment
  • It’s either for Roy’s cooking, Roy’s failed creations, Roy baking, Roy using the bathroom you get the gist
  • The dishes would pile up cause no one wants to do them
  • “It’s your turn to wash them Jason!”
  • “You lazy piece of shit I did them yesterday!”
  • The only ones who don’t cause (much) disaster is you and Kori
  • When the boys start doing crazy crap you both going on a shopping spree or go get icecream cause you both are not gonna deal with that
  • Jason blasting music in the morning
  • He doesn’t even clean but he still turns on the vacuum cleaner to annoy the fuck out all of you
  • Having to constantly help patch up Roy and Jason
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and almost having a heart attack because Kori is up too but you only were able to see her glowing eyes which still freaks you out
  • You and Kori try to keep the apartment clean and cute but the boys somehow always manage to break things and make a mess in a matter of seconds
  • Jason doesn’t even use the door, he always uses the window, does he have something against doors???
  • You know how girls find bobby pins almost everywhere? In the most unusual places?
  • Well you can find bullets and arrows in the most unusual places
  • If you can’t find your jacket you can use Jason’s leather jacket cause he has a bunch and he leave them around everywhere geeez they smell good
  • On that note you guys have to buy a lot of brushes since Kori always manages to break them
  • Kori on so many occasions has brought in stray animals
  • It’s not that you hate animals it’s just you got two of your own animals named Jason and Roy and you can’t even deal with them
  • One time Roy tried to make you and Kori bath bombs
  • “Yeah I really love bath bombs, they really refresh me.”
  • “I have used the bombs for baths before, they are delightful!”
  • Well Roy clearly doesn’t know what a bath bomb is
  • And that’s how you guys blew up the bathroom
  • You and Jason have a secret place in the apartment where you hide books
  • You both don’t trust people with paperback books because they are yalls babies and they can’t be harmed, you are proud parents
  • You guys had a goldfish once
  • Kori named it Glub
  • Roy and Jason decided it would be cool to play with the fish
  • Any whoo that was the end of Glub
  • Besides all the disasters you love them
  • They are your family and they would literally die for you
  • The boys are over protective and are the reason you are single
  • Kori is like your sister and she’s the best person to talk to when you need to let out pent up emotions
  • Jason loves spending time with you, you’re one of the few people he opens up to and you help him through his break downs and he can’t be more grateful to have you
  • Roy might be a sassy motherfucker who thinks he got everything handled but he can be a big softy who needs babying
  • Being with the outlaws is something you wouldn’t change for the world, sure you guys fight but at the end you guys love each other
Under the table.

A/N: I was bored and this came to my mind so I hope you all like it. Also, feel free to send me requests and headcanons!

Paing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

Words: 1,369.

Warnings: Language, Oral sex.

Part 2

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

“Truth or dare?”


“Have you ever dreamt about someone in the compound?”

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Coffee - Tom Holland Imagine

Friends! I’m sorry being MIA, midterms suck.

This is a short piece, I’m sorry. I owe you guys.

This is written in honor of me flying home (and casually being in the same city as Haz and Tom, so, ha!)

Send questions, comments, requests! x

Originally posted by gounderoos

“Hey, Tom, can you do me the biggest favor known to man-kind?” you asked softly.

Tom sighed softly and pulled the eye mask off slowly. “What can I do for you darling?”

You felt bad for having made him upset, “Nevermind, it’s okay. You can go back to sleep…”

You bit your lip and opened the book your reading up again. You saw Tom shuffle a bit before he finally scooted over so he could lean his head on your arm.

“What do you need, Y/N?” He asked softly. He kissed your arm lightly and nuzzled it afterwards.

You smiled and leaned your head on his. “Can you pretty please go get me a coffee from the Starbucks on the other side of the airport?”

Tom laughed and groaned. “What’s in it for me?”

“I could buy you a movie on the plane!”

He sat up and laughed harder, “I can buy 10 of those!”

“Okay but,” you continued, “it’d be coming from me.”

“And that makes it different somehow?” he laughed and begin stretching.

“I’ll make Harrison confess he thinks you’re the superior being…”

A small smile spread on his mouth and you mimicked the motion.

“Only if,” he began, “you get him to say he thinks I’m fucking awesome, too.”

“Done!” you put your hand out and Tom shook it with vigor.

“Awesome, I’ll be right back.” Tom got up, with a jogging start and went off towards the other side of the airport.

You quickly pulled out your phone and dialed Haz’s number. You weren’t surprised when he answered on the 3 ring.

“Hello, how may I be of service?” He answered formally.

“I need you to do something for me, buddy,” you joked.

“If it’s gross, I’m not doing it.”

“I need you to call Tom and tell him you think he’s the superior being and that you think he’s fucking awesome?”

He laughed, “No!”

“Why not Harrison?!”

“Cause it’s not true!” he affronted. “What are you getting out of it, anyways?”

“Coffee.” You said without hesitation.

“Well, maybe the coffee can tell him that instead,” he joked.

You sighed, resigned. “Fine, then. If you don’t want to help your friend in need.”

You heard Haz sigh and figured you had it all set. You smiled when you heard him begin speaking again.

“Fine, I’ll do it right now.”

“Fantastic! Thank you friend!”

“Alright,” he hung up and you sat up a bit straighter when you realized you were set to get your coffee soon.

“One coffee for the human being with a problem.” Tom handed the cup to you and you sipped it immediately. You sighed happily and smiled as Tom sat down next to you, his own coffee in hand.

“Remind me never to fly red-eye again,” he groaned.

You giggled and sipped the coffee once more. “Did Haz call you, then?”


“And?” you smiled, expecting some sassy remark.

“He did it,” he said and he began to fiddle with the lid on the cup.

“You sound disappointed…”

“Am I whipped?” He asked you, but he didn’t meet your eye.

“I’m sorry?” you asked.

“Am I whipped?” he asked again. “Harrison said I was whipped but I just want to see if anyone else agrees.”

“Would being whipped be a bad thing?” You asked cautiously. Even though you had no issue with him being in love with you, you still weren’t sure whether Tom even felt that way about you.

“I don’t think so…” he finally looked up at you. “Would that be a bad thing?”

His question caught you off-guard and you were sure your expression conveyed the emotion. “No…” you answered seriously.

“It wouldn’t?” he asked, his eyes big and round.

“Of course not,” you said. “Because I think I’m whipped, too.” You sipped your coffee, “If that’s helps at all.”

“It definitely does,” he said as a grin spread over his face.

You smiled too, but tried to hide it in your coffee. You continued to smile as you felt Tom’s fingers intertwine with yours.

“I love you,” he whispered into your ear. You smiled.

“I love you,” you said out loud.

B.A.P Reaction To You Feeling Fat


  • He’d want to shower you with love after hearing you say that
  • Talks to you about it and gets upset when you feel like he’s lying to make you feel better about yourself
  • But he really means it when he says you’re perfect!!!
  • He’d go out and buy food for you because he wants you to eat lots
  • Makes sure that if you really do want to lose weight, it’s in a healthy way (a.k.a exercising + healthy diet)

Originally posted by daenana


  • He’s sensitive about his own weight so he understands how you’re feeling
  • It kills him inside to know that you feel that way about yourself
  • Watches over you for like a day to make sure you keep eating properly though
  • Constantly telling you that you’re beautiful and perfect
  • Will fight you if you don’t think he’s right you are Daehyun in the gif

Originally posted by missbaptan


  • He honestly thinks you’re fine and spends hours trying to see a speck of the bad things you see about yourself
  • But he wouldn’t be able to find any and would be very confused
  • Would leave really extra cute post-its around about how beautiful you are
  • He likes to tease you but becomes more cautious of what he teases you about and starts paying more compliments to you
  • Would probably talk to you about it and make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself

Originally posted by gotinspirit


  • Sassy Youngjae is going to show you what’s good
  • But at the same time he’d be very aware of your feelings and would give comfort when he feels it’s needed
  • Sees you as a lil bun who he needs to protect and wants to feed you lots
  • But he can’t protect you from yourself no matter how much he wants to he’d want to fight you and protect you at the same time tho
  • Would compliment you anywhere and anytime and make you feel shy because you know he means it

Originally posted by j-miki


  • Do you and fat even belong in the same sentence??? (The answer is no)
  • Silently offers comfort and support
  • Mostly through back hugs but would also express it through words if he felt you needed it
  • If you wanted to lose weight, he’d probs join you for your workouts and any diet regimes you start (lowkey to make sure they weren’t unhealthy)
  • Reminds you that his love in unconditional and that you’re an angel who deserve the world

Originally posted by daexxxjae


  • Poor awkward Zelo, he wouldn’t know what to do
  • All he’d know is that you’re perfect in his eyes and that’s really all he can say to you
  • He might use this as an opportunity to get you to practice dancing with him though
  • Cause dancing burns calories and he really wants you to grind dance with him
  • But he’d make sure you weren’t over-exerting yourself in exercising and that you got lots of calories because health is important!

