not sure how i feel about this one

i just expect too much is all. i don’t understand how other people don’t have the inherent need to be close to people. they go through their lives without deep conversations and they’re fine with it. “how was your day?” “fine, how was yours?” “good.” it’s a simple life, sure, but a life i don’t know how to be a part of.

because it’s hard to live a simple life when you’re so complicated and everything makes you feel strongly. so when i get too close to people, i share everything. i tell them the whole story about my coworker’s relationship troubles and about how my old one is getting engaged. about the conversations i had with my cat, smoking weed in the back bedroom, how my mom asked me if i wasn’t in my room because i was eating oreos and i said yes. i tell them every pointless story that happened in my day, about how i have a test this week and how i’m studying the heart and hey wait did you know that a heart murmur is just a sound different than wub dub, the sound of your heart valves closing as blood flows through them? i tell them about how i slept on khalid’s album, everything my friends told me about the last time we were drunk. i tell them everybody’s secrets, including my own.

when i get close to people, i get really close. i leave no room for anyone else. they become my number one priority. i drop everything for them and i expect them to drop everything for me. but that’s the thing, you know, when you go too far for people - you can only have one person you go too far for, otherwise you’re sacrificing your mental health, and i know that, so it was always you to me.

i guess what i’m saying is you were my person. and i guess i was never yours. and it feels like a part of me is missing because you never shared yourself with me the way i shared myself with you. you can tell anybody “good” but i can’t tell everyone about the time i called the cops on my dad when i was 14. i try to reach out to other people but i am too afraid to get close because i know what happens when i get close and it usually ends up with me facing rejection or ignoring everybody else. and even if i could, nobody feels like you. nobody acts like you. nobody is you. you are irreplaceable to me. but i can’t be close to you anymore even if i wanted to be because you’re not you anymore; our relationship has changed.

so i’m stuck in this reality where i can’t even reach out to you anymore. it doesn’t feel the same. we’re different people now. i don’t feel anything when i talk to you now. there’s nothing but splinters and empty space. and this is what i always wanted - to get over you, but i’ve never felt so alone. it feels like my heart is breaking all over again.

because who do i tell these things to now? who can listen to me talk the way you did without telling me i’m being annoying, without telling me to shut up? you know, it’s okay when i’m happy. but when i’m down - and i mean really down - who can i share my deepest fears with without oversharing?

so i share a handful of stories to every person in my life because i don’t have anybody to tell everything to anymore and the people in my life still say i talk too much but there’s just. so much to say. i don’t know how people don’t turn 2 minute stories into 15 because there’s so much that happened to me today between the people i saw in traffic, the smell of the rain, the new shoes i bought online, what i learned in school. and i feel like if people don’t know every single thing about me, they don’t even know me. getting close takes a lot of vulnerability. and nobody’s ever known me the way that you did. and nobody’s ever left more drastically.

so i don’t light up the way i used to because i don’t know how to be interested in things when i can’t tell you about them. small things aren’t enough. food doesn’t taste as good anymore and i don’t like school anymore and my favorite songs make me cry and everything makes me cry, really, and i don’t know how to open up.

because loving you is like forcing a square peg into a circle. you don’t fit into my life anymore and it kills me.

Proud Two [Sweet Pea x Reader]

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Okay here is part two. I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Just to explain a little, you can decide if you think Pea and Reader have had sex before what happens. Unless you have sex in bright sunlight, I think seeing someone naked like in this story is kinda different. You’re mind isn’t really focusing on seeing the body or anything during that it’s more feeling. Anyways, I hope you like it. I’m not good with smut so if someone what’s to write the smutty part after this you have my permission to continue. Just link the original.

Summary: Sweet Pea takes you back to his house and gives you a bandaid.

Warning: insinuation of canon typical violence & high school students naked together for a moment & and Pea is probably out of character(but we don’t know much about him anyways).

