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Sooo is Daisy gonna be the leader of the resistance then??

Hi Anon!

I’m pretty sure our mysterious leader of the resistance is going to be Mace.   He’s not on the Press Release for 16 so 17 will be the first time we see him in the Framework world.   

We’ve suspected all along that Mace’s fixed regret was him being the hero he wanted/everyone thought he was.  And shout out to @jessiecrimefighter who caught that in 14 when he was being sassy with the Superior he said his regret was not having super powers so he could whip the Superiors rear.   AIDA was lurking that whole time and told her what to fix for him.  (Coulson did the same thing when he voiced his possible regret for joining Shield to Robo May).

the identity of the Inhuman leader of the Resistance is revealed

That is almost exactly what the Superior said when he got Mace.  “We have the Inhuman Director of Shield.”

So with Mace we’re going to see him going after the hostages that are part of Hydra and vise versa.  So that adds another fun factor to the mix in keeping the hostages from accidentally taking each other out before they can be rescued/remember.  

Being Friends with the Marauders would include:
  • Meeting on the Hogwarts express
  • Saying something sassy to Sirius
  • Him immediately liking you for that
  • Getting sorted in the same house.
  • Remus being quiet at first
  • But becoming louder every week
  • Until you have to tell him to keep quiet cause he’s screaming from whole Hogwarts
  • Peter feeling left out
  • But you making sure he knows that he’s appreciated
  • And that he’s the heart and soul of the group
  • The boys making a pact to each other that they’ll never fall in love with you or go out with you.
  • Sirius breaking the pact during 3th year by falling in love with you.
  • “I can’t help it Moony, she’s so beautiful”
  • He gets over you after a few months, for sake of the friendship.
  • Becoming an animagus with the others when you find out about Remus.
  • Remus being very thankful and emotional
  • “God, Moony, stop crying” “We’re not having a chick flick moment, are we?”
  • Helping Sirius with his family
  • Him moving in with you and your parents.
  • Your parents fealing pity for Sirius when they see him.
  • His eyes red and tears rolling down his cheeks.
  • Him holding you for dear life.
  • And sometimes he goes to James
  • About James
  • He’d always talk about Lily to you
  • And you’d have to help him with stupid plans
  • “I’m not going to act like your girlfriend” “C’mon Y/N/N, help me! I’m dying!” “well it’s about time”
  • And when you have a boyfriend, oh boy
  • You’d tell Remus first cause he knows how to react to this stuff
  • And making sure Peter doesn’t hear it cause he would tell Sirius and James (like he told Voldemort about Lily and James’ house that little fuck)
  • Telling the boys during dinner
  • “guys I have something to say”
  • The boys all being focused on you cause ‘is there something wrong?’ ‘did someone hurt our girl?’ ‘are you sad?’
  • “there is this boy I’m seeing-“
  • James interrupting you
  • “ARE YOU PREGNANT” “shut up Prongs” “Call it Sirius if it’s a boy” “PADFOOT!”
  • Them being all protective over you
  • Getting mad at the boy when you break up.
  • “listen here you little fuck-“ “SIRIUS!”
  • “We told you to keep her happy, does she look happy to you? I will-“ “JAMES!”
  • Big surprise parties for each other’s birthday
  • And always doing something bigger
  • So one year Sirius and you paint the walls in red for James
  • All the walls
  • The whole school
  • you got two months of detenion
  • it wasn’t that bad
  • Playing stupid games in the common room.
  • Or Sirius trying to scare you with creepy stories.
  • Remus helping you study
  • And James learning you how to play quidditch
  • Eating so much food you feel like you’re going to explode with Peter.
  • Talking to Lily about James and helping them to get together.
  • James kissing your whole face when he finds out what you did.
  • Being Harry’s Godmother.
  • Rushing towards James and Lily when Voldemort attacked.
  • Sirius crying in your arms.
  • You swearing to yourself that if you ever saw Peter again, you’d kill him with your own bare hands.
  • Taking Harry with you.
  • Harry growing up with you, Remus and Sirius.

A/N Maybe you guys have noticed it but I hate Peter … Sorry not sorry.

I honestly love that from the outside looking in people see Daddario and they think of him as this handsome, smooth, stud. But like us in the fandom who actually have learned about him and his life and personality know that yes, he is very handsome but he’s also one of the weirdest human beings probably ever, and that’s honestly the best part about him?? I feel like people who just see his looks and then that’s it are missing out severely because that’s not even close to the best thing about him. He’s funny like really funny and sassy and articulate and incredibly smart in a way that is so unique. He’s just a unique person and I feel lucky that we have gotten to know him and I’m sure don’t even know the half of it. Goals to sit down and have a conversation with Matthew Daddario about literally anything. He’s great. He’s a good one. I gots love for him.

We're going to have New Sherlock soon...

Let that sink in.

Regardless of your shipping preferences, we’re going to get:

New, surprising and emotional cases/mysteries to solve

An incredible villain in Culverton Smith played by Toby Jones

Amazing scenes between Sherlock and John

What’s sure to be emotional scenes between John and Mary

More Mycroft being sassy and maybe even dangerous (get out of my house, you reptile!)

