not sure how many characters i i will make sets for so

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if you dont mine me asking, how do you make your yoi gifs where it has a completely different background ( like a colored bg ) ??? i wanna make some gifs sort of like that but i cant get the characters cut out correctly

with patience and many many many tears anon~

ahaa sorry; i will actually try to explain :)

  • basic gif knowledge needed. 
  • frame animation + video timeline used.
  • if this did actually help anyone, like/reblog! :)

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Who the fuck is Oscar

I’m not sure how many of my followers are RWBY fans but the latest episode got my theory sense tingling so I thought it’s high time I made a RWBY theory.

The subject of today’s theory is Oscar, a farm boy who begins hearing the voice of professor Ozpin. He is otherwise unknown, unmentioned and has never encountered or interacted with any other member of the RWBY cast, leading some to wonder “Who the fuck is this”

Who is Oscar? How is he related to the story? Why is he hearing Ozpin’s voice? Well as it turns out, all those questions have the same fucking answer

Oscar is Ozpin!

Let’s dive right in with a few minor hints. For starters, let’s look at the world Oscar inhabits, the setting he lives in back home on the range. For starters, none of the main characters are present in it, raising the question of what makes him so special, but what stands out about the world isn’t the people, but the technology. It looks like a boring, early 20th century farm house, a far fucking cry from Remnant’s world of airships, robots and transparent cellphones. This hints tell us that what we are looking at could easily be the past, and as a result we should be looking at adult characters.

Ozpin the the most likely, being one of the most important and oldest figures in the series. He’s this Remnant’s Dumbledore, so naturally he’d be the one in focus. What makes me think Oscar is Ozpin isn’t his significance though, and it’s not his dashing emerald eyes either

No, what stands out to me about Oscar is his name:

Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs. The full name of the Wizard of Oz

Oh, is that not enough? Let’s also deal with the facts that we only know Oscar’s first name, and Ozpin’s last name. there is no overlap here. And when did Oscar start hearing Ozpin’s voice? When he was looking in the mirror!

We never did get confirmation of Ozpin’s semblance. We never knew what made him the chessmaster he was, the headmaster of Beacon and the confidante of General Ironwood himself

Ozpin is strong, we know that, but strong doesn’t make you a leader and strategist. That power goes to those with information: the greatest weapon any leader could hold. Trust me, it’s no coincidence that the first thing Oscar heard from Ozpin was his introduction from episode 1. Ozpin became the man he is today, because his semblance allows him to send messages to himself back through time.

and THAT is where Ozpin gets his clockwork symbolism from. Clock work, listening through time. In the end, he knows what he’s doing, because he’s already heard everything play out

I miss my Bard, and writing the other Tolkien characters!!

I have been so busy with Supernatural writing challenges, that I have neglected the Tolkien fandom…. 

Well no more I say!!! I will try to set up a writing schedule of some sort, so I can juggle all my fandoms a bit more. 

Along with everything else in my life lol and honestly, I think that’s how that girl was able to plagiarize from me, she thought that my Owen Shaw fic was abandoned and up for the taking? I dunno but I am going to do whatever I can to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. 

And I have to be able to juggle my fandoms a bit more, I am a multi fandom blog, not a supernatural only blog, not that there is anything wrong with that, I just don’t want any of my fellow Tolkien fans to think that I am only a spn blog. So I will be making some changes soon!!!! 

*scampers off to work on fics* 

Background Characters yo

Okay so since I’m trash™ and care way too much about background characters I figured I would make a post about them so everyone is about as knowledgeable as me

this might get pretty long so lets get right into this shall we

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Well, that’s Chapter 1 done! Thank you for reading, everyone. I hope you have enjoyed it; it’s been a journey. So many things have changed - like character designs (Seriously, it’s hard to settle. I think that very last panel is my favorite drawing of him. It has an Aubrey Beardsley sort of thing going on.) This is the longest running art project that I’ve actually managed to finish. I’m not exactly sure what to do now. Should I keep going with it? I’d love to have a comic published one day. I don’t know how much interest there’d be. Should I set up a Patreon?

