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“i’d like to be remembered as being good. and not harming people. at the same time i want to be remembered for doing something important that affected people for positive change”


Steggy AU: Six months after Steve goes down in the Valkyrie, Howard and his team find his wreckage in the middle of the Arctic and, much to their surprise, he is still alive. Once recovered, Steve returns to the Commandos while Peggy stays on in New York with the SSR. That is until the Commandos requests the SSR’s help with an undercover operation and Steve chooses the worst time to propose.
Spoiler Alert: The next time Steve pops the question, Peggy says yes!

Merry Christmas to my Steggy Secret Santa, @mrgaretcarter

rory & logan | written in the stars


they both have so many different feelings about each other piled up on top of the other that they don’t know how to interact anymore. it’s not something that can be resolved any time soon but i’m sure their cooperation will one day be a big step for them in the future

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hey, could you give a brief tutorial on how you made this gifset /post/129789289845/the-world-is-a-dangerous-place-not-because-of ?? or at least what i should look up to find a tutorial for a gifset like that? thank you :))

hey :) ok since i promised ages ago that i will post this tutorial and i never did, i’ll do it now. if this is confusing i apologize, feel free to message me about anything, english is not my first language and i’m bad at explaining things, but i included a lot of pictures so i hope it’s going to be ok. and also i’m pretty sure there are easier ways to do this, but this is how i do it. so anyway, i’m gonna explain how i made these two gifs, or at least try to :) here is gifset, all other gifs are made pretty much the same way. so, 

1. from this

to this

2. and from this

to this

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amongst the uncertainty, the pain, and the turmoil of danny and mindy’s breakup, mindy kaling spoke about her fans and stated unequivocally that we should feel safe with her. safe with her vision, safe in the story, safe in our love of the characters she created. she didn’t want to cause us any pain. mindy completely stood up and validated our feelings and the depth of our passion to the entire world. she wanted us to know we were heard and that we were safe in our convictions. despite the months (now years!!) of abuse she endured at the hands of some of her own “fans” she did that. we are so blessed to find joy and friendship and love in the work of a woman who values us as we value her. mindy sees you. she hears you. and she wants you to know that you can and you should feel safe with her. 

and now, it’s our turn. it’s our turn to show mindy that she can feel safe with us. in the face of rumors that she has yet to confirm or deny, it is our turn to support and love mindy. without question. without speculation. without judgment. (for the record, most of this post assumes that these rumors are true. if they aren’t, use this as a primer for how we should act when the time truly comes!) it is our turn to give mindy’s real life the same profound respect that she gave our devotion to the inner lives of her genius characters. in the months to come, it is our job to respect whatever mindy chooses to do or say or not do or not say. this is her conversation to start and there is no excuse not to respect her privacy and her decisions. and there is no excuse for us to not defend her right to privacy and expect our peers and fellow fans to act in accordance to such. 

a friendly reminder that when a person who self-identifies as chatty takes up a mantle of radio silence. it’s hint and some of y’all should it. and here’s a few less friendly reminders. you are not entitled to any information or to have any opinion on someone’s else pregnancy or child. you are simply not, especially someone you don’t know. you also do not “deserve” for any man to be the father of her child, nor do you deserve to know who the father is. placing any sort of romantic hopes or delusions onto someone’s child is NOT a good look. you are not entitled to her life. you don’t get a say in her life. and you shouldn’t make careless demands of her or petty jokes about what you fantasize her life to be at the expense of her reality. what she does choose to share in her own time, provided she ever chooses to share, is an absolute gift.

perhaps, some of those intrusive or tasteless statements may have been made in jest. maybe a joke even, the media sure seems to believe so, though thankfully that circus seems to be slowly fading out. but i want to say unequivocally that memes designed to assert feelings of entitlement to information or control over a woman’s body and future child are not funny. and it’s certainly not okay to make jokes about fictional characters mindy has played with her real life as the punchline. how is projecting ryan and kelly’s toxicity, manipulation, lies, and reproductive blackmail onto someone’s child considered funny at all? and, if you ask me, there is no circumstance in which it’s morally okay to say that since mindy lahiri having a baby ruined your ship, mindy kaling having a baby will ruin her life. that’s deplorable and i hope to god above i never see anyone make that quip again. i hope she never sees some of what’s been said. i pray sincerely. 

so what can we do to attempt to build mindy the safe spaces she’s spent years building for us? we stay vigilant of the media and of one another. we take each other to task if someone crosses a line we know mindy is uncomfortable crossing. we speak with kindness. we listen. we use empathy and compassion above all us. and most importantly? we love her. and we love her the best way we know how. it’s as simple as tweeting her you love her or posting a gifset or just sharing her work with others. and if you are the hoping and praying type, pray for her health and happiness. pray for her family. because nothing changes. even though i’m sure the months ahead may throw some bullshit her way, mindy says we should feel safe with her, so let’s use our love to return the favor tenfold and remind her that she has a safe place to land as well. 

