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If it's okay Reaper, Genji and Junkrat with a small s/o that like to snuggle? They're just so tall and here I am barely 5'1 uwu thank you!

// Omg, YES!!! I feel your pain being only an inch taller :,) //

request // completed

Reaper, Genji, and Junkrat with a Short S/O that likes to snuggle headcanons:


  • Often smirks when you need to go on your tip-toes but you can’t tell from behind his mask
  • Though if he sees you struggling sometimes you can hear him chuckle…
  • Need help reaching for something? Haha fuck outta here he’s gonna tease you like hell before helping 
  • Sometime’s you’ll get sick of his teasing and legitimately frustrated so you’re like “Nevermind, I’ll do it myself!I don’t need your help,” and he finds that amusing at first but then gets kinda guilty
  • He secretly enjoys being needed but won’t always act on it
  • As you finally go to reach for whatever you’d been trying to grab, you might see his taloned gloves pass you and grab it first
  • He goes to pass you the item then
  • …retracts his hand so that forces you to get closer to him if you want any hopes of retrieving the item
  • “You would have a lot less difficulty taking this if we were laying down,” he says
  • and so the two of you cuddle and hold eachother closely :,)


  • will openly laugh, but you’re not sure what he’s laughing about
  • if you’re having a hard time reaching something he’ll be like “Why can’t you just climb :^)” as if it’s a skill that everyone and their mother has
  • might taunt you by climbing up high places claiming it’s easy and to just follow him
  • if you actually attempt to climb on the walls and fail, he’ll have a super hard time trying not to laugh
  • kick the wall and try to make him fall. not working? more laughter
  • eventually he climbs down and gives you a kiss
  • You grab him and pull him off and y’all kinda fall back to the ground laughing
  • He apologizes and begins to stand and help you up, but you stop him and suggest snuggling so you wouldn’t have to struggle with your height
  • Cuddling in the middle of the floor is both uncomfortable and fucking weird, but you’re together and in love, you’ll probably do tons of other weird shit together


  • This 6′6″ tall fucking monster
  • you were so used to him being slouched over that you forgot how tall he actually was
  • You get on his case about his bad posture sometimes and how he should take better care of himself, for the sake of his back
  • So he works harder on standing straight around you but it can be uncomfortable for him
  • Sometimes he can’t take a hint; he can’t tell when you want a kiss, or a hug
  • And you don’t think it’s romantic so you’ll be like “Jamieeee come down here!”
  • At first he’s like “Oh, sure!” but then he starts getting all sassy
  • “Hm? Ain’t’cha tell me to stand up all straight’n’proper-like, hun?” 
  • literally using his height over you
  • You catch him while he’s working on blueprints for a new gun he’s working on
  • He’s sitting down and you just run over and wrap your arms around his neck (now that you can actually reach it) 
  • You ask him to take a nap with you so he can take a break
  • Junkrat doesn’t care for naps and will probably stay awake 
  • But that’s fine because you get to cuddle
  • He thinks it’s a great idea!
Coffee - Tom Holland Imagine

Friends! I’m sorry being MIA, midterms suck.

This is a short piece, I’m sorry. I owe you guys.

This is written in honor of me flying home (and casually being in the same city as Haz and Tom, so, ha!)

Send questions, comments, requests! x

Originally posted by gounderoos

“Hey, Tom, can you do me the biggest favor known to man-kind?” you asked softly.

Tom sighed softly and pulled the eye mask off slowly. “What can I do for you darling?”

You felt bad for having made him upset, “Nevermind, it’s okay. You can go back to sleep…”

You bit your lip and opened the book your reading up again. You saw Tom shuffle a bit before he finally scooted over so he could lean his head on your arm.

“What do you need, Y/N?” He asked softly. He kissed your arm lightly and nuzzled it afterwards.

You smiled and leaned your head on his. “Can you pretty please go get me a coffee from the Starbucks on the other side of the airport?”

Tom laughed and groaned. “What’s in it for me?”

“I could buy you a movie on the plane!”

He sat up and laughed harder, “I can buy 10 of those!”

“Okay but,” you continued, “it’d be coming from me.”

“And that makes it different somehow?” he laughed and begin stretching.

“I’ll make Harrison confess he thinks you’re the superior being…”

A small smile spread on his mouth and you mimicked the motion.

“Only if,” he began, “you get him to say he thinks I’m fucking awesome, too.”

“Done!” you put your hand out and Tom shook it with vigor.

“Awesome, I’ll be right back.” Tom got up, with a jogging start and went off towards the other side of the airport.

You quickly pulled out your phone and dialed Haz’s number. You weren’t surprised when he answered on the 3 ring.

“Hello, how may I be of service?” He answered formally.

“I need you to do something for me, buddy,” you joked.

“If it’s gross, I’m not doing it.”

“I need you to call Tom and tell him you think he’s the superior being and that you think he’s fucking awesome?”

He laughed, “No!”

“Why not Harrison?!”

“Cause it’s not true!” he affronted. “What are you getting out of it, anyways?”

“Coffee.” You said without hesitation.

“Well, maybe the coffee can tell him that instead,” he joked.

You sighed, resigned. “Fine, then. If you don’t want to help your friend in need.”

You heard Haz sigh and figured you had it all set. You smiled when you heard him begin speaking again.

“Fine, I’ll do it right now.”

“Fantastic! Thank you friend!”

“Alright,” he hung up and you sat up a bit straighter when you realized you were set to get your coffee soon.

“One coffee for the human being with a problem.” Tom handed the cup to you and you sipped it immediately. You sighed happily and smiled as Tom sat down next to you, his own coffee in hand.

“Remind me never to fly red-eye again,” he groaned.

You giggled and sipped the coffee once more. “Did Haz call you, then?”


“And?” you smiled, expecting some sassy remark.

“He did it,” he said and he began to fiddle with the lid on the cup.