Moriarty’s triumphant return, whether he’s alive or not (but cmon, you know he is)

Molly being in the thick of everything

Mrs. Hudson being lovable

Lestrade being Lestrade

All of these are a given. Three new 90 minute episodes full of fantastic writing and acting.


Dating Sherlock Holmes would involve...

·       Him being confused about his feelings for you

·       He goes to Molly

·       She was upset, but wants Sherlock to be happy

·       Him not knowing what to do

·       “I like you”

·       “Well obviously, I’m amazing” *insert sassy hair flip here*

·       “I’m being serious”

·       “Oh.”

·       You being unsure if he’s using you or not

·       Him making sure you know that he’s not.

·       Him playing violin for you

·       John not liking your relationship at first

·       But him slowly beginning to like it

·       Sherlock, teaching you how to dance

·       Him giving you his coat and scarf when it’s cold

·       Or when you want to wear it

·       Being his first proper relationship

·       Moriarty, kidnapping you to get Sherlock to come

·       He comes straight away

·       “You’re okay now”

·       Him not letting you leave his side for like two months

·       “I’m not going to die Sherlock; can I go now”

·       “No.”

·       Him always holding your hand

·       Moving into his flat

·       Helping him with experiments

·       Him showing you where his favourites murders were committed

·       Helping him on cases

·       Him not wanting you to meet Mycroft

·       But when you do, he’s surprisingly kind

·       “You’re a good girl, Y/N. Look after him, won’t you?”

·       Sherlock having to stop you attacking Anderson and Donnovan.

·       “It doesn’t bother me”

·       “I don’t care. It bothers me”

·       But him being mad when they insult you

·       Being rivals with Irene

·       He assures you that he only loves you

·       Letting his use Janine

·       “Do you not mind?”

·       “You need to do it, I’m not going to stop you.”

·       “Thank you!”

·       Taking a bullet for him

·       “Come on Y/N! Tell me a story, come on. How did we meet?”

·       Him not leaving you in hospital.

·       Him crying over it

·       He feels extremely guilty

·       “I’m the one in the hospital bed and you look worse than I feel”

·       Sherlock casually asking you to marry him

·       “Marry me?”

·       “Okay.”

·       Him liking that you don’t care about big romantic gestures

·       Little PDA

·       Occasional kisses

·       That then turn into full make out sessions.

·       You being first to say I love you

·       You understanding that he probably wouldn’t want to say it back

·       But he does

·       Being power couple af

Revisiting Yuri!!! on Ice : Fave Moments from Episode 2

Here we go again! (I’m sorry but there’s a lot of moments here so it’s gonna be a long ass post)

1. Yuuri’s mom already has a nickname for the ‘good looking foreigner’ (how beautiful does he look here? husband goals.)

2. He came here for you, Yuuri.

3. My baby has no idea that he’s in for the ride of his life

4. Hello Lila and Georgi!

5. Are you daijobu Yuuri

6. Jealous Victor Nikiforov is a sight to cherish

7. “Really? Ninjas?!”

8. The perfect disguise

9. And the perfect sitting posture for an ice skater I’m sure

10. “I’ll give you the best senior debut.” Well he sure as hell delivered on that


12. Judging by that look, I’ve forgotten to fulfill a promise I had made.

13. Their different reactions to being in competitions

14. The moment when Yuri Plisetsky became Yurio

15. and of course SASSY VICTOR NIKIFOROV

Pix on: Zenyatta

This one is going to be so fluff-thirsty, I’m patenting that as a legit word as of right now

Zen probably puts a lot of effort into knowing everything about you so that he can make sure you’re always happy

But he absolutely makes cute robot mistakes sometimes

“Is this a delicacy to your liking?”
“That is a bar of soap, Zenny”

Imagine his delight when you ask him to teach you how to meditate, happy little hand claps and “it would be my pleasure!”


Cute ‘n’ sassy Zenyatta over little things:
“To find peace, you must first find the orb you stole from me this morning”
“True self is without any more ice cream”
“I dreamt I was being carried around by you, for once”

He doesn’t mean any of it though

He claims not to get flustered or embarrassed but if you kiss him on the cheek he definitely wavers for a second

He will not juggle, but he will for you

He’s surprisingly good at it

I bet he likes to watch documentaries or cute movies about animals and stuff, he will absolutely make a blanket pile for you both to chill on and would make you hot chocolate instinctively

If you’re cold he can warm himself up and embrAcE you like you’re the damn IRIS


Seriously, why is Zenny so good to hug!?

He would make you your own sweet robe for meditation purposes, what a bean

Imagine him ruffling your hair as he walks (floats(?)) past just to see you kind of embarrassed in front of the others

You tell him not to but he can’t take your complacency seriously, and you can’t ever be angry at him

Zenny is so soft and pure and wholesome that it makes me weak I just want ethereal omnic hugs and supportive words

Dating Loki includes:

Originally posted by fromhiddleswithlove

- Pranking each other.