Originally posted by bbcblackjack


This reminded me of the eating disorders B.A.P suffered due to TS entertainment. Y’all are beautiful so please don’t engage in unhealthy weight-cutting practices! Don’t starve yourself and don’t try to workout to the point of over-exertion! I hope you guys like this, IDK how it turned out tbh. The grind part of Zelo was bc of me remembering how he grinded on the floor at the concert we went to and how we all got pregnant soooo ya sorry.

~Admin K(inda hungry writing this rn if I’m being honest)


anon request→Sam Adams & being a little shit

What’s the point? So I can watch them write another love letter to the King?

I forgot we had a cat

Request: Can you do the prompts #49 and #82 with Peter Parker, please?

Prompts: “I forgot we had a cat’ , “This house isn’t even haunted”

Originally posted by juliechavira

Peter awoke with a jolt to the echo of a bang. His eyes wide and muscles tense. The noise came from somewhere in the house that you two shared, most likely in the kitchen. At first he thought nothing of it and thought to be just his imagination, until he heard another bang, this time not as loud. 

“Y/n, y/n” he whispered while lightly shaking your shoulder, “Y/n” he tried again, this time getting a response from your still sleeping state, “What,” you groggily whined, 

“I heard a noise,” he informed you

“and I can hear you voice, what’s your point?” 

“What if it’s a burglar? What do we do?”

“You’re Spider-man, why are you worried?”

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Doctor Love

Originally posted by psychictantrums

Pairing: Mike Wheeler x Sister!Reader

Summary: (Y/N) was willing to help his little brother, Mike, to get over his love sickness.

Word count: 1.183

Posted: 9th of November 2017

A/N: Another imagine is up, guys! I wrote this last Sunday and I decided to post it today. I have received new requests and I will try to write them during the weekend as I am having lots of stuffs to do at school.

Anyway, I hope that you are liking these sibling imagines and don’t be shy to send one! I am happy to write them. Also, please don’t forget to leave some feedbacks. Thank you so much and enjoy!

- G. x

“Hey, Venkman!” You happily greeted your little brother and you carefully plopped your body on the seat beside him. “What’s with the sad face? Isn’t Halloween your favourite day?”

“No, it’s not.” He shortly answered with a frown on his face. You corrugated your forehead since it was strange that your brother wasn’t celebrating Halloween, mostly after he’s got tons of sweets and candies that were scattered on the centre table. “Weren’t you going to a party?”

“I am not interested.” You shrugged your shoulders and you snatched your favourite in one of your brother’s chocolate bars. You were seriously more interested in eating sweets with your brother than talking about the party. “What happened?”

“Ugh,” He rolled his eyes because he knew that you would insist on knowing everything. You were his gossipy sister for nothing, duh! “it’s just Lucas and Dustin invited Max tonight.”

“Max?” You unclearly asked as you hungrily munched your chocolate bar. He grabbed his favourite candy and rested his back on the couch whilst opening it.

“She’s a new girl in town.” He silently and grumpily chewed his treat as he earned a confused glare from you. You raised an eyebrow because you couldn’t understand why he was hating on the girl so much. They were kids and kids were usually happy to have new friends. “She’s annoying!”

“Oh.” You nodded when he finally explained why, as if he read your mind. “Have you ever talked to her?”

“No, but,” He sighed. “Lucas and Dustin want her to join our party and I hate that! We don’t need another member.”

“Why are you being so selfish, Mike?” You calmly asked him. You had no intentions to insult him or whatsoever, you just wanted explanations. He surely snapped at her many times now, knowing how sassy and audacious your brother was, and maybe she was asking for some explanations too, some answers on why Mike kept on excluding her from their group.

“I am not selfish, I just don’t like her.” He fidgeted with the empty candy wrapper, making some unwanted noises and chaos.

“Stop it!” You grabbed the wrapper to carelessly throw it on the table. “Why don’t you give her a chance? Maybe she’s cool too, like El.” You suggested as you focused your attention back at your conversation.

Mike quickly looked at you and shot you a deathly and scary glare. “She’s nothing like her!” Shoot it, you hit his weakest and darkest spot: Eleven.

“I didn’t say that she’s special like Eleven, Mike.” You made yourself clear, but your brother was still glaring at you. “Does Max have those telekinetic powers?”

“No!” He defensively responded. “Eleven is the mage!”

“Exactly! El was one of a kind, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have another girl in your group.” You thoughtfully commented. You knew how important Eleven was to your brother, but he couldn’t continuously stick himself to a person that has already gone away.

“(Y/N), it’s not that she just wants to be a part of our group, but it seems like she wants to take El’s place!” Your brother shouted at you and his gesture left you shocked and grounded. How was it possible that a kid was able to think of something like that? Max surely just wanted to have some friends while she was having a new tragic start in an unfamiliar crazy and mysterious town.

“Did she tell you, Michael?” You fearlessly questioned him. You didn’t know who the girl was, but you were feeling bad for her. She was new in town and it seemed like everyone was leaving her out of the community.

“No, but I can feel it!” He pointed his thoughts out, crossing his arms firmly. You loudly clicked your tongue because of your hardheaded brother.

“Mike, I know that you are upset for El,” You faced your brother and nodded confidently to let him know that you were aware of his situation. “but you just can’t cut people out, making them feel different and unwanted. We haven’t seen El for like a year and you are hurting, but that’s not a valid excuse to be a brainless and heartless jerk.” You vented, hoping to make him understand every single word that you were thinking about.

An awkward silence was created between the two of you. You quickly felt bad and awful as soon as you realized what you have just said. Your brother was already upset and heartbroken but then you got this idea to remind him everything about the love of his life.

“Three hundred and fifty-three days.” He then murmured, calming his tensed body. He might have understood and realized your point.  

“What?” You curiously asked, still chewing the sweet junk food in your mouth.

“I haven’t seen her in three hundred and fifty-three days,” he explained, leaving you frozen. The kid was still hoping to see her. “I am counting the days since I last saw her, and, every night, I would try to reach her with my walkie talkie.” He bowed his head as if he was praying, slowly knocking down the walls that he built so high.

“I’m sorry.” You slowly rubbed his back to comfort him. “I didn’t mean to-“

“It’s okay, (Y/N), you had the point.” He sadly smiled at you. “It’s just that sometimes I feel like I am going crazy.” He shyly looked at you, shaking his head as he tried to shoo his thoughts away.

“It’s fine, talk to me.” You emphatically assured him as you carefully put the candy back on the table.

“I don’t really know what’s happening, (Y/N).” He sighed. “Sometimes I feel like she’s still around, but she never came back, she never took a day to come back.”

“Mike,” You started. “I am not a love expert, I suck at giving love advices, and I know that it isn’t that easy,” He sadly looked at you. “but I am always here for you.”

“Thank you.” He nonchalantly wrapped his arms around you, softening his facial expression. He let his emotions out, turning back to the little sensitive Mike that he used to be.

“We will figure everything out, together.” You hugged him back, gently caressing his dark coloured hair. “But, please, try to give Max a chance.”

“All right,” He heavily breathed. “I will try.”

“Great job, lover boy!” You exclaimed with a happy smile. It was a sad situation, but you were also happy because he confided his feelings with you. It was usually a thing that he did with his friends and not with his family.

“I know, Doctor Love!” He playfully rolled his eyes and a loud and chaotic laugh simultaneously escaped from your mouths.

He was hurt and broken, but one thing was certain: you would help him to pick every fragile fragment of his little heart up and you would cure him from the cursed lovesickness.

You were his sister and family usually fixed everything, at least for Mike. He has always trusted you and he surely didn’t call you Doctor Love for nothing.

Successful Game (S)

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook
Words: ~5800
Genre: Smut, Baseballer! au
(I know I’m super late for this but it suddenly took over me.)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

As the daughter of the CEO who sponsors one of Korea's most successful baseball teams (Y/N) has the opportunity to go to every game - whether she wants to or not. However, she does find some joy in going there after seeing one of the members, Jeon Jungkook, for the first time. 

