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OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! I received this same ask 4 times, in less than 24h. It just took me some time to answer it because I had to gather data.

I didn’t had a tumblr when that video was out so my detailed analyses wasn’t shared with ANYONE! But now you asked and I am ssoooooo glad you did. Because OH BOY!! I can easily spot a liar. And Jungkook was clearly caught in a lie.

Here we go : It starts with Taehyung doing a Vlive. A viewer asks him to go to another member’s room. 

He states that he doesn’t know their room’s number.

So He texts the other members to ask them about their whereabouts (using a group chat). You can hear him texting around 5:20. Somebody (we will discover later that he was talking to Jin, who was taking a bath) offers him to go to JK’s room and even gives him the room’s number. 

But he definetly texts JK to tell him that he is coming (5:35 to 5:41). He was smiling as he kept looking at his phone, waiting for a reply. However, He will not wait for an answer from JK. Because normally he is known to be always on his phone especially if the other members are doing a Vlive (Remember when Jin and jimin were doing a Vlive and kookie just came in). So he will assume that it is not a nuisance. Just a fun way to entertain Armys.

I want you to focus here: The text was sent at 5:41 and tae was in front of JK’s door at 6:14. Be it more than half a minute. 6:14 to 6:18 V will be calling Jungkook while knocking the door. JK will answer at 6:21 (It took him 7 seconds) to ask who it was. Of course he knew it was Tae tae. the members always joke how they can know eachothers just by their breathing or footsteps. He was just delaying the time. One more thing to take into consideration. The hotel rooms are not soundproof. Is this why JK is playing the music? (We will comeback to this point later). At 6:28 JK will be like asking someone ‘Who could it be?’. Then quickly finds the first excuse that comes to mind ‘I am not wearing clothes’. Because think about it, no other excuse could have worked better. This is also the first excuse you think of if you want someone to not just barge in into your room.

He will keep making unnecessary noises before opening the door. as if he was trying to hide the footsteps of someone (6:45).  Only at 6:49 JK finaly opens the room. It took him (6:14 to 6:49) 35 seconds. Knowing that he didn’t even wear pants… that take 3 seconds to put on nor the least tie his bathrobe belt that took him 7s on camera. So even the mere 10 seconds were precious doing something else? 

The light was  dim. And I could understand someone staying in a weak lighted room. (i am like that too). BUT a soft lighted room, naked and with some soft music he doen’t even know? This is called a mood setter to Bang Bing Bara Bing Bang. Maybe being naked can mean being at ease by himself in a hotel room (Who will believe that?) But why did he not take his makeup off. Jungkook is known to be allergic to foundation, so he is usually the first one to take it off. But our boy had a full glam on. Who were you trying to impress BOYAA~~

AND the anxious bunny got scared. But again why would you be scared? If you were in the room alone. We will just assume you were watching some video or masturb…. BUT there was someone else in the room … SO?

After that V was about to answer JK’s question “I wanted to be on V…” When a song starts playing. He first thought it was the ringtone of the phone on the table (7:16). But it was JK who was controlling the song using his OWN phone via bluethooth. So Whose phone was that? It was jimini’s phone (Chimchim used that same phone the next day for his Vlive).

Add to this jimin’s hoodie … (Don’t ask me how we knew. It is scary but we know their clothes. there is even bogs who just follow their fashion).

Then JK will keep asking again and again. “Why are you here?”. Tae will give him a simple obvious answer “to do V app”. and JK will be like “Ahh~~~” (Seriously boy why are you so nervous?!)

Jungkook will spot lot of food trash. He will say that he ate it all ALONE?! (JK was dieting) … So he is telling me: he was in the room naked, with the dime light, and the unknown romantic music? Eating bread? BOY I know you can’t lie … BUT THIS? You were totally eating something else but mainly not just bread

Can we talk about the bed? wasn’t the bed too well made? maybe that was the thing that took them time to open the door? Because if he was alone in a Hotel room while everything is all over the place. Why is the bed the only thing that is tidy? Even the pillows?

At 7:59 you could hear the bathroom door open while JK was adjusting the light and V was laying on the bed. Then Jk will tell Mr J “You scared me”. He was clearly not talking to Tae (8:05). That’s when we were 200% sure someone was hiding, AKA Mr J. 