- Teaching each other tricks.

- Annoying the Avengers by pranking them.

- Being the person who brings out the good in Loki.

- Hating each other at first. 

- Sweet nicknames. 

- Accepting each other the way you are. 

- He’d enjoy watching you fight. 

- You’d spark a curiosity in him. 

- Completely trusting each other.

- Sassy comebacks.


- Green is his favourite colour on you. 

- Him showing you off to everyone.

- Making sure people know that your his girlfriend. 

- Cooking him your favourite food. 

- He’d always start sentences with “You humans…” only to be cut off by your ‘bitch face’. 

- Stupid arguments. 

- Cheek kisses.

- Sneaking off together whenever you get the chance.

- Cheering the other up.

- Getting him into your favourite TV shows. 

- Teaching him your favourite hobby. 

- Goofing off together.

Y’all, im kinda upset

Idk man… I used to really love Vikturi (and I still do!), but its almost like its being ruined a bit for me. Where did this snarky, sassy Yuri that doesn’t treat Viktor as good as he treats him come from? Where did my boy that blushed to his ears at even the prospect of marrying Viktor go? I suppose, MAYBE, people are trying to make it more “domestic”, but it seems more like just losing love than that. END the ball and chain stereotype, people. Its just an opinion, but I think people are taking away from Yuri’s cute, bashful personality. Sure, he can be brash, and take what he wants, but he cares! a lot! and he loves Viktor man! And Viktor is not just some clueless puppy that follow Yuri’s every move, and does everything he can to please him! He is an adult too, not a child, or a bumbling idiot. Its just an unrealistic relationship for them, and I don’t like it. Where did my cute boys go?

Ways to impress Newt
  • Y/N: Chuck told me Gally plan's to challenge me to a fight during tonight's bonfire.
  • Minho: Don't bother, I'm sure he'll find someone else.
  • Y/N: What? No! I can't chicken out! Newt will be watching!
  • Minho: So?
  • Y/N: So?!? I'll fight that Shank and show Newt I'm not just any other she-bean.
  • Minho: Y/N. I'm not being a sexist jerk when I say this.
  • Minho: But I'm pretty sure no gender is impressed by a person who gets crushed in a fight they anyway had no chance of winning.
  • Minho: Unless you mean to beat him by flashing him and giving him a nosebleed.
  • Minho: In which case, you might impress the whole glade while doing so.
  • Y/N: You're such a perverted shuckface.
  • Minho: Don't play innocent, I know you've thought about it.
EXO reaction to you waking them up with a blowjob/handjob

Thanks for the request~ ♥


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„Oh jagi, you’re being really naughty~ You should be punished~“ it’s the only thing Minseok would say before pinning you to the mattress.


Originally posted by kaisoolu

We all know how much Kai loves sleeping, and I’m not sure your little adventure would be enough to wake him up, but you’d surely hear him moan in his sleep.


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„Really? You can’t go a whole night without touching me? I know I’m irresistible, but really.“ Sehun, the sassy shit


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From Kyungsoo, you’d hear his groans in half-sleep and when he’d wake up, he would remain looking emotionless as ever as he kissed you fiercely. You could swear you saw a smirk though.


Originally posted by ashiachu

*groans* „Jagi, it’s only 7am, it’s too early for…“ but as he was greeted with your hungry eyes, he would laugh and show you how you do a handjob.


Originally posted by oh-byunbaekhyun

Expect Baekhyun to be a little shit concerning this, saying he’s too tired and wants to go to sleep and when you’d roll over to your side in defeat, he’d attack you with his long fingers~


Originally posted by taoriscute

You know how much Tao needs beauty sleep, and you dare to wake him up? What do you think how does he manage to look so good? He would sprawl himself across you to stop your actions. But don’t worry, he’ll make sure you get punished.


Originally posted by cosysuho

After taking care of 11 kids, you’d expect Junmyeon to be exhausted. But, oh boy, were you wrong when he was ready for round 2 after you woke him up. „Daddy thinks you were naughty~“
/damn this fandom and the daddy kink/


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„Y/N what are you doing?“, Chen would ask, still half-asleep.
„Nothing.“, you’d play innocent.
He’d laugh. „Liars turn me on, jagi, and you’re lying~ here, let me show you the truth.“


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You could feel Kris under your hand and hear his moans, but he wasn’t waking up.
„Yifaan~“, you’d whisper in his ear until he opened his eyes.
„When you use your lips, they better be on me.“


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„You’re so cute when you make those faces“, you teased him as he wriggled under your fingers. Eyes still half-closed, he made sure you’d pay for that comment. Remember, he’s manly af.


