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But what if the princess was in the tower because she was the dragon?

Like the queen gives birth and oops it’s this adorable little scaley lizard with tiny wings that she can never quite seem to fold right

None of the King’s advisors or doctors can explain it, no one can remember anyone who might have cursed the royal family, plus sire she’s clearly yours still I mean look at those eyes

They just kind of accept it and keep her in a tower so no one tries to slay her

The queen or castle servants reading bedtime stories to the toddler princess, who’s made a nest of her favorite toys and some jewelery she stole off her mother, and when she laughs little puffs of smoke come out of her mouth

The king being so proud when she flies across the room for the first time

And once the princess comes of age, confused knights breaking into the tower to find a twenty foot long dragon sitting at the vanity getting her horns polished by her handmaidens


oh wow, I was not expecting this to be popular at all @_@

Due to popular demand I am… going to attempt writing this. By all means, that doesn’t mean anyone else who said they wanted to or who might already be doing so has to stop, especially because I’m sure we’ll have different takes on it. Just, yes, I am going to write it, and yes it will probably take a while but you’ve all gotten me excited enough that I really want it to be a thing, one way or another.

Another Fic Rec Post

As promised~

Ok so here’s the fic rec nonny asked for. If you’re interested in past recs, I have a tag called ‘fic rec’.

Slam By Smarty0007. I love Smarty’s stuff, and I’m sure I mentioned this at one point but didn’t officially rec it because it wasn’t done yet and I like to stick mostly to completed stuff for rec lists. This story uses that little fact we learn in the V-day episode about Arnold hearing beautiful music when he likes someone and if that’s not enough to be interested in reading it, Helga also performs slam poetry and rocks at it. So basically, two things I LOVE to see explored in one story.

Craigslist: A Love Storyby theps118confessional. All of K’s stuff is so great, ok. I actually drew something for this, because I loved the fact that Helga has pink hair and puts it up into buns when she first meets Arnold. Now that it’s complete I can officially rec it here too. This is an AU where the two don’t meet until they’re adults, and it’s all thanks to Helga being a) hella bored and b) trying to get Phoebe off her back about spending Christmas alone which all leads up to her posting a Craiglist ad offering to be someone’s terrible date to bring to the holiday’s unavoidable family get togethers. Three guesses as to who ends up actually taking her up on the offer, the first two don’t count. This is honestly one of my faves because not only do we get to see Arnold and Helga falling for each other despite not growing up with each other, we also get Helga interactions with Arnold’s entire family, Gertie especially, and I love it. Its also has some very funny moments and it’s full of schmoop, which I love.

Acceleration of The Bus and Other Feelings By Alexandra7. This is a really cute one shot of Arnold realizing that he’s fallen HARD for Helga and all she had to do was unknowingly do something that’s been known (to us anyway) to work before. Of course, it doesn’t help that he was already falling for her anyway. I can seriously see this happening too, where he realizes he’s at the point of no return because of something she unwittingly did that hits him with the force of a bus (lol pun intended, if you read it you’ll get it).

Grand Fir By Lachesism. Lachesism’s writing is always top notch, and this is such a great one shot it actually had me tear up a bit. When Arnold and Helga were kids they made a promise to meet each other on Christmas years from then, how long is she willing to wait for him? And will he actually show up for something that was promised years ago? It’s all in Helga’s POV, and we even get some nice moments with Phoebe and Olga as well, and what happens at the end brings everything together and I suck at explaining things/doing it justice so just read it you won’t regret it. It is a great shortaki Christmas fic.

Heart-Shaped Box by Reinamy. I’ve already gushed about “The Sensation of Falling” before but honestly all of Reinamy’s stuff is so great, and this is another favorite of mine. After seemingly never being able to get away from a certain someone no matter what, Helga ends up frustratingly getting stuck in an elevator with him, and learning things she never knew in the process. Question is, can she survive until help arrives to get them out of the predicament they’re in?

Fragile Moments By Angelic Guardian. Super cute one shot detailing Arnold’s slow realization that he’s fallen for his tormentor, as well as how things turn out after he does. I really like seeing things from Arnold’s perspective and noticing just how he gets from point a to point b on his feelings for Helga. This story does that really well.