At the start of the video The bathroom door was closed. But then the light in the bathroom was turned on and the door was slighty open. (Do you believe in ghosts? maybe but I believe in Jimin more). 

The mood in that video was so awkward. The tension was unbearable. And Jungkook was restless. Again out of the blue JK will say “I didn’t wash up yet” as “I still need to take a shower, so you better leave as soon as possible”. yet Tae answers by “I didn’t shower either”. Even V’s face darkened during a moment. remember how his face was all smiles at the start. 

The “I am too nervous to hear you, and have a proper discussion, so i will just talk about whatever” will keep going on and on. V will try to propose singing a song. But our bunny will be like “My makeup is smeared” … Boy why do you keep giving us clues we could have just ignored? *sigh* The makeup BTS get, is not the one you girls put. It is stage makeup. Made so even if they run, dance, be exposed to strong hot light. It will not budge. The fact that it smeared … and that he is concerned about it …OH GOD …*use your imagination da*mit Imma not describe everything. This is not smut GAH* 

There is also this discussion. V made JK believe that ALL of BTS sang before him. BUT Jk was like “How can it be true when one of them was with me the whole time kinda attitude” (8:58). he is so sure even if he didn’t watch the Vlive. 

Recall how he said he was hungry, that’s why it took him 5 decades to not even finish that small piece of bread? then says he was full? then asks to eat ramen??? Boy? Have you heard of logic? Yes it happens to me to be hungry exactly after finishing a meal. BUT I will finish the meal first … *He looks cute tho! Focus Mimi focus. don’t get distracted by that bunny*

A lot of people misunderstood this part. They tought Jin was taking a shower in JK’s room. No no no! It was Tae informing kookie that he came after Jin notified him via text. AND Jungkook will ignore that and keeps asking Tae “Can we stay on V for a long time?”. 

Plus him glancing at the washroom all the time. I’ve never seen more obvious than that … 

And this last part, was the cherry on the cake (13:42). Just watch it. You will laugh for 5 min at Jungkook trying to stay as calm as possible. Also, Tae “WE are coming”. JK: Are YOU going..”

The door also closes as soon as V leaves (4 SECONDS: the exact time it took V from the washroom to the door). The doubtful. Is that we didn’t hear JK rushing to close it either. That means it was Mr J who did.
If you have good ears around 14:03 you could even hear Jimin’s voice. 

A liar doesn’t make sense and is full of contradictions. Seems to be thinking hard. Is nervous, tense, and fidgety. Makes few complaints or negative comments. JK was hiding Jimin but the question is: Why was he hiding. The non shippers will tell you he was probably not wearing makeup. I say nop, he wasn’t wearing something else … 

So what do I think? 3 words: JIKOOK IS REAL!

Thanks for the ask ^^
By @mimibtsghost 


a shortish taz rough animation!

insaneandlovingit  asked:

Since the earth is also a lady, is she in a polyamourous relationship with the sun and the moon?

Yes, but it’s a long distance relationship otherwise Earth would kill all the little creatures walking around on her and she sure doesn’t want that. it’s okay tho she skypes her girlfriends everyday (and night)

Hi guys, long time no see! So I finished my college and my friends recommended me to open commissions, I never did it on tumblr before, so let’s try! Btw I Have limited my commissions options price this time, because of lack of time, sorry. All kind of fandom or OC are welcome.

I Don’t Do:

  • nsfw
  • mecha
  • *furries (I never did, but I can try tho)

How To Buy:

  • Send an e-mal to (with COMMISSION in the subject).
  • In the email make sure to say which of the samples prices you want, and ** your e-mail associated with PayPal **
  • So I can send you a PayPal Invoice.
  • Please make sure to add as much image references and description of what you want, like pose, style, etc in the e-mail.