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One of the best ways to start the day was definitely this, Yixing thought, with a smile on his face. He made sure to return the favour, and even more~

+admin Ella

Bts Reactions To Their S/O Changing After They Have Been Dating For A While

(( I do not own any gifs unless otherwise stated ))

Requested by anon

Jin: *doesn’t notice it until someone points it out and is actually so happy*

Yoongi: you’ve really changed Jagi! *loves how much they’ve changed*

Hoseok: *loves how they’ve changed*

Namjoon: *loves how much they’ve changed but also how they have stayed the same*

Jimin: you’re starting to sound more like me jagi~

Taehyung: jagi you sure are getting more comfortable with being naked in front of me…

Jungkook: *finds it funny until he realises you are becoming more like him and how you are becoming sassy*


AU Creator(s): Emma

Official AU Blog: None

Creator Tracked Tags: Yes

AU Canon: A hilarious AU based on the premise of a group of stuck up suburban white moms who terrorize run the local PTA (Parent Teacher Association). When Sans comes to the surface, his goal is to protect Frisk, and that includes making sure the local PTA moms recognize he’ll do anything to do that. His number one enemy is Linda, who is racist and ablest towards the other children at the school, and Sans isn’t having it. Sans is sassy, whitty, and rude to the otherwise offensive mothers. This is open to everyone to create headcanons. 

Official Canon Design:



Dating Harry Potter would include...

- You being a major source of comfort and relaxation for him with everything going on in his life.
- Him feeling insanely guilty whenever he snapped at you, even though you knew not to take it personally. Regardless, he’d always apologize profusely when he got sassy.
- He’d absolutely love taking you on dates and would try to make sure they were perfect.
- Harry’d be a real gentleman in bed, always making sure you were comfortable and taking things slow.
- whenever Harry was feeling anxious or worried you’d cuddle with him, listening to his problems and trying to comfort him as best as you could.
- sometimes you’d whisper dirty things in his ear during class, just to see him get worked up.
- during Umbridge’s reign, you’d be furious about her cruel punishment on Harry. He’d have to convince you not to make things worse by taking your anger out on the wretched woman.
- doing projects and homework together in the library, but realizing when back in your dorms that you didn’t even get any work done because you were too busy talking.
- He’d always walk you to and from the Great Hall, holding your hand proudly.
- In fact, he actually liked to walk you to all your classes. He never wanted anything to happen to you and was constantly worried someone would stoop to hurting you just to affect him.
- (if you’re in Gryffindor) He’d meet you on a late night in the common room. He would be staying up in worry, and you would be frantically trying to finish a Potions essay. The two of you would start talking and eventually he’d get the courage to ask you out.
- (if you’re in Ravenclaw) He’d meet you through Luna, your best friend. He’d be charmed by your personality and would ask Luna about you quite often. Little did he know, she would tell you every time. You found it incredibly cute, and ended up asking him out first.
- (if you’re in Hufflepuff) Harry always wanted to talk to you but could never find the right moment. You two eventually got paired up for an assignment together and ended up hitting it off right away. The compatibility was undeniable and he knew he had to ask you out.
- (if you’re in Slytherin) You didn’t want to like Harry at all. All your friends hated him, but you couldn’t deny your feelings when you caught yourself staring at him during class or wanting to stick up for him whenever he fought with Malfoy. Eventually, you did stick up for him, and he thanked you for it later. You took the opportunity to tell him about your crush, and he asked you to Hogsmeade.

EXO Reaction to: You Being Sassy

Xiumin: was kind of taken aback the first time you sass him. is proud that you have such a fiery spirit though. he never has to worry about having to protect you bc you’re well able to take care of yourself. his new hobby is sitting back and watching you put people in their place

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Luhan: gets you to defend him whenever people say he looks like a girl, cheering you on with a manly whoop. no one ever listens to him but you make damn sure they listen to you

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Kris: would go quite if you directed your sass at him, mainly because you made a good point and he had no argument against it. but other times, he would lowkey sass you back. he wasn’t trying to beat you at being sassy or anything like that but if he felt like you were being too much, he would voice that

Originally posted by jinful

Suho: both likes and hates your sass. he hates it directed at him or if you go too far. but if you’re sassing the other members for something like not listening to him, then he’s a total fan of your attitude and so he’s just a whirlwind of mixed emotions

Originally posted by bemineinseoul

Lay: is such a gentle guy. he’s the peacekeeper of the group. so he usually tries to calm you down. but whenever you make an excellent point, he sits back and claps, silently cheering you on

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Baekhyun: watching you sass the other members is pure gold. he’ll pretend they’ve done something to him so you’ll become sassy and defend his honour. but if you find out he’s lied, he runs and hides in chanyeol’s closet. sometimes, he joins in on the sassing, since he’s not a stranger to it himself

Originally posted by baeksilisk

Chen: beyond happy. he tends to set up situations to bring out your sass, so he can watch the scene unfold, wishing he had some popcorn right then

Originally posted by lu-ooh

Chanyeol: usually just laughs at your sassyness but every so often he’ll blurt out something sassy himself that leaves you in shock bc wtf where did this come from?? then he’s back to being a cute, toll elf

