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Hey friends, Meg here! For awhile now I really wanted to make a post about how much I appreciate/read/save every tutorial recommendation I get! Unfortunately, one tutorial each week means it can take awhile to work through them. I just wanted to make sure no one feels that their recommendation was ignored, and thank you for your patience in working through the list!

BTS Reaction to you being really chubby and insecure.

Genre; Angst/Fluff??? Small bits of smut???

Authors Notes; Thank you so much for the request!! I personally feel that all of BTS wouldn’t really care about your body type and would just love you for you 😊 Hope you like it ^_^


Jin; Being quite the motherly/caring type I think he would just want to make sure you were okay 24/7. If he saw you comparing yourself to others he’d make you forget about them and show you just how much he loves your body 😉 Jin wouldn’t be one to really care too much about weight or body size, his main concern would be your self-esteem and making you know how much he loves you, all of you.

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Suga; We already know Yoongi doesn’t care about physical appearance but I do think he would feel like he wanted to protect you constantly. His main focus would be on making you feel good about yourself as he doesn’t like seeing you upset. He may seem cold on the outside but with you he’s a little fluffball who pays you lots of compliments, and may god have mercy on those who make you feel anything less than beautiful.

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J-Hope; This little ball of sunshine has two sides when it comes to this; you’re my goddess & I will kill anyone who says otherwise. Hobi couldn’t care less what you looked like as long as you’re happy and he’s the one making you happy. He’d kiss every inch of your body every day and find your chubbiness incredibly cute 😊

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Rap Monster; He hates to see you upset or insecure about the way you look because to him you’re the most beautiful thing on the planet and much like Yoongi, Namjoon would go for anyone who thinks otherwise/makes you think otherwise. This boy loves to show you in the dirtiest of ways just how much he loves you and your body 😉 Chubby or otherwise Namjoon will love you with his entire heart and soul.

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Jimin; Smol bean has had insecurities about being chubby himself so he knows exactly how you feel and just how to cheer you up. He’d take you on cute dates anytime he’d see you comparing yourself to anyone. He loves to hug you from behind and kiss up your neck anytime you feel less than the amazing person you are. 😊 😊

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 V; Taehyung’s main priority in life is to make sure you’re happy, when he first finds out about you being insecure about your body and being chubby he’d sit you down, get down on his knees and explain to you just how beautiful you are until you’re beaming. He’d also make sure you never skipped any meals, making sure you ate properly at all times. Tae would only care about your happiness and wellbeing.

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 Jungkook; Kookie would at first be annoyed and perhaps angry if you saw yourself as anything less than gorgeous but would then understand that your self-esteem isn’t really your fault and insecurities usually come from bad feedback from others. Lil kook would love it when you smiled and he’d often poke your cheeks calling you a cutie. Jungkook is honestly the type to “fite” anyone who disagreed with his view of you and would always protect you, making sure that you felt good about yourself, not caring what you look like.

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Saved by the Bell: Chapter 1

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Taehyung!HighSchoolTeacher AU

Taehyung x Reader

I’ll add links to chapters here later.

Word Count: 7253

Genre: Humor, fluff, future angst (but not much bc I’m not too fond of it), aaaaannnnddd what I know all you hoes are after: future smut (hahaha not that I can say much).

Summary: Being a teacher is not easy, especially when you’re teaching emotional, hormonal teenagers who don’t give a flying fuck about school. What’s even worse is when you have to deal with all of the dumb drama that comes with being human and unfortunately still very active in society. Taehyung is one of those people who makes your life more stressful than it should be, and his constant teasing is one day going to be too much, you’re sure of it. What you’re not sure of, however, is how you feel about him.

A/N: Guess who’s back??? That’s right peeps! This would have been uploaded yesterday, but my flight got grounded, so I got in last night… Anywho, this may be a surprise, but it is not the surprise. That’s still in progress haha… Other fics and requests are also in progress, so I’m hoping you guys won’t have to wait forever! I’ve been wanting to write this one since last November (along with others that I will announce later, so be prepared!), and I finally got inspiration to write it, so it here it is! Enjoy!

Song: What You Know by Two Door Cinema

Why did every day start like this?

“Goood morning Ms. Y/L/N!” Taehyung drawls with a wide grin set on his visage as he sidles up beside you with his usual black and white travel mug filled with steaming dark roast.

You roll your eyes at his repetitiveness, responding with the usual sigh and snub as every day before, choosing not to take the bait that his choice of words always tempted.

Taehyung scoffed, blatant insincerity spread across his features. “Tsk tsk Ms. Y/L/N. are you really going to not respond to your beloved co-worker? How very rude of you…” Taehyung clicks his tongue in disapproval of your actions, or lack thereof, and steps in front of you in attempt to stop your futile efforts of escape.

“Now, now Miss. There is no need for such rude behavior so early in the morning! What have I ever done to deserve as such?” Taehyung grasps at his heart with his free hand, clutching tightly to the striped button up as if he were truly holding on to his “hurt feelings.”

You roll your eyes, and step around him, not willing to give in to his ridiculous act. “Taehyung, you know exactly why we go through this every morning, but I will admit that in fact, I do not, and this repetitiveness is making me dizzy. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d rather like to escape your aggravating throes, and arrive in my classroom in good humor (not that I really can now, seeing as you have already ruined my high spirits this once-fine morning).”

Taehyung gasps in false anguish, allowing you to pass him, but continues to trail on your heels in hopes of achieving further aggravation on your part (at least, that’s what you believed he was doing).

“Ms. Y/L/N, I would never intentionally ruin your morning, let alone your typically wonderful temperament, seeing as you are usually so… Pleasant.”

You stop walking, eye twitching in annoyance as you turn sharply in the direction of Taehyung.

“Mr. Kim, I sincerely hope that you are not implying what I think you are. That would be rather rude of you to do so in light of the general rules of human decency.”

Taehyung raises an eyebrow, an infuriating smirk clear on his equally maddeningly attractive face. “Oho? Is that so? Well, would you be so kind as to enlighten me on what you think I might be attempting to imply?”

Your eye twitches again, and you pull your arms across your chest in a defensive stance, your foot tapping in impatience upon the grimy school tile floor.

“You seem to be implying that I have a bad temperament. Am I incorrect?”

Taehyung’s eyes widen at the accusation. “Oh no, I would never say such a thing about someone as lovely as you, Ms. Y/L/N! You must have misunderstood my emphasis on the word pleasant! It was meant as a compliment!” He smiles at you knowingly, and your rage flares at the realization.

You huff, and turn on your heel to stomp off in the direction of your classroom. “Whatever Kim!” You yell behind you, hearing a deep chuckle resonate down the hallway, vibrating through your body, and you shiver.


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I’m not sure how I can talk
to you
i can’t understand how I can
write for you
I don’t understand what I feel
for you
I don’t know if it’s right
I don’t know if it’s wrong
I just know
it’s the first time
in my life
I’ve thought about it
a pirate won’t sail
that far if he hears
there is no treasure there
some crazier pirates
will brace the waters
fucking go anyway
I know I’m a pirate
I’m not sure which one
it’s funny how all these things
can’t be spoken
but they can twirl around
a pottery wheel
whether they want
to be shaped
or not
this is wrong
this shouldn’t be
this shouldn’t happen
I am echoing in an empty room
I am in a bottomless trench
I am scared shitless
I have no fears
this is right
maybe it should
maybe you can open the door
maybe you can swim deeper
maybe you can be scared with me
I’m not worried about being alone
I’m worried that trying to
hold your attention

would break it


((to preface this my pronouns are they/them)) so wow… in order from bottom to top: one year on t, 7 months on t, and 1 month pre-t. i cant believe its already been a whole year since i started t!! it feels like it flown by.

im on a pretty low dose (0.5ml every 14 days) but i cant ever imagine going off of hrt. i didnt realize until i compared these pictures how much my face really has changed!! slowly, but surely. my voice has deepened a LOT this past year and thats the biggest change im happiest about. fat distribution has started but i feel like thats a change i wont see fully for another while yet.

my mental health has also improved so much. im so much happier than i was before starting - i cant even imagine how i would have gotten through the past year without hrt. although its still a day to day thing, im feel so much more confident with myself and actually want to be social and do things - something i never wanted before!! my journey hasnt been easy. theres been a lot of heartache and a lot of tears in the process to reach my goal - starting hrt. i can honestly i have had significantly less tears this past year aha.

so, my name is kindra, im 23 years old, nonbinary individual who loves their cats so much. im so glad to still be here to share my story with other queer folks 🐱❤

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Ok, here goes a fluffy question, I hope. How would a YGO character give a bouquet of flowers to a beloved one? (Yami Yugi/Atem, Yugi, Jonouchi, Otogi, Marik, Ryou, Honda & Kaiba.)