Future Fern by Aiyta. I’m kind of a sucker for ‘present selves meet past selves’ type stuff and this is done really well and it’s super cute. Arnold, Helga, and Gerald decide to check out an urban legend Phil tells them about and get sucked into the future where they need to find a way back to their own time, with the help of their future selves. They learn things about the whole gang along the way and about themselves especially. This also takes place after FTI when Arnold’s trying to grapple with the whole thing and his own thoughts on what happened between Helga and himself. It’s full of schmoop and I love it.

I think this is enough for now, again I’ve rec’d other fics in my tag so be sure to check those out too!

Is Zuko REALLY a Vengeful Person? The Southern Raiders & Why I Think Zutara was Cheated

Something that always bothered me when I first saw the Southern Raiders was how the episode seemed to go out of its way to show how Zuko is this character who is very cold, vengeful and unforgiving, as opposed to Aang, who is just this perfect saint of forgiveness. So recently I found out that Elizabeth Ehasz, who wrote the Southern Raiders, had the episode rewritten multiple times to demonstrate that Zuko was a very toxic influence on Katara. The original episode had them showing just a bit  “too much chemistry”. It was like a lightbulb went off for me. Immediately it made perfect sense of everything I had thought was weird when I first saw the episode.

Aang has always been a very merciful and forgiving person. But he was never so…preachy and trite about it. We see this when he chooses to spare Zuko’s life many times. During the Siege of the North, the characters are left with a choice to either leave him to die, or to take him with them. Sokka has no problem leaving him. He is an enemy who has tried to do them harm, so Sokka’s suggestion is not unreasonable. Aang doesn’t want to do this, but he never judges Sokka, or lectures him about the value of life. He simply decides to follow his heart. But he never displayed a tendency to push his beliefs onto others in a judgmental way. His attitude to Katara in TSR made him seem quite insensitive, which is pretty out of character; especially towards the girl he claims to love.

The same can be said of his preaching about forgiveness. We know Aang is not above having his anger get the best of him at times. We also know that Aang puts Katara on a pedestal, and does not like to see her display any negativity. Yet, her anger and reluctance to forgive Jet do not cause Aang to lecture her about forgiveness. Sure, Jet is someone Katara liked at one point, but Aang never seemed to be so petty as to treat Jet any differently than anyone else, just out of jealousy. In fact, Aang’s possessiveness toward Katara seemed to come about only in Book 3 as well (maybe that’s a post for another time). Suffice to say, I found Aang to be uncharacteristically moralistic in TSR. The episode seemed to sacrifice the nuance of Aang’s character for the purpose of beating you over the head with a black-and-white morality message about Aang being “good” and Zuko being “bad”. I didn’t like this because Avatar is usually so good with handling mature subject matter with shades of grey and leaving the audience to come to their own conclusions.

Which brings me to Zuko. I also found his sudden propensity for vengeance to be surprising. This kid has a lot of flaws, but I did not remember Zuko to be especially vengeful. He was devoted to his “duty” as a Fire Nation soldier and Prince to capture the Avatar, someone who his country has falsely made out to be an evil tyrant who started the 100 year war, yes. I am not saying that Zuko would not feel contempt for Yon Rha, or believe that he didn’t “deserve” Katara’s wrath. But I found his glibness and vocal support of revenge to be unusual, especially toward someone who had just recently forgiven him. The episode also seemed to suggest that Zuko was pushing Katara for revenge as well, something Bryke imply in the commentary on the DVD. So what’s going on here? Is Zuko really so vengeful?

This is Zuko after his Uncle tells him that his sister is “crazy and needs to go down.” The last two times Zuko saw Azula, she tried to murder him in cold blood, and then tried to murder his Uncle right in front of him. Yet Zuko, apparently so used to abuse, does not see this as a reason to hate his sister. In his family, such behavior is “normal”. He has a look of anguish on his face. In spite of it all, Zuko loves his sister and the thought of taking her out causes him a lot of pain. One could argue that Azula is his family and his feelings toward her are not representative of his views on revenge in general. Ok, so let’s get to another non-family member, then.

