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Married But Not Dating

25 Days Christmas Romance Challenge || Day 8

Character A’s ex will be at the Christmas Party A is attending. Character B poses as A’s fiance. (kinda)

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Married But Not Dating; ~ 2, 200 words; FF.NET || AO3

Now, don’t get him wrong, Killian Jones is a lucky bastard and he knows it.

He has known it since the day Emma Swan almost broke one of his ribs with her elbow and spilled his scalding coffee all over his pristine pinstriped shirt, giving him a first-degree burn. Well, alright, he didn’t feel extremely lucky in that particular moment. But he began to change his tune on the very next day when he went to get his daily dose of caffeine (careful to look both ways for wild blondes sweeping down everyone in their path) and found her waiting outside the coffee shop where she’d crashed into him the day before, twiddling her thumbs and glancing somewhat apprehensively in all directions.

The second she saw him is still the only time in his life he has seen a person cringe in relief. She was apologetic yet defensive, sincere yet standoffish, uncomfortable yet utterly (adorably) determined to buy him a coffee and a new shirt.

He, being the ass that he is on occasion, managed to stretch her simple attempt to make amends into a proper coffee date, followed by a walk to the harbor, and a day of shopping, at the end of which he didn’t actually let her purchase any of the shirts he picked but managed to talk her into getting herself a stunning pink dress, that Emma kept insisting she had nowhere to wear since it was too elegant for her everyday needs and too innocent for her perp-catching needs (the reason behind their entire ‘meeting’ he found out).

And since then, for some unknown reason, lucky bastard that he mentioned he is, Emma Swan decided that they should make a thing out of their coffee/shopping… thing.

Which then turned into a movie night thing and a dinner thing and a theater tickets thing and a concert tickets thing and a ‘Killian, I know it’s 3am on a Tuesday night but my car won’t start’ thing and an ‘Emma, I know it’s 8am on a Sunday morning but we need to go to this fair’ thing and a book exchange thing and a ‘Killian, my fridge broke, come help me eat all the food’ thing and a ‘Killian, you need to come pick a new fridge with me ‘cause I get bored in appliances stores’ thing and a ‘No, Emma, I don’t own a TV, what’s so difficult to understand’ thing and a ‘Emma, I have no idea how I turned this router off but I certainly cannot turn it back on’ thing and a reading the book and then watching the movie only to hate on it together thing and a making cookies at 2am despite the fact that we have 3 hands, no butter and no knowledge or experience in baking between us and a ‘my apartment has cockroaches, Emma, I’m coming over’ thing or a ‘There’s no water in the building, Killian, I’m coming over’ thing and a Halloween party thing and a drunken night of tragic backstories thing and a Christmas shopping thing and a sober night of holiday planning.

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could you do a tutorial on how you color eyes?

sure! i had a go~ I do alot of different eyes but showed how to do 2 different ones. 

I draw in Paint tool sai if if anyone’s wondering what the program is. Tried to make this as simple as I could but if there’s anything you don’t understand please feel free to message me about it! <3<3 

Close to an Estella

[Yay, onto the next request! This is for mysteriouscrystalnomad; of the request - could you write a spencer reid x reader where the reader is a naturally snarky person, but in a witty and charming way, and spencer is very obvious about his crush on the reader. well, the reader gently teases people, but one day takes it too far with him and deeply hurts his feelings, so they apologize and admit their feelings? thank you very much I’m excited to read more:))

I really hope you like it, I would have done it sooner, but I wasn’t sure how to actually achieve the right personality. I have no life experiences of being charming so I had to just read examples and yank it out the best I could. I also don’t think I did this right at all. For reference Beast and Vertigo are Marvel characters and Estella comes from Great Expectations where the one of the main female characters (Estella) is incapable of love.


“Hey, Y/N, whatcha up to?”

You looked over your shoulder to see Morgan propping himself on your chair. Looking back at your computer you shrugged.

“Digging for gold in the Grand Canyon, I guess.”

He snickered. “You’re such a smartass.”

“No, I’m not, I just don’t like blatantly obvious questions thrown at me, alrighty Mr. Eyebrows?”

Morgan shook his head, taking the chance of throwing your hair over into your face. “Dear God, kid, you need to get some caffeine in you to take the edge off that bitchiness.”

