not sure how the colors are on this

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YO YOUR MIKU COSPLAY IS REALLY NICE? Does it actually glow or was that a photoshop technique? If it DOES do you have a tutorial on how you did the hairbands specifically? I wanna do a Yukari cosplay with the glowing mechanic but I'm not sure how to do the hair clasps

(answering publicly because i think this is potentially useful information!)

Yes, it does glow! As you can see, the hairbands, headphones, sleeves, skirt, and stockings all light up:

The part that lights up is called “EL tape” and it looks like this:

….and it’s powered by a battery supply that holds 2 AA battteries:

I got mine from Amazon, but I’m sure sites that sell electronics/lights/LEDs (like SparkFun or SuperBrightLEDs, perhaps?) might have them too.

The square-shaped hairband is made of craft foam (EVA foam– like, the sheets of colored foam that kids use for arts-and-crafts) with a groove in the middle for the EL tape. I put glue in the groove and pressed the EL tape into it so it stays there. I had to hide the battery pack inside the hairband though, so unfortunately they are kinda heavy (on top of my already-really-heavy wig…), but it also means their grip around my wig twintails is tight.

Yukari’s hairbands might be difficult to do with this method though, because of where they are attached doesn’t really leave room for a large battery supply. You might just have to use like pink reflective/neon tape or something.

Light Magic

So I’ve been thinking about light magic, or what kinds of magic light dragons would use. Like, what can they do? Shine a flashlight in your face and then punch you in the throat while you’re dazed? (I mean some would probably BUT ANYWAY)

Light is the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s basically energy that bounces off of stuff and enters our eyes, where it is then transferred into chemicals which are relayed to the brain which interprets them as colors. Fun!

I’m not sure how it’d work, but I think the idea is that light mages can control this energy, changing the speed at which it travels, moving it around, and

So, yes, they could use light to disorient their enemies. But they could also:

- Cause temporary (prevent light from reaching the eyes) or permanent (flood the eyes with more light than they can physically handle) blindness
- Manipulate the colors that something else sees (like a chameleon), to the point where they can make themselves invisible
- “Create” light sources (perhaps bring along some bottled light? or convert a different type of energy into light energy)
- Idk they’d probably make decent gardeners, if all else fails

But what if the energy they can manipulate isn’t just limited to the visible spectrum?

That’d have some large-scale practical uses, like using low frequency waves to send messages back and forth between light dragons, but also…

Imagine a dragon who could imbue a material with enough energy to make it radioactive.

Imagine a sadistic dragon who could literally cook their prey alive with microwaves.

Imagine a spiteful dragon who could use high-frequency rays to cause radiation sickness or terminal cancers.

Imagine a patient dragon who could radiate his foe’s eggs and cause deadly gene mutations in their offspring.

Imagine a really goddamn powerful dragon who could literally vaporize someone through nuclear transmutation.


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How can I make my nails stronger? I love long nails but as soon as theyre at a length where theyre cute they break.

Take one biotin pill daily(found in any pharmacy/drug store)

Drink lots of water.

Trim them regularly to make sure they grow evenly and strongly.

File them regularly to avoid hangnails.

Take vitamin K supplements to make them stronger.

Paint a colored or clear coat onto your nails regularly to add an extra protective surface layer onto your nails.



This is Gemini a rose changeling oc of mine ,I was wondering if you could do a sketch request of him for me please, I’m not entirely sure how sketch request work exactly so I thought to try figuring it out as I go along 😅.Gemini’s eyes change colors depending on his emotions with different situations or how he’s feeling towards another creature/pony/etc.


here ya go! its an amazing OC you have and it was fun to play with when sketching and i hope you like it too ^^

sorry i couldn’t express the color idea you mentioned but i hope perhaps you can get to finish it if your wanting too ^^ 

it’s exactly one week until my birthday!! we placed an order for my cake today and since we’re having a lot of people at the party I got a two-tiered one, which I’ve never had before. it’s gonna be red velvet with cream cheese frosting on bottom and vanilla with buttercream frosting on top, but the best part is? they’re gonna airbrush a huge swirl all over it in black, white, and purple: the ace pride flag colors. how awesome is that?!

Two sweaty men, two cheap suits, and one murder.

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How do I make my red hair pop? Like it's my best feature and I want to make sure people realize my hair is my best asset

Wear colors that contrast red, like green, blue, black, etc.

Red lips bitch👅👅

Burgundy shades on the lips, eyes, and cheeks.

Wear your hair in different styles that draw attention to it. Braids, buns, curls, space buns, straightened, etc.

Slay that red hair bitch❤


So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…


“Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen of Narnia. May your wisdom grace us until the stars rain down from the heavens.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe