not sure if alive

Seeing Cisco hurt over Caitlin’s death hurt me and it’s true I do not wish to see her die whatsoever, but if her wishes were to die rather than to be consumed by Killer Frost, then Julian should’ve respected that even if it was painful. Now Julian is responsible for this trouble and for the unhappiness of Caitlin. Pissed for sure despite being relieved that Cait is alive.

Dreaming of Reality

Title - Dreaming of Reality (Jake X MC)
Request - 66- Anon
Prompt: How could I ever forget about you?
Pairing - Jake X MC
Warnings: PG. (Slight violence.) 
Word Count - 725
Part: 1 of ? 

 You’re not sure how you managed to escape the Celestial alive- but you did. You’re now making a mad dash through the forest, everyone staying close. You’re in the middle of the group, running beside Diego.  Behind you are Grace, Aleister, Quinn and finally Jake- who’s watching the back of the group. Up the front, Estela is scouting slightly ahead, waving you all forward through the darkness.

It happens quickly, and with no warning. One minute, you’re all running, and the next…There’s Watchers everywhere….

….They run straight past you, yelling in a language none of you understand.  And then there’s a loud BANG, and a Watcher falls.


Jake pushes Quinn forward, spinning around to search for where the shot came from. Then there’s another BANG- the dirt kicks up at Craig’s feet, and he stumbles back with a yell.  You all dive for cover, searching for the shooter. Estela spots him, and silently points him out. She signals Jake, and the pilot nods silently, pulling a small hand gun out of his shoe. Everyone stares at him.

“Where-“ Sean starts, but stops when Michelle shushes him.

You watch as Jake slowly moves, blending in with the dark shadows. Your heartbeat quickens as you watch him silently line up the shooter- he’s across the dark forest, but Jake seems confident.

There’s a flash- a loud bang, and a thud. Then….Silence. Jake slowly steps out of the shadows, eyes scanning the trees. Suddenly, an urge to look to your right overwhelms you, and you snap your head to the side.

You see the glint of metal in darkness, and everything slows down.

“Jake!” You cry out, stepping out from behind the tree. “Look out!” He sees it at the last second, and dives aside…


There’s a flash of light. Everything suddenly goes quiet. And then….

You’re on the floor.

Pain floods through you, hitting you in waves of fire. Quinn cries out in shock.

“Shit…shit!” You hear a familiar voice cry out, and then Jake’s leaning over you, a hand gently tapping your cheek. His eyes move over you, and you feel his hand press down on your stomach.

“Stay awake for me, Princess.”  

You shiver, and realise the cold is seeping into you through the damp ground. Jake seems to notice this, and he removes his hand long enough to pull his jacket off. He lifts you slightly, slipping it between you and the damp grass.

“Jake…You’ll be cold…” You mumble, as he presses down on your wound again. Michelle appears next to him, looking over you.

“We need to get her out of here.” She says. Jake snorts.

“Think that’s just a bit obvious, Maybelline- we all need to get outta here!” He growls.

There’s lights all around you, followed by shouting. Jake looks up, and you see him tense up. He looks back down at you. You can feel trembles running through your body, and you feel suddenly very tired. You turn your head, and you can just make out Sean, wrestling with someone dressed all in black. Near him is Michelle, being forced to kneel with her hands behind her head as she fights to free herself. You can’t see the others, but you can hear them shouting, arguing. You look back up at the Pilot, who hasn’t moved.


“Everything’s fine, Princess. Just focus on me.” His voice is different, stressed. But he’s focused on you, keeping his hand firmly pressed against your wound.

And then, the shouting gets closer, and there’s dark shapes looming behind Jake. Suddenly, his hands are gone from your stomach and cheek, and you can see the night sky above you. You turn your head, searching for him.

Jake is being forced into the ground, a little ways away. He’s fighting hard, trying to get back to your side. As you watch, he breaks away from their grasp- moving right back to your side. He leans over you, so his face is close to yours, and his hand finds yours, squeezing it.

“Whatever happens… I won’t forget you. I’ll find you.” You hear him say. Your vision starts to fade. You try to speak, to hold onto his hand- but then he’s gone again. You hear him curse, swear- Craig is shouting something from behind you, IRIS is speaking…

And then it all goes black.

hi hello this is your new lead ta speaking, running a meeting, revising syllabi, and scheduling the hell out of all the things. just notifying you with physical proof that i’m still alive. not sure how i’m in such a good mood when i’m getting a filling replaced tomorrow, have recently instigated a relationship hiatus (if not prelim breakup :x), have been told repeatedly my thesis just may not be good/ready enough to defend this quarter, and already have a packed calendar but. here i am. feeling reasonably chipper. i’m sure it will wear off and it’s just a back to school high, don’t worry. maybe it’s the pizza i’m intending to buy later.