Word count: 924


One swift move and Sweet Pea has you slung over h, piggy back style. You giggle with your chin on his head as he tells you stories about his final trial, one of which was how Tall Boy slipped in the mud after he gave Sweet Pea a boisterous hug. It was something that Serpents didn’t speak of out outside of the tight nit circle that Sweet Pea was a part of. By proxy, he told you. He trusted you though, with his life. Even before you pledged yourself to the Serpents.

A sigh escaped your split lip as you two finally reached the sanctuary of Sweet Pea’s warm home. You felt the immediate relief of your aching muscles in the small space and you couldn’t wait until you could finally relax on his bed. Luckily, his parents were not home yet. As much as you liked his parents, sometimes they were too interested in them. It was endearing but some alone time with Pea was something you thoroughly enjoyed. You slid slowly down his back on to the soft carpet and all but limped down the hall to Peas room with him following close behind. Once you were sitting on his bed he excused himself to grab the first aid kit.

You scanned the room, absentmindedly running your hand over his worn hunter green sheets, noticing all his little odds and ends. Posters of an assortment of bands covered the dark panel walls. One poster of a scantly clad woman bending over an old Black Impala. You smirked at that one often when you come into his room. You’ve honestly thought about taping your face on hers but you doubt he would even notice the change. A shift in the bed broke you from your thoughts abruptly. “You ready for this?” He asked with a small smile on his pretty lips. You couldn’t help but smile back at his infectious grin before you nod.

With careful movement he dabbed your lip with antiseptic, picking up pieces of dried blood. You hissed, “I’m still trying to figured out this all that was worth it.” It was a joke of course, it was all worth it.

He stopped dabbing and his mouth spread ear to ear in a gleeful grin, “It’s going to be so worth it.” You giggle again and let him finish his work. After your face was all cleaned up he placed a butterfly bandage across your temple and across your purple nose.

“Do you mind if I take a shower?” You ask quietly, “I think it will help my muscles relax.” He nods and hops off his bed, going to the closet in the hall and grabbing a couple towels.

Returning, he hands them to you, “You can use mom shampoo and stuff, it’s smells pretty good.”

You nod and head towards the bathroom. Once you were stripped of your cold damn clothes, you stepped into the welcoming warmth of the hot water. The quiet was also relaxing until the door suddenly opening startled you. “Hello?” You asked with an eep.

“I’m just grabbing your clothes, sorry to scare you.” You could faintly see him gathering your clothes. “I was going to throw them in the dryer.”

He was about to leave when you spoke, “Pea,” he pauses and so do you. You suddenly get very nervous, he has never seen you naked before (also vice versa) and you can feel your face flush a brilliant red.

He said your name as a question, “Is everything okay?”

You swallow, “I was wondering if you wanted to join me?” You feel like you sound ridiculous. You know you do it fact and it only affirms it more when he says nothing. You peep carefully around the opaque shower curtain, afraid he fled the room, to see him standing there with wide eyes and a face that rivals fresh strawberries. He makes eye contact and smiles so widely you think his face might split in half.

“If you are okay with that, I’d love to.” His face shows concern. You nod and he moves so quickly it makes you jump and he’s down the hall before you hear the dryer kick on. You step back under the water and wait for him to return.

Shortly after you hear him re-enter the bathroom and shut the door, you hear him lock the door. You are suddenly very nervous now. You feel silly again for being nervous, you’ve been with Sweet Pea for a while now and you trust him more than anybody in the world.

Some shuffling and zipping was heard and finally his tan fingers poked in the shower and around the curtain. You can feel your blood pumping in your ears and temple, the anticipation is literally making your blood boil. Once fully inside the only place you can look is down at his warm legs. “You are so beautiful.” You hear him say softly. Your head snaps up and you feel very turned on at that moment. He was the pinnacle of “Tall, Dark and Handsome”. Firm arms and tight chest. You blush heavily and he smirks. He steps closer and his long fingers snake around your lower back and ghost up to your shoulder before they land on your face. He slowly moves in and matches your mouth with his. The kiss is like fire and makes you forget every ache from before. You never want to forget this moment and you mentally beat yourself up for waiting this long in the first place.