“I am not –“

“Hey, Y/N.”

You saw Reid approaching you, holding out a cup of coffee as he neared. “Oh, thank you, Reid.”

The corners of his mouth quirked, as he gently jerked his hand back from meeting your fingers.

“It’s no problem. I thought you could use a pick me up.”

“You have no idea.”

You gave a punch to Morgan’s arm before your eyes went back to Reid’s. You knew he liked you, hell, with everyone holding it over you it was impossible not to know. But what you didn’t know was why? Sure, you were curious about things and loved to read, but a good majority of the population did. But besides that common ground the two of you were virtual opposites. You had a much pragmatic view of the world which was given through your rough upbringing. You didn’t trust too many people, you didn’t really even like too many people.

But you like Reid.

You blushed. Yeah, you did. He was always smiling, and gracious. He was the all-around good guy. But Beast didn’t get along with Vertigo, now did they? Nope, they were enemies, and that’s probably what would happen if someone like Reid ever got too close. So you ignored what you felt and Reid’s obvious attempts at admiration. It was better to just leave things as they were.

“Guys, we have a briefing.”

You sighed in relief, glad to break the staring contest you were in.

“Thanks, my sweet jigglypuff, we’ll be there with bells on.”

You gave a quick smile as Garcia threw you a kiss and began gathering up your notes.


“Yeah, Reid?”


You flinched, feeling something graze your temple, and looked up from your notes, seeing that he must have plucked a coin from your ear. You gave a shy smile, tucking the strand that had fallen from the touch back in to place.

“What’s that movie you were talking about the other day? The one you said I would like?”

“It’s not really a movie, I mean, there is one – but the show I was talking about was Firefly. I thought since you liked Star Wars and all that maybe you’d like it. Plus it’s got way more humor than Star Wars.”

“Hmm. Hold out your hand.”

You did so cautiously, chancing a glance to make sure no one was waiting for the two of you to hustle. He put the coin into your palm, closing it tight, as he held it in his hand. He then leaned forward and blew a puff of air on your fist.

“You can open it now.”

Acting as if it would explode, you opened your hand to see a silver pendant replacing the coin.

“Oh! It’s Serenity. You know, you can be really sweet when your nose isn’t in a book. Does that mean you watched it?”

He shrugged. “Bits and pieces, I was hoping we could maybe watch it together. You know if you wanted?”

What the hell were you to say to that? Before you could make a total ass of yourself you heard someone behind you.

“Guys, the briefings started.”

You nodded, erratically gathering your things and brushing by Reid without looking at him.

“Oh, my God, we are going out after that.”

It had been three days, a considerably less amount of time than most cases, but yeah, a string of arsons around one area and the smoke and destruction had gotten to all of you.

“I’d rather just go home and sleep in my own bed, but thanks.”

“Oh, no honeybuns you are going. Someone has to keep Reid company.”

“Why do you guys do that? You act like the two of us are meant for each other, when, in this reality, guess what, we’re not. I’m sorry if that ruins matchmaking plans, but I’m just done with it for tonight, so please, lay off.”

You watched the grins fade off the girls’ faces. “Alright, God, lucky Reid wasn’t awake to hear that little declaration.”

“Maybe it wouldn’t have been a bad idea if he did. You guys treat him like a kid, there’s no point in keeping his hopes up about something –“

“Okay, Y/N, we get it, we’ll stop badgering about it, but don’t take it out on Reid.”

“I wasn’t planning on it, Prentiss, I was only saying you shelter him too much. He isn’t a child.”

The landing was in silence and you knew you had pissed them off, but you shrugged it away, if they didn’t like how you felt then fine. Maybe it was best they stay mad at you.

“Y/N. You coming?”

You looked up at JJ confused. “You still want me to go?”

“Look, we do understand, you’re right in some ways that the way we’ve been trying to hook the two of you up, and we get you weren’t trying to hurt any feelings on the plane. You were just being blunt. Let’s try to forget it and have a good time. Okay? Please?”

You looked at your phone, seeing the time. You really did want to go to bed.

“Okay, bygones?”

“There’s nothing to bygone for but okay.”