Commision Accepted

  • I’ll send you a invoice from PayPal. (US Dollar)
  • When ok, I’ll send you a very-sketch to approve or change.
  • And soon I’ll send you for e-mail the image done :)

Feel free to ask me questions here (I may reply privately just say) 



“you never walk alone”
ft. jikook

(( their outfits were based on the global vlive top 10 ))

May i request the ndrv3 guy's reactions to walking in on their s/o changing, please and thank you

I LOVE PROMPTS LIKE THIS!! Also, for another very cute version of this prompt, check out @imagine–drv3 because they had a super cute version of this and I may have based some events off what they have written.

I do hope you enjoy it!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Wow
  • He almost stops breathing for a second
  • You look ethereal
  • Beautiful
  • Heavenly
  • He’s standing in the doorway, admiring every curve on your body.
  • He already knew that humanity was beautiful, but this?
  • This was simply angelic
  • He is so happy that he has such a beautiful s/o
  • You’re kinda just wondering why he’s staring at you naked. You really can’t see whether he is blushing or not.
  • Eventually he comes to his senses and just closes the door, apologizing quickly.
  • He’s really embarrassed that he got caught up in his own fantasies and he is trying his hardest to remember how beautiful you were
  • But when he thinks of you now, he thinks of all those curves and dips and he can’t talk to you without blushing now
  • U can’t tell how embarrassed he is under that mask he always wears

Rantaro Amami

  • His eyes are really wide but he immediately apologizes and turns on his heels.
  • He doesn’t leave the room though. He just stands in front of the door like a child in a timeout corner
  • He claims that he is guarding the door
  • It’s the sweetest cutest thing he has ever done.
  • But holy shit you were this hot???
  • He also does not want anyone else walking in on you
  • Seeing you like that is Amani’s vision only
  • “Also, jeans would totally go better with that jacket”


  • You see the door open and suddenly a checkered scarf is thrown at you
  • Also, you can hear the door slam shut
  • And there’s a loud apologetic wail from outside
  • However, on the other side of the door, ouma is deathly embarrassed. He has a fucking anime nosebleed and all he can do is picture you naked.
  • Why the fuck did he have to walk in at that time??
  • He’s trying to hit his head against the wall to try and forget, which doesn’t help his nosebleed
  • When you come back out and return his scarf, he simply claims he got into a big manly crime chase with precisely 69 policemen
  • His red face doesn’t convince you but you try to clean his nosebleed anyways.
  • Also, his face just keeps getting redder because now everything he sees you he pictures you naked
  • Life is hell

Shuichi Saihara

  • This poor shy boi
  • The second he walks in, you hear him apologize and see the door slam shut. He’s not as fast as ouma, and you learned that the expression “his face was glowing” was actually quite literal
  • When the door slams shut he just crouches down and curls up into this embarassed ball of adorb right outside the door
  • You almost trip over him on the way out because you don’t see him, and you take a wide lunge over him to try to avoid falling over him
  • Which also gives him the view up your skirt
  • He’s looking up your panties now
  • RIP Shuuchi Saihara (Death by ultimate blush)

Kaito Momota

  • Similar to Ouma, he throws his jacket at you
  • He’s also not as embarrassed to compliment your looks but he still turns away none the less
  • He makes sure no one else comes into the room by making sure to yell every time someone passes by your room
  • *making my way downtown walking fast*
  • Yeah, something like that
  • By the time you finish you tap him on the shoulder and he jumps five feet into the air
  • And only then you realize how red his face is.
  • He claims he’s only trying to impersonate Mars tho, since it is the red planet and stuff


  • Kiibo exe. stopped working
  • He crashes immediately when he sees you shirtless. So now you have a blank kiibo kinda just staring through the door
  • IDK I’ve always had this headcanon that whenever Kiibo crashes he just stays in the exact same pose he was in before he crashed
  • Also the door is open
  • Dammit kiibo
  • You change as quickly as you can and try to figure out how to drag him to Iruma’s when he reboots again
  • He is unable to delete the memory of you naked fast enough when he reboots so he crashes again
  • It repeats in a seemingly endless cycle so you end up having to cover your face with a paper bag so the first thing he sees isn’t your face and you naked won’t pop up into his head