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so this is kinda random but it seems that you are really good at giving advice and i need some help. but this guy told me he liked me today which is sweet and all, but i'm not really sure how i feel about him. he's sweet and funny and we get along really well, but i can't tell if i like him or like him only as a friend. i don't know how to respond to him :l (very sorry if this is confusing or annoying)

tell him that you want to get to know him more before you make a decision :))). i believe relationships should develop instead of being rushed when you aren’t necessarily ready for one. (of course you can have a different view. its whatever you feel is right :))

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How does Ivy feel about her kids (she was the one with the hates kids traits, right)?

Aw I like this ask! Ivy loves both her twins now that they’re teens lol. She never gets any negative moodlets due “Hates Children” trait anymore so she’s been pretty happy since the twins’ birthdays. 

I couldn’t find any recent screenshots of Ivy and the boys but here’s a random screenshot of the twins walking through Windenburg in the middle of the night. I’m not sure what they since they live all the way in Oasis Springs… lol

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i'm getting really tired of people saying things about tae's clothes. he said many times that he feels comfortable with wide pants, who cares how he dresses. people saying that he looks like a grandpa. jesus christ, he's one of the most handsome men in the world, he could wear a bag on his head and still look perfect. let the boy live already.

who said what about tae’s clothes???  (ง •̀_•́)ง

YES,he is and he sure can. If tae feels comfortable in what he wears than that’s all that matters. Boy is enjoying the life wearing what he wants and stays unbothered  by those comments💁

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I know logically they needed to do wish!hook to still keep Colin around but part of me does feel like ouat listening to the anti’s or maybe I just hate how it’s paying in the favor by restarting a redemption without Emma. And how people are already saying wish!hook is superior to the OG one or something, and no one can say anything because ouat is making that case themselves.

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Look, i’m going to apologise in advance because i’m pretty sure i’m about to be slightly rude and sarcastic as fuck…. and no disrespect is intended….

But I think some really need to take a huge step back. For realises.

Here are the facts.

  • Jennifer Morrison felt the need to move on and decided not to continue on with OUAT.
  • Colin O’Donoghue still had a contract and was excited to continue on the show.

Now the only thing tying these two together was that their characters had just gotten married.

They’re not able to force Jen to stay, and they’re not going to get rid of Colin just because Jen left. It doesn’t work like that.

The creators don’t give a shit about what is going on in the world of fandom.

The creators pay no attention to which minute portion of fans are upset or angry or hurt etc.

They have their story to tell, they have their show to run, they have their money to make. 

If you honestly believe they’re sitting there going 

“Hey Eddie! CSpancakeShipper99 is really pissed about wish hook. Do you think we made a mistake?”
“Gee, I dunno, Adam. AntiBeanstalk42 is pretty happy and likes the thought of no Emma being around. She’s had more likes on her tweet than CSpancakeshipper99, I think we should side with her instead”
“You’re right, Eddie.”

then you’ve got the whole way of how tv works really wrong.

There was never going to be any Emma in season 7. 

Her story was told, her actress left. 

They could have killed her, cursed her, left her story incomplete but they didn’t.

They gave her her happy ending with her hook in her home with her family. 

As far as i’m concerned there is nothing to be upset or angry or hurt about anymore. 

And as for thinking wish hook is superior, I don’t know where you’ve seen that because i sure as heck haven’t.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry if i’m coming across as rude or insensitive, it’s honestly not my intention. I completely and utterly understand the sadness and mourning that this show is still going on without Captain Swan and more importantly, without Emma. I really do.

But what’s done is done. It’s out of everyone’s hands. No amount of complaining or crying or petitions is going to suddenly bring JMo back or have them change a whole year’s worth of work just to cater to some. 

It’s unfortunate but like many things in life, this is the period where it’s time to move on. And I don’t mean move on from CS, by all means, still write that fic, still celebrate that kiss, still make that piece of art, still flail about the beanstalk and the wedding and all the other moments in their journey, because they’re still going strong within us fans…. but it’s time to move on from expecting them to be a part of the show anymore. They’re not. I wish they still were too but they’re not. 

Maybe there’ll be a nod to them by the time the finale comes around, maybe not, we can only hope. 

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What do you think about Eclipsa? I kinda like her, but I’m not sure if she’s bonding with star because she has some alternative motive. Honestly I hope not since that would be a bit cliche, and I really want to hear about the monster she fell in love with and what exactly she did with her magic to get the taint. She’s one of the more interesting characters on the show for me.

She’s… weird, that’s for sure. Doesn’t look outright evil, but it’s really hard to tell. Only thing I feel we can say for sure so far is that, as she herself said, she lacks impulse control, and has a potentially harmful, “selfish” approach to curiosity. Magic? Let’s study it and see how far I can go, regardless of how dangerous what I’m going to create might be! Monster lover? Let’s abandon my kingdom and my people for him! Impossible to tell if she has a plan, and what it might be, though. It surely looks like she wandered in the castle fully knowing that she’d have been imprisoned - her words to Star seemed to imply that, and she’s more than ok about being there. What’s her deal? Also does she know that her daughter Meteora is still alive somewhere? What about her monster husband? And she does know now that Toffee is dead, could this mean anything to her? Just questions, no answers.
She surely doesn’t seem to fit the classic “evil pretending to be good” trope, though, and given that her whole history seems to revolve around the idea of “misplaced love and good intentions” I think we’re in for something less clear cut than Toffee’s efficient villainy.

Okay, I love Frank’s backstory. He’s such a complex, well-grounded, tainted, disillusioned man. And I love that his struggles with PTSD isn’t written off as something that is just there, you know, like some characters in the MCU. Frank Castle is definitely shown as an anti-hero (more like a troubled guy, I feel) and I appreciate that. He’s supposed to be this wash up, messed-up, deeply troubled character, and I’m glad he is shown as such.

And Billy Russo, I don’t know how I feel about him. Like I only saw Ben Barnes, and not Billy when I was watching the show. I don’t know. I’m not sure that Billy made an impression on me. He seems too one dimensional. Sort of. There was more to him, but his backstory fell flat to me, like it wasn’t given much ground. Just my personal opinion. Maybe he’s written too realistically…I can’t really explain it. Realistically is probably not the right word to describe whatever I’m trying to say.

All in one, I like the show. I watched it for Frank Castle and it did not disappoint. I wished there was something else thrown into the mix, but that’s alright. Villains are just like tossed up in the MCU for the most part even the Netflix’s shows. But Frank is an anti-hero. He isn’t supposed to be shown as the good guy, so… 

One Hot Night

My wife and I had been exploring our sexuality outside of our marriage for about 4 years. We had both shared a fantasy where we are captured by a couple and while I am tied up, he seduces her. Not a rape fantasy, but a total seduction where she is seduced into giving herself to him completely.

Well, we had some friends who she had always found attractive but we had never even brought the subject up with. Then one weekend we were going to Vegas, I thought I would kind of feel them out. I brought it up with Stacy since I wasn’t sure how bill would take the idea. I knew Stacy was a little more sexual.

I told her the idea. She thought for a minute, and said she would see. She had me forward her our hotel and room number and she would get back to me. She never did so I figured it didn’t work out.

We arrived in Vegas early in the morning. We made it to our hotel and got situated in our room. After a shower we headed down for some shopping and blackjack. That night I returned to our room to find my wife getting ready for dinner. She looked smoking hot. She said she wanted her outfit to be a surprise and boy was it. I tried to kiss her neck, but she shrugged me off and told me to shower and get dressed.

All through dinner Kim teased me by flirting and telling me about the lingerie she had on under her tight button up blouse and skirt. At one point she even let me feel up her leg to find her garter. So when we headed back to the room I figured I was in for one hot night. As we got to our room and opened the door, someone came up from behind us, threw something over our eyes and forced us into our room.

I was thrown into one of the chairs and had my hands tied down the outside and a gage put into my mouth. That’s when my blindfold came off. There stood Stacy with a big smile. I looked around the room and found Bill. He had Kim, blindfolded with her hands bound.

He turned her around and held her against the window. Kim laid her head back on his shoulder as Bill began sucking on her neck. He ran his hands over her body.

