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Made of skin and bones

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Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: Language, A/B/O dynamics

Summary: Due to the premature death of the King of your clan, his son, the alpha James Barnes, must assume his destiny and lead his people. As the tradition commands, he must choose some worthy omegas to make their his wives and with which he will ensure the subsistence of your clan. All the omega women are obliged to appear before their king, including you. Luckily for you, you would never be chosen… right?

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2. Chess

- M-me…?

A chorus of scoffs and gasps from the other girls echoes though the walls making you feel minuscule and ashamed, but Bucky doesn’t even blink giving you a nearly imperceptible nod. 

- Thank you everyone for coming - his potent voice fire all the other women in the room without breaking eye contact with you - the meeting is over

Soon the room gets filled with scoffs of indignation and suffocated curses of the rejected women and you want the ground to swallow you whole.

- Follow me - he says before turning his back to you and giving to his guards a signal that you suppose it’s for them to make sure that you don’t jump over a window. 

- Wan… - you search confort in your sister opening and closing your mouth without utterly understanding what’s happening. She is still looking at you wide eyed but she quickly shakes her head and push you towards the guards

- Go Y/N, go - she whispers - I’ll come to visit you, I promise

- No, no,no… Wanda I don’t… 

- Miss, please, follow us - one of the guards places gently his hand on your shoulder as a subtle order.

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Diamond And Robin

Characters: Tim Drake (Robin), Reader (You).

Requested by:

Synopsis: Prompts. 109 “why are you naked?”, 96 “well this is just great”, 138 “are you cold?”, with Tim Drake. You are a member of the Teen Titans with ice powers and your name is Diamond.

Warnings: Non-descriptive nudity.

A/N: This, weirdly, is my longest imagine, which I didn’t think it would. It’s over 1100 words when my usually range the 400-900 mark.
This is 2003 Teen Titans and I’m pretty sure Tim is 18 around this time? So you are 18 and so is he.
Inspired by scene in ‘What if’.
Hope you like it!

I have been a part of the Teen Titans for 2 years now. I have ice powers and everything thought it was about time that there was a superhero with ice powers. So here I am. A part of a team. I got along with all, except one. Tim Drake, Robin. He had been wary of my sudden arrival. I couldn’t blame him. But I just wish he would show SOME attention to me. He barely acknowledges my existence. Forgetting me when the group has to split up or just in general occasions like ordering pizza. I’m a part of this team too. I actually rather like him, if only he would stop being cold to the ice girl.

The Titans ran around the beach under the light of the moon and stars, plus the small fire they had made. The only ones sitting were Tim and I. He still didn’t try to have any conversation with me. He just stared out at the ocean, lost in thought. I sighed loudly in the hopes maybe he’d give a quick glance this way, but received not even a blink. Groaning in frustration, I stood up and walked down to the shoreline where Cassandra and Kon were kicking and splashing water at wach other. A small look at Tim as I left him. I swear our eyes met. But he looked in another direction just as I noticed.

“Hey! Diamond!” Kon waved me over.
“Yeah?” I happily skipped over.
“We’re going skinny dipping. Want to join?”
Kon pointed over at Cassandra who I managed to make out as naked before she dove under the water.
“Lord! It’s cold!” She exclaimed as she resurfaced.
I looked back over at Kon was now down to his underwear. “You in?”
Glancing over at Tim, still sitting there like a statue. I didn’t want him to see me. After consideration, I realized there was no way he would. He wasn’t looking at anything at the moment. He wouldn’t notice if one of us was drowning at the moment.
“Hell yeah, I’m in!” I stripped down and walked out into the ocean, not feeling the coolness of the water.
Kon jumped in after me.

I swam further out, basking in the moonlight. I could hear splashing and squeeling behind me. I tuned it out. Embracing the winter I breeze, I let my hands dangle at my sides and water come up to my hips. My light reflected off my porcelain skin. My silver hair was wet and heavy, sticking to my back. I started to hum, closing my eyes, feeling hypnotised by the moment.