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NCT-127 Reacts to you putting your hands up their shirt/sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

 Sorry my posts have slowed down recently, I’m back at college and have been so busy in just the first week back since it’s the run up to my exams! I’ll try to post at least once a week, hopefully more, but this is just a warning that I won’t be posting as often! Anyway, thank you for the request, this one was fun to do! Have a great day/night everyone! 


Surprised by your sudden closeness, he’d probably take a while to get used to it and be startled at first. Eventually the habit would grow on him, and he’d get used to it - not minding too much if it put you at ease. 

Originally posted by taesyong


I can see Johnny being the calmest about it, laid back as your hands moved across his skin, enjoying the closeness. He might make a joke or two at first, but would soon get used to it and possibly start doing the same, you having to remind him not to let his hands wander to far.

Originally posted by nct-johnny-seo


 He’d probably he concerned the first time you did it, putting his hands on yours and trying to move them - especially if you were around people. As he got used to your habit, he’d find it relaxing to have your hands on him, a comfort he missed when he had to go away for any periods of time.

Originally posted by martina-07


At first he’d likely take it the wrong way, but all together wouldn’t mind. He’d probably never admit it, but would enjoy it whatever your intentions, glad you just wanted to feel close to him. He might brag about it to the other members, telling them how lucky he was to have found some who habitually just wanted to be close to him. 

Originally posted by sour-satang


He’d probably be shy about it at first, wanting to return the affectionate gestures but also trying not to cringe or sass you. I don’t think he’d mind your habit, but also would sometimes prefer you to keep your hands off his skin, finding it too distracting. 

Originally posted by nctinfo


Unlike others, he probably wouldn’t take it the wrong way and would just enjoy the feeling of your hands on his skin. He might ask you what you were doing, but wouldn’t mind it as long as you weren’t going too far. He’d enjoy the small touches, finding them reassuring and comforting.

Originally posted by yonges


 Another one to be quite shy about it, jumping slightly when he felt your hands move up his shirt. His awkwardness would be visible, and even if he didn’t say anything you’d realise and have to explain yourself. He probably wouldn’t mind too much as long as your hands didn’t go too far, prefering it and possibly enjoying it if you stuck to subtly touching his hands an arms. 

Originally posted by harryslittleangel2002


Mark would likely be just as confused as others at first, not sure what to do and maybe trying to move your hands away. Once you explained, he might still be a bit uneasy about you touching him, particularly in public, however in private moments when he got to be alone with you he wouldn’t mind too much.

Originally posted by nakamotens


 The moment your hands wandered up his sleeve he’d jump out of his skin. Being a smol child, I can see him loosing his usual sassy attitude and cringing or just staring at you. When you told him it was just a habit and you didn’t mean anything, he’d be calmer, and slowly start to enjoy the idea that you just wanted to be close to him.

Originally posted by haenyan

Requests open for NCT-U and 127!

Dad!Shawn, Daily Walk

A/N: This is going to be a seris about Shawn taking a walk with his little girl, look out for new posts following this story line. (SEND REQUESTS)

“Y/d/n, you need to calm down.” You scold your four year old. 

You knew getting her a hot chocolate with breakfast was a horrible idea.

But Geoff insisted since, “I’m taking her Daddy away for the day.”

It’s true, Shawn has to spend all day doing interviews with Geoff. Which ultimately means that you are stuck on the bus with a rambunctious four year old. 

“But Momma, the floor is lava.” She says with her wide eyes staring into yours. You try your hardest not to roll your eyes. 

“You are so your Dad’s daughter.” You laugh and decide to text Shawn what she just said. 

iMessage to Shawn<3: No need for a paternity test, she is so yours. 

You set your phone down and wait for response, watching your daughter jump from rug to rug. 

iMessage from Shawn<3: Why? What happened?

You decide to record her for him. 

“Y/d/n, honey what are you doing?” You ask her as you record her jumping around.

“I told you Momma, the floor is lava.” She explains, giving you a bit of sass. You just laugh and then end the recording. You send it to Shawn.

iMessage from Shawn<3: SHE’S PLAYING WITHOUT ME!

This time you don’t hesitate you roll your eyes at him. 

“Honey, Daddy said he wants to play with you once he gets back.” You explain to your daughter.

“When is he going to be back?” She asks, with hopeful eyes. You check the clock and see that he should be back any minute now. 

“Soon.” You smile.

“You sound like Daddy, Momma.” She laughs, continuing her game. 

She isn’t wrong, Shawn does say that a lot. 

You watch as Shawn walks onto the bus and smiles at you. Y/d/n doesn’t hear him, that engrossed into her game. Shawn sneaks up on her and is about to surprise her as she starts to fall from the couch. 

You engage Mommy mode and jump up, like you are even remotely close to catch her.

“Shawn!” You call out, hoping he’ll get her. 

You watch as he grabs her small body and pulls her into him. 

“Daddy!” She squeals. He looks at her for a minute, assessing to make sure she isn’t hurt. She almost just fell from the top of the couch. 

“She’s okay.” He says looking up at you, knowing you are doing the same thing.

“Y/d/n, what did I tell you about calming down. If Daddy hadn’t been there then you could have,” You stop yourself, it’s best not to freak her out. 

“Little rowdy are we?” Shawn asks tickling her.

“Well you know, when Uncle Geoff buys us hot chocolate for breakfast.” You sigh. 

“That always helps.” Shawn laughs still tickling her. 

“How long do we have you?” You ask him as you sit back on the couch. 

“Well she has me for the next hour, you my dear are getting an hour off.” He says winking at you. 

“What?” You ask confused.

“You just spent almost three hours, locked up in this bus with my daughter. You have to have a headache?” He says raising his eyebrows at you. You look down sheepishly. He knows you so well. “Take a nap, read a book, do what ever.” He says grabbing your daughters jacket. “I’m taking my babygirl on a walk.” He says looking at Y/d/n. She gets excited and scrambles to get her jacket on. 

“Have a good time babe.” You say leaning your head up as he connects your lips quickly.

“Sleep well.” He smiles at you as he starts to walk off of the bus.

*Shawn POV*

“Where are we going Daddy?” She asks me. I take her hand in mine and start walking with her down the street.

“I’m not sure, I say we just walk until we get tired and need to walk back.” I smile at me baby. 

“That sounds good.” She nods, determined. 

“I say that we do this whenever we can, it can be our tradition.” I say and she looks up and smiles at me. She’s about to say something but then her over active mind changes her train of thought.

“You are super tall Daddy.” 

I laugh and nod.

“That I am, let’s hope you aren’t as tall as me when you grow up.” I say still laughing. 

“How tall should I be then?” 

“Mommies height. She’s perfect.” I say looking down at her. She smiles. 

“She says I am definitely your daughter.” She giggles.

“That’s true, you are more like me. Let’s make a deal.” I say as we walk past a ice cream parlor.

“Ok.” She smiles.

“If you can be really good for Momma tonight, during my show.” I nod at her. 


“Then we can come back here tomorrow, and I’ll buy you ice cream.” I say raising my eyebrows.

“Ok Daddy, sounds like a deal.” She nods. She lets go of my hand and holds hers out. “Shake on it?” 

“Shake on it.” I confirm shaking her tini tiny hand. 

We continue to walk around the venue and she just talks to me about anything her mind comes up with. Princesses, Princes, dolls, Momma, Grandma, Geoff, the concert.

“Can we see Uncle Geoff?” She asks out of the blue.

“I think he’s in the arena baby.” I say looking at the back entrance.

“Can we see him?”

“Sure.” I smile, I check my watch. I gotta go do soundcheck anyway. We walk in the back and start making our way around. 

I can’t find him anywhere. I see on of the guys on my team.

“Hey Shawn. Hey Y/d/n” He smiles and waves at her.

“Hey man, do you know where Geoff is?” I ask. 

“I don’t but I can call for him.” He says grabbing her radio. “Hey wheres Geoff.” He says into it. 

“Who’s asking, because I didn’t do it.” He responds. Y/d/n’s eyes light up when she hears his voice. She reaches for the radio.

“Can I please answer?” She asks. 

“Of course.” He smiles at her, kneeling down and holding the radio for her. 

“Uncle Geoff?” She asks.

“Eh its my girl.” He responds. I smile at their relationship. 

“Where are you?” 

“Tell your Daddy I’m waiting for him at Soundcheck.” He says. She looks at me and I nod.

“Told him.” She says giggling.

“Also tell him his late.” 

“Your late Daddy” She looks up at me and giggles again. 

