not sure how to tag this omfg

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i saw a fic once that was tagged lance learns how to not be so freaking annoying and ohhh boiii i was soooo pissed off i REFUSE to read it. like dont get me wrong lance isnt perfect n i love reading fics where he grows but come fucking on man

omfg. wont be reading that fic that’s for sure. that’s shitty and unnecessary. no, lance isn’t perfect. but if you’re going to call out lance for his imperfection and make fun of him while claiming shiro and (especially) keith are perfect, gtfo

i heard shelby rabara used to be a cheerleader and i just


help myself

not sure how to feel about this but i’m probably gonna draw the other 2 homeworld gems as cheerleaders too bye

edit: here’s cheerleader Jasper and cheerleader Lapis!!

all three together here!!