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i asked my school librarian if they had "the ones that walk away from omelas" and he asked where i heard of it since it wasn't typical for a junior high student to ask for it, i didn't know what to say i was so shook

i’m surprised that they still have the book to loan out actually; singapore’s libraries ALWAYS get wiped out!!!!! demian was gone in a day and on queue and omelas was no exception. OTL

【170218 Suga’s ment @ WINGS concert】

While preparing for the WINGS tour, WINGS concert, well I’m sure our fans feels the same too. You guys are excited, we’re excited too. While preparing, I was thinking “what should I do to perform well, what should I do to make it more fun?” I hope we become each other’s wings and fly higher. Like the meaning of ‘wings’, you can’t fly with one side of the wings. We exist because of you guys. And we’re able to hold these concerts because of you guys. I want to thank you for being BTS’ other side of the wing.



I hope things get better, you’re a wonderful person and deserve so much more!
I love watching your dubs, and I’m sorry that there are people like this in the fandom.
But me and I’m sure many other fans will always be there to love and support you!

I’m crying now

This is so sweet thank you so much


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So we might be getting that butt slider for ffxiv

I have a weird memory of Yoshi P and Koji Fox talking about butt slider and the idea of Sophia’s outfit for players back in Vegas fan fest, but I’m not sure if I was hallucinating…

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I actually think it's Louis and you all don't want him to be like this so you blame it on a social media manager tbh! Cause he's also like that in interviews?

Yeah, poor social media manager, we’re all so mean to hiim :( 

To the rude girl on Facebook,

It’s awfully cute that you have the snide, delicate insecurity about us possibly talking to Lin that you feel the need to go make fun of us. Sure, we can’t know for sure that it’s actually him, but were you a real fan and someone who had an actual personality, you wouldn’t be posting on Facebook about how we’re stupid and underage.

1.) We understand that it may not be him, but it’s pretty hard for an impersonator to capture his exact personality when talking to us.
2.) What does age have anything to do with this? I don’t know how old you are, but I’m sure you’d act like a “sad, underage” pathetic fan too if you believed you were talking to your idol.
3.) Don’t you dare insult my friends when they have done nothing offensive to you. And if you don’t like us having this belief, maybe you should stay off tumblr.

I hope you’re so very proud about upsetting and insulting a group of extraordinary people who have no need for your unasked for opinion.


More from WonFes: Emontoys with vague announcement

Emontoys is a new, practically unknown figure manufacturer trying to make a name for itself at a trade show like Wonder Festival, and their Kamina figure prototype (from T.T.Gurren Lagann) has certainly caught some attention. However my attention was caught by these two flyers saying:

In 2017, Emontoys are “Gochiusa” fans!!

Well, I sure hope so, it’s the >current year after all. But does it mean they’re making a Cocoa figure, the first non-prize Rize figure, and the first Chiya figure ever? While not outright confirming it, that is certainly heavily implied by this announcement. We’ll just have to wait and see.

EDIT: Also, apparently FunnyKnights are making a Fleur uniform Rize figure (photos were prohibited).

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You're scum if you trash someone because they listen to someone you don't like gg allin in no way was a decent person and what he did was wrong I'm pretty sure everyone knows that even his fans no musician is decent in there own way they're all bad most of the people you probably listen to are drug addicts that have OD plenty of times let people enjoy what they want and not everyone that likes gg allin likes what he's talking about I know black people that listen to him

When you ask someone’s opinion then get mad and feel the need to justify why you suck. People who have drug addiction problems are not even close to rapists and child abusers.

Yuzu is in 2nd place!! I’m so proud of him and his score. Again, the 4s couldn’t make it, but hey the 4lo is beautiful, and he has the best FS score!

Nathan deserves first place. Even though I want yuzu to win the gold, at least he could take his time to prepare for World.

I love you Yuzu!! I’m sure your fans still do!! We’re always cheering for you!! Keep up the good work and whoop their asses in the World Championship!!!!

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Did you hear about that fan that met Amber & she actually escorted her back to her car to make sure she was safe?? Amber is so sweet and cares about her fans so much 😭

YES 😭😭😭😭😭 this is the kind of reason why she’s my fave. She’s so genuine, hardly thinks of herself as a celebrity and loves her fans like they’re all her friends. I’d be nervous to approach her for sure but I’d never feel like she would be annoyed if I wanted to say hi or whatever because she’s made it so clear she loves meeting fans when she’s in the us. Remember when she literally told people to go find her at Disney last time she was home??? What kind of celebrity lmao I love her

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I think an argument can be made the Voice has both helped and hurt him career wise. It put him in front of a larger audience for sure, but how many loyal cm fans were turned off by him going Hollywood? We know cm critics have kind of been down on him esp lately. I'm not sure Blake has ever really been motivated to be the biggest star in cm. I think he just loves singing to people. He seems thankful to the voice for mentoring new talent more than increasing fan base. Biggest=Voice gave him Gwen

Anon: It’s interesting to think about The Voice & Blake. Yes, it helped propel his career but think about The Voice if Blake hadn’t been there from the beginning. Would the coaches have been more Idol- like? I mean, w/out B, it would have just been a bunch of coaches. He’s the glue. His ability to relate to & have fun with every other coach makes it a enjoyable experience rather than simply a music competition in which people get voted out every week.

I also think Blake and Adam’s relationship is important to The Voice dynamic. 

Gwen and Blake finding each other is the best!