(This is late, and I’m sorry for how messy it turned out 🙈 I didn’t know what to do so I made headcanons~ ALSO I WROTE THIS ON A BUMPY BUS RIDE)

Yami Yugi:
(* gosh I feel like I’m always bullying him so much but…)
* what’s flowers? You know
* le blush
* no but this young man will certainly know about the concept of flowers and what the colors symbolise and such
* and he will make sure (he didn’t mess up) you know their meaning as well
* he will not be flustered or uncomfortable
* just know he’s doing the right thing
* because giving person flowers is what you do when you’re in love
* so it’s okay! no sweat

* this muppet will be the opposite
* I think he’d rather give you a stuffed animal or a cake or something
* hm… maybe not actually…
* Yugi Muto know romance ya’ll
* and despite normally being the blushing mess I think he would actually give you a bouquet of flowers in a mature and dignified way
* “I got these for you” he would say (WITHOUT STAMMERING)
* would feel super duper proud of himself afterwards, even if you don’t like em (BUT OH DUDE YOU WILL. YOU WILL… *cracks knuckles*)
* rather give you stuffed animal

* uhhh
* “here ya go babe”
* or something
* wouldn’t care what kinds of flowers there is in the bouquet; only that it’s rather large
* would save quite a lot money for it too (h'aaaw joey boo boo)
* walking with it in his arms like a big dork in public so everyone shall see that he have a loved one
* colorful wrappers
* forgets to write something in the card that came with it because he is so excited for you to have it
* hopes for something good in return, hoink hoink~

* giving flowers is a very common thing for him
* done it many times, even at first dates
* is famous in the local flowershops
* despite this, he can be very creative with his giving
* he likes sneaking into your home and place them on your bedside table so it will be a surprise when you come home from school/work/coffee with mom
* adds little love notes to them
* that sort of guy that comes back home after a fight and give you flowers instead of apologize with his mouth

* this is a great important deal to him
* it must be perfect
* perfect or nothing at all
* gives you them with a gentle seriousness
* in private
* without a single word
* he would rather give you hand-pick flowers from nature honestly
* not caring if he hurt himself on the thorns
* because love hurts yall </3

* flowers, roses, tulips, stuffed animals, cards, decorative flower pins, even chocolate
* bakura makes his own designs for this business yo
* no ‘less is more’ here
* he wanna give you it all in one bouquet
* doesn’t care if there’s people around when giving
* goes all in with his flower choices to make sure there is no room for mistakes
* yet… he wants it simple and petite
* actually, he picks out mostly the stuff he likes for it
* he even suggests taking care of them for you
* yup
* he’s into flowers

* (eeep tristan)
* he’s this guy that’s too cool for flowers (according to himself)
* he buys them anyway
* mentally complaining all the time because he hates the whole idea
* why give his bae something that will rot and die anyway?
* goes for roses tho
* he wants you to have the most romantic flowers
* “so… uh… I found these.”
* red roses

* huuuuuuge! might even not fit thru ur door dude
* deliver them from the finest flower boutique by delivery vehicles
* wouldn’t give them himself
* because giving flowers is not that big of a deal to him
* “send these to her room”
* you get like a bouquet every week any other day
* rarely giving them face to face
* writes a smol autograph to add to it, more to assure you that it’s not from some commoner lover-boy

I dunno tho 🙌 Perhaps everyone be like:

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jungkook from ynwa - 👀 do u actually have a thing for the reader or u just a simple fuckboi

ynwa jjk: 

“there’s definitely an attraction there, she’s a girl i could take home to meet the family for sure, if i had one. i don’t like the way she gets treated in the manor house, i feel very protective of her.” 

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But yeah! Like I said, kind of a lame ghost story but it's stuck with me a long time. That and the time I'm pretty sure I saw a ghost in my house as a kid and when I walked towards it, it vanished down into the hallway. Sorry it ended up being so long! But for the next part of sleepover saturday, how about you tell us a ghost story? One that you or a friend has experienced or maybe something on the internet? If ghost stories aren't your thing, how about a funny story instead?