Here we have Zuko in his Agni Kai with Zhao. Zuko has been disrespected by Zhao and wants to prove himself against him. Throughout the fight, Zhao displays dangerous levels of force against Zuko. Zuko comes very close to losing, and is clearly triggered at one point, remembering the last time he fought an Agni Kai and suffered unimaginably. Yet Zuko is victorious. In Fire Nation imperial culture, strength is valued above all else, and Zuko would be expected to demonstrate his victory by burning Zhao. Zuko has been insulted by Zhao, and as a Prince, this is a great dishonor. As a Prince, Zuko would be expected to uphold the values of his culture and family, and burning Zhao would be seen as a sign of strength; as a man, as a soldier, and as a royal. Yet Zuko is unable to bring himself to do this, despite the fact that it would single him out as being labelled weak. He is simply unable to bring himself to enact that level of violence on another person; the same violence that he has suffered. Zhao showed Zuko no such consideration. He is a man who was visibly happy when Zuko received his scar, after all. This is not a man that Zuko has any type of bond with.

But that’s not even all. Later in the series, Zhao hires pirates to assassinate Zuko, and he nearly succeeds. Zuko barely survives to confront Zhao. They fight and Zhao makes every attempt at finishing the job the pirates failed at, before Zhao is grabbed by the Ocean Spirit. As he is being dragged away to a guaranteed death, Zuko responds. Even after trying to murder him, Zuko is moved with pity and reaches out his hand in an attempt to save Zhao. Clearly the actions of a very vengeful person, wouldn’t you say? I’m sure Zuko just wanted to finish Zhao off himself. Yep.

Has anyone else tried to kill Zuko? Oh yeah, there was. When Jet discovered “Lee” and his Uncle were firebenders, he attacked in a very vicious way that could have easily killed him. When Jet is finally taken away by the Dai Li, we would expect Zuko to be very happy, right? Well, here is his reaction. He and his Unlce aren’t celebrating. They look rather solemn, they entire ordeal being sad and unfortunate. So we see that Zuko is not particularly vengeful when people harm him. I suppose some would argue that his attitude is more tied to his mother. Sure, Zuko being harmed is one thing, but his mother? Surely that’s why he’s so vengeful, right? He wanted to live out his revenge for his mother through Katara, right?

Well, Zuko does actually get to confront the person who took his mother away. Zuko learns everything. His own father was not only was responsible for his mother’s disappearance, he planned to have him killed as a little boy. A little boy who wanted nothing more than to get his father’s approval and love. His immediate reaction to hearing this news? Not rage or violence. He is overcome with emotion that his mother may be alive, and that her loss was a result of her love for him. Zuko’s father is helpless during the eclipse. Zuko probably could have taken him out in the little time left, if he wanted to. But he does not. He only redirects the lightning in self-defense after Ozai attempts to kill him.

So yeah, I find it insulting to Katara, Aang and Zuko’s characters how TSR played out due to Bryke insisting that Aang be the “angel” for Katara and Zuko be the ‘devil”. They obviously wanted this to be a Kataang episode, where Aang’s statements to Katara stopped her from “going astray”. It reduces Katara’s agency to come to terms with her pain with her own morality. It’s funny how Zuko’s supposed propensity for vengeance conveniently shows up only when he and Katara may have bonded, making him seem like a huge jerk and a totally horrible love interest, right Bryke? And it backfired and made Aang look like even less of a good match for Katara than before. Not to mention seriously lacking in empathy. I would have loved to see the original script for the episode that Elizabeth Ehasz wrote. Even so, I see shades of the original intent even in the final version, and applaud her fantastic writing, as usual.

Game Rec: Kisses and Curses

Yes, that’s right, that game which you’ve no doubt encountered as the annoying, cheesy ad on your mobile dashboard with the cringy tagline of “save the world, and fall in love” or something to that effect. 

Well. I am here to tell you that all the assumptions you’ve made about this game are wrong. 

I’ve gotten really into interactive visual novel games recently, so when I got really bored one day I decided to give it a go. It’s probably about five minutes in that I realise that, cheesy advertising and cringe-inducing (but thankfully skip-able) intro aside, this game is a HIDDEN GEM. 

The girl front and center of the main pic is the hella bisexual protagonist and the other five are the love interest options!

They waste no time making her bisexuality super clear, and if you do the Anastasia storyline it gets discussed in more depth (not sure about the others yet). 

Now, if you’re like me and you’re a thirsty gay/bi/pan, being able to play an interactive story where you can romance anyone out of three guys and two girls is probably enough to catch your attention right away. But there’s so much else going for it. 

Firstly, it’s genuinely hilarious. The main character (who I’ll refer to as MC here since you get to name her) is brilliantly snarky and 120% my ideal kind of protagonist. 

(Screencaps are all borrowed from other Tumblr users who have been posting about the game, the way the game works makes it too difficult for me to go away and get some of my own atm - so they’re not the most ideal caps in some cases but the best I could do)

Basically, the premise is that MC is a (bisexual) witch. 

Witches have Birthrights, different abilities they are born with which is usually passed down through the family. MC’s birthright is a Stargazer: she neutralises the wayward magic in starfalls which is dangerous when left unattended. 

The plot starts up when starfalls become starfloods aka way more tricky to the point of dangerously overwhelming. 

Without giving too much of the plot away, it basically turns out that things are headed in a potentially catastrophic direction for the whole world if you don’t do something about it. You have to pick a witch and a human to travel with you to help you with the spell in question (which is how you narrow down which love interest you’re going to go after). 

There’s a lot more to it than that but that’ll give you enough of an idea.  

Each love interest storyline deviates from the others in some way while still sticking mostly to the central plot (which is pretty damn good, with a nice twist at the end which I only worked out just before the reveal, and frankly it didn’t lose its punch), keeping it interesting for playing through the difference romance options. The romance is surprisingly well written, evoking emotion but also…well, it gets pretty steamy! Like, fairly blatant oral sex implications level of steamy. It’s great. 

An element of gameplay I really like is that the choices you face can be genuinely difficult sometimes and you have no idea what kind of repercussions they might have, just like if it was real life. It was surprisingly immersive in those moments - I was worried!

I’ve only done one of the love interest storylines so far - recently started my second choice - but I heard another player talking about how a choice of theirs accidentally led to a character (who they thought was 100% safe) getting killed off, and nothing like that happened to me but, I now have to wonder if I was ever just one choice away from something like that since there were definitely some close calls! 

Quick love interest breakdown: 

Melanie - witch - black lesbian (I think) with awesome hair who is your best friend and honestly just kind of the best person ever, even if you romance someone else her friendship with MC is adorable bc sapphic besties

Anastasia - human - an intense yet awkward lesbian witch hunter who 100% has a thing for you until she learns you’re a witch, and things get really “starcrossed natural enemies” in the best possible way (hers is the only storyline I’ve finished so far and it’s honestly so beautiful)

Rhys - witch - very proper Welshman with a Birthright that lets him see the future, and is apparently secretly into BDSM (I’ve only just started his storyline, but apparently it’s great because he is the complete opposite of a certain Mr Grey, aka super respectful/devoted etc. I’m mostly just curious as to how explicitly it’ll be shown since they haven’t held back much so far, lol)

Niklas - witch - European gentleman who practices Dark Magic and has a Birthright that basically forces people to do what he says, which I know sounds concerning but I’ve seen comments saying that his storyline is actually really great, which I’ll actually believe based on the rest of the game (I suppose I’ll find out!)

Ty - human - boy next door who is just generally great and chill (I’m romancing Rhys atm but Ty is the human I brought along for the ride and it’s really awesome because even though Ty has a thing for MC, he and Rhys are getting along really well and it’s just nice to not have cliched jealousy between lowkey romantic rivals) 

Gameplay breakdown: 

So basically, you use ‘stamina potions’ to unlock chapters. This is probably the game’s only downfall - you can buy as many potions as you want but for those of us that can’t afford that, you have to wait four hours to get 1 stamina potion and a chapter can cost anything from 2-5. (Though the game will sometimes give you extra as a daily gift.)

While this can be frustrating when you’re getting really into the story, I actually like it because it stops the game from ruining my life/taking up all my time which it totally would if I could just skip through all the chapters. 

You also gain affinity for each of the love interests through your difference choices in interaction with them and sometimes need a certain level to unlock the next scene. If you don’t have enough, you have to play a potion making mini-game. This was initially tedious but they’ve just updated the game and totally fixed it so it doesn’t take too long. (This goes for a couple of other things as well, if you tried the game a while back and got frustrated with how it worked, I’d recommend giving it another go now.)

There are also coins and starstones, both of which you can use to buy different clothing (for the aesthetic/necessity for a scene/extra affinity for a character) for MC and the latter of which you can use to read a chapter even if you are lacking in affinity for a character - which I wouldn’t actually recommend doing because it means you’ll still be lacking later when the threshold is even higher.

