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Kiss Me

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Pairing: SamxReader
Word count: 321
Request: @kcsavege4134​ I love your writing stories so much especially Chocolate Cupcakes! I was wondering if you were still taking song fic requests? Preferably a Sam x Reader based on Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran. Also not sure if I asked this earlier but I’d love to be tagged in everything you write. ❤️❤️

It was only supposed to be a fling, a stress relief, and a one in awhile thing. Once in awhile slowly became more and more often. It didn’t happen overnight, but you realized that you wanted more with the tall, shaggy haired, hazel eyed hunter. You had gone from simply daydreaming about that ‘V’ by his hips, to those dimples. From how his muscles moved under your fingertips, to how his hand would feel in yours while doing something as simple as watching a movie.

Settling down wasn’t something that hunters did. It wasn’t smart, and many didn’t live that long. And that’s all you wanted with Sam Winchester. You wanted to fall asleep in his arms for as many nights as you had left of your short life. You wanted him to hold you as it snowed gently outside, while it was a clear, beautiful night, or while it rained down from the heavens as if the world was ending. It didn’t matter. You wanted it all.

His chest was against yours as he moved his hips, you could feel his heart beating, hammering in his chest. His lips would brush over your neck, and you felt him smile when his name was barely breathed. When he looked into your eyes, you fell for him more and more. You were in love.

You wanted his lips against him like he was silently asking for your heart. You wanted his mouth capturing yours like it was all he desired. It felt like you were both falling, silently. Neither uttering a word of it. Almost afraid to ruin this moment.

You wanted to find a home in him. Safety would be a comfort you found in each other.

Warming him was what your body was made for, but you came across as cold at times. You had to protect yourself from getting too close to anyone, but Sam knocked down that wall.

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Been playing around with whiteboard animation, it’s so much easier than how I’ve animated stuff in the past, so I’m trying some more ambitious things like actual videos rather than just making gifs. This was a test just to make sure I could get a proper workflow start to finish on one, feel free to watch it and make me feel better about the time I sunk into it LOL

A tweet from a person who saw the Power Ranger Movie Teaser.  Not sure how I feel about that statement.  I mean its one person’s feelings on a teaser but the director said he was going for a breakfast club feeling for the movie.  It doesn’t mean it still can’t be badss and hey it shows that they characters are maybe being fairly fleshed out and not just generic suit fillers for huge action sequences.

Shotgun (Castiel x Reader)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Supernatural

Character: Castiel

Persona: Female

Word Count: 944

Warning: Mention of guns

Request: Hey! I recently saw how you asked me if I would like to see a full songfic for Angel With A Shotgun (I loved the drabble A LOT) So yeah! I would /love/ to see a full songfic ❤️ And don’t feel rushed guys! Take your time 💕 Love you and your stories so much ☺️💖

A/N - This is for day-dreamer-45, I’m extremely sorry about how long it took! We love you too! Here’s a link to the song <3

You weren’t sure what had sparked the sudden interest Castiel had for learning how to fight ‘the mortal’ way. It all started one day when you were cleaning you prized collection of various guns.

I’m an angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun,
An angel with a shotgun, shotgun, shotgun.

You hummed a quiet tune as you polished the cold steel of your favourite pistol, even the fluttering of wings couldn’t tear your attention away from your weapon. “(Y/N)?”, Castiel said clearing his throat. You jumped and almost dropped the gun, “Cas! Why didn’t you say anything? You know it scares me when you creep up on me like that”.

Castiel smiled sheepishly, “I did. Twice”. You mouthed a quiet oh, “I’m sorry I just always get so into cleaning these beauties, they’re the love of my life”. You present the pistol to Cas.

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Do you have any idea how to attract titans ? I really want a certain titans attention but I feel he is out of reach . Nothing Romantic just I want to draw his attention and support him

i’m not entirely sure what you mean by attract, but if you feel he’s been neglected and lonely, perhaps make a small offering and some conversation? 

honestly i don’t really know how one would go about interacting with a titan. 

perhaps someone like @pomegranateandivy or @winebrightruby might know, they’re rather knowledgeable and often a good source on things.

I really don’t know how to feel about Butch Hartman sometimes.

He’s the sweetest guy with some real artistic talent, but his showrunning skills and overall taste in his own work can be downright godawful. (”Phantom Planet” is his favorite DP episode, for corn’s sake)

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d love to be brutally honest about all his mistakes if I met him in person, just to give him a reality check, but I just know I’ll feel bad about it because he’s just too nice.

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I'm so terrified of losing my little tbh. I feel like one day I'll just wake up and he'll be done because I'm not really that good of a mama (or a girlfriend for that matter) and I'm not sure what to do. I have so much anxiety about that. :^//

Talk to him about how you feel. I bet you’re a great momma and he won’t wanna leave you c:


anonymous asked:

im falling behind in school and my mental health is getting worse and my parents just scream at me whenever i mess up and i know my therapist is trying but its not helping and i just dont know what to do? im so overwhelmed and no one is giving (1/2)

me a chance to get back on my feet. ive been sick too and just everything is horrible and im really trying but things just keep getting worse and im not sure what to do or who to turn to becausw everyone just yells and doesnt listen to me (2/3)

I would definitely try talking to your therapist about this, be open and honestly. You deserve to have time to recover. Express how you feel, and don’t bottle it up. I promise it does get better.

Doctor Who rewritten - Matilda Wormwood as the Doctor’s companion

Doctor: So, little Matilda, tell me about yourself. Likes, dislikes, martial status, how many licks it takes you to get to the center of a tootsie pop, hobbies, talents, favorite breed of cat -
Matilda: Well, I do have a unique talent.
Doctor: Which is?
Matilda: It’s pretty unbelievable…
Doctor: Unbelievable?! Unbelievable’s not a word! It’s just something adults say so that you’ll stay out trouble. And do I look like someone who minds trouble?
Matilda: I guess not.
Doctor: That’s right. Trouble’s practically one of my 213 middle names. So go on, what’s your special talent?
Matilda: I can move things…with my mind.
Doctor: Ah, so you’re tele…tela…telo…you’re a mindy-move-y person!
Matilda: Telekinetic?
Doctor: That’s the word! And what if I told you that I have an incredible talent of my own?
Matilda: I don’t know. Tell me.
Doctor: I can travel…through Time.
Matilda: No way!
Doctor: Yes way!
Matilda: Holy cow!
Doctor: What? Where? I didn’t think cattle were still worshiped anywhere in this century.
Matilda: It’s just an expression.
Doctor: Oh. Then tell you what, Magnificent mind-moving Matilda - let’s go into my very special box, and I’ll take you to see a holy cow right now. Or a purple cow. Or a blue cow. Even a watermelon-scented cow. Or not a cow at all. I see you love books. How about you name an author, anyone who has ever or will ever live - except Stephanie Meyer, she’s not too keen on me ever since I corrected her vision of vampires - and I’ll take you to meet them? In return, you’ll show me how to levitate stuff. This head of mine has always wanted a flying fez. Or maybe a rotating stetson. Perhaps a leaping sombrero.

James Meredith, the black man who 50 years ago inflamed white Mississippi by quietly demanding admission to the state’s segregated flagship university, does not plan to participate this week in the university’s commemoration of his history-making enrollment.

The University of Mississippi says Meredith, now 79 and living in Jackson, has been invited to take part in events to mark the anniversary, but Meredith says he doesn’t see the point.

“I ain’t never heard of the Germans celebrating the invasion of Normandy, or the bombing and destruction of Berlin. I ain’t never heard of the Spanish celebrating the destruction of the Armada.”

Asked to clarify, Meredith said: “Did you find anything 50 years ago that I should be celebrating?”

Mississippi’s segregationist governor in 1962, Ross Barnett, denounced the federal government as “evil and illegal forces of tyranny” for ordering Ole Miss to enroll Meredith, a 29-year-old Air Force veteran.

In the face of state defiance, President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, deployed more than 3,000 soldiers and 500 law enforcement officers to Oxford. Two white men were killed and more than 200 people were injured, including 160 U.S. marshals, in the ensuing riot.

Meredith is now memorialized by a bronze statue on campus, which he calls “hideous” and wants destroyed.

Meredith says the monument glosses over the magnitude of Mississippi’s resistance to his exercise of what should have been recognized as an obvious human right.

James Meredith sounds like an ornery and wonderful old gem of a human being.