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Its the first time that you hear gonta scream in shock
  • He assures you its not in terror though
  • He leaves the room and shuts the door behind him.
  • When you see him again, he is sniffling into a handkerchief, curled up on the couch.
  • He notices your presence and apologises for such an ungentlemanly move. It takes you a long time to reassure him
  • It was only an accident and you understand that gonta is very sorry and that you are not mad at him
  • He’s so pure that he absolutely refuses to think about you naked again, even if it tries to pop into his mind

Ryoma Hoshi

  • Out of all the boys, he is the least fazed
  • He just mutters a quick apology and leaves.
  • When you bring it up to him, he mentions that when he was in prison, he saw a lot of booty exposure from people that he did not want booty exposure from.
  • So he is kinda used to this type of thing
  • You try not to bring it up again
  • But honestly he appreciates how much better you look than those other male prisoners and he’s blushing under that stoic mask of his

I had to sketch these two because of ep 12…!
Yata showing Fushimi how fun it’s to skate with a “fire powered” skateboard orsomethinglikethatidk

So I’ve been watching Black Sails and uh…well…here’s another WIP.

Once again, super dark bg and super dark pants make it really difficult to tell where the legs are :/ Anyway, I’ve finished the rotoscoping part and have some key frames added, now I just need to do some inbetweens and refine the timing and stuff :P

Not sure if I’m gonna have silver remain motionless for the first half? I’ve been watching some animated stuff and it seems weird how often that actually happens? But I was thinking, maybe I’ll just do some movement in the hair? Otherwise it does come off as a bit unnatural?

anonymous asked:

Andreil prompt! Neil and Andrew celebrating their first win on the same pro team??? (Neil just being so happy and Andrew being happy because Neil is happy!!)

ahhh! i love this! it may not have turned out as fluffy as you wanted (apparently i’m having trouble producing fluff lately or whatever) but i think it still is pretty funny!

  • so i don’t think the bonus content ever say how long neil and andrew play on separate teams, but for the sake of this let’s just say that they don’t play together for two season
  • initially it’s pretty easy for both neil and andrew to play on separate teams but still live together and see each other only a couple times during the season
  • this means that one of them either owns another apartment closer to their team, or drives an insane distance everyday just to go back to the shared apartment (and tbh the answer is both, andrew owns an apartment closer to his team but decides to stay at the shared apartment if there isn’t a game the next day)

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‘These University Guys’- Part 3 (Maknae line smut, lie 4 and 5)

Originally posted by mochivkook

A/N: Reaaally tired so I’ll fix mistakes soon :)

Summary: You and Jungkook are finally able to finish what you started. 

Pairings: You x Jungkook, You x Jimin, You x Taehyung

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 4k+

Warnings: Open relationships, graphic smut, oral, swearing, arguing, mentions of drinking and smoking, age difference relationships (not weird tho)

Part 2

It was so cold that you considered turning back to get Jungkook’s leather jacket, which lay forgotten on the swinging bench- or, more likely, on the cold wooden floor. But if you returned you were sure Jungkook would try stop you. You kick the floor and groan. How long would it even take you to get home? Was this even the right way? You wish phone’s batteries would last forever.

A couple of cars had passed you and you didn’t think much when you started hearing the next car’s rev. But when you realized it slowed down next to you, you felt you heart lurch. Your mind raced for possible ways to escape and you slowly, fearfully turned your head to look at the car.

“Oh, god!” You cried. “I thought you were a kidnapper!”

Jungkook, who had his one arm hooked over the door out the open window, smiled. But his eyes were just as concerned as they were at the party. You were embarrassed that he was seeing you this angry and upset and you were embarrassed that you left him earlier.

“Get in.” He requests casually. 

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I’m trying my best to make this one look sleek AF and as close to absolute perfection as it can get ahahahahah and even tho it looks pretty simple it was quite a challenge to make. I still need to tweak it a little bit more but I’m sure I will be finishing this one tomorrow (I spent this whole day moving every plane mm by mm lol) I cant explain how much I love hairs like this and I cant wait to finish it  XD 

based on this

I keep finding abandoned draw the squad memes in my folders wh y

you can tell I’ve lost all motivation while drawing this .___.’

gajeel buddy I’m pretty sure u picked the wrong target

I dont know why I am posting this so late at night, no one will actually see this??? idk Im super sleepy and p much dying because of my stubborness of wanting to finish and post it tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow….rip my gay ass.