She gasp as he undid the buttons on her blouse and let it fall to the floor. l sat in shock, tied to my chair I was unable to do anything but watch as Bill tied her hands over her head. She loaned as he nibbled her ear and ran his hands over her tits. Once he had her nipples hard he moved his hands to her waist. He then undid her skirt and it fell to the floor next to her blouse

I could feel my cock pressing against my pants as I took in the view of my wife standing in her sexiest corset and stockings, tied blindfolded with her hands over her head in front of a hotel window for everyone to see.

I thought my cock would explode when Bill kissed her deep and slowly removed the blindfold. It wasn’t until he released her kiss that she would open her eyes and see where she was. She gasp and squealed and tried to untie herself, but she couldn’t reach. Bill then came up behind her and pressed her roughly against the window and held her hard. As he did, he pounded his hips against her several times. Her grunts quickly turned to groans, and then moans. He had her so turned on it didn’t matter that she was in the window for all to see any more.

About that time I felt a hand on my shoulder. I had forgotten about Stacy. When I turned to see, she quickly kissed me hard on the mouth. I couldn’t see, but I could hear someone walk by as she ran her hands down my chest. She would feel my hard cock through my pants and moaned into my mouth as she squeezed it. As she did, I could hear a moan and a groan coming from Kim. When Stacy released my cock and mouth I could finally see Bill with his pants down, slowly sliding his cock in and out of her from behind.

All I could do was gasp as she moaned each time he thrust into her. He pounded away as Stacy came around in front of me and knelt down. It was at this point I noticed another man over near my wife. He was a large man, at least 6’4 and 185lbs. I would later find out his name was Tony. He undressed and walked over to Kim, as he did, Bill slowly pulled out of her from behind. She let out a long sigh as he released her.

Kim was catching her breath when Tony came up behind her and grabbed her hips. He spun her around and pressed her against the window as he kissed her hard. He reached down and pinched her nipples. I watched her eyes roll into the back of her head as mine did the same. Kim had released my cock out of my slacks and had started sucking on the tip. I took a deep breath as I finally got some release.

I was brought out of my trance when I heard a slap and a squeal. I looked up to see if it was Kim, but she was deep in a kiss. Then I heard it again, only this time I knew it was Stacy because she had released my cock. I looked down to see Bill had pulled her skirt up and panties off.

Stacy returned to sucking my cock as Bill slide his cock in from behind. A rhythm started as he thrust in and out. She was sucking my cock in deeper and deeper as he pounded away at her. I couldn’t help but notice Kim as Tony raised her up off the floor and slide his cock into her, wrapping her legs around him.

Suddenly her face changed. It wasn’t pleasure any more, I could tell she struggled to take it. The look on her face subsided as he held her roughly against the window. I could tell she had finally taken him all the way.

I wanted to see his cock inside her, I was not tiny myself, but Tony had to be huge to make her strain like she did. It was about then I realized I was about to cum.

Stacy sucked harder and harder. She could feel my orgasm coming and just as I was going to explode Stacy stopped and pressed a spot just below my balls. I could feel my cock twitch and try to cum, but there was nothing. I could feel pressure build in my balls. I let out a moan wishing I could cum.

About the same time I could hear a conversation with Kim. As he kept thrusting up into her, Tony kept asking her something over and over, but she wouldn’t say anything. Then he suddenly thrusted really hard and she groaned, and then he pulled out. Then he asked her again. She tried to catch her breath and she agreed. He told her to say it. She looked him in the eye and said, I want to be your slut, please, let me be your sexy slut wife, please I need you inside me again. He kissed her hard and released her hands.

He walked over to the bed and laid down on his back. She followed with a smile and leaned over him, this time she kissed him hard as she slowly climbed on top of him. I could finally see his massive cock. He was only a bit longer than mine, but he was way fatter then anything I had seen.

Without hesitation she stroked it up and down her lips as she worked her tits in his face. She then leaned back and plunged herself back on it. The look on her face was priceless as she raise herself up and took him as deep as he would go. He reached up and cupped her tits as she bounced on him.