When I turned around, there was no one to be seen, not even Tim sitting by the fire. “Guys?” I called and there was no response. I made my way back to land, the water forcing my legs to struggle as I moved. “Guys! Where did you go!” The only reply I got was waves crashing. The fire was still burning far up on the beach, so I can’t have drifted down. “Guys!” I ran towards the fire. A shadow ran out from the bushes and trees in my direction I screamed and shot an ice blast at the figure.

“What the heck, Diamond?”
“Yes, it’s Tim. Why are you trying to kill me?”
“I’m not! You just startled me.” I defended myself.
Tim stepped closer to me, coming into the light. My face flushed and I almost squeeked. Covering my eyes I asked “Why are you naked?” Almost in a yell.
“I went out into the water with you all.”
“Well, why are you STILL naked?”
“Kon and Cassie took our clothes.”
“What!” I looked around frantically and my clothes were no where to be seen. Not here and not where I’d dumped them on the beach. “Well this is just great.” I growled.
“They left us a sleeping bag.”
“A sleeping bag? One sleeping bag? What kind of sick joke is this to them? I’m out on isolated beach without any clothes and to top it all off I am stuck here with you who never talks to me!” I ranted.
“Well, listen. You take the sleeping bag,” Tim threw the bag in my direction and I caught it, “and I’ll sleep on the sand next to the fire.”
“Are you crazy? It’s winter and you’re wet. You’ll freeze.”
“Just take it.” He sat on the ground with a humph.

We lay in silence, keeping as far as possible from each other without leaving the light. I could hear Tim’s teeth clattering together and noticed he was curled into a ball, shaking. I almost wanted to give him the sleeping bag. Almost. He insisted I had it himself, didn’t he. “Are-Are you cold?” He managed to ask.
“No.” I said in a monotone voice.
“Is the sleeping bag really warm?”
“I don’t know.”
“How do you not know?”
“My body temperature never changes and I can’t feel the cold.”
“Oh…” he came to the realisation. “That’s why you wanted me to take it.”
“Oh good. The light bulb in your head is working.”
“I was just looking out for you!” He snapped.
“And since when do you do that!”
“I try to!”
“You don’t include me on team missions even though I’m on the team. You ignore any one of my plans whenever I have one. You-”
“I’m sorry!” He shouted.
My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. “I’m sorry?”
“I’m sorry. My knowledge on trying to protect people I don’t want to get hurt isn’t as good as you’d hope, is it?”
“No. No it’s not.”
“So, I’m sorry for the way I treat you. I will do better to let you have a say and include you. I guess… I guess I just liked you and didn’t want to see you get hurt the way most heroes do at some point or another-”
I interrupted him by throwing the sleeping bag at him.
“What was that for-”
“Your apology is accepted.” I looked at him. “Now stop with the mushy, soft talk. You’ll melt me.”
He laughed. “Would you-” he hesitated.
“I’d feel- I’d feel a lot better if you were in this sleeping bag with me. I’m sure you won’t freeze but-”
I slid in next to him. “If it makes you feel better.” I smiled at him.
He returned my smile. “Has anyone ever told you that you have a stunning smile. It’s blinding.”
I shook my head.
“You do.”
If I could feel temperature my face would feel like it was on fire right now.

Dating Damian Wayne Headcanons

Dating Damian Wayne/Robin would include:

>Before you start dating he ‘doesn’t have any feelings for you at all’. None.
Maybe he does have feelings for you.

> Probably tried to avoid you for a while in hopes of ‘getting rid of the feelings’ turns out that only made him want to see you more and he just gave up in the end. Obviously didn’t miss you.
Maybe missed you a little more than he’d like to admit.

> Speaks to you in Arabic sometimes, mostly for nicknames or compliments since that way you don’t know what he is saying and neither do the majority of his family. Unless you speak/learn Arabic and say something back to him and he’s a little horrified because shit, you understood him this whole time!

> Probably calls you beloved after a while as a way of expressing how he feels.

> Still has difficultly expressing emotions and prefers to show them with his actions. Whether it be displays of affection, gifts or simple things to make you happy.

> “Why did you buy me this, I didn’t think our anniversary was until next month.”
“I know just open it.”
Damian made the mistake of leaving the price tag on this one time and it has never happened since, he always remembers to take it off from now on.
“How much?! No take it back, I cannot accept this - you don’t have to win me over with gifts I love you already. That is too much money to spend on me Dami.”
“Beloved, do you like the gift?”
“I love it but I can’t -”
“Then I’m not taking it back, besides Father has plenty of money.”

> Doesn’t mind PDA but it’s not for anything heated, that is saved for when you two are alone, light kisses and hand holding are perfectly fine - it shows everyone that you are his s/o.

> Quite protective of you, Damian doesn’t want you getting hurt under any circumstances. Will happily lay down his life for you if the need ever arose.

> Damian can get jealous but doesn’t usually show it because he has complete faith in you, though if someone is becoming a little touchy Damian is by your side in seconds with an arm around your waist, placing a loving kiss on your lips, cheek or neck.
“How are you doing beloved?”
The offending party normally takes the hint and leaves or finishes up their conversation. Damian is not afraid to use the ‘bat glare’ on them.

> After a couple of months, Damian likely tells you that’s he’s Robin out of the blue. It’d be a causal moment and he’d just calmly state it whilst you’re low-key freaking out and thinking he’s kidding.
“Oh by the way I’m Robin.”
“Damian, what the HECK?!”
“You heard me beloved.” And Damian is so chill and doesn’t quite grasp the weight of the conversation he’s just started.
“That’s so dangerous! You could die! Every night you could just die, with the villains and the guns and the fights and the ninja skills. How are you still alive?!”
“Because I’m the one with the ‘ninja skills’ as you call them.”
“Right, yeah. Just please be careful out there, I can’t lose you okay?”

> Shows you the Batcave soon after he’s given you his identity and you’re just awestruck because this is the Batcave you’re standing in and then you meet Batman. Bruce Wayne is Batman - also very casual about that fact.

> Once you know about the Batfam, Damian starts to train you. It builds your self defence skills and he gets to spend more time with you. It’s a win win in his opinion.

> Training can get intimate and I mean, it can be a turn on for Damian sometimes. If you actually manage to pin him when practicing a move he is putty in your hands omg. His s/o is a beautiful badass that’s now capable of using moves that can pin him, he is just congratulating you even if it wasn’t Assassin Class stuff because you are amazing.

> When Titus decides he likes you and happily sits on your lap Damian has decided you’re the one. Apparently Titus’ approval matters.

> Having to meet/endure the rest of the family and you both probably get teased by his older brothers sometimes whilst Barbara and Stephanie find almost every little thing adorable and tell the boys to leave you alone.

> Jason does most of the teasing and sometimes it gets annoying.
“Yeah well at least Damian has a partner to be with.” Has been muttered once or twice by yourself and Damian is just smirking proudly.

> Cassandra just rolls with it to be honest, Damian has a partner? Good for him. Anyone tries to hurt (y/n)? You better fucking run.

> Tim is 77% sure that Damian has paid you be his s/o.
“Wow, you’re acting skills are amazing. It’s been what 4 months now? How much is Damian paying you today?
“Nothing at all Tim - except affection.”
“Are you sure (y/n)? The demon spawn doesn’t just get a partner.”
“Drake, leave my beloved alone. I assure you that they’re here by their own choice.”
“Uh huh. Sure.”

> Dick thinks it’s great, Damian having an s/o and gives him dating advice even when Damian doesn’t want it.