I think I’ll work on polishing this chapter since a lot of the drawings suck and I have always considered it a draft. Maybe make some merchandise or prints. I have ideas for other stories in this universe based on miscellaneous Gothic stories like the Oval Portrait, Rappaccini’s Daughter, The Beetle, The Yellow Sign, Dracula, and other Lovecraft stories (especially Dreams in the Witch House and Pickman’s Model, which are my favorites.) I think I’ll call the series The Gothic Tales of Sherlock Holmes. I really want to do something Lovecraftian that incorporates The Baker Street Record, and Moriarty and math of higher dimensions. I’ll try to write up stories for ao3.

If anyone has opinions, send me asks. Artists live on feedback. ‘Gentle breath of yours my sails must fill or else my project fails, which was to please.’ And, yeah, tell Neil Gaiman I want to get in on the comic books game, too, with my slash version of his crossover fic.

another thing i think must have made a HUGE difference in making IM1 the Best movie were, believe it or not, the budgetary constraints

i remember watching a jon favreau interview about how challenging it was to create the visual lavishness that goes with someone as rich as tony stark when in reality they sure as shit didn’t have THAT kind of money yet

and then when you pay attention to the IM1 set designs, specifically tony’s living spaces, you can actually SEE how every single piece was deliberately chosen and was fulfilling a purpose? like there are SO MANY REFERENCES TO THE COMICS in the sets of IM1, SO!! MANY!! so many things like tony’s airplane model collection in his workshop/vintage airplane decor in his office (616 tony is inspired by howard hughes), the stark crest inside tony’s corporate jet (616 tony is a chivalry nerd), using characters’ rings as a designation of authority within the Ten Rings (reference to 616 mandarin), stane’s entire living room is one big easter egg after another and it was literally only on screen for like 30 seconds, and that’s just what immediately comes to mind

literally every single set/costuming decision seems to have been made with people deliberately thinking IRON MAN, while in the other movies it’s like they had a lot of money in their hands so they went for the visual spectacle with a bunch of really obvious easter eggs meant to make you go A-HA!! whereas the set easter eggs for iron man 1 were actually part of character construction?? at least that’s what it looked like to me, they weren’t screaming FLASHBULB MOMENT HAHA WE’RE SO SMART LOOK!, because PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING was actually well thought out in iron man terms and nothing was bought because “it looks pretty” or “a rich guy would have this” or whatever. everything was a flashbulb moment. the very format of tony’s house (roundness + lots of glass) was supposed to be a character statement about his vulnerability. the chess set on stane’s coffee table, sitting next to liquor bottles, plus stane’s entire outfit, those are all huge references to the comics that don’t call any focus to themselves like “look!!!!! I AM A SMART FLASHBULB EASTER EGG THING!!”

i mean it’s just that literally every IM1 set piece was its own flashbulb moment in terms of character construction and/or comics reminiscence. people actually thought about the IM1 set/costuming a lot

So many things to talk about.

Monster High:

  • The Ghostbuster Frankie is cute. I would have preferred a new character, but the concept is neat. It should have been Spectra for the irony of it all.
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the Steam family two pack! We’re finally getting hot dad! Maybe the doll gods will smile on me and SOMEHOW I will be able to afford them. Please make a Sparky/Frankie set next Mattel.
  • That poster for the new movie. Yikes. Draculaura looks cute, but that’s really the only nice thing I can say.
  • Not digging that the Lost Movie is supposedly in live action, but I’ll wait and see.

Ever After High:

  • Wasn’t really a fan of the new webisode. It was a standard shrinking episode at best.
  • Not sure how I feel about Nina. Nina didn’t really act how I pictured her at all. She felt a bit too much like Maddie personality-wise. When she spoke all I could think of was Draculaura.
  • Speaking of Maddie, why didn’t they use one of her growing potions?
  • Wonder if anything will come of that cliffhanger at the end.
  • I know I’m in the minority here, but I ADORE SDCC Cedar. I totally dig the creepy vibe she’s got going on. Of course, Pinocchio is one of my fav stories so yeah.