“You sound disappointed…”

“Am I whipped?” He asked you, but he didn’t meet your eye.

“I’m sorry?” you asked.

“Am I whipped?” he asked again. “Harrison said I was whipped but I just want to see if anyone else agrees.”

“Would being whipped be a bad thing?” You asked cautiously. Even though you had no issue with him being in love with you, you still weren’t sure whether Tom even felt that way about you.

“I don’t think so…” he finally looked up at you. “Would that be a bad thing?”

His question caught you off-guard and you were sure your expression conveyed the emotion. “No…” you answered seriously.

“It wouldn’t?” he asked, his eyes big and round.

“Of course not,” you said. “Because I think I’m whipped, too.” You sipped your coffee, “If that’s helps at all.”

“It definitely does,” he said as a grin spread over his face.

You smiled too, but tried to hide it in your coffee. You continued to smile as you felt Tom’s fingers intertwine with yours.

“I love you,” he whispered into your ear. You smiled.

“I love you,” you said out loud.

Living With The Outlaws Would Include...

A/N ~ I really liked this… maybe I should do a part two?

  • Okay bro
  • You do realize who these guys are???
  • You should already know the disasters that are about to go downnn
  • You guys have fire extinguishers everywhere in the apartment
  • It’s either for Roy’s cooking, Roy’s failed creations, Roy baking, Roy using the bathroom you get the gist
  • The dishes would pile up cause no one wants to do them
  • “It’s your turn to wash them Jason!”
  • “You lazy piece of shit I did them yesterday!”
  • The only ones who don’t cause (much) disaster is you and Kori
  • When the boys start doing crazy crap you both going on a shopping spree or go get icecream cause you both are not gonna deal with that
  • Jason blasting music in the morning
  • He doesn’t even clean but he still turns on the vacuum cleaner to annoy the fuck out all of you
  • Having to constantly help patch up Roy and Jason
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and almost having a heart attack because Kori is up too but you only were able to see her glowing eyes which still freaks you out
  • You and Kori try to keep the apartment clean and cute but the boys somehow always manage to break things and make a mess in a matter of seconds
  • Jason doesn’t even use the door, he always uses the window, does he have something against doors???
  • You know how girls find bobby pins almost everywhere? In the most unusual places?
  • Well you can find bullets and arrows in the most unusual places
  • If you can’t find your jacket you can use Jason’s leather jacket cause he has a bunch and he leave them around everywhere geeez they smell good
  • On that note you guys have to buy a lot of brushes since Kori always manages to break them
  • Kori on so many occasions has brought in stray animals
  • It’s not that you hate animals it’s just you got two of your own animals named Jason and Roy and you can’t even deal with them
  • One time Roy tried to make you and Kori bath bombs
  • “Yeah I really love bath bombs, they really refresh me.”
  • “I have used the bombs for baths before, they are delightful!”
  • Well Roy clearly doesn’t know what a bath bomb is
  • And that’s how you guys blew up the bathroom
  • You and Jason have a secret place in the apartment where you hide books
  • You both don’t trust people with paperback books because they are yalls babies and they can’t be harmed, you are proud parents
  • You guys had a goldfish once
  • Kori named it Glub
  • Roy and Jason decided it would be cool to play with the fish
  • Any whoo that was the end of Glub
  • Besides all the disasters you love them
  • They are your family and they would literally die for you
  • The boys are over protective and are the reason you are single
  • Kori is like your sister and she’s the best person to talk to when you need to let out pent up emotions
  • Jason loves spending time with you, you’re one of the few people he opens up to and you help him through his break downs and he can’t be more grateful to have you
  • Roy might be a sassy motherfucker who thinks he got everything handled but he can be a big softy who needs babying
  • Being with the outlaws is something you wouldn’t change for the world, sure you guys fight but at the end you guys love each other
B.A.P Reaction To You Feeling Fat


  • He’d want to shower you with love after hearing you say that
  • Talks to you about it and gets upset when you feel like he’s lying to make you feel better about yourself
  • But he really means it when he says you’re perfect!!!
  • He’d go out and buy food for you because he wants you to eat lots
  • Makes sure that if you really do want to lose weight, it’s in a healthy way (a.k.a exercising + healthy diet)

Originally posted by daenana


  • He’s sensitive about his own weight so he understands how you’re feeling
  • It kills him inside to know that you feel that way about yourself
  • Watches over you for like a day to make sure you keep eating properly though
  • Constantly telling you that you’re beautiful and perfect
  • Will fight you if you don’t think he’s right you are Daehyun in the gif

Originally posted by missbaptan


  • He honestly thinks you’re fine and spends hours trying to see a speck of the bad things you see about yourself
  • But he wouldn’t be able to find any and would be very confused
  • Would leave really extra cute post-its around about how beautiful you are
  • He likes to tease you but becomes more cautious of what he teases you about and starts paying more compliments to you
  • Would probably talk to you about it and make sure you’re not being too hard on yourself

Originally posted by gotinspirit


  • Sassy Youngjae is going to show you what’s good
  • But at the same time he’d be very aware of your feelings and would give comfort when he feels it’s needed
  • Sees you as a lil bun who he needs to protect and wants to feed you lots
  • But he can’t protect you from yourself no matter how much he wants to he’d want to fight you and protect you at the same time tho
  • Would compliment you anywhere and anytime and make you feel shy because you know he means it

Originally posted by j-miki


  • Do you and fat even belong in the same sentence??? (The answer is no)
  • Silently offers comfort and support
  • Mostly through back hugs but would also express it through words if he felt you needed it
  • If you wanted to lose weight, he’d probs join you for your workouts and any diet regimes you start (lowkey to make sure they weren’t unhealthy)
  • Reminds you that his love in unconditional and that you’re an angel who deserve the world

Originally posted by daexxxjae


  • Poor awkward Zelo, he wouldn’t know what to do
  • All he’d know is that you’re perfect in his eyes and that’s really all he can say to you
  • He might use this as an opportunity to get you to practice dancing with him though
  • Cause dancing burns calories and he really wants you to grind dance with him
  • But he’d make sure you weren’t over-exerting yourself in exercising and that you got lots of calories because health is important!

Originally posted by bbcblackjack


This reminded me of the eating disorders B.A.P suffered due to TS entertainment. Y’all are beautiful so please don’t engage in unhealthy weight-cutting practices! Don’t starve yourself and don’t try to workout to the point of over-exertion! I hope you guys like this, IDK how it turned out tbh. The grind part of Zelo was bc of me remembering how he grinded on the floor at the concert we went to and how we all got pregnant soooo ya sorry.

~Admin K(inda hungry writing this rn if I’m being honest)

NCT-127 Reacts to you putting your hands up their shirt/sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

 Sorry my posts have slowed down recently, I’m back at college and have been so busy in just the first week back since it’s the run up to my exams! I’ll try to post at least once a week, hopefully more, but this is just a warning that I won’t be posting as often! Anyway, thank you for the request, this one was fun to do! Have a great day/night everyone! 


Surprised by your sudden closeness, he’d probably take a while to get used to it and be startled at first. Eventually the habit would grow on him, and he’d get used to it - not minding too much if it put you at ease. 

Originally posted by taesyong


I can see Johnny being the calmest about it, laid back as your hands moved across his skin, enjoying the closeness. He might make a joke or two at first, but would soon get used to it and possibly start doing the same, you having to remind him not to let his hands wander to far.

Originally posted by nct-johnny-seo


 He’d probably he concerned the first time you did it, putting his hands on yours and trying to move them - especially if you were around people. As he got used to your habit, he’d find it relaxing to have your hands on him, a comfort he missed when he had to go away for any periods of time.

Originally posted by martina-07


At first he’d likely take it the wrong way, but all together wouldn’t mind. He’d probably never admit it, but would enjoy it whatever your intentions, glad you just wanted to feel close to him. He might brag about it to the other members, telling them how lucky he was to have found some who habitually just wanted to be close to him. 

Originally posted by sour-satang


He’d probably be shy about it at first, wanting to return the affectionate gestures but also trying not to cringe or sass you. I don’t think he’d mind your habit, but also would sometimes prefer you to keep your hands off his skin, finding it too distracting. 

Originally posted by nctinfo


Unlike others, he probably wouldn’t take it the wrong way and would just enjoy the feeling of your hands on his skin. He might ask you what you were doing, but wouldn’t mind it as long as you weren’t going too far. He’d enjoy the small touches, finding them reassuring and comforting.

Originally posted by yonges


 Another one to be quite shy about it, jumping slightly when he felt your hands move up his shirt. His awkwardness would be visible, and even if he didn’t say anything you’d realise and have to explain yourself. He probably wouldn’t mind too much as long as your hands didn’t go too far, prefering it and possibly enjoying it if you stuck to subtly touching his hands an arms. 

Originally posted by harryslittleangel2002


Mark would likely be just as confused as others at first, not sure what to do and maybe trying to move your hands away. Once you explained, he might still be a bit uneasy about you touching him, particularly in public, however in private moments when he got to be alone with you he wouldn’t mind too much.

Originally posted by nakamotens


 The moment your hands wandered up his sleeve he’d jump out of his skin. Being a smol child, I can see him loosing his usual sassy attitude and cringing or just staring at you. When you told him it was just a habit and you didn’t mean anything, he’d be calmer, and slowly start to enjoy the idea that you just wanted to be close to him.

Originally posted by haenyan

Requests open for NCT-U and 127!

anonymous asked:

Please do a dating jughead headcanon! Thanks 💖

@shayara @whoaheather @harringtonmaximoff @archieandrewws

• Jughead always watching over you to make sure nothing bad happens to you. Especially after Jason’s death.

• being the only one who can steal his beanie away from him - he loves to see you wearing it. He thinks it’s really sweet.

• helping him with his novel writing

• leaning your head on his shoulder as he reads to you - making sure to put emphasis on important parts to make you giggle

• Jughead’s not entirely comfortable with PDA. so affection is more of a private thing between the two of you

• holding hands under tables when eating at Pop’s

• kisses that never end because neither of you can get enough of the other - you taste like milkshakes, and his lips are unbelievably soft.

• making sure he gets a proper night’s sleep. boy looks like he hasn’t slept in years

• standing up for him rather fiercely whenever Reggie picks on him

• calling Archie a “fucking idiot” when you learn about what he’s done to Betty

• treating him to Pop’s after long days - and he returns the favor often

• confiding in each other and being supportive of each other, because your relationship is very important to both of you

• having a healthy, funny relationship filled with sassy comments and sighs over Archie’s messy love life

• cheering Betty on whenever you can because girl d e s e r v e s i t


anon request→Sam Adams & being a little shit

What’s the point? So I can watch them write another love letter to the King?

not today, satan. ( 514 words )

Nico counted himself as fifteen years old. He’s on a visit to Camp Half Blood, sitting in the infirmary. Apparently he just missed a big battle in the forest in the Camp. It’s unknown what really happened but long story short—there were a lot of Hellhounds that were a lot meaner than Mrs. O’Leary. Most of the senior campers—Percy, Leo, Piper, Annabeth—they were in Rome. They couldn’t help—they unfortunately let the forest floor be drenched in blood.

Now the kid of the god of the Dead stood in the corner and watched his boyfriend work. He’s frantic—mumbling to himself and yelling at his half-siblings to work faster. They’re doing all they can. The non-injured (and even some injured) Hephaestus children ran around making more beds for injured kids. It was heartwarming in a way.