The bar was packed for a Wednesday and you huddled yourself down in a booth, sipping on whatever you were passed you allowed yourself to get lightheaded.

“This is just what the doctor ordered.”

You heard Morgan chuckle across from you. “Did you order up a drunk agent, pretty boy?”

It alarmed you a little bit that Reid stayed silent.

“I am not drunk, Morgan, see complete sentences.”

“Oh, but you’re on your way, Y/N.”

And you were taking shot after shot, until everything reached a beautiful watery haze.

“I just wanna say, I do like you guys, I just I don’t know how to ‘express’ that.”

Derek was laughing his ass off at you. “Showing some affection when you’re less intoxicated would help.”

“It would not. I’m used to being on my own little island and you guys keep coming on freakin’ barges, especially Reid. He – Hey, where is Reid?”

“I think he’s at the bar there Miss Lovey.”

“I’m going to go talk to him.”

“You sure you can walk.”

“Oh, I’ll do it.”

You could hear them laughing as you scanned the room for the familiar bob of hair. It took you two tries, one resulting into receiving a phone number before you found the genius.

“Hey, Reid.”

He eyed you warily, sipping his drink instead of answering.

“How come you’re not sitting with us?”

A shrug.

“How come you’re not talking you always talk?”

Another shrug.

“Come on say something, you wanna go to my house and watch Firefly? Hell, I’ll even watch Star Trek with you if you quit with the silent treatment.”

“Why, Y/N? What would be the point?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, nothing’s ever going to happen, it’s so impossible to care about someone least of all me. So why even try? There is no point.”

Your eyes drifted to the ground as you swayed. So he had heard you on the jet. Well, that just fucking sucked.

“I didn’t –“

“What? You didn’t mean it like that?”

“No, I didn’t –“

“Then how did you mean it, because it sounded pretty clear to me.”

“I don’t know how.”

Your statement paused him, a look of confusion replacing the anger. “What?”

“I’m not sure how to care. I know that sounds like bullshit, but I really don’t. I wasn’t taught to show affection when I was a kid. I didn’t really make heart to heart friends and all that. I just existed, for a very long time. I do like you, I can tell you I’d be hurt if something ever happened to you, or if you never spoke to me again. I can say I’d be jealous to see you happy with another girl, and angry if someone ever wronged you. But I don’t know how to be a girlfriend, Reid, especially the kind you deserve. And that’s why we can never happen.”

“I don’t believe that.”

You licked your lips, swallowing down a hiccup. “I figured you wouldn’t but – what can I do? I, are we not friends now?”

He took a step toward you and when you tried to step back lost your balance and fell into him. Daring a peek you saw him smiling at you.

“Oh, I think we’re going to be a little step above friends from now on. I’m going to stalk you until you’re happy every time we meet, that you can return a hug when I embrace you. You’re going to probably get sick of me by the end of it but I don’t really care.”

“Sounds like you really do want to be a creepy stalker.”

He blushed, sure you were rejecting him.

“But I don’t mind, Spencer.”

okay I’m going to yell about mages, I know nobody gives a shit really so I’ll try to keep it short. (also feel free to blacklist “yelling about mages”) (sorry I’m trying to cover all my bases I’m still 10000% convinced that no one cares about anything I say lmfao)

The infamous “Anders approves if you give Fenris back, etc etc” thing makes zero sense.  And I could talk about how it makes zero sense from Anders’ perspective but I’m going to talk about it from Justice’s perspective.  Because like, in Awakening, Justice straight up accuses Anders of enslaving his cat.  I mean.  I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure a guy who is worried about the slavery of cats would be, I dunno, kind of concerned about the slavery of real people??

Also I’m going to bring Fenris into this and I’m not doing this to get at him but to get at Bioware.  If you make a deal with a demon in the Fade, and Anders/Justice attacks you for it, Fenris approves.  Like… ????  This makes no sense either.  Bioware no.

TLDR as far as I’m concerned this stuff didn’t happen, it was shoehorned in by Bioware to try to maximize the rivalry between these two characters.  (This isn’t to belittle anyone who is made uncomfortable by these things anyway because those are your feelings and I can’t take them from you.  BUT, these are my thoughts on the matter and why it doesn’t bother me, personally.  It’s so absurd that I just reject it.)

