not sure i'd buy it again

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So I just saw the episode cover art for telltale batman season 2 and from the image for epi 3, it looks like selina will indeed be returning. Looking forward to how they deal with selina and batcat this season.

Me: Sure I’ll buy the next season of Batman Telltale eventually but first I’m probably going to catch up on some bills, read another book before the summer’s over, maybe try to make plans wit-

Telltale games: Actually looks like Selina will be back for season 2


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Hello, I'm another villain that has a hat that I'd never allow another to remove. I'd like to buy something that can make a point to my Arch nemisis to NOT TAKE MY HAT EVER AGAIN. I'm sure you understand the type of rage I feel and would be able to help me with my choice. Whatever it may be that I end up buying if it is effective in helping me torcher my Arch nemisis and resolve my anger in a satisfying way I will pay X3 as much. the other X2 will be sent after the deed is done.

“Oh, I understand perfectly.” *snaps fingers* “Doctor. Explain to the dear customer our solution.”

“Here we have developed a form of nanotechnology invisible to the naked eye that can be sewn into the fibres of your hat - it can be coded to react passively to your DNA, but anyone else to touch your hat…. Well, let’s just say they’ll receive quite a shock. They’ll be stunned long enough for you to capture and restrain so you can then torture them however you wish.”


The first performers for Cho Party 2017 have been announced!

Odorite: Ashibuto Penta, Azuki, Aikawa Kozue, Pinopi, Iripon, Ry☆, Kamen Liar 217, Asupara, Miume, Sacchaso, Wata, Lilia, Kanazawa Arisa, Mariyan, T-ine!, Melochin, SLH, ATY, Kusarine Project, RAB, MeseMoa.

This year’s Cho Kaigi takes place on 3 November. (Please be careful if you want to buy net tickets; last year the broadcast was unavailable for people outside of Japan and I’m not sure if that’s the case this year as well.)

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Bean I got some Willa Girl face masks and oh my goodness!!! (1) I bought 3 thinking I'd be able to mask my face THREE times. But guess what??? ONE pack has gotten me like SIX uses!! Which mean I have like 18 masks with 3 packs!! (2) my face feels like an angels bottom and my boyfriend says it's extra kissable. (3) It smells like freshly watered little baby cucumber sprouts + it's green so I look Fiona from shrek when I put it on 10/10 would recommend

I know girl thats one of my fav’s actually. also the foamy face wash. If ur gonna buy anything again make sure to put my name @ checkout when asked under references. coolio


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(Not sure how often you check your messages) I am a HUGE fan of your work, and am debating getting the By Chance or Providence book. My issue is, I already have the three stories that you're reprinting but am interested in the sketchbook/extra illustrations. Can you tell me more about those, like how many pages, of what kind? I'd just like to know if I'd be re-buying the stories all over again or if there'd be new content? I hope this doesn't sound rude, I'm sorry. Again, LOVE your work!

Hey! No worries- it’s the same as buying the single issues and then getting the trade- some people like having the book with a spine for their shelf and some people just prefer keeping the issues!

Right now the sketchbook section is an extra 12 pages but I have a lot of material- illustrations and sketches, so I am considering adding another signature- that would be an added 16 pages on top of the 12 if I do, but that is not decided yet. I am going to check with the printer to make sure it won’t effect cost per book too much. If I get enough orders it should be easier to afford.

I’ve also redrawn a few panels that I was not happy with, and added a few pages to Demeter that were originally cut from the mini comic due to page count constraints. I also drew some chapter illustrations for each story, so it’s kind of like a “director’s cut.”

The book itself will be something I know I am going to be very proud of- it’s being printed locally in Montreal so quality will be very good- including a canvas hardcover with gold foil blocking, and a dust jacket. I’ve even got Scott Snyder to agree to write the foreword, hehe

Really it’s up to you! if you already own them, this is a chance to have the trilogy collected in a slightly larger hardcover format! If hardcovers don’t move you and you are satisfied with the minis that is also great because it means I did something right in making them :)

Even if you decide against it, you can always help by spreading the word- talk to your LCS about ordering a few copies, or even just telling your friends about it! I appreciate every reblog and share like you wouldn’t believe