The infirmary was full to the brim with injured kids, as Nico noticed. Even with the extra work assigned and some kids (friends—true siblings) sharing beds, some still lay on the floor. They soaked the ground with dark red ink. Nico could almost grimace at the sight.

“Nico—” Will turned around, his blue eyes wide. “Nico can you—oh.” His eyes turned from his dark haired boyfriend to the man standing next to Nico, angrily. “Right.” Will turned back to his work, just as focused as before. “Thanatos is here.”

“Young master,” Thanatos tried again for the hundredth time. “Death is inevitable.” He said again, voice turning into a low mourn. “Death will come.”

“Not with Solace.” Was all Nico said. The presence of Nico Di Angelo wasn’t enough to stop Thanatos. But with the damned souls creeping from the ground and grabbing his ankles—and the death grip that Nico had on his wrist was enough to stop him, however. “Never with Solace. If anyone can stop you, he can.”

Thanatos looked angry. Angrier than before. He looked like he was just personally insulted. ‘The fact that an Apollo child,’ he must’ve been thinking. ‘Is helping these helpless, near death souls, will not change anything. I am death itself, and I am this world’s ugly truth.’ His body flickered like a black candle flame. He leaned towards Nico and slunk around him like a venomous snake. Nico did not flinch. “Death will come. And no pathetic Apollo kin can stop me.”

Nico, the slow to anger boy, looked ready to burst. “How dare—”

Speak of the devil, maybe. Even though Will was intensely caught up in his work, he managed to lend an ear into eavesdropping. It was often that Thanatos was materialized—but the death grip made sure he was. With that being said, a bloody rag towel was hurled from Will’s work station and onto Thanatos’ face. Impeccable accuracy. “This pathetic Apollo kin is saving lives faster than you could have gotten to them.” He snarled. Even with his freckles and golden skin, he looked menacing. Nico was so proud. “No one needs your nasty words, Thanny. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners?” And with that, he went back to his work.

Nico smiled—prouder than ever. “I love him.”

Let's talk about Anxiety as a character

As far as the sides go, Anxiety seems to be the most complex and well developed. Of course we see the other sides expressing character development, deep emotion, and complex thought, but Anxiety seems to be much more alive.

In videos like the most recent ss video and the originality video, Anxiety does things that don’t happen to the other sides:

A cutaway to Anxiety when he’s not otherwise engaged in the conversation, just to see him react emotionally. In the originality video, there were a couple jump cuts to him looking sad and out of place, before silently sinking out. And then in the growing up video, we have a clip of him looking very displeased at Logic’s and Prince’s treatment of Morality. None of the other three have had similar cutaways when they’re not engaged in the conversation.

We also get so many more personal statements from Anxiety, and not always intentionally. What really strikes a cord with me is when he says he isn’t always the bad guy, and when he has a short monologue about how he’s there despite the fact that none of them want him there.

Behind those phrases there’s a lot more depth and underlying emotion than we get to see from the other three. I get that he’s Anxiety, but there’s more real emotion behind his words.

When he doesn’t seem to have that is in situations where he’s put on the spot. Complimenting the others, expressing love, being directly askes questions make him flatten out. He turns back into this confident, sassy, humorous character. He stops displaying that depth that the others do, and whether it’s intentional or not, it’s really interesting. Why? Because Anxiety doesn’t want other people to know his true emotions. Sure, he does a lot to scare Thomas and such, but when in the spotlight, he tries to keep things more impersonal, and in character. Myspace, MCR, Emo- it’s a little like d*nisnotonfire v D*niel H*well. There’s who he projects himself to be, and who he really is.

I have no idea if this made any sense because I’m not proofreading it, but we really should talk about Anxiety as a character more.

I’ll Never Let You Go

Author; jiminniexmochi

Pairing; Jikook

Ad Tags; Business Au; TopJungkook; BottomJimin; Office Sex; Assistant jimin;

Word Count; 5,825

Summary; Jimin’s normally more confident than this. He’s normally a bit more cocky and a hell of a lot more sassy. But, right now, oh no, he’s far from being any of those.

Especially with the male in front of him looking at him with a knowing, amused glint in his eye and a small smirk tugging at the corner of his lips.

The male who happened to be Jimin’s last night stand 2 days ago.

And the son of the CEO of a company that Jimin’s currently being interviewed for.

Well, if Jimin wasn’t going to hell right now, he sure as hell booked a one-way ticket by now.

Player: Morgan Rielly – Toronto Maple Leafs

 Prompt:  You and Morgan are expecting your first child, you had hoped that the baby would wait till after the playoffs to arrive, but the little one had other plans.

 Mentions: Maple Leafs Roster mentioned slightly.  

 Warnings: Slight Cussing.

 Preview: The pregnancy had been going smoothly. You were 35 weeks and the Leafs were in midst of their playoff run. You were currently dedicating your time convincing the little Beaut to stay safe and sound in your belly.

Characters: 1576 words.

The Masterlist is right here.

Originally posted by icehockeynation

You and Morgan had been married only a little over a year when you found out you were expecting your first child. Morgan was beyond excited. He went out and basically bought out every baby store in Toronto. The rest of the team were no different. The little one was being spoiled before they were even born. The boys were beyond excited that their team “Mom & Dad” were now going to be real parents.

You and Morgan had decided not to find out the sex, Mo was fond of it being a surprise. You resorted to calling the baby little Beaut. Kannon had other ideas and called the baby big bird. You were hoping you would not be pushing out an eight-foot yellow bird in just a few weeks.

The pregnancy had been going smoothly. You were 35 weeks and the Leafs were in midst of their playoff run. You were currently dedicating your time convincing the little Beaut to stay safe and sound in your belly. You were standing in the bathroom brushing your teeth when Morgan walked in from morning practice.

“Hey Mama, You okay? You were up and down all night.” He asked wrapping his arms around your protruding belly.