“I know, we gotta go to him baby.” I pick her up. I throw her over my shoulder and start jogging to the stage. 

“We’re here.” She yells when we make it.

“Good, your Daddy is super late.” Geoff laughs taking her from my shoulder.

“Not super, just a little.” I say grabbing my guitar. “You got her?”

“Yeah of course.” He says waving me off. 

“What did you and Daddy do today?” He asks Y/d/n.


*Your POV*

You woke up twenty minutes ago and Shawn still hadn’t come back from their walk. You venture to the arena and realize that he’s due on stage in a half hour. You head to his dressing room and stop when you hear her giggle. 

“We win!” You hear her cheer. You walk in and see Geoff holding Y/d/n. She’s holding a ping pong paddle and Shawn is on the other side of the table holding one too. 

“What’s going on in here?” You ask walking up to them.

“MOMMA!” She yells reaching for you.

“Wait!” Shawn says before you can take her from Geoff. 

“What Daddy?” She asks sassily.

“We gotta play another game, we’re tied.” He whines at her. She shakes her head. 

“Wait a minute Momma, I gotta beat Daddy again.” She says looking at you with her brown eyes. You laugh and look at Shawn. The look on his face is priceless. 

“Babe, you just got burned by our four year old.” You tease him.

“Yeah I know, she’s been like that since we started.” He says watching as she hits the ball. 

They get into a heated match which ends with Shawn losing. 

“Celebratory tattoos.” Geoff says walking off with your daughter. It’s the nightly ritual. 

“How was your nap?” Shawn asks walking to you. He pulls you onto him as he sits on the couch.

“It was good, would have been better with my Husband next to me.” You say with a small smile.

“Yeah if he was there, I’m sure you wouldn’t have been napping.” He smirks at you. You lightly hit his shoulder and laugh with him. 

“You kill me.” 

“I realized today, being with her alone. She’s more like you than we thought.” He says brushing some hair behind your ear.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah she’s polite and sweet when she needs to be, but brutal when she needs to be.” He snickers.

“So sassy?” 

“Yeah, but like you.” He shrugs. “It’s cute.” 

“Thanks” You laugh. He laughs too. 

“Look Daddy now we match!” She says running into the room. She climbs up on the couch. She’s holding her arm out and we both see the temporary tattoo on her arm that matches Shawn’s. He rolls his sleeve up and shows her his.

“I like yours better.” He smiles at her. She giggles.

“There the same Daddy.” 

“Yeah but yours looks prettier.” He shrugs smiling at you. You kiss his cheek.

“How was your walk with Daddy today?” You ask your daughter. 

“It was good, he told me that its gonna be our new tadidtion.” She stumbles over the word.


“Yeah, whenever we get a chance, were gonna go on a walk.” He smiles looking at your daughter. 

“That’s precious.” You express letting your hand run through his brown curly locks.

“You’re precious.” He smiles at you. 

“You’re cheesy.” You laugh at him. 

All Work & No Play

Requested By Anonymous

Word Count: A perpetually excessive 4,232

Warnings: A domineering boss, cruel teasing, smut to make even the most virtuous curl their toes. 

Thank you for reading, as always, please let me know what you think, as feedback is a five-star meal for any writer.


“Would you like to share your daydreams with the company?” Tommy asked, syllables clipped, “I’m sure they’re very interesting.”

Tommy’s impatiently bored face stared at you, waiting, and you wondered what he had asked, what the odds were of you guessing and answering correctly. But as each second passed since Tommy had caught you longingly staring out the window into the foggy street, the chances of you saving yourself grew worse. John sniggered and you shot him a glare.

Tommy cleared his throat and you moved your glare to him, tip-toeing along the line of being an employee and a lover, a neat reply to your boss having to take precedence over a sassy retort to your beloved.

“I’m sorry, Thomas, what was your question?” Your voice was exaggeratedly collected and Tommy’s lips twitched in reluctant amusement.

“Your numbers. For Kempton.”

“Of course!” you replied, falsely cheerful.

The room reserved for family meetings was warm and stuffy with bodies, the audience of regular Blinders and inner-circle Shelbys watching you two dance around each other as you had been all morning, entertainment and tension mixing together as they gauged you both. The occasions that you and Tommy were short with eachother were infrequent and fleeting, but always heated enough to make everyone want to avoid getting burned by mistake.

As soon as your feet had hit the floor this morning, you and Tommy had started to bicker, both of you overtired and overworked from being in the midst of the busiest race month of the year. Although true anger at each other was rare - no argument ever survived a whole day - stress grated on you both when the days were long and the nights too short, fights over nothing crawling out of the woodwork like irrelevant snakes.

You prattled off your reports automatically, explaining what had to be clarified and glazing over what didn’t. Tommy waved his hand towards you vaguely when he’d heard all he needed to, reaching his hand out for the paper of your numbers, staring but not speaking, never needing words to demand something.

You rolled your eyes deeply and huffed, unable to help the attitude seeping from you as you gave him your list of bets. Tommy exhaled sharply through his nose, eyes stunning in their amused irritation as he tilted his head at you, a single brow arched smoothly. Holding your gaze as his eyes flashed, a decided mischievousness crawled across his chiseled face.

Anticipation settled in your stomach; giving Tommy cheek at work was never one of your better ideas, the consequences varied. You watched the thoughts settle into his mind and you blushed. He just smirked subtly, his eyes not leaving yours as he passed your numbers to John.

Polly cut the stalemate off with a sigh, having been here with you two before, although you were grateful that she didn’t know the half of it. “Can we continue please, or would you two just like to stare at each other and bicker like children?”

Tommy obliged after dosing his aunt with a scowl. The morning meeting carried on as it always did, each report boring you more than the last. Tommy was far from bored, asking questions and giving orders.

But under the table he was wandering, his hand brushing against your knee, Tommy’s violence-worn knuckles come and gone with an innocent swiftness, an accident. But you knew better, Thomas Shelby never did anything without a sharpened purpose. He returned for more, tracing your knee and flirting with the bottom of your skirts, grazing his fingers underneath them.

In hopes that they would force your thoughts clean, your focus on the numbers John was reporting became absolute, paying attention to nothing but scratching the numerals onto paper, no lust permitted inside your tunnel vision.

Tommy turned to you, shoulder brushing against yours, speaking nonchalantly under his breath as to not interrupt his brother, a normal interaction to anyone else’s eye but yours. Pointing to the paper you were desperately clinging to with your pencil, his lips twitched in self-satisfaction as a whisper dripping with sarcasm rolled into your ear, “Don’t bother writing them down, I’ll get them from John.”

“Are you sure?” you asked innocently, still writing, hanging on to your life raft. He trailed his hand up and down your thigh, fingers moving across the silky net of your stockings silently. You kept your voice even, “I might need them later.”

“You won’t,” Tommy whispered, eyes squinted in a nod of false assurance as he took your pencil, sliding it inside his suit jacket.

You dared a glance around the table and were soothed slightly, attention was on John and the discussion surrounding him. A glance at Tommy found him keenly attentive as if his hands were on top of the table and not between your legs. Watching John and Arthur argue with a tense jaw, Tommy’s hand slid back down to your knee, gripping it and pulling it towards him, your legs spreading easily, traitors.

Resuming his climb up your thigh, Tommy took your skirt with him this time, cool air rushing underneath the silk as he pulled it upwards. He played with the top of your stocking, cruelly and slowly tracing it from the snap of your taut garter down to the inside of your thigh, taking his time to do so.

The pulse between your legs throbbed steadily, your skin tingling helplessly as Tommy drew closer to you, fingers dancing away each time he nearly touched the satin of your lingerie. If you weren’t soaked already, you would be soon, and you both knew it. Teasing you skillfully, Tommy played with the skin of your thighs, spending a merciless amount of time tracing the spots he knew would rile you, the same spots that made you gasp when he pressed his lips against them under the sheets.

A sudden wave of panic rushed through you when Scudboat asked you a question, your brief flustering being dismissed as daydreaming, you hoped, and not the desire trying to burn through your skin.

Answering Scud’s inquiry, you felt Tommy swivel his attention to you but you refused his gaze, knowing his expression was smug as he slid his finger over your underwear in a long line. To stop the moan you knew would come if he reached your clit, you shifted your hips backwards and crossed your legs in a smooth motion, finding the correct date and race for Scud before pushing the book towards him. Tommy’s hand lay caught between your thighs, having slid down when you pulled away from him, inches away from being able to torment you.

