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The 28-hour Marvel Marathon nearly cost our writer his sanity

We sent one intrepid writer to the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 Theaters in New York City to take on “The Ultimate Marvel Marathon” and, well, things got weird. Here’s how he felt about watching Guardians Of The Galaxy, the final film screened before watching the new Avengers: Age Of Ultron…..

I feel great. It’s inexplicable. I mean, it makes no sense whatsoever. I have been sitting in this chair for almost 26 hours. Sure, I’ve stretched between films, tried to purchase the least objectionable food, and drank a metric ton of seltzer water, but there is no explaining this feeling. But it also seems like people in the theater are giving me weird looks, so I don’t want to go too far down this road of self-investigation. Some doors are best left closed.

The movie induces a sense of floating. All cares have subsided, all desires sated, all needs met. It’s like 1984: I’m at a Marvel movie marathon. I have always been at a Marvel movie marathon. I will always be at a Marvel movie marathon. This is life. Words are becoming other words. Up the down staircase. Here we go.

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things I love about the signs (from a cancer)

ARIES: you’re so funny and you really know how to light up a room by your humor. you’re a little sensitive and you don’t like to show it by acting tough but it’s really cute when you pretend to not have feelings aw

TAURUS: I don’t know many Tauruses (or whatever the plural of Taurus is) but the ones I know sure know how to be a bad ass and not care about the negativity. You’re all super strong badasses who all have and hopefully WILL reach self love and appreciation.

GEMINI: you guys are so so so funny and greatly under appreciated. I love all of the Gemini’s I meet, and definitely laugh my ass off whenever I’m with one. You really know how to make people feel special and loved even if you’re cold hearted at times.

CANCER: you guys always know what to say even if all I tell you is that I’m sad. I’m glad you guys aren’t afraid of being labeled “weak” or “soft” or etc. when you’re giving someone advice because you all truly care more about the person than what you’re known as. You guys are seriously so sweet and kind hearted once you open up your protective shell.

LEO: You guys aren’t all conceited or self-absorbed assholes, but you all have a reason to love yourself. You Leo’s are seriously the most loyal people I have ever met. You will never back down if someone is being rude to a friend, and you always know how to help even if it’s not with words.

VIRGO: you really know how to make people feel super special and like the only person in the world when talking to you. You guys have the best advice, and I feel like it’s because you guys have been through so much. You really know what to say and how people feel.

LIBRA: you guys are definitely hands down the person I’d run to if I wanted to do something different. I’d run to you if I wanted to smoke, or even if I wanted some advice because you Libra’s always love giving advice. You guys know how to make someone happy and make someone feel warm inside. Also, Libra’s have the best taste in fashion and it’s always so effortless and you still look so cute???

SCORPIO: you guys are so cute and amazing I love all the scorpios I’ve ever met, and probably will love all of them forever. You guys have the best humor, and have THE BEST DARK HUMOR. I can always count on scorpios to back me up and give me some sassy remarks on the way. You’re all so mysterious yet emotional and it just always works so seamlessly.

SAGITTARIUS: I love how open minded and open you are with your feelings. Sagittarius always end up being the class clown, and you never fail to make me laugh. Even when you don’t try, you guys make me laugh. Your bluntness even makes me laugh, even when it’s towards me. I’m personally not close to any Sagittariuses, but I know I could count on you guys to tell me the honest truth when I need it.

CAPRICORN: you guys are so sarcastic with your humor it never fails to make me laugh. You guys are little sensitive creatures and I like that about you guys. I know this is a stereotype, but honestly all the caps I know are super determined in one way or another. Whether it’s school wise or anything really, you all have a goal and I love how independent you guys are when it comes to reaching that. You guys are dorks and I love it

AQUARIUS: whenever I imagine an Aquarius, I imagine a drive on a dark road with good music. You guys are the epitome of freedom, adventure and a deep talk. You guys always know how to make someone laugh and feel special, and you guys truly are unique. I have a close Aquarius in my life, and they really changed my life and I’m sure all Aquarius have that effect on someone.

PISCES: you guys are the nicest people I know. Pisces never fail to keep up a good conversation, and they’re so easy to talk to cause you know they’re not judging you. They have the best laugh, and the best times. You guys are so open with your feelings, and it makes me feel so trusted and special.