In summary: 

Completely against expectation and advertised appearance, this game is LGBT+ inclusive, hilarious, engaging, free to download/play (though with purchase options) and not too likely to ruin your life. I give it a solid 8/10 because as much as I do appreciate it letting me get on with other things, I wish I didn’t have to wait nearly a day if the next chapter needs 5 stamina potions. 

First of all thanks so much and I am so glad! It motivates me a lot and I’m grateful for anyone else it can help as well.
Since I don’t know much I thought I’d post so others can help you too! Not sure if I wanted your name published or not so.

Anyway I never actually studied with TaLK to Me in Korean personally but I think there are quite a lot of advanced grammar they don’t have on the website yet. When I try and find info on some of the grammar in the book I have called 빈도별 토픽 I can’t find a lot of info on that grammar online, including TTMIK.
I am not sure what your intention with Korean is or if you need a TOPIK score or for uni, but I think TTMIK covers your most essential and most used grammar in daily conversation.
Feel free to add your thoughts everyone!

Life might start getting in the way

So at work I have to start coming in really early which in turn means I have to wake up early (I have to get to work by 4). So I’m not really sure how this will my writing just yet. I think if anything I might just be posting stories later than usual. Also if I get tagged in anything over the night it’ll take me longer to respond to, but still tag me I loved being tagged in stuff. And for anyone that I message late at night I’m going to have to start sleeping a bit earlier.

If anything else happens I promise I’ll let you guys know. But I’ll still stick to my regular posting schedule. Like I said if anything the stories might just be posted later.


I was tagged into the beautiful people challenge by getmesometacos and she knew that I wouldn’t do this and post my selfies, but alas, here you go! ;) I was feeling decently pretty today, so you gotta take the opportunity!! And yeah, that is in fact an Arctic Monkeys shirt. :P

I tag:

music-makes-my-world-complete (you are untaggable, was truly lovely meeting you today!! btw I loved the crime story workshop but I was horribly lost; I guess I’m a bit too peace-loving to write about blood and murder)

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If any of you don’t feel comfortable posting your selfies, I totally understand it. :) Please don’t feel forced into anything. Also, if you beautiful people already were tagged 37820 times (totally understandable), I apologize. ;) If anyone else wants to and wasn’t tagged, you were! I’d love to see the fellow Larries! :D


I don’t know if anyone else has posted these yet, but here’s the stuff that happened in @atllas​‘s drawpile! : D

Near the end I seem to have created a hell AU where everything is combined with Temmie //sweats//

I’m not sure all of the tumblrs of the people who were in these, but I know there was @vai-russ​, @linssins​, @uzurimia and many others. Feel free to tell me if you are one of the people who was drawing in this, or you know the tumblrs of others who were in this as well!

yuri!!! on ice has peaked a lot of interest in skating,

so i thought i would give some advice to beginners, from someone who’s been skating for 11 years.

(disclaimer: i have literally never ever worn hockey skates so some of this might only apply to figure skates)

  • if you’re buying your own skates, get them sharpened. they can usually do this at the store.
  • make sure your skates are tied tight!!! loose skates = broken/sprained ankles
  • ice rinks are indeed cold. you will need a jacket (until you start to work up a sweat)
  • wear a helmet when you go on the ice until you get the hang of it. please for the love of god i don’t care how uncool you think it is protect your head the ice is unforgiving.
  • you won’t be good at it right away! be patient with yourself. try to skate at least once a week if you’re actually intent on learning.
  • skates do not feel like regular shoes, they will sometimes hurt and give you blisters, especially if you haven’t broken them in yet. (but you know what they say, no pain no gain.)
  • get back up if you fall down. literally and metaphorically.
  • when you’re done wipe down the blades of your skates with a towel so they don’t rust.
  • make sure you have skate guards, most floors (besides the rubber they have at ice rinks) will ruin your blades.

if anyone else has any advice for beginners feel free to add! skating is really fun and i’m glad more people are taking an interest in it!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I saw you mention a part of the community who approach their otherkin identity as a function of their psychology rather than as something spiritual and I just wanted to ask if there was maybe a specific tag for that side of the community and also if you had any recommendations for good/positive kin blogs to follow in general (like, ones that are low-stress)? Thanks so much for all the advice and information you give, btw. Hope you have a great day!