“Just couldn’t get comfortable last night” you smiled trying to pass it off as simply just that, it wasn’t a complete lie. What you left out is that it was all the cramping that was making you uncomfortable. You called your doctor once Morgan had left for practice and he said you should be fine as long as your water didn’t break or the contractions weren’t too close.

“Are you joining me for my pregame nap?” Mo asked, bringing you from your thoughts.

“Ill lay down with you, but if I can’t get comfortable I will go downstairs. I don’t want to keep you up.” You walked over to the bed and laid down with him. He quickly fell asleep. But the cramps kept coming, now a bit closer.

You quickly got up praying not to wake up Mo. He was still out when you reached the door. You smiled at him sleeping so peacefully.

You went downstairs and into the kitchen. You hoped eating something would help settle the little one in your belly. You began making a sandwich, talking to your belly.

“Listen here, little Beaut. I can’t wait to meet you but Daddy has a very important game. So that means you need to keep your little butt in there.”

You felt a kick as if the baby was answering in rebellion.

 “Don’t you sass me.” You heard a laugh and turned to see Mo walking down the stairs in his suit.

“Little Beaut being sassy are they?” he asked placing a kiss on your forehead.

“We are going to have our handful aren’t we?”

 “Between the little Beaut and the rookies? For sure.” You laughed at his answer.

 “Lucy is going to pick you up?” he asked

 “Yep, I will see you at the game Captain” You smiled

 As you heard the door close, the cramps continued.

 “Why won’t you listen!” You threw your hands up as you walked up the stairs to get ready. This baby was leaning towards being more and more like the rookies. You were going to the game and this baby was staying in your stomach.

 You had just slipped into one of Morgan’s old practice jerseys. It was one of the only things that felt these days.

 You had just finished getting ready, between more and more cramps, as Lucy pulled up. You walked down the driveway and by the time you pulled yourself into her car, you were out of breath.

 “Are you alright Mama Rielly?” she immediately asked obviously concerned.

 “I am fine, just some cramps, it’s nothing.” You answered through your breathing.

 “I am pretty sure they are called contractions when you are pregnant Hun and that we should be going to a hospital, not a hockey game.” She answered refusing to pull out of the driveway.

 “Lucy. The doctor said I was fine as long as my water doesn’t break and that the cramps… contractions are not close enough. We are going to the game, I am going to watch my husband win, and this baby is staying in my stomach.” You said quite blatantly, trying to convince yourself more than Lucy.

 “Let’s go to a hockey game then,” Lucy replied pulling from the driveway.

 Lucy helped you up to the family suite where the attention was quickly turned to you. The girls flocking to you all rubbing your stomach and making sure you were okay. All you wanted to do was sit down.

 You finally found your seat and were trying to get through that pointless breathing they taught you at Lamaze class when you were approached by Kannon. He came up and put his ear to your belly.

 “How is Big Bwird?” he asked as he rubbed your belly with your hand.

 You couldn’t help but smile. “Big Bird is not listening to their mommy.”

 “That’s not good when I no listen I get timeout.” Kannon looked back down at your belly. “You no like timeout big bwird, no fun.”

You giggled. “Come on Kannon, Let’s let Auntie Y/N watch the game.” Molly smiled at you as she took Kannon to their seats.

 Lucy sat down next to you, “How far apart are they now?”

 “A few minutes maybe?” you answered as you tried to breathe through another contraction.

 “Y/N we should really go to the hospital.”

 “I can make it, Luc.” You tried to convince her as you turned to watch the game.

 You had made it hallway through the game. It was the middle of the second period, the score was tied. That was until Morgan scored a breakaway goal and you all stood up to cheer.

 Your smile dropped as you felt the liquid drip down your legs. Your shock was quickly over thrown by a contraction. This one was the worst one you had experienced.

“Fuck.” You almost yelled as you gasped for air.  All eyes were suddenly on you.

“Yep, it’s time to go.” Lucy grabbed your hand and lead you towards the door. Steph was following you but was headed towards downstairs.

 You looked back at her and everyone else. “No one tells him! Not until the game is over!” you demanded.

 The girls looked at you. “But Y/N…”

 Promise me you won’t, or I will stay until the game is over.” You stared them all down and they knew you were serious.

 You looked at Lucy. “Now let’s go have a baby.”

You reached the hospital and the contractions had calmed down and you were settled into the room. Morgan’s Mom had gone to the house to pick up your hospital bag and a change of clothes for Morgan since you all knew he would rush straight here. Lucy was feeding you ice chips as the three of you were watching the rest of the Leafs game. You prayed it didn’t go into overtime.

 The game ended and the Leafs had won. All the guys were on the ice celebrating winning. That’s when they all turned and looked confused at both Steph and Sydney running out on the ice. They both almost tackled Morgan. You suddenly watched Morgan race towards the locker room as all the guys were behind him.

 You shook your head. Not 15 minutes had passed before the door to your room swung open. There stood Morgan, still have dressed in his hockey gear.

 He rushed to your side. “Y/N! Are you okay? Why didn’t you come get me?”

 “I’m fine, it was a big game. You didn’t need to sit here with me, I’m not that far into labor.”

 “But what if you were? I would never miss this. You and this baby come before hockey any day of the week. How long have you been feeling contractions?”

 “Since last night maybe?” You shrugged trying to look innocent.


 “Okay maybe I should have told you, but everything worked out. So let’s just focus on now meeting the little Beaut. Plus, I’m about to push your child out, I get a free pass” You smiled.

 He chuckled placing a kiss to your temple.

 “Now go change, you stink.” You giggled.

 He rolled his eyes and took his clothes from his mother.

A few hours and quite a few curse words later, you were lying in bed next to Mo holding your baby girl.

“She really is a Beaut,” Morgan whispered in your ear, stroking the newborn’s cheek.

 “What should we name her?” you asked looking up at your husband.

