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Inside Choices | Endless Summer, Book 3

Even though it’s nearly wintertime for us here at Pixelberry, we’ve got summer on the mind! Endless Summer is on the horizon, with Book 3 slated to release in late December. The book is packed full with exciting adventures, and the team is hard at work on making it happen during the holidays! In anticipation, check out this interview with the Endless Summer: Book 3 writers (mild spoilers for previous books ahead)…

The plot twists were non-stop in Endless Summer: Book 2. Without getting into any major spoilers, can you tell us what Book 3 will be about?

Taage: Yeah, I think the cover is probably spoiler-y enough! Book 2 was quite a ride, providing many startling revelations about La Huerta and its inhabitants. In Book 3, players will be able to bring even more pieces of the puzzle together and ultimately make decisions that will impact the entire island. This is your home now, after all.

Are there any new game features, characters, or storylines that you’re particularly excited for in Book 3?

Taage: If you’ve been dating someone, you’ll have the opportunity to take the next step with them in Book 3. I can’t say too much, but when it comes to soulmates, “when you know, you know”, right?

Jen: There’s a couple new characters that show up this book that really balance out the group dynamic and have been a joy to write. I’m really excited to see how the fans react to them, and hope they love them as much as I do.

Things are looking pretty dire for the Endless Summer heroes. Will they be okay?

Taage: That’s really the main question of the series. I think at its heart, Endless Summer is a story about a group of people trying to navigate a difficult transition. Most of the characters are on the brink of finishing college and getting ready to officially start their lives. There’s no turning back from adulthood at that moment, yet it can be very hard to make the jump. So in a way, I think Sean, Diego, Quinn, and the rest needed this time of exploration, and the challenges they face in La Huerta are serving to help them figure out who they are. I have faith that there’s hope for the gang, but of course it’ll all come down to a matter of good decisions.

Imagine that you’re going on a summer road trip with the Endless Summer crew. Who do you pick to go in your car? I’d go with Estela, just ‘cause she’d have the best life stories to tell during the long drive. What about you?

Taage: I hate to pick favorites, but I think everyone knows I’m pretty partial to Diego and Varyyn. I also really enjoy Quinn’s philosophical perspective. She’d be a great person to have a long, mind-expanding conversation with while Variego entertain us with their quirky chemistry.

Jen: I would take Sean, because of his born leadership qualities, charming/easy going nature, and cause he’s G O R G E O U S. I imagine he’d have everything planned and mapped out, and probably want to do a fair share of the driving. I would take Grace, because I feel like she would love stopping spontaneously at roadside attractions like a giant crater or geological park or something rad like that. Diego to make sure we have enough puns, Varyyn because I’d love to see his reaction to a classic American road trip. I’d take Yvonne, to make sure someone gets us in trouble, so we can tell stories about how we got out of trouble. And I’d take one more character, who the fans haven’t met yet, but would totally be necessary for long days on the road.

Any final words of advice for players as they gear up for Book 3?

Taage: Prepare to be shook all over again!

So ready! To those reading along, check back in late December for the finale book of the Endless Summer trilogy. What are you looking forward to in Book 3? And what do you think will happen next (spoiler alert!)? Let us know!


I just read something from a Liam stan stating along the lines of “Drake going after his best friends girl when he knows how he feels about her.” 

Whoa whoa whoa. Back the fuck up. His best friends girl? Liam’s girl? I’m sorry but MC doesn’t belong to Liam. She isn’t even with him. She is literally nothing to him. He does not own her. 

Yes, MC went there to win his heart. I’m sure she didnt expect to fall in love with someone else along the way and that is NO ONE’S fault. 

I’m sorry fucking pixelberry doesn’t give your MC the option to tell him you don’t return his feelings. 

But don’t you fucking sit here and act like MC belongs to Liam. She is nothing to Liam. Not his girlfriend, or fiancee, or wife, or anything. She has zero ties to him other than a friend at this point. If she doesn’t love Liam, then she doesn’t love him. 

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EMMA! Hi there! I enjoy your livestreams so much and I just LOVE your accent! ❤️ I have a question about handwriting: I enjoy writing on blank computer paper but when I do, I write all crooked. How can I write in a straight line? Love you! ❤️

Hey! Thank you for watching it :’-) I always feel I ramble on and get lost in questions haha!! Happy to know it is interesting to watch though! I would recommend printing out a piece of ruled paper (or pulling one from a notebook) and placing it underneath. If you print, make sure the contrast is set so the black line is the darkest it can be. If you pull one from a notebook, perhaps use a ruler to write over the lines! I would usually secure the paper with a couple of paper clips. I hope this helps! xx

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I'm rewatching with a newcomer to the thrones family... And I stumbled upon something that I'm pretty sure we have all missed... There's a place called Winterfell. How much more obvious could George have been about the out come of the Series? There's still the fate of the main characters of course.. But I mean... Come on

Yeah George is super obvious with names, I love the play on the names of a lot of places in this world. I have a strong feeling that Winterfell will fall come winter when winter falls upon it 😂❄️ Especially if all of Jon’s dreams of zombies crawling from the crypts were one of those Targaryen foresight dreams. Btw what did your friend think of the name, Im curious now.


for @daddarioswife

“i’d like to be remembered as being good. and not harming people. at the same time i want to be remembered for doing something important that affected people for positive change”

Harry Potter Headcanon

Even after settling into an adult life in the Wizarding World, Harry checked in on what was happening in the muggle world. He would read the news about what was going on in the world and he even ended up getting a smart phone a while after they became popular.

As the years went on, Harry noticed more and more of the muggle born students at Hogwarts were looking for ways to get internet at Hogwarts. Now it was against the rules for Professor Potter to assist them in their schemes but, that didn’t stop him from dropping hints in class or leaving books open to the right spells.

Once some of the students begun to get wifi working, it spread quickly through the whole school. Beginning with the muggle born students and it didn’t take long for the rest to pick it up.

At first most professors were annoyed with students trying to sneak iPhones into class but, most came around to the muggle technology when Harry set them up with an emailing system making it easier to share lesson plans and cat videos.

havent really drawn anything with pastel colours in a while, i missed them

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how would asra feel about being called boy/man/husband etc.? i just wanna be sure 0:

Asra would identify more with gender neutral terms, but isn’t all that bothered by gendered ones (or gender in general).


NOTHING WITHOUT YOU 1-1=0 Tracklist 

1. Nothing Without You [Intro.]
2. Beautiful *title
3. 갖고싶어
4. Twilight