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How about some jealous Neil? I feel like it's barely talked about and that's a shame because I'm pretty sure Andrew is hot af too.

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luna, we’ve seen jealous andrew before, so, for a change of pace: jealous neil?

listen tho. people don’t flirt with andrew that’s so ill advised

lmao no i would but anyway (also i have to point out i’ve never been jealous so i don’t entirely know what it’s like)


  • we know andrew gives neil clothes for eden’s twilight
  • well I’m about to blow your mind
  • neil dresses andrew sometimes
  • and it’s nothing crazy, honestly, it’s stuff andrew already has but it’s
  • listen he looks good
  • (im leaving it up to the reader bc that’s personal preference but picture: all black everything, ripped to shit skinny jeans, a mesh long sleeve shirt and a ripped muscle tee on top (like the kind with the arm holes down to the waist), and when andrew raises his hands u can see a bit of his boxers above his pants. most importantly though, his…,. arms..,.,.. through that meSH fuck me up jesus christ)
  • usually everyone’s like
  • “neil!!! fuck what the hell!!!! get outta my fuckin face w all this beautiful human bullshit!!!!”
  • so thats what they’re expecting
  • they’re not expecting to have to chill out around andrew too
  • this is the most attractive couple
  • christ they’re so hot u guys
  • so hot and so little its unreal
  • andrew literally gets hit on two seconds after walking into the club
  • and neil’s like ‘lmao kay’ and they move on
  • they find a table first and then andrew drags neil to get drinks
  • he gets propositioned three more times
  • neil’s a little like
  • okay what is happening
  • at the bar roland looks at andrew once and goes ‘good look andrew. if only you weren’t in a relationship eh?’
  • and andrew says ‘im not’
  • roland just laughs and goes to make their drinks

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NurseyDex for 11 or 21 maybe?

One sentence prompt #11 “I—I wasn’t laughing at you; but I mean, it is pretty hilarious that you think my laugh is cute.

I don’t know how I feel about how this turned out.  I’m not sure that it’s great, but *shrugs* it’s decent.  I hope you like it :)

Read it on AO3!

There are some things Dex wishes he could forget he ever saw.  Like the entire Star Wars prequel trilogy.  Or the time he walked in on his parents.  Or the sight of Derek Nurse kissing another guy.

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I wanted to do something for Minghao


I wanted to get all carats and
ESPECIALLY Minghao stans to all take selcas with a heart sign somewhere in the selca it would be cool if everyone could do the same sign but if not that’s fine and then we could put it all into a big book and write messages underneath from each person under their selca and somehow get someone to give it to Minghao

This sounds so stupid and impossible but it’s just a thought I know it probably won’t happen but if I had the power to do one thing just once it would be this as we seriously need to let him know how much we love him as I feel he doesn’t know and that we need to show him as much love as we can because seeing him sad makes me cry I’m sure no one will do this or even think about this but as I’ve already said its just a thought

#weloveyouthe8 #stayhealthythe8

160724 DAY6 SSMF “You” Compilation

I’m not sure about editing so you know the drill.
Please do not re-up, do not crop logo, and do not edit in any way.

My feelings are below for those that want to hear me crie

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May i get some hc about the paladins with their s/o playing video games. Except their s/o is horrible at video games but REFUSES to end it right there and then so they constantly asks for another round (even tho they still keep on losing LOL..)

- he almost feels bad for beating you over and over
- willing to let you win one round (just for you)

- he's pretty bad at video games himself so he’s not sure how he’s winning
- denies you another round, but begging him might make him give in to another

- at first he thinks its just bc he’s really good at videogames, but then he realizes u have no idea what ur doing
- teaches u tips and tricks to help you

- will always accepts more challenges from you but never lets you win (that little shit)

- once he sees you’re losing horribly, he doesn’t want to play 
- suggests something less competitive that you can play together, like animal crossing

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I really want to see you guys for a 4th time when ya come down to LA (and maybe 5th in Santa Ana) in September, but have no one to go with and just thinking about going alone gives me anxiety. Any advice on how to convince myself to go alone (and enjoy myself)?