AAAA HOW SPOOKY!!!!! I feel like I’ve totally had that feeling but I either pray like im on my deathbed or i blast music lol///

OKAY Ill try a little scary story c:

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Vanessa: Ah, I’m sorry Cynthia, I think we should stop. I’m not entirely sober, this is a bad idea.

Cynthia: That doesn’t usually stop you… Are you okay? Is this because of that guy? Your neighbour?

Vanessa: What? No! I don’t… How do you know about that?

Cynthia: I wasn’t sure, but I guess you just told me. He came looking for you when I was babysitting Elisa one time. Is it about him?

Vanessa: I guess my feelings are more complicated than I thought.

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Hi Kyle. I dunno if this question is stupid or what, but I was just wondering how one would know if they actually have dysphoria or are just kinda being a hypochondriac about their symptoms. Sorry if this is stupid question.

I am sure you are feeling dysphoria. I encourage you stop allowing other people to influence your feelings. You know you have dysphoria if you are dealing with these symptoms for longer then 6 months. 

These questions are not stupid, questions lead to answers and increased knowledge.


anonymous asked:

I need some advice... my abuser always faked being many people, lied even to my face that these people were real and that they were sick, or that they lived very far away.. now I have these.. other people in my head, and I'm not sure what to do. I feel fake, because of everything he did to me. Maybe I'm just making them up like he did. I know he was lying, he'd done it for years. No one will help me because of him, and I don't know what to do. (p1)

(p2) I tried to talk to people about whats going on, and at first they believe me but then when they show them selfs, my others, they tell me I’m faking, and that I’m making it up like how he pretended these people were real. Or that it can’t be DID, because I don’t hear them all the time. I’m scared. I don’t know if I am really faking or if this is real… And no one will tell me for sure..

i would recommend looking into talking to a specialist and explain what’s been going on. you can also talk to your regular doctor and they can recommend places you can go to. remember, not everyone can hear their alters, so if that’s what it is, don’t worry if you can’t hear them. 


Girl with a wolf mask.
girl who bites back.
girl with teeth, with claws,
girl with blood on her mouth.

he thinks he can catch her.
thinks he can hunt her down, rifle at the ready, point aim fire point aim fire point aim fire and
he misses.

but there comes a point when even god gets tired. even monsters need sleep. even wolves let their guard down.

girl with a doll face.
girl with no bite.
girl with shiny teeth, with painted nails,
girl with a lipstick mouth.

she looks in the mirror
“this is what he’s done to me,”

girl learns how to fight with bare hands. learns how to tear skin from bone.

new wolf mask
new claws
new teeth
girl never sleeps again.

—  red riding hood wasn’t looking for anyone to save her– lily rain
Sincerely, Me things
  • mike faist nipple rubbin
  • “there’s nothing unrealistic about the love one man feels for another”
  • “kiNKY”
  • “IF I St OppEd SmoK InG  CRac K”
  • synchronized knee wiggles
  • forest expertise
  • “all u gotta DO”
  • “my
  • sis
  • ter’s
  • hot”
  • not gay SURE JAN
  • weird jumping on HEY HEY HEY HEY
  • so many legs
  • seriously mike’s legs are so long how did he not kick them all in the shins every show
  • all u gotta DO pt. 2: return of the DO
  • hetero chest bump
Champion ~ Jackson Pt. 1

 I got the idea for writing this a while ago and decided to give it a shot so tell me what you think! Feedback is much appreciated! (It’ll only take a minute) And yes, boxing is my favorite sport, I watch it all the time!

-Admin Tamra

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Request: Not Requested

Summary: Jackson is your boyfriend and a boxer. He is training to become a Junior Welterweight champion, and you’re there to support him through the good and bad.

Warnings: Soon to be smut, language, fight scenes

Special Terms:

Junior Welterweight - boxers weigh 135 pounds and up to 63.5 kg or 140 pounds

Jab - a punch that is thrown with your front hand and delivered straight at your opponent

Hook - this punch is thrown with the lead or front hand and is delivered in a semi-circular pattern (this is meant to go beyond your opponents guard and collide with the side of their head or chin)

“So you’re trying to become a what?” You asked, watching Jackson wrap his hands up. 

“A Junior Welterweight Champion” He replied while laughing a little, finding it funny that you tried to seem interested. 

“Can I try?” His eyebrow went up at the idea. You wanted to try boxing? Even after showing 0 interest before? 