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I'm not sure how I feel about the insta-love theory that Victor fell for Yuuri the night of the banquet. One of the best things about YOI is the realistic slowburn of the two coming together over the series. Don't get me wrong, ep. 10 was absolutely fantastic and really developed their dynamic! But doesn't Victor loving Yuuri after a single crazy night (of which Yuuri was blackout drunk for the majority) kind of take away from the beautiful buildup that made YOI great in the first place?

I definitely felt like Yuuri captured Victor’s attention at the banquet, but it was more like curiosity than actual love. The time they spent together training and spending free time together in Japan is what built it. I definitely like the idea that they built a relationship up rather than a love-at-first-sight kinda thing.

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everyone talking bout terushou lately im like #blessed , consider: teru is the one who asks daishou out and they go to this rly nice park for their first date but daishou's kinda scared of dogs and this one rly big dog shows up outta nowhere and it rly freaks him out so teru's tryin to calm him down it's a disaster and teru's sure daishou's gonna break up with him but in the end he just says "next time, i choose where we go" just bad first dates honestly

(gosh i feel this on a personal level)

SO TERUSHIMA ALWAYS MAKES SURE THEY DON’T GO WHERE THERE ARE A LOT OF DOGS ARound and also just holding his hand whenever a small one gets too close, or when they suddenly bark and Daishou jumps

their bad first date totally binds them closer together though, and Daishou learns about how caring and smart Terushima actually is beneath the surface

and Terushima totally admires how hard Daishou works and they FALL EVEN MORE IN LOVE

(they get a cat when they move in together and everything is peaceful and great)

Chapter 88 thoughts

Going to express some serious thoughts on this chapter because it both broke my heart and made me really ecstatic at the same time.

First off, the true meaning of the title ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ was one of the best twists in the series to me. Finding out that the series is quite literally named after my absolute favorite thing/character in it was exciting! I’m still very partial to the fan given name “Rogue Titan” and I’m probably going to continue to use that term, but this was just cool.
Man, the english translation messed it up though XD

Second thing of course was the unfortunate reveal of the 13 years lifespan of a titan shiftier.  It’s just upsetting and it makes me scared of what is going to happen by the end of this to Eren. Not really sure how I feel about the whole situation. On one hand, 8 years guaranteed in this manga is generous as hell because the world is a bit of a shithole and on the other hand… Eren only has 8 years and is basically dying. Of course, it’s something to be expected since Isayama stated he’s going with his original ending - which is basically death for everyone. The 13 years thing kind of compensates the whole serum drama crap that I was never fond of to begin with.

I don’t really know how to feel about the ‘paths’ thing either.

On a more positive note… Kruger’s full name is EREN Kruger. That was another thing that blew my mind.

Just my overall thoughts.

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By the logic many are using Jamie consenting to BJR would mean it wasn't rape? I think it depends on how the "victim" feels about this. Did Geneva consider it rape although she said No? Her reaction afterwards would suggest no. Did Jamie consider it rape although he consented? Yes, he did. It's a really difficult plot point, that's for sure though.

Good one Anon.   Very difficult plot point.  Jamie’s strength is physical.  His weakness is his devotion to those he loves.  Bad guy threatens someone Jamie loves unless he consents to have sex.  He agonizes over it, wants no part of it,  but sees that he has no choice but to agree and when he does he succumbs to his basic animal self and ‘enjoys’ it.  When the bad guy is BJR Jamie is the victim, when it’s Geneva he’s the rapist.   It’s Diana’s way throughout the series to have the poor bastard go through this over and over again.

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M!A: Faba is a disembodied spirit for 24 hours. He is hypersensitive to the emotions of the living. Negative emotions make him feel violently ill. Positive emotions result in euphoria. People can't see him, but if he draws near to someone, they will be more likely to think about him and how he makes them feel.

[This is so clever, oh gosh! Accepted! 24 hours left. I am like 99% sure no one likes him. Clever anon. Do you want your glass of tears with or without ice?]