Kim then reached down and pulled her corset down a bit and freed her tits. Her nipples were hard and huge. She leaned forward and told him to suck on his sluts tits as she rode him.

My cock was still hard and I really wanted to cum. I groaned at the thought of him cumming inside her. About this time Stacy came back over to me and slowly climbed on top of me in the chair.

She smiled at me as she began stroking my cock with her lips. She freed her massive D cups and leaned forward and slide a nipple in my mouth and told me to suck, as she did, she also whispered, you don’t want to watch whats next anyway. I tried to look, but she wouldn’t let me. I was ok anyway, Kim is a nice C cup, rarely do I get tits this size.

I looked deep into her eyes as I sucked from nipple to nipple. She slowly lowered her soaked lips on my cock, as I heard my wife say, yes yes your slut wants two cocks at once, please give your slut your cock.

His wife said, oh my someone likes the idea of his slut wife taking two cocks doesn’t he.  She could feel my cock stiffen as I imagined Kim with two cocks. I thought I was in heaven as I heard my wife moan a soothing YESSSSS.

I could feel my orgasm coming. My cock was so hard inside her. I began licking and sucking her nipples and nibbling her cleavage in between. They tasted so good, I couldn’t get enough, more and more as it built. As I was about to cum she stopped and held me deep. Her legs started to shake, then her body. I struggled on keep her nipple in my mouth as her orgasm shook her entire body.

After collapsing on my shoulder, she was trying to catch her breath. I could just barely see my wife over her shoulder. Kim still on top of Tony’s fat cock, with Bill kneeling behind her, his cock in her ass. I gasp when I realized Bill had taken her in the ass. I had always wanted to, but she would never let me. About this time Stacy realized I was watching and sat up blocking my view.

She looked at me and asked if I really wanted to watch my slut wife take two cocks. I smiled and asked nicely. She smiled and slowly kissed her way down my chest as she worked her way to her knees. She began sucking my cock again as I watched my wife and her two lovers pounding away on each other.

My cock was responding to her sucking and stroking and I was going to shoot my load, when suddenly she stopped again and pressed the same spot. My cock twitched like I was cumming, but no cum. The pressure in my balls was tremendous. I could feel her release the spot and gently squeeze and stroke my balls. They were tender to the touch.

As she did she turned and we watched my wife release a huge orgasm, shaking and switching. Her head shook back and forth and side to side, as she moaned loudly and collapsed on top of Tony. Tony then grabbed her hips and began pounding up as Bill stroked from behind. It was a rhythm, Tony pounded her up and Bill pounded her down.

Stacy turned and smiled at me as she slowly stroked my half stiff cock. Then she looked into my eyes and said, you know what’s next right? I moaned with a smile. She smiled back as she reminded me, neither had a condom on. I quickly looked over and saw him grab her hips tight and hold her deep. She began shaking with a second orgasm as Tony and Bill filled both her ass and pussy with full loads of cum.

I wanted her so bad. I couldn’t believe what I had just watched. I watched as Bill slowly pulled his cock out and climbed off the bed. Then my wife rolled off of Tony, collapsing on the bed.

Then came a shock. Stacy stood up, kissed Bill deep and told him thank you. Then she walked over to the bed and knelt down. She then spread my wife’s legs. I had always fantasized, but never. My wife didn’t hesitate or resist, she just raised her legs and gave her access. Stacy dove in tongue first. She licked and sucked her lips, her clit, all the way down and her ass. She kept licking and sucking. Then she kissed her way up my wife’s body until she kneeled between her legs. She bent down and their tits squished together as I watched my wife kiss her freely. They kissed deep and I saw my wife gently suck her tongue as she slowly pulled it from her mouth.

I listened as she asked my wife if she liked how it tasted. My wife replied yes, very much so. She asked if she wanted more, she replied yes please, your slut wife wants more.

Stacy turned towards me, I then noticed the Bill and Tony standing one either side of me, slowly stroking their cocks hard. Then Stacy said, did you hear, slut wife wants more cum. I then watched as they stroked their cocks for the wives and waved for them to come over.

