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Care to explain to me how McHanzo came to be? 'Cause I don't get it...

Between you and me, I’m not sure how it took off. I think it started as a small group of people who liked how they looked together (in an aesthetic aspect) and thought they’d make a cute couple, but I don’t know for sure. However, it’s become more than just, “These two guys look super hot together omg!” and I know a lot of people who look beyond the fact they’re both attractive, older men.

Personally, it was never on my radar when I first bought the game and got into the fandom. Somehow, one of my sister’s mutuals on here had reblogged an invite link to a McHanzo Discord server and told me, “Hey, look, people ship McCree and Hanzo. Weird, right?” and at that point, just for the hell of it, I said, “Can you text me the link?” and I joined the server just to check it out (and to spite my sister when she questioned if I even liked McHanzo, which I took as a challenge). As soon as I started looking into their backstories and understanding who they are as individuals, I realized they were two pieces of the same puzzle. 

Nowadays, people like myself enjoy the ship because of the dynamic and the potential they have. McCree and Hanzo both have rocky pasts and a whole lot of baggage that weighs them down. They’ve got sins that just won’t let them be, they’ve got a love for alcohol, and they’re a little rough around the edges. When put together, they could provide emotional support and stability for one another, seeing as that they’ve both done things they’re not proud of and probably need someone to talk it out with. Who better to vent to than someone your age who’s been dealt a shitty card in life too?

You’ll see different interpretations of McHanzo everywhere you look, but the core of it all is that if given the chance, they could be really good for one another. They both need someone who can relate to the shit they’ve seen in life, who won’t judge them for what they’ve done, and I think they’d find that in each other.

Harry Wells, Savior of Central City
  • Barry: Savitar has Iris and will kill her in an hour! Wally can't move! Caitlin's evil! Our entire plan rests on some crazy tech we haven't even tested!
  • Harry: 'k. Well. Let me know how it goes.
  • Time: *passes*
  • Barry: Savitar killed HR! Evil Caitlin kidnapped Cisco! We need you to convince HR's girlfriend to help us be nice to Savitar so he doesn't destroy the universe!
  • Harry: I can't leave you kids alone for one second, can I?
  • Time: *passes*
  • Barry: STAR Labs is wrecked! I have to go imprison myself in the speed force! You don't mind leaving your business and daughter to look after Earth-1 for, like, ever, do you?
  • Harry: *facepalm* Sure, why not?

Like I said, it’s all about timing. So how about we make a date. The 25th of June, the Electric Ballroom in Camden. You bring those nice shiny belts you begged and pleaded for so long to get, you put them on the line against us.

– CCK lay out a challenge to British Strong Style


The Sanvers proposal scene gives me life like

that’s how I want it to be if I ever find someone who wanted to marry me

sure, a fancy date and a well-planned proposal are nice and all, but this one was even better in my eyes

without all the superficial stuff (I am not knocking it, though- if carriage rides and fireworks are your thing, by all means, don’t let me stop you) all that’s left are the emotions shining through your significant other’s eyes

and that’s the part I’d look for, no matter what

I wouldn’t care if I was in the middle of Central Park being serenaded by a live orchestra

Or in parking lot behind 7/11 being proposed to with a blue raspberry ringpop

I wouldn’t care about any of it, as long as I knew the other person meant every damn word that came out of their mouth.

I’d take seeing genuine tears in their eyes over fireworks and carriage rides any day.

That’s what really got me about the Sanvers proposal- the emotion you could see in their eyes.

since im not sure when ill be getting a new tablet ill just go ahead and reveal my Big Plans for the little mermaid au

the next few comics would play out something like this.

after a few moments of bargaining, bing finally agrees to do the operation for 6 dollars and a piece of lint shaped vaguely like elvis

edd: cool! so how does this stuff work? am i gonna see any kickass looking magic?

bing: what? no! dont be an idiot. magic doesnt exist. besides you can get the same outcome with a pair of hedge clippers and a hot glue gun. now hold still.

the operations a success & bing casually asks edd what he wants the legs for, however by this point edds passed out from lack of oxygen since hes now human. tom mentions that edd has a fixation with beating up some ugly sea captain, and then he and matt go to help edd up to the surface. as they’re leaving bing shouts after them that they have three days to complete their task before edd gets gangrene and dies.

later on larry (a one eyed eel and bings right hand man) finds out the sea captain theyre after is tord. it ends​ up being a conflict of interest for bing, bc tords crew members get killed so often that theyre actually bings main supplier of spare body parts. he goes to stop edd and at the end they all face off on tords ship, but edds legs fall off and a bolt of lightning strikes the mast.

there are no survivors

i often think back to alexs coming out process and still marvel at how amazing it was, sure supergirl has done some questionable things this season and it all happened really fast but this, they did right. everything about it from, alex beginning to question herself, to doing something crazy and spontaneous like kissing maggie, to changing her mind and saying she was wrong about her sexuality, to looking for support from kara, and everything else. all of it was just so so beautiful

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Wait until Yondu learns about Pop Funko Vinyls. ESPECIALLY the bobbleheads. 😏


Also, for one of our quizzes in Advanced Illustration for Production, we had to create a new Pokemon, so I decided to make a dragon Eeveelution! I haven’t come up with a name for it since I can’t really think of any that don’t sound weird or dumb, but I’m sure I’ll think of something soon and I really like how this one turned out as well! It has sort of a Spyro feel to it, but I still think it looks pretty unique.