How to play Mercy

So you think you got what it takes to be a Mercy main? Ok, let’s see, here are the basics:

  1. Before you start your game, make sure you have at least one bottle of Vodka beause oh my god you are going to need it.
  2. As soon as you enter your game say ‘Hello’ and wave in an effort to make the team care about you. If they don’t say ‘Hello’ back then ignore them for the rest of the game - they are on your naughty list.
  3. If there is a friendly Pharah who said ‘Hello’ back then you are basically married. Make sure to keep her alive at all costs. She flies into an ulting Reaper? Follow her. You fly and die together.
  4. Mercys pistol does a surprising amount of damage! Use it. Be the Battle Mercy you always wanted to be and bathe in the blood of your enemies and of your own team mates that are screaming for healing all over the place.
  5. Make sure to teabag when your entire team dies and you have your ult ready. Bonus points if you sit on the ground, let the camera linger, spray, resurrect, and then teabag. Everyone will love your POTG especially the Genji whose quintuple kill you just negated.
  6. As Mercy you are the center of the univese. When someone isn’t close enough for Guardian Angel let them die. You are the ruler over life and death and they have to learn their place. Establish dominance.
  7. The sooner you accept that people are not going to vote for you even if you heal 62%  of the overall damage, the better off you will be. Accept that the Roadhog’s 40% Hook-Accuracy is more important. 
  8. Shove your staff up the tanks ass and let your ult charge on them. Ignore the dying flankers, there are health packs for them. Ignore the Mei that is currently freezing your co-healer, Ressurect has priority over everything.
  9. You will scream a lot. Prepare in advance and get Ricola^TM for the maximum swiss feel.
  10. Ignore the Genjis. They have the blood of your sisters on their hands - they don’t deserve healing.
to all the yoi fans that ship something BESIDES viktuuri,


you are not a pedophile.  you are not disgusting.  you are not ruining the fandom.  you are not “only here for the yaoi !!!”. 

Ships are ships.  You can ship whatever you want.  You can EVEN ship things that you may not condone in real life.

I’m getting sick of the elitism that’s developing among members of the yoi fandom.  We are blessed to have a healthy, stable, romantic, and canon homosexual pairing in an anime.  I do wholeheartedly ship viktuuri.

I also ship otayuri, and that’s terrifying in this fandom.

Many shippers and fans seem to have developed this complex that viktuuri can be the only healthy, allowed, happy pairing in the fandom, and if you stray to another, you’re “only interested in yaoi, you only care about sex, you don’t really support us!!!”.  And that’s not only illogical and petty, but very upsetting.  I find it to be very similar to bullying.

The character yuri plisetsky is sixteen years old, and otabek altin is eighteen.  This is not pedophilia; this age difference is not statutory rape.  This age difference is not uncommon in relationships.  This does not make Otabek a pedophile or a rapist (it doesn’t take common sense to figure that out).

What I’ve given is only one example, and it IS right to stop and analyze ships for toxicity.  Shipping a child, wait - LET ME JUST SAY, pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children, 12 and underEphebophilia is the attraction to late adolescents, 16-19.  There, if you can’t seem to understand, is a huge fucking difference.  I am not condoning either; I do, most definitely, condemn pedophilia.  Shipping a child with an adult is abhorrent and can never, under any circumstances, be healthy. 

Yuri Plisetsky is not a child.  Besides Minami, from what I understand of their ages, all characters are capable of consenting to a romantic relationship.  So, stop going into the tags of the characters and ships that aren’t involved in the oh holy, oh righteous, oh perfect, harmonious, blessed by our lord Viktuuri and making those who still do what, guess what, pretty much everyone in every fandom does - having fun.  Let us enjoy what we damn well please.  Thank you.

tl;dr - quit shaming ships in the yoi fandom that aren’t viktuuri, and stop bullying people with other ships.

EDIT: Minami is 17, not 13 as I had thought, so NO CONSENT ISSUES WITH ANYONE!

honestly i cannot waaaait for vilde’s season because ulrikke is so?? real and unashamed and open minded and i feel like we’re going to see her like we’ve never seen her before in the show and there is so much potential for vilde’s storylines once she gets her own season and i 150% trust ulrikke to give it her all and she’s going to help make vilde’s season so POWERFUL AND GREAT

Let’s talk about something I never realized.

I had always assumed that the Beast heard Belle say “I love you” before he “died.”  But no, your hearing doesn’t miraculously stay or something weird like that.  Adam didn’t hear her say it.

So imagine him fading away thinking that even though his life had been horrible, there was one small light that really truly meant the world over and more to him, and that he was glad that her face would be the last thing he’d ever see…

…then suddenly he’s feeling less cold and much more warm, and there’s a golden light at the end of a tunnel, and he’s still not sure if he’s alive, but then there’s more and more of it and he’s back in the West Wing, standing upright, his bare feet cold on the tile floor, his hair tickling his face and neck, claws absent from smaller, thinner hands, fingers, and it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream, it’s not a dream

And then he turns around and sees Belle standing there, shocked into silence but unafraid, fearless.  He stares at her incredulously because there’s only one way this could be happening: she loves him.  He used to think such an emotion was impossible and yet here he is and she loves him

He wants to run into her arms and laugh and cry and jump but he can only convey this with a look, an expression.  The night is over, the sun has risen, and the curse is lifted, but he did nothing, it was her, his beauty, his angel, his saving grace.

She smiles in realization, their lips touch, and his world is ablaze with life, love, color.  The ground shakes beneath their feet and dawn breaks across the castle.  This is his new beginning, his rebirth into a better life, a better man, and he is not alone anymore, he will never be alone again.

for she has set him free.