Frustration rippled through him, you felt it in the flex of his fingers between your crossed legs, moving them slightly. You knew he could push them apart easily, his physical power far stronger than yours; gaining access to you was never something he struggled with. But Tommy wasn’t used to an audience, and the act of spreading you for him required more discretion than he was capable of in a crowded room. 

Tommy bristled in his chair, running his free hand over his face, half-annoyed with you and half-annoyed with Arthur, who was now berating him about something you hadn’t heard.

Gratefully taking the opportunities that appeared as Tommy’s agitation and Arthur’s discourse, you reached for Tommy’s cock - hand meeting stone as you found it, clothed tightly. You kept your movements imperceptible as you rubbed it slowly, your palm hot as you moved your hand down his length and back, the feeling of it making your clit pulse with desire.

Tommy expressed his annoyance by pinching the soft skin of your thighs gently, digging in just enough to make you shy away from the pleasurable pain, his hand gaining an inch towards you each time he did. Briefly abandoning his cock to fiddle with the buttons of his pants, you slipped one out of its place and reached in to meet the hot skin there, the smooth marble of his cock silky under your fingers.

In a nimble twist of his hand, another pinch of your delicate skin helping him along, he forced your thighs apart, unconcerned for the possibly conspicuous results. Tommy never enjoyed playing games where he didn’t have the advantage.

Your crossed leg slid off your knee with his sudden push, the heel of your shoe slamming into the floor like a heavy box that had been dropped, snapping a few heads up and making some others jump slightly.

“I’m taking that as a slamming gavel to end this meeting,” Polly said, unconsciously saving you from embarrassment, standing gracefully and lighting a cigarette, looking at Tommy. “Do you have anything else to add, Thomas?”

“No,” he replied simply, voice strained slightly with irritation, the reason easily disguised as the stress of work.

People stood, freed, filtering out into the office or the street, only a stray few staying behind to ask Tommy questions and immediately regretting it when he leveled them with a glare capable of arson.

Legs open under the table, you sat and felt your breath hasten in need, Tommy leaving you behind to stand and talk with his brothers, air rushing into where his hand had begun to sweat between your crossed legs. You stood, trying to look busy as you shuffled your papers. Tommy walked his brothers out as they spoke to each other in low voices, the duo waving you a goodbye as Tommy pushed them out the door.

The click of the door closing curled up your spine, a gasp barely escaping you before Tommy was back across the room to you in seconds, a voracious look in his eyes as he snatched you up to put you on the table. The wooden legs shifted from side to side unevenly on the floor, rocking you into his chest where he tightened his arms around you, your breath hot on each other’s faces.

Untangling your hand from the locks of hair on top of his head you moved for Tommy’s cock, glaring up at him through your lashes when he caught your wrist and held it. The two of you wrestled like Goliath and a kitten, Tommy’s amused chuckles infuriating you as he easily kept your hands from him.

But Tommy soon grew bored with winning so easily and took your mouth for himself, pouring into you with a carnal ferocity. Your argument from this morning mixed in with the violent unpredictability of business and the hunger of wanting you, your lips moving together, stress flowing out.

“Open your legs,” he said into your mouth, drinking in the tiny moans you let out as he rolled your nipples gently through your blouse.

“Tommy, not here,” you whispered in a rasp, contradicting yourself helplessly as you reached for his cock again, succeeding now that his hands were occupied, Tommy sharply inhaling your sigh as you stroked his clothed length.

The low growl from his chest vibrated into you, Tommy effortlessly kneeing your legs apart to stand between them, holding you close to the edge of the table so you couldn’t back away. “Yes, here.”

Ducking to your neck, he nipped at the thin skin under your jaw, crushing you to him with one arm around your back. Tommy slid his fingers into your mouth, abandoning the love bite he was busy imprinting on your neck to watch you breath heavily as he ran them in a circle around your parted lips, plunging them back inside before starting all over again.

“Good girl,” he murmured, so quietly his lips barely moved. “Such a fucking tease, aren’t you? Should we see how wet you are?”

Nodding around his fingers with hollowed cheeks, you sucked lightly, humming in pleasure. Tommy pushed his fingers deeply into your mouth and kept them there, focusing on pulling your lingerie to the side. Watching your pussy contract and relax, begging to be touched, he didn’t look at you as he slid his fingers from between your lips, reaching down to press them to your clit, rubbing softly.  

“Tsk-tsk, making a mess all over the table already,” he said, taunting you. Warmth spread over your body and mind deliciously as Tommy spread your wetness around in heavenly circles; the excess running down onto your thighs, your ass, and the wooden surface below.

Waves of pleasure shot through you, making you grit your teeth and clutch at him desperately. Your hand finally done with undoing his buttons, Tommy did nothing to stop you when you took his cock out, sliding up and down the satin of his length with both hands, finding a rhythm for him as he found one for you.

Pulling you close, Tommy held you by the back of your neck and pressed your foreheads together as you panted in sloppy unison. The kisses you spared breath to exchange were raw and overwhelming, your argument from this morning being dredged to the surface so lust could wash it away.

“Fuck me,” you whispered, voice made of begging breath as you gripped Tommy’s shoulder tightly, one hand rubbing the head of his cock as he liked, his breath getting caught between his ribs. Grazing your teeth against the shaven skin above his collar, you felt his jaw clench as you wetly kissed your way down the bone. “I need it Tommy.”

“Oh, is that so?” He mocked gently, slipping a finger inside you and drawing it in and out slowly. Tommy shushed you when you gasped, watching you with a devious smile. In smooth motions he would travel up to circle your clit, barely giving the nerves the attention they wanted before returning to push his finger back inside you, moving in and out twice before beginning again. You forced a moan into a pathetic mewl, the sound of the bustling office beyond the closed doors reminding you that you weren’t alone

“You like that, don’t you?” Tommy cooed, smirking in your ear when you didn’t answer, words not something that you could accomplish. “Are you going to keep quiet?”

Managing a nod, your eyes fluttered as he pulled you back slightly to look at you, watching you greedily as he added another finger to your now dripping pussy, stretching your tightness deliciously, your mouth falling open.

Your hand slowed on his cock, mind growing blurry as Tommy slid his fingers in and out of you while he whispered unholy things in your ear, holding you to him with nowhere to go. Leaning forward to bite into the jacket of his suit, you sunk your teeth into the wool so you wouldn’t cry out. The walls of the office were thin, and you two had already learned that the hard way with many jokes at your expense, and dealing with your own share of listening to others.

“Perhaps I should I leave you like this,” he murmured, the low gravel of his voice thick with lust as he continued to play with you, watching your face go slack as he whispered, “Dripping wet like the little tease that you are.”

Tommy made sure your whine of disagreement was caught in his suit, his hand large on the back of your head as he pressed your face into his shoulder, muting you. You writhed in his grip, reluctantly releasing his cock for good to clutch yourself to him, breathing heavily into his chest while every nerve in your body tried to force out the whimpers you were struggling to keep inside.

But you knew Tommy was going succumb soon, his breath speeding as you rolled your hips into him, your quiet gasps apparently permissible as he pulled more and more from your mouth, his brow furrowed in effort as he watched you with icy and starving eyes.

Suddenly he pulled his fingers out, the hollow emptiness stirring a moan of frustration that started in the back of your throat. Tommy pushed his fingers into your mouth, silencing you with the taste of yourself, sweet on your tongue.

Tommy hummed and watched, his hand going to his belt to free himself, his eyes not on his undoing but on your half-lidded ones, calm in his command, “Touch yourself.”

You obeyed, rubbing your clit while you moaned quietly around Tommy’s pussy-soaked fingers. He watched with lips parted, swearing to himself. Knowing just how easily you could make yourself cum, he kept a careful eye on you, pulling your hand away to kiss the tips of your fingers when you began to get close.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” Tommy said, his voice darkly controlled, rubbing the head of his cock against your inner thighs, teasing himself as much as you, “And you are not to make a sound. Do you understand?”

You hummed affirmation on his fingers, long having sucked them clean. He pushed you backwards with them, slowly letting you down by your jaw until your head met the table. Hooking your leg over his shoulder Tommy pulled you towards him, pushing your other leg back until he had you opened for him how he liked.

Running his cock everywhere but your entrance, Tommy rubbed his cock on your clit in wide circles, his chest rumbling deeply at the hot silk of your wetness on him. You writhed, lost under his touch, the feeling of release begging to escape spreading underneath your skin in an electric web.