Originally posted by thecrazykidnextdoor

D.O: externally, he’s quite and serious but inside, his mind has enough sass to make a grown man cry. you two spend most movie nights either bitching about exo’s stupidity (mainly baek or chanyeol) or about the actors and actresses in the movie. he’s a sassy mofo, no joke

Originally posted by kimdos

Tao: tries and fails to out-sass you so he might get annoyed over that. but if you’re defending him then he’s not so annoyed anymore and will probably run to you from then on to sort out anyone who’s bothering him

Originally posted by lil-duckling

Kai: felt that your sass was a reaction to you being upset or angry so he would do his best to make you happy again

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Sehun: has found his soulmate in you. you two unite into a sassy force to be reckoned with and exo hates it unless it’s not aimed at them. then it’s 100% free entertainment

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Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 3 500

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Swearing, Violence, Blood, Reader and Sam get kidnapped.

Request from Anonymous: Hey! Could you do a Sam x reader where she is quiet and he’s mistaken it for shyness. Sam and the reader get kidnapped and she turns in to some witty, sarcastic, sassmaster until Dean helps them escape. Thanks!!

Author’s note: Okay Anon, I hope this was what you were looking for! I wasn’t sure why the reader was supposed to act shy all the time so this is what I came up with, and I hope the “sassmaster” parts are sassy enough! I’m personally very shy and being witty doesn't really come naturally for me, so I hope I did it justice. And just as a side note, the final part of Angel Rising will be up next week!

If you want to read more of my fics you can find my Masterlist Here

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        Your hands gripped the steering wheel of your white VW Bug as you sped down the highway, heading towards a sleepy little town where you were supposed to meet two other hunters Bobby was forcing you to work a case with. You didn’t really like the idea of working with strangers, especially in a dangerous situation where you needed to trust the people you were hunting with, but you had to admit you were grateful for the backup. You’d taken out nests by yourself before, but never one this big, and it would be nice to not have to constantly be looking over your shoulder.

        Once you’d arrived in the town you pulled into the fist motel you saw - just like Bobby had instructed – and parked beside a black Chevy Impala, which you wouldn’t have actually been able to spot if you hadn’t looked it up, but no one needed to know that. Then you stepped out of your car, straightened the skirt of your yellow sundress, and walked up to the door with the number 12 stuck to its face, which was directly in front of the Impala. After you knocked on the door you braised yourself for the impending looks of confusion and doubt when these hunters saw you, but it’s okay, you were used to it.

        You heard shuffling behind the door and then heavy footsteps on the ground as one of the hunters made their way towards you, the door then creaking open on its rusty hinges and revealing a tall – no seriously, tall –man standing in the doorway. He had slightly wavy brown hair that almost came to his shoulders, green eyes that were just bordering on brown, and impressive muscles that you could see under his straining plaid shirt. And wow, was he attractive.

        “Can I help you with something?” The handsome man said, giving you a warm smile and keeping half his body hidden behind the door. He probably had a gun.

        “Uh, yeah, I’m the hunter Bobby sent,” you said in a quiet voice.

        “You are?” He looked shocked, but you weren’t surprised.

        Whenever you were on a hunt you put on what you liked to call your cute girl disguise, because when you’re hunting a monster the chances are the monster is hunting you to, and when you look like a sweet, innocent girl who’s never even seen a gun before, no one suspects you. Hence, why you were wearing such wildly impractical clothing. You also tried to be as quiet and inconspicuous as you could so that you didn’t draw any attention to yourself, but most people usually just thought you were shy. You knew it was a pretty different approach compared to other hunters, and most who met you don’t really take you seriously at first, but you always got the job done, so why change now?

        You nodded in response to his question. “He um, he did tell you I was coming right?” he looked slightly taken-aback.

        “Yeah, no he told us. You’re just, uh…”

        “Not what you were expecting?” you finished for him.

        He let out a breathy laugh, “Yeah, I guess.”

        “I get that a lot,” you said while looking at the ground. “But I can hold my own,” you quickly added. He probably didn’t really believe you, but you always felt like you needed to say it since people weren’t usually convinced just by looking at you.

        He smiled. “Oh, uh, come on in,” the tall man said as he pulled the door the rest of the way open and ushered you inside, immediately setting his gun down on the tiny motel table before shutting the door behind you. I knew it, you thought with a small smile on your face.

        Once you were in the room it suddenly became incredibly clear that they were hunters, with weapons and old books covering every surface, crumpled up fast food bags and empty paper cups in more than one place, and curtains drawn to avoid any unwanted guests seeing the display. You hated to admit it, but even your room looked like this from time to time, but only when you had been working on a case for an extended period of time, and as far as you knew they just got here this morning. You weren’t sure if you should be worried or impressed, but in the end you decided to say that they were just really dedicated, and hoped you were right.

        Sitting on the bed furthest from the door there was a second man with short, sandy brown hair, slightly less muscles than his friend but equally as handsome, and – he looked up – striking green eyes.

        “Who’s that?” the second man asked, as he jerked his head towards you. He must not have been listening before.

        “Dean, this is, uh…” he gestured towards you.

        “Y/N,” you offered quietly.

        “Y/N,” he repeated with a smile, “Well I’m Sam, and this is my brother Dean.” He said while turning back towards the other man. “Y/N’s the hunter Bobby sent to help with the nest,” Sam told his brother. He raised an eyebrow in question but quickly lowered it when Sam shot him a stern look that said don’t say anything. You were grateful.

        After about a half an hour of them briefing you on what they’d found – which was mostly them talking and you just nodding your understanding – you’d decided that you and Sam would go down to the morgue to make sure it really was vampires before you tried to find the nest, and Dean would go and talk to the family members of a few of the victims. That meant that you were going to have to change out of your “cute girl disguise” and go Fed, which wasn’t how you liked to work, but it seemed to be the only way they did it. So you reluctantly agreed and went to the front desk to get a room of your own so you could change.

        When you emerged from your room - decked out in your uncomfortable dress pants, matching gray jacket, and loose pink blouse - you found Sam and Dean standing on the sidewalk, also wearing F.B.I. suits. You thought they looked considerably better in them than you did.

        “Ready to go?” you asked once you’d gotten closer to them, making both men jump. You were really good at being quiet.

        “Jeez Y/N, you need a bell or something!” Dean accused. “You’re like a ninja.”

        You pretended to be surprised. “Is that a bad thing?” you asked innocently. Sam laughed, Dean scowled.

        “It is when you’re sneaking up on me,” Dean grumbled, then turned his attention to your 2008 beetle, which you owned partly because it helped you keep up your girl next door persona, and partly because you actually liked it. But judging by the car Dean drove and the face he was making at yours, you guessed he didn’t feel the same way.

        “Well Sammy, have fun driving around in that chick car,” Dean said while eyeing your bug with disdain.

        “So that’s why you didn’t want to be paired up with the pretty girl!” Sam smirked as Dean started walking towards his Impala, the younger Winchester looking down at you almost sheepishly after he’d said it. Had he just realized he’d called you pretty?

        “Don’t be silly,” Dean said, as he opened the smooth black door of his vintage car. “I also wanted to talk to the girlfriend of one of the vics. She’s hot!”

        “She’s grieving Dean, don’t try to flirt with her!”

        “I would never,” Dean said ad he held a hand over his heart, but you had a sneaking suspicion he was lying. “Remember, we meet back here in 2 hours, don’t chase any leads without me!” Dean called, then before Sam could reprimand him any further Dean pulled the door shut behind him, started the Impala’s powerful engine, and was speeding out of the parking lot in a matter of seconds. It was actually pretty impressive.

        And then there were two.

        You quickly glanced back and forth from Sam to your car, only now realizing that your little beetle might be tight for someone with such long legs. You were right. The drive was about 20 minutes to the nearest morgue - because this town was so small that they didn’t have one locally – and you could tell Sam was uncomfortable the whole time, but he didn’t say anything. You kept the conversation friendly, talked just enough to keep it from being awkward, but the ride was mostly silent.

        When you finally got to the hospital where the bodies had been taken you spent about 40 minutes inside. Sam was with the coroner inspecting the bodies and you were off talking to a few of the ER doctors and nurses that were working the nights the bodies were brought in, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Just some standard vampire attacks, bodies completely drained of blood, two curved rows of small teeth holes in the neck where they were bitten, the only thing that was weird was the quantity of bodies. This nest was big, which is why Bobby had insisted that you work with Sam and Dean on this case. You were suddenly really grateful to have them around.

        “Well that didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know,” Sam said as he held one the hospital’s back doors open for you. You murmured in acknowledgment, then gave him a kind smile and a nod for holding the door. “Well, maybe Dean found something we can use to track down the nest.”

        “Yeah, maybe,” you said distractedly, intently watching a bush on the edge of the empty parking lot rustle suspiciously. There was no wind today.

        “Hey, are you okay?” Sam asked cautiously, taking in your worried expression. You opened your mouth to speak but a strangled sound came out instead, cutting you off as you suddenly felt something cold and sharp bury its way into your neck. You hand immediately flew up to see what it was when you saw one land in Sam’s neck as well, then another.

        Your vision went blurry, your breathing intensified, and you felt your limbs going limp. Sam was the first to his knees, the double dose taking over his body faster than yours, but you were quick to follow. You tried everything you could to fight the drug, but it was no use and in a matter of seconds your head was hitting the asphalt. Then you lost consciousness, a single drawled word slipping past your lips, “Tranquilizers…”

        You woke up slowly, your head pounding and your vision coming in and out of focus. You felt nauseous and disoriented, and you had no idea what was going on, until you tried to move and realized your hands were pulled behind you at an awkward angle. You were tied up. The hospital … tranquilizers … vampires … it was all coming back to you, but what were you forgetting? Sam.

        “Sam? Sam?! Are you there?” you called frantically into the darkness, the lack of light something you were only now noticing, now that you were trying to find someone.

        “Y/N!” His response came almost immediately and you breathed a sigh of relief. “Are you okay?”