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Helloooo! I've recently got back into the phandom and have been desperately looking for some true to life? Non au? Or like normal au? Idk how to phrase it but i had no idea who to ask and ive been stalking your blog for the last 3 hours on your fic tag as i couldnt sleep so pllsssss he l p m e i l y

hi welcome back i’m not sure what a ‘normal’ au is :0 like do you want alternative reality/alternative canon fic? or are highschool au’s normal? i mean a highschool au is pretty generic/common to me so… anyway i went through my ao3 bookmarks and listed some fics that i haven’t reblogged before (and aren’t like pwp lol):

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okay but that screenshot of Rey saying “I didn’t think there was so much green in the entire galaxy” looking out the ship’s windows and they’re a green screen like. How the FUCK did they keep it together, both daisy Ridley and every one else in the scene and all the crew like how the shit I would have been rolling around dying laughing and she says it with all that wonder and naivete and adorablness that’s so Rey™ without missing a beat, I need to know behind the scenes if they had to reshoot that 700 times because I sure as heck would have to

A small peek at the nonsense AU-type task I’m undertaking. Trying to familiarize myself with cat features after so long with pony. xD

None other than Katarina herself. Trying to get some Nebelung features prominent, not sure how well I’m doing. Can’t decide if I like the way I did her bangs for EtheriumAU, or the usual way I draw her bangs more. Thinking the usual way I do it would be how it looks after a scuffle. I really should try drawing her more battle-worn than hardly-a-hair-out-of-place so often. xD

Would you believe this is happening just because I wanted to do some fanart of Lackadaisy’s Mordecai Heller? And got irritated because my everything felt all wrong, so my brain decided to practice on my own OCs instead? owo

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I'm not sure who else to mention this to, but I can't stop thinking that the "barrier" that keeps Patton from hugging Thomas could potentially extend to the others. Like, if the barrier is in the middle and separates them individually, what if they can't touch anyone? Including each other.

^^^^^^^^ same!!!! and someone (? i’ll look for it during lunch) said that thing about how the sides don’t sound like they spend time together…. like stay on their own…… anyway I’m emo

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I keep catching myself referring myself as a female and it's making feel invalid, like I'll look at a post aimed at women and impulsively go "oh! It's for me" but it's not, I'm not sure if im really Trans or if just because everyone else views me as my outside gender, I should just give up and accept I'll never be what I feel or want to be. I hope that didn't sound confusing -♊

That sounds pretty rough, ♊. If you’re newly discovering that you’re trans, it could be a bit of a process of reworking how you think about yourself. Especially if its causing you distress like it sounds like it is. All that matters though is what makes you feel good about yourself. If you feel happy identifying as trans and being who you feel you are inside, that’s all that matters. And I’ll be honest- I’ve been out for over 5 years now, and I still sometimes see women’s stuff and ads online and go “oh! me!” but then immediately realize, oh, that’s women’s things. It happens. It could be just all the time you spent thinking of yourself as a woman. But what matters is how you think of yourself now.

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"I love your hugs" with TFW? I don't mind who the 'lee is, your choice!

Oh my god I am so sorry this has taken me literally months to write aI forgot it was here I hope you like how it comes out


I love your hugs.“ Castiel said suddenly, causing both Winchesters sitting at the table to look up at him. They shared a confused look, waiting for him to continue, which he didn’t.

“Can you elaborate?“ Sam asked, closing his laptop half way so he could pay better attention to the angel.

“I’m not sure what it is, whether it has anything to do with trust or strong feelings of love I have for you both, but hugging either of you makes me happy. Before I came down to earth, I was never shown much affection The angels aren’t exactly known for that type of stuff. So when you two started expressing affection towards me… it was different. I liked it. And there’s something about your hugs that makes me feel… safe. Loved. I really like that” Cas explained, earning bright, happy smiles from both Dean and Sam. as they looked at each other with an expression that the angel couldn’t read. “Is that… Weird?“

“No! No no, not at all Cas, that’s perfectly fine.“ Sam said, smiling a little wider, his dimples growing and causing even bigger indents on his face. Cas smiled fondly as the sight. “We just don’t get told things like that a lot.”

“Why?” Cas asked, giving him another confused look that replaced his smile. “I don’t see why people don’t compliment you… You’re both very endearing.“

“Endearing?“ Dean questioned.

“To me, at least.” Dean stood up and started walking towards Cas, standing next to him and holding out his arms.