 “Charlotte, we can call her Charlie.” He smiled not taking his eyes off of her.

 “I love it, Charlotte Grace Rielly.”

 Morgan took his eyes off of her for a second, “We are parents.”

 “We are, should we introduce her to the rest of her siblings?”

 He laughed as he got up, taking one more look at his little family before he went into the waiting room.

 Soon your room was filled with the entire Toronto roster. All of them swooning over the little baby in your arms.

 And your family was complete.


“What happened?” Sam asked the sheriff.

“Caught her trespassing at the crime scene,” he said. “You said to call you if anything ‘weird’ showed up. Well, she had this on her.” He held up an EMF meter.

“Hmm,” Sam said, concealing his surprise. Whoever they had caught was either an amateur ghost hunter or on the job… “Did you ask what it is?”

“We tried,” the sheriff said. “But the only thing we’ve been able to get out of her is ‘bite me.’” Sam had to bite his cheek to stop himself from laughing. 

“I’ll talk to her,” he said. The sheriff led him to the interrogation room and Sam followed him in. 

He was glad the deputy and sheriff both had their backs to him because he was positive his expression had just been a mixture of surprise and amusement that he would not have been able to conceal. You hadn’t looked up when he entered and were staring, clearly pissed off, down at the table top. You were handcuffed to the chair you were in.

“Well, you better start talkin’,” the sheriff said. “This here just got federal. Agent White here is with the FBI.”

Your eyes shot up and you were struck with a dumbfounded expression for a split second before you recovered and arranged your face into one of vague dislike. 

Sam crossed his arms and stared down at you, letting the silence stretch for a long moment. “I’ll take it from here. Thanks,” he said, nodding at the sheriff. 

The sheriff gave him a nod of understanding and motioned for the deputy to follow him out. As soon as the door closed behind them, Sam’s face cracked into a smile and he rocked on his feet. “Well… this is a surprise,” he said.

You pursed your lips and raised your eyebrows. “You gonna help me out here?” you asked.

“I don’t know,” he said, his smile growing. “I haven’t decided yet,” he teased.


“What are you doing here?” he asked with a laugh.

You raised a hand to tug at the handcuffs. “What’s it look like?”

“Yeeeeah. You got caught. I thought you ‘never got caught’,” he said, quoting some of your own words from not so long ago back to you.

You gave him a sassy look. “Well, are you going to help me out of here or not?” you asked again.

He sat down on the table near you. “I don’t know,” he said thoughtfully. “What’s in it for me?” He gave you a smile that left you feeling a little flushed but you smirked back at him and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sure we could figure something out. Assuming being my hero isn’t enough for you,” you flirted back.

Sam laughed. “Alright, you had me from the moment I walked in here,” he admitted, and he produced some handcuff keys.

Anyways, i just rewatched A Danger in Fiction and the Author is so sassy and enthusiastic, he’s not afraid to get loud and he tends to get impatient.

The Host, on the other hand, is quiet and withdrawn, not speaking out of turn, only to narrate and almost seems to make himself smaller the way he hunches and hugs himself.

What the HELL happened between the time of his transformation from the Author to the Host?? Between being shot and losing his sight I’m sure there’s plenty of trauma to go around, but i still have questions that need answers.

With Murdoc often being the instigator, he and Noodle used to get into many petty arguments that amused or drove the others nuts. 

Eventually, Muds learned to stop entering these arguments when he crossed the line by pulling the ‘why are you so bitchy, I basically raised you’ line. One sassy 'well, I learnt how to be bitchy from the best’ turned out to be too much for the boys to handle. 

Russel and 2D are sure they’ve never laughed so hard in their life.

In this ungodly hour of the night I have insomnia and more gifts in the form of mitjo

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Jonas would be the first to admit it was weird. Beyond weird. Creepy even. You could be sure he knew that first thing first… that didn’t exactly stop him from keeping the jacket that smelled like Mitch Mueller though. He had been out Saturday night when he saw the teen and his friends barreling down an alley. His former bully helping the other two jump the fence before he hoped over himself. However the hood caught and without a second thought he ditched it. Maybe it had been the sirens close by, or he might tell himself that it was because everyone knew who’d own a jacket with a chicken and cow painting a sign that read ‘eat more dick’ but Jonas unhooked the jacket, shoving it in his backpack and headed home. Sidney was still at space camp for two weeks so he had no idea what to do besides sit in his room and stare at the offensive article of clothing questioning what the hell he was thinking.

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Some of the best/most memorable moments of the RTD era, just because:

•The devastation in Nine’s eyes when Jabe says “Time Lord” in “The End of the World”

•the Dalek being able to levitate in “Dalek”

•the stupid preciousness of Rose trying to say “Raxacoricofallapatorius” in “Boom Town” and her exuberant hugs with Nine and Jack

•the soundless “ex-ter-min-ate” outside Lynda’s window during “The Parting of the Ways” before the Daleks smash through

•In the same episode, that close-up of Rose/Bad Wolf’s face when she says “I want you safe—my Doctor” and the light in her eyes dies out for a second and there are tears running down her cheeks. And you can see that she is burning up and falling apart but she doesn’t stop, and you can tell that she knows she going to die and doesn’t care if it means he’s safe

•Jackie’s shriek of “I’m gonna get killed by a Christmas tree” in “The Christmas Invasion” (I C O N I C)

•"That, that, that is textbook enigmatic"

•Ten’s smug smile at Rose’s exasperation in “School Reunion” when she’s serving chips

•K-9’s increasingly sassy versions of “We are in a car”

•"A door once opened may be stepped through in either direction"

•The Doctor’s giggle when he finds out Rose is a dog in the parallel universe, and Rose being increasingly fed up with him

•"I believe in her"

•Ursula getting preserved as a concrete slab (w h a t)(it wasn’t best but it sure was memorable)

•The Doctor crying in the Tardis when he’s cut off during “Doomsday”

•Jackie hugging Rose on the beach

•"I’m not—I’m not—I’m not from Mars??“ said as though Ten is no longer sure whether he is or not

•Martha’s face as she looks at the Earth from the moon

•The Doctor deciding that electrocuting himself at the top of the Empire State Building is a good idea

•"Don’t they teach recreational mathematics anymore?” Lol FAVE

•"If the Doctor had never visited us, if he’d never chosen this place, on a whim…would anybody here have died?“

•The music in the background of the Master’s hunt for Martha on the streets during "Last of the Time Lords”

•"You’re not falling, Astrid. You’re flying" (I don’t care what you say, I loved this stupid episode)

•Donna waving at fat and her weirded-out look afterward

•When Rose first shows up in “Partners in Crime” like !!!!!