But Tommy could no longer resist, the sight of you rolling your clit against his cock pushing him over the edge. He slid into you with a fast and rough thrust, causing you to helplessly moan his name despite his order and the crowded office beyond. Bending down to you Tommy shushed you roughly, his cock reaching impossibly deeper and driving your back into an arch. His fingers clearly no longer an efficient means of keeping you quiet, Tommy spread his hand over your mouth, rubbing his thumb along your cheekbone before squeezing your cheeks, pressing his palm to your lips firmly.

“What did I say?”

You answered him, words lost in his hand. He understood, your muffled mumbling a language he knew, nodding seriously, “That’s right. Maybe if you’re quiet from now on, I’ll let you cum.”

Working his way snugly in and out of you, he let you suffer under the tantalizing strokes of his size while he began to undo the buttons of your blouse. Loosening just enough to reveal your breasts, he pulled your bra to the side until you felt cool air lick at your hardened nipples, Tommy groaning quietly in appreciation as he played with them.

Straightening back up, he squeezed your cheeks for emphasis to remind you of his threat, the choice yours, holding your mouth beneath his hand as he began to fuck you.

You prayed no one would hear the things Tommy was murmuring to you as he filled you over and over; the words alone could burn a church to the ground. His hand held your calf tightly on his shoulder, turning to kiss the bone of your ankle as he kept you open for him, using your leg to pull your ass up off the table when he so chose, driving in deeper when he did, your eyes rolling back.

“So fucking wet,” he swore, his dilated eyes ablaze as he watched himself bury his cock in your pussy, the force of it rocking the table beneath you. Its wobbling legs began to knock against the floor, and Tommy’s eyes left you reluctantly to search the room for a quieter spot, a hunter looking for a safe place to devour.

Sliding his hand down to your throat, he squeezed and pulled you up with his grip, placing your legs around his waist. Walking you to a bookcase, he sat on you on the wide ledge, his cock never sliding out an inch. Barely ten seconds had passed, Tommy resuming his thrusting like he never stopped.

A single gulp of oxygen was all you were able to drink in before Tommy’s hand was back on your mouth, silencing you easily, unconcerned for the heavy breaths you drank in through your nose. He ducked his head into your neck and grunted quietly as he fucked you, pressing you against the books by your mouth.

Both of you grew closer to your orgasms, the strokes of Tommy’s size coming harder as he fought against the wet resistance of your tightening pussy. He held you tightly, his fingers digging into your hip as he shifted you forward to reach deeper inside you, daring you to make a sound.

Moan you did not, channeling your feverish need into a plea for him to let you cum, knowing Tommy would understand the muffled words but not knowing if he’d grant your wish. He said nothing, the only sign he’d heard you being his teeth on your neck, spread in an open-mouthed smile. Asking again, you repeated your mumbled question, the begging in your stifled voice high-pitched as every nerve in your body began to burn.

Ignoring you again, the pace of Tommy’s strokes sped up as he squeezed your mouth hard, taking his leverage. Your cheeks rubbed against your teeth with each thrust, a dull ache that only drove you closer, helplessly trying to keep yourself from cumming as he fucked you hard. A single book fell from the bookcase and onto the floor loudly. Neither of you cared.

“Such a good girl,” he breathed, straightening to watch your face as he brought his fingers to your dripping clit, rubbing it smoothly in quick circles. Your eyelids fluttered and he gave you a nod, holding you tight as he whispered, “Cum.”

Arching into him, you locked your ankles around his waist and let your eyes wrench themselves shut, your hips churning as you felt the flames of your orgasm spread. Noiselessly, you came hard around him, your orgasm stealing your breath and taking over your senses, your legs shaking in release and the effort of staying quiet.

Tommy never slowed as he fucked you through your orgasm, watching your cum begin to drip off of his cock before he succumbed himself. Hand curling around your hipbone, he left lust-shaped bruises as he struggled to hold you still, his thrusts remaining forceful but growing uneven as his cum spilled hotly into your pussy.

The two of you throbbed with the shaking’s of release, Tommy releasing your mouth to slowly to brush your cheek, his other hand running up and down your thigh. You breathed heavily and rested your head on Tommy’s chest, his chin on the top of your head, coming down together. The sounds of the office outside the doors were of perfect normalcy, no whoops, laughter, or loud jokes, and you guessed that the two of you had been quieter than you thought.

“I’m sorry about this morning,” Tommy said eventually, muttering as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. It took you a moment to even remember your argument, the irrelevant spat now feeling like a century ago.

“I’m sorry too,” you replied breathily, still recovering from Tommy’s ravaging. But there was no more to be said, a healthy fucking having been what you both needed. “I love you.”

“As I love you,” Tommy responded as always, kissing you deeply before pulling away and leaving you on the bookcase, getting something to clean both of you off.

Reaching your hand out, you watched him wipe you off of his cock, waiting patiently for your turn. But no tissue was given to you, your brows wrinkling in confusion as Tommy pulled you off the bookcase by your ass, standing you straight and crouching down to fix your skirts for you, sliding your lingerie neatly back into its place with deft fingers, snapping it against your sensitive skin. You felt both his cum and yours begin to leak out, stuttering, “Tommy-”

“What?” he asked with mock innocence, straightening back up to stand over you, running his thumb across your lip before lighting a cigarette. “Did you think that roll of your eyes would be forgotten?”

Of course he remembered. You whined slightly, quieted when he kissed you gently, flicking your nose and tucking a sex-loosened piece of hair behind your ear with his finger. He held your chin and stared at you, knowing full well that you were slowly getting soaked, wetness spreading across your lace and the skin of your inner thighs. He kissed you again, murmuring sinful but flirty affections on your lips until he made you laugh, smiling to himself, satisfied by the sound.

“I need your paperwork by the end of the day.” He started out the door before doubling back, whispering at you through a smirk, “And don’t even think about cleaning yourself up, love. I can promise you that I’ll know.”

Leaning back against the bookcase after he left, you sighed, thinking that you shouldn’t enjoy this as much as you did. One last remaining cord of your orgasm made you shiver as the mess between your legs reminded you that you would always enjoy it, no matter how shameful.

Someone called your name from the office and you straightened your hair as you crossed the room, repinning a few curls that Tommy had tugged loose, remembering the consequences of eye-rolls with each step.

anonymous asked:

I think that sharing a vessel with Lucifer rubbed off on Cas, he was a lot more sassy in season 12. What do you think?

Cas has been sassy since FOREVER!

He refused to kill the babies in Herod’s era and all the other times he was reset. He’s a sassy stubborn pain in the ass in Heaven and kinda renowned and begrudgingly admired for it.

He was all “don’t you talk like that to me!” until he started having feelings for Dean in season 4 then was all “oh shit I like you and got in trouble for it”.

He was all “will you, boiiiii?!” to Sam in s6.

Basically the end of season 6 and 8 and 12 was Cas saying “Dean please, I’ve got a job to do saving the world and shit and if you’re not gonna help fuck off and let me get on with it”.

8x08 he’s just totally joshing with Dean over the “it’s the shortened version of my name” thing and rolling his eyes at him while lifting the anvil like dude of course I can lift it.

Which brings me to the incessant rolling his eyes, usually at Dean…

I mean honestly I can totally see sassy!Cas rolling his eyes and having the whole conversation with Dean about “'How come you think being in a relationship with a guy makes you less manly surely it makes you doubley manly? Especially to be the bottom, that takes extra balls, literally, it’s way more stereotypically manly to have sex with a man than a woman, the pain/pleasure aspect, the energy, the testosterone… you make no sense Dean”

Yeah, idk, he was more overtly sassy at Crowley in 12x03 yeah but then he was already like that towards him in 9x10 too.

Cas just IS deep down in his core sassy AF ;)

We should get to see more of that when he’s not depressed and more himself again.

I love sassy!Cas so much 

Originally posted by castieledits

not today, satan. ( 514 words )

Nico counted himself as fifteen years old. He’s on a visit to Camp Half Blood, sitting in the infirmary. Apparently he just missed a big battle in the forest in the Camp. It’s unknown what really happened but long story short—there were a lot of Hellhounds that were a lot meaner than Mrs. O’Leary. Most of the senior campers—Percy, Leo, Piper, Annabeth—they were in Rome. They couldn’t help—they unfortunately let the forest floor be drenched in blood.

Now the kid of the god of the Dead stood in the corner and watched his boyfriend work. He’s frantic—mumbling to himself and yelling at his half-siblings to work faster. They’re doing all they can. The non-injured (and even some injured) Hephaestus children ran around making more beds for injured kids. It was heartwarming in a way.