I don’t know if there is a psychological otherkin tag, but I have yet to see one that is posted in on a regular basis. I’m sure nobody would mind you starting one, though!

If anyone else has something to say on the matter, please feel free to add on!

Some kin blogs you might want to check out:

Kinformation (hehe):
@nerdy-otherkin (self-promo, sorry)
@atprojectshift (an academic therianthropy research group)

Kinfessions/That Kin Feel When (TKFW):
@kinfessionsafterdark (NSFW; 18+ only)

Aesthetics/Words (I don’t follow a lot of these, sorry):



@kin-experiences (currently accepting mods)

@sketchkin (another self-promo, sorry)


@who-is-page (a little high on the stress side, but they have good things to say)

These are all I can think of at the moment. A good number of these blogs are run by people who have experience in the community as a whole, so they are most likely to be reliable sources of information (more for the info blogs than the others).

And ahhhh, you’re very welcome! It’s all worth it to see people learning about this stuff. I hope you have the best of days, as well!

P.S. Many apologies for the long post. Lots to cover.


dedicated to every single one of us who have wanted/wished for a Crash Date since forever ago and still can’t have it.

Crash: So, I don’t know how to do this. but I heard that wearing suits and bringing you a bucket of flower is a basic Dating necessities. So, would you go out with me? I can’t promise you much. but I promise this will be an adventure, and i’ll keep you safe. :D

note: I post both because I am not sure which one looks better on screen. the shading in the darker one is more obvious but the brighter one looks cleaner. IDK. also, I really wanted to draw zoe/holly/priya/anyone else that we have yet to get a date with. but alas, my arms tired…

Pro tips to having the coolest car blog ever:

1. Grow up in the United States and speak fluent English, but type in broken english any chance you can. Such step very important.

2. Install a stolen copy of photoshop, search the top rated fonts section on, come up with a cool name, place it inside a stroked rectangle, and put “est. 2001” even though you thought of it in the year 2014. 

3. Get someone else to design your stickers for free, get them printed for $2 per sticker, and sell them for $15 each. 

4. Repost all the cool cars from the Zilvia picture threads.

5. Go on facebook, and friend as many Japanese people with cool cars as you can. Immediately repost the pictures they post.

6. Facebook feed dry? Go to and repost everything. Take a step back, because you don’t want anyone to notice. Go to google images to find more cool pictures. 

7. When you caption your photos, make sure to add X’s and ~ after every post. It immediately makes anything you say way cooler looking. 

8. When you see someone else post the same pictures as you, lay low if you don’t have many followers yet. If you have a lot of followers, immediately call them out and let them know how shit they are. Libel is your friend. 

9. When bored, continuously refresh your tumblr in hopes that you gained a follower in the second long refresh interval. 

10. Buy stickers from blogs that are cooler than yours, and in the comments section of PayPal ask them to share your blog on their page. 

11. Always ask to trade stickers before you buy them from someone. But NEVER forget to only send 1, because you ain’t about to waste an extra $15. 

12. Whenever you reach a substantial even numbered amount of followers, let everyone else know so they can bask in your glory. 

13. If you get bored of X’s and ~ after your captions, google search special characters and go crazy. ŔỈŞĶÿ x ĐÈVỈL ~

14. Always delete people’s captions before reblogging. You don’t want that ugly shit cluttering up the galaxy background on your blog. 

15. If you come across the coolest picture ever but it has that god awful watermark, just open up your stolen photoshop and crop it out for instant original content. 

16. Change your theme often, because you need to stay cool. Only use free themes though, because sticker profits are for Ganadors for your future car. 

17. Once you get used to your fame, create a separate page on Facebook for your blog. Be smart about it though. Always repost Facebook pictures to your Tumblr, and Tumblr pictures to your Facebook. If you mess that up, you might get into trouble. 

18. When someone accuses you of stealing their pictures, act like you never got the message. If multiple people call you out by reblogging the photo, immediately delete and apologize. 

19. If your stolen picture folder on your desktop is becoming empty, go to your favorite blog’s archive folder and steal pictures from the first month they started posting. They will never know…genius. 