As they rose and came over I started getting hard again. I wanted to watch her suck them, it was such a turn on. Then it happened. They suddenly turned towards me and groaned as they both covered my cock and belly full of cum.

Kim didn’t even hesitate, she walked over and knelt and began sucking their cum off my cock and belly. I was so turned on it didn’t even bother me that two guys had just covered me with cum, especially when she took my cock in her mouth. She then stroked it as she licked and sucked up the last of their cum.

Then Stacy whispered something in her ear. She smiled and slowly reached up and gave me a kiss as she stroked my cock. I got harder as her tongue slipped into my mouth. I moaned and sucked as I enjoyed her kiss. As she worked her tongue in and out giving me such a wet kiss. Then Stacy whispered in my ear, How does all that cum taste? How do you like your slut wife feeding it to you?

My eyes went wide as I realized Kim hadn’t been teasing me with her tongue, she had been forcing cum into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do or how to react when suddenly it was over. Over the top. Kim stroked my cock harder and harder as I moaned to orgasm. Only this time they let me cum.

I exploded over and over. It was like it was never going to stop. I had never cum that hard or that much. Every time she stroked I exploded again. It covered her tiny hand, my cock, my belly, and my chest. I began to shake and stitch, my cock, my legs, and my arms as the orgasm continued.

Kim and Stacy both leaned down and began licking up the cum. Each time they worked their way to each other they kissed and shared the cum. When they reached my chest they both kissed me. I could taste my cum on their lips. It was amazing, I could hardly move trying to catch my breath.

I rolled my eyes in pleasure and exhaustion. As I caught my breath I would fall asleep. I would awaken in the morning with my hands untied. I rubbed my eyes and would then see the four of them curled up asleep.

Not wanting to disturb them, I quietly got dressed and headed to the casino bakery for some breakfast for everyone. When I returned about an hour later Kim was the only one in the room. She was laying face up, spread all across the bed with just a sheet covering her waist.

She looked so hot and sexy there naked and barely covered but her nipples hard and stiff. All she could do is mumble she was going back to sleep.

Got to love hot stories like these….

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I'm looking for a multichapter fic. In one chapter Snape overhears James talking to the maruaders about how he hasn't had sex with Lily yet. I'm pretty sure he says he wants to make her feel incredibly loved and wanted, and that means not rushing her. And then Sirius says something like "So you're just gonna wait until she says 'shag me James"

This sounds familiar, but we couldn’t find it.  Any help?

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Hello Simon! Since you've had the opportunity, and have through most of history, to present as either male or female (or, more recently, androgynous), I was wondering if you would mind rambling on gender norms or gender theory? Your perspective is obviously a unique one, and since a lot has been made of transgender, genderqueer, and otherwise gender-non-binary aspects in recent news, I'm curious as to what the friendly neighborhood immortal man-eater thinks? All the best- Grad Student

Gender is made up. It has nothing to do with anything, nor even with how people feel. I’m not entirely sure how it came about, but doubtless it was a slow process exacerbated by women being laid up for nine months with a baby in their belly. I have known thousands of people and not a one of them fully conformed to the notions humans have of gender, so my question for you is, how do you all agree to this delusion and why do you force it upon one another in obvious attempts at ego reinforcement? I cannot comprehend it.

Pardon me if I am incorrect, but even within the community of LGBTQIA, there is this absolute narcissism of small differences. I have seen gay men bash lesbians, I have seen gay people target trans. I have seen all of this lack of solidarity and I find it absolutely appalling. How dare you tell the “hetero/cis” world that they should respect your difference, and then refuse to acknowledge that there will be differences even among your own! It’s ridiculous and hurtful to others, and yet even then, you do it. We have women out slandering trans women for being men overtaking female spaces…When they identify and live as women.

It’s absurd. You should know better.

It is fine to point a finger at someone for their behavior and their choices and say “Those are bad and harmful to others” It is not acceptable to point at others and suggest that the thing they cannot help about themselves is a choice to be ridiculed, especially if you demand others treat your differences with respect.