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I feel like Phil is really selfless. It seems like he always puts others first and makes sure that they're happy. Like how he gave Hazel that box of customized marshmallows. It's small but it shows that he cares

phil does so much behind the scenes and just doesn’t broadcast it, like if hazel wouldn’t have told us about the marshmallows we never wouldn’t known, and that really just shows the kind of person he is (remember that gifset of different yters saying all the nice stuff phil did for them) and i just love him he’s such a pure soul. he strikes me as the kind of person that would donate to charity under a false name just so he wouldn’t get any exposure for it you know

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Despite not supporting boycott movement(which consists about two users only), I have to ask- do you realize that by "they have to give us what we want" most fans all this time mean "equality for lgbt characters and characters of colors"? I don't want to be rude, it's just very upsetting how you purposely simplified such an important issue to vilify certain group of people (based on act of the few)

Thank you for your respectful message, I mean that. Since you expressed your concerns so calmly, I took the time to elaborate my stance a bit more, since I also come from a place of being upset. It’s a deeply rooted sentiment, so I hope you can be bothered to sit through all of it.

Oversimplification is a problem when it comes to engaging in online fandom. Within the group that probably feel targeted after reading my previous post, let’s say there are three subgroups (since we’re all simplifying anyway, please forgive me). 1. There are people who genuinely argue in favour of more equality for lgbt  and poc characters with legitimate arguments I agree with 100%. 2. There’s also a group of people who hijack these legitimate issues in order to bash other fans, because how on earth can someone argue against that without coming off as a racist homophobe? 3. Then there’s a third group that leech of these first two groups that don’t bother beyond: ‘No one cares about het drama, gives us Malec’, ‘Not Malec, not interested’, ‘No one wants Clace’.

The first group I support. I agree with their arguments, and they bring up legitimate issues that ought to be addressed. However, acknowledging issues in representation of a lgbt/poc ship does not mean one can’t support a straight white ship. I can be upset about the ‘strategic fade to black’ that was Malec’s first time, while also being excited for a Clace centric episode. Call me greedy, I just want it all.

It’s the second two groups I have an issue with. Group 2 bases their arguments on semi-truths, or truths that are not relevant for the argument they are making. This gives the discussion a broken foundation to begin with, and thus is impossible to engage, because how does one come up with a decent counter argument to a broken argument? To me, this is very upsetting. Genuine issues become trivialised this way, and custom fitted into an argument. High expectations not being met is not queerbaiting. A Malec scene being cut is not an act of homophobia. Scenes get cut, c’est la vie. I think they came from a good place when they released that bts picture, and never anticipated this backlash. Making an episode is more complicated than assigning scenes to couples, as if they have a quota for romantic fluff. Also, whereas it may be a handful of people being serious about a boycott, the ‘they should listen to what the fandom wants’ sentiment is a lot more popular, the boycott is just taking it a step further. 

The third group makes itself very guilty of oversimplification as well. It’s one thing to say ‘I don’t care about het drama, I only watch for Malec, and I do not want Clace’. Arguing that no one cares, and everyone is only in it for Malec is just not true. (This kind of non-arguing of course also exist in other fandoms. I’ve seen plenty of Clace fans claiming no one cares for Climon, only to criticise Climon fans in the very same post.) However, people in this group also frequently feels justified in arguing on behalf of the entire lgbt community. And that is just wrong no matter how you twist or turn it. A recent example: I criticised the outrage when that sneak peak came out where Jace gets the promotion over Alec. I was subsequently slammed for not understanding what ‘we, gays and bisexuals’ go through. This person must have looked at my most recent reblogs, which were Clace related, and come to a conclusion about me and my sexuality according to those random gifsets. How bizarre is that, when you think of it? I’m sure I alsohave come to the wrong conclusion as well about people on here, based on their Tumblrs, but I wouldn’t attack an individual based on that. Either way, in this situation I hinted that I, in fact, am not straight, but apparently was too subtle, and thus got asked directly whether I am straight. As if only my sexuality would validate my arguments that did not consider sexuality in the slightest, it’s just that that sneak peek happened to involve a gay character. 

Pan and bisexual fans, including yours truly, risk being excluded from the lgbt portion of any TV fandom by showing support for a straight ship, yet some people exclusively shipping lgbt ships feel justified in arguing on behalf of all of us. You can’t do that, period. Surely it comes as no surprise that someone who is attracted to people from both sexes in real life, would be interested in both straight and same sex ships. Supporting a straight ship doesn’t make me any less bi, just like being attracted to a man would suddenly make me straight. 

So, my post was not just about some randoms trying to organise a boycott. The boycott is the tip of the iceberg of a much larger issue that exists in modern fandoms. The Shadowhunter fandoms seemed to avoid many of these issues for a long time, hence my disappointment to see Shadowhunter related tags filled with such negativity and toxicity. It’s such a shame that such individuals can throw such a shadow over something many people enjoy, and it’s even more of a shame that these people shout the loudest, and thus are the voices heard.

Thank you for your message, thank you for reading mine. Feel free to message me again if you wish to comment.