Nu'est at Dallas! The concert was really good. I was in the back and my 5"4 self had a bit trouble seeing, which my photos reflect, but I had fun. The boys were very handsome in person~ Ren would smile at the cheering- he did this cute little cheek lift thing. At one point he closed his eyes and put his hands on his chest. He seemed floored and grateful at the crowd that showed up and all the support they got. If Nu'est drops by your city, be sure to cheer loudly so the boys can feel your love! At one point in the show the band (mainly Aron) talked to someone in the front right corner of the crowd near the stage. I couldn’t see the guy, but the conversation was about the guy they were talking to (I’m assuming he was disabled or terminally ill) and how Nu'est gave him strength. Aron repeatedly said “Oh my god, don’t cry, don’t cry or I’ll start crying.” He seemed really touched and would wipe at his eyes, though I couldn’t tell if he cried. The singing was great and their dances were very synchronized. They’re a very humble group and are honest with their feelings. MyMusicTaste should be hosting concerts to make general admission free, so if Nu'est is going to your city, you should see these cuties. c8 (Also haha, 700 Texans were louder than 1000 Canadians. Hell yeah!)

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Have you watched A Choice With No Regret already? What do you think of it and the featuring song (So Ist Es Immer)? Why I only feel regret on this whole series? Sorry for the tons of question 😅 but this is the last one. How about a drawing about the Levi trio? It surely will be epic since it is draw by the epic drawing hands of yours 😀

Yes I have, somehow the song makes me sad everytime I listen to it ; w ; I’ll try drawing them if I have much time :^)



[SMS] Don’t you act like I haven’t offered.
[SMS] I have offered at least once
[SMS] Assuming I haven’t, would you like me to make you some too?
[SMS] They might not come in as fast as the ones you order online, but they will be comfier
[SMS] And hand made ;P

[SMS] Only if you want to.
[SMS] I don’t want to give you even more work and prevent you from doing other stuff.
[SMS] But if you have time, sure.
[SMS] Although I’ll have to think about how to pay you.
[SMS] Because i have the feeling that you don’t want money.


Yesterday was my birthday (I actually made it to another one, yay!), so I didn’t really have time to do anything, but now it’s selfie time. 

May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month and #borderlinebrilliance is a project by shitborderlinesdo (more information here). I’m not sure how I feel about the “celebrating bpd”-part, but decided to join anyway.

So look at me looking all cute and emotionally stable and shit. Amazing. 

No but seriously. It’s been a few years since I’ve been diagnosed with BPD. I used to keep this to myself because there’s a lot of stigma attached to it, but I’ve become more open about it. Yes, I do have borderline personality disorder and yes, sometimes life is very difficult for me and yes, relationships of any kind are very hard and yes, I used to self-harm, but I’ve also made it to my 24th birthday, I’ve studied political science and history, now I’m getting a master’s degree in criminology and violence research and I’m dealing with my intimacy issues. I am more than my diagnosis.

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i just bought a pdf of mother and its really great

Thank u!! 

Might as well come out and say it—I’m working all by myself, and I’m learning how to make comics without a whole lot of training (my college classes were mostly about non-sequential illustration). 

I made HONEY thinking no one but a few friends would ever actually read it, so I had to quickly adjust to the fact that people in the industry were taking it seriously and critiquing it. I’m really glad that was the case, but I’m so new to comics that it feels like learning to ride a bike for the first time in front of a huge audience. I’m not sure what people expect and I don’t want to ever give the impression that I’m phoning it in on anything. But I pushed this baby out into the world and now it gets to have a life of its own! 

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Michiru, I'll have to ask you about this. We are similar, in ways. We are both violinists, and we both have blonde, handsome girlfriends; and, we both out on a perfect, graceful princess facade (perhaps this is how you act naturally, but I know I try very hard). I think it's exhausting, and I wish I didn't have to feel like I need to be perfect! I'm not even sure why I feel this way. No one else is perfect! How do you deal with the pressure of always having to be elegant, eloquent and graceful?