> Bruce and Alfred are basically the stereotypical proud parents and Bruce is really glad Damian has found someone like you. Has no idea how Damian is going to react if he ever loses you and that thought actually worries his father because he sees how much he cares about you.

> And then there was Talia, she was dead set on getting a strong woman from the League of Assassins to marry Damian in order to produce the next heirs. Damian wasn’t having it, he is in love with you and does not require permission from anybody to date you (except maybe your parents but that’s not the point right now). She seemed satisfied, you’re capable of making her son happy, that was enough for now - though the Al Ghul bloodline is still open to discussion.

> Generally just a strong relationship and standing by his side through thick and thin, Damian being there for you whenever you need it, this means cuddles and kisses if you want them.

Batfam finding out batsis has a girlfriend

For anon. I hope you like it random citizen! And also sorry, you can tell right about where I gave up, can’t you?

(I’d like to include Duke, Kate and Harper here but I’m not that familiar with them, so sorry again)

Anyways, this turned three pages long so behold!

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  • Would be the first one of the fam to know.
  • He’d often walk in in you taking in the phone with her or cuddling in the couch while he brings you snacks or cleans around but won’t tell you anything about it until he catches you trying to sneak out of the house for a date.
  • “Miss y/n, I’d advise you to talk with your father about your whereabouts these past few days” “I’m sure Master Bruce and your siblings would understand and support you in this new relationship”.
  • Understanding. Would make you sit on the kitchen and offer you cookies.
  • He won’t want to force you to say anything but would listen to whatever you’d share with him.
  • After he listens for a while, Alfred would quietly nod and say something like “From the way you talk, she appears to be a kind hearted lady”
  • Would convince you into telling the rest of the family, but would keep in quiet until you decide to tell them.´

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Miles Ahead: 15 (BULLSHIT) Reasons Miles Morales Is The ULTIMATE Spider-Man PART 1
He's younger, he's cooler, he's got a better costume. Let us list the ways how Miles Morales is the Ultimate Spider-Man!

Okay lets dismantle this one for the road. But it’ll take a few goes to do it properly

To begin with what a charming header image. 

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Careful Thief

“Happy birthday dear Cassandra, happy birthday to you!” they all sang.

The team had spent the night before decorating the Annex, because they knew Cassandra would appreciate the gesture.

And she did. She loved surprises and celebrations and the fact that it was all for her only made it better. She admired all the balloons strung through the banister of the staircase and the banner strung right above the door that was clearly hand-painted. She saw a signature in the corner that distinctly said ‘Ezekiel and friends’. She couldn’t help but smile at that.

The gifts were all laid out on the center table and nobody noticed that Ezekiel hadn’t given her one. Except for the one receiving the gifts. Cassandra tried not to be bothered by it. They had discussed that she didn’t approve when he stole things for her. The last thing Ezekiel wanted to do was to spend money. So she couldn’t complain that he hadn’t gotten her a gift when she distinctly told him that she didn’t approve of his methods.

Once the excitement had died down, Baird and Stone went to the second floor of the Annex to discuss new attack strategies. As per usual, other things distracted them. This time the distraction was Ezekiel. Nothing new. It seemed as if he was stealing something. Also nothing new. What was new and what really caught their attention was the look on his face. He’d hidden something behind a bust in the Annex, but he looked nervous. Ezekiel Jones looked nervous about stealing something.

“What’s he doing?” Stone asked.

Baird observed Ezekiel for a while and noted him glancing over his shoulder. She followed his gaze and found it settling on Cassandra. She was animatedly talking with Jenkins about the gift he’d given her. He had made her an invention that only she could use because it required her level of math comprehension to work.

“Oh my god,” Baird said with a smirk. “I believe our little thief has a crush.”

“A crush? Who does he—” Stone started before it hit him. His jaw dropped. “No!”

“Look at him!” Baird exclaimed. Below, Ezekiel took a deep breath before tucking whatever he’d hidden behind the bust into his sweater pocket. He wandered over to the table and waited as Jenkins finished teaching Cassandra exactly how to use whatever it was he’d given her.

She seemed excited about it so it must have been good.

“You don’t think he’s just nervous that his gift is crap after what Jenkins gave her?” Stone enquired. “I mean, even I feel bad about what I got her after seeing that doohickey.”

Baird shook her head, sure of herself. “You may be good with art, Stone, but I,” she paused here as she watched Ezekiel strike up conversation, “am good with people. And he is most definitely trying his hardest to impress her.”

Stone, intrigued by this proposition, turned back to the scene just below them.


Ezekiel licked his bottom lip as he asked Cassandra about the party. Her focus was on Jenkins’s toy. “It was great.” She smiled at him and then went right back to fiddling with all the buttons on the strange contraption in her hands. “I’m so happy that you guys put all this together.”

Well, I put it together, but whatever, Ezekiel thought to himself. He shook that thought out of his mind. “Uhm, so I didn’t give you a gift…” he started.

She tried not to let her disappointment show as she looked back up at him. She set the gift down on the table. “Yeah, I noticed. That’s okay. I didn’t really expect you to—”

Before she could finish the sentence, he’d slid a small box towards her. “Just… don’t ask where it’s from.”


“Oh, you’ve got to be joking. He stole her gift,” Stone snorted. “He knows how she feels about stolen things and—”

Baird placed a hand over his mouth so she could hear the conversation below. She had more faith in Ezekiel than Stone ever would.


Ezekiel swallowed as he watched Cassandra undo the ribbon of the box. It had taken him ages to get the bow to look right and even then, he had intended to wrap the gift but that had been too hard. He knew why his hands were so clammy, so he tried to hide them behind his back. Why did it feel as if it was taking her forever to open it?

Inside was a silver necklace with a lone pendant on it. It was an emerald orb, nothing flashy, nothing huge. It was Cassandra’s style and she knew exactly where Ezekiel got it from.

“Did you…” She shook her head as she pulled the necklace from the box. “You…” she stopped herself again. She didn’t want to know. Maybe it really was the thought that counted.

“I didn’t steal this from that store in Singapore if that’s what you’re thinking,” he told her, because he knew that was exactly what she had been thinking.

She and Stone both snapped at this. “You didn’t?” she asked in surprise.


“He didn’t?” Stone exclaimed. He turned to Baird who had a proud smile on her face.

“No, he did not.” Baird nodded her head in approval. “Ezekiel Jones may be a thief, a world-class thief, but he knows when to play by the rules. He knew Cassandra would have accepted the gift whether it was stolen or not, but the fact that he didn’t…” Baird tapped Stone’s shoulder. “That’s going to get her, hook, line and sinker.”

“How do you know for sure?”

“You’re a skeptic about everything when it comes to Jones, aren’t you?”

“Heck yeah, I am. This is Cassie we’re talking about.”

“Exactly. This is Cassie we’re talking about, which is why, for once, Jones is being careful.”

“Careful… He’s a thief. He’s supposed to be careful.”

“Not this careful,” Baird said. They turned to the floor and she grinned like a proud mother when she saw Cassandra letting Ezekiel put the necklace on her. He even did the classic, pull her hair out from the chain thing and settle it around her shoulders for her.


“Happy birthday Cassandra,” Ezekiel mumbled. He awkwardly patted her shoulder and wandered out of the Annex. After this embarrassing moment, he was going to have to hide himself deep in the Library before he could face her again.

Cassandra twiddled the pendant between her fingers as she watched Ezekiel walk out, rubbing the back of his neck. She knew it was a tell that he was nervous and that thought, that she had made Ezekiel Jones nervous, made her smile. She also had heard Baird and Stone talking the entire time. Ezekiel was being careful and she couldn’t help but find it endearing.


These are so fun to write and I hope you guys are enjoying them too!