•Martha breaking down in tears when the Hath dies

•Donna’s enraged “What? Who did I kill?!” in “The Unicorn and the Wasp”

•River’s last words being “Spoilers”

•The Doctor’s look of utter desolation after River dies

•Donna’s frantic clinging to her children when the data core world starts falling apart

•That moment of cold horror when the Doctor questions whether the people on the train would really kill Sky and the Hostess says, “I would”

•The look of complete terror in Ten’s eyes when he starts copying Sky


•"No really, you can hug me" Donna is so thirsty for Captain Jack and I love it


•The sudden drop in your stomach when Donna keeps repeating “Binary—binary—binary—”

•That awful moment when Wilf swings the door open and Ten is holding Donna

•Rosita being more competent than everybody else in “The Next Doctor”

•Jackson Lake’s Tardis being a hot-air balloon (that episode was so adorable tbh)

•That feeling of foreboding when Ten turns down Lady Christina de Souza

•Steffi watching the video from her family as she is hit by the water on Mars

•The quiet flash of light after Adelaide enters her house in “Waters of Mars,” and Ten’s broken “I’ve gone too far"—an understated scene but no less chilling for all that

•Ten and Wilf crying together in the cafe

•Ten deciding that jumping through a ceiling was in any way a good idea

•Jack’s final salute

•"Was she happy, in the end?”

•Donna getting a happy ending

•"I bet you’re gonna have a really great year"

•The change in Ten’s expression when he starts regenerating and you can see his choice to die bravely

•Matt Smith at the end honestly what a cutie

Sf9 When You’re Performing  With A Miniskirt During The Winter

Inseong: Super annoyed at the stylist but also worried for your health. “They’re making you wear that? But it’s freezing even on stage, who’s the stylist who thought of that?” 

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Youngbin: Even after just performing himself and being sweaty, he’ll walk around and bust his ass to keep you warm, you almost thought he was another staff. ”Babe….I’ll get you a hotpack, wear your jacket for now since you won’t be performing till later oh and don’t walk around to much, I’ll also get you some hot tea.”

Probably walk past your stylist with a glare like 

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Rowoon: “You look pretty but that doesn’t look warm.” Will joke around a bit though but still worried  “Babe, you can’t change into some pants no? I can see goosebumps on your legs” 

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But legit will go up to your stylist all cute and awkward like “Can you please change her into some pants? Maybe something that will still fit into the concept but with more…fabric haha.”

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Jaeyoon: “Yo~NO, no you’re not going to wear that. Go tell your stylist you’re not wearing that, GO BACK GO.”

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Dawon: #Distraction #Distracted #Yourtoobeautiful

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Zuho: *a sec of just seeing u*


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Taeyang: *List several detailed reasons why and how wearing a mini skirt isn’t a good idea right now because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or think he’s controlling you*

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“But you do look sexy babe.”

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Hwiyoung: Shy baby doesnt want to look at your legs but will be like “Ah noona, isn’t it freezing??? You look…nice though.”

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Chani: Doesn’t dare to look at your legs but will be still be like “Noona it’s so cold today, when you’re done performing please put on some pants ok?” Not sure why he being sassy but you know he cares he’s not good at expressing it.

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I’m honestly still in a state of disbelief that today is the day we begin to say hello to a wedding between two men who were brought together by a fiery, lustful, and desperately dangerous affair, who waded their way through trauma, trepidation, hatred and heartbreak, all while loving every part of each other from the start to the end; every flaw, every strength and every weakness. 

Aaron Dingle, the scruffy, sarcastic, grease monkey mechanic with a tragic past and a huge heart. The man who didn’t ever think he deserved to be loved, who would have rather ended his life than live it to what he thought was repulsed upon, who was so lost in pain and repression of his feelings, not being able to come to terms with the fact he’s gay, so much so that he’d given up on genuinely reaching for light amongst the darkness or ever finding someone to grow old with.

Robert Sugden, the trash mouth materialistic sassy businessman with a brassy demeanour that slowly but surely comes to a halt when someone really takes the time to get to know him, and to care. The man who had always felt like a failure, been shoved aside as an outcast, second best, and left to wallow in the fears of not belonging anywhere. The man who couldn’t bear to accept himself or his sexuality and was living a lie for years. The now redeemed man who really was far from perfect, who’d made often unforgivable mistakes but who tried and is still trying to fix that with that kind, dedicated heart that is underneath.  

These are two soulmates attuned to each other. Two soulmates who slowly grew to find home within each other amongst the business meetings and the fumbles in barns, secret hotels and portacabins. They’ve pushed their buttons to the limit, screwed up and hurt until they can hurt no more but somehow they’ve always ended back in each other’s orbit because it was meant to be. Both the peace and the insanity that had been injected into both their lives since 4th December 2014 lead them to where they are today and this is it, they no longer have to feel alone or astray in the world, wonder if they are loved or worthy enough because they have that family unit staring back at them to reassure them they are united whatever the uncertainty of the future holds. They’ll get through life’s obstacles together, knowing they have that guidance, protection and security. This is what matters the most; two broken souls fixed together to make a whole.

