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Would the Haikyuu!! characters survive a zombie AU

oh @hogwartiansworld​, what have you done? ;)

Strap in, people, this is going to hurt.

Also: gore warning.

Dies within the first day

- Yachi: I’m so sorry. Yachi has a hard enough time dealing with the regular world, so when she comes home to find a design assistant feasting on her mother’s corpse, she screams, and shudders, and cries. Her only plan when he turns his attention to her is to hide in the bathroom. It fails miserably.

- Tsukishima: Walking home alone, listening to light j-rock on his headphones, Tsukki can’t shake the eerie feeling of unease. He slows his steps as he comes up to some people in the street. What are they doing? Why are they just standing there? He shrugs, crosses the street and walks on. The beat of his song picks up, but there’s a noise underneath it. Are those… footsteps? He stops and takes off his headphones, but the next moment someone grabs his arm and he feels a sharp pain in his shoulder. The world goes black.

- Bokuto: “Heyhey, what is this? That’s such a neat costume!” Bokuto walks up to the group of weird cosplayers and doesn’t even register Akaashi’s horrified ‘Bokuto-san!’ before it is too late. The poor setter is forced to flee to the sound of spluttering and the cracking of one thick skull.

- Takeda/Ukai: Ukai walks into the teacher’s office after practice to find a bunch of dead people and Takeda cowering in a corner. “Sensei? What the hell happened?” As he walks over, he sees his friend shivering. “Let’s get you out of here,” Ukai says and he lays a hand on his shoulder. When Takeda turns to him, his face is a mask of horror, blue veins bulging on sickly pale skin, eyes fully black and teeth sharp as knives. Ukai has no time to react before they’re on his throat.

- Terushima: This is totally how they do it in the movies, Terushima thinks, as he revs up the chainsaw. He manages to hit three of the undead before the thing screeches to a halt, little bits of bone and guts effectively blocking its mechanism. It was cool while it lasted, he shrugs, as he succumbs to the horde.

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