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Rules: Post 10 characters I would kiss and then tag 10 blogs!

1. Luke Skywalker (Star Wars).  Obvs.

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2. Sir Percy Blakeney (The Scarlet Pimpernel).  Book version mostly, I’m not sure any of the filmed/tv versions have gotten it completely right (hey, Netflix, the time for a new Scarlet Pimpernel series is totally now please and thank you).

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3. Bodhi Rook (Rogue One).  Because Bodhi Rook is Bey, and needs to be kissed, often.  

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4. Westley (The Princess Bride). Just looooook.

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5. Arthur Pendragon (Merlin).  Because he’s right in my wheelhouse.  

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6. Charlie Young (The West Wing).  Because we need a little Charlie in our lives.

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Honorable mention for Gus from Psyche.  Maybe I just want to kiss Dule Hill a little bit.  And watch him tap dance.

7. Rory Williams (Doctor Who).  Just because he’s so damn cute. 

8. Randall Pearson (This is Us).  I only just started watching this show but Sterling K Brown is very, very handsome and it would be weird if I said I wanted to kiss Chris Darden.  And I really dig the glasses.

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9. Greg Serrano (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).  Because while my usual type is the Big Damn Hero, every now and then I like a bit of the sarcastic bitter types (especially when they have amazing singing voices). 

Oh yeah, and the tap dancing thing.

10. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride & Prejudice).  Sometimes I like the broody types, too.  

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AU where your favorite character just breaks stuff whenever they get bored to make things more interesting