        “Yeah I’m good, tied up, but good. What about you? Where are you?” you asked feeling slightly less nervous, just as you sensed someone moving in the darkness.

        “I’m beside you, your eyes will adjust in a minute,” Sam said.

        “I don’t suppose you have any idea where we are? Or how long we’ve been out?”

        “Well, I think we’re at the nest, but I have no idea how long we’ve been here.” You cursed under your breath.

        “So we also have no idea when Dean is going to notice we’re missing?”


        “Well that’s just great,” you mumbled as you tugged on your restraints, seeing if there was any chance you could just wriggle free. No luck, they were too tight. Then without warning the lights in the room blazed to life, causing you to audibly gasp, slamming your eyes shut to avoid the sting of the lights against your still-sensitive eyes.

        “Sam Winchester,” a man said loudly, his voice echoing off the metal walls of the warehouse, which you only got a quick look at before you’d shut your eyes in shock. You forced them open again. “We knew if we hung out at the hospital for long enough a hunter would show up eventually, but a Winchester? That was a pleasant surprise.” The man sneered, staring at Sam like he had just won the grand prize.

        Winchester. You’d known that was their last name, and you’d thought it sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until this very moment that you realized that they were The Winchesters. You suddenly felt a surge of panic. You knew they were good hunters, but they were also wanted hunters. Just about every supernatural creature you could think of had a grudge against them, and now it looked like you were going to get caught in the crosshairs. This just got a lot more complicated.

        “Why are we still alive?” you spat, starring the vampire straight in the eye, not letting the slightest trace of fear cross your face. “What do you want with us?”

        “You? Nothing. We don’t even know who you are.” Of course you don’t, that’s my specialty, you thought. “But if you’re traveling with Sammy here,” Sam tensed at the name, “maybe we can use you to draw out his big brother.”

        “And then what?”

        There was a pause. “Then we turn you.”

        A rage suddenly blazed through you and you violently thrashed against your restraints, bringing yourself as close to the vampire as possible before saying, “I would rather die,” in a completely controlled voice. Then you sank back down to the floor, never losing eye contact with the man. Sam looked completely floored.

       “That could be arranged too, sweetheart,” the man smirked. Then you watched as he turned and walked out of the room, leaving you and Sam alone.

        “Woah, Y/N, what’s gotten into you?” Sam asked, surprised. He sounded impressed, but surprised.

        “Most recently? A tranquilizer dart,” you responded without thinking. You knew that wasn’t what he meant but you were too distracted right now to explain.

        Sam looked even more surprised. “That’s not what I meant,” he laughed.

        “I know, but we don’t have time for this right now,” you said as you scanned the now bright room, looking for any way you could get out of here.

        “We can multitask,” Sam said through a grunt. You looked over and found him trying to pull his hands-free of the zip tie that bound his arms behind his back. That was never going to work, his hands were too big, but now that you knew what was holding you, you could find a way out.

        You sighed at Sam’s statement and decided to spill. “Men are arrogant,” You finally said as you maneuvered your feet underneath you, preparing to stand up. Sam looked slightly offended, but said nothing. “Especially the supernatural ones,” you continued. “They think they’re untouchable, and no one expects the soft-spoken, doe-eyed blonde in the corner to be the thing monsters look for under their beds.” Sam had stopped trying to get free by now and was watching as you shimmied your body up the support post that was holding you.

        “So, you just pretend to be all sweet and innocent, and then what?”

        “Then you attack,” you said as you were almost fully standing. “When you don’t present yourself as a hunter, no one expects you to be one, and you always have the element of surprise. And you should never underestimate the element of surprise.” You said with a smirk. You were standing now.

        “What are you doing?” Sam asked, watching you from the ground.

        “Multitasking,” you said with a strained voice, lifting your arms up as far as you could behind you. Then before you had a chance to change your mind you slammed your hands down as fast and as hard as you could into the metal pole, biting back a scream as your bones collided with the post and the zip tie broke free of your wrists, but not before slicing into your skin.

        You brought your hands forward and examined the delicate skin of your wrists, which wasn’t cut too badly, but was quite red from you pulling on the ties. Then you quickly bent down and retrieved the dagger you had under your pant leg. “I can’t believe they didn’t take this,” you said as you cut Sam free. He was staring at you in shock again.

        “Well you’re right, you did have the element of surprise,” Sam said with a smile.

        You grinned back, then said, “Let’s take down these blood-sucking bastards,” and headed towards the door with Sam. But you’d only made it a few feet outside the door when the same vampire as before and a group of three others rounded the corner and came running towards you. You tried to get away but there was nothing you could do, they were too fast, and before you knew what was happening you and Sam were both pinned to the walls, you right beside the door, and Sam further into the room. How were you going to get out of this one?

        “Where were you going, sweetheart?” the man from before taunted, his foul breath hot and smelling of blood, washing over you. You pulled your face back.

        “I thought we would go get coffee for everyone,” you said sarcastically. “Let me guess, you like those sweet flavored ones?” He jerked you against the wall.

