not sure i'd buy it again

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Bean I got some Willa Girl face masks and oh my goodness!!! (1) I bought 3 thinking I'd be able to mask my face THREE times. But guess what??? ONE pack has gotten me like SIX uses!! Which mean I have like 18 masks with 3 packs!! (2) my face feels like an angels bottom and my boyfriend says it's extra kissable. (3) It smells like freshly watered little baby cucumber sprouts + it's green so I look Fiona from shrek when I put it on 10/10 would recommend

I know girl thats one of my fav’s actually. also the foamy face wash. If ur gonna buy anything again make sure to put my name @ checkout when asked under references. coolio


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(Not sure how often you check your messages) I am a HUGE fan of your work, and am debating getting the By Chance or Providence book. My issue is, I already have the three stories that you're reprinting but am interested in the sketchbook/extra illustrations. Can you tell me more about those, like how many pages, of what kind? I'd just like to know if I'd be re-buying the stories all over again or if there'd be new content? I hope this doesn't sound rude, I'm sorry. Again, LOVE your work!

Hey! No worries- it’s the same as buying the single issues and then getting the trade- some people like having the book with a spine for their shelf and some people just prefer keeping the issues!

Right now the sketchbook section is an extra 12 pages but I have a lot of material- illustrations and sketches, so I am considering adding another signature- that would be an added 16 pages on top of the 12 if I do, but that is not decided yet. I am going to check with the printer to make sure it won’t effect cost per book too much. If I get enough orders it should be easier to afford.

I’ve also redrawn a few panels that I was not happy with, and added a few pages to Demeter that were originally cut from the mini comic due to page count constraints. I also drew some chapter illustrations for each story, so it’s kind of like a “director’s cut.”

The book itself will be something I know I am going to be very proud of- it’s being printed locally in Montreal so quality will be very good- including a canvas hardcover with gold foil blocking, and a dust jacket. I’ve even got Scott Snyder to agree to write the foreword, hehe

Really it’s up to you! if you already own them, this is a chance to have the trilogy collected in a slightly larger hardcover format! If hardcovers don’t move you and you are satisfied with the minis that is also great because it means I did something right in making them :)

Even if you decide against it, you can always help by spreading the word- talk to your LCS about ordering a few copies, or even just telling your friends about it! I appreciate every reblog and share like you wouldn’t believe