The truth is, when you’re surrounded by people who love you no matter what, there is no need to be perfect. They ought to love you even with all your flaws. I know it’s still a difficult thing not to try your best to maintain your image anyway, but if it makes you feel exhausted, you should try letting it go, little by little. I promise you everything will be fine.

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I've been with my gf for almost six months and its really great except for one thing...i like to go to parties and stuff, and like drinking and smoking..i also smoke pot on my own sometimes and she hates it and we always get into huge arguments about it and i was just wondering if you could give me advice? i'm really not pressuring her to do it or anything and she realizes she can be judgemental but she can't stop

She can’t stop because she cares about you and I’m sure she is afraid how it can change you and makes her feel insecure. I suggest you to tell her how you feel about her, about this situation. Explain her you like this kinda of life but you can keep it without losing it.But you two are in a relationship so maybe you will need to give up sometimes in some things you like to do.

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(1/2)I've been raped five times in my life, the most recent being four years ago. My fiance was just raped almost a year ago, and has a tremendous amount of trauma, which I still suffer from as well.

(2/2)I feel like since his assault is fresher, I have to be the rock for him. Any advice on how to be your own support system when other people are depending on you?

rape tw

More than I think anything else, it’s important to enforce your boundaries. Giving someone you care about your spare energy to support them is a wonderful and kind thing to do for them, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t drain you to the point where you can’t take care of yourself anymore. That doesn’t help anyone.

From one way of looking at it, if you stop taking good enough care of yourself, then you aren’t going to have the energy to help him.

From another way of looking at it, we all need to help ourselves first because we are our own responsibilities and taking charge of our own self-care is a way to empower ourselves. Support yourself the same way that it it’s important for him to learn how to support himself.

Also, please keep in mind that you don’t have to be his rock. You can support him without being okay with him being dependent on you, and without being okay with being his everything. You also can be his rock, if that’s what you both want and are okay with. But it’s okay if your boundaries include sometimes…not being in a headspace where you’re able to be there for him. It’s okay to say “no, I can’t support you right now, I need to go take care of myself.” It’s okay to be weak. You don’t have to be strong all the time just because he needs to lean on you. You’re a person too, and you don’t have to ever let an interaction with him be toxic to you because you love him and want to be there for him. 

So being your own support system, first and foremost, means being and advocate for your own boundaries. Enforce them and stick with them and value yourself and your own care. If you ever feel like you’re getting taken advantage of or like the care is unequal in a way that upsets you, then speak up– you’re under no obligation to carry more weight than he carries unless it’s something that you want to do for him. Not doing it doesn’t mean you don’t love him or that you don’t want to support him. 

It also means letting yourself turn to outside support systems. If he’s okay with you talking to some of your close friends about what’s going on with him, then that might be a valuable resource for you so you don’t have to feel alone. (Just make sure to check with him first.) 

If he doesn’t feel comfortable with you sharing anything, then maybe go to one of your friends and say that “I’m supporting my fiancé right now and I can’t talk about the details, but I need some extra support from you right now. Are you free to have a night in and watch a movie with me?” or whatever it is you need and however it is you want to phrase it. Just make sure you reach out for your own support when you need it, and when your self-care isn’t enough. 

Take care of you.


*Jedediah slowly reads the question aloud to Octavius, who nods his head as he listens*

Octavius: Yes, I believe we shall be able to help you.

Jedediah: Least as best we can!

Octavius: Because of the current “drama” and how you are not sure how he feels, I would take the time as your group of friends calm down to get to know him even more and perhaps ask him questions about himself.

Jedediah: Course, since you’ve known ‘em so long, you may already know a lot about 'em, but you could always casually ask how he feels 'bout other people for a start.

Octavius: Perhaps then you will have a better idea of how he feels.

Jedediah: And I wouldn’t worry one bit 'bout you not being “normal,” cuz if he likes you, then he’s gonna like you for who you are!

Octavius: Just do not let other’s problems get in the way of your own happiness.

Jedediah: Right, yeah!

Octavius: I should like to know what happens with your situation, if you would be okay with coming back and telling us how it turned out.

Jedediah: That’d be real nice. I reckon I’d like to know if we were able to help or not!

So I never go to any of the big sites...