going to shows with people is hard, let alone going alone! make sure that you’re in the right headspace to do it, last thing you want is to work up the energy to get to a gig and have to head home cause you’re anxious because it only makes you feel worse. i hope people at our shows are warm and welcoming but i started going to shows alot alone recently and it rules because you don’t feel responsible for anyone else’s enjoyment, you just do it at your own pace

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So I just got my leggings about an hour ago and am wearing them around and I'm not sure how to feel about them, because I very quickly found the printer she uses (the printful c m) and it's the same one a lot of etsy sellers use, which honestly is very high quality. Most people who use this printer and similar ones, sell for about $55 which is the price the printer suggests selling them at. They’re pretty thick, very good for autumn, quite cozy. [1 of ?]

[2 of ?] They’re far better than the $10 ones you find on ebay and amazon that use old Blackmilk designs mostly. Don’t waste your money on those and remember that you get what you pay for. Don’t say you weren’t warned when you stick your thumb through them putting them on too fast. My biggest problem is the design of them, which was my biggest worry when I saw them…

[3 of ?] unfortunately even if someone was familiar with EA and The Asylum Stripe design, while wearing them, they basically come off as absolutely filthy black and white stripes which is what they are, but in practice it just looks like you’ve had them for years and never washed them once even after working out in them every day. I’m probably only ever going to wear these around the house, and maybe if EA has an event in my area and I’m having a lazy day.

part 4- Though I’m also someone who uses EA as a bit of a silly little crutch when I’m feeling at my lowest so I could absolutely see me throwing these on when I want a little emotional comfort in my clothing So overall I wouldn’t suggest buying these unless you’re a die-hard EA fan who has to buy everything she puts out… (end)

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i'm really sorry but i really need help rn everything is a mess and i dont fit in anywhere. i dont belong with anything or anyone and i ruin everything i don't deserve to be around anymore i just cause people pain. i can't talk to anyone i know about it it will just waste their time. i don't know how long i can carry on for please help me

Don’t be sorry for wanting help, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. You do belong here everyone does. You and everyone else has a right to find happiness and live their lives to the fullest. You’re just different from other people (there’s nothing wrong with being different//being different is okay. It’s good) and they don’t understand and you can’t force anyone too. You’re not wasting anyone’s time I’m pretty sure your friends and family care about you, it’s hard but you have to try and talk to them because you’re the only one who truly knows how YOU feel. Please don’t give up. I’m here for you. Keep fighting💓

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I know someone who saw the movie Joker does not cheat. Do not know who thinks or started that one. Was told joker pushes her out of the Heli and not for a good reason. Do not how I feel about that .

This is a stupid one, really XD Hm … that’s new to me. I was told by a few persons now that he don’t push her. I also have read some spoilers that say the same. But we won’t know it for sure until the movie is out. Let’s hope the best ♥

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I'm curious, about how many asks do you get in a day? I feel like you get a lot and only get to answer so little of them haha. It seems like you get a lot anyways. (Which is fitting, considering your art is so gorgeous!! Like, it's honestly got me inspired to get back into drawing and attempt drawing digitally, because everything looks so amazing)

Umm I’m not sure. It depends of course :) It could vary from 3 to 30, maybe more, but rarely. So I don’t respond to every single one because I don’t want my blog to be 95% ask posts :D But I do respond to every private message/chat message because I don’t have to make them public (so if you really need me to give you an answer, turn off anon) :) I often don’t respond to anon requests, compliments, and repeating messages, and mostly just answer questions, like I’m doing right now! :D But of course, I read and consider everything :)

Mkay @bext-k , So. @asexualbuckybarnes and I got Tumblr married about 2 weeks ago now and you haven’t acknowledged the love that we share, even though it was brought around by a deep mutual adoration of you and I’m even like the step mum to her Tumblr children (or one of them at least) and we… well read the screenshots, I’m not sure how I feel about it. Now I know you’re a very busy lady but I’m just saying, this needs to be addressed at some point, my friend. 