“If you want. Just take off your shoes and then let me see your hands.“ 

You removed your shoes and socks and then held your hands out for Jackson to wrap and then put your gloves on for you. You followed him into the ring and awkwardly stood there as he took off his shirt, preparing to get sweaty. 

“Alright so first things first, I’m gonna teach you how to jab. To explain it simply, these are punches that power you up for your… let’s call it your ‘power punch’. Boxers usually do a couple of these and then go in with their ‘power punch’.“ 

“Okay.” You watched him move, you could see his muscles flex and his face change as he became serious. 

You tried to mock him, but your form was wrong, and he started laughing so hard his face turned red. 

“(Y/N), Baby, you can’t keep your feet together and you definitely don’t just use your hands.” His hands grabbed your waist and turned you so you were at an angle and spread your feet apart. 

“There you go! Now try again!” You copied his movements and he watched while biting his lip, focused on watching all of your movements. 

“Pretty good. You should box more, it’s hot." 

You laughed and lightly hit his arm with your glove. "Boxing isn’t my thing." 

"Well, it is now.”

That’s how it started, Jackson was working out 6 days a week, while you worked out 3 days. One of your days was always together, he was your opponent while he taught you how to correctly box. 

You started to like it more as you did it more and the easier it got. Jackson’s big fight was in a month and you were preparing yourself for it, you hate seeing Jackson get hurt. He went on a diet, worked out often, practiced almost every day. 

There was one thing that really bothered you about it, less sex. 

Sex was always mind blowing with Jackson, but as he’s been preparing more and more for the fight, he’s more focused on exercising than you and your needs. Also, there was no sex allowed the day of a fight, so you had to please yourself quite often. 

All things aside, you loved Jackson. He was chasing his dreams and wanted to you keep up, and you tried. Jackson came home to you on the couch, focused on a UFC fight on YouTube. 

"Kelvin Gastelum and Johny Hendricks, huh?” He asked while slipping off his shoes and setting down his bag. He sat down in front of you and you already knew what to do. 

“Yeah, I’m not sure who’s gonna win. Gastelum did well the first round, but Hendricks is coming back this time.” You hands massaged his shoulders and neck, him groaning when you pushed down where he was extra sore. 

“Shit (Y/N), do that again.” You laughed and pushed down again right where he told you to. 

“That sounds like we’re having sex.” He laughed and relaxed into your touch as you began to play with his hair and massage his scalp.

"Are you gonna watch me train tomorrow?” He asked while searching for another fight to watch, this time it was Stipe Miocic and Alistar Overeem. 

“Yeah, I can do that.” You nodded and pulled away from him. He pouted at the loss of your touch and got off the floor and pulled you onto his lap, “You alright babygirl?” 

You sighed softly and nodded again. “I guess so, I’m just worried about this fight.” 

He raised an eyebrow and traced small shapes on your thigh, “My fight?” You turned around to straddle him and looked him in the eyes seriously. 

“Yes. He’s good Jackson. Not that you aren’t, but have you seen how many knockouts he has?” He laughed and grabbed onto your hands. 

“(Y/N), I’ll be fine, promise. I might come home out bruised and bloody, maybe a broken nose, but that’s it. I’m not gonna die.” 

"I know, but it scares me every time I hear Jackson Wang, 5 foot 9, 139 pounds, fighting out of Hong Kong!” 

Jackson sighed and rested his forehead against yours, “I know baby, but I need you to trust me. I can’t promise that I won’t get hurt and that I’ll win, but I can promise that I’ll try my hardest. For you.”

Harry Potter Headcanon

Even after settling into an adult life in the Wizarding World, Harry checked in on what was happening in the muggle world. He would read the news about what was going on in the world and he even ended up getting a smart phone a while after they became popular.

As the years went on, Harry noticed more and more of the muggle born students at Hogwarts were looking for ways to get internet at Hogwarts. Now it was against the rules for Professor Potter to assist them in their schemes but, that didn’t stop him from dropping hints in class or leaving books open to the right spells.

Once some of the students begun to get wifi working, it spread quickly through the whole school. Beginning with the muggle born students and it didn’t take long for the rest to pick it up.

At first most professors were annoyed with students trying to sneak iPhones into class but, most came around to the muggle technology when Harry set them up with an emailing system making it easier to share lesson plans and cat videos.