The infirmary was full to the brim with injured kids, as Nico noticed. Even with the extra work assigned and some kids (friends—true siblings) sharing beds, some still lay on the floor. They soaked the ground with dark red ink. Nico could almost grimace at the sight.

“Nico—” Will turned around, his blue eyes wide. “Nico can you—oh.” His eyes turned from his dark haired boyfriend to the man standing next to Nico, angrily. “Right.” Will turned back to his work, just as focused as before. “Thanatos is here.”

“Young master,” Thanatos tried again for the hundredth time. “Death is inevitable.” He said again, voice turning into a low mourn. “Death will come.”

“Not with Solace.” Was all Nico said. The presence of Nico Di Angelo wasn’t enough to stop Thanatos. But with the damned souls creeping from the ground and grabbing his ankles—and the death grip that Nico had on his wrist was enough to stop him, however. “Never with Solace. If anyone can stop you, he can.”

Thanatos looked angry. Angrier than before. He looked like he was just personally insulted. ‘The fact that an Apollo child,’ he must’ve been thinking. ‘Is helping these helpless, near death souls, will not change anything. I am death itself, and I am this world’s ugly truth.’ His body flickered like a black candle flame. He leaned towards Nico and slunk around him like a venomous snake. Nico did not flinch. “Death will come. And no pathetic Apollo kin can stop me.”

Nico, the slow to anger boy, looked ready to burst. “How dare—”

Speak of the devil, maybe. Even though Will was intensely caught up in his work, he managed to lend an ear into eavesdropping. It was often that Thanatos was materialized—but the death grip made sure he was. With that being said, a bloody rag towel was hurled from Will’s work station and onto Thanatos’ face. Impeccable accuracy. “This pathetic Apollo kin is saving lives faster than you could have gotten to them.” He snarled. Even with his freckles and golden skin, he looked menacing. Nico was so proud. “No one needs your nasty words, Thanny. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?” And with that, he went back to his work.

Nico smiled—prouder than ever. “I love him.”

Imagine the Got7 members giving you their phone number at a fan sign.

Your very first Got7 Concert, and you got fan sign tickets.

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Jaebum was kind of having an off day. He was pretty stressed out due to the fact that his movements in the choreography weren’t up to his standards. Not to mention, his younger members were practically teasing him and working on his nerves. As the fans moved along in the line, he tried his best to smile and show his appreciation for them. You were up next, and you could not hold in your excitement. You moved in front of him, grinning from ear to ear. He was looking down, already signing your album. “Jaebum oppa! You’re absolutely amazing, and I love you!” you suddenly blurted out.  Still looking down, he answered. “Thank you.. *He looked up and fell speechless* …Uh.. Thank you beautiful.” He smiled as your cheeks blushed a rosy color. “What’s your name?” You answered.. “Y/N…” He tilted his head and smiled, instantly feeling ten times better. “Well Y/N, You love me, huh? Then maybe you should text me later.” He passed you the signed album with his personal number, leaving you in complete shock.

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The fan sign was about to start soon, and the boys were just having fun listening to their music and talking to fans. Mark was in a cheerful mood as he saw awe the fans singing along to one of their songs. He was dancing and making fans laugh. As he scanning the crowd, he noticed you dancing the same as him. He instantly stopped and watched you show your aegyo dance moves, absolutely loving it. You were totally cute in his eyes. The members sat down and began to interact with fans, signing albums and answering questions. His eyes never really left you, and when he saw you were next, he couldn’t help but smile brightly. “Hello..” you said shyly. He looked at you and chuckled. “Come on, don’t be shy… Whats your name?”  he asked. “Y/N, “ you answered. “What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I liked your dancing.” You smiled as you tucked a loose hair behind your ear nervously. “Not as good as you though.” He bit his lip, trying hard not to blush as he signed your album. “Maybe you should call me and we can dance together?” He waved you goodbye, and you instantly looked at the number on you album. ‘Holy shit… I have Mark’s number,’ you thought as you walked off.

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Jackson was his usual self at the concert and fan sign. He was hyper and all over the place. To be honest, he was your bias wrecker, and today he had you smiling the whole time. It seemed like forever before you got the the table where the members were. You moved your album in front of Jackson, smiling up at him. “Hello cutie! Did you like the concert?” he asked. You smiled and nodded your head. He grinned and asked, “Who do I make this out to?” You pointed at yourself. “Me… Y/N.” He started scribbling his signature on the album and speaking out loud as he wrote down his words. “To the lovely, Y/N from her bias..” he said a little too confidently. You cut him off, laughing shyly. “Actually, Bam Bam is my bias. You are my wrecker though!” He looked up with shocked eyes, clenching his chest dramatically. “WHAT? I’m not your bias? I can change that. How about we go out for lunch tomorrow? I wrote my number down here.” He pointed to his number and smiled. “Sure. I’ll go to lunch with you!” He did a happy dance as you walked off, yelling back to you “I’ll be your bias by the end of this week cutie!”  You walk away shaking your head with the biggest smile on your face. 

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Jinyoung was being his usual sassy self at the fan sign. The girls would call him oppa and blow him kisses. He would roll his eyes and flick away the kisses instead of catching them. And honestly, the fans loved it. His some-what harsh demeanor is what makes the fans fall for him. You were next in line to see your bias, the one and only “Savage Jinyoung”.  He saw you at the beginning of the line as you visited the other members first. If he was being honest with himself, he thought you were absolutely stunning. It was finally your turn and you introduced yourself. “Well Y/N, I think you’re cute. Maybe you should text me sometime.” He would smirk and showing you his number. You giggle and answer, “Hmm.. I’ll think about it.” He liked your cocky attitude and honestly didn’t want you to leave, but your time was up. Before you walked off, he winked and puckered up, shooting a kiss your way. You did his signature move and flicked it away. His eyes lit up as if you were a girl after his own heart. “Text me!” he shouted as you made your way to the end of the table.

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He was his usual bubbly self, singing and laughing in the crowd. The fans screamed for him to sing his part in “You Are”. As he was singing, he locked eyes with fans every now and then. His gaze shifted towards you and he forgot his next line. The members and fans laughed, causing him to chuckle shyly. Some time later, it was your turn at the table. Stepping in front of Youngjae, you gave him his gift. His eyes grew wide as he held the little dog plushie that resembled CoCo. “Hi. I’m Y/N. Do you like your present?” He smiled with his pearly whites and his eyes sparkled. “I love it, Y/N! Maybe you can come play with CoCo sometime?” You covered your mouth, in shock. “Really?!” He signed your album and handed it to you, reaching for your hand. As you held hands and talked a little, the line started to move. “Call me if you’d like. I’m sure CoCo would love you!”

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Bam Bam:

The fan sign was super fun. All the fans were getting great service from the lively members. You were super excited to see your bias, BamBam. You were next in line to see him, and you couldn’t help but stare. He would look over to talk to Jackson and see you gawking at him. He smirked and shot you a flirty wink. Completely shook, you move in the line, facing your bias. “Well hello there,” he said smoothly as he reached for your hand. You blushed and let him take your hand as he began to talk about the concert and each other “You should come see the concerts more so I can see you.” Your eyes grew in disbelief as you answered, “I’m not made of money, you know?” You both chuckled before he answered, “Y/N, I have plenty of money, and I could give you concert tickets.” He leaned in and whispered “But it has to be a secret.” You giggled and nodded. He handed you his number saying “Well, text me more about the.. secret.” He winked at you and you held the number to your heart as you walked to the next member.

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The fan sign started and everyone was having a great time. The members decided to take a break from signing albums and interact with fans. Your bias, Yugyeom, was showing his aegyo side today, which you loved! He turned on some girl group music and started dancing, making the girls squeal with excitement. He smiled and joined fans, dancing the choreography. ‘OMG, I am so lucky,’ you thought as he picked a spot beside you to dance. You both, followed by other fans, were dancing to the song. You were laughing and having a good time until your clumsiness got to the best of you, causing you to trip. And who was there to catch you? Yugyeom himself!! You fall into his chest and look up at him blushing. He showed you a heart warming smile, making other fans scream. You collect yourself and move away apologizing. His hyungs called him back to the table to finish the signing. After a few minutes, you presented yourself in front of your bias. “Oh, hey there clumsy girl!” Yugyeom greeted and smiled at you, you returning your introduction. You decided to apologize again. “I’m sorry for practically falling on you. I guess I was just too excited to dance beside you.” You tucked a lock of hair behind your ear as you flashed a bashful smile. He held out his hand to re-tuck the once again fallen lock of hair. “You can dance with me anytime.” With that, he slide you your album and a note saying ‘Call me’ written next to his number. 