But back to gender. I find it ridiculous. It is just one more way for humans to control their chaotic environment. And if you happen to occupy a woman’s body and also happen to feel feminine and prefer men, well, so what? That isn’t “normal”. Men who feel manly and like women are not “normal”. There is no blasted normal.

There’s what makes babies, and what doesn’t. And the pleasure associated with sex just happens to have evolved surrounding increasing the likelihood of mating, but that doesn’t mean it cannot feel good in other way at times that have nothing to do with mating.

I see no reason why a steel worker cannot wake up one morning feeling a bit pretty, put on a dress and makeup and do his hair and be accepted by the other steel workers. I see no reason why a woman cannot wake up one morning feeling like she wants to ride a bucking bronco and then do so. I do not ascribe dress or capabilities, or sense, or any other factor to a gender or to biological sex.

I see a meat sack. This meat sack has qualifications to it. Is it a nice meat sack or one I would like to have disappear? Is it a tasty meat sack or one I shall avoid? Is it a meat sack who has skills? Does the meat sack have information for me? Do I enjoy this meat sack when it makes meat sounds?

This is how a monster sees humans. I recognize your gender or biological sex, only insofar as it is relevant to you, as the meat sack in question. If you wish to be treated as a woman, then fair enough I shall forever more do so. If you wish to be a man, you are, and so what of it to me?

If you are a “they” because neither set of “norms” means anything to you, or because you shift back and forth between them via a natural flux, then so the hell what?

I have no idea why humans make so much of it.

It is a source of never-ending annoyance, anger, frustration, and “face-palming” for me.

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when you next have an excerpt for Golden Age could we maybe have one? if you don't want to that's okay :)

I am like 6300 words through the chapter now! Which means a weekend update looks unlikely, but a mid-week update might be possible? But anyway, here is an excerpt! It’s a short one:


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Hi! I finally for my first tarot deck, and I was wondering if there is anything I need to do before I tried to practicing reading my deck?

Almost everyone has a different approach to how to start out with a new deck. I personally like to go through each card and sort them into piles based on suit (they should already be in order). This helps make sure you’re exposed to each card and you can make sure you’re not missing any cards and don’t have any misprints. Then I like to set them on a window sill with a quartz crystal on top and sort of let them get acclimated. When I feel ready I shuffle them and get a feel for them. I’m always clumsy with a new deck but once it starts feeling more comfortable in my hands I then do an “interview” spread asking the deck various questions about itself and how to use it. You can look up lots of variations of these spreads to find the one you like best. If you want to get to know what the cards mean a little bit before you start reading I recommend downloading Labyrinthos. It’s an app from the makers of the Golden Thread and Luminous Spirit decks and it teaches you the meanings of each card (based on the Golden Thread little white book, which is also an app). Other people recommend reading intuitively at first, trying to determine based on the artwork what the card means and then looking it up. I do a mixture of both now that I’ve been reading for a while and have a general understanding of the progression through the major arcana and the suits of the minor arcana. That mostly came from just practicing so don’t worry if you don’t know the meaning of a lot of cards right off the bat. It takes time and even experienced readers will look up meanings from time to time. I tend to look up the meaning every time, just in case there was something I missed from my initial interpretation.

Again, this is just what I do when I get a new deck. Other people sleep with it under their pillow for a few nights, others do a smoke cleanse, some just visualize charging it. It’s really up to you but if something doesn’t feel right, maybe try something different.

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I don't know anything about his ex (maybe you know something), she may be very nice girl, but when a couple breaks up one of them is winner and the other loser. So I imagine her parading with a new super handsome guy (In my vision he's captain of the soccer team lol) and she thinks she won but then comes in TAYLOR SWIFT i joe is like "did you want to say something?". But seriously how girl must feel when she knows her ex dating TS and fuck her good?

I’m sure there’s no tension between joe and his exes lol but they must feel some sorta way knowing that he’s with The Taylor Swift™


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“i’d like to be remembered as being good. and not harming people. at the same time i want to be remembered for doing something important that affected people for positive change”