My headcanon of how Whirl would look like as a human, a lil ref to help my self be consistent about my designs, tho I feel like I should update Cyclonus because I was never quite sure if the outfit I gave him was good enough??

I sleep now.

Emotions (Jasper Hale x Reader)

Prompt: “Where she’s the new girl at the same time Bella is but gets Jaspers attention? Maybe a latent ability to avoid others powers through touch? Like Bella though, she can’t do it for long before it drains her completely. Oh and The Major is constantly peeping through to get moments with his ‘True Mate’” (requested)

Word Count: 908

Warnings: swearing and me kinda fucking up the request bc I’m stupid, also, I suck at titles, so sorry for that.

A/N: thanks to @cantchoosejustonefandom for requesting <3 I have to warn you tho, I realized what you meant with the whole ‘like Bella’ thing and that you surely meant that the reader was human, but my dumb ass didn’t notice until I was finishing the shot, so sorry if that changed, really sorry!! I promise to read better next time you ask for something haha anyway I hope you enjoy this!

Jasper’s POV (third person)

Jasper didn’t expect two new people this year at school; neither had he expected that his ‘brother’ would be attracted to one of them, at first he couldn’t stand how Edward seemed to be willing to reveal the secret of the entire family for one single human, but everything changed when he saw her. Eventually, he found himself being more invested in catching the girls attention, which at first he felt like a stupid for doing that, but it seemed to work and they started to have small conversations on class and that quickly evolved into meeting after school, normally at his house where they spent the day talking or even walking through the forest.

But as he spent more time with her he could feel a part of him resurrect, a part that he thought it was long buried deep inside, for some reason he started to feel hungry for her, and he knew she was a vampire, she had told him about that, but she was a newborn vampire, meaning that blood was running through her body still but he didn’t felt the need to bite her, no, he felt the need to be close to her and that was driving him insane, his emotions were on edge, really ironic as his gift revolves around them, every day that feeling of need grew stronger.

Today wasn’t the exception, as he walked with (Y/N) through the woods hunting he could feel the urge to be closer to her, but he had to control himself.

“Jasper, is everything ok? You seem quite distant today” her voice was soft and smooth as velvet, is that was even possible. He looked at her amber eyes and smiled softly.

“Don’t worry, I was thinking, that’s all” she smiled and got closer to him to grab his hand and he felt complete, his smile grew and he squeezed her hand.

They continued like that, from time to time finding animals to feed but it was mostly a walk, a long peaceful walk that was abruptly interrupted when they heard and smelled something.

“Do you feel that?” (Y/N) asked looking at her surroundings trying to see something letting go of his hand.

He could sense a wave of fear mixed with anger coming at him but he didn’t know if it was (Y/N) or it came from where the sound was. From the corner of his eyes he saw a figure approaching them, so he turned so he could see better; a tall man was slowly coming towards them and he quickly grabbed (Y/N) again and pulled her closer, he knew that the other one was a vampire, he could smell him and as he got closer his crimson eyes were impossible to hide.

“Well, well, look who I found” the other vampire said looking at (Y/N) so Jasper brought her closer.

(Y/N didn’t answer she just growled at the stranger and the anger that was coming out of her was hitting Jasper like crazy, he tried to ease her but it was useless.

“Oh, cat got your tongue, (Y/N)? Or he did?” he looked at Jasper and he smiled evilly at him. “You know, Grace wasn’t happy when she found out that you left us, she still unhappy, it would be good that you pay her a visit”

“I think it would be good that you go fuck yourself, I’m not coming back, Damian” her voice was deeper.

“Oh, such a shame that this has to be like this, (Y/N), I really thought that we could be something” he sighed and all of the sudden another vampire came from behind a tree and both of them charged at (Y/N) and something clicked inside of Jasper, he had to protect her.

He ran to ‘Damian’ and when he noticed him he ran towards Jasper but he was quicker and extended his arm, hitting Damian full on his chest making him fall and he rapidly moved over him grabbing his arms and ripping them off easily and grabbed his head and ripped it off in a second.