How they would fall in love: Avengers Version

Peter Parker:

unflinchingly, totally, instantly 

The adorable little cutie would fall in love so so hard so easily. This boy gives  his entire heart to everything he does and everyone he cares about—in a second, without a single thought. so if Peter Parker is crushing on you wooops sorry, you’re kind of his whole world now

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Her Last Goodbye

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Y/N Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jensen and Y/N’s families mentioned.  

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Character death -  aside from that I will list the warnings in the tags since I don’t want to give anything away.      

Word Count: 2300ish

A/N: Hey guys welcome to SPN Angst Appreciation Day 2017 - I hope y’all are ready to cry. As one of your hosts I thought it was my duty to do my best to make sure you go to bed with puffy eyes tonight so I am posting 3 brand new one shots in honor of this day. This is number 3.

It is also written for @impalaimagining Angst Challenge - My prompt was Kodaline’s All I Want.

Thanks a billion to my sassy lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing angst for me

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***  

Jensen closed the door after practically having had to shove Jared through it. Being his best friend, he hadn’t wanted to leave. Jared didn’t like Jensen being alone, but damn he needed it. All Jensen could think about while the house was buzzing around him was to be alone. He didn’t feel a damn thing when people walked up to him, offering their condolences. The last time the house was this full stuck on his mind.

Jensen had rolled his eyes at her, offering up one expensive venue after another. He wanted her to have it all, but Y/N had refused. She wanted them to get married at the small church they went to every Sunday when he was at home and she wanted the reception to be at home. Finally Jensen had caved and Y/N had, had the wedding her way. Off course she had been right. It had been perfect, small and intimate. It had fit them better than the extravagant wedding Jensen had wanted to give her.

Jensen didn’t see the darkly dressed people in his living room. Not really anyway. He saw her and the way she spun around the floor dancing and laughing with everyone from his dad, her dad, his brother to Jared and Misha. Jensen loved watching her from afar and he had done so from the longest of times until he finally made his way across the floor, when the music changed to a slower tune, laying a gentle hand on Misha’s arm.

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I’ll Never Let You Go

Author; jiminniexmochi

Pairing; Jikook

Ad Tags; Business Au; TopJungkook; BottomJimin; Office Sex; Assistant jimin;

Word Count; 5,825

Summary; Jimin’s normally more confident than this. He’s normally a bit more cocky and a hell of a lot more sassy. But, right now, oh no, he’s far from being any of those.

Especially with the male in front of him looking at him with a knowing, amused glint in his eye and a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

The male who happened to be Jimin’s last night stand 2 days ago.

And the son of the CEO of a company that Jimin’s currently being interviewed for.

Well, if Jimin wasn’t going to hell right now, he sure as hell booked a one-way ticket by now.

merllennium  asked:


70. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

Nico likes to think they’re being discreet. 

They’re a far cry from Jason and Piper; Will doesn’t spend half of his free time from infirmary following Nico around just in case there’d be an available fifteen minute time slot for them to make out in the armory; Nico definitely doesn’t spend half of every meal to ogle at Will across the dining pavilion; they don’t hold hands on their way to their cabins after the camp fire.

And they’re so not Percy and Annabeth, thank the gods; people don’t make bets on when they will be caught making out during capture the flag; Chiron hasn’t once had to give them a serious talk about why two campers are not allowed alone in a cabin; they do bicker like an old married couple, but it’s not in the sickly sweet way that makes you wonder if you should be listening or not.

They’re not even like Frank and Hazel; Nico doesn’t blush beet red when Will smiles at him; Will doesn’t bring him flowers on their one month anniversary; they don’t sit so close at the camp fire that they think people can’t see them holding hands.

It’s not like they’re hiding their relationship entirely. They just think that some things should stay private. Plus, it’s kind of fun to watch the Athena campers and most of other cabins too fawn over Will and try to flirt with him. Nico has even encouraged a newbie or two to ask Will out just so he can watch Will struggle coming up with a polite way to refuse.

(Why he doesn’t just outright say he’s dating someone is beyond Nico, but it’s okay. This makes it more fun anyway.)

So yeah, Nico thinks they’re being pretty discreet with the way they aren’t all over each other and simply keep physical contact either purely medical or behind closed doors. 

It’s no one else’s business, after all, the way Will kisses Nico like he’s going to break any second, and how Nico rolls his eyes and bites his lower lip in turn. No one needs to know how Nico wants to be held late at night, with his head on Will’s chest and Will’s hand in his hair. Who even cares that when Nico runs his hands through the soft hairs at the nape of Will’s neck, Will lets out a sigh that’s almost indecent?

However, it is kind of surprising to realize that no one seems to even know that they’re dating at all.

It’s like watching a dam break.

“Come on, Nico, you’ve got to eat at least some greens.” It’s an ongoing argument between them, on every single meal; Will trying to get Nico to eat his salad and Nico refusing for the first maybe thirty-six times before giving up and eating half.

This time Nico gives in on the thirty-second. He rolls his eyes, pics up a piece with his fingers and flaps it in front of Will’s face like the child he is. “Fine. Lettuce die, then, from eating too healthy food.”

Will looks absolutely delighted about the pun, and Nico wants to roll his eyes again. 

“You’re such a dork”, Will grins, poking Nico’s cheek as he chews on the salad (that’s actually not half bad but there’s no way he’ll ever admit that to Will). “Your jokes are just as bad as mine!”

“Like that shirt?” Kayla asks from across the table and looks meaningly at Will’s shirt. It has a picture of a bone on it, and next to it the text I found this humerus.

“That shirt is legit funny”, Nico says as a matter of factly and stuffs his mouth full of salad before Will can complain again.

But no, Will looks almost proud. His eyes shine as he looks at Nico, and if they were somewhere else Nico is sure they’d be kissing right about now. 

“See?” Will says pointedly and the smile sets firmly on his lips. “This is why I fell in love with you.”

Nico snorts. “I thought it was my charms.”

“Your humor is part of your charms, sunshine.”

Nico shakes his head and turns his attention back to his plate. It takes him a good thirty seconds to realize that the whole Apollo table has become quiet, that every single head is turned to him and Will, like they’ve done something worth gaping at.

“What?” he asks, confused, and really, this should have been his first clue.

Austin chokes on air. “What do you mean what? I mean”, he lets out a shocked laugh, and it sounds actually kind of maniac, “did that just actually happen?”

“Did what happen?” Oh, good, so Will is just as clueless as he is. That’s awfully helpful.

“Did you just confess you’re in love with Nico?”

Will looks even more confused now. “Well, I mean, it’s not like he didn’t know already. Right?” He turns to look at Nico, like he isn’t even sure anymore, and Nico gives him a very reassuring eyeroll.

The others are still baffled, if not even more so now. “Wait, he knows?”

Nico looks at the girl who’s name he has yet to remember like she’s being slow on purpose. “Yeah, well, I should hope that I know how my boyfriend feels about me, don’t you think?”

His sassy tone doesn’t seem to work this time. No, what people cling on are his actual words.

“He’s your boyfriend?”

“You’re dating? Since when?”

“Wait, what? When did this happen?”

It’s hard to tell who is more baffled, Nico and Will or all of Will’s siblings. Yes, Nico has thought they’re being rather discreet, but never in a million years would he have thought that the rest of the Apollo kids didn’t know of their brother dating him. Isn’t that, like, grade A camp gossip? Who dates who et cetera? 

“Uhm”, Will clears his throat, and his forehead has that cute wrinkle on it like every time he’s confused. He looks at Nico, as if asking for help. “Since like… I don’t know, September, maybe? Depends on how you look at it I guess.”

“You’ve been together for five months and you didn’t tell anyone?”

Nico thinks for a second. “I do think it’s actually closer to six.”

If Kayla’s looks could kill… “That is so not the point here and you know it, di Angelo!”

“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t think it needed saying”, Will explains. All the attention is making them both really anxious; Nico briefly wonders how much trouble he’s get to if he just shadow travelled away. “I haven’t been exactly quiet about how much I like Nico. And he’s been sitting at our table for months already.”

“Yeah, but the talking doesn’t really mean you’d do something about it.

“And you said Nico had a permission from Chiron, because of the zombies.”

Nico sighs and looks at his plate, the chopped pieces of lettuce suddenly looking so much more appealing than this conversation. “This is going to be a long day.”

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