        “You think you’re cute,” the vampire said, while pressing his forearm into your chest.

        “Generally,” you grinned.

        “Well let’s see how cute you are with a set of fangs,” he sneered. You tensed, but showed no outward signs of fear.

“Oh, no thanks. I was a vampire for Halloween last year, it didn’t really agree with me,” you said as you watched him sink his own razor-sharp teeth into his free hand, the blood dripping down his chin as he gave you a wicked grin and started bringing his cut hand towards your mouth. You quickly pressed your lips together.

        “Let her go!” Sam hissed as he fought against the three vampires holding him down. Even he wasn’t strong enough to get out of that, and you both knew yelling at them wasn’t going to get them to stop, but he wasn’t trying to stop them, he was trying to distract them.

         For the briefest second the man holding you down turned his head towards Sam, and at that very moment Dean leapt into the room and lobbed the vampires head off. Then he kicked a duffel bag at you from the hall and went barreling towards his brother, whose captors had all let go of him and started going for Dean.

        Once you had pushed the vampire’s limp body off of you, you immediately ducked down and opened the bag, finding two machetes in the bottom. You grabbed them both and sliced them in an X formation across the throat of a pointy-teethed girl who was charging you, then jumped over her headless corpse and ran towards Sam, throwing him a weapon.

        “Are you guys okay?” Dean asked once you guys had taken care of all the vampires in the room.

        Sam looked at you and waited for you to nod before saying, “We’re good,” then turning back to his brother. “How did you find us?”

        “Your phone,” Dean said nodding towards Sam.

        “But they took our phones.”

        “Maybe, but they didn’t turn the GPS off,” Dean grinned. Wow, these guys suck at kidnapping people, you thought. “Okay, let’s go finish this,” Dean said once he was satisfied that everyone was unharmed, then you all ran out the door, machetes in hand.

        Once you were finished with the job you were all a little beat up, some vamps putting up more resistance than others, but overall it went pretty well – after you had escaped, that is. Dean had taken out a good amount on his way in, you guys got four when Dean rescued you, and all the others were easy once you were together.

        And then there was Sam. As you walked towards the Impala the two of you shared a knowing smile, you having slipped back into your invisible façade once Dean had arrived – though you still totally kicked ass. You knew it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it still felt like you and Sam shared some scandalous secret. He was now officially one of the few people who knew what you’re actually like, and you kind of enjoyed it. You would definitely be hunting with them again.

Ponyboy being clingy would involve...

sassy-sassy-gee asked: Could you maybe do a headcanon for a really touchy feely Ponyboy where he always has to be touching you in some way? Thanks!

  • Him doing this because of his insecurities
  • Ponyboy having his hand on you every minute of everyday
  • Ponyboy doing this because he also wants you to be safe
  • Pony always hugging you when you see each other
  • You comforting Pony a lot and he loves how close you two get
  • Pony making sure that you two always have a hug/kiss before you or him leave
  • Him constantly reminding you that he loves you 
  • You constantly reminding him that you love him
  • You always keep telling him that you’ll never leave
  • Making sure he feels good
  • Pony feeling better when you two talk
  • You sort of getting annoyed at his clingy-ness
  • You two having lots of fights about it
  • You understanding all of what causes this
  • You two staying together and having the best realtionship
Here’s a thing about "I don't work at being ordinary"

Seeing another graphic edit with this quote floating around again, I’d just like to point out that these words may be misunderstood.

Taken out of context, it sounds as if he worked at not being ordinary (which would be a bit full-of-self). I understand there’s the popular “sassy paul” meme and there’s a reason for that, but the case with this interview is rather the opposite – he says that being ordinary is very important to him, it’s just that he doesn’t work at it, because he is like that (or, he views himself that way). He’s just answering the interviewer’s question; it’s not a (non sequitur) self-proclamation. And the ‘ordinariness’ they are talking about is not mediocrity, but common sense and sanity in reference to fame:

Q: […] When you say something like that, people wonder if you’re being
insincere. You’re a multimillionaire and world-famous, yet you work so
hard at being ordinary, at preaching normalcy.

PAUL: No, I don’t work at being ordinary. People do say that: “Oh, he’s
down to earth, he’s too good to be true. It can’t be true!” And yet the
fact is that being ordinary is very important to me. I see it in millions
of other people. There’s a new motorcycle champion who was just on the
telly. He’s the same. He’s not ordinary, he’s a champion; but he has
ordinary values, he keeps those values. There’s an appreciation of common
sense. It’s really quite rational, my ordinariness. It’s not contrived at
all. It is actually my answer to the question, What is the best way to
be? I think ordinary.

(Playboy, 1984)

And on the same note:

“Once you’ve seen the “Do you know who I am?” syndrome in full effect, you know you’ll never do it yourself. If you do, then the minute you leave the room, everyone you were shouting at will just laugh and go “Fuck off!” 

(A Pure Conversation with McCartney, Noisey, 2016)