He looked around trying to find (Y/N) and when he found her she was lying on the floor with the other guy above her, he could see fire coming from his hand and he was trying to touch her to burn her, Jasper started running to help her but stopped when he saw that (Y/N) grabbed the other’s vampire wrist and the fire on his hand faded away and he had a pained expression on his face, Jasper moved faster and in a matter of seconds he was pulling off the other guy from her, and did the same that he had done to Damian moments ago.

When he turned around to see (Y/N) she was still on the floor breathing quickly, so he got on his knees next to her.

“Hey, it’s everything is ok, they are gone” he tried to calm her with his powers and that seemed to work.

“Sorry, it’s just I’m not used to my powers yet, surprisingly they tire me” he helped her to stand up and she hugged her, he placed his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him, and without hesitation kissed her deeply and when they broke the kiss he leaned to whisper into her ear.

“No one is taking you from me” his grip on her waist tightened and his voice got deeper “no one”

Glannithro/Sportarobbie playlists I made

Okay so apparently, 8tracks won’t let you listen to music anymore without PAYING for it, …so I’ve made some playlists on youtube that I’ve decided to share in case any of your wanted to listen to them or something. Each playlist is a little under 40 minutes long with both consisting of 11 songs,  and I tried to order the songs in both of them in a way that it seemed like they were telling a story (not sure how well I managed that tho) 

The Glannithro playlist: 


1. “Nothing to you” -Two Gallants

2. “Nemeses” -Jonathan Coulton 

3. “Misery” -Maroon 5

4. “Spring again” -River Jetty 

5. “Introduce facts for the sake of fiction” -PlayRadioPlay! 

6. “Romance is boring” -Los Campesinos! 

7. “All your reasons” -Matchbox Twenty 

8. “Whenever we finish” -Two Hours Traffic 

9. “Love you for a day (hate you for a week)” -the Pigeon Detectives 

10. “Broken cash machine” -Modern Baseball 

11. “Change your mind” -We are Telephone 

The Sportarobbie playlist:


1. “Haven’t had enough” -Marianas Trench 

2. “Snow White” -Jaymay 

3. “Sleepwalker” -the Wallflowers 

4. “Overjoyed” -Matchbox Twenty 

5. “Tightrope” -Peridot 

6. “Accidentally in love” -Counting Crows 

7. “Shot out of a canon” -Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness 

8. “Dissolve” -Jonathan Coulton 

9. “Where did the love go?” -the Seihos 

10. “Excuse me” -Salvador Sobral 

11. “Clarity” -Leftover Cuties 


I wanted to give @fangmich‘s character sheet thing a try and I actually finished it TvT, so here’s my watcher Glædwin

Eddsworld Week Day 4: Iconic Art Style or Extra Scene


Tag yourself, I’m the lazy coloring

Art styles in order are - @princeofmints (I know he’s not into EW anymore, but he seems to be one of the most well known artists and I honestly had a lot of fun drawing in his style!) | Bleach (Tord likes anime, so I decided to do one of my favorite anime’s, Bleach!!) | Paul-de-vorte (I’m not sure how to spell it oops. I was gonna do Edd’s style, but I went with Paul’s as it’s more well known for the new members. I honestly like Edd’s better uwu;;;) | @hoshmyposhes (Fun Fact: Hosh had kinda asked me to try their style and I’m only now remembering this lmao, whoops. I’M IN LOVE WITH HOW IT TURNED OUT THO SJKAFNLJDKSBNGJ)

A Different Breed - Preview II

Another short excerpt of my entry for @vldhorrorbang because it’s spooky preview day!

“I yield”, Lance grits out and taps his free hand against the floor, ready to take yet another blow to his ego and maybe make up an excuse to finish training early. He isn’t sure how much more of this he can take.
“No, you don’t”, Shiro refuses, calm and so very patient. Barely any sign of effort in his voice. Lance hates him a little for it. “You know how to get out of this, you did it earlier. You can do it again, come on.”
Lance grumbles, tries to wiggle in the firm hold but Shiro doesn’t budge. No matter how much he strains, he’s exhausted, his muscles are burning and he can’t for the life of him remember what the hell he did earlier to escape this grip.