20. Tags exist for a reason. If you post a picture of the best driver ever (Naoki Nakamura…Nakamura-san if you want to sound like a badass), then you better tag that picture with every single Nissan ever made.

derekhalesbitchface  asked:

I know it's kind of silly but I feel upset that Pokemon GO seems to only be designed for able bodied people. Is anyone else upset about this? (you can post)

The admins here are all in the US, and it hasn’t been released yet here (as I”m sure youve seen in angry US pokepeep posts. Say that 5 times fast. I just tried it and its hilarious. “pokepeep posts” ehehe. ehem) - so we don’t really have much experience with the ins and outs of Pokemon GO…that said, I was just looking into it yesterday and it does bother me. It makes me sad that this isn’t available to me, or Admin J who loves pokemon! We won’t be able to play just because of our severe lack of ability to leave the house, or travel. 

It’s something we both experienced, on a much smaller level, with the streetpass option on the nintendo 3DS when we were both playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf. There were certain things we never got to finish or do because we didn’t have the ability to, physically.

On the one hand, this is understandable. I mean, I wouldn’t want this to not exist, pokemon GO, that is, its such a fantastic concept, and I would love to play.

But on the other hand, it does really suck that we can’t interact with it. I’m not even sure how they would make it accessible, it just kinda sucks that its not, and its another thing, even on a small level, that we can’t be a part of.

I think part of it that’s hard is that this is something that disabled people have always been able to be a part of, for the most part: video games. Even when so much has failed, when there were so many things we couldn’t enjoy or get into, Video Games hasn’t been one of them. It’s something that we could all participate in, and enjoy. It was kind of this common ground between us and others, ability level aside, that we could all shout about and enjoy together. So it kind of sucks, when something that appeals to so many disabled people, is unable to be enjoyed by them. 

Video Games, while slowly trending into less accessibility with things like flashing and etc, have also been one of the places where devices have been made to enjoy, for people who normally wouldn’t be able to on a normal device. 

I’m just rambling now, but it does make me a bit sad. I know so many who would love to play it but can’t, or might have a very small ability to, (like me, who can go to the grocery but not actually travel much of anywhere else), but won’t be able to really play the game to any good point or a point where you feel like you’re really participating.

In any case, for a TL;DR, yes, I am a bit saddened by it and feel rather lost, I wish there were ways we could play too.

-Admin E,

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Rajah’s eyes gently blinked open, waking up to the sheer whiteness of her room and wondering if this was what it was like to wake up in a snowy wonderland. It sounded more fun than where she currently was, even though she had never seen the stuff before, simply heard of it. Her eyes readjusted to her surroundings, and she attempted to clear the foggy cloud that shrouded her brain. Painkillers were heavenly, but had a few side affects that just made her feel useless and always sleepy. It wasn’t until she woke a little more that she finally noticed the presence of someone else in the room. She wasn’t exactly expecting visitors and so tilted her head in their direction. One hand reached out for the button that called for a nurse, not yet touching it but holding it for safe measure.

“I think maybe you have the wrong room.” Rajah spoke gently, blinking a few times as she inspected the other lethargically.

So I recently reached 400 followers and I’m actually very much surprised. Mainly because I never even expected this blog to gain so many followers in such a short time but that people actually start saying that they like this blog as well? I’m absolutely speechless and I have no idea what to say to you guys it’s amazing. Zim is by far my favorite muse and I enjoy roleplaying him more than anyone else. I sure met some awesome and fun people while I have this blog and I love it. I can go rambling all day about how much I adore you sweet people and argrhrhh— You guys really make butt like me happy. I feel like I don’t deserve such love!

But back to business! This is my Follow Forever, here I will post all the people I have been following for quite a long time and love seeing on my blog, some of these people I haven\t yet interacted with and with some of them I have. 

Before that. I first want to post here some other awesome Invader Zim roleplayers I have met and who deserve a lot of love and cakes as well.

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Okay an now more of the Follow Forever. I will just put all the people in here I love. Have or have not yet talked to them.

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Not sure if I missed the deadline for submissions about mixed dating, but I have this post from my university’s confessions page to submit. As a white (and white-passing) Latina who recently started dating a black guy, this makes me extremely uncomfortable. Black men deserve so much better than this. Kip and I haven’t even so much as hugged yet. He’s not a sex object to me and he shouldn’t be a sex object to anyone else.