…to read reviews. Right now, while having a short breather at work, I did and I don’t regret for a minute that I never read any reviews, because this one sure in my opinion got about 98% of the episode wrong and I am just sitting here shaking my head at what is said there wondering if maybe we watched different episodes. But hey, anyone’s free to see and feel about an episode, but I honestly never came about something that was SO drastically different to how I perceived something. Guess there’s a first for everything. :)

Laters lovelies!

one of my very favorite things about Agents of Shield is how Coulson and Skye have adopted each other. Like the whole team is family, but they’re special to each other. And even now when she’s found her real parents, nothing’s really changed, she calls out to him, wants to make sure he knows she’s ok, and wants to be with him. And Coulson will move heaven and earth to get her back.

My heart is not flawed. I'm just Aromantic.*

*Consider this my ‘coming out’.

I’ve known for many years that I don’t feel romantic love. I have good friends, but I’m not sure I’ve ever loved anybody except maybe my sister. I’m an extremely sexual person, though, so I always thought something was terribly wrong with me. How could I be having these experiences with women and not developing feelings for any of them? What kind of bastard did that make me? I cared about them, I wanted them to be happy, I respected their bodies and their feelings, but when the time came to walk away, it was only the sadness of leaving behind a friend. Nothing was tugging at my heart.

No one could understand why I wouldn’t get into relationships with them and it was so hard to tell them, “Because I will never love you. We can have sex, it will be wonderful sex, and we can have fun and go to movies, but I am incapable of loving.” No one believes you, especially because the rural area I come from hardly even understands gays and lesbians, let alone anything else on the spectrum. I had never heard of being aromantic. When I was learning English, I learned to say, “My heart is flawed,” and for many years I used that. It’s even one of my tumblr tags. But girls get insulted, they think that it’s them, or guys tell you that you just need to find ‘the right one’ and I just feel broken all the time.

But then I joined Tumblr and for the first time, heard words like 'cis’ and 'gender fluid’ and, finally, 'aromantic’. And so I googled it and I swear, I laughed so hard I almost cried. It was the first time hearing that I wasn’t broken, that this happens to other people. And that night, I told my best friend, we had a serious conversation and I showed her the Tumblr posts and I said to her, “Look, there’s a word for me, I’m not broken.” And she hugged me and said, “No, Erich, you’re not broken.”

And this is very important to me, because I’m a feminist and a big supporter of body-positivity and I felt like huge hypotcrit every time I am posting something that says, “Love yourself” or “Just be you” because how could I be encouraging other people to accept who they were and feel right in their own skin if I was repeatedly describing my own heart as 'flawed’?

But for a long time, I still didn’t do anything. I finally put a tiny 'aromantic pride’ button on my tumblr, like I hoped no one would notice, but how could I say I had pride when my Tumblr description still said 'my heart is flawed’?

So I finally changed it. Today. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a big deal to me.

I’ve told several friends and they’re very supportive, even if some of them don’t understand. But this is okay, because I have enough things stacked against me without me calling a part of me 'flawed’.

I will never 'love’ myself. But that’s the point. I don’t have to because I don’t feel love and that’s okay. I can like myself and I can be content that just because I’m not like other people doesn’t mean that I’m not a complete, healthy, happy man.

I am not broken. My heart is not flawed. I’m just aromantic.

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Totally. I get some of the points people are making, but honestly it feels like a lot of them are just looking for things to bash about the guy. Apparently it’s cool to hate Joss Whedon these days – it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

I feel the same way. Can some of his writing of female characters come off wrong yeah sure but we could find things wrong with a lot of other directors and how they write their female characters.


Thanks dreameater1988 and doctordeadwizard for tagging me, sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to doing it!

1. In the Hospital - Friendly Fires

2. Ignition - R Kelly

3. Acceptable in the 80′s - Calvin Harris

4. She’s a Star - James

5. I Love You Always FOrever - Donna Lewis

6. Feels Like I’m In Love - Kelly Marie

7. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon - Neil Diamond

8. Take Me To Church - Hozier

9. I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues - Elton John

10. One and One - Maria Nayler

Not sure how I feel about that little snap shot! 

It looks like most people on my dash have done this already. If you haven’t, and you would like to, then please consider yourself tagged! :)