“Think, Lance”, Shiro says and shifts his weight, though without giving Lance any more openings. “I’m holding your wrist. Where’s my other hand? How’s my stance? There’s always a weakness, you just have to find it.”
It’s clear how much Shiro believes in him and it stings, knowing he’ll disappoint his leader, but Lance tapped out, he can’t see a way out of this hold and he’s too tired to keep looking for one. Only that Shiro won’t let go, not even when Lance reluctantly drums his fingers against the floor a second time. Within moments of tense silence Lance’s vague annoyance warps into rising fear and he struggles, without any finesse, a sharp pain shooting through his shoulder as he tries to free himself by force.

A figure moves at the very edges of his vision, striding towards them with purposeful steps and Lance winces away from it, from whoever has come to see his embarrassing defeat.
“Hey, Shiro.” It’s Keith, obviously having paused his spar with Pidge to come and gloat. Boyfriend or not, he’s still an asshole like that.
Lance can already hear the snide remarks and tries to pull away again to no avail. The fear in his chest warps into a flighty panic that shortens his breath. Away, he needs to get away from here, from Shiro, from Keith…

“Just a minute, we’re…”
Before Shiro can finish his sentence a loud smack echoes through the air and he stumbles to the side, finally letting go of Lance who scrambles forward and to his feet. As soon as he brought enough distance between them Lance whips around and finds himself met with the strangest sight. Keith’s whole posture screams aggression, his stance wide, knees bent and ready to pounce, fists balled and raised, shoulders pulled up like he’ll throw a punch any second.
Shiro on the other hand just stares at him, human hand cradling the side of his jaw. That will probably bruise if what Lance thinks that happened actually did happen.

“He said he yields”, Keith spits, his voice laced with venom. “He tapped out twice. Stop. Touching. Him.”
The training deck falls eerily quiet after that, nobody daring to move or say anything as to not provoke Keith even further. His body is still vibrating with tension, like he’s daring Shiro to disagree and talk back to him. Like he wants Shiro to try and see who would win that fight.

But Shiro doesn’t disagree or talk back. Instead he slowly raises his hands after a long stretch of silence, showing that he has no intentions to attack or even defend himself should Keith decide to pounce after all.
“It was just training.” Shiro’s voice is low and calm, meant to soothe, but Keith still seems to bristle at the sound alone, teeth grinding. “I was trying to help him.”
“Training means he gets to tap out whenever he needs to! You weren’t helping, you were scaring him, he was scared of you!”

“What?”, Lance forces out, followed by a strained laugh. Keith can’t know that, he’s not that perceptive, never has been. “No, I wasn’t! Come on man, not cool. We were just…”
Shiro’s eyes flick over to him, bore deep into his for a second before landing back on Keith.
“No, Keith is right”, Shiro admits, slow and steady but raising his voice so everyone can hear him. It’s a piece offering. “I should have let go and he was right to stop me. I’m sorry, Lance. It won’t happen again.”

“He didn’t have to fucking punch you!”, Pidge shouts, and oh, she’s angry, hands stemmed into her sides and glaring daggers at Keith who doesn’t even seem to care about her protests. Only now does Lance really notice the reaction of his teammates, Hunk’s confusion, Allura’s shock.
Lance himself feels caught in a limbo between emotions, unable to even process any of this. That Keith had literally punched Shiro, Shiro, to get him off Lance.

“No”, Shiro repeats and he slowly lowers his hands, trying to motivate Keith to do the same. It works in a sense as Keith lowers his hands but keeps them fisted tightly, tension still singing in his muscles.
The side of Shiro’s jaw is already swelling, a shadow spreading across his skin, and he moves it from side to side before continuing to speak.
“It’s okay, we’re good. Great job everyone! Now finish up and go grab a shower, see you later for the formation exercises.”
There is some more hesitation, Pidge about ready to protest further when Shiro claps loudly and starts shooing them out of the room.

After Hunk pulled Pidge into the hallway Shiro’s gaze lands on Lance again and in the split second their eyes meet Lance understands. Shiro knows.

anonymous asked:

Well hello there!! May I request Tsukishima, Nishinoya, Iwaizumi and Akaashi see their female s/o after a month because they've been busy with school or volleyball? Please and thank you!