“Come here, you big dummy.“ Dean smiled, giggling when Cas stood up and hugged hum back. “You too, Sammy, get over here. “Sam’s smile grew impossibly wider as he eagerly joined, his arms wrapping as far around both of them as he could manage.

“Do you wanna know another reason I like your hugs?“ The angel asked, earning a nod from both Winchesters.”I can do this.“ Nothing happened for a few seconds, causing the brothers to look at each other, wondering what the angel meant; and that’s when it hit, and both Sam and Dean were quickly feeling a small, tickling sensation on both of their tummies. Sam started slowly curling up at the feeling, causing him to slowly let go of his brother and the angel, while Dean gripped tightly at Cas’s arm and bit his lip, starting to giggle.

“I-I… C-Cas what is that?“ Dean managed as his other arm came to wrap around his own waist. Sam was lost in his own struggle of trying not to laugh; he was leaning against the table, bent over, both arms wrapped tightly over his tummy.

“Cahahas stop!“ Sam giggled, attempting to reach for the angel to try to beg, but his arm quickly shot back as the sensation intensified and spread to his sides and ribs, causing him to double over more. “Dohohon’t!” Cas smiled at his work on Sam before turning his attention back to Dean, who was still trying not to laugh.

“Dean, come on. Give up the act and laugh. Why can’t you give in like Sam?“

“Ihihi didn’t ‘gihive ihin’ Ihihi- I’m just tohohoo tihihicklihish!“ The younger got out through his laughter, blushing at the confession, allowing himself to giggle sweetly as the sensation focused on his ribs.

Dean’s wall he had put up finally broke as the tickling grace moved overto his ribs and sides while still going at his tummy, causing him to burst out laughing with a loud ‘NO‘ before his knees buckled, sending him down to the ground. He shook his head as he laughed, rubbing at his hips and trying to rid himself of the feeling to no avail. Cas smiled at the sight, laughing a bit to himself.

“I think I like this more than the hugs, it feels a lot more intimate. Tickling is a very nice way to bond.“

“Cahahas!“ Both Winchesters laughed in unison, trying to get the tickling to stop.

“One last thing before we’re done.“ The angel said simply before gently touching Dean’s hips and Sam’s underarms, moving the grace there, tickling more intensely this time. Sam gasped and Dean grunted, both bursting into loud laughter before they could stop themselves. In all his struggling, Sam managed to fall into the same chair Cas had stood up from, his arms still tight around his tummy, now pressed just as tightly to his sides as well to try to block out the incessant tickling  on his underarms. Dean, however, was still curled up on the floor, his head tilted back as he laughed, a sound that made Cas never want to stop.

But, he knew the Winchesters couldn’t handle the tickling forever, and judging by the fact that their laughter was slowly going silent, he knew it was time to stop. Suddenly, the tickling stopped, and both hunters went limp where they sat, leftover giggles and deep breaths filling the room.

“How was that?“ Cas asked gently, rocking on his heels as he waited for them to calm down.

“Just… Peachy, Cas. Peachy.“ Dean said, causing Cas to let out a small giggle. The sound drew Sam’s attention.

“Uh… You wanna know my favorite thing about tickling, though?“ Sam asked, standing and striding over to Castiel, after he managed to balance himself on his still weakened legs.

“Yes, Sam, what is it?“ Cas responded, smiling.

“It’s a two way street… And I think a certain angel needs to think about a few things, don;t you Dean?“

“No- no Sam wait- don’t! DON’T!“


The internet at our house went out literally five minutes before the event went live, as if to demonstrate how comedy and tragedy are deeply entwined, so most of these impressions are formed from squinting down at youtube videos on my phone screen and trying to make out details. Pls bear with me.

- Ana and Jack - proud members of the ‘@death bitch u thought’ club - are literally hanging out in an ancient necropolis together while planning their next move. Like how delightfully needlessly extra can you get. Bros who pretend to be dead together stay together. (Also really sad though, with Ana placing the photos of her family around her bed and the two of them looking for signs of their other BFF who now wants to kill them :( ) 

- Whoever made sure Hanzo can now answer ‘Just so’ whenever McCree goes ‘I’m your Huckleberry’: you are a hero, may your days and nights be blessed. (I am predictably 100005% into “You have made an error in judgement”. Ugh that sweet silky menace, I love it when his voice goes all calm)


- Symmetra looks so happy and comfortable dancing I am Slain

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do you know how old briana buckmaster is? i feel like she's 33+ but i can't be sure because she looks like some sort of summer goddess that time cannot affect

nope I honestly don’t because it doesn’t say anywhere but tbh she looks like a never aging goddess who beats time with her natural beauty so I can’t really tell either.
You Don't Have to Love Me - Chapter 1 - MyGoldenEyes - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson [Archive of Our Own]
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So chapter two is out, I think I’m going to be uploading stories on Wednesdays from now on, so look for the next chapter next Wednesday. 

I have 11 chapters written so far so I won’t have any trouble keeping up with that! I’m not sure how many chapters I’ll have but It’s going to be a good number, I’m shooting for twenty but the story might resolve itself after like fifteen.