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Nicole Haught sure spends a lot of time looking at, thinking about, texting, and making out with Waverly Earp. I was half expecting to read a long and detailed love password protected love confession. Wonder what Nicole means by "maybe have a future" with Waverly?

I think it’s because she was left in the dark for a long time, Nicole didn’t know what to believe or not to believe. Knowing that Waverly doesn’t have to keep anymore secrets from her, they can truly communicate with one another. I feel like Nicole knows that her and Waverly aren’t always on the same page, and at least knowing more about what’s happening is going to help their relationship a bit. Basically what I’m trying to say is that Nicole wants their relationship to be built on trust and honest and Waverly not keeping anymore secrets from her gives them more of a chance on building a future. Well thats just my opinion i guess

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I thought of another way to make Papyrus hating Sans' puns sad. Sans makes really shitty, lazy puns that take no effort, and everyone loves it. People are laughing, talking to him and enjoying his company and talking about how funny he is. Papyrus makes genuinely creative and great puns and no one notices. Someone turns to him, asks him if he spoke and then turns back to Sans. Papyrus can never compete with Sans. It's easier to fake anger than show how he really feels.

@lefthanded-sans (Hope you don’t mind me tagging, but since you made the original post)

This is pretty depressing though. I’m not sure if I could see Papyrus as the ‘jealous’ type perse, but I could see him getting peeved at these people enabling Sans’ laziness and basically rewarding his… troubled coping mechanisms. While at the same time, completely ignoring his own attempt at making friends, something we canonically know has been difficult for him.

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa, no one cares about the music factor in this case, liking an artist SOLEY for music is WAY different then liking there personality, kinda how like Calum like Chris Brown only for MUSIC and not for personality wise but no y'all still sent Calum hate for that so why should we feel sympathy for your "pretty white boy"??? Sure that's cool if his music helped you, many people do that. But if you can't admit your fav has a shitty personality and needs to be called out then Bye™

In my honest opinion, I don’t believe the pack knows Stiles is still in love with Lydia. I don’t believe they know because in one of the episodes I believe it was that Stiles has learned how to control his heartbeat when lying so what’s stopping him from controlling his heartbeat around Lydia so the pack doesn’t realize what Stiles is feeling for her? Also, if the pack knew about his feelings towards her, wouldn’t Malia notice it first and say something to either Stiles or Lydia? Or maybe she would say something to the both of them? My point is, I don’t think they know since Stiles has perfected lying and I’m sure Lydia had perfected her heartbeat purely so no one says anything to him before she does. I’m probably the only one that thinks this lol. I’m just rambling now and started to repeat everything so I’m just gonna stop lol.

Thinking of Making a Personal Blog

I’ve had this blog for a while now and I’ve turned it from a sort of personal blog to a professional Tmnt 2012 blog where I post info and stuff only about Tmnt 2012 (Idek how). This is fine with me because Tmnt is 9/10 of my life anyway but I haven’t got to interact with my followers much or reblog things that interest me because of what I’ve turned my blog into, so I’m thinking about making a personal blog. This blog will still be my main and will still be as active but I feel I need a place to reblog and post things that I can’t on an only Tmnt blog. I’m not for sure if I’m gonna make one considering all of my followers are on here so I would like some of your opinions on wether I should or not. More than likely I’ll only post things like Tmnt, Daredevil, trash internet memes, and pretty things if I do decide to create one… That’s it for now, Thank you!

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Taehyung break up cont// the thing is... youre so busy and fans are always bashing me. I never get time to talk to you or see you...

His expression changes immediately, he was sad and angry at the same time, he was disappointed and feeling guilty as well, he wasn’t sure how hurt he was because other feelings were getting in the way.

V: i know I’ve been really busy these days, but I’ll be having a break soon. If you wait for just a little while. - He pleads. - I don’t want to lose you because of this, you and my job are two things I love to do, I don’t wanna have to pick one of those and… About the fans… - He takes in a deep breath. - I’ll really, really try to stop that. - He makes a small pause. - Unless your reason is that you don’t love me anymore, I’m sure we can fix things.

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- Seung