“This isn’t a love story” except it is and it’s every bit wonderful as it is eventful. What a journey. 

EXO WOLF: Their Mate Being Pregnant

note: this was requested by around three people or so, so i decided to just get it out of the way (again, this is brief, but if you want more in depth headcanons, feel free to request a specific member.)


Minseok would be so much more protective of you, once you were pregnant with his puppies. I see him being glued to you to the extent that it felt like having a second–much younger–father watching over you. Of course, this was all done with good intentions, which he would huff and explain reluctantly, should you ever bring it to conversation. “I only want the best for my jagiya and our baby together,” he would mumble with his hand palming your stomach.

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I don’t see too many changes in Luhan’s attitude toward you, besides the given that he’d be so much happier. The thought of having his own child with his mate was enough to put the biggest smile on his face, even when he was asked to do things he despised. Keeping this in mind, when you were to complain about aches, he would give you gentle massages and make comments about how “well you were doing with everything,” but aside from that, I don’t see a giant difference in how he treats you.

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Like Minseok, Yifan would also be protective, but not as suffocating in doing so. He knew that the other clans opposed a great threat (especially due to his rank as one of the two alphas), so he would make sure to keep a close eye on you when he could. He would do this very subtly, by suggesting you go on out of town trips with him–when he was required to go himself. When he wasn’t, he would suggest that someone tag along with you when you go places (should he not be going). Junmyeon would be his first suggestion, as “his awful jokes were a real mood-maker,” with his second choice as Baekhyun, “because what’s the point in going out if your best friend can’t tag along?” It’s a given that Baekhyun had let the cat out of the bag not to long into your first trimester, but that you decided to entertain your mate’s wishes and go along with it.

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While juggling tending to the needs of his pack, Junmyeon would make sure to be very prepared for anything while you were expecting. Despite his claims that “he’d already gotten enough parental experience, thanks to Tao,” he constantly worried that something may go wrong. Because of this, he tried to be ready for whatever mother nature could possibly throw at the both of you. You found it ridiculous how he already had a go bag packed and always sitting next to his bed by the second month of your pregnancy, but you always tried to remind yourself that he had good reason to worry.

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From the moment you announced your pregnancy to him, Yixing would be very doting. Anything you needed was yours–everything you wanted as well. Your mate would do for you without question, wanting nothing other than an easy pregnancy on your end. Expect random things like chocolates, or the occasional flowers–which were “just because he thought you needed something as lovely as your future child would be.” His favorite thing to do by far, though, would be singing soft melodies while you laid together, because he thought the baby could hear him and “needed a lullaby to help him fall asleep.”

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This hyper pup would try to be much gentler once he knew you were pregnant with his child. His constant rough housing would cease temporarily, as he was afraid of harming you and your unborn child, “I’d be the last person to hurt our little baby girl,” he would casually say as he helped you out of bed, rather than carelessly tossing you over his shoulder. When you cooed in adoration at this, he would flush a light pink shade (as he often did when you–only you–complimented him). Maybe it’s just me, but I also think that at some point, he would attempt to make you a special dinner for being kind to him despite everything. This would result in the burning of two steaks–the smoke of which would set off the fire alarm–and the reluctant calling of a delivery pizza.

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Jongdae would be much quieter during your pregnancy, since he read somewhere online that continuous loud noises weren’t good for a fetus. It got as far as you snapping at him, claiming that as much as you loved the thought, you enjoyed his loudness tons more. Aside from this, he would definitely be taking notes from Junmyeon’s gentle demeanor toward his own children. Being the best father he could possibly be would be his main goal, and that was evident in the choices he had begun to make.

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He may be gleeful usually, but ever since your pregnancy confession, Chanyeol would be in a new bubble of happiness that would be nearly impossible to burst. Throughout the entirety of your nine months, he would be so, so excited, constantly bringing up names that he enjoyed or what color he wanted to paint the nursery. Even if you wished he would calm down a bit, he wouldn’t be able to. “I’m going to be a father!” He’d proclaim every so often, like he couldn’t get over hearing it. Everyone new he met would be hearing it too, as soon as they were on a name-to-name basis.

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Kyungsoo would be exceptionally understanding during this time. Usually, when you woke him up late at night in need of a meal, he gave a groggy “maybe in the morning.” Now, however, he thought of the little fetus growing inside your stomach and did nothing but nod whenever you placed him in this scenario. In addition to this, he would make whatever you asked without anything more than a joking comment about how “the baby had weird taste.”

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Zitao would be carelessly spoiling you, even if you protested against his many, many gifts. They would range from needed things, like baby outfits (albeit a much more extravagant take), to things that you didn’t think you needed at all, like at-home foot spas. He would make claims that “he saw these things and thought you needed them,” but whenever you asked what for, he would silence himself. Also, he would be hellbent that you were carrying a little girl, and it had gone as far as the both of you placing bets against each other (Sehun joined in, claiming he really, really wanted to win your foot spa).

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Jongin would be so much more free for these nine months. I mean this in the sense that whenever it was an option, he would clear his schedule to be by your side while decorating the nursery or picking out baby clothing because he didn’t want to miss a single thing.” I’m not sure why, but I feel as though he wouldn’t be as worried as his hyungs in this time. Gentle and caring, yes, but worried, not as much. He trusted you and himself to be good parents, and to make good choices for this baby.

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Despite his usual sassy nature, Sehun would be thoughtful to be especially kind during your pregnancy. Though it would take nearly everything in him not to snap back a snarky remark when you became agitated over something small, he would make the greatest effort to do so. He is very prideful, so if you ever asked–or snapped–why he wasn’t being his usual self, he would mutter, Suho hyung said you would like it if I were a lot nicer to you right now.” (ps. please be nice n shower him with kisses for this hes deserving)

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