Who’s ever done something wrong knowing they shouldn’t but did it anyway, and then felt sorry and went to God to repent and heard Him say, “Ah, I don’t know how I feel about you this time. You’ve kinda got me shook up and a little tired of you doing exactly what I told you not to. I’m just a little fed up. Enough is enough. I have to go think because I think I made a mistake by choosing you. If you haven’t changed by now, I’m not sure you’re ever going to change.” It sounds silly in His mouth, because that’s not God, so if we’re made in His image, we shouldn’t be that way with one another.

i know i always say it but i need to draw more. especially since i should have my new tablet either next week or the week after. and i need to justify my decision to get it despite my sad life

i enabled my submission box so i could ask people to submit characters for me to draw, but i’m not sure how that would work out. even though i know i would only choose ones i know i can draw well enough, i’m a sad and sorry bag of tears and i’ll feel bad about not picking some. 

and commissions don’t really do well with me. art trades are fun so i’ll continue those, but if possible i’d like to have another outlet. and i have so little time at night when i get home to do anything that i usually opt to play gw2 or stardew valley (and occasionally a  3ds game) instead of drawing. 

honestly, i need to clean up my brushes. i imported an entire set (and i have more i haven’t imported yet) but i only use like 1 or 2 from them. so i’m scrolling through like, 20 brushes per tab and it’s annoying so i need to figure that out. 

Doctor Who rewritten - Matilda Wormwood as the Doctor’s companion

Doctor: So, little Matilda, tell me about yourself. Likes, dislikes, martial status, how many licks it takes you to get to the center of a tootsie pop, hobbies, talents, favorite breed of cat -
Matilda: Well, I do have a unique talent.
Doctor: Which is?
Matilda: It’s pretty unbelievable…
Doctor: Unbelievable?! Unbelievable’s not a word! It’s just something adults say so that you’ll stay out trouble. And do I look like someone who minds trouble?
Matilda: I guess not.
Doctor: That’s right. Trouble’s practically one of my 213 middle names. So go on, what’s your special talent?
Matilda: I can move things…with my mind.
Doctor: Ah, so you’re tele…tela…telo…you’re a mindy-move-y person!
Matilda: Telekinetic?
Doctor: That’s the word! And what if I told you that I have an incredible talent of my own?
Matilda: I don’t know. Tell me.
Doctor: I can travel…through Time.
Matilda: No way!
Doctor: Yes way!
Matilda: Holy cow!
Doctor: What? Where? I didn’t think cattle were still worshiped anywhere in this century.
Matilda: It’s just an expression.
Doctor: Oh. Then tell you what, Magnificent mind-moving Matilda - let’s go into my very special box, and I’ll take you to see a holy cow right now. Or a purple cow. Or a blue cow. Even a watermelon-scented cow. Or not a cow at all. I see you love books. How about you name an author, anyone who has ever or will ever live - except Stephanie Meyer, she’s not too keen on me ever since I corrected her vision of vampires - and I’ll take you to meet them? In return, you’ll show me how to levitate stuff. This head of mine has always wanted a flying fez. Or maybe a rotating stetson. Perhaps a leaping sombrero.

James Meredith, the black man who 50 years ago inflamed white Mississippi by quietly demanding admission to the state’s segregated flagship university, does not plan to participate this week in the university’s commemoration of his history-making enrollment.

The University of Mississippi says Meredith, now 79 and living in Jackson, has been invited to take part in events to mark the anniversary, but Meredith says he doesn’t see the point.

“I ain’t never heard of the Germans celebrating the invasion of Normandy, or the bombing and destruction of Berlin. I ain’t never heard of the Spanish celebrating the destruction of the Armada.”

Asked to clarify, Meredith said: “Did you find anything 50 years ago that I should be celebrating?”

Mississippi’s segregationist governor in 1962, Ross Barnett, denounced the federal government as “evil and illegal forces of tyranny” for ordering Ole Miss to enroll Meredith, a 29-year-old Air Force veteran.

In the face of state defiance, President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy, deployed more than 3,000 soldiers and 500 law enforcement officers to Oxford. Two white men were killed and more than 200 people were injured, including 160 U.S. marshals, in the ensuing riot.

Meredith is now memorialized by a bronze statue on campus, which he calls “hideous” and wants destroyed.

Meredith says the monument glosses over the magnitude of Mississippi’s resistance to his exercise of what should have been recognized as an obvious human right.

James Meredith sounds like an ornery and wonderful old gem of a human being.