First ask! —Got my fingers crossed— I hope you like it, nonnie ❤

Btw, I found really difficult writing for Akaashi, so I’m not so sure how well his scene went *sweats 😥*

Tsukishima Kei

Before meeting you, Tsukishima wouldn’t have thought how painfully slow a month could go by. He was never the kind to obsess over time and get impatient. After all you both had agreed to keep contact to a minimum until exams season finished. That was easier said than done, tho.

So, here he was. Anxiously checking his watch while waiting for your arrival. An almost invisible smile crept its way to his face when he finally saw you. A wide smile painted your face and your eyes shined with longing.

You didn’t bother with formalities, as soon as you reached him, you threw your arms around him. Tsukishima stood awkwardly a couple of seconds, the tips of his ears turning red. He finally moved and a smirk appeared on his face when he spoke. “Someone missed me.” His arms were finally around you and you could feel him smelling your hair and resting his chin on top of your head. “Yeah, as if you hadn’t too.”

Nishinoya Yū

Damn, how he missed you. He had agreed to this, but his patience had a limit. He needed you. He wanted to kiss you, to hug you, anything. Just seeing your face would make he happy.

Everytime he felt like giving up and running off to your house, he had to remember himself that all of this was necessary if he wanted to make it to the finals. His determination was admirable, but things ended up going his way.

At first when he saw you on the other side of the mall he thought his mind was playing him tricks. He missed you so much that probably he was starting to see your face on random girls. But no. He knew it was you when you waved at him

Not even when catching a ball had he moved so fast. The people around you just saw a flash moving before you were almost tackled to the ground. Nishinoya’s laugh echoed trough the mall when he reached you. “Thank you, universe!”

Iwaizumi Hajime

He was tired. He was so fed up that all he wanted to do was to throw every single book and paper through the window. College exams had him on edge. When he tried to think positively, all that came to his mind was that once university started his life would be like this every day.

The perspective of spending another four years of his life like this was enough to give him a headache. And to make things worse he couldn’t even vent to you. You were busy yourself and it didn’t feel right to call you after almost a month of zero contact to rant.

A little break would make him good. He was stretching when he heard a knock on his door. Perfect timing, his mom snacks always managed to make him feel better. But when he opened the door it wasn’t his mom who was facing him. It was you.

You looked as tired as him, and still you were smiling. You opened your arms and said. “Wanna a hug?” You didn’t need to ask anything else, he looked even worse than what Oikawa had said. He didn’t even have the energy to be embarrassed, he complied to your offer effortlessly. As you rubbed circles on his back, you asked: “How are you feeling?”

His embrace grew tighter as he felt himself relaxing, his head searching shelter on the hollow of your neck. His voice came muffled when he answered:

“Much better.”

Akaashi Keiji

“Akaashi, you’re too gloomy. You should go and see (Y/N).”

“You know I can’t, Bokuto-san.”

Bokuto furrows his brows as he gets a sip from his bottle of water. The squeaky sound of shoes against floor echoes everywhere. “Didn’t you made that weird deal with her so you could focus on volleyball?”Akaashi swepts away the sweat on his brow, “That’s correct, Bokuto-san. Your point is?”

“Well it’s just that it’s plain obvious it isn’t working. You miss her so much that you’re starting to miss your tosses.”

“Really? Are you sure it’s not your fault, Bokuto-san?” Bokuto panics, but he doesn’t let the comment get him down, not this time. “Don’t try to blame it on me, Akaashi!”

• • •

It pains Akaashi that Bokuto had the reason before. Until this afternoon he hadn’t notice how much he missed you. He suddenly found himself thinking about you. From your warm smile to the little thing you do with your eyebrows when you read.

That’s how he ended up here, knocking your door after having texted you. You open the door and look at him worriedly. “Did something happen, Akashi-kun?” As straightforward as always, Akashi’s next words shouldn’t come as a surprise or let you a blushing mess, but they still do.

“I know we both are really busy. But I missed you too much, so I came to see you. I hope it doesn’t bother you.”